Fay & Maloney: Lies versus reality

Yesterday we looked into part of Thursday’s hearing at the ongoing Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA), in which Commander Neil Jerome of the Metropolitan Police Service described the 1982 raid on the Elm Guest House.

The raid came about as a result of an anonymous tip alerting police to the presence of a child at the guest house, which catered to gay men. Following police surveillance of the premises, as well as two police officers posing as members of the public to investigate activities at the house, the raid was conducted and 20 people, including its owners, were arrested. The child in question was removed by police as well.

All fairly straightforward, one would think. However, this transcript of the 2013 video, “Nightmares at Elm Guest House“, in which Bill Maloney interviews Chris Fay, tells a very different story.

In the video, Fay claims that the guest house was raided for mysterious reasons related to national security, and that the raid was carried out under the Prevention of Terrorism Act 1976. Because of course it was.

According to Fay,

So you had police on one hand saying raiding it because it was being used as a brothel, and on the other hand you had the Kasirs, plus their lawyers and everybody else saying they were raided under the Prevention of Terrorism Act. It’s the only law that was around then where the police could stop you seeing your solicitor for up to 36 hours.

“The Kasirs, plus their lawyers and everybody else”: who, exactly, was this “everybody else”? Did their initials happen to be CF?

Yeah, and there was also a thing we became aware of very, very quickly. One of the people who used that guest house was in fact Anthony Blunt. Anthony Blunt was the disgraced spy who’d been spying for the KGB for years.

As we learned yesterday, this is simply not true. While Blunt’s name might have been scribbled on a piece of paper found at Fay’s colleague Mary Moss’ house during a police raid, it would have had no evidential value, as the material found during that raid contained names, but no specific allegations, dates, or other corroborating details.

This, however, did not stop Fay from claiming that Blunt and other high-profile individuals had been guests at the Elm Guest House:

Now Blunt, and that led us very quickly on to Commander Trestrail who was head of the royal protection squad. There was a guy called Richard Langley who was a senior aide at Buckingham Palace.

Erm, there was a guy called Paul Hendry, who was a Commander for the Special Branch. Now Special Branch itself is no longer in existence – it’s the anti-terrorism squad today , but back then they were the people who used to do the dirty work for MI5.

Commander Trestrail was mentioned in Hansard on 19 July 1982. The then-Home Secretary William Whitelaw announced that Trestrail, the Queen’s police officer, had “confessed to having a homosexual relationship over a number of years with a male prostitute”. Trestrail’s confession took place about a month after the raid on the Elm Guest House, and was announced in the House of Commons—not exactly the best way to run a cover-up, perhaps.

Fay alleged that a children’s home in Richmond, Grafton Close, was “grooming and providing” boys to Elm Guest House.

It was about kids in care, so if you’re going to do it, if you’re going to provide boys that had to be organised and run by somebody within the care system within Richmond Council. Somebody was grooming and providing these boys to the Elm Guest House. So we very quickly got on to, the entire ring seemed to be centred around Grafton Close Children’s Home where the officer in charge was called Neil Kier and his deputy was the guy who’s just been arrested, John Stingemore.

As it happens, this topic was tackled during Thursday’s hearing at the IICSA.

Jerome noted that beginning in 2012, allegations regarding Grafton Close were investigated as part of Operation Winter Key. During that investigation, eight boys of 40 interviewed made allegations of sexual abuse against Stingemore, who was the manager of the home, and a Father McSweeney, who worked there as a care worker.

Of the eight who made allegations against Stingemore and McSweeney, only one alleged that he had been taken to the Elm Guest House by Stingemore. Stingemore was charged, but died prior to his trial. McSweeney was tried and convicted on two counts of abusing children at Grafton Close.

Following his conviction, McSweeney was also charged with having trafficked the child to Elm Guest House; however, he was found not guilty on that charge.

Reading through the Fay/Maloney transcript, and comparing the Fay’s breathless revelations with the factual material now emerging from the IICSA hearings, it becomes ever more clear that Fay cobbled together tiny bits of truth with generous dollops of pure malevolent fantasy.

And aside from having never been able to produce any evidence whatsoever to back up his outlandish claims, he gives himself away in the details.

One example: Fay claimed that “the entire ring seemed to be centred around Grafton Close Children’s Home where the officer in charge was called Neil Kier and his deputy was the guy who’s just been arrested, John Stingemore”.

Later, describing the 1982 raid, he stated:

Now procedure dictates that normally you would have got, say, the local field social worker in the local office who would have come in with the police on the raid. Any children present, they would have taken, they would have taken them into care. However, on the day of the raid, the man from Kingston, err from Richmond Council, who, who was on the raid with the police was Neil Kier, the officer in charge of Grafton, who took [the child] into care.

