A modest proposal

Yes, yes, you’re right. A couple of weeks ago we said we were going on hiatus, and that we’d be back when there was news of Angela’s legal status. That hasn’t happened yet, so what are we doing posting again so soon?

Well, it seemed that even in the absence of regular posts, the after-party in the Comments section has taken on a life of its own, and it occurred to us that perhaps putting up a post from time to time might be a kindness to those who don’t feel like scrolling through 200-odd comments to find the latest gems.

So here’s our compromise solution: as we continue to build the Hoaxtead Research YouTube channel, how about if we post the new videos here as they come out?

That will not only give all you party-hearty types a fresh new page every few days, but will alert you to (or warn you of) new videos in our repository.

Speaking of which…

Our latest offering is titled “Who is Belinda McKenzie…really?” We’ve collated four years’ worth of Belinda material into one juicy video:

There you go: some new content.

Now, please feel free to avail yourself of the Comments section. It’s on the house.

83 thoughts on “A modest proposal

  1. Excellent idea. Not sure why you didn’t post the videos here in the first place seeing readers flock here in the 1000s. And what a nice kick in the teeth for the Nutter Brigade who think the website has “retired”.
    At this rate EC may well be taking possession of that ball gown* for a stunning night of Koala Awards. We take any opportunity to put on a fantastic shindig.
    * As long as it doesn’t clash with my planned frock.

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  2. Speaking of YouTube..not such stellar news for John ‘Wood-chipper’ Paterson as YT plans to ban certain content:
    “The kind of content that will be prohibited under YouTube’s new hate speech policies includes videos that claim Jews secretly control the world.”

    YouTube to Remove Thousands of Videos Pushing Extreme Views

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  3. Oh Gawd, Mark ‘Hang the bastards’ Haining and David ‘I can cure cancer for the right price’ Noakes together at last. Kill me now 😖

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  4. I see you mention Belinda’s ‘secret court’ faux pas in tyour video, EC.

    Oh, go on then, you twisted my arm…

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  5. For the uninitiated, Haining is the creepy bastard who was at the church protest boasting about how he was going to pay “the naughty paedo vicar” a visit.

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  6. Belinda McKenzie – pretty nasty when her butter-wouldn’t-melt facade, er, melts. And she sure doesn’t like to be called out on her bullshit…

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  7. “As a McKenzie friend, I don’t know all the ins and outs of how things happen in these courts”

    What the fuck? 😆

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  8. Well, thank gawd for that! I went away for a few weeks and came back to find the next King of England on the bones of his arse living in his car, the Pavement Taster threatening to turn me in to mulch and Andy Pandy having a hissy fit at the Veterans who told him and Wanoa Rex to shove their ideas up their deluded Jaxies! On top of that my favorite site had gone to sleep for a while so it seemed. It was almost too much for a Koala to Bear!

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  9. I won’t link it for obvious reasons but I take it from Matt Taylor’s latest video (in which he admits he’s drunk) that he’s really keen to go to jail? 🤔

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  10. I can’t stand these cancer cure quacks.
    At the beginning of last year I had chemo for blood cancer..kicked it sideways. Never wanted sympathy and I had it under Australia’s superb universal healthcare (at nil cost apart from the small weekly tax we all pay). In the USA if uninsured I’d probably be dead.

    No-one knows how it starts but oddly my type is very common among East European Jews hence in Israel it’s the most common because of the Russian immigrants (thanks Mum) but it means they spend a lot of money developing superb new drugs ..they worked on me and chemo treatments are a very relaxing experience.

    I’m an old bastard who has had a long life but it’s given me a new purpose in life- raising funds for children with blood cancer who really do it rough. It’s heart-breaking to see children with Leukemia as they usually always get the most lethal type and when they should be running about screaming with each other playing games they lie in bed absolutely exhausted.

    But the staff in Children’s Hospitals are like Saints and the doctors and nurses care for these kids like they are their own. I really get very angry with these charlatans who I bet have never spent ten minutes in a kid’s ward talking to sick kids.
    I’d take to them with my imaginary horse whip.

