Cat and Abe: More troofer fun and games

Exactly how hard up for friends would you have to be, to add the child-abusing criminal Abraham Christie to your friends list on, say, Instagram?

This hard up, apparently:

Yes, this is Cat Scot’s Instagram (the same Cat who has been so shy and retiring about accepting EC’s invitation for a friendly chat). And while it’s nice that she’s achieved numerical balance on her Instagram, with three each of posts, followers, and those she follows, her choice of friends seems just a tad on the desperate side:

Cat’s posts are nothing to write home about—the usual conspiranoid drivel, as one might expect—but Abraham has taken the time to bestow a “like” on each of them:

In fact, he’s even left comments on the second and third. How excited Cat must have been at that! Imagine, the great and wonderful “Dr Abraham Christie”, as he now styles himself (having been granted an “honourary degree” by some wigged-out woman in Glastonbury many years ago) deigned to speak to the lowly Cat…and even called her a “sensation”! [“Sensation” of nausea, perhaps? —Ed.]

Christie’s own Instagram posts have been perhaps a bit more revealing than he intends.

For example, in this one, he quite clearly tells us, “I have been getting my information from Captain Cokehead, aka ‘Jesus'”, Edgar John’s friend and helpmeet, who was the brains behind the “EC is a high priestess who is connected to Finchley Road” piece of nonsense:

Meanwhile, given Cat’s recent friendship with Angela Power-Disney, who has been hors de combat of late while she attends to an urgent alcohol-related health issue, it seems a bit rude of Abe to accuse Angela of being a “COUNTER INTELLIGENCE AGENT and #fakechildabuseactivist”, as well as a “Witch & the Bitch” who “proceeded to throw Julian Assange AND Belinda McKenzie under the bus, whilst simultaneously supporting ‘Agent’ Sabine ‘C.E.R.N’ McNeill’s ‘FAKE’ 9 year prison sentence”:

Granted, it’s hard to disagree with the “fake child abuse activist” thing, though we are not quite sure that Abe truly grasps how hashtags work.

It’s no big secret that Abe bears no love for Angela, as they clashed quite early on, something about her recording their conversations without his permission (yes, shocking—who could imagine Angela doing such a thing?).

However, enquiring minds want to know: does this mean that Cat will have to choose between the greasy child-abusing homunculus and the chain-smoking, back-stabbing garden-fence gossip?

What a shame, when she’d only just started making friends again after her massive falling out with the Fresh Start Foundation, Brian Gerrish, David Scott, and pretty well everybody else she’d sworn fealty to only last year.

Such is the life of troofers, it would seem.

85 thoughts on “Cat and Abe: More troofer fun and games

  1. Oh dear, Angela will be in a bit of a tizzy when she completes her ‘alleged & without prejudice” (as we learned from a master journo) 90 day paid for break somewhere in the area of Western Ireland where ‘Hope’ is a great way forward.

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  2. Interesting stuff, EC – thank you.

    I’m not too surprised that Catriona is supporting the self-confessed child-beater Abe Christie (who has numerous convictions for fraud, drugs and violence), given her own views on smacking,

    She’s also very cozy with:

    – Robert ‘Fabooka’ Matheson, who has previously been arrested for stalking and weapons possession.

    – Angela Power-Disney – self-confessed child-beater who is currently under investigation by the police for harassment).

    – A certain Aberdeen-based troll who sends us death threats on a daily basis and whose own daughter was taken off him by social services after he left evidence of himself abusing her on his mobile.

    – Matt Taylor, a convicted stalker who has admitted to having child sexual images on his computer and who, with enthusiastic support from Catriona, recently embarked on a nasty sexual harassment campaign against an associate of this blog.

    Andy Devine – nuff said.

    She sure knows how to pick ’em. Or maybe she doesn’t pick ’em – when you’re a schoolyard bully, there’s only a handful of (mostly unhinged) people who are prepared to hang out with you.

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  3. Thanks for this info’, EC.

