Is Angela Power-Disney close to being charged?

Since last August when Angela Power-Disney’s home was raided and her computer equipment seized by four (or possibly five) officers from Kells Garda Station, we’ve been waiting patiently to hear whether she would be charged, and if so, with what.

Readers will recall that Angie’s tech equipment was sent off for forensic examination, and that the Gardaí told her they would be in touch to let her know whether she would be charged.

If we’re reading the signs correctly, that time may be approaching.

According to the ever-reliable* The Reverend Master Sir Anthony Whatsis—you know, that fellow who claims to broadcast from a cave in India to his adoring worldwide audience of fruit loops—he has been informed by Angela that she “is now awaiting a reply from the public prosecutor’s office to see whether there’s enough evidence to prosecute her”. This sounds like Angela’s turn of phrase, not his, so we’re inclined to think he might be quoting her.

As we all know, in defiance of police advice, the laws against harassment (which are more or less similar to those here), and the common sense God gave geese, Angela has continued—in fact, ramped up—her hate campaign against certain named individuals since the Gardaí seized her equipment.

In video after video, post after post, she has reiterated and elaborated upon the very material which got her into this mess in the first place.

We dared to hope that following Sabine McNeill’s guilty verdict and nine-year sentence, Angela might decide to tone it down a bit, but instead, she decided to take advantage of the relative power vacuum in the Hoaxtead mob, and assigned her latest dupe friend to come to Southwark Crown Court and get arrested, jailed overnight, and tried for sheer stupidity naming a protected witness in a YouTube video. Apparently she was experimenting with Belinda’s patented “lead from behind” leadership model.

Whatever the Irish Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions decides to do vis á vis charges, we hope they have been made aware of Angela’s ongoing harassing behaviour.

Hilariously, she has claimed that the Gardaí were not searching her tech equipment for evidence with which to charge her; rather, they were looking for evidence that she has been unfairly maligned and abused by her enemies (read: us).

According to her friend in the cave in India, “the good news is that DS Mark Looby from Kells police is backing Angie, but suggests to avoid going to jail she stop exposing the Hampstead cult”.

Just as we have no idea what could give her the impression that the police have been searching for evidence against us on her computer, we have no clue why Angela might be under the impression that the Gardaí are “backing” her. Does she really not understand the concept of a criminal investigation? (Rhetorical; don’t bother answering.)

Here’s a piece of advice for you, Angela: listen to DS Looby. If he says to stop harassing people to avoid going to jail, he probably knows what he’s talking about. In fact, we think he told you that when you were interviewed after your equipment was seized, didn’t he?

Think about what happened to Sabine, who was warned multiple time by police and the courts that she must stop her criminal behaviour or risk prison. She pushed that one to the limit, didn’t she? And what happened to her? A precedent-setting prison sentence, that’s what.

Is that really the road you want to travel? (Again: rhetorical.)

*Ever-reliable: Just our little joke there. 

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  1. Perfect timing, EC. I’ve just taken a screenshot of said missive:

    The panicking in the hoaxer camp is palpable 😀

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  2. “Here’s a piece of advice for you, Angela: listen to DS Looby”

    And get yourself a bloody lawyer, for Christ’s sake!

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    • I suspect that a lawyer would be (like in Belindas case) pretty much a case of too little, too late
      You can’t make a silk purse out of a sows ear, and it’s certainly that in this case….

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      • Yes, I think the silk purse/sow’s ear analogy showed up in Sabine’s trial as well. Her defence team was very competent, but there’s only so much one can do in certain cases.

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      • You can’t make a silk purse out of a sows ear

        Shirley you mean “You can’t make a silver lining out of a sow’s ear”, if you want APD, Neelu &c to understand.

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  3. I, don’t know, i’ve got this policy where if I see Angie’s mouth moving, I don’t believe anything coming out of it.

    She strikes me as the type who wouldn’t put herself forward, when she can use others to do her dirty work, a cheap Belinda if you like.

    Is there any independent evidence to back her claims of a police raid and the taking of her IT gear?

    It’s not the first time she lost IT gear is it?

