Alex Jones claims ‘psychosis’ made him lie about Sandy Hook

A perennial discussion point in Hoaxtead Research’s comments section for the past four years has been the “mad versus bad” debate: are those who promote the Hampstead SRA hoax motivated by mental illness, malevolent intent, or some combination of the two?

Yesterday we learned that U.S.-based high-profile conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has plumped for the former. He has stated in a deposition given as part of a Texas lawsuit that his false claims regarding the children and teachers murdered in 2012 at Sandy Hook Elementary School were made while he was under the influence of a kind of “internet psychosis”.

An American Press article states:

Jones said during the deposition that he “almost had like a form of psychosis back in the past where I basically thought everything was staged, even though I’m now learning a lot of times things aren’t staged.”

Jones blamed his mental state on “the trauma of the media and the corporations lying so much, then everything begins — you don’t trust anything anymore, kind of like a child whose parents lie to them over and over again, well, pretty soon they don’t know what reality is.”

Adam Lanza killed 26 people on 14 December 2012 at Sandy Hook Elementary School, including 20 six-year-old children. Jones has repeatedly alleged that no children died, and has claimed that the massacre was staged.

In a bizarre three-hour-long video, which was released by the law firm representing the Sandy Hook parents, Jones says he was mistaken in believing (and broadcasting over and over on his far-right conspiracy internet programme, Infowars) that no children died at the massacre. However, he apparently still believes that some sort of conspiracy was involved.

The Hartford Courant** reported that in his deposition, Jones talked about a second shooter:

“And I think there’s a lot of evidence showing there could have been a second shooter. There is the helicopter footage of the man in woods. I still have questions about Sandy Hook, but I know people that know some of the Sandy Hook families. They say, ‘No, it’s real,’ people I think are credible,” Jones said. …

“And so over the years, I’ve — you know, especially as it’s become a huge issue, I’ve had time to really retrospectively think about it. And as the whole thing matured, I’ve had a chance to believe that children died and it’s a tragedy; but there are still real anomalies in the attempt to basically keep it blacked out that generally, when you see that in government, something’s being covered up.”

So basically, Jones is claiming that he has some sort of undiagnosed “internet psychosis” which only became apparent to him once the Sandy Hook parents began launching lawsuits which could cut into the estimated $10 million per year earned by Infowars.

In the words of the Saturday Night Live Church Lady:

In the past, Jones has repeatedly denied that his false claims about the Sandy Hook school shooting have had any negative impacts on the surviving families of the victims. He repeated a variant on this claim during the deposition:

“I do not take responsibility for the entire train of things that lawyers and the media have said I’ve done. So I do not take the responsibility,” Jones said. “I do not take your indictment or your presumed conviction of me as the villain or the star of Homeland because that’s not who I am. And so I reject it.”

Last week, Sandy Hook father Jeremy Richman took his own life. His wife stated the 49-year-old had “succumbed to the grief that he could not escape” when he lost their daughter, Avielle.

And we’ve written before about Lenny Pozner, whose son Noah was also murdered at Sandy Hook, and who, like the Hampstead parents, has received multiple death threats and has had to move multiple times to avoid harassment inspired by conspiracy theorists, including Jones.

Pozner is one of the parents who has launched the defamation lawsuit against Jones in Travis County, Texas, where Jones’ media empire is based.

**Readers in the EU may not be able to view the Hartford Courant article without using a VPN or proxy server.

70 thoughts on “Alex Jones claims ‘psychosis’ made him lie about Sandy Hook

  1. Lenny Pozner is a good guy. In all of this, it is him and his family in my heart, and all the other families.

    He’s pushed back, as far as I can see to some personal cost, a lot of personal cost. Not all of the parents have stuck their head above the parapet. I respect that too.

    He’s even tried to reason with the conspiracists and meet up. It did not work.

    I hope his legal action helps him.

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  2. He’s as mad as a hatter, BUT also sane enough to run a MAJOR income producing website and organize a large media presence that earns literally millions of dollars a year…

    Both mad and bad…

    And even now he is saying ‘uh huh, I don’t accept the result’ at the courts…

    So simples (as our insurance loving merkats like to say)
    Until he accepts responsibility for his actions (and gets psychiatric help for his ‘illness’)
    All past, present and future earning of his website go to the parents from the time of his first statement…

    When he can convince the psychiatrists AND the parents that his ‘illness’ has been cured (about the time of the heat death of the universe imho) THEN he’s allowed to start receiving income back again

    Mad… and BAD…

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    • I don’t accept the mad diagnosis for Mr Jones. There are numerous examples of people booked on the same shows and panels as him who say that off camera/microphone he is perfectly rational and “pleasant”. In his custody case he stated on the record that his on air perona is an “act”.

      He a plain old huckster, selling useless supplements to morons. He needs to keep up the act or his itt epire will crumble.

