The Ballad of John & Andy

It’s being called “the Wellington boot”, a “botched putsch”: yesterday, having spent hundreds of donors’ pounds to get to the UK, Hoani John Wanoa, the would-be king of England, was unceremoniously popped back on the next plane back to Auckland, NZ.

Wanoa, whose plans had included overthrowing Queen Elizabeth II and installing himself as King William IV (or reasonable facsimile thereof) arrived at 4:50 a.m., and spent a full day being questioned by Border Force officers.

Meanwhile, Andy Devine, who’d flown to the UK from Greece, cooled his heels and entertained himself (and us) by conducting Facebook livestreams on his mobile phone.

In the first, he and his friend Frank are en route to London, where they hope to meet Wanoa. Their mood is jaunty, though they already know that Wanoa has been held up briefly in Customs:

Devine: We’re running late, but so’s John. John’s been holed up at the airport. Seems like they’re messing with him a little bit. We’ll find out…we’ll keep you informed if we hear anything different.

In the second video, Devine wanders the streets of London, looking for Lee Cant. Wanoa, he says, is still at Heathrow, along with two minders who’d gone to meet him.

Devine: They’ve had him in Customs, probably giving them an education with the documents he’s carrying….

Uh, yes, sure. We’re sure that’s what he was doing.

This day, which had once held such promise, is now unraveling around him. Devine seems a bit uneasy by the third video: he can’t find Cant, and Wanoa hasn’t turned up as planned.

“He’s just being held up with the legals, just the usual thing with the whatsit”, he tells one of the minders, Tony.

Tony responds, a bit hesitantly, “They did say something about a visa…”


Cut to Video 3: This is more of an interlude really, as Devine and Frank are kicked out of Westminster. Cut!

Video 4: they’re back in Westminster once more, this time sporting visitors’ badges. We’re sure this is some sort of clever dramatic foreshadowing; well played, Devine and Co.!

His opening soliloquy had us in stitches:

Certain people think it’s exceptionally funny, and highly clever, they come out with their usual bullshit and lies, so they go doing all sorts like obviously it didn’t work with myself, but obviously with John….so yeah they’ve put John through a lot of stress…

This reminded us of lectures from Every Dad Everywhere: “I suppose you thought that was very funny….”

Well, yes, actually, we did.

Devine is now starting to sweat. Is Wanoa going to show-a? [Yeah, haha, I suppose you thought that was amusing?—Ed.]

At another point Devine says, “Keep your thoughts positive and don’t let these vile critters, these shape-shifters, not in the literal form, these people they just can’t stick to a point”.

Yes, he really said that.

He’s still trying to keep up a good front, always mindful that his increasingly anxious audience is starting to wonder what the heck is happening.

As far as I’m aware everybody, John is at present chilling down with a cup of coffee….because obviously Customs have had so many phone calls from trolls and vile ugly critters, and liars and deceivers, and people that are trying to poison and distrust and distract, you know the people. …

…I’m more than positive that John can handle himself, so John…he’ll be coming through….

In Video 5, however, the inevitable, which has been creeping up slowly, finally becomes clear: Wanoa will not be coming to take over the throne and start his amazing free energy tidal whatchamacallit business.

Devine goes through one final fist-shaking spasm, berating all those who’ve claimed that Wanoa is being deported, and at one point Lee Cant wanders off to feed the ducks:

Finally, after struggling with his phone for what feels like several hours, Devine reaches Wanoa, who delivers the bad news: “They’re going to deport me”.

It seems that when the nice Border Force people discovered that he had come to the UK without the appropriate visa, they’d dug a bit further and learned that he also had come without sufficient funds to support himself for the length of his visit. Whoops.

Devine: “So you’ll not be here for the 28th, then?”

Congratulations, Captain Obvious!

Oh, and before we forget, Wanoa mentioned this little detail: apparently he’d told the Border Force that he had an appointment at Westminster, which had prompted them to search his luggage. There they found “various writings”, and these combined with some of his online blatherings suggested to them that he “might pose a threat to the government and the Queen”.

So apparently planning to commit treason is a problem, after all. Who knew?

Devine’s response to Wanoa’s news: “So, they’ve got you on technicalities, then!”

