Greetings from Gaggle Rock

We noted a few days ago that Angela Power-Disney has beetled off to her bolt-hole in Lanzarote, as predicted. On Thursday she tried to send out a video update, but apparently was unable to master the whole “turn the sound on” thing. Not a huge loss, one might think, but Angela is nothing if not stubborn, and so yesterday she tried again, with better success.


(For those who don’t use Facebook, you can find the video here.)

For reasons known only to herself, Angela starts, “Okay, people, this is Fraggle Rock. Welcome to Fraggle Rock…”

We’re not sure what she’s trying to tell us here. Is she saying she’s a muppet? Hard to say.

In any case, she shares the exciting news that she is testing out her new selfie stick (pro tip: they are meant to be used with the camera aimed toward you), and that she has acquired some headphones which supposedly include a mic, except she can’t find it.

So yeah, the “muppet” hypothesis is gaining traction.

Oh, and she has burnt her forehead while sunbathing by the pool. She seems to think this is important, as she repeats it several times. Zzzzzzz….

‘There was a mass trolling swarm’

Into this soporific bit of twaddle, Angela complained about being trolled on YouTube:

There was a mass trolling swarm on one of Jason Goodman’s videos. And I think RD dumped himself in again, which he used to do a lot in the early days.

So there were fake profiles called things like…”Soldiers for Jesus” who ended up blaspheming outrageously; and another one called “Nonce Watch”, and…there were several fake profiles. But I think RD gave himself away again! 

Because I used a biblical reference, something about ‘may your fake profile name heap burning coals upon your head’, which is a scripture. 

Oh, they had fake profile names back in Jesus’ day? Well, the more you know.

It’s if you bless those who curse you, you know, if you do a good turn for somebody who’s acting like a real enemy to you, you’ll heap burning coals upon their head, which is a metaphor for doing the right thing when somebody is doing the wrong thing, will actually cause more conviction than if you curse them out the same way they’re cursing you. 

Oh, is that what it means? We always thought it just meant you’d make the person feel worse for having wronged you, but hey, we’re not walking gospels with a speciality in eschatology, so what do we know?

And then there was a comment like, ‘oh, you just made two death threats against RD’, one supposedly heaping burning coals upon the head, and the other asking if [redacted] was too close for comfort to the cult. 

And they were both counted as death threats, but you know the interesting thing was this profile says, ‘You’ve just made two death threats against RD’. Well, if RD was not one of those fake profiles, why would I be accused of making death threats against RD? 

So, you know, it just harks back to the days when he used to slip up and say things like, ‘Oh, you’ve just named my children’, you know, as Sam Best, or Snake Logan, or whatever, whatever, whatever…

Holy confirmation bias, Batman! Apparently Angela sees RD wherever she looks.

She seems to believe that he’s omnipresent, and she twists around anything she hears to fit her own belief that he is like some sort of puppet-master who controls everybody who disagrees with her on the Hampstead SRA hoax.

Ah well, ’twas ever thus.

The funny thing is that (speaking as the owner of the Snake Logan profile, which has been mine alone since 2015) none of us have ever had a verified sighting of RD on any social media platform. True story.

And so we find it passing strange that according to Angie, RD was out there using our profiles (somehow) and making himself known only to Angela; you’d think we’d have noticed. Ah well.

Seriously, RD seems to have become something of a bogeyman to Angela: she sees him behind every door, suspects his hand in everything, and cannot see that his constant presence is merely a figment of her own…mind. (We were going to say “guilty conscience” but then we laughed, gave our heads a collective shake, and moved on.)

Meanwhile, on a slightly happier note, Angela sends us all greetings from Gaggle Rock:

Gaggle Rock-Angela Power-Disney

(to the tune of ‘Y Viva España”)

46 thoughts on “Greetings from Gaggle Rock

  1. Be warned Angie: we have a spy on Lanzarote and it is the person you will least expect. Perhaps lying on the sunbed next to you by the pool, the waiter serving you a drink, that passer by who smiled at you walking down the street (editor: this is rediculous- can it.)

    All we need now is for Ange to start posting selfies of her lunch and dinner. I’ll start the ball is the pizza we shared last night Ange at a Bondi Beach Pizzeria as my farewell dinner.

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  2. From Nil By Mouth, directed by Gary Oldman

    So that’s why Billy is in the

    fraggle wing with the weirdoes.

    Isn’t he?

    See, he’s been segregated

    for protection, hasn’t he?

    He’s in there with all the nonces

    and rapists. You know?

    Poor sod. Mind your backs.

