Update: Abraham Christie’s prior link with Gerrish

Just when you think you’ve seen it all….

After four years of tracking the myriad twists and turns of the Hampstead SRA hoax, we received this brilliant piece of info from the same clever reader who helped us break the story of Finn Hagan’s true identity: in a brief video clip posted by Abraham Christie on YouTube, Abe outs his own prior connections with the UK conspiracy community.

The video clip was filmed at a London event put on by Alex Jones’ InfoWars organisation in June 2012, titled “EXPOSING Financial Terrorism” and featuring speakers such as Max Keiser, John Perkins, F. William Engdahl, and Ian R. Crane. Crane is also identified as an organiser of the conference.

At about 2:15 in the clip, Christie sidles up to Max Keiser, a finance writer whose work features “heterodox” economic theories—”heterodox” being the opposite of “orthodox”. Apparently.

In the clip, Christie urges Keiser to “go back to the silver drachma, the three-gram drachma”.

Speaking to the camera whilst brandishing a silver brick, Keiser says,

This man has brought this for me—it’s a kilo of silver. This means that Jamie Diamond’s JP Morgan’s balance sheet just got destroyed by ten times, by 100 times this amount. And the answer is yes.

Perhaps sensing that the camera operator is about to lose interest, Christie turns and blurts, “Cash money for silver!” as Keiser slips the ingot into his pocket.


What was all that in aid of?

To put this in context, on 15 February 2012 Christie registered his company, “Cash Money 4 Silver“, with Companies House. This company replaced an earlier venture—buying and selling gold.

An old friend described Christie’s business acumen thus:

A[braham] believed he could make a killing as a gold trader and sold [his family’s] house in North London to finance his new business, but he bought his gold at the top of the market and it lost a third of its value over the following year!

Perhaps he thought he’d make it up in the volume? [Oi, watch the sarcasm there—Editor]

In any case, once the gold-trading business went tits up, Christie moved on to silver. Presumably he believed that giving away two-kilo silver ingots to “heterodox” economics writers at InfoWars-sponsored events would somehow boost his fledgling company’s profile.

To nobody but Christie’s surprise, it didn’t work: Cash Money 4 Silver Ltd followed its predecessor into oblivion on 25 March 2014.

Christie and the conspiracy connection

As we’ve mentioned recently, Christie appears to be attempting yet another comeback, exploiting images and videos of the two children he tortured in Morocco in his bid to big up his latest business venture, Raw Hempstars. This appears to be yet another iteration of the company he and Ella formed in June 2014, Hempstar Dynamics Ltd (struck off compulsorily in February 2016).

It looks as though he published the above video as some sort of proof of his bona fides as a True Blue Conspiranoid Wackdoodle. The introductory text to the video clip reads,

This Financial Conference in Marble Arch London was organized by counter intelligence agents Ian Crane; Brian Gerrish; Max Keiser and INFOWHORES Alex Jones. Renowned Hemp Activist; founder of Hempseed Organics Ltd. Nutritional Researcher; Inventor of the ’Game Changing’ Innovative, CRD Hempstar, Regrigerated Tumbler, for creating Cannabis Concentrates, e.g. ‘Bubble Hash & Rosin etc; Dr. Abraham Christie attended this conference, unaware of the ‘Spooks’ in attendance; Abraham’s gift of a kilogram of silver bullion to Max Keiser attracted the attention of certain spooks, hence this unsolicited recording by Patrick ‘INFOWHORE’ Henningsen.

