Why is Icke attacking SAFF?

When Sabine McNeill received a nine-year sentence for stalking four families and violating a restraining order on six occasions, we predicted fallout as the Satan-hunting conspiraloon world went ape-shit. And lo, we were not disappointed.

Barely two weeks after the sentence was handed down, Jamie Busby, a staff author on DavidIcke.com, launched a frontal attack on S.A.F.F., the Sub-culture Alternatives Freedom Foundation. For many years, the S.A.F.F. website has provided an encyclopædic collection of evidence debunking Satanic panics and witch-hunts. It’s the go-to resource for anybody looking for material to counter myth with fact.

Busby’s article, titled “Satanic Ritual Abuse deniers protecting Paedophiles”, trots out the usual bunkum, but first comes the veiled threat.

They also have a Director called Tony Rhodes who can be contacted via email, I will link the email address later too. I expect many who read this to feel compelled to contact them. 

Subtle, no?

Then come the puerile insults:

TIP – Wear sunglasses when visiting their website, the colour scheme and brightness is horrific, I’d rather look directly at the sun.  And it looks like a 5 year old designed it. 

This seems just a tiny bit ironic coming from the person who illustrates his own article with this nightmare inducer:

Busby argues that by providing evidence that claims of SRA have never once been proven true, S.A.F.F. is defending “the entirety of the paedophile elite that we KNOW operate worldwide”. Holy begging the question, Batman!

His claim that S.A.F.F. “protects paedophiles” is ludicrous. On the S.A.F.F. site one can find material which exposed early cases of Christian church-related child abuse—material which initially was met with outrage and disbelief, but was later shown to be true.

The issue of abuse by clerics, whether in the Roman Catholic church, the Church of England, or other Christian denominations, has been in the news so often in the past two decades that it’s easy to forget that at one time, these revelations were so shocking and distressing that they were generally disbelieved. S.A.F.F. was one of the organisations pushing this issue into public view. Hardly the actions one might expect of “paedophile protectors”.

Why now?

The timing of this attack strikes us as curious.

S.A.F.F. has been around for many years, so what provoked Busby to attack them now? Could it be, as suggested on Twitter, that the timing is at least partially linked to the outcome of Sabine’s trial?

Something we found very curious during the early days of the Hampstead SRA hoax was that while the hoax was being frantically promoted by Sabine McNeill, Belinda McKenzie, and Charlotte Ward, the Big Kahuna on the British conspiracy scene, David Icke himself, was conspicuous by his absence.

We can only speculate as to why this might have been, but it seems odd. After all, the material churned out by Ella Draper and Abraham Christie seemed custom-made to appeal to Icke and his followers. Certainly, the Icke Forum discussion group, which would eventually run to over 1,000 pages, was a beehive of activity for many months.

But Icke himself never put forth an opinion, even though the extraordinary claims which two children were forced to make would have lent credence to some pretty fundamental conspiraloon beliefs.

We’ve heard it suggested that both Icke and Brian Gerrish were aware from the inception of the hoax that it was a fraud, and that neither wanted anything to do with it. Certainly, we do know that while both Gerrish and Bill Maloney were in contact with Abe and Ella as early as September 2014, both declined to touch the Hampstead material until well after Sabine had engineered the release of the videos onto the internet in early 2015.

How did they know it was a fraud? One possible explanation is that they knew because they’d been involved in the planning of the hoax.

However, we heard during Sabine’s trial that according to evidence found on her computer, Sabine was correct in asserting that she had only become involved in the case in November 2014.

This has forced us to revise our opinion that the entire case was cooked up by Belinda, Sabine, Abraham, and Ella many months earlier. Given the evidence heard in court, it now appears that the original collusion was between Abraham and Ella, and that they had contacted Gerrish and Maloney independently, prior to returning to the UK from Morocco.