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    • She’s had IT gear stolen, lost, and eaten by sharks*, it’s true. I wouldn’t lend her tech equipment on a bet, and she does have a nasty habit of telling porkies.

      However, we had independent verification of the police raid at the time. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

      *allegedly and without prejudice

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      • It’s the continued digging of the hole she in that surprises me.

        Like I said, it seems she is happy to encourage others into trouble whilst keeping herself safe.

        Oh well, she must be really, really stupid then. A lot more stupid than I gave her credit for.

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        • Yes, this astonishes me, too. But it became shockingly clear in Sabine’s trial that she’d exhibited exactly the same behaviour. Just guessing here, but there seems to be some sort of wish for public martyrdom?

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          • I’m not sure on martyrdom. Shear arrogance seemed to be Sabine’s problem and not being anywhere near as clever as she thought she was.

            Angie, it’s all about Angie for her, she wants to be the centre of attention, the one with all the inside knowledge, kudos in the truther world etc.

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          • You’re right, CM, “martyrdom” was an ill-chosen word. Perhaps “heroine”? I think both APD and Sabine would like to be seen as great leaders and wonderful inspirations by their fellow hoax-pushers. Sadly, they are both more likely to be viewed as horrible examples.

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        • The worst of it was that her ex-husband’s surname is Disney, but Angela didn’t like that as it sounded too “common”, so she changed it to the more exciting “D’Isigny” on the grounds that this might have once been her ex’s ancestors’ surname.

          She is really a very ordinary person with pretensions to grandeur–see also the fake Princess Diana ring she sports in her videos…heaven forfend that anybody think she is “just anybody”. No, no, no! She is distantly related to Princess Diana, don’tcha know! 😀

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          • I suppose this would be the wrong time to point out that I am the Queen’s 12th cousin?

            Anyone with even a loose grasp of how family trees work is aware that those who lived 400 years ago will have spawned hundreds, if not thousands of descendants.

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  4. This just in 🙄

    “The Hampstead case continued for other distraction reasons ie the bigger Anglican Church problem involving Desmond Tutu and his grandson in London; consequently the trial of Sabine McNeill & Neelu Berry collapsed in July 2016. Hoaxtead Research is run by Church of England attendees; both sides have kept the Hampstead case going for their own CofE/Anglican Church reasons when this information could stop the whole matter in its tracks.”

    ~ Yolande Kenward


  5. So let’s see if I have this right:

    This site is run by the Church of England under the authority of the Pope, who is taking orders from the Freemasons directed by a cabal of Jewish financiers who themselves are being manipulated by MI5 in order to enact a plan to have GCHQ beam 5G signals into the brains of satan hunters in order to stop the angels coming down from their spaceships to save mankind from the reverse vampires.

    Okay, I may have got the reverse vampires from an episode of The Simpsons, but that’s as much a credible source as these loonies.

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      • I keep thinking no ones post can be more batshit crazy than the last, and then you read the next screenshot lol Am i right in reading there that they claim they started to wind up the Alliance and Leicester? All by themselves? jeepers.

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        • That woman is an out and out fruit case. She has no idea what she’s talking about half the time, the other half is spent having grandiose ideas about herself and how important she is. She also has a side-kick who comes on board and threatens anyone who disagrees with her idol. Between knocking them out, kicking them to as far as Scotland or going to their door to do serious damage. When I was on fb reading her posts made my day but also trying to decipher what the hell she was talking about. This election business has been ongoing for 3 years. Then she attacks the council, her ex-hubby/hubby’s. The woman needs sectioned as she’s clearly of her meds. Between her and motor mouth Morris I use to get my day in quite easily, with plenty of laughter 😁


  6. My guess is that when the officers from Kells Garda Station came to visit her, she wouldn’t stop rabbiting on about stuff so, just to shut her up, DS Mark Looby might have said something like “Okay, we’ll look into that!”.
    From that she’s concluded he’s on her side.
    Alternatively he may have purposefully lured her into trusting him so that she would talk more freely. Here at G**Q, we often use that technique.

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  7. Has anyone from here threatened the lady’s life? I doubt it – as the site expressly forbids threats or doxing for that matter. From what I remember when the “Adam” torso, i.e. what seems to have been a genuine abuse, possibly ritual abuse, case the police tried hard to find out who the poor little lad was – though they weren’t 100% successful, or if they were there wasn’t enough evidence to charge anyone.