Wanoa sounded surprisingly amenable to being shipped back home, but Devine was fit to be tied. In the end, he was able to convince himself that because the Border Force people hadn’t (yet) worked out that Wanoa’s business was a scam, that made it legit.

Got that, everybody? Good.

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  1. “It’s being called ‘the Wellington boot’, a ‘botched putsch’….”

    Dammit, “John’s flown the coup” and “Andy’s gone for a Burton” failed to make the finals.

    Oh well, there’s always next year.

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  2. Wait – Wanoa’s from New Zealand? But… but… some bloke in Aberdeen’s been saying he’s from Australia and he’s usually such a reliable source!

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  3. Yes, Devinie – arriving in the UK with no money, no visa and a suticase full of admissions that you’re here to assassinate the Queen is a technicality. Bloody red tape, eh.

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  4. Devine and Gutma have been advising Wanoa to get in touch with Donald Trump about this. That should sort it all out 🤣

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    • When Gutma came on, she announced that there’d been a coup in New Zealand on Sunday night, that their PM had stepped down and that New Zealand had been officially declared a Muslim state. Note to self for future reference: CM Gutma – possibly not a reliable source of info’.

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      • Ms Gutmann is is rather obsessed with the idea that children should be returned to their mothers no matter what incompetence, neglect, irresponsibility or stupidity caused them to be taken out of maternal custody… this is what drew her into the Hoaxtead vortex. Just saying, she is not entirely disinterested.

        The dumb damaged lady needs to STFU. About everything.

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      • Then Gutma remarks how a Google search turned up no results about the Muslim takeover of New Zealand. An obvious sign of a cover-up if ive ever seen one.

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  5. That’s the thing about getting flak when you’re over the target, a lot of the time you get shot down in flames.

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  6. Only watched the first video, but I was under the impression that driving while using a mobile is illegal…
    (not to mention bloody stupid and dangerous…)
    Wonder what caught his eye in the rear view mirror, he seemed to be spending a lot of time looking at it???
    Between his facebooking and mirror gazing, its amazing he didn’t have a crash…


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      • Devine @ 36:16 in the last video: “I’ve got a lot of friends back in Burton. I need to go and spend some time with them, family and so on and so forth… They all think I’m crazy as well.”

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      • At 9:35 in Video 5, that elderly bloke says to Andy, Frank and Lee: “I don’t go into Leicester. It’s just full of wogs.” Naturally they’re not bothered.

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        • hehe, Racist moron can’t even get his racial slurs correct. I’m not going to use the “correct” racist term, but let’s just say that Leicester is a fine bastion of Sikh, Hindu, Muslim, Christian and non-believing people.

          One thing I hate more than a common-or-garden variety of racist, is a dumb, moronic idiot of a racist. It may sound redundant, but there’s nuance in there somewhere…

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      • The last two were a hoot LOL (even if the last one was a bit long at over an hour), I amused myself by sorting out all the nuts and bolts out of a set of those clear plastic drawers I accidentally knocked over back into their right drawers…
        (Says a lot really about the quality of their broadcasts doesn’t it- sorting out a mixture of nuts and bolts and screws proved more exciting !!!)

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  7. these vile critters, these shape-shifters

    The first rule of Skinwalkers’ Club is ‘Don’t talk about Skinwalkers’ Club’.

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  8. Devine: “It’s a hindsight. It’s something he’s forgotten to do. Forearmed is forewarned.”

    Is that Quantum?

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  9. Devine (in the fifth video): “They might be laughing now but they won’t be laughing for much longer.”

    Don’t bank on that, Andy 😆😂🤣

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  10. Great comments from someone called Leo Gallagher on that last Devine video. He did well not to get blocked.

    Tip-top reporting btw, EC.

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    • Thanks for the heads-up Danny.R. I do quite like Leo Gallagher after coming across his comments a few times now.

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  11. Great explanation there EC, captured in a nutshell. Poor Scamedy, desperately trying to put words in pervy Wanoa’s mouth by saying it was a technicality about him bring deported.


    Sorry for the caps, just wanted to make sure any visitors see it lol.

    Will there be ramifications for his & Scamedy’s brain washed followers after his phone & laptop or whatever he had with him being examined I wonder!

