Angie, Cat Snot, and the art of over-sharing

Collective yawns were stifled at Hoaxtead HQ yesterday when Angela Power-Disney posted a video featuring herself (of course) and Cat Snot waffling on about…um, we aren’t really sure, as within minutes we found ourselves distracted by the real show.

For some reason, Angela saw fit to put her chat history with Ms Snot on public display, and frankly those revelations were much more entertaining than whatever the video was supposed to be about.

They tried to make her go to rehab…

For example: Angela’s smoking and alcohol consumption have long been legendary, but yesterday we learned that as she awaits a decision from the Irish Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) as to which charges will be laid against her, her consumption of booze and fags has gone through the roof.

After noting that Jake Clarke would be back in court last month, and commenting on the alleged “gayness” of his appearance, Angela says:

I’m thinking of running away to a convent for 12 weeks lol! Rehab better than psych unit or prison tho I didn’t plan it as a strategy!

Am drinking more and chain smoking since the file got sent to DPP and figured some respite would be good and a break from social media?

Then, surprisingly for someone who claims to be a campaigner against paedophiles…

Always got sent to convents as a kid and the place I have in mind is alleged to have a female paedo nun there yikes!!

Make good research if nothing else lol

Is it just us, or does Angela’s laissez-faire attitude about this cause others to question her sincerity?

Parenting tips from the pros

Angela and Cat spend some time comparing notes on their kids, and agree that despite all those beatings with t-squares and breathing of second-hand smoke, they seem not to be quite up to snuff in some respects.

So Angela and Cat are of the opinion that the best way to be a good parent is to…feck off to Lanzarote and leave the kids to it, so that they’ll appreciate you when you get back. You heard it here first.

According to Cat, motherhood ought to end well before the child turns 21, after which “you’ve done your bit raising them”. Meanwhile, Angela claims that her daughter only became “half-decent” in her mid-twenties, and “even at 32 she still has relapses”.

Neither of them, it seems, has paused to reflect that perhaps if they weren’t spending all their time constructing elaborate conspiracy theories and harassing innocent folk online, their kids might have more time for them.

It does not seem to occur to Angela that allowing the world to read her and Cat’s private conversations about their families might, you know, bother the children involved.

Eddie who?

It seems that we aren’t the only ones who’ve been wondering what happened to Eddie Isok. Neither Angela nor Cat seems to remember where they put him last, not that they seem terribly concerned:

Ah well, easy come, easy go. So long, Eddie.

Everybody hates Belinda

Belinda McKenzie gets short shrift from Angela and Cat as well. Their response to a begging letter sent in mid-February is not the stuff of which fund-raisers’ dreams are made:

The bloom is truly off the Belinda rose:

Angie feels “cold contempt”, Cat wouldn’t care if Belinda “voluntarily stopped breathing”…and then they move on to discuss plans for yesterday’s video.

Literary criticism corner

And last but not least, apparently Babs Collier was thoughtful enough to send Angela a copy of one of EC’s mystery novels:

First, not that it matters, but the book in question is Pluto Rising, not Venus (yes, it was written before Pluto was demoted). But the thought of Angela slogging through EC’s books looking for “clues” about EC is quite wonderful. She does know it’s not an autobiography, but a work of fiction, right?

Like, not real? Imaginary? Made up?

Oh, never mind.

71 thoughts on “Angie, Cat Snot, and the art of over-sharing

  1. Hehe, nice work, EC 😀

    I think from hereon in I shall refer to these two brainless clowns as the Chuckle Sisters.

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  2. “After noting that Jake Clarke would be back in court last month, and commenting on the alleged ‘gayness’ of his appearance,”

    Actually, I think that was a reference to a photo Angie posted of her youngest son and his mate. The shots were whizzing by pretty fast and i skipped that one back a few times to check and I think that’s what she was talking about.

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  3. Another butt-hurt Hoaxtead rant from Devine at 17:17:


    He then goes on to talk about Ella and say that if it had been his kids, he might have gone and got a gun and taken the law into his own hands!

    And when someone asks him about the New Zealand “false flag” at 5:41, he says: “I think all incidents as far as I’m concerned are all staged.”
    (Matt Taylor’s also declared the New Zealand shooting as fake.)

    And around the 57-minute mark, he says he tried to persuade his son to come out of school and told him, “You’ll learn more sitting at a computer with me than you ever would in that school.” Shaking my head in disbelief.

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    • Speaking of Hoaxtead rants, here’s Matt Taylor spending 3 hours – yup, 3 hours – ranting about us: /matthew.taylor.148116/videos/10155778433691260

      He loses it in this blog post too (and the ‘masturbation’ section is pretty disturbing – he really does need help):

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      • The real hissy fit starts at 48:26. The first 48 minutes is just silent footage of him writing his blog post 💤

        And he really loses it with you at 55:04 and 57:10, EC 😂

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      • Taylor may be one of the few hoaxer fruitloops who can spell ‘Hoaxtead’ but he can’t f+cking pronounce it!

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      • Well there goes their credibility:
        If it’s a real email of course.
        If it’s real it’s defamatory and quite outrageous.
        Hoaxtead has every right to publish articles on anything it bloody well wants to but all articles have a common theme.

