Melanie Shaw convicted of arson charges

Following a two-day finding-of-fact trial at Leeds Crown Court, a jury took less than an hour to conclude yesterday that 48-year-old Melanie Shaw was guilty of three charges of arson.

All three incidents took place whilst Shaw was an inmate at HMP Foston Hall in Derbyshire and HMP New Hall.

Reporting for ExaminerLive, court reporter Stephanie Finnegan noted that while Shaw had a psychiatric examination and was found unfit to stand trial,

…a jury of seven women and five men spent less than an hour reaching the verdict that she committed three counts of arson being reckless as to whether property was damaged or destroyed.

During a police interview Shaw called her fire-setting a “cry for help” as well as a suicidal gesture, stating that her “human rights (were) being abused”.

She set two fires at HMP Foston Hall in February 2018.

Following the first, which damaged bedding in her locked cell, Shaw claimed that the fire had not endangered anyone, as “the building is made of steel and concrete”. She stated that she had set the fire as a “peaceful protest”.

A second fire two days later damaged bedding and Shaw’s prison cell.

She was then moved to a segregation unit at HMP New Hall. When she emerged from the locked cell, she blamed the fire on a non-existent person named “Lorraine”. While she was changing into clean clothing, she produced a lighter from her bra. At the time of the fire, New Hall allowed smoking, and lighters were available at the canteen.

A fourth charge of arson was dropped prior to the trial, and a charge of sexually assaulting a fellow prisoner was dropped during the trial, as the prosecution produced no evidence of it. Sentencing is scheduled to take place on 13 November, following a second psychiatric assessment.

‘The troof, the whole troof, and nothing like the truth’

—@ChrisGrey888, Twitter


Prior to yesterday’s verdict, conspiracy theorists had loudly proclaimed that we could expect to hear nothing of Shaw’s trial, as it had been covered up by whoever it is that usually covers such things up. Melanie Shaw D Notice 2018-10-16 TwitterThen again, perhaps not.

However, when Stephanie Finnegan, who had covered the trial, tweeted out the verdict, she received the usual response: Melanie Shaw 2018-10-16 Twitter 2-1Melanie Shaw 2018-10-16 Twitter 3Melanie Shaw 2018-10-16 Twitter 4There’s more, but you get the idea.

As the news of Shaw’s conviction spread, others jumped on the “she wuz framed” train:

Melanie Shaw 2018-10-16 Twitter 5.png

Somebody named “Frances Leader – Activist” started out sound all reasonable—who wouldn’t want Shaw to get proper medical attention?

Melanie Shaw 2018-10-16 Twitter 8.pngSadly, the term “conspiracy theorist” was used, and that was the end of that: Melanie Shaw 2018-10-16 Twitter 7Uh-huh. Cool story, but untrue. You can check out the real story here. The term “conspiracy theorist” was used loooooong before 1960. Just sayin’.

We expect yesterday was just the beginning, and we’ll be hearing lots more about how it was all a stitch-up, how the “secret courts” are conspiring to take away people’s freedom to set their prison cells on fire, and how Tommy Robinson thinks Melanie Shaw is totes legit and therefore so should we.

Although we understand that Brian Gerrish, chief standard-bearer in the “Melanie Shaw is not a mentally ill woman but a national hero for some reason that’s not quite clear but just trust me, she is” war, has been informed of the verdict, he has not yet deigned to comment. Probably needs time to think up an explanation of why the court case was covered by media. Or something.

We’ll keep you posted.

And we really do hope that Shaw will receive the care she so urgently needs, in a secure setting. Melaine Shaw

76 thoughts on “Melanie Shaw convicted of arson charges

  1. News blackout. D notice (a term not used in 25 years and only applicable to military / national security). Conspiracy. Whistleblower.

    All because a mentally ill woman set fires in her prison cells after being sent to prison for setting fires.

    I hope Tommy Robinson’s plan to use her backfires on him.