    Gary Walsh from Pen Dragons had a very interesting live on this evening regarding Wanoa, Lee Cant & Matt Taylor, it’s worth watching indeed!

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    • And it makes no difference if it’s The Queen or a little old pensioner in a council flat in Plumpton. You threaten a British citizen in endless internet posts, you are bound to be refused entry.
      I mean this ain’t rocket science.

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  12. It’s a long trip from New Zealand or Australia or wherever he came from. Poor old begger’s now got to do it in reverse. I hope he can sleep on board. I know I can’t. He sounded quite calm about it. Never mind, it got him out of the house.

    Absolutely hilarious videos that kept me entertained. I used to think ‘Bottom’ was fiction but I’m not so sure now.

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  13. 🤭😆😂

    Surrogate King William IV John Wanoa has been deported, after being prevented from entering the UK, deemed a threat to Queen Elizabeth II.

    A victim of a sustained attack by satanic Hoaxtead trolls from the Hoaxtead Research community, John Wanoa was held for 14 hours at London Heathrow airport.

    On his way home to New Zealand, John Wanoa said, “I told police I went there to save Britain. Looks doomed now. More Queen Elizabeth II death killings, paedophilia rapes and murder. Moai Crown King William IV Trust will get her and her pirate Muslim thugs put on trial for destroying Britain with her German Scottish criminals. I named on 28 March 2019 public Kings Bench Court Hearing outside Westminster Parliament. I am Live-streaming to our shareholders and supporters worldwide arrest the Queen and her thugs. Their silence being an admission of guilt with a Kings Bench Court bounty on their heads.”


    (Brought to you by convicted stalker and self-confessed paedophile Matt Taylor)

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    • PS: for “sustained attack by satanic Hoaxtead trolls”, read: asked uncomfortable questions and exposed as a liar and scammer by a range of individuals, some of whom are loosely connected with the secular, non-satanic website Hoaxtead Research. Happy to clarify that for you, Matthew.

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    • “More Queen Elizabeth II death killings, paedophilia rapes and murder. Moai Crown King William IV Trust will get her and her pirate Muslim thugs put on trial for destroying Britain with her German Scottish criminals”

      I suggest King Wanoa put that in his complaining letter to the Home Office. Bound to impress.

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      • That’s the share Scamedy was reported for but he’s trying to say it was a different one, fact, it wasn’t a different one. 😉

        Imgur leaves the images very big for this blog so hate posting the screenshots. 😕


  14. I cannot begin to describe the euphoria I feel as these nuts crack and fall apart. I suppose I could feel a bit of sympathy for Andy Pandy whos’ Raison D’etre is crumbling before his own eyes but I just cannot. I take great pleasure in watching the sniveling little shit bag writhing and squirming and clutching at straws telling us King John will be back once he gets his visa! He blocks me every time I try to post a comment to him so get this ya slimy bastard ( we know he follows this site avidly ) WE GOT YOU AND YOUR SCAMMING DICKHEAD KIWI MATE JUST AS WE SAID WE WOULD. Not because we are satanists or peadophiles or secret government agents or paid shills or trolls but because we are concerned citizens who are disgusted by your antics and methods. The same goes for the Pavement Taster and Mr X ( who must be sobbing at the thought that his meal ticket as UK Business Manager for His Majesty is winging its way back to the Land of the Long White Cloud.) The Pavement Taster is probably out hiring wood chippers he is so angry, he would have also called all the sarf London ‘ard men out and mobilised the SAS. ( Not just the ex members, he’s really well connected is the Pavement Taster )
    There is no point in King John following the advice of Andy Pandy and contacting Donald Trump….I have just spoken to him on the phone and he said “Tell him to Piss Off “. ( OK, I made that bit up )
    The military will be so disappointed that they will not be able to pay their allegiance to their new Commander In Chief on Thursday but don’t worry he is going to mount an internet coup by posting all of the documents that prove he is right on the web and that will produce the result just as if he was able to do it in person. Ah well, it’ll give Andy a couple of more days of breathless anticipation.
    Congratulations to EC and everyone who has played a part in achieving this great day.

