Sabine McNeill on trial: Day 17

First, the day’s news from Sabine McNeill’s trial on four charges of stalking and 17 charges of violating a restraining order: there is no news. 

At 10:40 a.m., HHJ Sally Cahill QC sent the jury back to their deliberations, and at 4:15 p.m. she released them for the day. 

We fully expected that it would take longer than a couple of days to reach a verdict on such a lengthy indictment sheet. However, on the off-chance that the jury might come to a decision today, we hung about Southwark Crown Court, waiting. 

While we wait, it seems an opportune moment to discuss some of the inevitable hysteria which has been whipped up about this trial. 

Readers will remember that for a few days in its second week, the trial was derailed by the antics of a number of people who seemed to think that a crown court trial was a good place to show off their troofer moves. They used cameras inside the court precinct; they made death threats to people who wished to exercise their right to observe the trial from the public gallery; they named witnesses in contravention of the publishing restriction which has been in place on this trial since December 2017. 

And when the court acted swiftly and decisively to nip all this tomfoolery in the bud, in order to ensure that Sabine had a fair trial unhampered by her friends’ evident idiocy, these same people and their supporters began wailing loudly and piteously that their rights were being suppressed. 

For example, here’s Neelu Berry (who narrowly escaped a bench arrest herself, as she’d named a witness on her Facebook page) complaining that her “soul sister” Belinda McKenzie was arrested on Monday:

As we know, Belinda was arrested for having allegedly published the name of a protected witness. In fact, it was the very same thing for which Neelu had almost been nicked.  Yet somehow, it turns into “wah wah wah, Belinda is being used as a beehive (?) to target supporters of child rights and baby protectors like me”. 

Neelu seems blithely indifferent to the facts: 

  • Belinda had been warned by the judge a few days earlier that publishing this material would get her into trouble;
  • When put in the dock, she almost immediately confessed to having published the material in question;
  • She apologised profusely and promised not to do it again;
  • She removed the offending post;
  • She volunteered not to return to court while the trial was going on, to ensure she didn’t do it again;
  • She remains free pending her hearing for contempt of court.

In other words, she is well aware of the nature of her offence. Whatever one may think of her past actions, in this instance she has taken steps to rectify the situation. 

Yet somehow, in the brainstems of the faithful, this is all translated into “she was clearly wanted by the ebil courts who arrested her for nothing”. 

Here, Barbara Edwards tries to claim that “they” (by which we assume she means the “powers that be”) “will try anything they can to close this down”. 

Leaving aside the fact that nothing was closed down, and Sabine’s trial carried on just fine in the wake of Belinda’s arrest, Barbara seems to be under the impression that Belinda’s alleged breach of the publishing restriction means that “we have no law as such in this country”. 

On the contrary, Belinda was arrested precisely because we do have laws in this country, laws which she is alleged to have broken. 

And finally, a rare sight: Angela Power-Disney admits that she might have made a teensy-weensy little mistake in reporting that Belinda (who she has only recently referred to as a disinfo agent or some such) was held overnight for reporting two court updates:

Hardly surprising that Angela got it wrong. That’s practically an hourly occurrence.

But wherever did she get the idea that the court “refrained from jailing her when she volunteered not to attend the case further”? 

That just simply didn’t happen. She relayed through her newly appointed counsel that she felt very sorry and that she would volunteer to leave the trial. That’s all. No quid pro quo

As for Neelu’s assertion that “the jury are expected to come back Friday morning to give the verdict”…again, no idea where that came from. However, we hope it’s true. Turns out that waiting all day in a frigid, grubby hallway for hours at a time, drinking coffee and drumming our fingers on the nearest table,  is not as much fun as we thought it would be. 

Nevertheless, we’ll be there in the morning, and if Neelu turns out to have been right, we will be the first to say so. 

58 thoughts on “Sabine McNeill on trial: Day 17

  1. Turns out that waiting all day in a frigid, grubby hallway for hours at a time, drinking coffee and drumming our fingers on the nearest table, is not as much fun as we thought it would be.

