If you go down in the woods tonight…

One time tested theme which seems to pop up frequently in reports from adult Satanic ritual abuse claimants (and at least one MK Ultra claimant we’re aware of, ahem) is that of being chased through forests.

We have Becki Percy dashing about through an unspecified wooded area in Hull with a camera on her head; Fiona Barnett relating her experience of being chased through the “Pedowood”; and who could forget Angela Power-Disney’s astonishing adventures of being “hunted” in the forest by military types who only wanted to urinate on her?

Of course a forest at night is an inherently spooky place, full of strange shadows and unfamiliar noises seemingly magnified in darkness, so it’s not terribly surprising that forests (like tunnels) seem to play a strong supporting role in the SRA myth. We were interested to note that one of the very early SRA trials was alleged to have taken place in Epping Forest, on the eastern outskirts of London.

‘Girl tells court of sacrifices in Epping Forest’

The headlines were lurid, and the news coverage was heavy during the November 1991 trial at the Old Bailey. A contemporaneous report in The Herald stated:

A girl alleged to have been sexually assaulted with her sister during satanic rituals in Epping Forest, yesterday told a jury she was warned she would be ”cut up and hanged” if she reported what happened to her.

The 10-year-old, on her second day in the witness box at the Old Bailey, said: ‘My mum said that if we told, all the gypsies would come and cut us up and hang us. I was scared. I believed it.’

Five people, including the girls’ parents, are on trial facing 20 specimen charges dating back to 1982 and including rape, buggery, indecent assault, and conspiracy to commit indecent assault.

The girl recalled her mother telling her that one of those who had abused her, a 58-year-old man, was ‘a Christian and a true gypsy’.

The prosecution said the girl and her sister, now 14, would describe for the jury how they were taken at night to the Gypsy Smith memorial stone in Epping Forest, drugged and made to drink blood from a freshly-killed rabbit before being sexually abused by adults, including their parents.

Mr Michael Lawson, QC, told the jury the elder sister had claimed that babies were sacrificed at the end of the rituals. …

The girl said she and her sister would be taken ‘about three times a week’ to naked rituals in the forest and given drinks which made her feel ‘dizzy and sexy’.

She described being ordered to lie on the ground while a series of men sexually abused her.

Among those present at the ceremonies she knew were her mother, her father, and the other three defendants. …

Babies and girls a few years younger than herself would be sacrificed, she said. Her father and the 63-year-old male accused would produce them from behind the stone.

Her godfather would put the baby or child on the stone then take a knife and either stab them or slit their throats.

An interesting point which struck us right away is that, given the story of baby or child sacrifice, none of the accused were charged with murder.

And indeed, according to the encyclopædic SAFF website, the police found no forensic or other evidence to back up the children’s initial testimony. After a six-day trial, the case was dismissed:

In the Epping Case Judge Justice Turner dismissed the case saying that the girl’s evidence was “uncertain, inconsistent, and improbable.” The key to the collapse of the Epping Case was simply that the defence council asked the child whether she was lying and she said she was. She admitted to making up the names of people she had claimed were involved. She admitted that her testimony about Ritual Sacrifice might not be true.

“I am not sure if it did happen or if I was just imagining it.. the bits with the killings and that, I am not sure of”.

Epping Forest trial Canberra Times 1991-11-21

While the Epping Forest SRA allegations were the first mention of forests or woods in the UK version of the Satanic panic, we were interested to note that a similar story popped up in Chicago two years earlier.

Craig Tisdale, an animal control officer [dog-catcher, shurely?—Ed.] from the Winnetka Police Department, warned hardened police officers of the ghastly dangers which could await them in Chicago’s forest preserve woods:

This is new and growing: The demented cults that use the woods to coldly sacrifice animals-and, it is feared, possibly even humans-in satanic rituals. According to law enforcement officers, this happens more than most of us can imagine.

And the cops themselves are warning each other to be careful.

