Wedger’s failed court cases

Many thanks to the new commenter, Jammy Dodger, who posted a most interesting comment on our recent post, “Wedger’s lies: ‘Foxy’ appealed sentence, was denied“. We are reprinting the comment here, as we believe it may help to cast some light on Wedger’s police career.

In 2010 Paul Robin Denton was jailed for 12 years, convicted of rape. The story was covered in The Harrow Times.

In the article Detective Constable Jon Wedger stated: “The level of abuse and the time period it has been spread over has had an overwhelming impact on the victim. Denton has shown no remorse for his actions, even making her go through the ordeal of the trial.”

He also said: “I hope knowing he has been held accountable for his actions will go someway to helping his victim come to terms with what has happened and allow her to move forward with her life.”

Denton protested his innocence. In 2012 all 12 of his convictions were overturned. They were deemed unsafe and he was acquitted.

He was also arrested for a different offence in 2008. His wife had made an allegation that he had abused their child. The investigating officer was DC Jon Wedger of the Metropolitan Police Child Abuse Unit. The case went to trial and he was found not guilty. 

On the blogsite Christian Faith Under Fire, Denton claims that his wife set him up because he had submitted an application to court for contact. A court date was set and she was due to attend. The break up was bitter.

Thought bubble: Acrimonious split, custody battle, child abuse allegation. Sounds familiar. Thought bubble: another reason why Wedger/Maloney may have shunned Hampstead case. Also on the blog, Denton says that his wife knew that she was committing perjury but was a led by (amongst others) ”investigating” officer DC Wedger.

Elsewhere on the site, Denton recounts his experience of arrest and incarceration. He states that: “The Investigation was as insipid as the false accusations that fueled it.”

He claims Wedger accepted gifts from his wife’s sister, in front of witnesses, and asserts: “The policeman was guilty of impropriety and he knew it. No person in public office investigating a trigger offence accepts a gratuity from the complainant or a gift”.

I have to admit that I have not read the whole piece in its entirety. It is lengthy, rather ranty and uses words such as ‘cuntpower.’ However, the essence is that Denton claims he was stitched up by his wife and DC Jon Wedger.

In the same token, I have not deeply looked into Denton’s background. There are scattered posts on the net describing him as a preacher, Scientologist and a Rainbow Tribe cult leader.

Much has been written about the Rainbow Tribe movement. Heavily criticised, there are accounts online that it is a white supremacist group with Christian apocalyptic prophecies. On the website New Age Fraud, adminstrator educatedindian reposted a comment from a forum that states the movement is ‘a dangerous cult’:

As I have said I have not really delved into Denton’s background.

But whether he is a shady character or not isn’t the point.

The point here is that Jon Wedger took cases to court that were unsuccessful and that may have brought into question his investigation skills. It certainly would have been a dent in his career. Thought bubble: The boss pulled him in.

We have looked at Denton’s Christian Faith Under Fire blog and agree with JD that it comes across as ranty, aggrieved, and even paranoid at times. In his reaction to having being arrested and placed on bail, Denton reminds us not a little of Sabine McNeill.

However, one can be a very difficult, obstreperous person and still not be guilty as charged.

It’s interesting that Wedger was involved not only in the 2008 child sexual abuse charges—of which Denton was acquitted—but also in the subsequent rape and assault charges, which were eventually overturned. In the first instance, Denton identifies him as “detective Constable Jon Wedger from the Metropolitan Polices Child Abuse Unit”, but he was also the officer in charge at the rape and assault trial, which had nothing to do with child abuse.

Denton accused him of bias (he worded it rather more strongly than that), but we’ve seen enough of the Hoaxtead mob’s assertions that the police are always stitching them up for malicious reasons to be a bit gun-shy of that sort of claim, unless there’s evidence to back it up.

We’ll continue looking into this, and once again, thanks to JD for doing the heavy lifting.

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  1. Nice one, Jammy.

    Incidentally, although Jammy (as EC correctly points out) is a new commenter here, members of our YT trolling politely-pointing-out-the-facts-to-the-fruitloops brigade will be familiar with his/her words of wisdom.