    Take a book to read. Or write one.

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  2. How the hell could Angela and Neelu know how long the jury are gonna take to deliberate?

    Can they also enlighten us as to how long a piece of string is?

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    • I believe that their scientific calculation of the length of jury deliberations is based on the same thing which underpins many of their other beliefs: their own fervid imaginations.

      Then again, I would not object if it it turned out, through some astonishing coincidence, that they were right.

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      • Smartarse guessing has its place,the trouble is this pair are not actually smart.In the event they are incorrect they will blame a dark,malificent entity to have interfered with the outcome.Little hope really.

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  3. Or just listen to radio 4. Always does the trick for me. Apart from Melvin Bragg.
    Thanks for suffering for us today, EC.

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  4. May be Belinda might like to break a habit of a lifetime and fill them in on the truth. The thing about Belinda is she has long been recognised for her fake campaigns for a very long time, to give them legs, she recruited people who live in fantasy land, and have no cups in their cupboard. Hoping this would give her fake campaigns legs for as long as possible. Unfortunately for her it has slightly back fired, and bitten her in the arse.

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    • I’ve had the feeling for a long time Bellend is shit scared she may be dobbed in by her former compatriots and only turns up at courts to see what is said about her.
      She’s gradually untangling herself (badly) unlike Angela Daisy Power who may as well turn up at the local Garda station and asked to be checked into a cell.

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    • Yes, I do think it interesting that she hasn’t reached out to her friends (or even Angela) to reassure them that she left the court of her own accord, due to having ignored a pointed reprimand from the judge a few days earlier.

      Also interesting that she hasn’t mentioned to anybody that I’m aware of that while she has decided to absent herself from court, her friends and allies are still there each day. It’s by no means a closed court.

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  5. Ha ha ha Belinda and her shadow people. ‘Sorry’. She will be in the right place, in the dock. Can I say more? Because I have just deleted several sentences on Ms Teflon here.

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  6. Some of their responses are incredibly silly. Like assuming they arrested Belinda because she turned up at court so then they could nab her when the police know where she lives.
    As for these frigging elites- it’s a trial about ordinary working people who have jobs and families and live in North London and have had to endure tremendous stress for going on 3 years.
    What in the Hell is “elite” about them?.

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    • Looking at some of the hoaxers themselves GOS, the fact that these people have jobs and families probably does seem pretty elite to these hoaxers- many of haven’t worked in years (if ever) and their families don’t want to talk to them either
      So yeah to them, having an actual real job and families would seem pretty elitist

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  7. What a boring day it had to have been yesterday EC. Might I suggest you play 👀🔎 with lovely cardigan lady & her friends to pass the time. That could be very interesting!

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  8. For some reason, this has just turned up on my ‘newsfeed’…The mind boggles; not sure who the author is…..

    The Voice Of Treason
    3 hrs ·
    If anything happens to me and I don’t update my status regularly, please treat it suspiciously. I have no intentions whatsoever to ever harm myself and I’ve been sent to a foreign country under false pretences; isolated; attacked; harassed/stalked; followed; my daughters life’s been threatened and myself and other whistleblowers of the Hampstead case are being persecuted simply for speaking out. Regarding the fact that 2 children have been anally abused and a report made by Dr Deborah Hodes, a paediatrician of 30+ years who specialises in child abuse cases, corroborates this. The report has been dismissed/suppressed/ignored. Not a single person has been arrested for the abuse despite there being evidence of abuse corroborated by a doctor. Yet everyone who speaks about this case is arrested?!?

    This is the most bizarre situation I’ve ever been in in my life and Facebook the company with their ‘war rooms’ regime, silencing activists, needs to be held responsible for purposely locking me out of my personal account, whilst this is happening to me, so I can’t communicate with anyone.

    A judgment by Anna Pauffley states that the files concerning this case were shared over four MILLION times yet they have singled me out and said that I have ‘perverted the course of justice’ for allegedly sharing the paediatric report which proves abuse occurred.