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  2. Posted by Steve just after the verdict broke:

    Couldn’t have put it better myself, mate. It’ll be interesting to see what fresh twist Brian the sailor man puts on this in order to, ahem, cover up his incompetence.

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  3. I’m liking Stephanie Finnegan. She’s certainly got her head screwed on when it comes to Tommy Robbingsod:

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  4. Not only that, a D-Notice is voluntary and not enforceable as PM Harold Wilson found to his chagrin when he took a newspaper to court for breaching one and he lost the case.

    There is just an expectation the media will honour one when the countries security is at risk and they do. They are not, nor have ever been used to suppress information about a politician and the dimwits (Christ I’m sick of them- we never heard from morons before- now they have platforms and megaphones) ignore how Britain’s media have no qualms in exposing politicians of any stripe no matter how powerful they are or the fact in Parliament (let alone in individual parties) the enmity between some MPs is so immense they will seek to destroy each other where possibly which is why it was absurd that Edward Heath would party with Harvey Proctor when they hated each other.

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  5. Her answers are spot-on and she tells it how it is.
    Refreshing and why should she put up with the Loon Squad who will be out in force about this. The Loon Squad (c) is the extended overall “cult” of which The Mob ™ belong to and I would never be so rude as to mention individual members but the names Andy Devine, Angela Power Disney and Brian Gerrish come to mind.

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  6. Plus if their recent rants are anything to go by, alleged child abuser Malcolm Ogilvy and convicted stalker Robert Green will be spitting feathers over this verdict, so that’s a positive.

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  8. I suspect she might find out how a gagging order works real soon (not that I would want to cause any issues regarding cases yet to be heard, but I think that comment is ok)

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  9. Typical of the Loon Squad is that they NEVER bother to check the facts (which cannot be changed) rather they prefer the gossip and and created fantasy, seemingly as long as it has elements of a “elite pedo ring cover-up” and some Satanism tossed in. They are literally obsessed with pedophilia in a seemingly unhealthy way. They have an appetite for it.
    Now we know why Shaw was incarcerated before her trial as she obviously breached numerous court orders (shades of Robinson). Here is one of Shaw’s victims.

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  10. I’m all fired up. Here’s one, where do gay campers roast marshmallows ? On a camp fire ! They caught Melanie with DNA evidence, it was a perfect match ! I’m here all. Week. When is a cigarette lighter funny ? When it’s a gas ! I know, I’m a real spark.


  11. I was especially impressed with “Quantum Energy exists outside regular universal law of physics”. The Quantum Field Theory is the standard law of physics. So much so that it’s called the STANDARD model!

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  12. Went into the chat as Kells Bells. What was that Tom was saying about him having no problem with people questioning him or disagreeing as long at they’re polite?


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  13. ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

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  14. “You can disagree with me as long as you don’t actually disagree. Also I would like your driver’s licence and a short video featuring your face so I can verify your identity. Oh, not you, JJ Youngblood House flips. You neither, Michelle in LA. I’m sure there’s only one Michelle in LA, so you’re in the clear.”

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  15. “…the multiple death threats he sent anybody he perceived as his enemy”

    Ah, so he has much in common with the aforementioned Mr. Ogilvy, then.

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  16. Cat Snot @ 1:09 – eye roll emojis at the ready…

    “I will say and do exactly whatever the fuck I like and nobody will stop me. I don’t care what anybody says – I am entitled to voice my opinion. And the vast majority of the time, those that know me will know the vast majority of the time I back my opinion up with facts and evidence or reasons why I’ve come to the conclusions that I have; and I will say exactly what I like to say, when I like to say it, and nobody will stop me, pretty much. I won’t be dictated to and I won’t be controlled and I won’t be manipulated. What I do is what I do and the reason I do it is because I want to; and the reason I says some of the things I say is because I think I need said [sic]; and nobody will curtail what I say or censor me in a sense. Haha, censor me in a sense, hehe. But you know, regardless of what anybody thinks or whether I offend people or whether they like it or not, I don’t care – I say what I say for a reason; I don’t just make shit up for the fun of it. And like I say, I won’t be controlled or manipulated or censored, so that’s that.”