    Avoid Urban dictionary definitions written by Americans. Fraggle Rock is the ‘Special Wing’ in a UK Prison. It’s for weedy pale accountants locked up for embezzlement who’d not survive with hardened criminals, Catholic Priests and psychiatric cases. Sex cases are usually put ‘on the numbers’ for their own protection. Paedophiles are usually referred to as Beasts or Beasties in UK prisons and regularly get put in solitary for their own protection. They’re the lowest of the low inside and are despised by everyone.

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    • Not when she knows she’ll be transported to the Black Dolphin Prison (look it up) where we in the Cult have a special relationship courtesy of Mr Soros.
      We’ve arranged a cell next to a cannibal. Seems there are quite a few there.


  3. Fraggle Rock aka the muppet wing:

    Pete Sampson, 34
    Former prison officer

    Despite grave doubts, I joined the prison service as a graduate, intending to rise through the ranks as a radical mover and shaker. My career lasted just under a year.

    Officer training then was largely at a residential centre, with a brief period at a local prison. I remember a visit to “Fraggle Rock”, as the section for mentally disturbed prisoners was called. A senior officer proudly showed me his new copy of a Guide to Mental Illness….

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    • It’s up now, sort of. Sometimes comments go straight to spam. I’ve unspammed yours and your comment is now showing, but you appear to have posted the wrong link. If you’re still around to post the correct one, I’ll keep an eye out for it and if it goes straight to spam again I’ll unspam it straight away.

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    • And if you really want to get into the spirit of it, this is the official dance (though it might take you years to get as good as these guys):

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  4. This is a comment from Tom Dunn’s own (London has a secret) video. Apparently he’s happy for it to stay up. But remember, folks – Dunny’s supporters never do death threats!

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  5. Oh, and she has burnt her forehead while sunbathing by the pool.

    Use 200 spf sunscreen before heaping coals of fire upon one’s head.

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  6. I don’t begrudge anyone a break although it’s ironic that Angela was begging for ‘tech’ not long ago after hers were taken by the law. The person who sent her his PC must be spitting nails that she is off on holiday when it’s not long ago since she had her poor mouth on.

    I wonder if her hosts know about Angela’s stay at Cockney Rebel’s, they should hide the booze & insist she smoke outside or they will find ciggie burns after she is gone!

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  7. I am certain I saw comments by RD on YouTube, right when the videos were uploaded. He (or someone using his name) basically said those are my children, how dare you, take the videos down, it isn’t true and other angry but not abusive variations. The comments obviously didn’t survive because the videos were taken down. He certainly didn’t comment for long.

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      • I think he used to have a YT channel but closed it soon after the shit hit the fan in Feb-March 2015. I must admit I never saw a comment from him anywhere, though I do remember there were a few spoofs of him knocking about, such as ‘Dicky Rearman’.

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      • Plus of course the comments Angie refers to – and blatantly misquotes – are nothing to do with that anyway. They were comments where I (as Sound Affects) made a hypothetical point about the behaviour of the fruitloops and ended up being blatantly taken out of context by Kris Costa, who appears to be a reliable source when it suits Angela, even though she’s spent the last few years slagging her off. Anyway, these were my exact words (underlines by Defective Costa):

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        • It’s very straight forward isn’t it?.
          Obviously Sound Affects is telling this dill to prove themselves by challenging them to track his ISP address and post (Sound Affect’s) details on the net point out the awfulness of them..maybe even his (Sound Affect’s) children details (in a sort of mocking tone) just as they have posted the details of RD’s children.

          It’s how I read ages ago it and it’s how it is. But these creeps seize upon the tiniest matter and rip it of context in a Eureka ! moment as though it proves their fallacy. Yet another example of what a lousy alleged journalist Power Disney is.

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          • And the thing is I meant it purely hypothetically, meaning children almost in a generic sense. Way too high-brow for Costa, though, who’s still struggling with ‘Where’s Wally?’.

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          • Yes, it was obvious to me, but apparently flew right over the Hoaxtead mob’s heads. The literal meaning as I took it then, simplified for the hard of thinking on the other side:

            “Go ahead and try to hunt me down using my IP address, as you have claimed you will. What will you do when you find me? Shit yourself on my doorstep and post illegal pictures of my children on the internet?”

            Keep in mind, though: these geniuses were 110% convinced that I was RD, and were still loath to believe that I’m not, even after I posted my real identity and explained how I got here. There are not enough eye-rolly emoticons on the interwebz for these buffoons.

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          • Yep. Obvious to me at the time too! I could never understand why they went on to make such a song and dance about that comment.

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  8. I would like to thank your Herculean efforts transcribing the J-C audio, with names redacted.

    Totally agree on the injecting into the neck thing. Don’t different medications have different injection methods anyway?

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