”If you’re walking deep in the woods and you see anything like this, get back out and call for help,” a veteran of cult investigation told the annual meeting of Illinois conservation police last week in Peoria. ”If you see animals hanging from trees, get out. If a person comes up to you and says he’s seen something ‘funny’ going on, get out and get some help. That could be a warning.”

Warning of what? Tisdale showed the officers videos of “Satanic sites” which had been found in the Chicago area:

There was a broken angel tombstone marker along with several animal carcasses near an abandoned cemetery close to O’Hare. There was an inscribed rock altar in another woods. The most sensational find was a ceremonial gravesite in the deep forest near southwestern Willow Springs last November.

That one brought out police in full, for the initial signs were ominous. Along with ritualistically butchered deer and other animals, investigators found an inverted cross and a child’s gym shoe near the shallow grave. Trees were splattered with what seemed like blood and painted with satanic symbols. Grottoes and the grave dripped with candle wax.

Fortunately, no human remains were found, and the ”blood” turned out to be theatrical makeup. But the police believe that these sites hint of a violence to come.

So…nothing had happened, no evidence of anything untoward had been found, but let no one claim that saner heads prevailed:

(Tisdale) said current investigations conclude that satanic ceremonies invariably have the goal of human sacrifice. ”We are convinced, but cannot prove, that babies and others have been used,” Tisdale said. ”We believe that some of these established groups breed babies for sacrifice. We suspect that runaways are enticed, then kidnapped and used. These could be street kids from Clark Street on the North Side. Kids aren’t reported missing from there. They’re already missing from other areas-Des Moines, perhaps.”

No human sacrifices had taken place…yet.

And Tisdale knew, but could not prove, that “babies and others” had been sacrificed, and that babies had been bred for sacrifice. While no teenagers had been reported missing, he “suspected” runaways had been enticed. And since they hadn’t come from Clark Street, they must have been missing from faraway cities. Or something.

Tisdale wants to see a county, state or federal task force formed to investigate cult problems. He said the Chicago Police Department and state police Division of Criminal Investigation currently have detectives assigned to cults.

But all they can tell you right now is to stay out of deep woods near cemeteries late at night when fires are flickering, especially when the moon is full.

Oooweeeeooooo…and cue the scary violins.

backlit dark dawn environment

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  1. Let’s not forget the tales of underground complexes on Wimbledon common. A secretive sect led by an avuncler figure known as ‘bulgaria’ live underground as an off grid commune surviving by forraging for food and discarded goods they recycle. The police have never linked them to a series of murders, Muggings and strange noises heard near the toilets at night. it’s high time it was properly investigated and not dismissed as some child’s ‘fairy tale’.

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    • There’s also rumours of boat based goings on where a figure claiming to be a captain regularly tempts children onto his ship with the promise of free meals. they never return from these horrorcruises and are thought to be lost at sea.

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        • It’s a shame there isn’t a Looney Pied Piper type who could get all the nutcases to follow him and vanish for ever. Oh, hang on, Spivey is giving it a good try. They are certainly following but haven’t vanished yet.

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  2. But seriously (for a change) these underground chambers and woodland ceremonies stories have never been proven and go back to the likes of warnke and co with their fabrications sold as fact to the less capable biblebelters over 4 decades. the real CSA happens behind the doors of average homes the length and breadth of most countries. hot spots would be big city train stations and arcades in the pre cctv days where predators would seek vulnerable runaways. why is the rural countryside so appealing to the hoaxmakers as the scene of their imagined atrocities ? is it the massive number of horror films set in the woods that feed this obsession ?

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    • I think it’s a normal human fear: think Hansel & Gretel, Little Red Riding Hood, and all the various fairy tales featuring wild animals or dangers waiting in the woods to pounce on the unwary. Wooded areas are dark, scary, full of unknown dangers, and hard to navigate, especially at night, so they make the perfect setting for scary stories of all sorts.


      • When those stories were written most people led rural existances and the industrial revolution had yet to change things. they probably have their roots in genuine fears too awful to mention to children. so they warned them of old witches offering gingerbread treats or werewolves eating them.