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  11. Wow, your fundraising for kids with blood cancer sounds like an amazing endeavour. I hope it’s going well; as you say, it’s terrible to see children with cancer languishing in hospital when they should be outside playing. .

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  12. Would that be the fuchsia and lime green tartan one you wore to the Illuminati annual dinner and dance at the Bricklayers Arms in Boggy Bottom, Herts last year? That one made my eyes go funny.

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  13. Good heaven’s no. My frock is being designed by her son Kenny (with help from his room-mate Clifford Smail) unless her daughter Valmai can produce one with her famous “five finger discount” from Harrods.

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  14. What I learnt from Hope Girl’s latest whiny, defamatory blog post…

    – Hoaxtead Research is “a GCHQ trolling website with satanic roots”.
    (Don’t ask me how that works)

    – “Mel Ve was a spy for Hoaxtead research and she was sent to target me, my family and our project.”

    – Karen Irving is “an anonymous writer”.
    (Er… 🤔)

    – Taking screenshots of publicly posted comments is illegal.
    (Who knew?)

    – “Hoaxtead’s goal is to get me to commit suicide.”

    – “There have been several mysterious deaths of some of their targets.”

    – “Hoaxtead also post my private IP address and unlisted email address.”
    (Er… nope.)

    Oh and she’s a Christian. Apparently

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  15. As regards Semolina’s post, can “Targeted Individuals” be reported for doxing?

    If someone had really discovered perpetual motion wouldn’t they be trying to patent their machine before some copycat ran off with their idea or pitching it to people like Dragon’s Den (do they have anything similar in Marrakesh)? There was a fad a few years ago for drawing “zentangles” (a kind of doodle). Now some of the patterns the people drew were nice, I’m not denying that, but there were a couple who were trying to patent “zentangling” which I considered to be a scam (I think this was in the USA). They literally were teaching classes in “zentangling” and training people to teach “zentangling”. Teaching doodling – you couldn’t make it up. I think the argument was that they weren’t trying to patent doodling per se but their specified method of doodling. They didn’t ever manage to patent it to my knowledge. I don’t think Hope Girl has patented anything or attempted to – mind you I don’t work for the Patent Office.

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  16. Even a Christian can be batshit crazy you know. They’re not exempt.

    (I better tell the vicar I’m a Satanist, he won’t be pleased.) :O

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  17. I very much doubt that Hope Girl/Naima Dawn Feagin is as much of a Christian as she claims to be.

    As Smut Clyde pointed out on Twitter, she is an “affinity scammer” who merely adopts the views of those she hopes will fork over their hard-earned cash for whatever she’s trying to hawk. Having tapped out the Freeman on the land/SovCit market, she and her grifter family have moved on to the apocalyptic/SRA branch of the evangelical Christian tree.

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  18. I note that Based Amy went to the Trump protest and stabbed the blimp. It made some of the papers.


    I want to know when she’s going to start paying back the £1 million she cost the country in rescue attempts a few years ago. Mind you, she’d have to pay it back from her (socialist) state benefits wouldn’t she. No irony there then is there.


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  19. Jackie Fellows (possibly a Hope Girl sock?) – still lying and shit-stirring. Despite what she says, Karen was actually really polite to her when she posted on her video!

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  20. Seems like it was all such a terrible, repeated, nuisance that no-one told her that it was an open court. I’m sure there was nothing like, oh, I don’t know, a list of hearings and the courts they were taking place in just inside those doors that no-one was preventing her passing.

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  21. Is it me, or does that read just like those emails I keep getting from the executor of some african state’s ruler, or someone who’s run off with Putin’s money, or someone who’s activated the camera on my computer and recorded me doing some act or other.

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  22. Everything that Hope Girl has marketed in the time since I’ve been aware of her has been fraudulent, to my knowledge. As Waptek so eloquently pointed out in the above video, the “Quantum Energy Generator” is not only based on a false premise (that light is both a wave and a particle) but is not in any sense a “generator” of power. Yet Hoax Girl and her family hve been hawking the thing for nearly a decade.