      Which leads me onto the Greek tragedy. He claims he has been stiffed for 20k. He’s bankrolling Wan King. Is his increasingly erratic behaviour because he needs to believe all this nonsense to justify, as Boris would put it, spaffing his retirement savings up the wall? As each layer is peeled off revealing he’s been scammed time after time, he’s ding the old trick of blaming those who point out the stupidity. The sunk cost fallacy is a powerful motivator for some people.

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  3. I hope Alex Jones gets his just deserts and that it serves as a lesson for those who’ve copied his example…… The harm caused is really dreadful. It is so sad that bereaved parents have had to carry an undeserved burden placed on their shoulders by a gimp like him and all who then felt enabled and encouraged to harrass, troll maliciously and bully their families……. that the pain has caused suicide/s breaks my heart.
    I wish Lenny Pozner and others who did speak out well, but as always not everyone can or will do that and the silent warriors I hope know that they have the silent majority of people behind them…..
    Many who don’t follow so called ‘truthers’ havn’t realised the enormity of damage done to ordinary folk by vile people who are bad and know what they are doing, encouraging sad and mad people who may not realise properly….. this case will serve to open more eyes to what the internet has been allowed to become and those who can correct it need to be tasked with doing so quickly now.
    Alex Jones has also like David Icke encouraged the belief in the myth that ‘satanists rule the world’ and use peoples care for children to rake in the dollars, too. They hosted or platformed for quite a few SRA or CSA hoaxers……… using victims as fodder and signalling, scripting, performing, modelling for others ways of increasing traction online and demolishing disagreement, with labels and mantras.
    As with the Hampstead case, I wish it hadn’t taken so long and admire Lenny Pozner for his fortitude and the group who’ve helped him steadfastly finding ways to de throne Alex and may Jones be the first of many to fall.

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    • Exactly Sheva, I have repeatedly asked for explanations from YouTube & Facebook the same thing, why they can’t use even keywords to take videos down of the Hampstead videos.

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      • If they can spot the most obscure bit of music playing on the radio two doors down in the background of your barbecue party video, they can surely engineer an algorithm to pick up the children’s police interview videos.

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  4. Hmm. Sounds to me like a rather convenient, ready-made excuse from Alex Jones. A bit like if someone, say, went into rehab while the police were looking into their online activities, so that they could then use alcoholism as a convenient excuse for their irrational outbursts when the law finally caught up with them. (That’s just a random, hypothetical example, you understand.)

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  5. “I was psychotic when I said all those vile things, so therefore I should be allowed to keep all the money I made by saying all those vile things.”

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    • I saw this elsewhere about infowar supporters (and I would suggest it applies to the Hampstead hoax supporters as well)

      “One thing that seems pretty consistent with your average infowars acolyte is a complete lack of empathy. It’s pretty much a channel for actual psychopaths; everyone you don’t like is ‘THEM’ and ‘THEY’ have no feelings/aren’t human/are devils and so on.”

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    • Deport her then to the United Tribes Globe Island (Easter Island?).
      Has it occurred to her seeing This Mob are all rabid Brexiters that the EU is in a way a united tribe?. It’s a fact and the facts are the facts and not the fiction.
      # It’s not Andy in disguise is it?

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      • He said in another one that his suitcase had slammed into a wall and the wheels fell of which I reckon is pretty symbolic of the King’s campaign to invade Great Britain and all her Dominions.

        I reckon this really is failed arch-conspirator Andy Devine who is now on the run from Her Majesties Royal Police and has disguised himself in drag to flee back to exile in Greece.
        What was the penalty for attempting to overthrow the Monarch..boiling in oil?

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          • Aww… I almost feel sorry for Andy spending a Saturday evening alone in a car in a Tesco car park with only a cheesecake for company… nah, the feeling has gone already.

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        • Penalty for treason was usually drawing, hanging and quartering or tearing apart with four horses and I’m not making that up. What’s more tearing, apart by horses remained the penalty for contempt of the high court until the death penalty was abolished at the beginning of this century though that was an accident and was only realised in the 90s by an academic lawyer writing in the Criminal Law Review and no-one took him up on it.

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    • FFS he’s over-excited seeing some flight attendants and pilots and says they came on a big Jumbo.
      He’s gone stir crazy.
      He must be absolutely potless. There are trains or buses into Kong Kong every half hour and plenty of cheap hotels for a night. What sane person stuck in Honkers for 3 days wouldn’t pop into the city for a gander? It can be quite fascinating and inexpensive. Remind me never to let Devine Travel ( By Royal Appointment) organize my itinery.

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    • He named a couple of people who he thinks “narked” on him. Poor thing doesn’t realise that probably a dozen people did. He claims they are going to jail, then court and under Admiralty Law they “get close to a rope” the raving dill.
      Also reveals: he wasn’t just interviewed by Immigration but police as well. Now I know heaps of people who have been pulled out by Immigration for checks but that’s a s far as it goes.
      If police interviewed him it was for good reason.
      Now he’s on the radar so “King” Wanoa will never get to enter his Kingdom again.

