Hoax-promoting blog dies a timely death

Oh, gosh, how sad. Another Hampstead SRA hoax-promoting site has bitten the dust, gone the way of all things, rung down the curtain and joined the choir invisible.

Yes, Aangirfan is dead and gone.

The blog, supposedly run by a British woman who’d spent time in Indonesia, was one of the first to snap up the Hampstead SRA hoax when it first went public via Henry Curteis’ Tap Blog in February 2015.

(An alternative theory of Aangirfan’s authorship has been voiced on the still-extant #pizzagate thread on Voat. Somebody named Sore Ass Losers said: “This blog, run by two individuals Aang and Irfan from the UK, has been in the forefront of public discussion of organized elite pedophilia in the UK”.)

Aangirfan published pictures of RD’s children on multiple occasions with seeming impunity, and acted as a virtual mouthpiece for Ella Draper and Abraham Christie, publishing any drivel sent their way without so much as a nod toward fact-checking.

We understand that Aangirfan was in its second (or possibly third) iteration, having been pulled down by Blogger at least once before. On the Crimes of Empire blog, the author writes:

The current site started in April 2014 after the previous site aangirfan.com became inoperable, the writers stating that they could no longer access the account.

However, this time Blogger appears to mean it, as they have stated that not only is the blog gone, but the address is not available for re-use:

Aangirfan is dead 2018-11-13This does not look accidental to us. Presumably, Google has pulled the plug on the blog.

Howls of ‘censorship’!

Of course the Troofer-sphere has been awash in howls of “censorship!” in the wake of Aangirfan‘s departure.

On Henry Makow’s blog, somebody named ‘Brabantian’ moans:

Just to share with you, that the long-running blog of the noble UK lady truther Aangirfan, seems to have been totally censored and shut down today – it had been hosted by the CIA’s Google monster.

On a blog called Northerntruthseeker, the author managed to blame the Jews, because reasons:

Those who have been following this website for a long time know are fully aware of how I have endured the criminal “censorship” conducted by the criminals behind “Blogger” and have had this blog site taken down twice over the last 3 years…. The last time was actually just a few months back when they took me down claiming that I was “in violation of their standards”…. Which of course in reality means that my exposing the truth about the psychotic criminal Jewish elite that wants to enslave us all was too much for those bastards… Since that time, I have been forced to be “careful” as to what I post due to the fact that it may piss off those bastards and I may be banned permanently…

Well, I was just alerted this morning from the “Crimes Of Empire” website, at http://www.crimesofempire.com, that apparently I am not the only one that has faced the ‘ban hammer’ of the Jewish freaks, for apparently a great fellow truth seeker, Aangirfan, has now had his/her website taken down!

Meanwhile, Cat Scot was so traumatised by the loss of her favourite blog that she spilled her wine and drooled onto her laptop whilst screeching like a banshee and frightening her children.

Yes, hardly different from a normal evening chez Selvester, but our sympathies go out to her son.

Signs of things to come?

We did note last June that Aangirfan seemed to be complaining that two of their posts had been removed, presumably by the reptilian overlords or their Ebil Minions™:

Aangirfan 2018-06-25.pngAt the time we wondered whether this was a harbinger of things to come, but as we didn’t notice anything further, we’d almost given up hope that Aangirfan might be terminal, as it were.

However, Aangirfan has now disappeared (or “been disappeared”, as our conspiranoid friends are wont to say), and the interwebz is just a tiny bit less polluted than it was.


36 thoughts on “Hoax-promoting blog dies a timely death

  1. Awesome news! 😃

    Apparently they’ve lost “four and a half years of work, comprising thousands of articles on a huge variety of topics”. I’m glad Schadenfreude isn’t a crime or I’d be doing 10-to-life!

    And the fact Cat Snot is so livid about it is an added bonus 😂🤣😂

    I hear that that creepy bloke in Kincorth is upset about it too. Sorry, I can’t think of his name as he’s too insignificant.

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  2. The Jews did it eh?. Well it wasn’t me and it wasn’t my boss Mr Soros so it’s a real mystery. I reckon it was the Masons. Perhaps John Patterson of Finchley Road fame will be able to illuminate us.

    Aangirfan’s ability to Join Dots and weave together a tapestry of every single conspiracy known to man was quite exceptional. I always thought the author, to have such a mind to see Evil in every single act was probably stark raving mad. But what would I know?

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  3. Dunn preaching bollocks about Hampstead at 34:30

    “Two kids – Abraham and Ellees” 🙄

    Still, at least he dressed for the occasion 😆

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      • I notice they link back to one of their old sites with such credible info as this : “After World War II, Dr Joseph Mengele and thousands of other Nazi scientists were moved to the USA”.
        Dr Mengele went to the USA?. Why?. They needed to find out how to kill patients by injecting gasoline into their heart?. Give me strength.
        Deliciously, all their links to other startling tales have vanished.

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        • Poor old Aangirfan couldn’t even surf the net correctly. I’ve never really looked at it properly but the whoppers are monumental.

          “1. In 1964 former child star Alan Ladd, star of Shane, died of an overdoes of sedatives and alcohol. Months earlier he nearly killed himself with an ‘accidental’ self-inflicted gunshot wound. ”
          errr no. Alan Ladd was never a child star.

          “6. In 1993, former child actor River Phoenix died in mysterious circumstances. ”
          errr no..Phoenix tragically died of a drug overdose on the footpath in front of dozens of people and his sister had warned him not to take the drugs he took as he was too tired and ill. No mystery there & possibly one of dozens that week in LA.
          On and on it goes ignoring the sad fact that approx 64% of US teens take drugs and kids of around 12 onward drink booze.

          The comments are Full On Loons:
          “It seems that Justin Bieber, Ronan Parke amy (sic) be being used to attract youngsters to the Music Industry.”
          FFS. Apart from the inanity of the comment has this Loon been living in a box in the desert for the last 100 years & ignored the advent of popular music?

          “What of the many that audition for ‘Talent’ shows but never actually get on the big stage – is there a little stage somewhere for a more exclusive audience?.” Jesus wept. I bet I could find 100s of such loon talk but I do have a life.

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  4. MI5 had me out on a mission that had me in the vicinity of NW3 this afternoon. Pleased to report back to my fellow Jewish/Catholic/Freemason/ contacts that the area hasn’t suffered any stickering, so it looks like this has been a Dunn-y free zone.
    Not sure what the muppets would have to say if I said the Duke of Hamilton is currently serving pints of Shape Shifter and Camden Hells to wash down the baby burgers 🍻 😋 👶
    Busy day. Once my report back to GCHQ has been submitted I have an appointment with Interpol tonight at the Royal Albert Hall. 😉

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