Tom Dunn: Following Angie in all things

Saturday was Thomas Dunn’s birthday. By sheer coincidence it was also Adolf Hitler’s natal day, but of course that has nothing to do with Dunn.

Err, not much to do with him.

Dunn celebrated the day by gorging himself on his favourite breakfast comestibles, then taking to his bed to deliver a few “seig heils” of his own.

Aside from some hilarious chitchat about the helmet of salvation and the breastplate of self-righteousness (he takes a C cup, in case you were wondering), much of his rant was dedicated to railing against “the satanic underground cults, the paedophiles, the child rapists” who he believes inhabit the UK in general and Hampstead in particular.

“We cannot allow them to get away with this!” he screamed at one point, adding later, ““Every person who raped a child on Wednesday in Hampstead, you will bow before the king of kings!”

Apparently those who rape children on the other six days of the week get a free pass?

Plus frankly, if people are raping children (on any day of the week), wouldn’t it be preferable to have them arrested, tried, and sentenced to prison? Bowing before some über-king seems a bit lame, if we’re honest.

Dunn repeats the ‘white powder’ rumour

Dunn refers several times to the Hampstead children and a protected witness, and repeats the lie that the witness forced one of the children to sniff a white powder, which made him feel dizzy. It’s odd that we’ve been able to find no trace of the child actually saying this on any of the videos which Sabine McNeill released, though it did appear in some of her writings.

More to the point, in the medical examination, Dr Hodes (who sided with the mother regarding the sexual abuse allegations) stated she’d found evidence of THC, an active ingredient in cannabis, in the children’s hair samples. She said nothing about any other drug, including cocaine, which is what the “white powder” rumour seems to imply.

It’s pretty easy to determine where Dunn picked up the “white powder” rumour: his mentor, Angela Power-Disney, has mentioned it several times, including in a video interview with Jason Goodman of “Crowdsurfing the Truth”. [You’re sure that’s not ‘Crowdsourcing‘? Oh, never mind—Ed.]

Like much of what Dunn has parroted about the Hampstead hoax, it seems very unlikely that he has bothered to do any actual research himself, but has merely swallowed Angela’s lies and inaccuracies holus-bolus.

Threats against protected witness

Referring to a protected witness, Dunn shrieked,

“We think he’s living in California—is anybody concerned about this?

Is anybody concerned about the accused paedophile and rapist living in California?

FBI? Coming to my house? Does anybody care about this?

These people don’t quit until they’re forced to quit! I’m not saying that, the children said it. And they said it real good! I sure hope the FBI is watching this guy like a hawk.

This sounds an awful lot like a request to his deluded followers to hunt somebody down—something the FBI should probably know about, especially as they have already enraged Dunn by daring to turn up on his doorstep and ask him some questions about his previous threats.

Dunn’s response to this perceived insult is to shriek into the camera,

They’re censoring us and they’ve taken down our video of Ella. They want the truth censored. they’re calling the police on us and they’re calling the FBI on us but that only emboldens us to speak out more!

Hmm. Isn’t this the strategy Angela employed following last summer’s visit by the gardaí, when all her tech was removed for investigation? That worked like a bleedin’ charm, didn’t it?

Instead of informing her that they were coming to arrest those of us who’ve been pointing out her criminal activities for the past four years, the “friendly” gardaí told her a few weeks ago that the results of their investigation had been sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions, where a decision would be made as to whether to prosecute, and if so, what the charges would be. Angela responded to this, as we know, by going on a drinking binge, and finally checking herself into rehab—possibly the first sensible thing we’ve seen her do.

As for Dunn, while his helmet of salvation and breastplate of self-righteousness might help him out in his next cosplay adventure, we strongly suspect that they will be of no use whatsoever when the FBI next come to call.

50 thoughts on “Tom Dunn: Following Angie in all things

  1. It’s great to see your new youtube channel up EC.

    But just to make sure you understand: Youtube is not your friend.

    I put some stuff up about Abe Christie that I think you would find very interesting. But Youtube deleted it. I have some other friends who put some other ‘interesting’ stuff up. That got deleted as well.

    So just know that there are people watching your channel. Some of them can’t sub to you (they sub but they get deleted). Many of them can’t comment on your videos. It’s incredibly frustrating, and that is why I don’t use Youtube as a ‘platform’ any more.

    They will allow you to exist within your own little echo chamber. They will also allow ‘trolls’ to abuse you. But if some people give real information, they will just delete what they have to say and cut out their tongues.

    Youtube is cancer.

    They give a voice to the mangelas and the dunces, but erase at source some of us with real information.

    I only drop by now and again. There is no point in engaging with you. It all gets deleted. There are so many things you don’t know as well. But it’s a real task to get this information to you. Some of it might be valid, some of it rubbish. But it’s just getting it out there that is the real difficulty.

    I’m seeing you covering stuff and coming around to stuff that we were trying to get out to you in the last six months past.

    I realise this sounds a bit paranoid.

    It’s late here.

    Keep on doing what you’re doing. It’s making a difference all the same.

    Really, what we have to say is not so earth shattering, but it’s the shutting down of lines of communication between us that is so utterly frustrating.

    There are no ‘scoops about Ted Heath was a pedo, kind of thing, but more stuff like, xxx is a wrong un’, don’t waste your time on them. We see you go round in circles.

    But you do come to the right conclusions eventually.

    Youtube is not your friend. Just remember that.

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    • Thanks for the caution. Should you ever wish to contact me directly, you can use the “Contact us” box at the top of the blog—I receive emails directly from that, and they are not public to the blog.

