The madness of Abraham Christie

Following up on last week’s video exposé about Abraham Christie, one YouTube viewer asked a series of pointed questions which we thought ought to be addressed here, rather than buried in the video’s comments section.

The original conversation went like this:

Viktor: There is one statement that was never examined (or maybe it was), and it came from the mouth of one of the key witnesses. The question is, why would Mister Christie tell one of them to say it, when it should have immediately brought into question the whole alleged custody argument?

EC: Could you elaborate please? I’m not sure which statement you’re referring to.

Viktor: I went back (on youtube, as l never put anything down on paper or electronic storage) to the pookster78 and Torkgirl8 days. In the original disclosure videos, the son, not the daughter said that ‘one of the special children’ “loves sex”. If that was part of a narrative, it would be daylight madness including it in any claim against the father. You see? Those few words seem to call into question the idea that Mister Christie concocted the whole thing. There’s more but l don’t want to see the videos again, even though they are available on Youtube. It was also enough to trigger Hannah Nolegalname into a misguided tirade against Mme Pauffley later on.

Okay, let’s look at this.

One of the two children in the “airport videos” stated that one of the “20 special chidren” at their school not only participated willingly in the alleged cult, but “loved sex”.

Viktor is correct that this is a bizarre thing for the child to say, especially if the main purpose of the Hampstead hoax was to make an airtight claim against the father and ensure that he never saw his children again.

So the question is, did Christie force the child to say it, and if so, why?

Is Abraham Christie insane?

First, let’s look at the idea that it would be “daylight madness including it in any claim against the father”. Very true—but anybody who has listened to the Jean-Clement Yaohirou audio recording, or paid attention to Christie’s rantings in subsequent interviews or YouTube comments will be aware that Abraham is not a sane person.

For example, in the Yaohirou recording he states quite clearly that he believes that his brother-in-law, a “Special” with the Metropolitan Police, will not only go to the school and arrest all the alleged cult members there, but will stage a raid on the father’s house, and run the case single-handed. This is particularly bizarre given Christie’s long history of criminal charges and convictions. Surely he has been in contact with the plod enough times in his life to grasp the basics of how they operate.

In addition, we know that Christie believes some very strange things about the properties of hemp: he has stated repeatedly that hemp is the “elixir of eternal life”, that it “cures the effects of trauma-based mind control”, and that it can be used as a vegan substitute for blood plasma, amongst other things. While medicinal uses of hemp are indeed becoming recognised, Christie’s beliefs just don’t make sense.

He seems to have read a few articles online, and spun off a series of fairy stories based on his limited understanding of reality.

‘The rite of sodomy’: Dangerous lunacy

However, one of Christie’s most dangerous and pernicious beliefs is something he refers to as “the rite of sodomy”.

Put bluntly, Christie believes that very young children can be made not only to “love sex” but to become “addicted” to being anally raped—which of course is what he accused people in Hampstead of doing to children.

In a YouTube comment on 9 March 2017, he wrote this:

“The Rite of Sodomy” the central tenet of [Trauma Based Mind Control], promoted by Alistair Crowley, whereby the children/ trainee slaves are sodomised with dildos or other implements in order to manually manipulate nerve endings at the base of the spine, which stimulate the pineal gland, the master gland and the CENTRE OF PSYCHIC AWARENESS IN THE HUMAN MIND, our third eye, giving the subject flashes of cosmic consciousness, allowing the Master/Handler to “bind and control” their “slave”.


Whilst certain abusers may derive some deviant sexual gratification from these acts due to themselves being victims of TBMC or other forms of sexual abuse, the goal is to create TBMC slaves addicted to the manual activation of the third eye. The earlier the “Rite of Sodomy” is performed upon the child, the more effective the programming.

So yes, Christie does believe that children can be not only taught to “love” anal rape, but can be “bound” to their “slave-masters” in this way. Here he is talking about it, several months before he made the above post:

Abraham, Ella, and the “Rite of Sodomy”

Surely any sane person can see that this bizarre fantasy is not only false but incredibly dangerous? It essentially offers paedophiles a perfect excuse for sexually abusing very young children: they can tell themselves that they are teaching the child to “love sex”, by offering them “flashes of divinity” to which they will become “addicted”.

It also explains why it would not be at all unexpected for Christie to force one or both children to claim that some of their classmates “loved sex”. To him, this would be perfectly congruent with his belief that a “pedosodomite death cult” was operating out of a primary school in North London.

It wasn’t just a child access battle

Back to Viktor’s question: if the Hampstead hoax was really only a child access battle gone horribly wrong, then it would make no sense for Christie to have forced one of the children to claim that their classmate “loved sex”.

However, it seems very unlikely that child custody/access was the sole reason for the allegations. As we’ve stated elsewhere, Christie’s own obsession with hemp as a magical cure for “trauma-based mind control” points to the potential for using the two children as guinea pigs.

The fact that Christie brutally tortured them, both physically and emotionally, and simultaneously fed them enough cannabis that traces of it were found in their hair samples afterward, points to a more sinister interpretation: it seems quite likely that he wished to use them as “living proof” that children could recover from the effects of torture via copious doses of cannabis.

