Stolpman’s channel on the brink

YouTube may finally be pulling the plug on Nathan Stolpman’s “Lift the Veil” YouTube channel. He began moaning on Twitter over the weekend, at first noting that three of his videos had received strikes from YouTube; by Sunday he was saying seven had been removed:

Of course we were grief-stricken on his behalf.

For those unfamiliar with his particular brand of slack-jawed crazy, Stolpman is the American YouTuber whose interview with Ella Gareeva Draper yielded her damning admission that she and Abraham Christie had forced her two children to make false allegations of Satanic ritual abuse. Stolpman stated that in a conversation with Ella, she had told him that she had wrongly accused her son and her ex-husband of being “in the cult”—she had been under stress when she made that allegation, she said.

Stolpman accepted this uncritically, failing to consider that in the videos the children were forced to make, they had specifically accused their half-brother and his father and step-mother. As well, Abraham Christie had been adamant in his conversation with his brother-in-law Jean Clement Yaohirou that Ella’s ex-husband had been a cult financier.

Stolpman might not have understood the ramifications of Ella’s admission, but he certainly realised that videos of the Hampstead children, and videos harassing their father, were big money-makers…and so he keeps them pinned to his YouTube channel’s front page.

YouTube finds its conscience

YouTube has recently found itself having to face the consequences of its own negligence when it comes to child safe-guarding. In February, YouTube user Matt Watson identified and made public a “wormhole into a soft-core paedophile ring”, on the video-sharing platform.

In a video describing this, he said,

Paedophiles are trading social media contacts; they’re trading links to actual child porn in YouTube comments; they’re trading unlisted videos in secret, and YouTube’s algorithm through some glitch in its programming is facilitating their ability to do this.

On learning of this, major advertisers, including the makers of the massively popular video game Fortnite and Nestlé, began pulling their ads. This got YouTube’s attention, and at the end of February they announced that they would no longer allow comments on videos featuring children:

The company will disable all comments on videos featuring younger children, and will also disable comments on those videos of older children that have some risk of attracting predatory behaviour, YouTube says.

In an article in the Guardian, a spokesperson for YouTube said the company has strong child-safety policies:

A YouTube spokesman said of the latest claims: “Any content – including comments – that endangers minors is abhorrent and we have clear policies prohibiting this on YouTube.

We guess their moderators just forgot about YouTube’s “abhorrence” toward endangering children when they ignored repeated requests to remove videos featuring the two children at the centre of the Hampstead hoax.

However, with Stolpman’s channel teetering on the brink, this seems like a good time to test YouTube’s newfound commitment to ensuring children are not endangered.

Stolpman’s “Hampstead Cover-up” playlist would be good place to start reporting videos for child endangerment. We’ve tried in the past with only moderate success, but somehow the time just seems right.

21 thoughts on “Stolpman’s channel on the brink

  1. Great post.

    Would people also report Through The Black’s video of the Hampstead children. The video is a flagrant abuse of the children’s privacy and also puts them a risk from nutcases.

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  2. In a way, Stolpman was a useful idiot in this case, given that he inadvertently supplied an important admission by Ella that she had indeed fabricated things. The only reason I believe Ella confessed to this, is, I believe, is for financial reasons: she has to placate her ex-husband, as it was- and maybe still is -his divorce agreement monies that were/are keeping her and alive on the run. I gather she has now latched on to another man while Abe is in the desert where he should be.

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  3. Just had a look at NT’s channel and background. I hadn’t realised he used to be an actor. Pity he didn’t stick to that. He seems to have found such work even if he wasn’t a household name.

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      • Was it that bad? Mine you I think some so-called A list actors aren’t that wonderful! Still I have wondered if some of these people describing well-known folk as Satanists and transgenders and other weird names are jealous. But more seriously, when I worked full-time I used to be reasonably up-to-date with developments on computers/the internet but since retirement and just doing a bit of work from home I really don’t know how to “tag” or do ‘Tumblr” or execute the more modern internet skills. Though even I should be capable of filling in an online form.


        • I’ve been more or less doing the same and adding ‘All complaints are being screenshot and filed pending legal action if this video isn’t removed’.
          I’ve started keeping the screenshots now as they may come in useful for the children in the future, should they ever wish to contact this blog and need evidence for legal action.

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          • I hear through the grapevine that there’s a lot going on legally in the background with the social Media giants and the serps (search engines), so as many screenshots as possible will be required if that is possible.

            Even for example screenshots of YouTube showing a video that has not been removed but blocked from the UK.

            Because that is simply not good enough and here’s why…

            There’s been three men fly over from the USA having seen these videos online.

            One as most know was found outside the children’s old school with a knife in his pocket, and in his own words had come “to draw blood”.

            The other two whack nut jobs selling apparel making money from this sad situation.

            Then there’s, if you read the thousands and thousands of comments on the illegal videos on YouTube saying they are looking for this family while living in the USA on top of the many death threats.

            So these would be great if they are available (screenshots), as well as screenshots of the death threats.

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          • I am hoping all involved will sue the likes of youtube as they have had so many notices regarding the publication of material that contravenes on so many levels and have the technology to stop it, but choose to not to use it to protect. They do use it for copyright infringement, automatically blocking such material, but not to protect the vulnerable even in the face of court orders which they have been informed about time and time again. I hope those that have had to suffer get a massive pay out awarded to them. Keep the material, folks, for times ahead.

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  4. Lift The Veil said it was a private video struck first ,but to say you have 7 strikes and still uploading,well he could be multi he is naming all sorts of channels he will be on and they are allowed 50 strikes on a multi platform used to be 1000 ,Europol who i will put a vid up about works with usa and lots of other countries now,and these childrens images and videos showing them are illegal,no matter what country they are shown,anyway he has more strikes to come ,i shed no tears thats for sure


    • Yeah, it’s because all those videos were already up, so it only counts as one strike. A second strike would come into play if he uploaded a new (rule-breaching) video after the warning.

      We had a similar situation with Angie’s channel a while back.

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