Rumours of EC’s arrest are greatly exaggerated

Was it desperation for blog hits, wishful thinking, or some toxic combination of the two which inspired Matt Taylor’s recent act of boneheaded buffoonery? Either way, there was much hilarity here at Hoaxtead HQ when we learned that he’d been claiming that EC had been arrested and had her computer equipment seized in a dawn police raid.

Whatever was rattling around inside the vast emptiness of Taylor’s cranial cavity, it was fun to watch the rumour take hold and spread.

The non-story was immediately picked up and spread by others who share Taylor’s distaste for this blog—with some justification, to be fair. Let’s face it, they wouldn’t be that concerned about us if we didn’t have an annoying habit of skewering them and exposing their hoax-pushing ways to the world.

Within hours, Cat Snot had shared Taylor’s bit of nonsense on Twitter—no doubt enhancing her own reputation as a deluded confabulator hard-hitting truth-teller:

And Andy Devine interrupted some sort of Greek barbeque luncheon he was attending with his wife to do yet another riveting live feed about EC’s alleged arrest:

Also saw another post earlier about El Coyote being arrested, which is Karen Irvine, which is, if this be true, I’ll find out from Matt when I get back to have a chance like….So fingers crossed, if that’s the case, I’ll use all publicity, bad publicity or good publicity, all publicity is good publicity, because it gets you talked about.

It does indeed, Andy, it does indeed.

Another bright spark who was totally not Matt Taylor wearing a trench-coat, fedora, and false nose added this comment to a video by “Andy Devine’s 20K TM Camera”:

El Coyote was arrested today in a dawn raid. Someone gave her just enough warning to knock off a blog saying she’d be otherwise engaged, suffering from blerg. She’s been languishing in a police cell today while her house was searched and her IT equipment seized and examined. I expect she’ll be having her interview about now and should be home by about 3 a.m.

Hahahaha pmsl….



We briefly considered refuting Taylor’s attention seeking/wishful thinking, but frankly couldn’t be arsed.

It’ll be interesting to see whether this story spreads much further, as eventually even the most determined troofer will have to admit that this blog is showing no signs of slowing down, and EC is still here, posting away as usual. Granted, it could take a few weeks months years for reality to slowly penetrate and take hold, but it’ll happen.

Of course, we shouldn’t expect to hear any admissions that anybody bought a lie just because it happened to suit their own wishes. More likely, the story will be quietly forgotten, and those who spread it will deny any knowledge of having done so. After all, it’s the troofer way.

95 thoughts on “Rumours of EC’s arrest are greatly exaggerated

  1. It’s basically a fake fake news story.

    They made it up and spread this fake news around just like the other shite these sad idiots push so that the gullible then jump onboard and put 3+9 together to get 666, and this then helps them to justify everything else they do.

    Deluded and really, really sad existence of a low life human being.

    It is truly sickening to the pit of your stomach what these people say and do.

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  2. Wow, gasp! I was just on my way to break you out with a ladder on a pair of tights! Completely unsuspecting prison guards would be nunplussed!

    Poor Matt Taylor, such an imagination lol & then there are the twats who do ‘due diligence’….. not, believing him! Facts are facts Andy, get with the programme, keep smiling!

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  3. When I first saw this was ‘what the hell is this pratt smoking???’
    EC is so particular about keeping this blog on the right side of legal- witness the care taken during the various trials to ensure it was not only not in breach of the law, but even giving the people on trial their full chance of having an fair trial (something these clowns would never do, look at the MANY death threats and announcements of ‘automatic guilty’ they make…’lock em up, we don’t need no stinkin trial’ attitude)

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    • Yes, I’d love to know what they think I was charged with—”telling the truth too much”? “Offending the Future King”? “We just don’t fecking like her?”

      Enquiring minds want to know.

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  4. In the murky world of international espionage all is not what it seems.

    I can confirm today that in my capacity as Assistant Mop Co-ordinater (Basement) that the International Arrest Order for El Coyote issued by the ITCCS & Mr Kevin Annett, Supreme Rule of Kanata & on behalf of the Chief Justice (retired- not voluntarily) of Norfolk Island Sir John Francis Walsh of Brannagh, The Duke de Ronceray Sir John Francis Patrick Cyril Colclougn came across my desk at 3am.

    It was only through the sheer brilliance of Super-Spy Miss Carmelita Fortheringale-Birtwhisle who happened to be logging in her Super Spy All Purpose Digital Recording Broom after attending the latest Yellow Pest demo in Manchester who alerted me that the Important Document with Seal was flawed. It was NOT signed by the Queen of Victoria which would have made the Important Arrest Warrant valid.

    This was confirmed by GCHQ’s in-house counsel Equity Layer Mr. Edward Ellis who fortunately was still in his office arguing with various pieces of office furniture, as is his wont, that they were not legal Bailiffs and had no lawful right to impound themselves.

