York conference pushes DID pseudo-science

Last week, the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation (ISSTD) held its 36th World Congress on Complex Trauma in New York. “Complex trauma”, for those not up on their pseudo-scientific dialect, is the psychiatric community’s code name for the iatrogenic psychiatric disorder formerly known as “multiple personality disorder”. These days it’s called dissociative identity disorder (DID), which sounds a bit more respectable to some ears.

We’ve talked before about the linkages between DID and allegations of Satanic ritual abuse—the theory being that only “extreme” child sexual abuse could possibly cause the victim’s mind to shatter into multiple fractional selves, known as “alters”, each created by the mind as a clever way to hive off certain of the victims’ memories, thus protecting them from having to experience unbearably overwhelming traumatic memories.

As a psychiatric theory, this makes virtually no sense, and violates everything we know about how memory and trauma work—for one thing, people develop symptoms in response to trauma, not as some sort of prescient preventive measure to ensure that the person is not overwhelmed with traumatic memory.

Furthermore, a great many people have experienced horrific experiences of one sort or another. If the “multiple personality” concept were true, DID ought to be practically epidemic, especially amongst survivors of traumas like war atrocities and natural disasters.

Instead, it is limited to a very small demographic: people treated by psychotherapists who believe in DID.

However, that does not stop certain mental health practitioners from pushing it with missionary zeal. And that’s where the ISSTD comes in.

It was reassuring to note that the #ISSTD19 hashtag was being used not only by participants at the Congress, but by people protesting the pseudo-science of DID.

It was less reassuring, however, to see that a similar event, though smaller in scope, took place virtually unnoticed in York the previous week.

The European Society for Trauma and Dissociation (ESTD) held its own shindig at the University of York on 21–22 March, and featured speakers such as Sue Richardson, who bills herself thus:

Sue is a UKCP accredited psychotherapist and supervisor with over 30 years experience in the helping professions and a special interest in the impact of childhood trauma, including organised abuse and mind control. She is a founder member of the UK network of the ESTD and a member of the ESTD UK training group. A regular contributor to national and international conferences, Sue is the author & co-author of 2 books and a number of papers in the trauma and attachment fields. Her work includes taking part in 2 educational DVD’s on complex trauma and dissociation made by First Person Plural and an online attachment-based training module for ESTD UK. In recognition of her work in partnership with experts by experience, she has been made an honorary member of First Person Plural, a UK organisation for dissociative survivors and their allies.

(“Organised abuse”, in case you were wondering, is a polite euphemism in certain psychiatric circles for Satanic ritual abuse. “Mind control”…that one is pretty self-explanatory, no?)

Valerie Sinason, who we’ve mentioned here on several occasions, also spoke at the York event. Her talks included “Working with children with Dissociative Disorders and an Intellectual Disability” and “Theory isn’t Dreary”, which addressed psychoanalytic theoretical constructs.

One alarming event was a talk called “Planting Seeds”, which was presented by three NHS mental health workers:

  • Dr Louise Harriss, whose credentials include “EMDR Europe Accredited Practitioner”;
  • Dr Rebecca Andrew, who is “currently leading on the implementation of the trust strategy for trauma-related dissociation, focusing on DID, within Surrey & Borders Partnership NHS Trust”; and
  • Dr Ruth Cureton, a retired GP whose volunteer work included a stint as trustee of the Trauma and Abuse Group, which arose from a working party of the Association of Christian Counsellors.

The presenters gave an overview of Surrey and Borders NHS Partnership Foundation Trust’s move toward “developing their pathways for trauma-related complex dissociative disorders”. In other words, they are spreading the gospel of DID to the largest provider of mental health, learning disability, and alcohol and drug treatment in southern England. These are the people one might depend on for a safe, medically sound approach to mental health issues—not a treatment based on quackery.