Shortly after this conference, UK GOVERNMENT AGENT BRIAN ‘ex Naval Intelligence, U.K. Column’ GERRISH had Abraham put under surveillance till Agent FINBAR HAGAN aka FINBAR WRIGHT ( a ‘Kincora ‘survivor/agent ) made contact with Abraham at yet another financial conference presented by Max Keiser AND GEORGE GALLOWAY at the House of Commons. GERRISH ‘handled’ HAGAN, & together they, BILL MALONEY & JoNATHAN ‘Numnuts WEDGER BETRAYED THE HAMPSTEAD CHILDREN to the U.K. #pedosodomitedeathcult

We aren’t sure we want to know what a “regrigerated Tumbler” is, but the part about Crane and Brian Gerrish having been involved in organising the 2012 conference is borne out by this video, which turns out to have been the source of Christie’s shorter clip:

At one point, this familiar face turns up:

From Christie’s description, then, it seems likely that at very least, he knew of Gerrish’s presence at the 2012 conference. Curiously, although it’s clear from this link that über-conspiranoid David Icke was not present at the conference, the same InfoWars videographer, Patrick Henningsen, travelled to the Isle of Wight to chat with him during the conference.

Meanwhile, Christie also claims that Keiser and George Galloway put on another conference on the topic of finance, this time at Westminster.

Mirabile dictu, Christie is correct on this one: the second event did occur in November 2012, and was immortalised in a video called “Max Keiser Does Westminster“. No evidence exists that Finn Hagan was present at that event, nor that he was “handled” by Gerrish. However, it’s entirely possible that he would have been there, and that he and Christie met at that time.

An evolving puzzle

This information adds a new and very interesting dimension to our understanding of how the Hampstead SRA hoax began.

In the past we have speculated that Belinda McKenzie and Sabine McNeill had been responsible for putting Christie and Draper in touch with Gerrish and Bill Maloney. However, Sabine’s trial revealed that this was incorrect; while McKenzie had informed her followers in June 2014 that she had a big, important case brewing, this turned out to have been something unrelated to the Hampstead hoax.

Christie, however, has just nicely filled in a few of the blanks for us: he now claims to have had a previously undisclosed link to Gerrish, dating back to two years before the Hampstead hoax began. And a few months after that contact was established, Christie claims, he met (and possibly remained in touch with) Finn Hagan.

With this in mind, it now makes much more sense that immediately upon their return from Morocco with the two exhausted, beaten-down children and a handful of recorded “confessions” from them, Christie would have fired off an email to Gerrish outlining the allegations the children had been forced to make.

Gerrish would seem an odd choice, except that one of the main points of torturing the children in the first place was to publish the children’s stories, via Gerrish’s UK Column. That plan was foiled when the police removed the children from Christie and Draper’s care, but the stage would now be set for the arrival of Sabine McNeill and Belinda McKenzie.

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  1. “This man has brought this for me – it’s a kilo of silver.”

    That’s Abe for yer – always giving someone ag.

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  2. MKD’s been doing some digging too and it turns out Bart Simpson was behind the Notre Dame fire:

    We’re through the looking glass, people 😮

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  3. Speaking of the mighty MKD, it seems King Wanoa, Emperor of Cook Street, is having him hanged (for the heinous crime of using clips from his videos without his permission)… 😂

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  4. @John Wanoa – Pardon the rocket science but maybe people could ask you for your permission if you didn’t keep blocking them 🤔

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  5. 35:45 – “Remember ‘Life of Brian’? They were telling you a lot of things in there. Never a truer word spoken in jest” 🙄

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  6. Wanoa’s got another FB suspension, lol. This one’s for his Araya share calling for all Catholics to be burnt:

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  7. Just the two people blocked for asking uncomfortable questions today – Annie Gregz and Nigel Kirk-Rhodes.

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  8. At 45:53 one of them asked him to say the word ‘meme’ again and he said, “Memmy or meemy.” 😆

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  9. Devine’s arrogant ego is insufferable at times especially when he says things like “we the people” when he’s preaching utter claptrap aided by Wanoa’s incomprehensible rubbish that is usually about lynching one of his perceived enemies to a tiny handful of fools who really seem to think something is going to happen any day now.

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  10. In today’s he rants about Muslims “coming to England and trying to impose their rules on us”. Exactly what Wanoa’s trying to do, in other words 🙄

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  11. SHe’s has been on facebook longer than anyone???