First, John Stingemore was the manager of Grafton Close Children’s Home at the time. And second, we know from Jerome’s testimony at the IICSA that an Andrew Keir, from Richmond Social Services, was present at the interview of the WM-A9, the child who removed from Elm Guest House during the raid.

Incidentally, Fay and Maloney make no effort to maintain the child’s anonymity in their video—they name him repeatedly.

The D-Notice…of DOOM

At one point in their interview, Maloney and Fay begin to sound as though they’re practising a comedy routine:

CHRIS] the one interesting thing above all else, when Tom Watson asked a question in the House of Commons recently, as you know.

[BILL] Member of Parliament.

[CHRIS] Member of Parliament, he also asked about the use of D-Notices. D-Notices are notices that they’re supposed to be advisory, but basically the government doesn’t like a story in the newspapers about to print, it’ll slap a D-Notice…

[BILL] A D-Notice is a gagging order.

[CHRIS] is a gagging order. Now when Mary Moss and I left the coroner’s court the entire world’s press was outside, obviously it was a very, very big story.

[BILL] Absolutely.

[CHRIS] Because we’d stood in the witness box, we’d named Leon Brittan, we’d named Harvey Proctor, we’d told the inquest all the evidence we had about who’d been involved at the Elm Guest House, so by any stretch of the imagination it was big news story. When we got outside the coroner’s court there was, they were all there, BBC, ITV, Channel Four, Sky, you name it.

[BILL] Yeah.

[CHRIS] Not one single British television station, radio station or newspaper interviewed myself or Mary. We were interviewed by Canadian Broadcasting Radio and a Japanese television station, and…

[BILL] [Laughs]

[CHRIS] I spotted the BBC reporter who I knew and I went across to him and I said ‘What’s going on?’ and he said ‘D-Notice Chris’.

[BILL] D-Notice.

[CHRIS] So D-Notices were used.

Just in case you missed the point: D-NOTICE.

Sadly for Fay and Maloney, they have no idea what they’re talking about.

According to yesterday’s hearing at the IICSA,

D-Notice is actually called Defense Advisory Notice System. This is a voluntary code and operates between the UK Government departments which have responsibilities for national security and the media. The notices have no legal standing and advice offered within the framework may be accepted or rejected. At all times, there is a single point of contact and responsibility for offering DA-Notice [Defence Advisory Notice] advice to the media. There is no physical notice issued by DSMA or by the old DPBAC.

Retired Brigadier Geoffrey Dodds, a witness at Friday’s hearing, is Secretary of the Defence and Security Media Advisory Committee, which is the sole agency responsible for issuing D-Notices.

“Judges and police are not involved in the D-Notice system”, Dodds said. “The only person authorised to issue a DSMA notice is myself or my two deputies when they are on duty”.

So much for the old “the police slapped a D-Notice on me, and now I’m effectively gagged” argument.

While we harbour no illusions that the clear, precise, and detailed information which has been emerging from the IICSA hearings will have any effect on purveyors of conspiracy theories, we hope that it will at least prove educational to the rest of us…not the least because it’s been relentlessly exposing the liars and con artists who profit from child sexual abuse.

Lies and the Spreading of Fake Information

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  1. Another nice bit of research. Thank you. Weird how the fruitloops still trust this Chris Fay moron as a reliable source, isn’t it. Ditto John Wanoa, Devine, Matt Taylor, Cat Scot, etc. etc. They’ve all been repeatedly proven to be liars, yet they’re still trusted by the fruitloops.

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    • I watched those videos a few years ago, it was weird how both Maloney and Fay, fed off each other, Maloney would get more and more excited, doing his heavy breathing act on Lou Collins so called Radio Show. Strangely he`s gone very quiet of late, also a lot of people he used in his ground breaking interviews have gone very quiet too.

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      • “Strangely he`s gone very quiet of late,”
        A visit from the Metropolitan Police has that effect.
        Likewise Baloney but he’s been told he will not face any further action so the stupid big mouth is off & running again but I would deduce that Fay is sitting home shitting himself as to what nay eventuate from the “Nick” trial.
        Fortunately “Nick” is pleading Mot Guilty to the numerous charges so we can expect a Full On Media Circus and lots and lots of embarrassment for certain notable figures.
        I won’t name names but I wonder what Simon Danzuck is up to these days?.

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        • That’s Not Guilty of course and nothing to do with Nick and MOT for his gorgeous Ford Mustang GT purchased with compensation money for dreadful abuse.