On Twitter, one ESTD conference participant wrote,

Scientist part has felt overwhelmed recently as a number of life events caused by younger parts trying to help; has caused uncertainty. It was lovely that she got to interact with questions at #ESTDYORK19. I hope she emerges again soon. …

The conference, meanwhile, was presented in partnership with a number of organisations:

Recognise anything familiar? Yep, it’s good old RAINS, the “Ritual Abuse Information Network and Support” organisation co-founded by the late Dr Joan Coleman, and much beloved by conspiracy theorists everywhere. This affiliation makes it even more difficult to refute the link between believers in DID and believers in SRA.

This organisation, and the recent York event, raise a number of very troubling red flags, which we’ll be looking into in the next few days.

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  1. Thanks for this analysis, EC, and for your professional insights. These people have a lot to answer for.

    By the way, am I the only one who had to look up ‘iatrogenic’? 🤭

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  2. From the tail end of the last post – Devine’s just been on again, moaning away about, well, everything:


    (Also includes an interview with with that Jason Warr fruitloop.)


  3. Lowlights…

    – Features a painfully hypocritical rant about slander near the start. He just doesn’t get the irony, does he?

    – Devine “quoting” Sherlock Holmes at 19:56 – “When you remove all possibilities, whatever’s left, no matter how far-fetched it may seem, you know, it’s the facts. It’s the truth.” 🙄

    – Starts on Hampstead at 24:38.

    – Hampstead again at 35:13, followed by the customary slanderous rant about Hoaxtead.
    And the lying twat’s saying that Ray Savage was present at the children’s interviews!

    – 43:00 – “So because of these paedophiles, because of these sick, sick individuals that need help or a bullet, whichever the case may be… Personally, it really wouldn’t bother to me. As far as I’m concerned, you can take them out back and shoot them.”

    – Starts on Karen Irving at 51:52, though not in any coherent way that makes sense.

    – More Hampstead bollocks at 54:35 and 1:00:10

    – 1:00:48 – “Hoaxtead very convincing. A good team. I’ll give them that” 🤭

    – 1:04:27 – “And remember – men have willies and men have wombs. So there’s womb men and there’s men. We’re all men. That’s what we have to understand” 🙄

    – 1:12:54 – “It’s certainly not for the money why I’m doing what I’m doing. I’ve not made any money out of this. It’s cost me thousands. It’s cost me a house”

    – He then goes off on another rant about how hospitals and pharmacies are evil and how sulphur and MMS are gonna save mankind. Sigh

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  4. This is crap too:

    We’ve never mocked Melanie Shaw, as far as I recall. We just mock the people who bang on about her being a political prisoner.

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  5. I just watched Glass, the latest film from that director who I am huge fan of which features that actress and 3 other characters from his previous films. I was disappointed with the story but I’m convinced many in the Nutter Brigade absorb Hollywood fantasy and think it’s reality.

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  6. I can’t recall which well known journalist said it but have we ever heard of a Holocaust survivor who has been able to suppress the memories ?.

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  7. “You can take them out the back and shoot them”. What with lynching Royals etc , call me old fashioned but I still think a trial is the way to go.

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  8. Thanks for covering this EC

    In your post you say
    “If the “multiple personality” concept were true, DID ought to be practically epidemic, especially amongst survivors of traumas like war atrocities and natural disasters.”

    Unfortunately your thoughts in this regard are prescient.

    From a perusal at mums net it appears that people serving in our armed forces with PTSD are being treated by quacks and receiving diagnoses of DID

    Obviously this has very serious implications for national security


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  9. I can’t come to grips with why his loved ones don’t stop him. If it was my husband I’d be saying ‘You’re making a cock out of yourself love…..we need to see a psychiatrist.’

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  10. We’ve all met Andy types before. Before the internet they’d sit in the pub holding court with a bunch of morons around them who think they’re clever.

    If someone did say ‘keep him away from your kids’ or words to that effect that’s out of order. He’s just a smug idiot who likes constant attention and is now getting it via the net.

