Sabine McNeill on trial: Day 4

Yesterday the court heard from a witness, Mr Greenwood, via direct link, which failed twice. HHJ Sally Cahill QC was quite displeased at this turn of events, and ordered that Mr Greenwood’s cross-examination take place in person, so he was the first witness in the box this morning. 

Witness 2 cross-examination

Tana Adkin QC reviewed Greenwood’s testimony from yesterday, confirming that on 10 February 2018 at Church House prior to the day’s session of Synod, Sabine approached him, identified herself by name, and handed him a four-page document. 

“You confirmed that [the document in evidence] was the document you were given, and that your note on it was made later,” Adkin said. “You also confirmed that she said she had a problem with persecution, and wanted help. Is it fair to say that having been identified as a solicitor, she came to you?”

Greenwood replied that he was not sure how Sabine had come to him. He confirmed that a young man, later identified as Jake Clarke, had given him another document while the Synod session was in progress, and stated that he and his group had been outside the Synod hall at that time, as they were not allowed in. 

He said he did not know where Jake had come from, nor whether he was handing out the same document to others. However, he said that Jake was not with Sabine when she handed him the document. Sabine had stated at that time that she was under some sort of injunction.

Greenwood concluded that he was unable to help her, and said she should be referred to her own criminal lawyer. 

On re-examination, Miranda Moore QC asked, “Was there a public viewing gallery in the hall where Synod was taking place?” Greenwood said there was, but that he and his group had not gone in, as they would not have been welcome. 

“When you said ‘her’ criminal lawyer, that’s an unusual choice of words”, Moore said. Greenwood responded that Sabine had told him that some sort of criminal law sanction was in place, and so from this he assumed that she had a criminal lawyer. 

Asked whether he had told Sabine’s friend, who had contacted him by email, that he believed Sabine’s case would be outside his area of expertise, Greenwood replied that this was correct. 

Witness 5

A second witness testified following Mr Greenwood. As we’ve stated, this case is under reporting restrictions to protect the identities of any children involved, and so we are amalgamating some of the non-identifying evidence heard from yesterday’s third witness and today’s second witness, to give readers a sense of the testimony heard. 

Both witnesses described how they had initially had no idea that anything untoward was happening in their children’s lives, until they were informed by friends that there was material online they needed to see.

They described a growing sense of horror as they began searching the internet for their children’s names, and started discovering more and more material making outlandish and distressing claims: that their children had been sexually abused, that they, as parents of these children, had both abused them and allowed others to do so, and that they were part of a cult which involved not only ritual sexual abuse, but also importing, torturing, murdering, and eating babies, and drinking their blood. 

Asked how they felt when they realised that they and their children had been named, one of the witnesses responded that they’d felt “sick, worried, in shock, and confused”; the other said they just could not understand what was going on at the time, and that they don’t know why it has not been stopped. “How is this possible?” they asked. 

Both witnesses described feeling utterly overwhelmed by the viral nature of the material online, both in video and print form, and said it was very hard to keep up with all of it. However, said one, keeping up with what was out there became a part of their daily life, as it seemed the only way to try to keep their children safe. 

Describing the list of named parents and children from Christ Church Primary School, which had originated with Ella Draper but had been spread by Sabine, a witness said that it had obviously been cut and pasted from class lists. 

“There would be a representative in the class”, a witness said, “and they would make up the class list, so that parents could arrange play-dates for their children”. These lists were particular to each class, and were only shared with other parents whose children were in that class. Ella’s list contained the same errors and omissions as an older class list, the witness said. 

Given the threats made to “rescue” their children, both witnesses described having to take extraordinary measures to ensure their children’s safety. One described having security cameras installed, and said, “We had to rethink our activities. We now have to watch to see if people are following us…our lives just aren’t normal any more”. 

“I’m constantly scouring—is that person over there taking my child’s photo? I’ve had to train my child to turn their head if they see anyone take out a phone”, a witness said, adding that the case has taken over their life. “I’m not functioning like a normal person. I don’t go out…I’m scared if someone tries to get into my house to take my child”. 

Both witnesses described receiving a barrage of threats—including death threats—from people they did not know, both online and by telephone. One witness described receiving an email from a person who said they wanted to contact the witness’s child with a view to beginning a sexual relationship. The witness stated that on receiving this email, they vomited. 