        Wanoa and Devine’s share scam are directly linked to Hampstead as all the same protagonists promote it. It’s why I refer to them as The Mob (c) as they never just accept one bizarre conspiracy, they “join the dots”, “do the research” and conclude there is a mysterious cabal somewhere of VIPs running the world and when they aren’t devouring bubs in North London and making Kiddie Shoes they are preventing phony “King” Wanoa from invading Britain, booting Her Majesty of the Throne and preventing the New Zealander pensioner from selling shares in his $Billion non-existent “wave energy” machine thingies that run on HopeGirls’ organite.

        This crowd need to be asked why they refer someone making an inquiry to the police when there is no possibly basis to.
        “Malicious communications” ?. Really?. On what bloody planet?. In fact if that is a genuine email it’s a form of harassment in itself as it fraudulently gives the impression a law has been breached when it hasn’t.

        While this may not be a matter worth pursuing it definitely makes you question the ethics and professionalism especially when they state their aims : “aiming to assist victims of stalking in our local area”.
        Considering that they are based in Brighton and are responding to a man who has been convicted of stalking and given a suspended sentence this is a pretty serious matter.

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        • Keep in mind that Taylor is an attention-seeking fantasist who may have told the people at Veritas almost anything. I understand he also altered a video of CW Chanter’s in which he called us “the good guys”, so that it seems CW is calling us trolls. Perhaps Taylor is seeking to fill the void in his life now that he’s no longer able to stalk his local Police and Crime Commissioner.

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        • That’s most likely a standard letter, though I agree they appear not to have shown due diligence in this instance.


      • Yes he did, according to Devine, partly because Devine Jr saw the social benefits of attending school – or as Devine Sr puts it, “Because he wanted to be with his mates.” Hard to fathom really – what healthy, fun-loving teenager would rather spend time with their mates than their unwashed, monotonous, tinfoil hat-wearing, chain-smoking dad? It’s a real puzzler 🤔

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  4. One more point about the Cat & Angie video: I won’t post a screenshot for obvious reasons but I’m sure Ben Fellows will be over the Moon about Angie posting a PM in which she reveals his (alleged) new identity and location!

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    • By the way, I found that whilst looking for another one I wanted to post – there’s a hilarious comment on there somewhere about “poor Eddie” in reference to how we’ve supposedly been picking on him 🤣

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    • “She knows deep yoga and meditation well enough to cheat a lie detector”

      Boom indeed! Can I urge people to make a point of quoting that to Angie’s followers at every available opportunity? 😂

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    • “Knowing deep yoga and meditation well enough to cheat a lie detector” – as if it requires an adept in the esoteric arts. Honestly! Plain old-fashioned psychopathy works for me!

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      • My mother did Yoga decades before most people and she also worked as a private detective for awhile. Now it’s got me thinking she may have been really a Top Spy at MI5, MI6 or even Mossad.
        Perhaps it’s why I was able to bypass the normal application process at GCHQ and fast tracked to the Broom Closet (Basement Level) and given total control over all mops and buckets.

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        • Well there you go then. It’s all about connections, isn’t it? My mum didn’t do yoga or private detecting, but she could kill you with her laser stare, so I assume she was hired by MI6 as some sort of secret weapon.

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        • Actually Sam, what swung it for you on the recruitment front was this awesome audition tape you submitted. You’re in fine voice here and looking resplendent in your black top ‘n’ slacks. Your instructor Ella, on the other hand, sounds like she’s been taking singing lessons from your cat whilst ripped to the tits on vodka and whizz:


    • Such gobbledygook. Yet he gets some sad “investors”?. I’ve often wondered how people can be so easily conned and then I see the Australian Federal Police warning that up to 200,000 Aussies a year fall for internet scams. Bizarre.

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  5. So Belinda is MI5 now? I hope personnel are keeping on top of this, I’m beginning to lose track of who to send the Top Secret Secret Santa list to in December.

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  6. Amazes me how folk think “they” are organised and sophisticated to pull off something like the New Zealand hoax as a “false flag” (I don’t think it was fake for the avoidance of doubt) but think “they” won’t notice an intended takeover of the UK!

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    • I think I was a little tired when I typed the above and should have put “hoax” (as in the attacks on the Mosques in New Zealand) in inverted commas to show I didn’t think they were hoaxes.

      Thinking of the Maoi tidal scam, timed close to Brexit as it is, I’ve had an email from “Which” (the consumer magazine) saying to beware of various scams timed to coincide with Brexit, including but not confined to investment scams, though they didn’t mention the tidal scam.

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      • I listen to them all, so that you guys don’t have to 😇

        Just a little way into the one above and he’s just been saying there have been loads of people saying they’ve made their share payments but haven’t had any response to their “applications” “yet”. Quelle surprise 🙄

        And he’s just launched into another hissy fit about TransferWise and at 12:58 he refers to whoever reported him as “a stupid little prostitute of Satan.” 😆

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  7. Angela who was ‘allegedy’ abused in her childhood, is quite happy to think about going to a Covent where allegedly there is a ‘pedo’ nun in residence & seems ecstatic about it! Yeah right Angela, your tongue always trips you up!

    Imagine Cat not knowing that Angela shares everything, that really is funny!

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