Hoaxtead mob panic as sentencing approaches

With Sabine McNeill’s sentencing hearing approaching rapidly, some of her friends and supporters appear to be…well, losing a plot just a bit.

Take Christine Sheriff General Sands, for example: on Sunday she emailed this blog as follows:

I’d like to make a deal in the case of Sabine McNeill. It’s a joint deal involving Julian Assange of WikiLeaks: http://generalsands.com/assange_mcneill

Okay, sure, we thought. We’ll bite, even if mostly out of morbid curiosity. Here’s what we found:

Okay, so that was a bit of a bust. But none deterred, we poked around on the site for a while, and eventually found our way to a page where Sands had outlined her “deal”:

My name is General Sands. I’d like to make a deal. I took down MillionMaskMarch.com, HampsteadChristChurch.com and JulianPaulAssange.com. People find out WikiLeaks is CIA isn’t gonna be pretty. I can guarantee that news would end your monarchy. Assange lawyer Baroness Helena Kennedy having sleepovers with Camilla and Charles is a lot more than just fishy. Isn’t that right Ged McWilliams.

I was inside Hampstead Christ Church. I thought the protesters outside were going to bust the walls down. The chanting was so loud my heart was pounding through my chest! I found out after the church service the chanting wasn’t coming from outside like I thought. Police said it was all quiet outside. It was coming from underground. Church service was masking it. Satanic ritual like it’s nothing new. They piped in the child scream at the end. I have it on audio. I read the physician reports: the Hampstead kids were penetrated.

I want Assange and McNeill freed. CIA child sex slave torture camps like the one Assange was raised in, pedophilia and cannibalism need to get cleaned up.

We read this, re-read it, and re-re-read it, but for the life of us we could not make out what sort of alleged “deal” Sands was proposing, unless it was “if you release Assange and McNeill I will stop regaling you with stories of my auditory hallucinations and delusional thought processes, thank you very much, I’m welcome I’m sure”.

It wasn’t until yesterday that another Sands missives cleared things up, relatively speaking:

Although this one was completely unhinged, at least it explained Sands’ proposed “deal”: she would take down her HampsteadChristChurch.com site, in exchange for “forgiveness for Sabine”.

We don’t know how to break it to Sands that such decisions are not made by ninth-rate troofers on Facebook, but are the purview of the courts. Good faith or no good faith, taking down the “most powerful [blog] in the world”, while probably a good idea in general, isn’t likely to have much impact. Sorry, Christine. Er, we mean “General”.

Meanwhile, Neelu is fretting in her own inimitable way about the outcome of Sabine’s sentencing hearing tomorrow:

We had to chuckle: last time we saw Neelu, she was bolting from Court 11 at Southwark Crown Court, having just twigged that Paul Rogers (aka Eddie Isok) was being invited to stand in the dock and that she might very well be next.

As both Eddie and Belinda have demonstrably not “been disappeared from the Public Gallery”, we’re really not sure what she’s rabbiting on about. Whether or not one accepts her premise that Sabine “is the best human being on the planet”, we don’t think anyone could claim that she has spent her life “protecting babies and children who are abused in state care”.

There seems to be a growing sense of unease amongst the Hampstead mob, as it begins to dawn on them that if somebody like Sabine might be facing even more time in prison, their own actions over the past four years could conceivably land them in similar straits.

It’s about bloody well time.

112 thoughts on “Hoaxtead mob panic as sentencing approaches

  1. I am not sure what Neelu means by the Southwark Crown Court not being a Public Trial, but a DICTATORS SHIP. Here is a photograph of Stalin’s luxury steamship (the Maxim Gorky) to help her tell the difference.

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  2. Here ya go neelu- just to make it clear…

    This is Southwark Crown Court

    This is a “DICTATORS SHIP”

    (here’s an easy way to tell, if your feet get wet getting there, its probably the dictators ship you are going to…)

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  3. Another useful pointer for anyone very loosely harnessed to reality is that dictators ships rarely have trees adorning their exterior these days after it was noticed feeding flocks of cows at sea interfered significantly with limited political pluralism.