One of the witnesses described how they had become aware of online discussion about Barbie-type dolls. They saw this originally on a blog belonging to Sabine, in which she was asking her readers to take direct action to “save the children”. She was asking people to paint Barbie-type dolls with red nail varnish and send them to those accused by Ella and Abraham. 

The witness stated that they had seen this suggestion in print, and had then heard it repeated on a video. 

The witness also described a petition, where readers could find links back to Sabine’s main Google Drive, which contained details of all of those accused. 

One witness described the activities of Rupert Quaintance, noting that they had found his original videos with Angela Power-Disney whilst “scouring the internet” in search of material pertaining to their children. They described their worry when they learned that Rupert was making threats to come to Hampstead, where he “planned to use his fists, break down doors, and take our children’s blood to test whether we were drugging them”. 

The witness alerted police, and watched Quaintance’s activities online very closely. Quaintance was described as “very aggressive”.

“He did a video saying he was here, and that he was going to investigate at the school”, the witness said, noting that Rupert had in fact gone to the church and urinated on it, and had then taken a photo of himself outside the school, which he had posted on the first morning of school in September 2016. Under the photo, he claimed to be carrying a knife. 

A witness described Sabine’s Whistleblower Kids blog, noting that it contained links to all the videos of RD’s children, in addition to links to Sabine’s Google Drive, which contained material both from Sabine and from Ella Draper, naming various people as Satanic sexual abusers and providing their children’s names, along with their personal contact details. 

The witnesses also described Sabine’s posts—all containing links which led to similar material—on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. 

One witness described the July 2016 trial at Blackfriars Crown Court, following which Sabine and Neelu had been issued with restraining orders. The witness said that a few months after the restraining order was put in place, they had received an email from the person running Hoaxtead Research

“This was a blog pointing out that all this was a hoax”, the witness said. “I had contacted them to thank them, because it seemed like no one else was saying this online”. 

The witness said that a person unknown to them had contacted Hoaxtead Research via the blog’s Contact Us email address, and had sent them an email they’d received from Sabine. Karen Irving, the person who writes the blog, forwarded the email to the witness, as it contained information which might need to be reported to the police.

The email’s recipients included Neelu Berry and Christine Ann Sands, and the witness said that from this email it became clear that Sabine was “ramping the case back up”. 

The email, which has been entered into evidence, read as follows: 

Criminalised Child Abuse Whistleblower. Bottom lines of exile, arrests, hate crimes and hearings under The Shard.
Dear Co-Defendant and ‘Partner in Crime’

You asked me for the Charges sheet that I attach. I pleaded not-guilty on the first, as they didn’t have any evidence, and guilty on the German comment. That contained two links:
1.       To the 
German post that also has the photo of abusers’ genitals – which they didn’t charge me with, surprise, surprise;
2.       The chronology of my whistleblower treatment which had a link to 
the allegations as my violation – which could have been in ‘defiance’ according to the judge but was ‘minor’ according to my barrister.

As a 3rd item and ‘hot information’ that I wanted the German Disclosure Platform to do something about, the comment had counts of the ‘innocent abusers’. I got them from Ella’s ‘initial document’. These counts matter to me! Hence I attach the text, after having taken out all references to me. My solicitor told us that people can publish whatever they want, unless I INSTRUCT them to do so… That’s what turns them into my ‘agents’.

‘Naming and shaming’ is clearly what the cult defends its members against – with all the might of Police and Courts.

The videos are on this link: 

[link redacted as it contains images of RD’s children]

The transcripts on:

The fabulous “D—Does Hampstead” has turned into “Believe the Children”

[link redacted]

“Hampstead Research” is still on HRTube:

[link redacted]

I shall concentrate on SYSTEMIC issues now:

·         The Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse

o   With another fabulous comment by Truth1!

Petition to Abolish Police Bail

·         Statistics for Europe
o   Since 
trends have been rising and September was the ‘biggest catch’ ever [1,200 children] I shall use my software invention to compare Councils and their choice of children regarding ethnicity.

On top of the Restraining Order I now have a 12 months condition that reinforces their ability to sentence me with prison. The CPS would have liked £1,200 costs, but I was accepted as being too poor for that!…

Contrary to what our enemies on Hoaxtead wrote, my solicitor assures me that the criminal tick is only on the Police record. But it doesn’t matter. I have become a “Criminalised Child Abuse Whistleblower”. Watch out. Don’t follow me!

