Video share: The truth about adrenochrome

Adrenochrome, made famous in Hunter S. Thompson’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, has gained a reputation amongst conspiracy enthusiasts as the “elite drug” behind the murder of thousands of infants. Believers in QAnon, Pizzagate, and the Hampstead hoax all claim, with straight faces, that this mysterious drug is an elixir of life for the elites who allegedly form the cabal which rules the world.

Here’s why that argument doesn’t hold up…unless the “cabal” only consists of four and a half people:

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  1. The fact that the allegations about this substance come from a book don’t surprise me. When I was still looking at conspiracy videos and naively thinking I could reason with their enthusiasts (well I still get a few in my suggestion feed thanks to YouTube’s algorithm) someone had read or at least heard of the plot of Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World” and freemartinism plays a part in that story. The conspiracy theorist (or prankster/hoaxer) mentioned freemartinism. I couldn’t listen to him all the way through* but if I caught his drift correctly he was saying that some folk with the medical know-how were deliberately treating male foetuses so they would develop androgen insensitivity syndrome. I’d heard of freemartinism because there has been the odd occasion when farmers have bought freemartin heifers thinking they were getting a fertile heifer and haven’t been very happy. Anyway, one of those people who accuse everybody or most famous people of being hidden transgender people had made a nasty video about Miranda Hart and somebody had typed something about “Do you think this one was done in vitro?”. I had tried to put something reasonable in the comments (not as me – I’d prefer to post as me but those videos seem to attract a strange bunch so I played safe and used an alias). But I said that “Brave New World” was fiction not fact and again I’m going from memory but the person replied along the lines of some of the things in fiction books being true. I’m afraid I have never been able to get people out of the rabbit hole (online – I haven’t met any people who believe these things in real life). I heard something on Richie Allen once about people alleging being hunted with dogs by “the elite”. I read something like that in a book too – though the book was based on fact but something that happened in the 17th or 18th century; a long time ago anyway.

    * Why do some of these YouTube cult leaders have such boring voices?

    I can’t believe JT would threaten X_________’s elderly mother. Well I can now because I’ve seen the screen shot but I thought these people were about stopping violence.

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    • I’m afraid I have never been able to get people out of the rabbit hole

      They are under the impression that “Watership Down” was a documentary.

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    • On the nasty video the comment in retrospect might have been ………”in utero”. Under one of those videos somebody had put something about wondering whether freemartinism and freemasonry were linked…. I’m pretty sure you all know what they are but freemartins are females of the cattle family that are born to a male twin and acquire some male characteristics and are infertile.

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        • I would like to think that Aldous Huxley used the term in Brave New World because he grew up as a farm boy, but the truth is that he learned the term from his brother Julian Huxley. It turns up on page 632 (if memory serves) of Wells & Huxley’s “Science of Life”.

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    • He really doesn’t understand how Facebook or the internet works does he- if he ‘did’ actually get a new computer and a new internet provider, then they have no idea who that ‘user’ is- obviously he did something to trigger it- I suspect I know exactly what it is, but I won’t mention what it is- don’t want to edumbicate him LOL

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    • “John’s on the verge of becoming financial” lol.
      Add a Facebook style forum to his non-fleet of container ships and private jet that will never happen (why does he even need a private jet- they won’t let him into most countries.)

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      • I wasn’t aware one has to book appointments for the woodchipper. Nor did I realise that it requires being fit and strong to press a button. It’s all VERY civilised clearly.


    • So a dumbarsed cockwomble who regularly falls over, kisses the pavement and can’t make up his mind whom to blame it on, is now claiming to be fit and strong? Whatevs.
      I thought he had everyone’s ISPs and was going to be visiting them at their abodes. Now he wants them to contact him.

      OK, I get it… Praterson has no impulse control left, from a combination of senility and closed-head trauma from walking into lampposts so frequently, so he blurts out whatever vague thoughts cross his mind. It’s just that the vague thoughts that cross his mind are all at the level of an unusually bestial five-year-old.

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  2. Obviously the 8 months and 11 days of being sectioned wasn’t enough, Arfwits still posting links to the videos and putting pictures of the kids up

    Not the quickest on the block, he’s also sending money off to scammers to boot…
    ‘A fool and his money etc etc’

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  3. My husband got a heavy nose bleed once after too much sun (sunstroke) in Turkey… The hotel called a doctor, who arrived holding a glass ampule of what he said was pure adrenalin. He broke open the ampule and made my husband inhale it through his bleeding nose, which instantly stopped bleeding due to the blood clotting / coagulating effects of the adrenalin. The effects / high was immediate and lasted all of 5 minutes, and the effect were described by my husband as being akin to intensive hit of caffeine. Adrenaline then leaves the body soon after… In relation to the article above, I must say that this is brilliant research, and it makes sense… why would anybody kill a baby for a 5 minute caffeine hit? Indeed there are far more economical ways to get that adrenalin such as skydiving perhaps.

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    • About a decade ago I used to hang around some of the legal high forums (back when they were legal!) One of the “highlights” were the self-medication reports. I thought I’d check to see if there were any on Adrenochrome (Note: Adrenochrome is still perfectly legal to possess and take.)

      My experimentations with Adrenochrome:

      I had acquired D,L-Adrenochrome freebase (the one sold at 70euros for 250mg)

      first trial: I held 100mg under my tongue for 1 minute and then swallowed. Fast onset (about 5 minutes)

      second trial: I snorted 50mg. Onset: a few seconds.

      third trial : I smoked 25mg (vaporised in a crack pipe). Onset is almost instant.

      Note that I waited a few days between each trial.

      The three trials gave me the exact same effects, which were very light and really uninteresting (I wouldn’t even call it a high).

      First, it’s wasn’t hallucinogen nor psychedelic. I had a feeling of warmth through my body, I felt a numbness in my hands and my head (possibly linked to the haemostatic effect), there was some slight sedation, and a very slight short lived euphoria (the euphoria was a slightly more pronouced when smoked, but still very short lived)

      There’s also some minor visual change (no visuals, just that I would see the room slightly differently than usual, but honestly that was some really minor change, a joint of hashish would have done the same, nothing really noticeable). There might be some slight myosis too (=little pupils), not really sure.

      To sum up, effects were extremely weak, absolutely not fun nor psychedelic in anyway, and short lived (I would say the slight initial euphoria is gone within 4-5 minutes, and the few strange feelings that I experience from the stuff are gone within about 1 hour (I couldn’t say the exact duration as I didn’t really checked my watch) Needless to say I was very disappointed by this uninteresting compound.

      The effects I had from it were flimsy, there was a definite effect on my vision and my mental state for sure but I would definitely not call it ‘hallucinogenic’.

      SO, I might have wanted to try higher dosages just in case this could intensify any effects (let’s say 250mg orally, 100mg snorted and 100mg vaporised), or I might have wanted to try the other adrenochrome (the one sold at 110euro/50g) just to make sure it is the same…but I didn’t as I had better things to do with my money and I was pretty sure that even if this would give me some more effect, that would still be of poor recreational/spiritual interest.

      Also, about possible secondary effects of adrenochrome: as it is an haemostatic compound (prevents capillary bleeding during injury) it is not impossible that excessive use would end up causing blood circulation troubles, furthermore some scientists seem to say that adrenochrome is known to cause cardiovascular troubles.

      To conclude I would say that this is an uninteresting substance to my opinion, and furthermore it’s possibly a dangerous one.

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