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  17. 🙄🙄🙄

    “I will say and do exactly whatever the fuck I like…and the reason I do it is because I want to”

    Oh, you do it because you want to. That’s ok, then 🙄

    “Nobody will stop me”

    Hmmm, we’ll see 😜

    “I am entitled to voice my opinion”

    …But you’re not entitled to harass, threaten, intimidate and slander. Check the law, Snotty 😏

    “Those that know me will know the vast majority of the time I back my opinion up with facts and evidence”

    Actually, those who know you know that you absolutely categorically do not. Thanks for asking 🙄

    “I don’t just make shit up for the fun of it”

    Er, yes you do. Frequently. 🙄

    “Regardless of what anybody thinks or whether I offend people or whether they like it or not, I don’t care”

    Yeah? So why are you practically whispering when you say it? I hear your kids playing in the background. Ashamed of what they might think if they hear you, perchance? 😏

    “I’m entitled to my opinion…I won’t be…censored, so that’s that.”

    But…er…you’re happy to censor others…?

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  18. I see she’s happy to start her video with a song written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. Last I checked, they were on her paedo blacklist and were evil satanic mind control agents working for Tavistock. Oops!

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  19. Ah well then, I guess it would be okay for me to call her a sheep-shagger with black pudding where her brains ought to be, because it’s what I want to say and I feel like it. I won’t though, because I have this weird thing called “self-control”.

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  20. No, the algorithm would have picked it up. In the case of publisher-owned material it would either block it, allow it, block it in specific countries or put ads on it, depending on what arrangement any given publisher has with YouTube. Once you’ve uploaded a video you get a notification on your ‘Creator Studio’ video page as to what the situation is with any songs etc. that you’ve used. It works differently to private-owned material, whereby the copyright owner would have to notify YouTube and request its removal.


  21. Incidentally, they”re normally ok with Stones stuff. I’ve used their version of said song in a video of my own, funnily enough (one of the ‘Meme & Moody’ ones as I recall).

    I’m not sure what publisher owns the Soup Dragons cover that Snotty’s used but it appears to have been uploaded multiple times to YouTube so they must be ok about it.

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  22. That lady, the mum, she seems a straightforward unmalicous sort of person. I think they show a lot of compassion for Melanie Shaw. No one should have to put up with criminal behaviour even if the perpetrator is a survivor with serious mental health problems.

    It puts a whole different light on Melanie Shaw’s behaviour.

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  23. One thing I learned from HR is that one “should always believe the children”. Unless the parents are a pair of Christianite gobshites pulling the whole Preacher scam, in which case one should believe them and the children are lying liars who lied.

    The Nigerian couple, who claimed their kids were possessed by evil spirits, beat them with brooms, hoovers and wires and even gave their baby a morphine overdose just days after her first birthday.
    The kids were finally rescued after their eldest daughter threw a heart-wrenching SOS note out of a window….

    Mr Kirk is living evidence that alcoholism and Closed-Head-Injury brain damage are a bad combination. I can see why Ogilvy and Butlincat take his side.

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  25. The Musas: the case in which all Hoaxers have taken the side of the parents and which really shows them up as the bizarre hypocrites they are.
    The endless mantras that “children never lie” is abandoned in this case where the children themselves threw notes from a window begging strangers to save them from their fanatical “Christian” parent’s physical abuse.

    I just don’t get it.
    Children “lie” all the time such as: when they say Father Christmas is a real person and they willingly go and sit on his lap in a shopping centre on the same days millions of kids around the world are doing likewise. The “tooth fairy” etc etc. They repeat the “truth”, in total innocence, that is told them by adults or other kids.