However, supporters point out that the ‘whistleblower brand’ is important in these mad making times, where I find it hardest to make sense of what is happening around me while responding to what has happened to me, especially as Ella and Abraham publish that I am a ‘government agent’…

One thing is for sure: I now know first hand how ‘the system’ is about:

1.       Intimidation to achieve compliance;
2.       Barristers playing Ping Pong with arguments and Poker with evidence;
3.       Judges becoming the interpreters of evidence talking to ‘criminal suspects’ like school masters.

The original ‘case’ gets diluted into nit picking as a single issue, black and white decision: guilty or not. As a good friend put it: you stood on his toe!? Yes or no? Don’t ask why!

God save ‘citizens’ and ‘subjects’ from being exposed to the might of this network of ‘lice in conspiracy’:

·         Six arrests of 10 hours average

o   Two nights in a police cell – i.e. 43 hours
o   Critical property seized and not yet returned [Holborn and Barnet Police]

·         Police Bail [‘legal limbo’] or house arrest since 04 August 2015

o   Barnet Police still wait for CPS to charge or not re ‘intimidation of witnesses’ in December

·         Three hate crimes
o   Brick, verbal assault and internet cables cut

·         DWP stopping pension in May last year

o   Still in appeal proceedings about that

·         Camden Council stopping rent payments

o   Still trying to recuperate some missing monies

·         Camden Council requesting council tax

o   Still having to acquiesce them after they took me to court.

·         Failure to hear my Application to Set Aside which I filed from Berlin

o   The trap of using court hearings for arrests when they insisted on personal presence after an Interpol alert…

Conspiratorial lice benefitting from the public gravy train – by picking nits. 1%.

We shall have to keep going in this battle between Good and Evil.

Each in our own way!

Never be my agent! Always be as self-motivated as you’ve been so far!

With sighs of relief waiting to become songs of Peace and Joy,


PS. As part of Belinda’s magical network of Knights and Angels I have now found the two programmers with whom to advance the software invention!!! Off to see my ‘government hacker’ tomorrow about that!!! And working on a Crowdfunder application! x

The email from Sabine also contained links to her Google Drive, which contains the 11-page document made by Ella Draper, as well as to the charge sheets from her most recent arrest. 

The witness who received this email from Hoaxtead Research alerted the police about it.

Following the testimony, cross-examination, and re-examination of Witness 2, the jury were shown two videos—one from Charlotte Ward’s “Hampstead Research” videos, and an excerpt from one titled, “Hampstead Confidential with Sabine, part 2“, posted by Angela Power-Disney. In the latter video, Angela and Sabine discussed the whereabouts of both RD’s children, and the children of the (now 30) so-called “special families”. 

Following these videos, court was adjourned until the morning of Monday, 26 November. 

81 thoughts on “Sabine McNeill on trial: Day 4

  1. Thank you for reporting on this case. My fervent hope is that Neelu is next on the CPS’s radar (once her benefit fraud case has concluded). Ms Moore QC seems to have prepared the prosecution case very well from what I have read so far.

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    • Yes, I think there is a great deal of evidence coming out here which has not been available to the public before. And I agree, I hope that Neelu is on the radar.

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      • Speaking of Neelu, apparently she made a quick visit to Sabines trial, and has ‘outed’ the protected witness on her facebook page…
        I have screenshotted it (for obvious reasons wont put it up but have kept a copy, EC you have mail)

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        • And now Neelu apparently isn’t the only ‘super’ qualified person around, Sabine has been elevated to the ‘supers’ as well…
          “Sabine, a super qualified Systems Analyst and child right campaigner is being transported most hours of every day of the 4 week trial, from Bronzefield Prison to Southwark Crown Court in a police van from 6 a.m. to late at night, the bail having been refused. ”

          Of course the mere ‘fact’ that Sabine was out on bail when the breaches occurred that led to her bail being revoked and landed her in her current ‘residence’ totally evade neelus gimlet gaze and ‘super’ intellect…

          It’s very rare that you get let out on bail, for breaching bail conditions….

          Seems quite a simple concept to me…

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        • She’s an idiot and will face court one day for it.

          These people are so dangerous and their ignorance is astounding and can be destructive.
          Referring to one fool on the ‘Free Melanie Shaw’ FB page who rambles on (as does Neelu et all) about children in slavery and kidnappings etc (and to a Man & Woman they actually believe Donald Trump is doing something about it) they can’t be bothered to actually read the detailed reports by the UN (which Trump would love to see disbanded) that give break-downs of their compilations- rather they only digest inadequate newspaper reports.