    I heard that Rupert chap on the Opperman report (the episode is from a while ago). I sometimes listen to that podcast though I don’t always agree with everything he says and had not realised that anything controversial concerning the Hampstead case has been mentioned there. More recently Mr Opperman has said – not about Rupert specifically – that he thinks 90% of conspiracy theories are junk and that YouTube can make more gullible people crazy. I did wonder why Rupert wasn’t just deported (why burden the British tax payer with supporting him in jail for however many months it was?) but then I read something about him having a knife. He was rooked by person or persons further up the hoax food chain I think.


    • I respectfully disagree. Opperman is a typical conspiraloon with a lot to answer for.

      Here’s some recent bilge from him:

      By the way, when he did that vile Rupert interview, we tried to warn him what Rupert was like and point out the damage his show could potentially do, but he ignored us and blocked us.


    • ‘Ere I’m a great fan of those movies but I missed Carry On Behind the Scenes!.
      I thought HM ran the Cult but now she’s just a prisoner.
      Something must be afoot as clearly Prince Phillip made a break for it by himself without minders but they nabbed him at the end of the driveway.

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  8. Nothing wrong with you holding an alternate opinion, Tinribs. That’s what sensible discussion is about, holding alternate opinions without being unduly dismissive of other people. The show (Mr Opperman’s) does seem to be having some financial difficulties at present. He has had some sensible interviewees on his show but I think he realises now some other guests have had, shall we say, a different perspective on reality to mine. I know he asked one guest (can’t recall which one) if said guest thought the late Barbara Bush was Alesitair (sp?) Crowley’s daughter and the guest replied in the negative, saying that the story had first appeared on April 1st one year. I think there are far worse than Mr O out there in conspiracy land though – the everything’s fake brigade – or the every famous person is a clandestine transgender groups. The latter I know in one respect are laughable but some of the comments say things like “Somebody should pull one of their fakes bellies off” or “Somebody should kick them in the belly” – I know often what people say online can be fantasy but part of me worries in case somebody actually did try to kick a pregnant woman. (The loony conspiracy is that certain actresses are really men were given a sex change operation young and are faking pregnancies with “moon bumps”). And that’s only two loony conspiracies.


  9. LMAO! Anthony the cave-dwelling loon has declared war on us now 😆

    Good to hear he knows where to come for accurate reporting on the Hampstead hoax, though 😀

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    • If you’re going to accuse people of torturing children the least you could do is learn how to spell it. Who’s ‘Hoaxstead’?

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    • It’s not classified as a drug and can be sold as a supplement. And I don’t know where they are buying it from if they think it’s the most expensive drug. You can pick it up online at £37 for 25mg.

      Maybe they’ve got confused with the Sisters of Mercy single. Oxfam are selling the 7″ of Body Electric/Adrenochrome for £125 but it’s on eBay for £232. Which reminds me, must get a ticket for September at the Roundhouse!

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    • This is why I was thrown out of Tescos recently.
      I asked for a bottle of Andrenochrome by Yves St Laurent (or is it David Beckham ?) and caused a real stink when they looked puzzled. I’ll go back and refer them to Daisy Power’s blog.

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      • Ask for Moloko-plus with the old Drenchrom at the Korova Milk Bar.
        Actually that is probably what your cat is drinking.

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      • Wait ’til they discover where the locally sourced produce for Jamie Oliver’s steak and kidney pies comes from!

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  10. Shameless Devil’s wasted life squandered skills and harmful strife mock creations baring teeth spinning tales a brood of thieves
    Contempt For Justice fear demands your worthless best VS Great I AM
    I’m so sorry did you die, will your family even cry, who would miss you who would care, what a name and cross to bear
    Defender of you know…. your not a fool
    Let’s not Wade in Finchley pool
    Slander spit each night and day incurting debts no funds to pay
    Quite a bill I dare not look, smell distinct like flesh well cooked
    Well have a taste or toss the plate turn to HIM or bitter fate
    It’s not religion, or books of lies
    love so sweet itll make you cry.
    You would dance and leap for joy if you knew my father’s ploy
    Flee that vessel, sinking mess theres so much more and nothing less.
    reach for heaven whispers still, you are loved: My Father’s Will.