    2018… cause nobody had heard of or used that new fangled facebook thing before that!!!

    Oh yes I did mean to type SHe btw…

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  12. A bit off (today’s) topic but I did a search on the Law Society (the pro search tab where you search for an individual solicitor) and Edward Ellis is not listed at present.

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  13. Two odd things here. Firstly accusing war vererans of being “sottish”, but even more wierd, the appearance of commas in a John Wanoa post. I guess it’s cut and paste as it has a rare reference to Guantanamo Bay, and said Bay is correctly spelled.
    You’d need the lungs of a Wagnerian opera singer or glassblower to read any of his posts aloud without taking breath until you reach punctuation (paragraph end).
    “Scots, Muslim, Queen, Rothschild, Popes, White Trash” that pretty much covers it (commas supplied). Possibly Jesus is mentioned too in “joiner accessories”, or else he just has it in for carpenters in general.

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  14. Struck off and prevented by an ECRO from commencing litigation. That’s why he a) uses dupes to do it for him and b) why he’s under a suspended committal order for doing it.
    His appeal to the Admin Court (Admin Court of the QBD, not the fantasy QBD of FoTLers with their imaginary quote from Halsbury’s Law btw) is gold: http://www.bailii.org/ew/cases/EWHC/Admin/2008/561.html
    ” On 12th May 2005 His Honour Judge Mitchell wrote to the Law Society. He was sufficiently concerned about Mr Ellis’ state of mind that he adjourned so that consideration could be given to the appointment of a litigation friend describing his submissions “as the ramblings of an apparently deluded mind”:

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  15. “joiner accessories”
    You’d think Wanoa would want them on his side when he assumes power, so they could become his Cabinet.

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  16. Apologies if I didn’t acknowledge before Office Tapir, yes, I did indeed see the link but I seem to remember something (I have done office type work in solicitors’ offices in the past) about there sometimes being ways around things. I remember there was a lawyer who still worked although he had been in prison at one time (not in a firm I worked for!) and I was told that the person in question there was allowed to act for people as long as he did not handle money personally. How the heck is Mr E allowed to act for people then? Is he working as an advisor or as a litigation friend where he sticks his oar in?


  17. Office Tapir my earlier post seems to have vanished but could be in moderation. I did see your information about Mr E the other day. My lost post was a bit longer but I won’t repeat anything else in case it comes out of moderation.


  18. Thanks, CAW

    Thing is he’s not allowed to act for people – he just keeps presenting himself as if he is and has ended up in court over it as a result.


  19. I’m not going to link it (don’t want to give the person views) [calls himself something like Childrenofitsrealouthear Yah if anyone wants to check it] but I still get “fundie” (in both senses of the word, or more properly contraction of a word – fundamentally religious and asking for funds) when I go on YouTube. Anyway, this er, er, gentleman was commenting on the unexpected death of May-Lecia Naylor (a 16 year old actress who has been on TV, and the death of such a young person is very sad). It seems she may have had a heart condition but this cove is trying to say it may have been a sacrifice and unfortunately although he is a new “troofer” to me (does a new “troofer” pop up every minute) he has his cult following who are taking it in. Why can’t these people let the dead rest in peace – it’s always sad when it’s a young person – and let her family mourn tranquilly. Sorry, I really am CROTCHETY this afternoon.

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  20. Meant to say I still get recommendations for “fundie” videos on YouTube. That’ll teach me to proof read!!


  21. Aww, Fatfooka’s upset again, lol.

    Great headless chicken act, though, especially the part where he starts spouting debunked four-year-old “facts” from Kris Costa or all people… 😂

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  22. Dear Mr. Matheson

    Thank you for informing us of your concerns over the legality of this website. I refer you to the reply given in the case of Arkell v. Pressdram.