          When they say (using rounded figures) that in any one year there may be 800,000 children may be inducted into “slavery” the break down includes things like 100,000s of child workers in factories throughout the Third World and dozens of other matters. The Devil is in the Detail.

          But for them : it’s always abut sex and “pedo cult rings for the elites”. Sick.

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          • It beggars belief doesn’t it…
            She was in court herself and has her own restraining order (so she can’t claim ignorance) and yet she specifically identifies a person who the courts have obviously allowed their identity to be restricted….

            Maybe she has outworn her welcome wherever she is currently staying and as Castle Neelu is hers no longer, she is desperate for bed and breakfast???

            Because thats what she appears to want…

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  2. Well done for this excellent report & transcript & helping. 👏

    To the parents inadvertently involved & their children, may you all go on to have a happy & healthy life & hopefully at some stage, this horrific time will be a whisper in the wind.

    To Abe & Ella, you absolute [. ]. Neither one of you should ever ever be allowed near children again, God protect all children from your evilness, you absolute evil nasty cowards.

    I could go on to curse those others involved, APD, Neelu, etc. but my phone would blow up with the intensity of my emotions at the moment.

    Liked by 3 people

    • You’re very welcome. I know exactly what you mean about the emotional impact—it’s unbelievable what has happened to perfectly ordinary people who were just trying to live their lives.

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      • Exac EC. I really don’t know what I would have done being told such scurrilous accusations were being made all over the internet & ending up all over the world about my family.

        FB & YouTube also have a lot to answer for in allowing this to be spread no matter how many times they have been made aware of it by so many. What angers me so much about Facebook in particular is that they have been called out publicly so many times about things like this but their promises to change are false.

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    • Reading the details in the testimony really bring home the reality of the impact of the actions of people like Sabine and Angie. I hope Angie is reading this. I hope she now realises her behaviour online has had on CHILDREN and their innocent mums and dads. Is such suffering of children OK Angie, ‘a fair price to pay’ for what has essentially been a source of entertainment for you?

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  3. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Angie enters Crown Court via her video! Wonder if the judge can apply their discretion with some kind of order to bring her in. Do we have a link to that video, anyone?
    Sabine’s writing makes her sound as mad as a hatter. Plus the bad English via direct translation from her mother tongue. Although I speak German I can’t even make out what she meant in that language, never mind in English half the time.
    Sabine’s narcissism shines through loud and clear. I don’t imagine she will have endeared herself to the barristers and judges she speaks so fondly of, today:

    2. Barristers playing Ping Pong with arguments and Poker with evidence;
    3. Judges becoming the interpreters of evidence talking to ‘criminal suspects’ like school masters.

    As for

    LOL! Imagery matters, Sabine!

    Bets on whether Sabine regrets writing any of this now? I can’t wait to hear what she says in court.

    MORE PLEASE, EC! Fantastic job, thank you.

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          • Speaking of the vile old hag, I just finished listening to the cutdown ( :-O ) 1 hr version of her at from yesterdays thread
            The number of out and out LIES she says during it is astonishing, she doesnt just twist the reports from the medical exam, she simply makes up her own version of it out of thin air… apparently according to APD, the exam found major signs of repeated sexual abuse in both children- um say what???

            She really needs to be included in those attending Southwark- and not in the visitors galley either…


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          • Thanks for re-sharing that, Steve 🙂

            To clarify for anyone who missed it yesterday, this ‘cutdown version’ has the whole APD interview intact but has had the hour before and the hour after it chopped off. You haven’t missed much – the first hour featured what can best be described as the Irish equivalent of the Chuckle Brothers. Christ knows what was in the third hour – I’d lost the will to live by then.

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        • Probably worth posting this extract from the IPSO guide.

          • Journalists are allowed to go to court and report anything which is said or given as evidence in court.
          • Journalists are generally allowed to print certain information about people who go to court or give evidence, including their address and a photo of them.
          • Journalists are allowed to choose what information they want to report, and do not have to report everything which has been said in court.

          As for posting APD’s links to the case: If someone is named in court, or goes to court to support a defendant, journalists are normally allowed to report this.

          Available here:

          So, absolutely, the video can be published but people should be careful what they say about it.

