Tracey Morris claims Sabine ‘set up’

On the eve of Sabine McNeill’s sentencing hearing—all right, the second half of her sentencing hearing—we were interested to note that Tracey Morris has chimed in, claiming that Sabine was stitched up and “made a scapegoat”, and that her trial should be voided:

Sabine Kurjo was put on trial without the right to call upon any witnesses to her defence..

She was set up from day one and I was sick to death of saying it over and over again…


SHE WAS SET UP BY ELLLLLLLLAAAAAAAA DRAPERRRRRŔ to begin with and since she has been remanded, she continued to be set up…

She certainly wasnt the only one set up and she wont be the last…

She is in a bad way and only ever comes out of her cell when she goes for a shower and to and from court. She was found Guilty due to her legal team allowing the trial to go ahead without her rights to call upon witnesses to her defence..

Ffs that says it all about how this has been corrupted in such a way that the truth about the real whistle blower who uploaded those videos in Nov 2014 confessed and sent his affidavit of it that lead to her immediate release from colondale police station on 3rd Aug 2015…

That wasnt allowed into her bundle of evidence for her defence…

WTFFFFFF is going on….

Someone needs to be at that court tomorrow when she is bk up apparently, and make sure there is an appeal lodged..

Kristen Elizabeth we cant let this happen..

1000s more did a lot more exposure of this case than Sabine did so WHYYYYYYY is she on trial?

Sabine needs to open her eyes and see the bigger picture here or she will be dead in a few months or less..

She is very ill and in constant pain..

She is very emotional all the time and is confined to her cell due to her mobility. The women are all looking after her and out for her as best they can and we have to be thankful she has that.

She is up tomorrow for more likely pre sentencing matters, but if she doesn’t appeal this and fight for the right to call upon witnesses then she wont come out of there alive..

Can we have this trial voided due to what they have done here x

(all verbatim)

It isn’t terribly surprising that Tracey is convinced that Sabine was found guilty not due to the jury’s ability to evaluate the prosecution and defence arguments, but due to having been “set up”.

She has expressed this viewpoint multiple times over the past year, notably during her aggressive second-guessing and defamation of Noam Almaz, Sabine’s solicitor.

As she was not present during the trial, we’re not sure what makes Tracey believe that Sabine was improperly represented. In our view, her legal team worked very hard for their client, made some very persuasive arguments about certain of her charges, and were able to persuade the jury to reject 11 of the breach of restraining order charges on the indictment.

What amused us most about Tracey’s rant, though, was her assertion that Sabine had not been permitted “to call upon any witnesses to her defence”.

While it’s true that the only defence witness in the trial was Sabine herself, it’s hard to imagine who else the defence might have called, and what the jury would have made of it if they had done so.

Belinda McKenzie was mentioned any number of times during the trial, but rarely in flattering terms, so she’d be off the list. Ditto Angela, whose videos were used as evidence for the prosecution (and no, Angela, that wasn’t a violation of copyright, you dolt).

Neelu? While it’s entertaining to think of her in the witness box droning on about corruption frauds and ruin frauds, and perhaps even more entertaining to imagine her trying to arrest Judge Cahill, we suspect that the jury might not have been swayed in Sabine’s direction by Neelu’s rhetorical skills.

What about Tracey herself, then?

Didn’t she have some long involved story about how she singlehandedly got Sabine released from “colondale” following her August 2015 arrest, by tracking down some bloke who claimed to have viewed Ella and Abraham’s videos on the dark web in 2014? And wasn’t this months before Sabine, in a temper because Mrs Justice Pauffley would not return the children to Ella, released the videos online and they went viral?

We’re sure the jury would have been transfixed by this astonishing story, yes indeed. The fact that even if it were true, it would be completely irrelevant to Sabine’s charges? A mere bagatelle.

Last March we wrote that Belinda was attempting to discourage an “angry mob” from turning up at Sabine’s application for bail hearing, and with good reason: at that time it would not have helped Sabine’s case if a bunch of her more obstreperous friends were to show up and start mouthing off on her behalf. Oddly, judges tend to be unimpressed by that sort of thing.

As for the jury in Sabine’s recent trial, the court went to some lengths to ensure that the courtroom was not overrun with the differently sane and overly zealous, whose behaviour could have negatively influenced the jury.