    Carmelita and I were able to alert Miss Coyote shortly before she was about to flee for sanctuary, on advice from Deputy Sheriff Christine Sands to the Ecuadorian Embassy.
    Double Agent & Top IPhone Camera Person Mizz Neelu Berry (for it is her) on hand outside the Embassy was able to capture Mizz Ward’s sheer delight at the news (note the Purple Hair cleverly disguised as a beret),

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  5. 🤭😆😂

    “Don’t feed the trolls”:
    1:09:19 – 1:09:41

    “Trolls” meltdown:
    1:48:52 – 2:45:49

    2:55:47 – 2:56:05
    2:57:34 – 3:01:17
    3:02:02 – 3:04:42
    3:07:03 – 3:07:52
    3:12:31 – 3:13:05
    3:13:53 – 3:14:17
    3:18:38 – 3:19:29

    Anti-Bowden rant:
    3:20:44 – 3:22:26

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    • “Their days are numbered”… The numbers are larger than 4, though, so that is little consolation to Mr Wanoa.

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    • Call me naive, call me negative, call me skeptical, call me Carlotta (they do on Thursdays Amateur Hour at the local Probus Club) but I am just not convince that King John Wanoa will take Britain without a fight on March 28th.

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        • Sorry that was a “Currency reset” as soon as they have the RothschildS on the run. He’s going through the books as well (presumably with Andy Devine) so that spells trouble but I really object to his threat to “dissolve The Queen”. Couldn’t he just send her into exile?. Perhaps to New Zealand where she’s reputed to own lots of land. I mean Prince Phillip has always said : “no need to put us against a wall and shoot us, we can be packed and gone within 40 minutes”.
          Is King Wanoa in a conspiracy with Meghan Markle to bypass all those Windsors?. It’s possible. I must consult Hello!. Or even OK !.

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    • I feel sorry for people who have been lured into this scam but do they even have the sense they were born with? I mean AD and JW don’t even bother with business suits or even to try and look “smart casual” – I know New Zealand’s seasons are topsy turvy so it might be a bit warmer there than it is in the UK (though we are inching towards spring here) I tried to look at the highlights but his voice is somewhat indistinct (could be my raging laptop I suppose) but some of the comments (on the side bar not underneath) have me nearly pulling my hair out. I suppose the blog linked has been referenced previously. It says it thinks the scam is indeed a scam. I looked on scambusters nz to see if they had said anything about the tidal scam but they seem to be a site dedicated to TradeMe scams (auction scams).


        • Oh dear, I’ve noticed something else I didn’t make clear in my original post that when I was referring to the seasons I meant that it is possible to get lightweight smart clothing. When I went for a job interview or on the first day of a temporary assignment if I was ‘temping’ I’d at least try to look smart.

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    • I had a look at his videos on You Tube the other day. Does he live in one room or a hotel or summat? Always looks confined into a small space.

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        • Do you mean the young lady in the Philippines? I believe she was smitten with his masculine physique, or possibly with his charming personality. She certainly did not marry him for his money.

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  6. That live by John the Con should get comedy award of the year! His indignation at being called out on the scam was comedy gold as was Devine’s demands to make him admin.

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  7. A most arresting post, EC. And well done for managing to smuggle a laptop into your cell without the feds noticing 😜

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  8. “Granted, it could take a few weeks months years for reality to slowly penetrate and take hold, but it’ll happen.”

    Indeed,and to think they may have gotten away with it wasnt for those meddling kids.

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    • Seeing as Spivey never misses an opportunity to insult that particular newspaper as “The Chimp” it seems highly unlikely from the off. Secondly, everything Spivey writes starts off with obscenities then deteriorates into the same old bollocks about nothing being real and people actually being other people because his magic software says so. I can’t see anyone wanting to buy a book from him.

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      • I beg to differ: I’m pretty sure here he is saying that all Kingly titles have been passed to him. Or was it the titles to New Zealand?
        Anyway I distinctly heard him in one of his videos where he walks into the Whanganui Police Station and announces “I am The King Of England”. Could have been jumping the gun of course in lieu of the revolution on 28th March when he plans to storm the gates of Buck House.
        Shame Phil was forced to give up his license- how will he & plain old Liz Windsor be able to flee to Balmoral in Scotland where Wanoi has no jurisdiction?

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  9. I suppose strictly speaking nobody can be arrested for a scam until the scam has actually taken place? I wonder if the legal authorities are letting King John dig himself into a hole.


  10. What I find interesting that Matt Taylor Andy’s buddy is using word press. Now Jesus and Andy claim hoaxtead research is a government run website which is also WordPress so why is Matt Taylor using word press for his delusional fantasy blog. are they now going to claim his a double agent working for hoaxtead after all he is using word press as well.🤫

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    • They don’t seem remotely bothered that Taylor has admitted to having child porn on his computer either. Hey ho

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      • No because there all child abuser sympathisers. They protect child abusers and there all linked to Belinda who assist these child abusers in the court and calling for amnesty for padeophiles. Also has padeos stay at her home so not surprising that Matt admittance to child porn doesn’t bother them. There there to discredit genuine survivors and protect abusers.

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    • When Matt Taylor was in court on his harassment charge we had a chip implanted his brain (there was so much spare space) so the poor thing doesn’t know if he’s coming or going.