But if Icke was not involved in planning or executing the Hampstead hoax, it certainly ought to have interested him. As a man in the business of peddling conspiracies, the more outrageous the better, the premise of two pretty blond British children making allegations of some sort of ritual abuse (they never mentioned the word “Satan” or “Satanic”) by “elites” in Hampstead should have seemed right up his street.

So if Icke wasn’t interested while the hoax was in its heyday, what’s with the sudden attack on S.A.F.F., a site which has existed for years without appearing to attract much attention from Icke or his flying monkeys?

Perhaps it’s as simple as this: although Icke had no wish to embroil himself in the Hampstead hoax, which was at its core a custody battle turned terribly toxic, the long prison term which Sabine received has sent out shockwaves, to which Icke and his lackeys must be exquisitely sensitive.

Like any businessman who can sense when the core premise of his product is under threat, Icke understands that seeing a key promoter of the SRA myth receive a stiff prison sentence is no laughing matter. And the best defence, especially when one’s livelihood is at stake, is a strong offence. After all, those conspiracy theories aren’t going to push themselves.

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  1. Hmmmmmm……it’s so very odd and so totally strange that quite often those who opt to rush to defend the indefensible are guilty…of so much worse…I’m considering my own situation right now where my daughter has become a target for ill-intentioned attention, actually signaled out in order to force me to bow and scrape in the interest of protecting my child….this is totally unrelated to hoaxtead but it’s a similar kind of thing.

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  2. You are over thinking things. The man is a complete loony; a few sarnies short of a picnic; stopped a couple of stations before Barking. three bricks short of a load; a bag of fries missing from happy meal.

    Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus and Numbers, which together make up the ‘Jewish’ Torah, were all written by the Levites or under their supervision during or after their period in Babylon. This bunch of human sacrificing, blood drinking fanatics and black magicians, who you would not trust to tell you the time, compiled the law which Jewish people to this day are supposed to follow. Likewise many Christian fanatics quote this stuff as the word of God! It is not the word of God, it is the word of the Levites under the direction of the reptile full-bloods and crossbreeds of the Babylonian Brotherhood.

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  3. I hope you are both ok Siouxie, please do not hesitate to get the law involved. Intimidation should not to be tolerated. Those doing so usually have a long list of criminal convictions as I am sure you are well aware of. Please take care of yourselves.

    Yes, it’s true EC that any talk of abuse by clerics across the board was unheard of & the 1st inklings of it were met with disbelief & horror, it still is. Does it make sense as a Roman Catholic that I felt relief that other demoninations besides Catholic priests were guilty as well? Simply because Ireland was shamed, it was a terrible time & the people telling what had happened to them was heartbreaking. A relation, among others, as we found out was abused by our priest (prick), sadly everyone thought he had gone of the rails as a teen & went missing for a number of years, but he was found with the help of an organization who made contact with the family & that is when we found out what had happened to him. 😢

    Any organization or even people as individuals who bravely exposed that horrific abuse & continue to expose it are A1 in my book.

    I don’t think that Sabine & Belinda were involved at the beginning of the hoax either I believe that Abraham alone dreamt it up & Ella blindly followed as did Sabine, Belinda & the odd balls that then joined in.

    As for Icke, yes, he could probably see the amount of interest Sabine’s case is still generating & sees a business opportunity, ironically, pennies from Heaven for him!

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  4. Siouxsie, I, like EC, am sorry to hear you are experiencing this difficulty. I hate the idea of getting at a parent through a child. I’m from a Catholic background and one of the priests asked me when I was about 6 to say a prayer that “Daddy” would start coming to mass.

    Getting back on topic, I stopped trying to make sense of anything David Icke said when he stopped being a sports presenter. I considered him not bad-looking back in the day. Still, he makes a living and gets to see different parts of the world

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  5. It annoyed me that when this antisemitic racist was in Australia last year the media painted Icke as a harmless eccentric with his hollow Moon rubbish.