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  2. ‘…he takes a C cup, in case you were wondering’

    If he can’t find a breastplate I believe Playtex still do a Wonderbra.

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  3. “Angela responded to this by going on a drinking binge and finally checking herself into rehab”

    Interestingly, she said she was going in for two weeks. It’s been nearly four so far 🤔


  4. For anyone who missed this last night, it seems Devine’s not happy about losing his Facebook account (and being suspended from his four back-up accounts) and he’s blaming us for it – perish the thought 🤭🤐😇

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  5. I don’t think sock puppets are a secret anymore. Didn’t Amazon cut down on fake reviews? For some reason the talk about bra cups made me think of “Judge” Rinder and the mankini*

    Being more serious, Mr D seems to want to believe doctors when it suits him (I was thinking of AD here), for instance he wants to believe Dr Hodes although a different opinion was given later, but then he witters on about how good hemp is. (I know there have been some people who have said marijuana helps their pain but I’m not sure it’s a good idea for it to be dispensed willy-nilly).

    * Not a real judge – I think the cases are real but they are for entertainment, not legally binding.

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      • By Mr D I meant Mr Devine but then I realised Tom Dunn is also a Mr D which was why I said AD the next time. Tinribs, I can proofread other peoples’ writing wonderfully, my own not so well.

        I just had a thought (though I daresay others have had the same thought previously) but if people who contribute to this blog really had the powerful connections opposing voices believe them to have wouldn’t the opposing views have been shut down by now? And I mean, really shut down, not banned from social media platforms for a few day (and even that hasn’t been achieved easily from what I can make out).

        Also, why do folk think “Hoaxtead” is a group? I have commented here sometimes over the past few months but I don’t belong to a “group”. I don’t even live in London. Personally I’d run a mile if anybody tried to involve me in Satanism*. The only people I’ve seen comment here who might have a link thus are HH and SV (and I’m not sure how much they are leg-pulling) and one is in the USA and the other in Australia so how the heck would anybody think they would be coming to Hampstead to take part in a group? Well, Concorde was a fast plane but it’s been discontinued.

        * Though there are some nutters on YouTube who think Catholics worship Lucifer. In the service I attended on Sunday we renewed our baptismal vows and renounced Satan and all his works.

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        • Interesting points there, CAW.

          One thing – James definitely isn’t leg-pulling. He’s very serious about his religion and it means a great deal to him.

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        • The idea that Roman Catholics are actually (if not knowingly) worshipping Lucifer is older than nutters on YouTube. C.H. Spurgeon saw Rome as the place where Satan’s seat was.

          Read all that sort of crap in the FIEC (Fellowship (sic) of Independent Evangelical Churches) newspaper back in the 70’s too – my ex’s parents, and her too, attended an FIEC “church”. And of course ecumenicalism is Satanism in disguise, too.

          Depressing, or what.

          “By their fruits you shall know them”……

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        • Though there are some nutters on YouTube who think Catholics worship Lucifer.

          I can confirm that that is not true. In addition to the yearly renouncing I’m also a godfather to a niece and a nephew so have an extra two pro bono renouncings under my belt. Although I am a bit of a goth and I am enjoying season two of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

          I also should admit that I was a bit surprised when our local Easter services went ahead. Neelu had assured everyone in February that the Pope was going to make an announcement and the Catholic Church was closing down for good in March. Still the internet is a bit slow in my parish, so I’ll await the news to finally arrive at some point.

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  6. I’m fascinated that Dunn was visited by the FBI. We have that in common. My visit was in 1977 in a New York hotel after I “passed” a counterfeit $5 note in the Deli.
    I can’t tell you how polite and nice the 2 agents were. All they wanted to do was track down the source of my note which happened to be a bank a few hours earlier ( US dollars must be the easiest in the world to copy).

    In fact one agent phoned me the following day to confirm what I said and to thank me for “my co-operation”.
    I bet if I wasn’t innocent I’d have been on their radar for the the next few months I was in the US.
    The FBI are legendary for their manner which is always professional & polite when dealing with so-called “civilians” (thank the alleged cross dressing J.Edgar Hoover for that).

    If Dunn was visited over Hoaxstead he’s really fooling himself if he thinks he’s now not on the FBI radar. There is a method to the politeness of the FBI. It disarms those they really suspect of illegality as they probe even deeper. (ask anyone from the Mafia who tremble when they hear the FBI is showing interest.)
    He’s FBI visit is the best news I’ve heard for yonks.

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      • Why is it, when I see “The Cat” insult “the Hoaxsted twats” and so forth, I automatically hear this Eddie Izzard live stand up in my head (remembering when he was younger).

        And actually you can get away with anything! I mean, John Major got away with a very good one just recently, he was talking about civil service, and there was a reporter that came out saying it was very wasteful or whatever, and Major said, “If you don’t think that civil service is the best in the world… then you should!” Kind of a dodgy argument there, you know… “Then you should.” I remember when I was five, going, “You smell… ‘cause you do! You’re a twit… ‘cause you are!” (rolling eyes) “Then you should!”


    • Yes, when children of rich people die, it’s okay by her. Apparently.

      Does she not realise that no matter how much money that man has, he will never be able to buy back the lives of his children?

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  7. Not much of a lady is she lol defending abe Christie aswell this chick would make the devil blush doesn’t she know dr hemp has got a few skeletons in the cupboard or does she choose not to believe them lol some ppl smh

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