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    • Taylor has a vendetta against the Sussex (= South Saxon) Police, Also an obsession with King Arthur, which merges in Taylor’s funny little fetal-alcohol-syndrome-shaped head with Alfred’s last stand against the Saxon invaders.

      Or maybe he just really hates 80s Iron-Maiden-wannabee semiheavy metal bands, in which case I respect him for it.


      • I thought it was only 1066 And All That which mixed up Alfred and Arthur. You know, King Alfred who drew the sword excalibur from the burning cake …


        • Was that the cake that Marie Antoinette told them to eat at the Battle of Agincourt in 1666?


          • You are clearly thinking of the Bruce (not to be confused with the Wallace), who defeated the English three times running by the strategic use of burned bannocks, though he was also assisted by an enormous spider.


            • This guy?

              The Irvings and Bruces became very close friends and allies. Tradition relates that “The Bruce” was a guest at Bonshaw in 1298, and when he fled from the court of Edward I of England, in 1306, his first night back in Scotland was spent in the security of its fastness. – There is a cave in the Kirtle cliffs at Cove, in which the Irvings are reputed to have hidden Bruce from the English on at least one occasion around this time.


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        • CHAPTER 4 Britain Conquered Again

          THE conversion of Britain was followed by a Wave of Danes, accompanied by their sisters or Sagas, and led by such memorable warriors as Harold Falsetooth and Magnus the Great, who, landing correctly in Thanet, overran the country from right to left, with fire.(*) After this the Danes invented a law called the Danelaw, which easily proved that since there was nobody else left alive there, all the right-hand part of England belonged to them. The Danish Conquest was, however, undoubtedly a Good Thing, because although it made the Danes top nation for a time it was the cause of Alfred the Cake (and in any case they were beaten utterly in the end by Nelson).

          By this time the Saxons had all become very old like the Britons before them and were called ealdormen; when they had been defeated in a battle by the Danes they used to sing little songs to themselves such as the memorable fragment discovered in the Bodleian Library at Oxford:

          Old-Saxon Fragment

          Syng a song of Saxons
          In the Wapentake of Rye
          Four and twenty eaoldormen
          Too eaold to die….


          (*)And, according to certain obstinate historians, the Sword.

          CHAPTER 5
          Alfred the Cake

          KING ALFRED was the first Good King, with the exception of Good King Wenceslas, who, though he looked 4th, really came first (it is not known, however, what King Wenceslas was King of). Alfred ought never to be confused with King Arthur, equally memorable but probably non-existent and therefore perhaps less important historically (unless he did exist).

          There is a story that King Arthur once burnt some cakes belonging to Mrs Girth, a great lady of the time, at a place called Atheling. As, however, Alfred could not have been an Incendiary King and a Good King, we may dismiss the story as absurd, and in any case the event is supposed to have occurred in a marsh where the cakes would not have burnt properly. Cf. the famous lines of poetry about King Arthur and the cakes:

          `Then slowly answered Alfred from the marsh ‘


    • Dr. Keel, Cathy Gale, Emma Peel, Tara King, Gambit and Purdey should all be arrested? This is an outrage 😮


  11. Too funny – some of the fruitloops are still trying to join dots with this provably fake arrest story by saying that EC’s illness announcement was put up to cover for her arrest. The knuckle -scraping morons seem oblivious to the fact that Taylor referred to a dawn raid and arrest and that EC’s post had gone up the night before (and was what prompted Taylor’s post). You couldn’t make these people up, could you? 😆

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  12. Oh dear, top businessman John Wanoa’s broke and hasn’t been paying his bills…

    I’ve obscured his account number, btw, which he seemed happy to put on display for some reason – and which his “friend” Devine was only too keen to share on his page 🙄

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    • Ah, the buffoon has realised that Xe’s financial-transaction service does not work for small suckers investors. Perhaps he could have looked up the details before building Xe into his current webscam.

      But send him $$$ and he will spend it on constructing his own Moai Pound Note Financial Bank Transfer System, which will make it possible for you to send him $$$!


  13. Sad to report that Neelu was right. The Catholic Church is closed.

    Went to church today and the Priest was there to greet us with the doors barred and shut. “Sorry,” he said. “The game’s up. Neelu was right. The Pope’s been bundled off to the Castel Sant’Angelo by the Pleiadians and our cheque for this week’s delivery of communion wafers has bounced.”

    As you can tell there was an air of despair so we popped down to Sainsbury’s Local to get some finger rolls and a bottle of beaujolais nouveau for a little unofficial transubstantiation with Camembert to cheer us all up.

    On the plus side, Lent is going to be a doddle this year. I had planned to give up my Baby McNuggets as they are liable to pile on the pounds, but without eternal damnation for not going to confession hanging over my head I’ll give the fasting and abstinence a miss.

    Got to go as I need an early night. I have a new job at London City Airport loading up the chemical tanks for the morning flights over Ilford.

    (If they can post loony conspiracy nonsense on the interwebs I don’t see why I should be denied that pleasure!)

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  14. How he finds the time with his $500 Million Hollywood movie deal to report on such trivial matters I don’t know, or maybe that was utter codswallop as well ?

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