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  4. “Petition to Abolish Police Bail”
    Sabine does not like being out on bail, subject to conditions. I think we can all agree.

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      • I am not so sure that this was a good thing, Sabine being a prime example of why bail conditions are set
        Even with the threat of jail if she breached the bail conditions, she still couldn’t stop the behaviour that led to those conditions in the first place…

        With a 28 day limit, up to 3 months if approved at senior levels, and an automatic presumption of innocence (which although technically true), by the time that it gets to a bail being imposed- especially with extra conditions attached, it is rare that there isn’t already a good body of evidence available
        Here in Australia- ironically almost at exactly the same date, there was a public demand for bail conditions (which were basically the same as UK ones at the same time) to be increased rather than decreased, after an offender, who was out on multiple bails (which is what Neelu wanted done in Sabines case-bail for breaching bail) went on a rampage and killed multiple people…

        What gets me is that the guy involved was still allowed access to the internet (and facebook) long after he was in jail for the incident- because at that stage he was being classified as a mental patient and sectioned rather than someone who had just committed a mass murder

        NSFW, lots of swearing
        (oh and despite many complaints, his account was found by facebook to ‘not be in breach’ of farcebooks much vaulted ‘community standards’- why am I not in the least surprised by that…)


        (he reminds me of the not at all missed Arfur…)

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    • I love noodles. I have a jar of tom yum paste in the fridge. A bit of that in hot water and some thick pre cooked noodles or soba noodles, chopped veggies, sliced ginger, chilli oil on top and squeeze of lime juice makes a tasty bowl of slurpy goodness. I have been known to make a mini omelette to slice and put on top too.

      I use the block ramen noodles with soup sachets too too. Cheaper than pot noodle. But, I enjoy the odd pot noodle.

      I think I spent a too much time with little money and often ended up begging the greengrocer for a handful of veggies for spare pennies to make instant noodles a tiny bit more wholesome. He always said yes, lol.

      Currently eating jelly snakes head first.

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  5. Consider this from the perspective of the tabloid press. They’re fond of their “Dark Side of Social Media” stories, and Sabine’s case fits perfectly into that narrative. By the end of the trial, it won’t just be the Daily Fail whipping up public revulsion with details of the defendant’s alleged behaviour.

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    • The msm have a full three weeks to latch onto this case. we have an atrociously unphotogenic defendant, accusations of child endangerment and the bizarre narrative tied to the online nature of the alleged offences. it’s tabloid gold for it’s lurid content yet also an unprecidented fable of online folk panics and geriatric gang delinquency.


      • And it offers the tabloid trash a chance to distance themselves from their own participation in moral panics in the past, and to pretend that their own hands are clean.


      • Enjoyed that, Grobnot. It’ll be interesting to see if the msm latches on to the story proper.
        The case is extreme on so many levels.


    • Sad part is that while they were little kids when this garbage started, it has been allowed to go on for so long that they are now teenagers, jeez they are almost old enough to get their L’s drivers licence here…
      And yet so many of the original hoaxers are still at it, circulating the videos and encouraging others to come and harass the innocent

      IMHO, there are a few others that should be there with her in the dock…

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  6. I have a question….I have numerous emails from Sabine McNeill and others who have threatened me. (The name Belinda never registered with me…although I know of Melissa Laird and a Mari Black that they emailed me about.) I was asked to assist both with legal papers and also provide money. I declined.

    Should I have altered the authorities?

    4 years ago, I just thought they were a bit ‘flaky’ and ‘opportunists’. So ignored them.
    I just found out about ‘all this’; it is worrying to me.

    Open to Ideas.



  7. Quality reportage as always, EC. Rumour has it that even the hoaxer fruitloops have been coming here for their daily Sabine updates!

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  8. Dunny the Dunce bringing cheer and good heart to Thanksgiving:

    Only kidding – he’s whining about “the satanic UK” again 🙄

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    • For gods sake…


      It isn’t ‘cool’ or ‘trendy’ to drive while distracting yourself making stupid hoaxer movies- it’s bloody stupid!!!!

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  9. An amazing summery of events so far and it really brings home points about this case that so many have forgotten about, all those named, their children and how much their lives have had to change. I think all of us here will agree that no one expected this to still be going on, for so many people to still be sharing images and the videos that circulate online and how much damage it is still doing. For people to have to practically live on line to protect their own families. I also think its important to acknowledge Hoaxtead in its part in helping these families as written above in this article. I know it wouldn’t be the desire in hindsight for the author to still be having to report on this case, but the current court case and others before have shown the impact it has and the good it can do.