While Tracey and friends will likely never be convinced of this, the judge did this in order to protect the defendant from the negative perceptions this could have stirred up in the jury. Like it or not, people are often judged by the company they keep, and one of the major challenges in Sabine’s trial was ensuring that the jury was not exposed to anybody whose behaviour might have influenced their decisions.

Those who were present at the trial will recall that when Paul Rogers/Eddie Isok and Belinda McKenzie were arrested in court, for example, the jury was sent out of the room first, with no explanation. This is standard practice, so that the jury’s opinion of the case could not be contaminated by knowledge that some of Sabine’s friends had allegedly breached the trial’s reporting restriction.

We know it’s a lot to ask, but before Tracey starts flapping her gums about Sabine being “set up”, and casting aspersions on her legal team, it might be nice if she were to give her head a wobble and actually inform herself about what happened in court, and why.

Yes, yes, we know: dream on.

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  1. Nicely covered, EC. I’d almost forgotten about that unhinged – sorry, differently sane – and ill-informed maniac.

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  2. Oh jeez, I was hoping we had seen the last of mouth almighty. What a surprise to read that Sabine is “emotional all the time”, normally she is so calm and collected when not crying or shouting about how she was a baby that escaped Dresden.

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  3. I wonder what Tracey’s next campaign will be. What case will she claim to have won or who is the next person she will say she has beaten up in her front garden.
    She is a dangerous woman around people that feel they have no one left to turn to.

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  4. Well TRACEY MORRIS your the biggest hypocrite, posting up about drug dealers and taking drugs… when you not to long ago were taking drugs in your own home and a neighbours house also leaving your kids to provide for themselves, you were also put out of ligoneill for been a druggy and informant. You also done a midnight flit from the ligoneill area, your own family has disowned you because of your drugs and drinking.. you were also put outta west Belfast.. you had plenty of drug and drink parties then social service took your kids off you because of you not defending your child after been attacked at the party. Do you still tap your friends for money, nappies, electric etc.. so if you want to keep going feel free, as il post up the photographic evidence of your snorting drugs on your kitchen table wearing your dog collar, do you still go onto the radio 105 station and tout about people selling drugs in the area and naming groups.. your a scumbag and HYPOCRITE


  5. Sabine could have told the judge at any time, or explained in the witness box she was being refused her right to have witnesses or read her bundle of evidence.
    Tracey is either making this up or Sabine has been telling her fibs.
    Anyway surely Tracey can get her legendary Legal Team on to this. They are all powerful according to her judges trembled in their boots & wigs at the sight of them.

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    • i doubt it’s come from Sabine. After Tracey’s previous interference, which included her coming to the UK and harassing both Sabine’s lawyer and Belinda, Sabine and Belinda made it clear they wanted nothing more to do with her.

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      • Merci. As previously mentioned I can’t keep up with who is In and Out with This Mob (c).

        I can’t recall who wants to throttle me for thinking I am a transvestite Jew and who’s inviting me to lunch with D.C Grimwood.

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  6. On Monday Angela re-posted her post-raid video rant in which she not only repeatedly names the person who had reported her but also accuses him of being a troll, a criminal and a paedophile. The person in question is also a protected witness in the Sabine case and I think it’s fair to say that posting this just before the Sabine verdict is no coincidence and a subtle way of getting his name back out there.

    Anyhoo, the reason I mention it now is that Eddieisacock has now shared it on his timeline too. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t he under orders not to name said person under threat of a jail sentence?

    “Paul Rogers… was found guilty of contempt of court for having published the name of a witness in this case on his YouTube video, and… given a two month suspended sentence.”

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    • Thanks for sharing, Shillelagh. I see she starts threatening us at 2:16, lol:

      “If you only knew how much I would love to get my hands on one of you creeps. And I gotta tell you, I have to pray to God almost every damn day just to keep from going after you bitches. That’s how much I hate you. And I used to not want to use the word ‘hate’ – I tried to substitute ‘despise’ etc. – but I hate you all with a passion. The evil atrocities you’ve committed are horrid. You don’t deserve to live. Do you understand? I hope they bray you. I hope they chop you up in pieces and throw you to the sharks. And God forbid the shit ever hit the fan, because at 25% of your assets it’s worth chasing after if you know what I mean.”

