Angela rewrites the law

Angela Power-Disney just cannot help digging her self in deeper with every video she makes. When the Irish Gardaí raided her home last summer and removed her tech devices for examination, she could’ve taken this as a hint. However, instead of buttoning her lip and hoping that her good behaviour might help to exonerate her, she went into full-bore über-harassment mode.

We have lost track of the number of times Angela has published the names of protected witnesses from Sabine McNeill’s trial, but hey, guess what? She’s done it again. We cannot link the video which she put out yesterday, but suffice to say the Irish courts could convict her on the strength of this latest video alone.

However, what interests us most about Angela’s latest video is not so much her continued harassment of innocent victims, but her determined delusion that she knows more about the law than any old lawyer or judge.

‘Innocent until proven guilty’? Pshaw!

For starters, remember those tired old saws about “innocent until proven guilty” and juries being neutral and untainted by prejudicial opinions about the case they’ll be considering?

According to Angie, “We need to look at those sacred cows…for the sake of the justice”.

Yes, she called “innocent until proven guilty” a “sacred cow”. Not, you know, the foundational precept of our justice system.

Here’s Angie’s take:

It sounds hugely democratic and wonderful and something we should protect. A lot of laws get introduced, and get passed, because they sound, you know democratic and wonderful. They sound righteous.

You know, like ‘rights for children’ was introduced, when in fact what was slipped in was, ‘Oh, you know, we can remove children for risk of future emotional harm’. Which is just absolutely outrageous. …

It’s word magic, to make you think something is wonderful when in fact its intent is nefarious.

We assume then, that Angela, should she be charged, would prefer that the court assume that she is guilty rather than innocent, and proceed on that assumption. Oh, and did we mention that Angela refers to Sabine and herself as “child rights activists”? You really could not make this up.

Regarding that outdated sacred-cow legislation “innocent until proven guilty”, Angela does admit, hilariously, “There has to be balance. You can’t just say ‘so-and-so is a paedo, so-and-so is a paedo’. Character assassination is unacceptable, there’s no doubt about that.”

(Hello, Earth calling Angie, Earth calling Angie….)

As for juries, in Angela’s view they must be presented with pre-trial evidence which would predispose them to acquit the defendant. (Assuming, of course, that the defendant is a children’s rights activist.) Only when they have all the evidence Angie wants them to have can they make an “educated, informed judgment”. Uh-huh.

She also complains, and loudly, that juries are not informed by the court when defendants have been convicted of previous similar offences. Clearly she has no idea that had the jury been told of Sabines previous mentions by various judges for her attempts to subvert justice, this would’ve prejudiced the trial against her friend.

However, as we know, Angela has never been one to let mere facts stand in the way of her fantasies.

She follows up with a long rant about sentences given to convicted paedophiles who she considers have got off lightly—despite the fact that she did not attend any of their trials, knows nothing of the evidence presented, nor the harm done to the victims, nor any mitigating factors which might have been considered by the judge in sentencing.

Angie is deeply unhappy about what she considers HHJ Sally Cahill’s “tyrannical” treatment of those who disrupted proceedings or committed contempt of court during Sabine’s trial.

At one point, grasping her head for emphasis, she screams, “What? What?! We don’t have a First Amendment in the UK, but surely freedom of speech is something that is honoured!” Strange to hear this coming from one who, if charged, would be facing the courts in Ireland. She does realise where she lives, right?

Jake Clarke on trial next week

In typical Angela fashion, she buries the lede in her video. Toward the end, she just happens to mention that Jake Clarke will be going back to court next week, but she somehow conflates this with his 2016 “malicious sectioning”, which she blames on this blog. No, we are sure that Angela’s grooming of Jake had nothing to do with his florid mental illness.

(Apparently our “band of brigands” are also responsible for Aaron Dover having committed suicide, not to mention the shooting of JR. Oh, and the kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby.)

In fact, Jake appealed the conviction and sentence he received at Willesden Magistrates court in October, and his case has been sent up to Crown Court—as is customary for a magistrates court appeal.

According to some of Jake’s friends on Facebook, his trial will start at Harrow Crown Court on Thursday, 14 February…and you know what that means. Dun-dun-dun…Valentine’s Day. (“They love their little ritual dates”, comments Angela sourly.)

As always, we will not be discussing his case until it is finished.