    Yours sincerely

    Scarlet Scoop
    Head tapir, admin dept.
    Hoaxtead Research™ PLC

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  23. I’ve been busy with holiday stuff this weekend, but did let them know that I’ll be in touch next week. It’s certainly a curious turn of events! 🙂


  24. “Why do you think it is illegal to mention [protected witness]? I assure you all, there is nothing illegal about mentioning him”

    So he reckons he’s an expert on the Hampstead case… but doesn’t even know about the court order issued in January? The ignorance – it burns 😮

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  25. Interesting, Mark. You may be aware that Shayler lived with rabid SRA promoters Belinda McKenzie and Charlotte Ward (aka Jacqui Farmer) in Highgate for a while. I’ve often wondered whether he saw eye-to-eye with them on the SRA,myth so thanks for this. I wonder how much of an influence on him they were or whether he came to adopt these views all by himself. (and/or thanks to Icke’s influence).

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  26. He can get all the attention and arselicking from his one solitary fan anyway – a fellow sad individual who’s also desperate for attention…

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  27. To be honest we can’t really share his stuff anyway, as he keeps breaching a court order by naming a protected witness (and all those white strips are quite time-consuming, lol). He’s just put up another post (which I won’t link) in which he’s once again denied the existence of the court order. He’s seemingly oblivious to why both Belinda McKenzie and Edgar ‘Ediieisok’ John both received suspended sentences a few months ago; and sorry, that level of ignorance is way too painful to keep subjecting myself to, so I vote ignore too 🙂

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  28. We come in search of intelligent life and have traversed a thousand galaxies to reach your planet. Is Cat Scot a typical Earthling? Fuck 😮

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  29. I was going to say the aliens would probably go back from whence they came but Admiral Silverton has already done so more wittily than I could.

    BTW, the young actress who sadly died was Mya-Lecia not “May” – my comment on the video isn’t showing up so it’s either been deleted or I’m shadow banned. Why doesn’t it surprise me that the guy making the video has a big button saying “Donate”. There didn’t seem to be any dissenting views though there were some down votes (I imagine any other dissenting comments had been removed) though unfortunately there were many more up votes on the video.

    I’m never sure what to wish people at this season – happy Easter or happy Paschal Feast (with Easter having been a pagan goddess and this is a Christian feast). Have a good day everyone (especially as we look to be having a rare thing – a good day weatherise for the feast in the UK).

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  30. Tinribs, I didn’t link originally because I didn’t want to give the person views

    So sad what has happened in Sri Lanka today – I wonder how long it will be before that becomes a “false flag”. I’m becoming very cynical about the so-called truther community now – which is sad if there is the odd genuine person among them. https://youtu.be/5pBqYrPIA2M

    Anyway, I hope everyone has a good Easter/Paschal feast/or just plain holiday (if they are not religious).


  31. In a sense Mel Gibson was correct when he said “Jews run Hollywood” (as did Marlon Brando) but it’s not some great conspiracy rather a matter of the Nazis running all the talented Jews out of East Europe and most in the arts headed for California with it’s vibrant movie industry.
    This is no different to saying “the British run Australia” in the 1800s as it’s an historical fact.

    Did Gibson mean it maliciously at the time? As he was pissed as a rat it’s hard to say but a great pal of mine was selling the Mad Max movies in the UK decades ago when Gibson and the films were pretty well unknown and he had been with Gibson in Cannes and said “he’s a very nice bloke but a bit nutty and belongs to some weird right-wing Catholic sect and is always quoting conspiracies but they keep changing all the time.”

    As Gibson still makes movies in LA he’d be dealing with Jews every step of the way from unions to agents and artists so I doubt he’s a racist. All those immigrants who settled in California (as they did in New York) had families who had families and so on so of course there are going to be large numbers of them in all industries. Just like most cities have Little Italy’s or Chinatown’s.

    Now I see the “fake news” websites are claiming Gibson said “pedos and Satanic child killing cults run Hollywood” when he never uttered such words.