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  11. MC, I’m coming to think YouTube psychosis is a real thing. I can’t decide whether people on some videos make comments to urge the odd people on. Comment from a video (not by a Hampstead hoaxer to be fair but it’s a lady who thinks many people are transgender) “heather- do u think this one was done ‘in utero’ ? ….. like a free martin…. given some hormones to change the sex in the womb.” – it’s under a video by HeatherGotRedPilled about Miranda Hart – a spiteful video I thought. Somebody took something from Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World” and embellished it I think. To my knowledge (I live quite near the country) freemartins are sterile heifers who are twins to a bull calf. I’ve heard that freemartins are sometimes used for collecting semen from a bull for artificial insemination because they are stronger than your average cow. But there are videos asserting that some folk are cross-breeds with fallen angels and that sort of thing.

    I’m old enough to remember the Tony Hancock comedy programme about “The Radio Ham” from when people had to have a licence to operate an amateur radio. The short wave radio fad of the late 1970s/early 1980s saw that off – oddly enough the fad for short wave radios died off except among the die-hard fans when they (short wave radios) became legal. But I suppose it’s late in the day to bring in anything like a licence to go on the internet. And the internet does have its good points.

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  12. Tom Dumb has ramped up his campaign on the hoax. Still saying ‘I don’t know all the facts’ which is incredible seeing as he’s running a campaign.

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  13. Devine and Wanoa are fast transitioning towards the stage of peak gibberosity.This is often associated with 24/7 livestreaming webcams becoming surgically implanted on their heads and in extreme cases directly to their useless arses.Subscribers are traditionally offered flexible packages of lifetime viewing options ranging from an entry level “thrice daily pointless 2 hour+ random shit fest”account to the increasingly popular “Get me the fuck out of here” total service denial option for the more discerning individual clinging in desperation to the last knockings of sanity.

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  14. Just going out on a limb here, and apologies if my ideas are too extreme, but if this Melanie Shaw lady is so totally crazy that it is wrong to mock her, perhaps it would be a mistake to place credence in her claims?

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  15. Speaking of York – the House of York that is, I’ve finally worked out what John Wanoa’s shtick is. Make a Proclamation and declare it on Youtube, let’s say ” Your Majesty you’re sacked !” and if The Queen fails to respond and answer his claim, he reckons it’s established.

    Well we can all play that game.
    My father (who never told a lie in his life) always claimed he was descended from the Plantagenet’s and some of our Scottish family had a book that proved it. OK there are probably 10,000s of us but Dad always reckoned he was a direct descendant and not the bastard child of a chamber maid & His Highness.

    By co-incidence I became friendly a few years ago with the late Michael Abney-Hastings, a jolly Australian farmer who was born in Sussex (as were my dad’s family) and also happened to be the 14th Earl of Loudoun and according to a Chanel 4 documentary the rightful King of England due to some hussy getting over the fence or leaving the gate open and the result being the hapless King Richard 3rd who perished under a council car-park.

    I recall over one very long lunch with much wine consumed and much hilarity as we discussed such matters Michael proclaimed: “oh fuck it- you have it all..it’s yours !”. He meant his rightful kingdom of course.

    So I say Fuck You John Wanoa you upstart. My family has a far greater claim to the Throne centuries before than your German ring-ins who were bloody Freemasons to boot.
    I shall be issuing my own Proclamations very soon in my own Lawful Court and Heaven help you if you dare challenge the rightful Monarch (me).

    As further proof I show this very early paparazzi photograph of King Richard ( on the left) from a 1485 issue of Hello! and my current passport photo on the right. You can see the resemblance is uncanny.
    (Apparently there is some truth to the rumour that the young milk maid Bertin Cherebold of Stony in Stratford inexplicably had her own key to Richard of York’s chamber- my father & Richard’s forebear.)

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  16. How dare you cast nasturtiums on those ground breaking documentaries The Devil Rides Out, The Omen and Rosemary’s Baby!

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  17. Let alone I can’t understand why no-one has said to him: “You’ve lost a house? A whole house? You ****ing muppet.”

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  18. Her last reported stunt was to set fire to her cell and blame it on her cell mate … who was imaginary. A lot of internet news sites have withdrawn stories about Melanie Shaw or limited their coverage because she is very obviously mentally ill.