In closing, Angela waxes furious about Jake’s eviction from Sabine’s trial, claiming that the judge was once again being “tyrannical” and undemocratic. Angie is apparently unaware that Jake is under a criminal behaviour order which prevents him from being in proximity to certain witnesses, which he would have been violating had he remained.

As always, you can count on Angie for the facts. [Going a little heavy on the sarcasm there—Editor]

100 thoughts on “Angela rewrites the law

  1. “We assume then, that Angela, should she be charged, would prefer that the court assume that she is guilty rather than innocent, and proceed on that assumption.”

    Er…no. Because the law only applies to us and to the Hampstead parents. Angela and her little friends are all exempt. It’s in the constitution or something.

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  2. There’s also another one of her xenpophobic rants at 10:21. We know she’s no fan of immigration but it seems that ethnic diversity and the notion of people from different cultural backgrounds mixing with each other upset her too.

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  3. 31:00 – “I say 80% of their disclosure was absolutely factual and true”.

    So once again she’s saying that 20% was made-up. Do her little friends know?

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  4. I wonder how many people Angie has made feel suicidal. I lost count once it reached triple figures.

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  5. Why do you feel/think you need to censor my posts… are you yellow ? are you frightened of what I might say… Karen Irving, do you deny being El Coyote? be careful before you answer… Because there are folk busying to link you to such a handle… Will check in later to see if you have gained some fortitude.


  6. “(Apparently our “band of brigands” are also responsible for Aaron Dover having committed suicide, not to mention the shooting of JR. Oh, and the kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby.)”
    Hey, don’t forget Hoaxtead Research was responsible for Jesus’s crucifixion…. AND the wiping out of the dinosaurs!!!

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  7. Clearly Angela Daisy Powder has been influenced by the famous US comedienne, internet radio freedom fighter and synthetic wig model Tearful Joyce who is the mistress of Free Speech and speaks and writes this fact in every broadcast and post she authors.
    And if you dare to criticize her you better watch out because she’ll have the lawyers onto you because “they have laws about that” in the USA.

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  8. Yeah, Tere Joystick is worried that we’ll see another miscarriage of justice like what happened to Rubin Kintana.

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  9. Poor old AA, always a dollar short and a day late…..
    In other breaking news, water is wet, and the sun rose this morning…

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  10. More death threats against a protected witness from Pikey Devine, **** ******** and Teresa “barred from teaching” Lineshout:

    I’ve reported that image, btw.

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  11. “I’d forgotten about that verse”

    Really, Pikey? Your fruitloop mates have been posting it ad infinitum for four years now. How the hell did you miss that? Maybe it’s about time you put down the drugs, left your cave and got some sunlight. And a life.

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  12. At least neither Sabine or Angela need worry unduly about whether inmates are allowed to receive Valentines cards.

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  13. You know, like ‘rights for children’ was introduced, when in fact what was slipped in was, ‘Oh, you know, we can remove children for risk of future emotional harm’.

    Ah, fan-service for the “Estranged fathers under restraining orders to keep them away from their children” demographic. APD knows her readership!

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  14. I remain impressed, not only by the eagerness on the part of these dirtballs to make up their own version of Matthew 18:5-6 in which Jesus sanctions lynch-mobs, but also by their confidence that none of their moronic readers will ever read the original and realise that they were lied to.

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  15. The company the good Rev keeps:
    Theresa van Lieshout (that name?) has her own political party in Oz where she advocates such radical policies as courts for drug dealers, rapists and “rich” corporate criminals plus A NEW electoral system with VOTERS entering their own vote by their own hand Fixed term federal elections (every 3 years)..tremendous ideas but err, they’re already been in place Theresa for about 100 years.

    At least she’s not shy & proclaims : “Teresa is a critical, intelligent and creative thinker destined for greatness.” and happily reports “A male federal political candidate in Victoria, Australia, once publically described me as, “in the top 5 most important women of the 21st century”. Wonderful!.

    She has some charts also that will “stop men raping & killing women” .

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  16. Yeah, she’s been discussed here before. She’s a raving Islamophobe (I wish I could find that video of her at a barbecue, wielding a meat cleaver and yelling about how much she hates Muslims) and was struck off from teaching.

    Oh and her name is very apt, as she excels at both lying and shouting.

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  17. Hello victims.

    More publicity for me, my head is growing so big I could not get it through the front door to buy my witches monthly magazine.

    Stop counting my victims darlings, I was strangling fully grown men to death when I was still in my nappies, I am an MKUltra trained witch don’t you know.