    When it doesn’t work, as of course it doesn’t, she claims that it’s because the sucker who bought the plans didn’t put it together properly (but she sells consultations to remedy this at US$300/hr) or they didn’t BELIEVE hard enough, or the sky was blue that morning. It’s never just “oh, sorry, we sold you a hoax, here’s your money back”.

    As for her “orgonite/shungite” promotions, those are (again) based on the provably false beliefs of one Wilhelm Reich, an American psychologist with (gasp!) Communist beliefs who also “invented” the concept of free love. Selling orgonite/shungite products as remedies as a cure for any ailment is sheer quackery at best. (I only mention Reich’s political leanings because Ho Girl seems to have a burr up her butt about Communism lately, so it’s a bit rich that she is running about claiming anybody who disagrees with her is a “commie”. As for the “free love” thing, I suppose we could ask Ray Savage about that.)

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  23. LMAO!! She does realise that the “Hobbs Act” does not stretch across the Atlantic to cover Morocco, right?

    As for my alleged “communism”, see above note re the inventor of the orgonite/shungite hunks of junk which Hoax Girl palms off on the gullible and unsuspecting.

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  24. Yes, it’s disappointing that she would run back to Hoax Girl to “tattle” and make false claims, but it says a great deal more about her than about me, I’m afraid.

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  25. So what if you were a communist anyway, EC? It’s a free country. Or at least it will be until King John the Unready takes over.

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  26. Et tu, Matt? I still can’t find one Hope Girl “supporter” who’s purchased one of her QEG machines. My quest continues…

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  27. Now I’m wondering who first saw the commercial possibilities in setting bits of wire and anything sparkly in resin, and pimping it as “Orgonite”. Naturally we associate it with HopeGirl and Valerie Robitaille / Val Robitai / Naicheval Robitai. But Jeremy Ayres and his current girlfriend Natalie Kong have their snouts deep in that trough as well: https://www.pocketorgonite.com/

    Naturally Ayres and HopeGirl are good mates who never miss a chance to promote one another’s frauds, so I am wondering which of them stole the scam from the other. It is more trouble than it’s worth to follow the chronology because they are both forever starting websites and then shutting them down later when they want to walk away from promises and disappointed customers.

    Not-a-doctor Ayres is one of the nastiest, most contemptible little dirtballs to be found in the whole Alt-Med cavalcade of charlatans, and it is impossible to associate with him without being a scumbag con-man oneself.


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  28. It’s just bizarre. A broken down failed Kiwi real estate agent who reckons he owns the local council car park in Auckland yet lives in a converted container on a small farm and produces reams of paper of gobbledygook about mythical laws and proclamations from a long deceased King (who was a Freemason !) has convinced a handful of dills in the UK to fund his holidays to Britain . And Andy still rabbits away about it as though he’s on the winning side.
    He’ll never realize he backed the wrong horse.

    # One thing that always puzzles me especially about This Mob (and the late Mr Cullinane) is their dedication to certain points in past history. Such as the Magna Carta (something they seem incapable of reading correctly) or Devine & Wanoa’s devotion a King who reigned for a few years. They are obsessed with the notion that their chosen point defines man from then onward. The people are apparently not allowed to make new laws to suit the times.All life on this planet must obey whatever interpretations of laws they proclaim King William decided ( and he didn’t make laws anyway).

    The fantasy that they are some sort of insightful rebels against today’s society yet they are devoted to a King from 100s of years ago yet intellectually the whole notion of Royalty is bizarre – the idea that certain families are chosen to lord it over others- but that’s just how it is.
    And Wanoa spits out insults at the current Monarch because of a German ancestor yet said King William was far more German than she.
    Sheer madness.