    Speaking of Raving Nutcases I’ve found the rich man’s Angela Powder-Daisy: Liz Crokin who is lamenting that Donald Trump hasn’t yet arrested everyone from Hilary Clinton, Michelle Obama to Mr Podesta and everyone to the Left of Attila The Hun for Satanic baby trafficking etc.
    Totally in sync with Neelu Berry who eagerly awaits the mass arrests and incarceration without trial in Gitmo where she hopes to demonstrate that the late Albert Pierrepoint was just a big pussy when she daily consigns most of Britain’s judiciary to the scaffold.
    Couldn’t she be a young Ange?. Is she Angie’s role model?.

    “Liz Crokin Warns of ‘Vigilante Justice’ if QAnon’s Promised Mass Arrests Don’t Happen Soon ”

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  6. To clarify my above post – the inverted commas around the word ‘Daddy’ were to convey the fact that the priest had used the diminutive rather than “Dad”. My father was indeed my biological father

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  7. Some definite similarities with Angie:

    From her own website:
    “Liz Crokin is an investigative journalist and the award-winning author of Malice.
    If you are able, please support Liz Crokin’s ongoing fight against child trafficking with prayer and by clicking here.” (link to paypal account)

    “Malice” by the way is described by one reviewer thus:

    “I was hoping for a good political thriller. What I got was pornography and Sophomoric writing. The main character was a shallow, stupid, drama queen. She ignored every hint at disaster because her new boyfriend “was so unbelievably gorgeous”.
    Most of the book focused on her disastrous relationship with a “JFK, Jr. look-alike”. The political thriller promised never materialized. I understand Crokin intends to make this the first of a trilogy. Really?”

    She puts more effort in than APD – or has people to put effort in for her.

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  8. Oh and Liz obviously suffers from paranoia too. Here is another Amazon review of her book:

    “Ok, I’m going to try this again. I originally reviewed “Malice” several weeks ago and was accused by the author of being her ex-boyfriend (b/c apparently he is the only one who could think this book is trash). I responded I was not her ex, nor a man, and then suddenly my review was removed. When I inquired to Amazon why that had happened I was told it was reported for containing profanity. I said it did not and upon additional review, Amazon stated I could re-post my comments. At that point, I couldn’t be bothered to give it any more energy. However, I am now seeing she is making the same allegations against others who thought this book is terrible. If you find tabloids to contain real journalism, then you might, in fact, find this book to be actual literature. It is abundantly clear this is the author’s first attempt at composing a novel; her writing lacks intelligence, sophistication and depth. Waste of time, waste of money.”

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  9. Malice : “The main character was a shallow, stupid, drama queen.” Oh a book based on Ange Daisy-Power?. I said there was something similar between these two.

    Apparently Liz Crokin had some ghastly illness for a time which led to brain damage. Not that it shows.

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  10. On a seperate topic I *think* I just got the BBC to disable the comments on the fathers Victoria Derbyshire YouTube interview.

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  11. She pops up on the Utah Outcasts channel on a regular basis. She has threatened to give it all up if the mass arrests don’t happen before the end of the year. If only Neelu would promise the same.

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  12. I had never heard of SAFF until reading this article.

    Whilst I would agree imo the Hampstead case was a hoax, I can’t be certain SRA has never happened.

    The SAFF site seems to want to debunk any claim of SRA, and protects the occultist Alisteir Crowley.

    From the SAFF site

    “Pleasant Pictures of Crowley which They Don’t Want You To See”


    From Wikipedia

    “Moving to the commune with Hirsig, Shumway, and their children Hansi, Howard, and Poupée, Crowley described the scenario as “perfectly happy … my idea of heaven.”[144] They wore robes, and performed rituals to the sun god Ra at set times during the day, also occasionally performing the Gnostic Mass; the rest of the day they were left to follow their own interests.[145] Undertaking widespread correspondences, Crowley continued to paint, wrote a commentary on The Book of the Law, and revised the third part of Book 4.[146] He offered a libertine education for the children, allowing them to play all day and witness acts of sex magic” Booth 2000, page 367

    Be careful Hoaxtead ….. you don’t want to associate yourselves with a site i.e. SAFF who promotes Crowley.