  11. And don’t forget to tune in next week when we shall be asking the burning question: should I part exchange my aardvark or should I let my ferret go?

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  12. Angela Power Disney, last monster standing, awaiting the justice that is long due to you. Deluded monster that is incapable of knowing when to stop. All the other monsters are slain, which means all attention is now focussed on the last monster, who forces the hand of the legal authorities to tale action, even if they are reluctant, because it makes them look foolish and incapable of protecting the innocent from the Oldcastle Monster if they don’t. Too much legal precedent has been established on Hampstead Hoax for even the Irish legal authorities to be unable to ignore that, and they will act – soon.

    I am not interested in the “why” of the motivations of Angela Power Disney to wage a false malicious war upon the innocent of Hampstead, only the “what”: the tsunami of hate, deceit and malevolence that errupts out of this Oldcastle Monster’s mouth and mind upon the innocent. Reality will bite, and it will bite this monster hard. You are going to jail, I predict this.

    I am going to state hard facts. You, Angela Power Disney are an old person, your health is failing and you have little time left on this planet in which to sow your spite upon the world. You smoke like a factory, and that shortens your life. You have no friends, everyone hates you, also your family. Having no friends, this makes you go old, frail and closer to death too. The science confirms this.

    As the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius in Mediations says, we are all doomed to ash and bone i.e. we all die. Two decades, you will be gone from this earth. Your body is made of atoms that will be scattered, becoming part of earthworms, nettles, fungi, rats and bats. There is no Heaven or Hell, and many would get comfort believing you will burn in Hell for all eternity. But I suggest, your spirit is made of atoms, and what holds those together is the Logos which some call God. Since you are part of God, despite your evil, that part of you won’t be tortured in Hell or be judged. What will happen to you is you will be broken apart, you will cease to exist, and the atoms of your spirit will be given to those souls more worthy of carrying the fire of the Logos. When you do harm to others, you do harm to yourself. On your death, both your body and your soul will disintergrate, because that is what happens to damaged souls. Time will claim your evil soul and body in the next few decades, and you will be gone, wiped from existence.

    I can let go of my anger at you, I know your future. You have doomed your own liberty and soul. Angela won’t be returning after she is dead.

    This is what a child called Lottie says about past life, she comes from dust and returns to dust, i.e. atoms. The philosophy I follow is atomist and is in harmony with this past-life memories of this child. The atoms of the soul are held together by the Logos, but if too much damage is done, the soul falls apart. Bye bye Angela Power Disney.


    This is the mother of Lottie, a child remembering a past life:

    Most amazing conversation of my life

    Oh my goodness. I have just had a conversation with Lottie that just blew me away and I HAVE to share it on here right now.

    As Lottie has told me several times that she has forgotten about her past lives, I had given up all hope of hearing anything more about the subject. However, I wasn’t prepared for what just took place. I grabbed a pen and paper and scribbled down (with shakey hands) the converastion as it was happening.

    I had been talking about Misty, my pet dog who lived with my mum and dad, and who has recently died. Here is the converation I had with Lottie:

    Lot: Misty is dead. I wonder if she is going to come back as another dog?

    Me: I don’t know. Do you think she will?

    Lot: Yes. Because I had past lives.

    Me: So do you think that she is another dog now?

    Lot: No, not yet.

    Me: Why not yet?

    Lot: When did she die?

    Me: A few weeks ago.

    Lot: She won’t be a new doggy yet I don’t think.

    Me: Why not?

    Lot: Because you spend a bit of time dead first, like a few weeks or a few months or something.

    Me: Oh. How do you know?

    Lot: I don’t know. I just do.

    Me: Oh. Did that happen to you?

    Lot: Yes.

    Me: Where were you after you died?

    Lot: I didn’t exist.

    Me: But your memories must have survived for you to remember your past lives now?

    Lot: Hmmm… I find it hard to describe.

    Me: Can you try?

    Lot: I went into thin air.

