BREAKING: Sabine McNeill sentenced to 9 years

Sabine McNeill has been sentenced to nine years in prison following a four-week trial at Southwark Crown Court.

Using words like “arrogant”, “manipulative”, and “evil” to describe Sabine’s crimes, HHJ Sally Cahill QC stated in her sentencing remarks that the actual sentence is for 12 years, but she had chosen to reduce this to nine in consideration of Sabine’s age.

On 14 December 2018, the jury found Sabine guilty on four charges of stalking parents whose children were named by Ella Draper as belonging to a “Satanic death cult” based in several schools and a church in Hampstead, North London.

In addition, Sabine was found guilty of six charges of breaching a restraining order. The order was put in place by HHJ Daniel Worsley following the collapse of Sabine McNeill and Neelu Berry’s 2016 trial for witness intimidation. 

Today’s sentence breaks down to eight years for the stalking charges, and one for the restraining order violations.

Extended hearing

Today’s sentencing hearing was a continuation of a hearing which began on 19 December, during which the court heard victim impact statements from people who had been affected by Sabine’s online activities.

Much of today’s hearing took place in chambers, as HHJ Sally Cahill QC went over the terms of a Criminal Behaviour Order with the prosecution and defence legal teams, with an eye to making it as airtight as possible.

The public were admitted to the second half of the hearing, during which they heard mitigation arguments from Sabine’s barrister Tana Adkin QC. Adkin emphasised Sabine’s previous “good character”, referencing the fact that this is her first conviction as an element which ought to be taken into consideration when determining her sentence.

We will provide additional details of today’s hearing once they become available.

Updated: 5:13 p.m.

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  1. Nov 1, 2013 – At the time of her sentencing she was told she would serve a minimum of five years for causing or allowing her son Peter’s death. Tracey Connelly, the mother who allowed her 17-month-old son Baby P to be tortured to death by her lover, has reportedly been released from prison.

    Sabine tortured no-one,physically hurt nobody at all .She just used words.Yet she was sentenced to 12 years reduced to nine ! Seem excessive to me even if she was mistaken in her accusations.After all the police released pretty convincing interviews with children who accused their teachers and parents and if they were coached nobody has ever said Sabine told them what to say.
    I do not know all the facts and neither does anybody else because most of the evidence in the trial was heard in secret which makes the trial itself suspect…………….


    • I do not know all the facts and neither does anybody else because most of the evidence in the trial was heard in secret which makes the trial itself suspect…………….

      This is complete and utter bilge, and had you been paying the slightest attention during the trial you would appreciate the stupidity of this observation. The trial was conducted entirely in the public realm, and was attended not only by myself, but by any number of Sabine’s friends and supporters, including Belinda McKenzie. Witnesses and arguments were heard before a jury, who ultimately decided on the merits of the evidence put before them.

      The fact that you can bare-facedly claim that the trial was somehow conducted in secret, despite the fact that it was so obviously not, only serves to confirm for me that I was wise to block you from commenting on this site. You are a willful liar, and I am not interested in hosting your bizarre, self-serviing untruths.

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    • Fuck off Ian. Secret not private, even if you are talking about the fact finding hearing. Journalists can, and do go. Brian Farmer is one. There are courts up and down the land that don’t see curious members of the public for weeks upon end, doesn’t make the process illegitimate.

      You are evil. EVIL

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    • “Sabine tortured no-one”

      Utter bullshit.

      Did you bother to read the heartbreaking testimonies of the parents falsely accused of being paedophile, baby murdering, cannibal satanists?

      How would you like it to live in fear of your own and your children’s safety? To be stressed beyond belief, sleep deprived and woken up in the early hours by strangers who either threaten to kill you or ask if they can have sex with your children?

      I have been watching a TV series called “SAS – Who Dares Wins” in which 30 or so extremely tough members of the public compete to survive an SAS training and selection course. The candidates are screamed at and have abuse shouted at them by the trainers. They are threatened with kidnapping and subjected to sleep deprivation and extreme stress. One of the central aspects of the programme is that just when the candidates believe that one task is over they are assaulted by another barrage of intense threats and challenges when they least expect it. The whole aim is to disorientate them and to put them under the kind of stress that almost everyone would break. At the end of the gruelling course it may be that only one or two or even none of the candidates have the inner resilience to endure the course until the end. The trainers were quite up front about the fact that, while the physical training is extremely hard it is the mental resilience of the candidates that they value and that candidates tend to crack mentally rather than physically.

      The barrage of emotional threats, intimidation and accusations depicted in the TV series is not at all dissimilar to that endured by innocent Hampstead parents, teachers and others from the hoaxers.
      The parents were not super tough hard men and women, not people with a military training. They were not taking part in a TV series where they could choose to opt out at any time. They were completely innocent people who were subjected to a vicious and relentless harassment for years by a group of deranged bullies.

      The parents who gave evidence in court must have some incredibly strong and resilient elements to their characters to have survived all the stress, threats and abuse they endured without going insane. I have immense respect for them for having the incredible courage to stand up to the hoaxers by giving evidence in court.

      Again, you claim that Sabine didn’t torture anyone, like fuck she didn’t. She orchestrated a campaign of harassment against innocent people that can only reasonably be described as torture. As the SAS TV series demonstrated, prolonged extreme stress, sleep deprivation and being on the receiving end of interrogations, shouting abuse and violating and shaming experiences is one of the most powerful kinds of torture and one of the most effective for breaking the will of most human beings. The Hampstead parents who gave evidence in Sabine’s trial deserve a medal and Sabine has been sentenced to exactly the kind of jail time she deserves.

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