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    • Your comments are way over the top and drip with schadenfreude. I heartedly endorse them 10 times over. I too have been moved to use capitals. I’ve finally had an email from my NZ cousin from the very conservative side of the family. She tells me the terrible Mosque attacks have united the country in a way never seen before. Those claiming idiocy like “false flag” are being treated as pariahs and take a great risk now the NZ biker clubs have come out if full support of the Muslim community. King Wanoa should possibly consider retiring to Easter Island where those levitating statues may warm to his theories on wave energy.

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      • Sam, my epicaricacy knows no bounds at the moment! Only a Mega Lottery win would make me happier.
        His Highness should be landing in Hong Kong about now depending upon if he had a direct flight or not. I wonder if Andy Pandy will try to call him?

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        • We have saved the Monarch !.
          Don’t people get awards for this sort of thing?.
          Don’t know about you.. perhaps an MBE or OBE but nothing less than a Dame-hood will suffice for moi.

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  15. Off topic – excuse me while I shift me shape…..(taking corset off)…..that’s better.

    Tom Dumb is at it again and reporting on some news about Satanism. He says:

    ‘Here are a couple of videos that are news reports from South Africa. I’m not sure what country they’re from. It could be….I’m not sure….I want to say Kenya. I want to say Nigeria but I’m not sure.’

    Tom should be campaigning for improved educational standards in the USA. If he’d had a better education he would know that South Africa is a country and that neither Nigeria or Kenya are anywhere near it. As he missed out perhaps he could find someone to show him what Google is for.

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  16. The dopey bint on Andy Pandys final video yesterday said that King John should keep his travel and arrival plans secret next time he comes…………..jeez, the sheer ignorance of some people. In this day of E Passports his card is forever marked. He will NEVER get back!

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    • Yes, his name and passport number are on the database and when he tries to re-enter some red lights will flash….or something…..and he’ll be back in that office with a free cup of coffee while they sort out his flight back.

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      • I think there is a time limit on King John with his India Rubber Ball applying for a new visa don`t remember if it`s five or ten years that he can`t re apply for

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      • Just to add a little extra con to the spiratard mindset,how to they know “happy Mondays” King John even made the trip?What no secret footage released of Crusties alleged grilling by UK officers? Hopefully these special idiots dont forget the interest when applying for refunds

        Not so much the plot thickening as the thicks plodding on.

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  17. Media blackout on this ,i think it maybe in the Beano comic,The Numskulls come to mind ,but safe journey king john you will never get past uk customs again in your lifetime .Good Riddance

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    • Finally got an email back from my pal who contributes to the MailOnline..”you & your weirdo pals” he says. ” great story but we just can’t follow up on every bloody nutcase on the planet”.
      So annoyed..I was counting on that £50 spotter’s fee to pay the bloody gas bill.

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      • It’s a bit worrying to think there may be people even odder than the Maoi scammers. They need to study their history – how could John boy be William IV when (as I said the other day) we’ve already had a King William IV in England William IV preceded Queen Victoria (though you probably knew that).

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  18. Andy Pandy says that King John was refused entry because His Highness didn’t have a business visa and this proves that he wasn’t running a scam. Clutching at straws Andy, clutching at straws. What will you say when the Military doesn’t turn up in support on Thursday? They had to go on Parade? Surely the Pavement Taster can fix that, 100% guaranteed as he is fond of saying at very opportunity.
    Wavy is surely going to tear you a new one in the very near future you slimy shit bag. APD ? Uncharacteristically quiet don’t you think?

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  19. APD popped up in comments in one of the videos ‘praying’ for Wanoa.

    Black magic Angela! (when you sometimes, never, always come to read this blog). Witchcraft says I!

    You are the reason the King was kicked out! You, you, you……witch!

    ……slinks off to join the vile critters in the corner of the room cowering in fear of Wangela’s witchcraft want……

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  20. Trouble in ranks.
    The Devine Andy is currently interviewing Pavement Kisser who is promising a major exposé on something but alas, it never comes.
    Seems there has been a major split with Gorden Bowden of 788-790 Finchley Road fame with input from Daisy-Power. Where does this leave (name redacted) who straddles both sides?
    It’s all terribly exciting. Not.

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  21. “We’re going to make a video today ____, ‘cos I’ve got some twucking dynamite evidence here, it’s gonna blow the whole twucking thing wide open, this video here is gonna do it, so stand by”.

    Addendum: We know who that is without mentioning names.