    Me: How do you know you did that?

    Lot: Because my memories that were lost somewhere remembered it. I just drifted up into thin air at night when nobody was out.

    Me: And then what happened?

    Lot: I went up into the sky, breaked yourself up into bits of dust.

    Me: What happened to the dust?

    Lot: It floated all over the place, and after one month I came back to Lottie.

    Me: What did it feel like when you broke up into dust?

    Lot: I don’t know. I was lying still because I was dead.

    Me: But you must have been aware of breaking up into dust?

    Lot: What does ‘aware’ mean?

    Me: That you noticed it.

    Lot: Yes I did, but I didn’t really feel it.

    Me: Oh. Who were you before you were Lottie?

    Lot: I’ve beed [been] so many people in the past that I can’t remember them all, and I can’t remember the person I was when I broke up into dust and then was Lottie.

    Me: …What did it feel like to die?

    Lot: Nothing.

    Me: Wasn’t it scary? I think I would be afraid.

    Lot: No, it wasn’t scary.

    Me: Did you see any other people when you were dead?

    Lot: When I was dust other people made friends with me.

    Me: What did the other people look like?

    Lot: Dust aswell.

    Me: And what did you do while you were dead?

    Lot: I was getting ready to be Lottie.

    Me: What did you have to do to be ready to be Lottie?

    Lot: Change.

    Me: What did you have to change?

    Lot: My life.

    Me: … Lottie, do you feel like this is new information, or have you always known it?

    Lot: I’ve always known it. No. It’s new information… I don’t know. It’s really, really hard to describe.

    Me: Are you scared of dying now?

    Lot: No, I’m not scared. It does make me sad though because I like being on the Earth.

    Me: Did you always go to the same place when you were dead?

    Lot: Yes. I mean no. I’m not sure. I just liked being home.

    Me: Where’s home?

    Lot: In Australia. [This is where we currently live]. I did have a home when I was dead, but I prefer being on the Earth. At home.

    She then skipped off into the kitchen and asked if we could make some cakes now.

    I was completely stunned. I was shaking slightly, and could actually feel adrenaline in my body. My arms and hands felt really weak too and I had butterflies in my tummy. I made cakes with her, but I can tell you, my mind wasn’t on cake making!

    I couldn’t get over how serious she had been while talking to me. She is usually such a cheeky little thing, and if she is joking with you you can see it in her eyes, and the way she grins. But this time I looked straight into her eyes and there was not a trace of joking there at all. I kept waiting for her to break into a cheeky smile and let me know she was winding me up, but it never happened. She just looked right back at me and had such a serious look in her eyes that it made me feel uncomfortable. I am just stunned. It’s late, and I should go to bed, but I had to share this right now. I don’t think I am going to be able to sleep tonight anyway…

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    • Some of the ideas behind conclusions:

      1. everything, including body and soul, is made up of parts i.e. atoms.
      2. the parts are bound together, animated and ordered by the Logos.
      3. everything is part of One thing i.e. the Logos; harm a person, harm your self.
      4. the more disorder a something has, the more likely it will shatter into many parts.
      5. everything recycles into new things, when I die, my body will be shared by many plants and animals, they die, those atoms move on to new plants and animals.
      6. there is no such thing as linear or final endings, only transformations, cycles and recycling.
      7. the common patterns of nature apply to everything and repeats on every level, the spiral of DNA is the same as the spiral or galaxies, bound by the same number ratios such as the Golden Ratio.
      8. Angela Power Disney, consciousness, aliveness, bee swarms are all examples of emergent layers dependent upon the parts; if the parts disintergrate, the emergent layer vanishes. Complexity Theory describes the science of emergence.
      9. James Leininger case is a good example of a water-tight case of past life memories.
      10. Reincarnation is in harmony with the common patterns of nature.
      11. The soul is the potential side of nature, the body is the kinetic side. Think of potential as a six sided dice in a state of rolling six possible states, and the body as one final state in which the diced rolled. The end of life is only a way of saying that the dice is rolling again.
      12. All things evolve from simple states to ever-complex patterns. A chicken is more complex than a T-Rex dinosaur (its ancestor) because its DNA has more patterns encoded in its DNA than its ancestor. A chicken can become a T-Rex again if environmental factors favour reactivating those stored genes in its junk DNA.