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  4. Maybe she’s looking for someone to fill the David Scott-sized hole in her life 🤔

    Either that or she’s stoned again.

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  5. And speaking of the fickle feline, I see she’s been having another bash at her former guru Belinda:

    So how many former allies/idols is that she’s now turned on? David Scott, Janine Rennie, Brian Gerrish, Belinda McKenzie, Jon Wedger…

    Remind me – what was it she said about us when we criticised the above miscreants? 🤔

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  6. “Michael of the Moron Family”

    Never gets old, does it? I mean, it’s up there with “Scarlet Poop”, “Coyote Ugly”, “Spiny Nonceman” and “Tricky Demon” in the originality stakes, isn’t it 🙄

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  7. So basically, this mother of five has stayed up all night ranting about Hampstead, Hoaxtead and Sabine McNeill. No panicking there, then.

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  8. Perhaps they are planning to moor their dictators ship at London Bridge City Pier. It’s only a 2 minute walk from Southwark CC.

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  9. All the more remarkable for how Bellender can be seen inches sideways away from Sabine with a look on her face of “who are all these people and what’s going on, I only popped in for a drink of water.

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  10. I have a Mickey Mouse collection (all pre-1940s) of all manner of dolls and toys which I treasure including a entire series of a British MM fortnightly comic books I bought on Portobello Road for a quid a copy in the 70s. I love it so I am very fond of ‘Michael of the Mouse Family’ and I won’t hear a word said against him.
    My ex-wife was in the local Mousketeers and appeared in TV shows when she was 12 and was in love with Bobby Burgess from the US cast and never got over once meeting Annette Funicello,

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  11. PANICING MOBSTERS LIKE BELINDER: Avoid looking even more guilty than you already are by simply inching sideways at least 200 yards from the steps of Southwark Crown court on 9th January 2018 and shit bricks about having your collar felt there instead.

    Oh and get that ridiculous fringe trimmed whilst yer at it.

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  12. Trivia, have you seen any of the conspiracy theory videos about Disney? People say some of the kids were abused (well I don’t know, I wasn’t there). It’s not impossible that some weird and not particularly wonderful things go on in Hollywood and have gone on in the past but saying things that can’t be substantiated can (in my mind) detract credibility from genuine abuse cases. I remember Annette Funicello from some of the supporting films when Mum treated myself and my younger brother to a trip to the cinema. My brother liked “The Monkey’s Uncle” – me, I was perhaps a bit too old for it and waited impatiently for the main film. I think going to the cinema is even more of a treat nowadays the prices they charge!!

    I don’t think coyotes are ugly animals though I did wonder why I saw some videos of cats in the USA and Canada in “catios” rather than being allowed to wander round the garden. One person said it was because where they lived (Vancouver Island) there were coyotes who could prey on cats. I can find cat videos quite soothing for about 5 minutes if I occasionally take a break.

    Somebody corrected me when I said something about the libel laws in England (I had broken the rule of finding out from three independent sources). My understanding is that statements on social media are subject to the same rules as the printed media (I’m sure I’ll be shot down in flames if I’m wrong).

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  13. Miss Disney’s latest RE lesson (she forgot to mention how she accidentally celebrated Hanukkah three weeks late, though)…

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  14. Well it seems alcohol is or can be toxic to felines. https://www.catster.com › Lifestyle

    BTW, I tried to “like” a post I thought was funny but was asked to “sign in”? I don’t have to do that when I comment – well I had to enter my details the first time.

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  15. Remember back in the early 1990s, before the internet we had complete freedom of speech?

    You could pick up any newspaper, magazine or periodical for free without ordering it.

    If you wrote long green ink letters to the newspaper they had to publish them in full without any edits.

    Publishing houses were obliged to print any manuscript you sent them, no matter how nutty or libelous and potentially damaging to their reputation.


    No me neither.