    Yet in the one case where there was actually NO-ONE to force the Musa kids into inventing abuse, the Hoaxers side with the abusive parents?. It surely demonstrates that The Mob / Loon Squad have no real interest in the welfare of children, rather they are fascinated & obsessed with a belief in Satanic Pedo Cult that runs the world. Children are just merely chattels to be used in that campaign, often in a crass & vulgar manner : Thomas Dunn ( Jon Wedger) by selling tacky t-shirts or mugs. Does the money go to a real children’s charity?. Not on your life.
    # Apparently the Musa children now live with adoptive parents and have changed their names and are happy.
    Not that you ever hear a single word of concern about them from the Hoaxers.

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  26. Yes, much of his rage at the authorities seems to be based on his having taken umbrage at the suggestion that he might have suffered a brain injury. His response was not “slow down and take care of myself”, but “hunt down the doctor who dared suggest such a thing, along with the police officer who tried to make me stop harassing the doctor”. Unsurprisingly, he how has a MAPPA order to his credit.

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  27. I was particularly impressed by her mention that she worked for an organisation dealing with prostitutes which is how she met Shaw.
    I have no problem with how people earn a living but it explains a lot.

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  28. The excellent website Barts Notes has a piece on the Melanie Shaw conviction. It also mentions that contrary to the Fanatical Hoaxer’s endless claims she is being persecuted for being a “whistle-blower” for revealing organised abuse, there has been an extensive police investigation and it forms part of the ongoing Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse.

    This Important Fact is ignored: if the abuse was a bad as Shaw claims ( I have no reason to dis-believe her claim she was abused as a child) : there MUST be other victims as well yet we never hear from them.

    Well there probably are who have also reported to police and perhaps they will appear as witnesses at the IICSA but they prefer anonymity.

    Shaw’s entire campaign is hypocritical. On one hand she claims a massive ring of abuse yet never ever presents another victim and I have no doubt there are others if her claims are true.

    In what other abuse inquiry has there only been ONE victim?. In what other abuse inquiry have we heard from just one claimant? The Catholic Church abuse inquiries- hundreds have told of their history.

    This is not uncommon among some victims in the unfolding scandals of abuse in residential children’s homes. Not every adult abused as a child is a Saint. We’ve seen many attempt to become the Star of an inquiry.
    However Shaw undoubtedly has mental health problems (and note in the video above the mother says the judge called her a “pathological liar”) which complicates matters.

    Yet the Hoaxer Mob have seized upon her attempts to be a “whistle-blower” and ignore the illogical aspects of her claims such as being incarcerated for “whistle-blowing” when clearly she has history as a dangerous arsonist and of harassing innocent people for which she has been legally restrained yet has ignored those court orders which has led to present incarceration – not unlike Tommy Robinson who ignored Court Orders.

    The shallowness of the Hoaxers and their “investigations – no names (Angela Power-Disney) and inability to discover the real facts demonstrates yet again they seek out a cause and the truth is malleable.

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  29. But he was talking about a movie. Dunce is trying to imply that he was trying to reveal real stuff under the guise of movie chat but it was purely movie-making chat taken out of context.

    And it’s a great example of Dunny’s ignorance and lack of research that by his own admission he doesn’t even know what movie Lee’s talking about!


  30. Ditto and thanks for highlighting that, GOS. I watched some of the live coverage. The videos are not released yet, for further sharing.
    It crossed my mind that the Tommy promoting Melanie thing was overshadowing the actual inquiry into Beechwood……
    Personally, given the repetitive mantra ‘Common purpose’ and the fact that Eddie has mirrored the Tom Dunno crap and merchandise and said he was promoting it all at the events for Tommy….. Plus the background of many of the hoaxers attempting to infiltrate the inquiry from it’s inception and their attempts to mirror it with their own freeman of the land types of independent (useless), inquiries via FSF and ITNJ……… It raises that suspicion for me.


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