    One unexpected result is that when the Fascists banned Jewish doctor & dentists from working in pre-war Germany the citizens had to suffer terrible teeth problems during WW2 for lack of treatment.

    It’s a pity an idiot like Matt Taylor didn’t live there at the time as a fevered racist we wouldn’t heard his rantings as he’d probably spend all his time moaning about the lack of root canal therapy while being forced to watch Leni Riefenstahl’s endless turgid offerings.

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  32. I don’t know whether “virtue is its own reward”, but being a trashburger gobshite is certainly its own punishment, as it turns you into someone like Matt Taylor.

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  33. Gibson is what I would call a pre-Vatican II Catholic. It is shamefully true that the Church did label Jews as “Christ killers.”

    However, this is thankfully no longer true and those who cling to it are really not paying attention. If I read my Church edicts correctly it is “official” that Jews have their own Covenant and will also be admitted the Heaven.

    Atheist readers may like to let out a giggle at this time, but it’s my story and I’m sticking to it! 😇

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  34. I think I hate people that promote this stuff. I mean really HATE them.

    100,000s of people die every day from all sorts of things and 1000s of teens die from ailments, accidents. weak hearts and so on. This week the son of a resident in my building died in a car crash -he was a passenger. They were all stoned or drunk and he was 16. I can’t even dwell on the despair of the parent.
    I know my mother wept for days when my brother died of kidney disease even though he was 56 at the time and we all knew ( and he did) it would happen eventually and my Mum joined him 5 years later.

    It’s estimated that at least 40,000 children die every day in Third World countries because they don’t have access to things we take for granted- clean water etc.
    These Conspiracy Creeps would rather draw attention away from real life situations to their own fantasies.

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  35. The True Andy Devine is now appearing.
    To date he’s presented himself as a rather harmless facilitator for the nut bag John Wanoa and his bizarre schemes that will never happen but get him the occasional 25 quid and a few air fares from Andy.
    Now Andy is revealing himself as a believer in every Fruit Loop conspiracy claptrap ever invented. As the entire charade begins to unfold his bitterness is coming to the fore.

    ## Heather: for you own sake and your son- boot the old grifter out of the house now before he bankrupts the family. I mean that kindly !!

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  36. That’s two hoaxer fruitloops who’ve have had suspensions today that I know of 🙂

    Also, Tom Dunce’s Ella video’s been taken down by YouTube 😀

    Happy Easter everyone 🎯🎈:)

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  37. The sick perverted bastard was talking about the Hampstead children “having dildos stuck up their bum” 😡


  38. “When I talk about the Hampstead case, I don’t know it’s the truth.”

    ~ Andy Devine


  39. Andy’s really on the warpath about “trolls”, who he’s saying work for GCHQ, MI5, MI6 and Mossad 😂


  40. Oh my god, check out what Devine says at 35:08! He says that when he came out of prison, he nearly became a serial killer 😮


  41. Is it just me or is this guy in desperate need of some new material…?

    Incidentally, the video title and description have almost nothing to do with the actual video but I’ve reported it anyway.


  42. I love that he says we’re predictable, when he’s been posting pretty much the same comment round the clock for about two years 😆


  43. I love how WPC Latham and DC Grimwood are still being fed all the evidence they need for a conviction, if not outright sectioning…

    (whats the rules on blocking email senders when you are a cop anyway, I’m sure there is a limit to the abuse they have to take before they are allowed to block total pillocks)


  44. Poor old mummies boy Fabooka. If it wasn’t for folk looking at his blog to take the piss and his one fan Cat then he would receive no hits at all. It must be great to be so popular, hey Fabooka?

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  45. If that is the case Wedger, then why do you block anybody that asks you a question? Nothing to hide then nothing to fear.

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  46. Now I have a Brian Eno earworm and I hope you’re satisfied.

    King’s Bench Cat put the innocence inside her, it will come, it will come, it will surely come
    King’s Bench Cat was a mother to desire, it will come, it will come, it will surely come

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