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  3. The question is how many of these people really believe it? There are the obvious fakers but I think with some of them its like alien abductions and they really believe. Maybe the woods/forests are something in our subconscious harking back to a more primal time.

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    • Yes, I think some do believe it. The addition of a woods/forest element to the various stories seems to hint at a certain level of pre-planning, though. As in “this story isn’t scary enough; oh, I know, I’ll add a darkened forest”.

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    • Evil dead. the hills have eyes. friday the thirteenth. wrong turn. withnail and i. cabin fever. texas chainsaw massacre. there’s a huge tradition of horror films based around people going out into the wild and getting chopped up. we all know from experience the only thing that happens is you get cold, wet and miserable and the roads are far deadlier than campsites but logic never wins over emotion.

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  4. I’m a bit reluctant to link to this ghastly Oz “true crimes” website as it seeks to emulate the worst of UK gutter tabloids but it’s the only site currently carrying this tale. I asked my pal on a major newspaper why and he says they seem reluctant to give this person the oxygen of publicity.

    Apparently, the blog author worked in sales on a major newspaper for about 8 months before getting the sack for upsetting potential advertisers. This gives him the excuse to call himself a journalist and I think we know others who do likewise but I’d never mention any names as that is just rude (although the name Angela Power-Disney comes to mind).
    This blogger calls his website ‘Kangaroo Court of Australia’ and I think he’s oblivious to the fact he’s actually the one who holds kangaroo courts and accuses and convicts on gossip alone.

    He was jailed recently for 4 months for Contempt of Court for naming a person whose name was redacted by a court (Tommy Robinson?) but now he’s just been banged upagain for 18 months.

    His website is appalling as he calls all judges pedos and accuses major names of being in pedo cults etc. Judges who don’t give convicted offenders enough time according to him are obviously “pedos” ( just what is this bizarre obsession people have?).
    You know the drill as it’s all so familiar. Of course, the Nutbag Brigade (c) claim because no-one sues for libel it’s true but the bloke is broke so obviously people are reluctant to spend $$ pursuing someone who would stop making his false claims anyway.

    Although he is being pursued by a Perth billionaire TV Network owner Kerry Stokes for libel and bizarrely just like Ms. Charles Seven, court defeats are painted as victories.

    It’s time some more of the Hamstead Hoaxers spent time inside for their ghastly false accusations and harassment of innocent parents and the exposure of innocent children.
    SENT TO THE SLAMMER AGAIN! Kangaroo Court journo Shane Dowling jailed for 18 months for public campaign against “paedophile judges”

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    • I doubt even in oz judges call people losers and unstable mental retards. i suspect the witness at the trial is either talking shit or misquoting. of all the people you don’t want to call childmolesters judges are very high on the list.

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    • To be fair though GoS, he did bring the Capilano Honey affair to light first. Otherwise I agree he is a nutter.

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  5. Judges have guidelines that are very specific. i’m sure they’d love to throw 50 year sentences at some offenders but are bound by the letter of the law. most judges are grateful just to get the case in court and a guilty verdict as it’s notoriously one of the hardest crimes to even get reported let alone to court.

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  6. It’s not exactly logical for dozens of murderous satanists to have to tramp through miles of dark forest to set up their ceremony or carry out their hunts is it ? has anyone here tried walking through dense woods at night ? it’s hard enough going twenty metres for a toilet break let alone going through miles of it. as for becki’s idiotic lies of it being pitch black but being able to see bodies hanging in the trees and running around barefoot ? no way. once you get deep in the woods you can’t see a thing and stumble all over. about the only truth is woods are scary. why doesn’t anyone question these bizarre claims of running through dark nighttime forests when it’s patently impossible. I feel like filming in a wood at night just to prove it.

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  7. What goes on in the local woods has entered into folklore, a fear that is embedded into the human psyche that Satan Hunters play to.