    I must admit I wasn’t aware that Abe was getting info’ from Sniff-Sniff. Good luck with that, Abe – let’s hope he’s as useful as your previous sources Angela and Toothless 🙄

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    • None of them liked Abe, did they? At Sabine’s trial it was hard not to snicker at her description of how he introduced himself to her:

      [She said] her first introduction to Abraham Christie was “strange”: “He came pretty close to me, and said, “I. AM. ABRAHAM”. She said she had asked Ella whether it was “true love” with Abraham, and Ella had replied, “Support”.

      Even Ella was only a fan so long as it was expedient for her.

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    • I am reliably informed by my journalist friends that the best way to get noticed by the mainstream media is to write them a letter using green ink. I’m surprised that Mr. Ellis has not made Mr. Cant aware of this.

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    • I landed on this site because of my interest in querulant paranoia. Before I learned that that was what it was called, I named it “narcissistic conspiracy theory” – the idea that everything that happens is part of a conspiracy aimed at the sufferer. EWE is obviously suffering very severely from this if he believes that the Met police and the Ecuadorian embassy got their heads together after all these years just to conceal one of his barmy schemes.
      I think it’s an extreme reaction to the fear that our life has no meaning, and that may explain why most sufferers are middle aged men of the “I couldda been a contender” type. There are various ways of dealing with that and religion is one of the most effective. This is a warped version – instead of God being the meaning of the universe, sufferers believe they are. But it doesn’t make them any happier.

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  4. Devine’s mates will be over the Moon to see him promoting Hamphoaxer outcast Belinda McKenzie… 😆

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    • I’ve noticed with “troofers” – a lot of them call you a troll or a shill if you put an opposing point of view. When the “King”‘s and Mr Devine’s plot goes south as it will sooner or later a lot of them will have friend and family saying “I told you so”. MKD and Mayfair and maybe others I haven’t named have tried to warn AD’s and “His Maj’s” marks numerous times though, so it’s got to a stage I’m losing sympathy for the gullible.

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  5. I could believe that the gentleman who was previously the “Meat Rack Boy” possibly WAS molested as a youngster – though by an ex-Prime Minister I won’t name, on that I’m less convinced. Ms Brees strikes me as one of those persons who will load the gun but leave it for other people to fire it. Why didn’t she stand her own corner in the video she made instead of leaving it to the ex-“Meat Rack Boy” to say things regarding the Private Eye journalist.

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    • They all do the same, ex BBC ITV Pie and Mash Films ex journo for David Icke, blah blah blah If they can get vulnerable people to say what they like, they do. It`s been said before that may be Mr Wedger has a grudge against the Met for his own fuck ups, so he`s going to say what he likes and make money for it. I`m still waiting to see evidence of his commendation for the Baby P case, as it wasn`t mentioned anywhere.

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    • You perhaps are confusing plausible with probable. I’m not going to name a vulnerable person who has made claims but extensive police investigations have throw up no corroborating evidence to back up her accusations.

      It is one of the great problems that need calm heads to prevail. Have people in positions of power committed dreadful crimes? Yes. It does not follow that any accusation against a person in power denotes a crime.

      Evidence and the rule of law are still important.

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    • He’s been wearing that same coat for about three weeks now.

      It’s 18 degrees in Greece today, by the way. And he’s indoors.

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    • Fawk..I didn’t realise Lee Cant takes barking to whole new levels. He reckons King Wanoa is a man of great wisdom or a Sufi or something but I thought he was just someone with a beef about a council car park in Auckland. Of course it could all be above me.
      Having just watched The Life of Brian, Cant could have been one of those preachers raving inane balderdash when Brian falls on one from a balcony.
      Is it just me or does Devine look more befuddled as each new video arrives?. At some stage I fear the insides of his head may just implode and he’ll be sat with all the coils and springs hanging out while Wanoa or Cant are still rabbiting on.

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        • HOORAY !! ,,he said it..”truth is an opinion but the facts are the facts” and “when we’re all dancing..singing on the same hymn sheet which is the facts etc etc ad infinitum blah blah blah”.
          Arrogant cunt.

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      • Devine has only to light old Johns fuse once from the wrong angle and it`ll be bromance over,curtains,finito capute.

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  6. EC’s currently in a live chat:

    Andy Devine’s in the chat but I when I questioned him, I got told to “shut the fuck up” and “fuck off” by their mod and got blocked. lol.

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