    Seeing for myself what has unfolded in court so far has had some highpoint’s(mention of Jake’s water talk) and also it has been emotionally draining, hearing from people who have suffered, and still do Good, honest people.

    I really do hope that justice is served and this is the first case of many to come. I don’t know whether normality will ever be something that will come back in to these peoples lives, and i hope that more facts become available to help counter the information spread online by psychos, sickos and the morons who still continue to push this nasty, devastating hoax.

    I can’t at present talk about the person in court, but will say that key people who have pushed this case and their total disrespect for the law, even when arrested or spoken to by the police is something which i hope gets addressed as so people in other cases and how others may feel its acceptable to behave online gets addressed soon.

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    • Well said, Postnein. It was very difficult to hear from the witnesses who talked about being overwhelmed with this situation that seemed to drop on them out of a clear blue sky. I certainly hope that justice is served in this case and others to come.

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  10. Without referring to this case:
    Technology and the internet which has made out lives so much easier. Even mobile phones- what in the Hell did we do before them? (despite recently having to put a certain Clementine Fotheringale-Smythe who claims she plays a leading role on something called The Hedgehog Awards Committee, on the ignore list). I recall working in a London store when young and marveling when a customer came in and a little messaging thingie on his waist alerted him as he borrowed our landline phone to call his office ! (I think it was 1931).

    It isn’t that harassment these days can be debilitating and frightening : it’s the viral nature of it. Example: the incredibly sad Sandy Hook murders which for some reason sticks in my mind and the despicable length it has reached where distressed parents who have lost small children are repeatedly told by 100s & 1000s of people that their children never even existed.

    In the past few weeks two Australian politicians have basically had their careers and lives upended with unproved abuse allegations claimed in a State Parliament. Whatever the truth (and what even happened to Natural Justice?) their lives will never be the same. Both have families and teen children. It’s not that one person can make a claim: it’s guaranteed that 1000s will join in an Echo Chamber to keep them alive for all time.

    The Hampstead matter has radiated out all over the world with “activists” from the UK, USA, Ireland to Australia and New Zealand ramping up the spreading of claims.
    I just cannot imagine – and can anyone as it’s new territory?- what the future effects will be on the lives of parents and children who are accused of terrible things.

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    • I think we got a taste of those effects in court yesterday and Wednesday, but I agree, it’s impossible for anyone who hasn’t experienced it to understand what it might be like to suddenly and for no reason become the target of thousands of people who believe you have committed a terrible crime.

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    • Maybe its just me but i don’t get campaigning against child abuse. We know its evil, everyone knows its evil apart from psychopath child molesters. Is he hoping some child molester will see his T shirt and think “OMG I was wrong!”? I just don’t get it.

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      • LOL yes, that’s a good point. It’s not as if one ever sees people campaigning *for* child abuse, is it? I think everybody can agree that child abuse is evil; the question is, what do we, as a society, do about it? I think I might have a tiny bit more respect for people like Wedger if he were proposing concrete measures to deal with child abuse, rather than whining about how his boss (whose script-writer apparently also authored several B-grade cop flicks in the 1950s) was mean to him.


  11. At 3:37 she refers to the witnesses in Sabine’s trial as “satanic, Luciferian paedophiles and apologists for paedophiles” 😡


    • Apparently Preacher Dan’s ambition is to travel across the USA full time on what he thinks is the Revivalist circuit (not sure he doesn’t know it’s vanished & been replaced by TV Evangelicals) as a full time preacher to the public in a marquee.
      Call me crazy or call me Doris but I think the complete lack of charisma may be the fly in the ointment here.

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  12. I could have sworn she just said that Jimmy Savile was Dennis Thatcher’s secret love child but I assume I imagined that.


    • She isn’t phased by the fact that Thatcher was only
      11 years older than Savile, then 🙄


  13. Yeah, I think she’s really dug her grave with this particular video, I think it’s about to get even more interesting! Can’t see how the judge is going to be able to avoid doing something about APD right now!

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  14. 4.20….oh dear Angie. Go straight to jail as per the original gagging order, applicable to ANYONE, including Angie. Where is she right now? looks like her kitchen in Ireland in that video?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, I have said a few times over the last week that she’s back in Oldcastle.


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