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      • Wow Loopy Linda is one wacky woman. She reckons Obama & George Soros have been arrested and had their assets frozen (news to them). She’s every Trump fan rolled up into one and she’s asking that if there are any spare fellows in Kentucky she’s available for a date (leave that task to you Tintibs), is complaining about having eaten cow’s tongues and not know about it and..well I could go on forever.

        And she’s complaining about this:

        Earth to Linda ! I’ll hazard a guess but I reckon even in the Deep South masturbation may be self taught.
        A snap for any gents who would like to go on a date with a Southern Belle..


  7. Rubber Gums is back and this time she’s vulcanised! Wait until Wavy 1st gets on to her. Most Brummies have long memories when it comes to Irish ” patriots ” .

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    • Those Ogher infiltrators are the worst. They should all just go back to Ogh, we don’t want their kind here.
      “Deture”? Perhaps he meant “denture” and it’s all about giving them false teeth.

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    • They are just too weird. Implying someone is an agent provocateur which would have to be a complete waste of time when all the others are screeching insults anyway. They hardly need to be provoked.
      In some ways these people give me the willies the way they have constructed an alternative reality.

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  8. Tracey reminds me of the kind of woman who would be interviewed by the TV news during the troubles and the English would watch it and go ‘FFS – they are NASTY’. Of course most N. Irish people are just people and cringe when they hear the likes of Tracey being given air time. This was brought home to me when I visited Derry during the late 60’s and early 70’s.

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    • What has Mr Wedger actually “exposed”?. Anyone know?. I mean the internet is full of ratbags who are as mad as cut snakes making crazy claims about the world or the UK being run by pedo satanists or that the police have covered up pedo rings but Wedger hasn’t actually said or exposed a single thing.
      He’s taken a whole new slant on this “whistle blowing ” nonsense- just claim you are one but never come up with the goods and then ask for donations so you go summer holiday biking.

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  9. Tracey wouldn’t know a ‘fact’ if she fell over one, and it then hit her in the face, kicked her up the arse and ran up and kissed her. Tracey is a loon. Don’t be like Tracey.

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  10. Well, I would say the answer to the question whether the trial could be voided would be “No”. I didn’t know about this lady (Mum dragged me up to be polite) before. What the heck is up with YouTube? Whackadoodle channels accusing people of whackadoodle things remain on the platform (accusations of being a paedophile and being secretly transgender seem to be popular ones). I think a celebrity has to prove they have suffered actual harm if he/she brings a defamation suit and of course it’s expensive to go to law – SageOwl is knowledgeable about these things.


    • The problem you have with most of these things is that the US 1st Amendment gives quite sweeping allowance for foul opinions and incitement. The UK has also tightened up some of the rules to prevent libel tourism (although I believe, ironically, Northern Ireland still allows it) which may prevent actions being brought here. In addition, the US Securing the Protection of our Enduring and Established Constitutional Heritage Act (2010) stops enforcement of most non-US libel cases against US citizens.

      Damages don’t have to be financial, even for a celebrity. The law also now allows far greater allowance for genuine apologies and withdrawal of remarks. I personally think that this is a good thing.

      There are also questions about whether accusing someone of being transgender is defamation, because being transgender is not in itself something that is wrong.

      There are a few laws where British citizens based abroad can still be charged as though they were still in the UK but punishment can be avoided in many cases by the simple expedient of not returning to the UK. Most extradition treaties require at least a criminal sentence of one year and defamation is a civil offence.7

      It is my belief that Sabine’s case is a testing of the waters by the CPS to see a jury’s appetite for finding people guilty of online harassment. Once the dust settles I suspect we will see more prosecutions.

      All this goes with a healthy dose of I’m Not A Lawyer, just someone who has to be careful because of the nature of some of my writing!


      • Thanks for the information SageOwl – isn’t the First Amendment applicable just to the US Government though? I know some people were upset when Alex Jones (the Infowars man not she of the One Show) was booted from sundry media platforms but it seemed they (the platforms) had a right to do so because they were private companies and AJ had signed up to use the terms and conditions of said company – but he had broken them so he got the order of the boot. It may not seem like it but I don’t want to stifle freedom of speech or expression because sometimes it is needed (like the less salubrious side of Jimmy Savile’s life being exposed – though he was dead by then). I have found myself becoming irritated by some of the stuff on YouTube and do try to avoid the dafter stuff now – though I sometimes watch debunking videos. I’m not always successful in missing the daft stuff.