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  29. She doesn’t even sell these mythical machines.
    She only sells the plans which have the usual con-artist ‘get out’ clauses about why yours doesn’t work (not that you could ever build one), mainly that you must be supervised by a QEG ‘expert’ while interpreting the blue-prints but of course, QEG ‘experts’ are non-existent.

    The Australian police always say that up to 200,000 Aussies are taken in by internet con-artists every year for $100Milllions ( God only knows what the numbers are in the USA & UK) and many are older more experienced people who have worked all their lives and bought a house etc yet can still be conned by offers that are too good to be true ( million pound notes from a Kiwi King).

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  30. So that’s a “no” then, that she will be respecting that inquiry from the US IRS to inspect her books?. While looking up said laws that don’t operate outside the USA she make like at some that do. Such as Wire Fraud : “a criminal offense under federal law involving any scheme to defraud another person that uses electronic communications, either across state lines or internationally.”

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  31. There isn’t a single word in the Communist Manifesto that says commerce and business should be restricted rather it’s all about the distribution of profits.
    Perhaps she hasn’t heard about Communist China or Russia that built powerhouses of economies and turned basically feudal societies into manufacturing giants, whatever their other evils may be.

    One sure sign that the QEG machine is a myth: no Chinese company is churning them out at half the price as they do with every single thing invented by other people in other countries.
    Perhaps they don’t have a QEG ‘expert’ on hand to interpret the blueprints.

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  32. One of Based Any’s past-times is abusing any police officer she comes across despite the fact several, as mentioned in the court case banning her from the sea-side (must be a first) who risked their lives to save hers after her phony suicide attempts.

    Please explain: Based Amy is one who does this- turns up at demonstrations (apparently any cause as long as she can cause a scuffle) wearing a MAGA hat screeching at others that they are “traitors” because they have opposite views to hers and that she is a British “patriot” (in her MAGA hat) while proclaiming Donald trump is saving the world.

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  33. Outrageous claims about suicide and highly irresponsible. But these people cheerfully accuse and name dozens of North London residents of raping, murdering and eating babies that are delivered via a well known transport firm.

    The fact is: there isn’t a single person who has featured on this blog who isn’t alive and kicking. And they only get discussed after they have engaged in wicked campaigns to falsely accuse innocent parents of despicable crimes. If the heat is too much get out of the kitchen but they don’t: they are as tough as nails and are thriving, so dedicated are they to their fantasies.

    # I’ve avoided mentioning one well known Irish lady who says she is in “rehab” and has gone very silent. I suspect that may be more to do with finally getting real legal advice from a real lawyer (not a disbarred “equity” one) who has advised that a possible defense for a possible harassment charge may be that she was in “the grip of the grape” and any Irish court will of course understand.
    ## Dear Irish readers: I mean that kindly as I am influenced by the antics of my late beloved one Irish Granny who treated most nights as “Saturday Night” and was demanding a knees up well into her late 80s after a few bevvies.

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  34. The present Jeremy Ayres – friend of HopeGal, UK-born osteopath (with various other self-assigned titles), hawking organite and a shifting range of cancer cures from a boat-shed in Barbados – shares a name with a UK osteopath who killed his son through ignorance and arrogance back in 2000.

    (a lot of quack-friendly popular journalism of the time basically blamed mainstream medicine for the death, for being too hostile to Complementary Quackery, and the Guardian coverage was no exception… but I digress).

    Did anyone ever discover whether the two Jeremy Ayres are the same?


  35. Now if someone claimed that I had tried to drive them to suicide, but they were still alive, I would take that as an enormous slur on my professionalism.

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  36. Steed is me and I have to admit I don’t think this was my doing alone. I report loads of his post but I know others do too (including your good self). So kudos to whoever did hammer the final nail into the coffin 😀 👍🎯

    PS: if my calculations are correct, it went down during a live interview with David Noakes 🤣

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  37. Oh I didn’t recognise you with your tail on! 😉 I didn’t see that one before it went down. I have been reporting Wanoa’s live about the vets though on FB & cannot believe that it doesn’t go against community standards, ‘graphic violence’! Asked for a review but no luck.

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