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        • People like Tom Watson MP who said he did what he did for the sake of the children, really? what children where they. Before that, others also wrote in news papers about the VIP Paedophile ring didn`t they Sonia Poulton, it just so happens that she had a meeting with Bill Maloney a few weeks before. Then There was Philip Schofield, who got names off the internet, tried to do a publicity stunt live on air, that backfired just a little bit. These people should of known better. Yes Nick is pleading not guilty, and his legal team say he`s going to stand by everything he said. Same old same old we did it for the sake of the children< Sabine tried doing that one, so did Belinda. But they can`t use that one any more because you see, people who have been accused by these fruit loops, have families, and children too, so it`s wearing a bit thin now.

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    • An excellent write-up EC and very interesting. Before I came to my senses a few years back I had started to go down the conspiracy hole, and the Elm Guest House was the most prominent conspiracy doing the rounds at that time.

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    • Since you have posted Doctor Who and Chris Fay juxtaposed, I was thinking only yesterday when I saw his picture, so that’s where Davros is!

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    • Wait, what? John Wanoa wants the name of people who are impersonating him on the Intertube?
      If they’re impersonating properly, the name they’re using is probably “John Wanoa”

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      • Is that what he says? Well done for interpreting that .
        I haven’t a f*cking clue what he’s on about except I thought he had dismissed all New Zealand policeman (it’s on one of his videos where he announces to the Staff Sergent at Whanganui Police Station that he is the “King Of England”) and when he says “MY REPUTATION” surely the only way for him is Up?

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        • Sam, I was about to ask whether the King was possibly mentally unwell. Obviously if he’s ill it’s not his fault but when he’s likely leeching folks’ money it seems that he’s gone past the stage of being a harmless eccentric. “No PROOF IF ACCUSATIONS” – not the best English is it? Does he mean “of accusations”. Is he mildly dyslexic? I had a quick look on Wikipedia (which I know isn’t perfect but it is better than it used to be) and the Bank of England wasn’t founded till 1694. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bank_of_England
          so has he confused “49” with “94” on the bank note?

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  2. Posted by Devine (on behalf of someone else):

    By the way, you may have noticed that reporting violent posts has become easier on Facebook (you no longer have to select types of violence yadda yadda), plus attaching an image to a post no longer stops it being reported. This only applies to reporting violence at the moment but it’s been really useful and I don’t think the fruitloops have cottoned on yet.

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    • Turns out my latter point is academic, as I’ve just received a response from Facebook and apparently threatening to murder innocent people and their families doesn’t go against its community rules.

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      • This is just me surmising, DI, but is it possible that the powers-that-be could be waiting for AD to dig himself into a big enough hole before acting? I don’t do Facebook or Twitter myself though friends with family scattered to many parts of the world say it’s a useful way to keep in touch – just you have to be careful about setting privacy levels. I think I would set mine high if I did Facebook.


        • No, sorry – this isn’t the powers that be but Facebook admin. Totally different animal and it’s repeatedly allowed some seriously vile, threatening comments and posts. We get a lot of successes but for every one of those, there are 20 that get turned down. I take this one from last August as the nadir (apparently this one didn’t breach FB’s community rules either):


        • As a computer scientist I can tell you that there are no safe privacy levels on Facebook! I no longer use it.

          However, what is comforting is that these idiots still use the platform and continue to upload all their personal information to it. 🤣

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          • What annoys me with FB is they do not have a “child abuse” button like YT and their reporting style is still problematic. Newspapers are now at least pixelating faces of young children in their stories. I don;’ see why bigger platforms like FB or YT can allow children’s images to be published when it could lead to hatred.
            Of course our looks change dramatically as we grow quickly but that’s been no help for falsely accused Hampstead residents.


  3. Amazing !
    Off subject but is it?
    How many of these believers of Satanic baby eating VIP pedo rings also believe that the Earth Is FLAT?.
    Lots of them do but tonight I spoke to a pal via the telephone (5G) and she tells me she has just returned from a remote Oz town called Broken Hill which she described as “way beyond the Black Stump (?)” but also has a special tourist treat : you can travel outside the town to a place called Mundi Mundi Look out which is a huge rock in the middle of no-where and when you climb it, the place is so remote and so flat you can see The Curvature Of the Earth !.

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    • I reckon Andy Devine is massively depressed.
      He never says anything positive (for someone who lives in glorious Greece) – it’s all doom and gloom.
      I mean he has access to the glorious Greek Islands let alone the Mediterranean and all those fabulous places you can get to so easily- Morocco, Spain, Portugal, the South of France (my idea of Heaven) and all the bugger does is sit all day a’moaning and a’groaning into his laptop to a breathless adoring crowd of fans who are possibly all inmates of Broadmoor while desperately trying to flog some suspect shares to a sad bunch of people who really cannot afford it.
      He needs help badly.
      Still can’t stand him though.