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  13. Er, that’s not the SAFF site. If I wasn’t so trusting I would think that you are trying to deliberately spread misinformation.


  14. Someone in Icke’s job has to read the audience and learn what they want to hear. And his audience, of course, are garbage people.

    Icke: Lizardoids.
    Audience: That’s all very well, Davey, but what about the Jews?
    Icke: Royal family. Shapeshifting. Bilderbergs.
    Audience: Getting warmer.
    Icke: Rothschilds, Blood sacrifice. Jews.
    Audience: WE KNEW YOU’D GET THERE!!

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  15. A while ago, Jon Ronson interviewed Icke for a chapter in his book “Them”. The Icke Factor was already getting flak at the time for spouting rants that “rhymed with” antisemitism, if you know what I mean, using the dehumanising tropes of hardcore antisemitic “cockroaches in our midst” rhetoric but directed at imaginary menaces rather than at Jews per se.

    Ronson’s conclusion at the time was that the critics were being over-sensitive, and that Icke was genuinely not thinking of Jewish Conspiracies in the course of his professional gibbering. I don’t know if Ronson has rethought that position, now that Icke has embraced his inner Julius Streicher.

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  16. I don’t believe Ella blindly followed Abe’s hoax. She was more than happy to say her ex husband and eldest son were involved in the cult, from the start.

    They were in this together from the beginning IMO.
    She also stood by and let her boyfriend hit, kick and push the children, teach the children disgusting things and make them recite them on camera.


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  17. I’ve been fairly convinced for a decade or so that David Icke doesn’t actually believe any of the crap he peddles. Yes, he once had a nervous breakdown and went all ‘turquoise aspect of the godhead’ but lots of people have had nervous breakdowns and come out the other end. What he has got is a very loyal audience of whack-jobs and crank-magnets who will believe any old shit he cobbles together and most importantly they’ll BUY it.

    I find it hard to believe that somebody who supposedly believes patently delusional crap like Icke peddles would have the ability to release new revelations in a new book at regular intervals without completely abandoning his previous crap and pissing off the audience. He’s no fool… Each new book adds another layer to the existing conspiracies in the previous books and he weaves the whole thing into a saleable commodity. He’s even turned it into a family business

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  18. Don’t get me wrong, I am not excusing her of anything, she is a vile, evil, nasty unfeeling c#*t to put her children though all that. I guess the truth will only ever come out if she were to get a fit of conscience but that is highly unlikely.

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  19. Dear old Uncle Aleister! A very interesting and flawed human being. If you really want to know about Crowley, beyond the tabloid sensationalism, I can highly recommend Richard Kaczynski’s “The Life of Aleister Crowley”.

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  20. Icke is also one of the worst plagiarists on the planet. There is not a single thing he presents that was not already discussed by others for decades or printed in books.
    As a reader of such things since a young teen (and I’m in my 70s) I can identify all his sources.

    What he did was package it up and present in a very commercial manner (as an ex BBC presenter) in a receptive climate as “New Age” memes were getting a positive reception world-wide and use common publicity tricks that worked a treat ( I am Jesus !).

    His supporters are cult-like and as in all cults they attribute their leader with qualities with divine-like worship- qualities the leader does not have. Such as matters discussed on here: his rabid supporters claim Icke knew all about Ted Heath or Jimmy Savile (and numerous other sensations) years before everyone else and presented the claims years before the media picked up on them.
    It simply isn’t true. What he does, quite cleverly, is pick up on other claims swirling about in the internet ether, print them with great authority and his fan base assumes he said it first, repeat that ad infinitum until it becomes “fact”.