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  19. I made a comment earlier today which hasn’t appeared so if I posted something inappropriate I apologise. There are some folk who seem to have difficulty differentiating between fact and fantasy. It was nothing to do with SRA but I don’t know if anyone here ever watched the show “Game of Thrones”. One series ended with one of the main characters being stabbed by some of his colleagues (one of whom was played by a 16 year old). Some people left hate messages on the 16 year old actor’s twitter feed. Fortunately he seemed a well grounded youngster and was able to laugh it off. There have always been people who were eccentric – some harmlessly so, some not so harmlessly, but cyberspace certainly makes such eccentricity more widely known.

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  20. Are you telling me that “Game of Thrones” isn’t real? I thought various famous actors had agreed to be decapitated on camera in the name of entertainment. And of course we all know that the dragons are captured in the wild in Wales and shipped to Ireland especially for the filming …

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  21. The nasty little shit has posted two Hampstead videos since yesterday, both illegal, both full of slander and false information. They’re great audition tapes if he ever applies to be a guest on ‘Would I Lie to You’, though.

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  22. That journalist would be David Aaronovitch, I believe. He was making a point that no Holocaust survivors have suppressed memories of the horrors that they had endured and that they were only able to recall these memories after having sessions with a dubious therapist.

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  23. After all of this time that Tom Dumb has spent talking about Hampstead and he admits that he still doesn’t know all the facts. He can’t be that interested in the truth of the story if he still hasn’t read up on all of the available evidence.

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  24. Ah, the infamous Chinese film director Peter Pan. Peter hasn’t aged a bit over the years, I am left wondering if he will ever grow up.

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  25. I’m going to weigh in on behalf of Melanie Shaw again – Melanie Shaw is sensible enough to know that people are using her name and telling stories about her and she’s asked them to stop. She’s not an agent in this, and the claims that are made in her name aren’t hers.

    The only claim Melanie Shaw made so far as I know is that she was abused in a children’s home where people have actually been convicted for abusing children – it’s an inherently plausible claim. The claims that she’s being imprisoned to stop her talking about it is obviously false because a) she’s been able to talk about it; b) there have been over a dozen convictions to other victims, and d) the IICSA spent about a week investigating the home last year. But it’s not she who has said she’s being silenced.

    Now obviously she has committed serious criminal offences (which her “supporters” gloss over or deny), but there is a great deal of mitigation here and who could say how they would react if they’d had to live her life?

    But please can people reserve the scorn for the people who’ve used this poor lady’s name, not the lady herself?

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  26. The wacky world of Matt Inglis Taylor (from a Tom Dunce video page)…



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  27. Naqsej – I reiterate that no one here has attacked Melanie Shaw – we’ve criticised the people who’ve ranted about her being a political prisoner and used her name for their own ends.

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  28. naqsej maybe I should say incident rather than stunt. I was trying to make the point that only small children and people with mental illnesses would start a fire and expect other people to believe a person who clearly doesn’t exist did it. Melanie is clearly not in a fit mental state to be let out at the moment and the authorities have taken a sensible decision.

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  29. It is all very well being a Plantagenet descendant, but are you ever called King?
    In New Zealand, whenever an building is invaded and office staff harassed, people say “Not ‘king John Wanoa again!”.

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  30. There is a Chinese film director named Pan Anzi who is sometimes referred to as ‘Peter’ Pan Anzi. I wonder if it’s him he’s met at the airport or someone pretending to be him? Just a thought.

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  31. Doesn’t he realise that Catholics aren’t supposed to become freemasons? What does he mean about “baby idol talmuz” – does he mean images of the Madonna and Child? I’m pretty sure at the church although we believe that Jesus was born as a baby we also hold that he grew up.

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  32. Mmm, no, my recollection is that we reported that Taylor and his friend had made truly evil and disgusting death threats toward parents, teachers, clergy, etc. in Hampstead. Is that what’s called “coming after” somebody now? I do wish somebody had let me know.


  33. Many years ago a friend of mine was acting in a play on stage in some northern town. She played the teenage pregnant girlfriend of a ruffian. In those days it was a shocking thing to be a single mother. She told me that on her day off she went for a walk down the high street and a little old lady approached her and slapped her face and said ‘You dirty little bugger!’. Can you imagine going to the theatre and thinking what you saw on stage was real!

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