      13. Angela Power Disney is nothing more that a projected emergent layer of parts, but because the parts have become damaged, the layer that is Angie is unlikely to survive. The parts that made up Angie will be scattered and will be rebuilt into other souls like parts of her body will eventually be eaten by earthworms, and the atoms of earthworms will move through the foodchain into other entities. Nobody gets tortured in Hell, if you are a good-natured person, your soul continues, otherwise you get broken apart and other souls use your atoms.


      • I’ll leave out the more ethereal claims (I’m a Catholic so I can’t talk 😉) and I’m not sure this is the place to get into a discussion about either quantum physics or evolution but so many wrong assertions there.
        The T-Rex is not the ancestor of a chicken. They share a common ancestor. It is not the same. 🐓🐔🐔🐲🐲🐲

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        • You can Google the studies linking chickens to the T-Rex. The T-Rex is part of a group called raptors, to which all birds are thought to come from. The chicken has one of the strongest connections to the T-Rex. Further studies where genes have been turned on and off also reveals a strong connection between the chicken and its raptor ancestors. Ethics means the scientists are at the moment restricted how far they will take their studies into gene manipulation. Study:


          • Your assertions are wrong but this is probably not the best place to discuss it.


      • You said Abe and Ella are defeated and no longer a threat… I am concerned you might know something of Ella I’m not aware and I do agree with you that Abraham has fallen into deep deception which renders him inept at accomplishing the unthinkable outcomes of which Hoaxstead was created and continues to combat…. I had to reply because you dont see whats ahead….I do….. I know who my Father is and yours as well… Mine can crush yours into the dust and throw him into a bottomless pit without breaking a sweat… you are all in for a Titanic shock, Abe and Ella are simpletons. Not wise enough to seek assistance from the only power that can and will take this issue and make the truth about Hampstead known from sea to shining sea . Yes Abe and Ella are neutralized but Heaven is mobilizing surprises after surprises I suggest you get right with God now. weep wail and beg for Mercy… i hear that Judgement and Justice will hammer at your doors. In fact I am convinced the proverb which says “the fears of the wicked will all come true, so will the desires of the righteous ” is a promise for everyone involved.


        • When it cones to the desires of the righteous I think we already established during the Sabine sentencing prayer-off that my God is better than your god. But we do practice forgiveness and will welcome you in the Church of Rome (other denominations are available, but clearly not as effective on a prayer-for-prayer basis) if you make a full and sincere confession for disobeying this scripture:

          Every person is to be in subjection to the governing authorities For there is no authority except from God, and those which exist are established by God. Therefore whoever resists authority has opposed the ordinance of God; and they who have opposed will receive condemnation upon themselves. Romans 13:1-2

          Now go away you small boy.


          • @ anowlcalledsage
            The courts are a tool made by humanity, although it has its own logos or nature. The doom of Sabine McNeill was down to her own hand and her conflict with the institutions of society. This had nothing to do with any god.

            What you quote from Romans could describe the Logos and Nature, both which is the same thing, and are the sum of everything, is everything, and is the ultimate authority.

            The Bible, Vatican and your religion is the invention of humanity, and therein is the error of thinking that human creations is something created by the Logos or Nature, so you fail to appreciate the distinction of the harmony in things of Nature as opposed to the flaws of what humanity creates. The rainbow is created by Nature and is just and good, but the Vatican has an institution of raping children, which is unjust and ugly. If you favor prophecy, your present Pope is the last Pope.

            I invite you to join the Satanic Temple, its more realistic and empathic.