    I will let you into a little secret, El Coyote is Karen Irving and she runs the Hoaxtead blog. I know this because I read it on Facebook.

    I told Aaron Dover he had to be grounded, plant his feet firmly into the ground in the name of Jesus. I sent him nudes, and next I hear he threw himself out of a window. Oh well, another crazie off my christmas card list.

    As well as being a top journlst, and a speling bee champion, I am also a top lawyer. I am always looking for a loser sucker to represent in court. I know the law. I am an untouchable. I will help you go to jail, get suicidal, get sectioned, and lose custody of your children. If you are an orphan, I will take your inheritance and smoke it away on holidays and seducing young men.

    Good luck to Jake Clark, my hand will always be on your behind.

    Well, I am off to drown some kittens.

    I might even start a blog: Angina Crashes.

    Yours from a nasty Irish witch.

    Angina Powder Dizzy

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  18. Haven’t heard much from/about her recently (more GOS’s part of the world)
    but this explains a lot$width_788%2C$height_444/t_crop_fill/q_86%2Cf_auto/a5d193ed4bca93119b23fa0c5808fea482b7c835

    From her post
    “”Evil, cowardly ‘Mandurah Mail’,” she wrote.

    “You trash me, I’ll trash you, you evil cowardly lying slanderous violent pro liberal/labor govt fascist Nazi stealing, torturing, murdering dogs [sic].”

    Despite being warned by Facebook followers to watch her language on a public forum, Ms van Lieshout continued her tirade which prompted a suggestion from one her supporters to “slash his tyres”, referring to Mail reporter Nathan Hondros.

    In even more bizarre private messages Ms van Lieshout told a member of the public to “go kill and rape yourself” before referring to the man as an “evil male c**t”.

    Ms van Lieshout told her Facebook followers she would be making a video about Mandurah Mail and said the newspaper promoted “liberal & labor murderers [sic]”.

    “Evil gutless ‘nutcase’ cowardly men, ‘Mandurah Mail’,” she wrote.

    “We do have genocidal political-govt men, and lots of other evil men in this country.

    “I hope they all burn in hell.””
    (great way to get the male vote LOL)

    She managed a huge 539 votes out of 89,717 (0.64% of the vote) in the 2015 election

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  19. She got booted out of the APP* last year too:

    *Australian Protectionist Party according to Google, Australian People’s Party according to Lie ‘n’ Shout. Hopefully Steve or Sam can clear that one up?

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  20. Darling, I firmly believe a man should be deprived of his children. Its what I live for, I am a spurned woman, and if I cannot be happy, no father will be happy. Yes, I am an evil bitch. This is my mission in life, in the name of Jesus.

    Hatefully yours.

    Angina Powder Dizzy

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  21. Ahha, I see whats happened
    It was the protectionist party prior, but she merged with another group sometime in 2017 and the combined parties renamed it peoples party…
    (This happened about 12 months after I left over there and I hadn’t really kept up with her, she was only ever a bit player in the political scene)- one of those ‘3 people in the corner’ type parties usually only covered in the local rags as a WTF space filler on slow days…. certainly not worthy of coverage on the other side of the continent

    It was actually only her ‘unusual’ last name that I remembered- for obvious reasons LOL

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  22. Someone running for politics with the last name of Lie…shout…. (Lieshout)
    You really couldn’t make something like this up, if you put it in a novel, they would say its too unbelievable….

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  23. Yesterday I was not very well so spent more time than usual on the internet going down the ‘freeman on the land/sovereign citizen’ rabbit hole. SC I’m not sure that peoples’ stupidity is at the root of their gullibility as a lack of common sense. I mean, one doesn’t have to be Einstein (I know I’m not) to have a modicum of common sense.

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  24. I don’t think Angela will find too many ‘Jesus freaks’ in an Irish prison. Wouldn’t I love to be a fly on the wall when she starts up Bible reading. God help the chaplain, he will have no chance!

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  25. Sadly, Aaron Dover suffered from serious mental illness. Angela has no business attempting to use his death as a lever in her fight against this blog. The fact that she feels able to do so is just another indication of her complete lack of conscience.

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  26. Oh, so that verse really isn’t about people causing others to lose their faith in God? Apparently my Sunday school teacher had it all wrong. Who knew?


  27. ‘As for juries, in Angela’s view they must be presented with pre-trial evidence….’