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  2. “Denton claims that his wife set him up because he had submitted an application to court for contact… The break up was bitter… Acrimonious split, custody battle, child abuse allegation. Sounds familiar.”

    Familiar indeed, EC. Not just to those who’ve followed the Hampstead case but also to anyone familiar with a certain Kincorth-based psychotroll (who shall remain nameless) who’s constantly banging on about how his ex-partner supposedly stitched him up and made “false” child abuse allegations relating to their daughter as part of an acrimonious custody battle… yet who still believes the Hampstead hoax and that Ella was telling the truth about her ex-husband. Go figure 🤔

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    • I wonder if Mr Wedger recorded the gifts that he was given on the Police gifts and hospitality register as he is supposed to?

      4. Gifts
      All offers of gifts, whether accepted or rejected, must be recorded in the Gifts
      and Hospitality Register.
      The acceptance of gifts for services delivered to the public in the course of
      ordinary duties is typically not appropriate. Such offers should normally be
      declined politely with an explanation of the MPS policy in this area. If the
      refusal is in writing, a copy should be kept; if oral, a written note should be
      made in the Gifts and Hospitality Register, which is held locally.
      Any gift that is accepted must be justifiable in terms of benefit to the MPS.

      The rules on gifts etc can be found here.

      Click to access 090323-10-appendix01.pdf

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      • It would be interesting to check the Gifts and hospitality register from Wedgers time to see if he recorded the gifts as he should have done.

        2. Content of Gifts and Hospitality Registers
        2.1 Gifts and Hospitality Registers must record; all offers of gifts and
        hospitality received (whether accepted or declined) and all details
        relating to the provision of corporate hospitality (in line with Annex C).
        2.2. The register (see model at Appendix 1) must also record:
        • Index number;
        • Date recorded;
        • Date, nature and location of the gift / hospitality offered;
        • Officer(s) / staff involved;
        • Name and details of the person / company making the offer;
        • Relationship of the person / company with the MPS (part of a
        procurement process, contractual relationship etc.);
        • Approximate value of the gift / hospitality;
        • Whether accepted or refused;
        • Reasons for acceptance or refusal;
        • Date special authority received for the gift to be accepted;
        • Authorising signatures; and
        • Other relevant notes including, for example, whether the gift has
        been donated to a charity and details of the charity.

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      • Although the allegation that he accepted gifts comes from a disgruntled (to say the least) person, I do think it needs answering. Then again, given the rate at which Wedger has been blocking all who dare to question him, I suspect answers could be a long time coming.

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        • Very true EC, Wedger isn’t known for offering up any information when asked to, he would much rather block and hide.

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    • I’ve pointed out the strong links between the hoaxers and racists before but I’ve a feeling we’ve crossed the Rubicon.

      Over 10 years ago I came in for a lot of political abuse for not supporting a local Prevent initiative. This was a Government scheme to give local authorities loads of cash to target Muslims. That’s not to say that I was against radicalisation programmes in the Muslim community but the only instance we had locally was the arrest and conviction of a white supremacist going equipped to cause an explosion.

      There is a downside to social media. But as has been evidenced by numerous examples of oversharing to impress like minded morons, it does mean that security services have a handy one stop shop of self incrimination to gather names to put on terrorist watch lists.

      Perhaps reporting them to YT and Facebook is the wrong approach. They are clearly radicalised individuals who need to be kept an eye on.

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      • Our LA has an ‘extremism and radicalisation awareness’ programme and I’m pleased to say that in their case they focus as much on far right ‘white/English’ racist extremism as Islamic extremism. In fact one of the video clips they show to demonstrate how extremists might groom young people is the scene in ‘This Is England’ where Stephen Graham tugs on Thomas Turgoose’s heartstrings by using his father’s death in the Falklands War to try to build up a hatred inside him.

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        • It is important that the police do keep an eye on both sides of the fence as hate and extremists don’t come from one side alone, as has just been proven in New Zealand.
          P.s “This is England” is a fantastic film and well worth watching if you haven’t done so already.