          • I dont hate you or take any offence at your comments, my hope is you find the one who found me. Its a safe reassuring love and satisfaction you have never known. Lucifer is a liar and he hates you as much as he hates me. I am telling you a fact you would be wise to thoroughly test and investigate: The Fallen Angels aka Demons treat satanists with no less contempt than lukewarm or hypocritical “Christians” who die in sin. They will torment laugh and mock you for your foolishness at believing them and forfeiting Heaven. My Father would never do that and welcomes you to come home and find life. God Bless You


        • @ Michael
          There is no hell, heaven or entity sitting on a throne complaining about and judging what I and others say and do. There is a thing called the Logos, and as you know in the Bible the Morning Star is a description of both Jesus and Lucifer (Satan) and it is also known amongst the ancient Christians that Jesus and the Logos was the same thing. The Logos is both Jesus and Satan, we just have different names, faces and ideas about the Logos. The Satanists calls the Logos the Black Flame, because the Logos is associated with fire, but is both invisible and visible in the sense of potentiallity and kinetic energy. The Logos has both the dynamic to move things, and the information to cause the formation or transformation of patterns. We are all bound by the Logos, both in life and death we answer for our deeds and choices. We are all atoms bound as one thing by the Logos, and if we like Angela Power Disney do evil to others, then we do harm to self, and our souls will disintergrate into atoms to be used by other souls.

          This planet could be destroyed at any time by a comet or asterorid, but it won’t be because a god was angry with us, it will be a random accident. Because all parts are really one thing, we are all connected. All is good in nature, but there is choice, and if Angela Power Disney has made the choice to separate herself from everything, to do evil action harming others contrary to the common patterns of the Logos, her soul will fracture and rip apart.

          As a Satanist I have taken full responsibility for my choices and deeds, and I will move in harmony with the Logos. I might still die by a falling tree, an accident, but my soul will live on, I will reincarnate and go on living. The road however, is ending for Angela Power Disney, she has no future beyond death. At my new home I put a bird box in place, a food station, and water for the birds. I planted flowers for the bees. I am part of one thing, the bees and birds, and all this makes the Logos within me shine the brighter.

          You are welcome to your fairy stories about gods and their pathetic need to complain and be vengeful because I choose to feed birds and bees. and ignore such fictions. I don’t care.


          • Thank you so very much for sharing your views, I have learned a great deal about your perspective and will take some time to thoughtfully respond at a later date. Concerning The ? Of Heaven and Hell, though I know well beyond any sliver of doubt of the reality of both these realms, its fascinating to think you believe neither exist…. I have to discuss this with My (You believe Imaginary) Father in Heaven and ask for his wisdom and advice
            PS The Catholic institution is an abomination: A Truer masterpiece of Lucifer.


          • Concerning Reincarnation: A topic which has fascinated me for years: Heres one interesting point
            Another problem of reincarnation is one of mathematics. Somebody has to die in order to be reincarnated. Since there were less people in the past than now, who is being reincarnated to account for the current population explosion among humans? With more than 6 billion people now on planet Earth, where are all the souls coming from? They would have to be created. So we come back to the Bible’s explanation that God created the first couple in His image and gave them His ability to create more children. None are recycled.

            The Bible plainly states, ‘It is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment’ (Heb. 9:27, italics added). Hence, Christians can confidently refute reincarnation both on scriptural and scientific grounds


    • I like Lottie.

      APD has been poisoning minds for years. She is going to get her come uppance, hopefully soon. She has caused a lot of emotional damage to many over the years. She does not, imho, have feelings of empathy so is an extremely dangerous person. She belongs in a secure unit for the rest of her life, whether that be prison or not, experts will decide. She should have been put away years ago. She has a family that quite frankly, should have seen to it & not put up with her dangerous delusions, her parents & siblings must have seen this years ago, probably did nothing for fear of shame in a small village, but her time is coming, her children will some day be free of her poison, at the moment she manipulates them, I think they need to get help to detach their emotional minds from her, they are damaged by her actions & poison also.

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  13. Interesting.
    No idea of the merits of this claim but it’s just a matter of time before someone who has the money does similar. Remember Lord McAlpine sued heaps of people but so many haven’t learned that this “free speech” business is not all it’s cracked up to be.
    I’m interested in this case as they say they’ll take on the social media giants which i think is inevitable. Several cases in Australia where people have had to pay a fortune for a single twitter tweet.

    “Saturday, 19 January 2019
    Tommy Robinson Faces Defamation Action
    While Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, ranted recently from a motorway service area about a teenager who is accused of assaulting a Syrian refugee at their school near Huddersfield, he let slip that someone was looking to sue him”.

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