    Addendum +1: Swearing replaced.

    Addendum +1a: There could be a lot more addendums today.

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  22. Wanoa on Scamedy’s last live in comments:
    “Hi Andy I am stuck in Hong Kong my bags in custody with my passport”. 5 mins later….”And waiting on a flight out”.[sic]

    That’s all in the middle of the twucking dynamite evidence that never came, the usual bs just. They talked the flag up to two people poor things! I will never get that time back, off to sign myself into somewhere white & peaceful with a lovely white jacket all cuddled into myself. 😱

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  23. Are we certain he came? Could this be like the Unrevd Pike’s scamming Ukrainian bride – he collects the $$$ for his trip off his dupes by exaggerated promises of what he’ll do when he gets here, and then has to say he’s been prevented from coming by forces beyond his control in order to pocket the $$$? It would certainly explain his relaxed attitude to it. And if Mr Devine tells people that all he has to do is [something or other], he could string the thing out for years, conmen do.

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      • I’d have to listen to it again to find it, but wasn’t andy bitching about the number they had to call and the person on the other end kept hanging up on them supposed to be a landline?

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      • It’s not impossible given flight tracking sites,but he “arrived” at the right time for the flight and I don’t think he’s clever enough to do the research required.

        I did however wonder about who pays the repatriation costs, and ho ho ho, the airlines apply the return ticket for the repatriation flight. And travel insurance would disclaim reimbursement.

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        • Yes, and the letter he read out explaining why he was being deported sounded unlike anything I’ve ever seen him compose. It was in English, for starters. And it contained punctuation and followed normal grammatical conventions.

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    • Of course I’m sending you this message via airplane WiFi as I fly across Antarctica. How dare you doubt that I might be somewhere other than where I say I am!

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    • Is it possible that indeed Wanoa did NOT travel to the UK and that Andy Devine is part of that con?.
      It’s no great hassle for Devine to fly from Greece to the UK for a visit to keep up the charade. We have no idea how much money Wanoa and Devine raised from their mug supporters.

      And they are already using this to raise even more and you can see the mood of the live-feed “viewers” is to believe that Wanoa is on the cusp of some sort of break through.

      And another odd aspect is this claim Devine gave Gordon Bowden £20,000 for camera equipment. Why on earth would he need such a large sum for cameras these days?. Bowden has suddenly cut ties with Devine and it may be because he’s realised he’s been pulled into an elaborate hoax.

      I’ve seen skilled con-artists work before and Wanoa and Devine could well be pulling off a scam between them and Wanoa’s “bumbling” act well be just that. He does seem amazingly relaxed for someone who has been on the most tiring flight that can wipe out even young and healthy travelers.

      # Gangster Granny’s ire could be that she has suddenly twigged to a superb con and she’s furious she didn’t think of it first.
      # # I very much doubt Matt “Spielberg” Taylor is a third conspirator as no-one could possibly feign such obvious stupidity.


      • Wanoa’s “bumbling” act well be just that.

        Nah, Wanoa’s appearance of petrol-huffing brain damage is not a pose. Remember, there is footage of his attempt to seize his ancestral office space and his subsequent court appearance. The perfect match between (a) Wanoa’s mental state of interlocking delusions and (b) the lies that the Truthers of the Loonisphere want to be told, it is a statement about what Internet connectivity and social media can do to the minds of sufficiently gullible cockwombles, rather than evidence that Wanoa has been planning all this for decades.


    • When I saw that from APD, I immediately thought of another famous gangster, his name if I remember correctly was Al…
      Seems he came to a sticky end, ended up in jail for quite a while…
      Maybe you heard of him???
      Al Capone….

      Question is, will the ‘gangster granny’ end up there too???
      ( I reckon about, oh say, 9 years sounds about right, seems to be a popular number right Sabine???)

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    • They call you Gangster Granny because even they realise you are a law-breaker and at some point will spend time in prison.

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  24. Angie’s just gone live with Tom Dunce on his Through the Cack channel. I can’t link it, as the creepy bastard is already showing footage of the Hampstead children.

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    • This one’s outrageous. She’s wasted no time in repeatedly naming the children and naming and attacking a protected witness. She’s even accusing him of drugging the kids and seeking out stuff on the dark web.

