Video share: The Yaohirou audio recordings, Part 1

In today’s video offering, we look at the Jean-Clement Yaohirou audio recording. This is one of the most important pieces of evidence in the Hampstead SRA hoax, as it demonstrates how Abraham bullied and controlled the children, and coached them in the allegations they made about their father, their school community, and others.

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32 thoughts on “Video share: The Yaohirou audio recordings, Part 1

  1. I can’t believe anybody believes this story/hoax. It’s just so bizarre. I know for a fact that the father was in California during the time when the mother said he was in the UK and at the school every day. He only returned in May 2014, and yet he was supposed to be going to the school daily all that year? How does this work?

    The look on her legals’ faces when they found this out at the beginning of the court hearing was pretty funny though. If they didn’t know before that, they knew then that she was a liar.

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      • Yes, it’s interesting: she went through three legal teams in the months between the end of the police investigation and the beginning of December. Her reason for sacking the final team (who turned over the evidence bundle to her, which included the Yaohirou audio and the police interview videos) was that they wouldn’t do her bidding—which is much more understandable if one realises that they knew the father wasn’t even in the country when Ella said he was.

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        • I’ve mentioned before I’ve had (unfortunately) some experience with the legal system as a defendant (Nothing big. No jail – suspended or otherwise. No fines. Just a huge personal scare!)

          One of the first things my solicitor drummed through my head was that they are servants of the court. This doesn’t mean that they are out to convict you as state actors, but it does mean that they could not present a lie to the proceedings. It is why if Ella ever told her solicitor that she knew something to be a lie but wanted them to present it anyway they would be legally bound to withdraw. That she went through this three times is damning!


  2. Ooh, “Part 1”. It’s a cliffhanger, then. You’re such a tease, EC.

    Seriously, though, thanks for doing this. Much of the content of those JCY recordings is so incriminating against Abe Christie, even if his creepy supporters prefer to bury their heads in the sand and pretend it isn’t.

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    • “It’s a cliffhanger, then. You’re such a tease, EC.”

      Don’t worry, Tinribs – I can tell you how it ends if you like: Abe gets arrested and sent down for even longer than Sabine, Ella sings like a canary and Angie and Cat get pissed and cry about it for several months afterwards. But you didn’t hear that from me, ok.

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      • The “freedom mindset” not the “slave mindset”.

        Listen Andy f*cking Devine (we know you read this)..millions of us have always known we were lied to by politicians. Millions of us (some very old like me) have known this from when we were kids as many of us had parents who taught us never to accept things at face value and from my studies they also had parents who thought similarly so it was natural to us to question everything.
        And then even 10,000s more came to these conclusions all by themselves so what we don’t need is this:

        An arrogant, pompous ex-criminal pontificating in middle age when he’s just discovered the world is often not as it’s been presented.

        We know who you are: a narrow minded cheap crook who was always a right wing creep who like so many have discovered via the Internet that there are other strands of thoughts.

        Not unlike the Great Plagiarist, the racist David Icke who has stolen every single idea he presents and we know this because 1000s of us were reading books in the early 60s about these theories long before the internet and all Icke did was package it in a presentable form so other dead shits (new Aussie insult I just heard) think they have discovered how the f*cking wheel works before anyone else.
        And his moronic fans think Icke discovered all these crackpot theories (though a handful may be true) or developed them when he’s a plain old thief of ideas- a far worse crime than a burglar who steals your possessions.

        Andy Devine you remind of two people I knew from a young age : one was a frightening character that came out of jail after doing a 20 year stretch for killing a policeman who started dating a lovely female friend of mine who I think liked the ‘dangerous’ side of this criminal.
        I had to bite my tongue over years of dining with this pair because his mindset was stuck in a sort of criminal East End 1960s as he spouted right-wing ratbaggery thoughts about Johnny Foreigner, druggies and Jews and anyone who didn’t fit his narrow view of acceptable people with almost an evangelical fervor of righteousness (but lurved the Krays while hating “poofs” (on these days I did NOT wear my favorite frock & stilettos) and threatened anyone who dared suggest Ronnie Kray was “not as other men” because- Ronnie was a vicious psychopath & the more dangerous of the twins who was known to rip an ear off anyone who slightly offended him in the pub and thus: could not possibly be gay .. all the time while running so many illegal scams that ripped off 100s of innocent people (and to my shame I eagerly accepted endless dinners and even a foreign holiday from this crook but being perhaps too young to realise a bunch of hapless pensioners were picking up the tab). Eventually he died when he was on an LSD trip and fell off a frigging cliff.

        The other was a good school friend who went on to become a policeman who used to drive me potty with his moralizing and capacity to “look down” on me as someone in my yoof who smoked the occasional joint and popped a few pills (gave it all up at age 22) and who bored me witless with so many endless lectures I began to avoid him until….10 years later I ran into him and he had left the police, discovered Marijuana and was the most insufferable “hippy” years after everyone had forgotten what the word meant.

        That’s you Andy Devine- a boring newcomer fraud who has ‘discovered’ an alternative world of thought (but sadly- you’ve hoovered up the most idiotic & false claims) as you sit there arrogantly preaching to a bunch of brain dead fools, one unfortunate woman who at least truthfully says during each “live video” that she’s “out of it” on medication.

        ## Editor: GoS- do you have private medical insurance? Our resident psychologist says you have over-stayed your appointment with this rant.

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        • Wicked(as in sick, sick as in fantabulous, as the young ‘uns tell me) analysis Sam! Captured the Devine mindset perfectly.

          Btw, when are you going to write your life story, I know an author who could help! 😉


  3. One thing the hoaxers don’t like to admit is that Abe & Ella never reported the alleged abuse and baby-sacrificing to the police. It was Jean-Clement who reported it against their will!

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    • I just cannot understand how these hoaxers blindly accept the falsehood that the children in question helped murder babies and…claim they are concerned about their welfare and then also blithely accept that any child could just stand there and watch a gruesome murder and think it’s all OK because they will soon be dancing around with the victims skull.

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      • This one’s weird. He keeps losing his, oh puppies, train of thought and, wonder whats on youtube, forgetting what he was, did I leave the stove on, gonna, wonder what I want for dinner, say.

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  4. What in the blue is he talking about, must be what he`s smoking, not that I know, but I`m told you forget stuff when you smoke what he`s having

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    • The measles have NEVER been thought of as harmless and have wiped out 100,000s of people. What changed when we were kids is the medical profession became more proficient at dealing with measles.
      It’s a serious malady.

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          • I have a very good friend, who`s Mum got measles when she was pregnant with her, as a result my friend was born totally deaf. My friend had three children they were all born deaf too. My friend`s brothers and sisters were all born hearing.


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