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  16. You are absolutely correct. Social media is classed as written, so it is libel. Spoken word is slander. The libel laws were amended in 2013, but this is often mistakenly interpreted as “relaxed”. Food blogger Jack Monroe won a libel action against Katie Hopkins for a derogatory tweet and was awarded £24,000 under the “new” rules.

    As an aside, if you sue a US citizen for libel in the UK (in any of the constituent countries’ law courts), US law does not permit the enforcing of any judgement unless it can be demonstrated that the libel is also not protected speech under 1st Amendment rights. It’s just one example of why some of the (quite understandably) angry requests for extra-territorial laws are non-starters.

    I have to keep on top of libel laws as one of my occupations is writing satirical items putting words in the mouths of famous people and organisations!

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  17. Excellent post.

    My comments:

    My name is General Sands.’
    No it isn’t. You aren’t a ‘General’ except in your own mind. Get some psychiatric help.

    ‘I’d like to make a deal.’
    Nobody in authority is going to make a deal with you. Nobody in authority is interested in what you have to say.

    ‘I took down MillionMaskMarch.com, HampsteadChristChurch.com and JulianPaulAssange.com.’
    Good. They’re rubbish.

    ‘People find out WikiLeaks is CIA isn’t gonna be pretty. I can guarantee that news would end your monarchy.’
    No it wouldn’t because you’re talking through your (expensive) hat. You are round the bend. A sandwich short of a picnic. Rowing with one oar in the water. A penny short of a pound. GET HELP!

    ‘Assange lawyer Baroness Helena Kennedy having sleepovers with Camilla and Charles is a lot more than just fishy.’
    In your mind it probably is. You are joining magic dots. Whatever it is you’re doing to make yourself mad (is it drugs?) you should stop it.

    ‘I was inside Hampstead Christ Church. I thought the protesters outside were going to bust the walls down. The chanting was so loud my heart was pounding through my chest! I found out after the church service the chanting wasn’t coming from outside like I thought. Police said it was all quiet outside. It was coming from underground. Church service was masking it. Satanic ritual like it’s nothing new. They piped in the child scream at the end. I have it on audio.’
    I went to You Tube and listened to your recording of the service and what can be heard is banging coming from outside. That would be the bit where Neelu was making a nuisance of herself. If you’d heard chanting and shit you would have said so once you were outside. You didn’t mention it or report it to the police.
    You are either mad or telling lies or both. You don’t seem to mind telling the sort of lies that HURT people. What kind of dingbat are you? The foolish kind or the evil kind?

    ‘I want Assange and McNeill freed.’
    I want cake without calories but I’m not holding out much hope.

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  18. Coyotes, like dogs, are opportunistic omnivores; primarily scavengers, but they’ll take a small animal if they get a chance. Cats are unusual but can happen. They’re dangerous to humans only if they’re cornered or starving.

    We also get coywolves; the two species can interbreed and the cross is so successful it’s crowding out coyotes in some areas.

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  19. And she was so upset by the ritual baby murder she’d just witnessed that she stayed for the rest of the service, then went outside for a photo shoot with Neelu et al, then fucked off to the pub.

    Not sure how she got promoted from sheriff to general, btw. I didn’t even realise those two titles were on the same hierarchy 😆

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  20. You’re all heart, Angela…

    I wonder how she’s getting on with that Muslim family that was moving into her street, btw. She was none too pleased about that, as I recall.

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  21. Angie v Immigrants – a potted history…

    Angie’s Anti-Immigration Rant, 30.05.18


    By the way, I think what she says at 5:17 (to 5:47) in the video above is one of the most ignorant things ever to come out of her mouth.

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  22. No, seriously – this is what Cat’s actually called her latest video 😆

    And if you don’t believe me, here it is…

    And if you think the title is bizarre, wait ’til you hear the ill-informed, butt-hurt, hypocritical crap she comes out with!