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      • Wanoa says those who informed on him, that if it were under Sharia law they would get their heads lopped off.. “you fucking bastards but not me” forgetting he said just before that they would be executed by hanging with no mention of a trial.
        I fear King John is going the way of Mad King George.
        Such a tragedy. Britain has had it’s share of Regents who turn out to be stark raving bonkers.

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        • Yeah, I heard that. Sharia law says that people must be beheaded for reporting dangerous criminals to immigration? I’m not sure he’s thought that through.

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        • That’s a witty alias BIH; with immigration authorities being watchful (I imagine even more so since the happening in New Zealand) it’s possible King John “grassed” on himself. If UK border authorities were keeping an eye out for possible dangerous people it’s feasible that powers that be had come across his videos without any help from Joe Public (I’m not saying Joe Public didn’t alert the authorities) but if matters are on Facebook and YouTube it’s hardly surprising they get noticed.

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      • Yet Devine said in his cheesecake rant that Wanoa’s “coming back to England soon”. Good luck with that, Andy 😆

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        • Think of the complete waste of money it’s all been, he’s spent his entire time on flights and in airports. Landing in the UK and being sent back was priceless though and the less said about that idiotic livestream he did on the 28th from airport, with Devine standing in a park listening to him on a phone, the better. 🤣

          What a damp squib the whole thing turned out to be. 😆

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  6. For those with time to spare- a 3 minute ‘short highlights’

    If you have a few hours spare, the full thing…

    pt1 2 hrs

    pt 2 1hr15min

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    • He’s attempting to imply he wasn’t reporting that Sandy Hook was a false flag but that he was reporting sources who claimed Sandy Hook was a false flag.
      Trying to be too clever by half but it won’t work.
      I so hope he ends up in front of a jury.
      The guy is toast financially.

      ## And this will be a very important case to win but the Hulk Hogan case has already established the right to privacy.
      Especially for a group of grieving parents.

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  7. I didn’t feel like ploughing through the whole Alex Jones deposition (maybe I’ll do it in increments later). I watched a shortened version on YouTube and some of the comments below it were beyond belief (that “they” had got to him – that sort of thing). There are obviously people who still believe that Sandy Hook was a hoax. I’ve mentioned before that I like “The Paranoid Strain” – a conspiracy debunking channel that isn’t very prolific but puts out (to me at least) worthwhile material. They did one about Alex Jones (and how he got where he did) a while ago.…/03/false-flags-and-alex-jones.html It’s a long listen though – 1:52:53.

    Looking at the side bar (Twitter – which platform I don’t belong to) are Polmont and Cornton Vale Scots women’s prisons? (Though I suppose I could have googled that). I’ve heard of Drake Hall (in the UK) – I sometimes wondered if the name ‘Drake Hall’ was used partly as an inspiration for ‘Lark Hall’ in the TV series “Bad Girls”.

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    • I keep an eye on some of the conspiracy sites and many seem to believe that literally ‘nothing’ that appears in the media is true, every single major attack (like Christchurch) is literally organised by the ‘devil demmo’s’ so they can ‘cume und take muh GUNZZZ!!!’ (despite happening in another country half the globe away with a full ocean between them… sighs)

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      • The conspiricists are completely in thrall to the media – they have no news of their own but simply rewrite what they see there. Spivey is a perfect example – everything on the front pages is a false flag or simply made up but he never tells us what he thinks is really going on instead. Too much like hard work to imagine the alternative reality of what’s going on outside the four walls of a flat in Rochford. Even on the rare occasions that an imaginitive alternative comes up, it’s taken off the media – David Icke’s lizards for example, are taken from a mini-series called V.

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  8. I hope Alex Jones is taken for every cent he has, it’s the only way to hurt him as money seems to be his God. I know money means nothing to the victims families, it’s never going to help them get over the terrible events of that day & the ensuing crap by Jones but should shut him & the likes of him up.

    King Con has shown just how bitter he is over not being allowed into the U.K. in his live this morning & is back with the threats, this time to one of the pen dragons.

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  9. Quick update: due to a complaint, I’ve had Scarlet remove my Esther Baker question from a few days back. For the record I was only asking for people’s thoughts on the fact that she’d been invited to give evidence on the child abuse inquiry, not supporting her or Sonia Poulton in any way. I know almost nothing about either of them, which is why I was asking the question. Apologies for any offence caused.

    Meanwhile, on the good news front, a certain Kincorth-based child-abuser who supports Ms. Baker (and called me a “satnic hoaxer” for not doing so) has just been banned from Twitter 🙂

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  10. So according to Devine, Wanoa was just coming here to spread peace and love and has “never made death threats”? Hmm…

    Thanks for these screenshots. You know who you are.

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    This era is going to be remembered as the Wild West Pioneer Era of the internet when any idiot could broadcast any old crap regardless of the damaged they caused. It’s taking time but in a decade we’ll look back on this as a wacky period of unregulated access.


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