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      • How many of his fans are real do you think? I know that sock puppet accounts are a thing on the internet.


        • I don’t know. I just worry that I sometimes watch him.
          When we published Mad Deb’s videos on here there was a panel of volunteers who subjected themselves to 2 hours of boredom so they could alert us to the High Points when Deb would go into Full Melt Down screeching like a banshee and it was just….fabulous art.
          But there’s no climax to Andy. It starts off on a low note and goes down hill from there.

          I really fear that Devine’s Intervention may have gone Stark Raving Mad listening to Andy’s rambling talk (I would) and I worry about his/her health. I may start a GoFundMe appeal for Devine’s Intervention mental health appeal.
          Perhaps I’ll donate my 2 For 1 Moai Tidal Turbine Marine Energy Tningy Shares- see plans below (guaranteed by Brighton Mayor Matt Taylor & which come with Lifetime Access to his Moonscape Resort & Hollywood Studios but remember-this is Top Secret so don’t share).

          Must go- my Uber lift to Planet Nibiru is here and Commander N.Berry says hurry up. Nice that they wore those nice white coats for the occasion. (Why would they need Tasers?. And a net?)

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    • Wow, Devine is at a carnival with his wife today… but is still posting on Facebook! God, can you imagine being his poor missus? 😮


      • Devine just can’t help himself, can he? Remember when he was at a party and he still had to get his phone out and make a video.

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  5. Re: an earlier comment of mine about the bank notes quoting 1649 rather than 1694* I see that they are purporting to be “Pacific Royal Bank” rather than “Bank of England”. That doesn’t alter the fact that the dates are wrong though. 1649 was the year in which Charles I was executed so England was a republic in that year.

    * 1694 being when the Bank of England was founded.

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    • Wanoa is also convinced that 1649 was also the year of William III’s invasion in the 1688 “Glorious Revolution”. Basically he only knows one date.

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      • For feck’s sake. Nobody tell him about this. He’ll get ideas and start issuing spades and trowels.


    • But what is this mad obsession with certain historical actions in the past like the Magna Carta?
      Life and society are continually changing and adapting to new ideas and beliefs all the time. Rules or laws in place 30 years ago can be found not suitable for today so we have a Parliament that (supposedly) looks after our interests and writes new laws or adapts older ones.

      The Mob seem to chose a fixed point in history and then base their entire belief system around that. Some even chose the rise of the Nazis and make up silly stories about how the Jews weren’t persecuted especially by Adolf seemingly having never read his turgid Mein Kampf or his speeches.

      Wanoa has such an confusing set of rules based on some King called William and Easter Island and a bunch of people seem to be able to follow it.


  6. Oh dear, Angie seems to be finding herself at odds with the recent “Jacko was a paedo” posts from Cat Scot and other assorted fruitloops:

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    • It always makes me laugh that just by disagreeing with these people somehow makes you either a paedophile or a paedophile apologist. They just can’t accept that ‘normal’ people may have a different opinion to theirs.

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  7. Forgetting the circus sideshow, there’s the main event in the big top. Some senior people were actual paedophiles, were convicted or cautioned, how good was the establishment at prosecuting and convicting them, and did they support the victims?

    This is why the freak show annoys me so much.

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    • You’re so right. What I find most interesting about IICSA’s looking into the Fay/Moss/Kasir allegations is that we are finally hearing the other side of the story, rather than having to guess what might/must/ought to have happened, based on the titbits doled out by the conspiranoids.

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      • I found that learning the realities of a D-notice to be interesting. It’s not as powerful as it is always made out to be.

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  8. El Coyote, I was looking into the supposed link between Elm & Grafton yesterday (as I’d been badgering David Hencke to back-up the claim for some time) and think you may have got a bit mixed up with the following:

    “Following his conviction, McSweeney was also charged with having trafficked the child to Elm Guest House; however, he was found not guilty on that charge.”

    So far as I’m aware this isn’t the case, but, er, it’s Saturday so think I’ll just drop in a link to my comment on Hencke’s Byline blog instead rather than hammer it all out again:


    It’s the comment just beneath the article, although the older one further down may be of interest too as it also relates to Grafton. I’m treading carefully here as at the IICSA the victim has been anonymised though he’s previously appeared on camera (Panorama) & indeed in the BBC article I link to. A genuine victim of abuse, he had his life turned upside down by Fay & Moss and the ‘campaigners’. Hopefully he’s managing to put his life back together now & I wish him the exact opposite of what Fay et al deserve.

    All the best

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