We hope all of this answers Viktor’s question.

24 thoughts on “The madness of Abraham Christie

  1. The whole “Rite of Sodomy” fiction is our reminder that Abraham Christie spends a lot of time thinking about ways to rationalise raping children; and that his followers share his obsession.

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    • What the kids went through with him was hell, but I shudder to think what might have happened if the wheels hadn’t fallen off their little wagon when Jean-Clement went to the police and Abe had managed to get them out of the country for good as originally planned- this is not a well individual….

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    • Do you think it might have been one of his chat-up lines when he spots a lady he fancies in the local pub and sidles up to her to whisper in her ear..”how would you like me to stimulate your pineal gland ?”.

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  2. Another rarely mentioned aspect of this entire case is the fact: all the promoters seems incredibly blase about discussing the mass rape and murder of children.

    In fact they seem to take a perverse delight in the subject. Both Abe & Ella exhibit not a scintilla of genuine emotion. Ella is particularly weirdly unemotional when 99% of mothers can be distressed at their child stubbing a toe.
    In their photos posted after fleeing the UK Abe & Ella posted happy snaps as though they were on their annual Spanish holiday with Abe’s recent idiotic attempts to create a Lawrence of Arabia look a sign of the bonkers syndrome.

    Sabine’s often angry scenes were great examples of foot stamping episodes when she couldn’t get her own way while an unemotional Bellender comes across as conducting another in a series of community demonstrations: demanding traffic control devices in her street this week, a call for less child rape & murder the following while at the end of the month petitioning the local council for extra rubbish removal.
    Our Deb’s video efforts were of course famous for her thrilling build-up to an exciting climax but since she seems to have been warned of Hampstead I note she still uses the same technique.

    Neelu can waffle on for hours but she warms up & gets quite excited that she thinks she may be able to deliver Remedy to Britain’s judges when King Wanoa awards her the Albert Pierrepoint Ministry for Pre-Trial Public Executions.

    Speaking of Hemp and the smoking of it: like all powerful drugs it can cause serious mental & physical health issues for some who partake. I have a lady friend who is now slowly dying of Emphysema from a lifetime of smoking daily joints.
    Andy Devine admits in his latest video he was prosecuted, not for selling drubs but herbs. The herbs were Hemp.

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  3. Maybe Christie is involved with the exact crimes he was accusing [the dad] of, he seems to know an awful lot about alisteir Crowley, abe is one sick minded animal.

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    • Exactly, HartyJay. He has said himself he gets ‘carried away by the subject’ whenever he talks about it….many examples of him getting off on this type of material in interviews online. Abe is very very stupid. And yes, quite mad.

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    • He knows nothing of Alistair Crowley however, preferring his own imaginary role-model to the well-documented, well-biographied real-world version.

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      • By the way, I noticed in this morning’s live that he let his dog crap everywhere but didn’t “scoop the poop”. Not for the first time either.

        Hilarious threat at the end too: “… [Hoaxtead work for] Mossad. Who’s funding you? Who’s employing you, guys? You sad sad people. Make amends, people. You know it’s coming, you know. There’s no stopping this, mate. And I know they’ve gotta do everything they can now because they’re caught out, mate. So by the way, anybody who’s promoting Hoaxtead, yeah, you’d better be watching it, mate, because we’re watching all of you now. So anyone who promotes Hoaxtead, try and s…”

        And then he got cut off 😂

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  4. Andy Devine and his threats make me love him more, hating on animals like abe give me no joy as his story is sickening but andy is someone I love to hate with his crap scam and his pirate flag lol he’s like dr evil

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  5. Abraham thinks he is immortal due to his cannabis and hemp intake. That cannabis and hemp has been used for millennia yet we are strangely lacking 200 year olds seems to have escaped his notice.

    He really does think he is immortal.

    Abraham Christie didn’t pull these stories out of a hat. It is clear he’s been deep down all the conspiracist rabbit holes where the idea of several thousand babies being eaten and no one noticing doesn’t seem that outré at all.

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  6. To think i was nearly fooled myself by these two lunatics stories and the others also who spread the word. Thank God my eyes were open and i am now doing good work and helping people who REALLY need help. Again @Elcoyote Well done with your reporting on the Sabine trial. You could put a lot of of the mainstream media reporters to shame ” Telling the truth. ” I really hope the Dad and the children are living happy and fulfilled lives now as they truly deserve it and the other parents and children who were needlessly dragged into this circus also. M

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      • I am too. God bless and i wish you the same in your work, with all the hard work you have put in. Thank you. 🙂

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    • I agree, MB. The mainstream press made more than a few boo-boos with their reporting of the Sabine trial, whilst EC’s was bordering on flawless. Even the fruitloops knew where to come for accurate, unbiased updates and were sharing her posts every day all over social media 🥇

      Kudos to you too, for seeing sense and having the humility to change your perception of the Hampstead hoax 👍

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