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  23. She starts on a protected Hampstead witness/victim at 18:36. He’s “high up in the chain of the chain of command” in his satanic cult and “has links with the secret services”. Apparently 🙄


  24. Court 2 – sitting at 10:00 AM
    For Sentence
    T20170731 ******* ****** ***********
    Order made under s46, Youth Justice and Criminal Evidence Act 1999

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  25. Wait ’til she gets on to her list of politicians (living and dead) who she believes to be/have been paedophiles.

    Winston Churchill, Ted Heath, David Cameron, Gordon Brown, Margaret Thatcher, Robin Cook…

    I think it would have saved time if she’s just listed the ones she doesn’t think are paedophiles!

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  26. 30:02 – “So is Winston Churchill the Queen’s father? It’s possible. It wouldn’t surprise me. Someone’s got to be and I doubt very much if it was fucking George. He has been accused of raping boys. That was his thing. Er…who else? Margaret Thatcher has been accused of abusing children…”

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  27. Oh my God, now she’s attacking parents whose children have died and even has a go at a Cherie Blair for having a miscarriage. She’s claiming that these children were murdered by the parents! 😠

    Shame on you, Cat.

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  28. Most of the Mousketeers are still alive and none have spoken up about abuse. I haven’t heard anyone from any Disney film say they were abused.
    Of course if you go back before the 50s children were treated not very well such as Judy Garland being fed pep pills. Many of the child stars had “stage mothers” who kept a close eye on the little money-makers but after the 50s laws became very strict in Hollywood because film-making was such a huge business.

    I recall meeting the son of 2 1940s Hollywood greats and he jokingly ( I think) said when the issue of the Casting Couch comes as it inevitably will just say “Yes Mr. (insert powerful producer’s name) I’d love to sleep with you but can we just get the contract signed first and out of the way so we can have fun”.
    I’m pretty sure adults have come to all sorts of arrangements to get on in the business as after all, there are $Millions to be made if you hit the big time.

    But I’m not buying any of the rubbish about organized pedo gangs in Hollywood and all their frigging Satanic rubbish pushed by the same people who push the Hampstead hoax. Of course there will be abuse and dodgy characters..my God LA is full of chancers and that wacky actor who I won’t name who was a bit of a child star who keeps raving on about his late friend being raped and having the hard word put on him when pressed about who this powerful person was finally came out with a name who was so far down the food chain it was a joke.
    So yes abuse will happen as it does anywhere- but organised?. Doubt it and remember the US film business is heavily gay and Jewish and The Mob are bizarrely homophobic and antisemitic (mentioning no names but the words John & Paterson come to mind).

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  29. Oh and now she’s saying that everyone who votes in elections are arseholes.

    Recharging rolling-eyes emoji gun…


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  30. Jesus H.Christ: “It’s quite hard to get my head around how Christians and Jews share doctrine”. So never heard of the Bible then.
    As Angela ‘Hanakuh’ Power Dizzy & “I’m still new to this stuff and don’t get too legalistic..” ..talk about the blind leading the blind.

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  31. I’m no fan of Facebook or Mr Zuckerberg but these plonkers still cannot get their heads a round the fact FB is a private organization and can make it’s own rules.
    A bit like the Freemasons so if they think FB is a Satanic Plot why do they use it’s services?

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  32. I’ve noticed that nearly every Rupert Murdoch outlet ( even Fox news) has over the past 3/4 months been ratcheting up anti-Donald Trump articles and criticisms.
    I reckon it’s the beginning of the end.
    This is not about “illegal immigration” rather asylum seekers which is a bit rich coming from a genuine illegal immigrant and law breaker (fake Green Card) like Power-Disney and there are no “1000s of indictments” of “pedos” which these ratbags have been claiming and they are so thick they can’t even understand how US law works ( or UK law) and that a president has no control over someone being charged for a crime of any type.

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  33. She’s a hideous vile racist and an ugly disgrace and embarrassment to the Irish people.
    And how is this mythical establishment going to “water down” the Irish race or any other ? (in other words- mixed marriages somehow produces inferior people)
    What they are forcing different races to sleep with each other?
    God she has an ugly mind. .