    I think she’s right actually and if she ever appears in Court the jury should be told about her green-card marriage and that she admits hitting her kids with a metal object.

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  28. ‘I know that judges and others in high places follow my work.’

    Does she mean Sacha Stone’s cosplay judges?

    On the other hand is this performance art? She might have had lessons from Tere hide in the bog Joyce?

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  29. Sort of – though it should be noted that she herself is a bit of a fruitloop and is not so much a hoaxbuster as butt-hurt over Devine blocking her.

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  30. Angela – ‘I think it was Shakespeare said “sometimes the law is an arse” ‘.

    What degree did she say she got?

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  31. Thanks to Agent J for this link. It’s more “yellow vet” bollocks from Eddieisacock. And Cat Scot, who’s now one of Eddie’s moderators, was in the chatbox immediately deleting and blocking anyone who dared to question him. What was that about “cover-ups”, Eddie?

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  32. This is pretty interesting & it touches on the terrible libels published about some Hampstead victims. While Ms Lieshout avoided a libel action another person didn’t and the plaintiff was awarded $19,000 against a woman who shared a defamatory video on Facebook.
    I note the judge rejected the defendants claim that just because it had been published by numerous other parties it did not absolve her of liability.

    It also points out that the ACT (Canberra) & South Australia are the only 2 states where such claims can be made in a Tribunal.
    In the Leveson hacking inquiry Lord Leveson recommended such a Tribunal for the ‘man in the street’ to be able to seek justice but the UK government ignored his suggestion. Shame.

    Ms.Lieshout has a video on YT saying the Judge should be arrested and jailed. In a perfect world of course all these errant judges would be handed over to Neelu Berry for instant dispatch to their maker.
    This Woman Has To Pay $19,000 For Sharing A Defamatory Video On Facebook

    The judgement:

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  33. This just in from Agent M – apparently Matt Taylor’s just had a visit from the rozzers. Taylor reckons he’s been told to remove certain content from the web by midnight tonight or get arrested 😀

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  34. Aw, poor muffin. Imagine having to soak away the stress of having the police at your door. Strangely, that only seems to happen to Matt and his friends. Wonder what the police wanted this time?

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  35. Are ciggies still currency in jails?. Been a long time since I visited someone in jail – so long ago that I was able to take a lady friend in Holloway a Harrod’s hamper (she was on remand) and she said “are there cigarettes in there because I can make good money if there are?”.
    (she was on remand for 9 months thinking she might get 3 years but police dropped the charges- she was furious).

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  36. I would love to know more about the case of the gentleman caller who traveled all the way to Oldcastle for an assignation with Ms Daisy Powder but was visited by a delegation of locals who recommended he flee which he did.
    Sadly Rupert Q. didn’t get the same advice.

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  37. Tracey Blackwell there in full voice shouting about how a ‘D Notice’ has been put on them. I’ll go with a Dunce hat. That starts with D.

    Tracey – D Notices don’t exist and haven’t for many years. Just google it.

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  38. I’m confuzzled….
    Is it a group of cowardly animal carers walking down the street?
    Or is it 30 days of appreciation for Chinese exmilitary ?

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  39. The Swissindo people have promised $millions to everyone who believes in them, but it seems that they do not offer punctuation.

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  40. It has to be some sort of code that only King Wanoa & Andy Decline can understand. I did email my Rotaruan cousin one of the King’s rants thinking perhaps it was New Zealand Speak but she couldn’t follow it either. I also sent his picture but she actually lives outside the town and said she’ll keep an eye out for him on one her rare visits to the main street but was a bit worried that if she showed recognition when spotting him she might be in trouble. I said it’s OK as I think she’ll notice that most pedestrians cross the road at the sight of King Wanoa. He also cleared out an entire police station when he walked in and announced “I’m the King of England”.

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  41. Great reporting again E.C 👍
    Six minutes into Angela’s video she discloses that Sabine is MI5 wow more BS from her oh not forgetting Belinda is aswell. Also not forgetting she stayed at her house and still has her on her friends list Now Angela is campaigning that Sabine has been wronged by the courts and should go free. this must mean Angela is a double agent. On another of her videos Angela praises police and has given them info on five bad cops. It’s Total cods wallop thou from her we all know. She is definitely making herself sound like a double agent or is she hmmm I do wonder.🤫 but then can a double agent be as stupid as this women to break every law going known to mankind.

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