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      • She’s blatantly slandering the protected witness. “***** is connected with Haiti. ***** is connected with the Clintons.”

        She then goes on to say that he was running an international snuff movie ring!


        • A bit that interested me in Tom Dumb’s video.

          Tom asks Angela to comment on a bit of film of the Hampstead girl during, what should be, a confidential police interview. The girl describes the cupboards in a building. Angela says:

          ‘I’ll ask people to look at one thing. The spatial awareness…so…I don’t believe somebody can be tortured, hypnotised, drugged, bullied or terrified into that level of spatial awareness…’

          I’m confused. Angela has said many times that she was tortured, hypnotised, drugged and bullied and this apparently turned her into a super soldier. Surely to be a super soldier you’d have to have good spatial awareness, amongst other super skills, otherwise you’d be crap at your job.

          She can’t have it both ways.

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      • Angela’s real problem is that she simply cannot accept the truth: that she is a profoundly ordinary and uninteresting woman with nothing of importance to say. Instead of accepting the truth about herself and trying to live a decent and honourable life, though, she tries to elevate herself by making vile false allegations against others.

        I suppose that like fags and booze, it makes her feel better temporarily, but ultimately it will be her downfall.

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    • Wow, she’s spitting feathers in this. I’m enjoying seeing her so pissed off. Does that make me a bad person? 🤔

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    • Angie’s gone off on one again about how when she’s attacked, she starts yelling louder about the Hampstead case. She’s basically admitting that she does this for her own ego and to get back at people for pissing her off, rather than being in it for the children.

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      • Yes, that makes sense. See my comment above re: making herself feel better about the dullness of her very ordinary life by making other people suffer.

        The problem with narcissists is that they require continual supply, and this is how she gets hers. However, the psyche of the narcissist is like a balloon: easily inflated, but just as easily pricked and deflated…which of course requires…MORE SUPPLY! It’s a never-ending cycle, and I suspect that in Angela it’s at the level of personality disorder, which means that she, and worse, her family, are stuck with it.

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        • The main problem with Angela is that she is a Cunt. Apologies for my language but occasionally that word is the only suitable word to express my disgust for someone.

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        • Angie makes a big deal over the children remembering details of places in the school, as if that proves they were not coached ??? …. Er they did attend school everyday, so those kind of details would be easy to discribe……doh.
          She lies about every pertinent detail, including that she told police that Jean Clemont is a sargent (he was community police) and that he believes the same as she does……..(not true) that his videos were buried on purpose etc….. It is a shame as Judge Pauffley pointed out that JCs tapes were not made available sooner as they actually totally confirm and capture Abe Christie coaching and bullying the children.

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        • Yep. Narcissistic sociopath. Constantly scheming and calculating her next feed. She fears jail immensely. Not because her freedom is compromised but because she knows her fuel supply will be limited. It will choke her. And that’s another fear of the Greater Narcissist – death. And aging. The thought of getting old and dying in prison, a nobody, is eating her inside. She knows prison is inevitable so she has stepped up her campaign for support (fuel supply) and the tales have become more shocking, outrageous and provoking. She does not care in the slightest about the harm or damge she causes. It’s irrelavant. In fact she goads for fuel. Typical behaviour of a narc whose pump is running dry. I imagine the diatribe will become worse as the groups who she has vampired on are shrinking. Of all the types of narcisisst, the Greater is the most evil.

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    • In the fourth video Devine’s very upset about someone reporting one of his posts and getting him another 30-day ban. And as he says, “I wasn’t being animosity” 🙄

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    • Wanoa had a visa; he just neglected to apply for the appropriate “Overthrowing the Government and Triumphantly Reclaiming Throne for the True Tahitian / Hawai’ian / Rapanui Bloodline” Visa.

      Lots of people make that mistake. The website could be clearer.

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      • What ARE you talking about Clyde, it’s perfectly obvious, you need the form number OTGATRFTTHRB2019 form, which is available in a prominently displayed place in the bottom of a locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying ‘Beware of the Leopard.”

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    • ABBC, I take it that it was the same one I reported and was initially removed….

      AND IS NOW BACK…..


      Apparently FARCEBOOK has NO standards…

      (the share with the guy saying he ordered the Cristchurch massacre?)


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