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  34. Agreed, though I reiterate that it’s not Facebook who’s stopping Anthony ‘Stupid Boy’ Pike from seeing those posts per se, it’s the Facebook account-holders themselves, who’ve presumably set their privacy settings to ‘friends only’ rather than ‘public’.

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  35. She’s as thick as mince. The four more serious charges had nothing whatsoever to do with the restraining order. They were criminal harassment.

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  36. The only things Cat gets right are the things she gets from Hoaxtead and my videos. One day the penny will drop,,,,,hopefully. Interesting that she chooses to ignore any information on her current friends though and is happy to slate her former sources. Once your credibility has gone seldom can it be redeemed.

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  37. Actually there is a ship moored at the back of Southwark Crown Court – HMS Belfast – sometimes fires off gun salutes to the consternation of people inside not expecting it. But it’s a Royal Navy ship, not a dictator’s.

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  38. WHAT is it with the beehive? It sounds like she means “trap” – is she mixing up the old fashioned bee skep with a lobster pot? Could be awkward all round of confused in practice.

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  39. She’s a moron. Putting a tea towel on her head and pretending to “celebrate” Hanukkah weeks after it occurred do not make her a “holier” Christian. Especially when she has repeatedly and enthusiastically expressed anti-Semitic views. She is, and I do not say this lightly, an abomination.

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  40. And then they had a loverly jaunt to Colindale police station. Fully fitted out with flag and anon masker, proper evidence sent by the anon in Coventry, I think ? And i think his name was Colin, 3 Cs…… must be significant CCC….. how did we miss that massive clue?


  41. Hehehehe…..spent most of Sabat reporting fake looking names to facebook, did so many I thought I might be blocked….but it seems my account is in such strong standing that there mass reports can only slightly disable some actions on FB for Me temporarily, there are rewards to keeping it real and only reporting with valid compliants, consistantly.

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  42. She admits she’s a troll, then. So does she only slander dead celebrities, attack women who’ve had miscarriages and pick on ginger kids whilst ripped to the tits on cider and weed just to get a reaction? Must suck to be her.

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  43. Yeah, this is her:

    And that ladies and gentlemen, is Cat Snot’s latest guru 🙄

    She was also one of the original people who sucked Angela into the Hampstead thing, btw.

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  44. Yes Scat Snot Selvester Cat …… here’s your pal, Angela Power Disneys 1st attempt to push a shame button in me, that fortunately no longer existed…..3 yrs ago……. scroll through my vids for your pathetic attempts and also David Scotts and others…….. yes David Scott was treated equally by me, like with other debunkers and exposers of you hoaxers……. And I attended the hollie hoax meeting…….2013 and have suffered ever since well, I havn’t, I ignored for years the various slurs, smears etc of me…… until I became aware of how widespread was the treatment I had recieved………….so many of us have this common demonitor….being called the P word or PP or SPs etc…………….too many really good people have been mislabelled by those who are acting like mobs, yobs, gangs and malicious trolls online………….some paid. Many to be launched if Sabines web of blogs and adverts for creators and web designers to join her web that she boasted and gloated about feeling like she was at the centre of this web…………….. I knew then with a thud that I had to play my part in transforming the core of the web that would be influencing child and people protections online.

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  45. So seeing that she’s now more or less admitted she only trolls for attention, who’s up for ignoring the mad old bat from now on?

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  46. Yes, I think it would be fine to ignore her. She’s disassociated herself from the False Start Foundation, which was really the only reason I was interested in her in the first place. Now she’s just some random nutter who spouts gibberish, and not even interesting gibberish at that.

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  47. Intensive observational research has concluded that cats are stupidly independant creatures that basically just need to be left alone to work their shit out. An office cat test during a recent lunch break revealed it somehow managed to always fall on its feet unless it happened to have a piece of buttered toast strapped to its back and then quite frankly its about 50/50.

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