Kane Slater is back. Let’s do something about that.

Hey, who remembers Kane Slater, Kristie Sue Costa’s weedy little paedophile pal (alleged) from Toronto (well, Etobicoke really, but let’s not split hairs) whose “Hampstead Cover-up” Facebook page looks like this to those of us in the UK:Kane Slater 2018-11-05 Hampstead Cover-up FBOut of sight, out of mind, right?

However, it seems that while we were blissfully ignoring him, Slater has been a busy little beaver (sorry, little Canadian joke there. As you were).

If you were reading this blog in January 2017, you might remember that at one point we decided it was time to take down his YouTube channel, which contained a wide assortment of paedophiles’ delights videos of RD’s children.

Our readers came through for us, and within a week and a half, the channel was history. For good measure, we protested his channel on Vid.me (when Vid.me was a thing), and they removed it there too. Cheers all round, good job well done.

Unfortunately, like a bad case of psoriasis, Kane has returned to YouTube. His channel, Hampstead Cover-Up, is just as revolting as it ever was: Kane Slater 2018-11-05 YouTube channel 3You can discern the revoltingness of it by the number of black pixels we had to use make the thing even marginally suitable for public view.

How to report a YouTube channel

Reporting a YouTube channel is a bit different from reporting an individual video, so we’ve included our instructions from last time.

To start, you have to go to the “About” page. Once there, click on the flag to report the channel, then click “Report user”:


On the box that opens up, click the “Child Endangerment” category, and enter the channel URL:kane-slater-youtube-reporting-2Next, you will want to select five videos which will demonstrate to YouTube why you want this channel removed: kane-slater-youtube-takedown-3And finally, you can tell YouTube why you think the channel should be taken down.

Here are some of the reasons you might wish to use:

  • These videos have already been removed by YouTube, due to a court order.
  • The videos feature two young children describing intimate details of horrific sexual abuse.
  • The two children describe being anally raped with dildos, they talk about being “licked” on the “front privates”, they discuss the tattoos and birthmarks on their alleged abusers’ intimate areas.
  • An older man can be heard in the videos, prompting the children to reveal more details about their alleged abuse.
  • The children in the video are being forced to make de facto child pornography.
  • This material appeals to paedophiles.

Click “Submit”, and you’re done. It takes less than five minutes, and you will be doing a good thing. The more people who complain about the channel, the more likely YouTube will be to listen.

Let’s do this!

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40 thoughts on “Kane Slater is back. Let’s do something about that.

  1. Reported for all of the reasons listed this kind of stuff needs to be removed from the internet period not just You Tube. Excellent breakdown of the reporting procedure and hopefully they act.

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  2. Some recent outpourings from Slater and his creepy followers:



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    • “Come on decent cops, make accidents happen and get rid of them” doesn’t go against Facebook’s community standards, apparently 🙄

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  3. Consider it done!

    I wish people would come to grips with the fact that they’re free to discuss this case but not free to name names or show videos which identify the children. And I wish they’d realise that paedophiles get off on watching these videos! I can only assume that people who put post these videos on a regular basis get off on it themselves. The police need to keep a close eye on such types.

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    • Kane seems particularly fascinated with the “cannibal” aspect. Possibly because it sounds so much like “cannabis”. On the other hand, has anybody seen his parents lately?

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      • Sickening that Facebook has no facility to report child pornography & abuse posts which this is.
        ## Note the creeps who believe this point out the dark circles under one child’s eyes which indeed there are but are so frigging wedded to their false belief they cannot deduce that the children had been with Abe & Ella in Morocco for weeks and prior to that living full time with Ella.

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        • “Sickening that Facebook has no facility to report child pornography & abuse posts which this is.”

          Actually they do now, Sam. They brought it in a few months ago. How seriously they take it is another question.

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    • Wow, thanks for sharing this. And yes, it’s something we’ve pointed out so often: the tendency for these people to embrace the paedophiles in their midst, while pointing fingers and screaming at our side.

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    • Of all the creepiest and sleaziest of scamsters Sino comes right near No One. It says much that Indonesian authorities are prosecuting him as they aren’t too keen on pursuing the richer crooks but this guy has been targeting the poorest in society and stealing their cash in despicable fashion.
      It says much about Neelu’s character or lack of it.
      I still say more will be eventually revealed about Neelu’s finances and her pleas of poverty will be exposed as a sham.

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