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      • So, that is Cat then. She has the nerve to call out others on their appearance, lol. I wouldn’t normally comment on someone’s appearance, it’s a bit lazy, but people in glass houses etc.

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    • Just noticed – at 47:43 in the Cat & Angie bollockfest (which I’ve started listening to again, this time without getting distracted by the PM screenshots), Angie says (of Martin Kemp:

      “And he was involved in Spandau Ballet as well? Which is all Gary Glitter and all that scene.”

      Er…what? Sorry but there’s a point where ignorance stops being funny and just becomes painful.

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      • I’ve emailed that particular company that says its aims are to aid stalking victims in the local Brighton area: Taylor claims they recommended he contact the police re Hoaxtead.
        It’s just not good enough (depends of course what he actually told them) as they are basically accusing Hoaxtead of “stalking” and bizarrely possibly don’t realise they are responding to a man who himself was just convicted of stalking the local police commissioner.
        It’s just not good enough as Taylor has used their alleged response to make defamatory claims about EC claiming she has been raided and arrested and so on.
        I await their response.

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        • I was foolish enough to look at Taylor’s blog. He told the Veritas-Justice people that he was being stalked. They told him No, interventions in the financial aspect of the Wanoa/ Devine/Taylor scam are not “stalking”, and if he thought those interventions came under the heading of “malicious communications”, here was the avenue to follow.

          Taylor is simply lying about their response, because that’s what he does.

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          • Yup. Well, we’re talking about a guy who posts photos of Mary Millington and claims they’re Sheva Burton, Roseanne Barr and claims they’re EC, and David Shurter and claims they’re MKD.

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          • And of course we do not know what was in his email to them which in itself is suspicious as he could have said he’s had 50 death threats that morning from Hoaxteaders.
            After all it’s been said in the past and while I won’t name names or locations , Ireland &the initials APD come to mind.

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  3. The article in the Harrow Times is followed by one about the Kray Twins gangster who “turned his life around” after finding Christianity. Isn’t Wedger involved with him?. Most odd.

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  4. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………..
    Thanks for the heads-up, Andy, but I’ve already spotted one:

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  5. Reblogged this on Spin vs Truth and commented:
    Hoaxtead have done another number on Jon Wedger and this time it reveals some of his potential misdemeanours in public office. Allegedly receiving bribes etc or gifts in return for investigation outcomes is a criminal offence, Mr Wedger, if proven to be true. It also puts a slightly different context on why his Met bosses may not have been happy with Wedger. As usual – make your own minds up.


    • Not a very clever thing to be saying at the moment after what just happened in his country against the Muslims there. The local police need to have a serious word with him.

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      • Given that NZ are arresting people sharing the video and that is an explicit threat, if the local police don’t arrest him in the next few days he needs to be taken aside at Heathrow, spoken to and returned on the first available flight.

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        • Just reading that again and wonder if he meant he wants to seize the land off the Muslims. It’a bit ambiguous, tbh. Mind you, that version isn’t much better and is still pretty nasty!

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      • His other preferred domicile is the Ranfurly Banks… a relatively shallow spot of ocean, only 100 meters deep, some distance east of New Zealand.
        I am not sure how thoroughly he has thought this through.


  6. Check out this disgusting re-tweet by fat Cat Snot, giving out the name of a protected witness – and the name, address and phone number of his supposed agent – and encouraging the harassment of both. I’ve reported it but I won’t hold my breath.

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  7. Devine has gone over the line with his last live, near the end of his video, he described child sexual abuse with graphic detail. Please report it for child abuse.

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    • One of my favourite comedy creations is Harry Enfield’s the Self-Righteous Brothers, forever accusing others of things they haven’t done and getting worked up about them as though they had done the things they haven’t done to the point of apoplexy. Too sad these idiots aren’t comedy creations.

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    • His blog is full of crap basically.

      “Look at me! Look at me! Look at me!”

      Was he neglected as a child I wonder?


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