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  21. Be careful Hoaxtead ….. you don’t want to associate yourselves with a site i.e. SAFF who promotes Crowley.

    Why not? Why is “promoting Crowley” (I would have said “trying to correct some of the stupider misconceptions of Crowley”) such a bad thing that Hoaxtead Research could suffer for refuting Icke’s libels about SAFF?

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  22. I suspect someone is having a bit of a windup
    from that ‘saff’ site

    Giant can opener???

    I must admit I had a bit of a giggle about it

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  23. I think the question of who led whom—Ella or Abraham—will probably remain an open one until they are brought to trial. However, I think it’s safe to say that Abraham led the torture sessions with Ella’s approval. That’s what the children told the police officer, in any case.


  24. I like the header…

    Crowley Bollocks Banner
    Horrible things you never knew about the Devil Incarnate….Crowley Bollocks Banner
    Horrible things you never knew about the Devil Incarnate….
    It must be true because it’s in print….
    We slay the untruths about Aleister Crowley which the Xists don’t want you to see.
    The Truth Shall Set You Free!

    “It must be true because it’s in print….”
    a common web complaint…
    ‘Of course it’s true, I read it on the web’

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  25. I have to confess that my knowledge of Crowley is pretty limited (note to self: should remedy that). However, I have no reason to believe that he is as vile as the hoaxers make him out to be. I think that as in all things, a balanced view is the best approach.

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  26. I think Ella wanted to find a way to end the children’s contact with their father by making false allegations against him: She may have got the idea when researching ways to achieve her aims through the Gloria FB group.


  27. It was (helium doesn’t burn), but at the time, helium (at the time only available in the US) was banned from export and so the Hindenburg had to ‘make do’ with hydrogen (plus of course the use of an a ground to air missile a quarter century before it was made lol)

    And the ‘giant can opener’ from his trunk, that was ‘mysteriously missing after the iceberg hit’
    wink, wink, nod, nod

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  28. I can recommend Francis X. King’s biography. Haven’t read the Richard Kaczynski one.

    Or you could go with the fictional version, in “Masks of the Illuminati”.


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  30. Yes that’s true, if they are ever brought to justice, one would blame the other, as criminals do & they are one of the worst kind of criminal undoubtedly.


  31. Wasn’t there a connection to other ludicrous claims also about tattoos on the body, although Abe at one stage claimed they were ‘meaninless’, possibly because he knew he was copying another hoax & would be laughed at instead of believed.


  32. Thank you Sheva and Jake.

    I raised the complaint directly with the BBC, not asking them to remove the video but to disable the comments.

    Small victory but every little helps!

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  33. “I can’t be certain SRA has never happened.”

    Define SRA first. Your understanding of SRA may not be mine nor the next persons etc. That’s part of the issue when using the term SRA.

    For example, I don’t believe that SRA exists when described as cults involving hundreds of people (usually “The Elite”) summoning Satan, eating babies and wearing baby skinned shoes. Do you?

    However, I do believe that individuals use robes and symbols to strike fear into their victims in order to abuse them. But is that SRA? Or is it just pervs frightening and raping children, something they’d do without robes anyway?

    When there is evidence that children are groomed in the very cities we live in and that sex trafficking of young and adult people is really a thing that exists, it is really bizarre to me why idiots concentrate their efforts on SRA (using my definition) when that type of SRA has never been proved by 30 YEARS of law enforcement in the most advanced countries in the World.

    Oh but wait….it’s a conspiracy and it’s “The Elites”…..

    Utter morons the lot of them.


  34. Yes, definitely. I wonder who in the BBC runs the YouTube channel? You would think they would have noticed the worst of the comments and removed them without someone alerting them to how bad they were.
    Very smart of you to contact the BBC directly to raise the issue, SB.

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  35. “After all, those conspiracy theories aren’t going to push themselves” – lovely last line.
    I like the comment that Icke had a nervous breakdown rather than a permanent conversion into weirdness. That makes sense.


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