Jim Bakker, Derek Gilbert, & Tom Dunn: A toxic brew

Hands up, everybody here who remembers Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker, the 1980s American televangelists whose “PTL Club” crashed and burned when Jim was convicted of fraud and covering up a payment of hush money to Jessica Hahn, a secretary whom he had allegedly raped?

If you have no memory of Jim, you might recall the iconic image of Tammy Faye’s tearful breakdown, which somehow became synonymous with the gaudy hypocrisy of over-the-top televangelism in general, and Jim Bakker in particular. Tammy Faye Bakker cryingWhat can we say, it was a different time.

In any case, Jim and Tammy Faye divorced, Jim did a stint in prison, and once he got out, he rehabilitated himself via the obligatory tell-all confessional book.

Then in 2003 he and his new wife, Lori, started an all-new daily evangelical show. These days, Bakker’s preaching is designed to appeal to the growing demographic of hardcore survivalists and millennialists—those Christians who believe that following the events allegedly foretold in the Book of Revelations, Jesus will come to reign over the earth for 1,000 years.

Apparently one of Bakker’s signature products (aside from his various prophecies, which range from God punishing those who mock him…er, whoops…to the claim that if Donald Trump is impeached, a civil war will result), is buckets of foods suitable for storage in one’s survivalist bunker. Because, you know, apocalypse.

We told you all that so we can tell you this

Another evangelical couple with an end-times outlook now run a regular feature on Bakker’s resurrected PTL Network.

Derek and Sharon Gilbert, who run Gilbert House Ministries, also talk about science and technology from an eschatological (“end-times”) Christian standpoint. Yes, really.

They have appeared several times with Bakker, and now host SciFriday, where they discuss such science-y things as “Werewolves”, “Wiring our Kids into the Matrix”, and “SciFriday at the Hybrid and Transhuman Age Conference”, subtitled “Why are leaders in tech and science sponsoring research that could exterminate humanity?”

According to the Gilberts’ Jim Bakker Show bio,

Gilbert has been a speaker at Bible prophecy conferences in recent years, focusing on the prophetic. Derek is currently working on a book about how poor teaching in end times Bible prophecy in American churches will lead many well-meaning Christians to welcome the Antichrist.

In addition to something called Skywatch TV and SciFriday, Gilbert also runs a podcast called View from the Bunker, which is where we found this, thanks to an alert reader:Gilbert VFTB 2018-10-14 Tom DunnYeah. Them again.

And sure enough, if you check out the page you will discover an hour-long podcast featuring Jared Chrestman and Tom Dunn, discussing their new video, “This is a War”.


Gilbert says that he and Dunn met at the Hear the Watchmen conference in Dallas, Texas in March 2018, where the Gilberts were listed as speakers. During that conference, Gilbert produced this interview about the video, “Detestable” for his Skywatch Network:


It seems that Tom & Jared are still-minor but rising stars in the oddball world of “fundamentalist end-times Christianity meets science fiction meets conspiracy theories“, as described by BarthsNotes.

This sounds easy to mock, but dragging the Hampstead SRA hoax into this toxic and potentially lucrative milieu could prove extremely dangerous. Death_with_a_Host_of_Demons_by_Christian_Ferdinand_Hartmann,_ink_and_wash

27 thoughts on “Jim Bakker, Derek Gilbert, & Tom Dunn: A toxic brew

  1. Can you imagine what “Heaven” would be with these boring fanatics filling the joint?. Perhaps there will be an alternative haven that is really a very large Mental Health Unit in the clouds and This Mob (™) will all be sent there once they leave this mortal coil to continue their ridiculous but nasty conspiracies and leave us sane (editor- speak for yours..etc) folk in peace.
    Now that would Heavenly!.

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  2. “This is a War”

    Well smear me with peanut butter and throw me to the labradors*, it’s a war. I wonder what camouflage pattern the Christian Warriors will be wearing.

    HA HA I jest. They use a pattern of repeating dollar bills.

    * Not an actual request.

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  3. The Second Coming of Hercules, Leviathan, and Prophetic War Between Jesus Christ and the Gods of Antiquity

    Wait, what, Derek Gilbert believes claims to believe that the “gods of antiquity” were real?
    If you’re going to be a monotheist, be a monotheist.

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    • Highly relevant to an alleged investigation into APD’s online history as another large payout is awarded over defamatory Facebook posts. Irish defamation law seems fairly similar to Australia but I believe it’s actually easier to access. I note Ireland just reduced the time a case can be started from 6 years to one from the date of the alleged libel but that can be solved by a solicitor’s letter to the defendant pointing out the libel and reserving the right to take legal action in the future.
      There is no mention of the legal costs in this case which the defendant will have to pay. I reckon they will be ruinous.
      “Former mayor awarded $120,000 over defamatory Facebook posts”

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      • To be honest, it’s a wonder APD wasn’t already sued for defamation, she has defamed so many it’s really unbelievable. I really hope Sgt. McCabe & family bring a case against her, what she wrote about them is really a disgrace, as if they were not handling enough. A lot of people thought she was an eccentric & were very shocked at her venomous videos.

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      • Here’s a story from today’s Irish Independent.


        The Gard’s harasser was got a sentence of five years in 2016.

        “Judge Twomey said that in May 2010 Sgt Gilmartin had been made aware of false statements about him to the effect that he was evil and corrupt and unfaithful to his wife. He had attended a psychiatrist in June 2011 who had found he suffered with Adjustment Disorder which had not required clinical intervention.

        He said the court was awarding damages solely in relation to personal injuries and not in relation to defamation of character.”

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  4. Wish I knew how to embed videos on this gadget. It’s late and I’m a hopeless Luddite. Anyway, this video – which I hope has an operational link -sums up what Jim Bakker and his faux-apocalyptic lot are all about. He’s been around since before I went through puberty, and is nothing more than Alex Jones with a phony “God Squad” message and entourage. But it’s all profoundly hilarious when viewed by anyone with more than two functioning neurons…

    (By the way, in case you were wondering : *that’s called “queso.”*)
    [redacted at commenter’s request]

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    • Arrrghhh ! DO NOT CLICK ON THAT LINK ! Something is amiss – it leads to a bad page that looks infectious / buggy. *Sigh.*

      For anyone interested, the YouTube video “Jim Bakker Prepares Us For Trump’s America”(or a very similar title) by Vic Berger was my intended destination. So sorry about that !

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      • Jesus H.Christ- this man wants us to make coffee tables out of buckets of this thing which he reckons will keep for 20 years?. The fact they claim D.Trump’s election is a “miracle from God” sums them up. Trump has been hated in New York for the last 2 decades for ripping off 1000s of employees, contractors and investors for his blatant scams which proves the God they pray to is Mammon !

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  5. OK, a whole new level of stupid from Cat Snot, if that’s possible – apparently tennis star Andy Murray, who was 9 at the time (or 8, as Cat calls it), was complicit in the Dunblane massacre. I’m not making that up….

    Oh and there’s a lovely bit of Maths in there too. She says that if Andy and his brother were 8 and 10 in 1996, they’re “24, 25 or 26” now. Yup.

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