        Of course, there have always been people at odds with each other (after 500 years people are still debating whether Richard III killed the Princes in the Tower or not). I may have posted on another thread that I read that the chap who shot up a restaurant in Oklahoma last year was one of the people who thought most famous people were secretly transgender. He was unstable of course and I think had come off his medication. That was sad really but I think some of the people making these videos are charlatans. Still I suppose being called transgender is less serious than having people ringing you up in the middle of the night and accusing you of killing children.


  11. I tried to post something before but it doesn’t seem to have “taken”. It was something about people lying on social media. There are some (for fun I think) YouTube channels “”calling out people who lied on social media. This one is by Sssniperwolf but it’s more like where people have said they took “cool” photographs and someone else has revealed that it was a professional’s photograph – fairly lightweight things but maybe one day folk who tell serious lies on social media will be “outed”.


  12. Bejaysus! I thought big gob deluded twanker TM must be in prison, she has been quiet on FB for so long! It’s a wonder she hasn’t a yellow vest on yet.

    Very interesting information about her above if it’s true which we cannot take at face value naturally Op, sorry, but it might explain a lot of her deluded behaviour if true.

    Didn’t she get an injunction served on her too? If so, surely she could be arrested still.

    As for Paul Rogers, what a pratt, he fell hook, line, & sinker for Angela Power Disney’s tagging him on Facebook about the case…..again. His image of himself now is that he is some great guy spreading ‘truth’, another ‘Christian’ spreading lies & looking for attention for himself. He should be careful what he wishes for…….whistles away at ‘Wishes Can Come Through’.

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  13. I’m not going to speculate on reasons as it could just be administrative but has just updated on a case that was meant to start at 10am with:

    For Sentence – Case Started 09/01/2019 14:47


  14. So she is. Interesting that, unlike EddieIsATosser, Judge Cahill has reserved the case to herself!!!

    Court 2 – sitting at 10:00 AM HER HONOUR JUDGE CAHILL QC (09)
    For Contempt
    S20180335 MCKENZIE Belinda

    She actually the second case in Court 2.

    (I guess we can surmise from her posting that Brave Sir Neelu didn’t turn up today and she is still at large!)

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    • Meanwhile…

      Sentence – Case Started 09/01/2019 14:47
      For Sentence – Case adjourned until 15:50 09/01/2019 15:38
      For Sentence – Resume 09/01/2019 15:50
      For Sentence – Hearing finished for SABINE MCNEILL 09/01/2019 16:30

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  15. This is the one I want to see get done for her actions after her behaviouor at Alder Hey, and the reason i found this blog lol. I’ll take any court case that sees her receiving punishment for her atrocious behaviour

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  16. The comments under that Facebook post, some since deleted, from a raft of Tracey’s former ‘cases’, relatives and friends were facinating, one former friend claimed Tracey was giving her youngest son energy drinks before his ADHD assessments so she could get higher benefits for him, another that she promised to help her with social services but had sex with her partner instead and broke her relationship up, the most disturbing from a relative who discribed in detail the neglect of her eldest now deceased daughter as a baby, underweight wrapped in a dirty t-shirt with no nappy, claims that she charged the family of the child’s father £40 every time they wanted access to her and sold any toys or clothes they bought her. I knew she was a nasty bit of work, but the queue of people she’s hurt over the years is quite something. I can’t understand why she’s still mouthing off instead of trying to get her own house in order, she is without shame

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  17. I know TM from ligoniel in north belfast.
    Awful, terrible dangerous woman. For years she’s spouted that social services ate children to sell them to people in Thigh land (her words, clearly doesn’t even know it’s Thailand) in a way I’m surprised she has a whole website dedicated to her craziness but also not surprised in the least. She got put out of North Belfast, got her kids taken off her and had a hand in beating the living daylights out of a girl who she done drugs with n then fell out witg the girl. I feel like I should apologise on behalf of belfast for her going to England, we aren’t all basket cases!


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