    I’m not pointing the finger at any individuals. I’m simply saying the police investigation was closed after 9 days, no alleged abusers were arrested and to this day, no one has been convicted. There needs to be a thorough independent police investigation and class action.

    I’m being persecuted for investigating this case. I’ve been locked out of my personal Facebook page so I can’t contact anyone. If I’m found dead, Facebook are complicit in my murder. Far too many activists and investigative journalists are being found suspiciously killed following reporting on abuse and corruption.

    This needs to stop. I’m being targeted and there’s a whole array of orchestrated attacks directed my way to try and stop me from investigating further and producing a documentary on institutionalised abuse.

    The UK are conveniently wanting to leave the EU whilst EU parliament are investigating the epidemic of institutionalised child sexual abuse and forced adoption. Evading any potential proposed EU whistleblowing laws in the process.

    Scary times ahead for the UK if you are a single parent. The so called independent child abuse inquiry is a shambles. Them being complicit in remanding whistleblower Sabine McNeill, speaking out about institutionalised child sexual abuse case within a Church of England church in Hampstead – She was incarcerated on the first day of the Anglican hearings – They want you to believe that child abuse is ‘historic’ and not ongoing within the Church… Invited to the general synods event on child abuse and then reported for attending by the person who sent her there…

    There’s many strange occurrences happening…

    Like me being sent off to a country under false pretences by a doctor…

    Now I’m being told there’s ‘a team of people looking for me’ around Spain…

    And I don’t feel safe…

    If anyone has any trusted contacts in Spain, please inbox this page with contact details. Any help would be appreciated.

    How is it possible for a person to speak out about institutionalised child sexual abuse and then be persecuted for it?

    What kind of society are we living in if we can’t protect the most vulnerable in society??? – The children.

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      • Who? I don’t know who that is? I have no idea who this person claiming to be in Spain is. Can anyone enlighten me?

        I don’t know why this was sent to me….weird.

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          • Thanks EC; have quickly educated myself a little bit. Wery interestin’; seems to claim the same health issues as Sabine and M Laird. (Irony is never lost at TC Towers) It is at times like this (and stories/events like this) that we are so glad that TC Towers is a bit off the beaten track and tranquil. We don’t do drama anymore; it sounds too much like hard work. However, be clear, TC will not tolerate ‘False News’. If I KNOW a story is a fantasy then we do set the record straight.

            I seem to have attracted my own little band of zealot Christians over the last few months. Silent_Me does enjoy debating them. TC on the other hand, figures ‘as long as they are causing no harm leave them to it.’

            **And no we don’t have delusions of grandeur or mental illness; we have been tested to death.

            When people invite me to ‘find the true path’; this is my response:

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        • I’d guess that the writer is a benefit scrounger who’s never done an honest day’s work in his/her life, has limited education and a tendency for histrionics when bemoaning their fate for the interest of emotionally blackmailing people into giving them money. Probably a drug user, petty criminal with little or no stable family or social network. A grifting non entity on the take.


  9. Whilst I’d still hope people would express caution in respect to the case until it is concluded with sentencing, it is probably fair to say that the character of the defendant is no longer protected as it can no longer prejudice the trial. However, a reminder that there may be a further contempt hearings of “others” which I’m sure that no-one would wish to prejudice, so just bear that in mind and keep comments focused.

    And when it comes to sentencing, be aware that time on remand counts as time served and time on curfew counts as 50% time served. My calculation is 10 + (2 x ½) months. It is also normal practice for a prisoner to be released on licence half way through a sentence. Any sentence less than two years would in theory lead to release, so bear that in mind.

    What will be of more import is any ongoing order made in respect of contempt in identifying the witnesses and children involved. This would carry up to a 2 year jail sentence.

    And as an aside, has anyone thought of contacting David Aaronovitch? Today’s events may be of interest to him.


    • Oh, sorry, no, 50% of time on curfew (unless breached or a further offence committed while on breached curfew) has to be deducted, but the time served on remand is not deducted by the court at sentence, it is taken off in the prison.


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