Video share: Who is Abraham Christie?

In today’s video, we take a look at Abraham Christie, and examine some of his motivations for torturing and brutalising two children in August 2014.

The facts about Abraham are uncomfortable for anybody who still supports this sick and evil hoax: it turns out he had a very clear and obvious motive for what he did, and it all came down to money.

If you haven’t subscribed to the new Hoaxtead Research YouTube channel, we hope you’ll consider doing so! We’re reducing our blog publishing schedule to four days per week, and will be creating videos that we hope will help to educate and enlighten people about the Hampstead SRA hoax.

51 thoughts on “Video share: Who is Abraham Christie?

  1. I see that the new Youtube channel is picking up subscribers very quickly. Great work indeed. Now even more people will get to hear the facts of this case rather than some bullcrap off some dumb troofer.

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    • Yes, I’m pleased that so many people seem to be watching our videos and subscribing. 🙂

      I do think that a lot of people only saw the original “airport videos”, and accepted at face value what they heard. But as more and more people discover the sordid facts behind the hoax, they are realising that they were conned.

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  2. Was it not mentioned somewhere that this Christie person had done something similar before in that one of his ex girlfriends, he had said that their ex was a pedo?

    So this wasn’t the first time that he had come out with this garbage.

    That’s one of the main things that makes this all hoax even more nonsense and also that you never hear the truthers mention this.

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    • Yes, that’s right, I should have mentioned that.

      In the previous video, I talked about how his step-daughter had tried to contact Ella, and had contacted Sabine, to tell them that Abraham was an abuser who had beaten her and her siblings when they wouldn’t go along with his plan to claim their dad had molested them.

      As you say, you never hear this from the other side. They consistently downplay his violence to the Hampstead children, and fail to even mention that he tried to do this before.

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      • A video needs to be done on that, or added to it.

        It shows just how obvious and absurd these lies are when you know the proper real facts, and not the pie in the Sky fairy tale facts these troofers blast out for their own sick agendas.

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          • Also, Araya Soma did write a post on FB saying that some child porn had been found on Abe’s phone, iirc. This could have been after his flat got raided.

            Finding the video’s very good, enjoying your personality, EC, tickled pink. Youtube channel is a great extension of Hoaxtead Research and probably captures a much greater audience at just the right time. Hope to see loads more of you on video.

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  3. “In today’s video, we take a look at Abraham Christie, and examine some of his motivations for torturing and brutalising two children”

    Excellent. Thanks, EC.

    This puts another question into my mind – what are the motivations for the hoaxer fruitloops who support a guy who tortured and brutalised two children? 🤔

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      • I’m not threatening violence but would like to say to anyone who thinks what Abraham did was ok – you’re welcome to come round to mine and I’ll hit you repeatedly on the head with a heated spoon of an equivalent size (i.e. adults have bigger heads so we’re talking serving spoon), I’ll kick you in the privates while wearing big boots, slap you on the side of the head so hard you lose your hearing and I’ll call you a ‘cxxt’. Then I’ll threaten to bury you in the back garden.

        We’ll see how you feel afterwards and whether you think my behaviour is unorthodox or just plain cruel?

        I have said this many times. What kind of person would try to beat a ‘confession’ out of a child who they think might have been abused? What kind of nature does this person have? I think EC has nailed it.

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  4. For anyone who missed it at the tail end of the last post, yesterday’s Devine rant was pretty revealing:

    Among other highlights, he lets slip that he doesn’t know if the Hampstead allegations are true, claims that we work for GCHQ, MI5, MI6 and Mossad and admits that some years ago he almost became a serial killer.

    There’s also a cringe-worthy interview with Neelu. Neelu’s in trouble with the bailiffs again. And she’s lying through her arse about why. It’s to do with her congestion charge fine and she’s saying she drove through several London councils and got fined by each one. That’s categorically not who imposes the cc fine.

    Oh and she’s once again saying that those two security guards lifted her up and carried her out of that auction. Her own footage shows clearly that that didn’t happen!

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    • Another one who’s on the rampage again is John Pratersod. He’s stopped naming about 20 different people as the person who supposedly thumped him outside the court and now reckons that it was him who beat the guy up, not the other way round 😆

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        • I think I said something along the same lines when it first happened, that I didn’t find it entirely implausible that he would literally beat himself up and try and blame it on someone else, that’s how little I think of his morals…

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      • I think he said something to the effect of “I got up and got a few good punches in, and then chased him but he got away” early on. He’s changed his story more often, one might guess, than he’s changed his underpants in the past few months.


        • We all know what a tough guy he must be. After all, he hangs about with south London gangsters and ex-special forces soldiers. John certainly does have a bit of a thing for tough macho men, doesn’t he?

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    • She’s setting up a Mass Remedy Grievance Portal with Equity Lawyer Edward Ellis ?. Barking. Absolutely barking.
      Do you think Andy believes himself when he says he warned off the coppers who said he couldn’t set up his flag and told them the Army would be coming after them if they didn’t back off? .
      There’s something almost child like with Andy when he says to the other kid in the playground “my big brother’s a Kung Fu Black belt & is going to come and beat you up”.
      Physical appearance: slowly deteriorating. It’s a real sign of the mind slowly doing likewise.

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  5. I’m so impressed with Hoaxtead’s Youtube channel and the obvious very professional presenter who fronts her name Karen Irvine?. Was she imported from Canada at great expense?.

    Fascinating that Jon Wedger & Anna Brees have both said they will chat to EC. I’ve been pretty tough on them so I’ll now reserve judgement until further developments. But they did both weigh in on the Hampstead hoax and I still think a lot of people are ignorant to the fact the Hampstead residents affected were just ordinary people going about their lives until suddenly, they found themselves accused of the most despicable crimes and no matter how many courts find them innocent, they still get flack.
    Cannot be easy.

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  6. that sick perv is still on YouTube attacking ppl in the comments and being applauded by others who are either oblivious to what he is or compliant in it, I hope you really put the boot in with your channel el coyote and make him fk off for good

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  7. I saw that video. Is he one of those who loads the gun but leaves it to others to fire? I only discovered Magick Koolaid recently and I may not agree with everything he says but I’m glad he exposes these fake truthers for what they are. (Are there any sincere truthers?) I had a look at OG Wan Kenobi’s channel and he has mentioned some cases where conspiritards turned violent. I heard something about somebody threatening a Sandy Hook parent (I think she got jailed for a time) and “Jahweh Rules” was an alias of the guy that shot up the restaurant in Oklahoma (I may have said that before).

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  8. Yellow Vest Update:
    One of our more vocal “truthers” Based Amy has been arrested at the climate protests. Someone told me how she was abusing & mocking the youngsters as “middle class no-hopers” in her, errr Middle Class accent.
    She’s still in jail (3 days now) if anyone wishes to bake a cake with a file in it. Or not.

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    • Haha, thanks for sharing the video GOS. Based Amy seems to be at every event in London even if they are on the same day and at the same time, she gets everywhere. The last video I watched of hers was when she was being escorted out of the Houses of Parliament. I must admit that it did give me a good chuckle. 😄

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  9. I see some of the hoaxer fruitloops are still in denial and insisting that Abe never hit the kids. The fact that he admitted to it doesn’t phase them one bit, it seems 🙄

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  10. Trouble in Harveyland (again). Being nicked for malicious communications shock horror.At least he gets a bit of fresh air.


    • Apparently the papers have got this wrong. This isn’t a new one, it’s from when he was arrested for threatening to hang himself last month.


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