A journey to the twilight zone…

Let’s face it, certain people who have thrown themselves head first down the Hampstead SRA rabbit hole are not at all well. A number of our readers have remarked on the obviously deteriorating mental health of people like Andy Devine, whose long, ever-more-rambly and disjointed live-streams have shown him breaking down before our eyes.

Similarly, John Paterson’s videos, while usually mercifully short, are equally inane, repetitive, odd…and getting worse over time.

His regular threatening emails to this blog are no screaming glory, either, consisting as they usually do of a limited number of stock phrases such as “we have your IP addresses, just waiting for the right time” or “THE NEXT TIME YOU FILTHY BASTARDS CRAWL OUT FROM UNDER YOUR ROCKS YOU WILL BE CRUSHED. AND YOU WILL NEVER SEE IT COMING”. Oh, and let’s not forget the wood chipper, though anybody who’s seen the film “Fargo” will recall that that can be a rather messy endeavour.

There are also the perennial threats to have us dealt with by “the Others”, a much-feared South London gang which currently operates out of a Sunrise Senior Living facility at an undisclosed location in Wandsworth.

Never fear, though. Should “the Others” finally recall what day it is and realise that they are meant to be murdering us in our sleep, we will no doubt hear the creaking of their Zimmer frames as they approach. And we should have no trouble outrunning them.

But we digress.

Speaking of people who’ve lost the plot, we noticed the other day that Papa Hemp, once suspected of being a mummy’s boy from somewhere in the vicinity of Wigan, but now suspected of actually being the Great Greasy Midget Himself, has been oozing up to various bottom-of-the-barrel types on YouTube of late.

His newest dear friend, the above-mentioned Paterson, seems delighted at the attention, as well he might be—note that he “loved” his own lone comment prior to Papa Hemp’s arrival:

Oh yes, forgot to mention: Paterson has been booted off YouTube so often that he has now resorted to using “Alex” as his forename. To trick the evil YouTubian overlords, don’t you know.

Sadly, another commenter who appears to have some fairly serious mental health issues dropped by this discussion thread to ask Paterson for advice. Yes, we know. The person asked Paterson for advice. This does not bode well, but stay tuned, it gets worse:

This person sounds genuinely distressed, and in need of mental health support. Instead, they got “Dr” Abraham Christie and his Travelling Medicine Show:

Wait, did we miss something? Who is this “unwanted guest” of whom Papa Hemp speaks? And why is he calling her a mental health case?

Last we heard, some weirdo named Plisko Plisko was making memes out of the disturbed person’s photographs, and posting pictures of her on the toilet, taken by her abusive neighbour. (Why was the neighbour in the toilet with her? Why was she photographing her? Why was the disturbed person setting her Facebook to ME ONLY? Why…oh, never mind.)


Papa Hemp’s advice is hilariously predictable: “Improve your own mental health by including raw plant fats like avocados and coconuts as this will improve your mental clarity. Essential Fatty Acids can also be found in (surprise!) hempseed, sesame & flax seed. Avoid alcohol and refined sugars”.

Right, because someone who is feeling suicidal because of an untreated paranoid delusion combined with what sounds like a nasty case of online bullying really just needs some raw foods and hemp and they’ll be fine, just fine.

What to make of all this?

Papa Hemp has been slowly but surely making the rounds amongst the dregs of the once-might Hampstead Hoax promotion crew. All he’s been finding are the bottom-of-the-barrel types like Paterson and Cat Snot, but that’s okay. He’s obviously in no position to be choosy.

Will Paterson realise he’s being played, and offer Papa Hemp the woodchipper treatment? Will the poor distressed lady find actual useful mental health assistance? Will Papa Hemp ever stop his odious self-promotion and woo-peddling?

We’d like to predict happy outcomes, but somehow that just seems a bit unrealistic.

13 thoughts on “A journey to the twilight zone…

  1. So now it’s alleged that it was the (fucking) “boyfriend” of the (fucking) “Canadian dyke with red hair” who decked Praterson ?.
    More people have been accused of being Johnny’s attacker than I’ve had hot breakfasts.

    # I got a bit confused with this post- was it Alex Paterson who is under attack from his neighbors and who are now hanging out in his toilet?

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    • Trying to follow the logic of the post is quite difficult. As I read it, the person put the video of themselves on the toilet on YouTube when they were harassed by their neighbour. They are then complaining some one else has put stills from this video elsewhere on the Internet. Doesn’t make much sense.
      The Hampstead Hoax does seem to have attracted a lot of mentally ill people. A number of them have deteriorated rapidly over the past year.

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      • I think we need to maintain a clear distinction between mentally ill and delusional. The former is all too often used as a convenient place to hang behaviour that is irrational and what I would refer to as “colloquially” crazy but not indicative of any abnormal brain function. There are very very few of the hoaxers who would warrant a designation of mentally ill.

        For example, Neelu is delusional. She is not mentally ill. She is a high functioning individual, clearly intelligent, but at the same time as dumb as a bucket of rocks. These statements are not mutually exclusive! 🤨


    • Pretty sure I am the closes thing to a red-haired Canadian Dyke this blog has and I don’t know Paterson from a bag of hammers.

      El Coyote’s hair is DEFINITELY purple and afaik she’s straight.


  2. I can clear this up about the bullied young lady who was sat on the toilet to get away from her abusive neighbour who was trying to get in through her living room window. She was caught on the video by the person filming as they came to her aid to help with the drunk abusive neighbour.

    After this was put on YT a certain PLISKO PLISKO ripped the video and started heavily bullying her through editing her videos and putting up nasty pictures of her covered in tin foil hats and excrement.

    This young lady has been seriously harassed by her neighbour and others in the street. On top of this the on going cyber bullying seems to really be pushing her to the edge.

    This lady has help from relevant services and will hopefully be ok if left alone by these online bullies.

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    • Oh, I’m really glad to hear she has help! Thanks so much for letting us know. I find it worrying when I see people who obviously need help, but the anonymity of the internet makes it impossible to intervene in any constructive way.


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