    Two thousand years ago the best fighting force in the world the Romans sent three legions into the local German woods to investigate Satanic goings on. The Romans ended up being hunted by MK Ultra German members, who did nasty things to you if they caught you. That was the end of three Roman legions of over 10,000 elite soldiers. Emperor Augustus was not a happy man.

    Moral of story, always take a packet of jelly babies with you when visiting the local woods.

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    • On twitter Fiona barnett claims halloween is baby killing night and at a military camp in the blue mountains 10,000 satanists will gather there.

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      • I think these MK Ultra hunts have gone soft. Back in the day, in the real hunts, you could hunt 10,000 armed soldiers at a time, and if you caught one soldier such as the guys under Varus, according to Tacitus, you would be cooked alive in a big pot and your bones used for spoons (or making spoons to sell to the tourists.) When the Iceni came to London in their big Roman hunt, they enjoyed burning London to the ground, and according to Dio, cut off the breasts of Roman women and sewed them into their mouths, as well as sacrficing everyone in groves; eat that Neelu Berry with your freedom of the land bullshit.

        I blame climate change and deforestation, as woods are smaller these days to be able to hold such large hunts. The fall in standards annoys me, instead of armed soldiers, the MK Ultra hunters are chasing two-year-olds like Angela Power Disney, and now they just urinate on her if they catch her; the same goes for Becki Percy, when they snatch an item of clothing everytime they catch her. What is going on? I blame health and safety, hippies and political correctness for turning out soft-headed MK Ultra hunters and fragile snowflake whinging complainers like Angela and Becki.

        When MK Ultra was butchering Varus and his 10,000 soldiers, they were proper hardcore devil worshipping savages. When this was going on Jesus was hanging out in Israel talking about that you could not do any of this shit. If Jesus got himself nailed before he started all that love and peace crap, no doubt hardcore MK Ultra hunts could have been maintained instead of this LARPing that is going on.

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    • Yes, and then there’s that time the Romans, the military powerhouse of their day, sent the 9th Legion (Hispana) marching into the wilds of Scotland, never to return.

      This story is now debated by historians, but the fact that it was accepted for so long tells us something about how people view “marching into wild forests”.

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      • The Whackyweedia informs me that “The Eagle of the Ninth” is no longer considered an authoritative source on the end of the Hispana Legion. Another childhood illusion is cruelly dashed.

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      • After that hadrian trumpus maximus of the golden locks and the best words sayeth ‘i’m goingeth to build a massive Fucking wall, better than the chinese could build, and maketh the scotch pay. and then a golfus course’

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  8. One for the Confirmed Fruitloop Fiona Barnett as several huge underground tunnels in Sydney are to be opened to the public. Apparently, these were built during the war or as tunnels for train services that never happened and have been closed for decades, mainly used to grow mushrooms.

    Now we can see which ones go all the way to the secretive US Pine Gap complex (according to Barnett) some 2700 plus kilometers, surely one of the greatest engineering feats of all time. Although why they bothered when Pine Gap has its own airport servicing several 747 jets arriving each week.

    And of course to the nuclear reactor at Lucas Heights which has a perfectly serviceable highway right to its front gate. Why would Satanist Baby Eaters want to go to a nuclear reactor?
    Sydney’s secret train tunnels under St James Station to be opened to public

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  9. I’ve been looking into angela’s claims and these is a satanic mkultra sect known as the uris who perform these chases. collectively they’re known as the uri nation.

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  10. Wesley had ‘aqquired’ a new abode.


    ” What happens when a “professional squatter” who’s passionate about cannabinoids is left to his own devices in a foreign country?!?

    Well, after a few weeks of struggling, in severe pain, with spinal fractures; paying extortionate unaffordable rents in Barcelona; following being abandoned in a foreign country by my own supposed NHS pain management specialist – Dr [redacted] who sent me on a wild-goose-chase – hunting for land to setup an ethical cannabinoid retreat / hemp farm…. To be left without health insurance, or the accommodation/expenses/meetings he promised… With nothing… No transport or money… Carrying triple my body weight in equipment around… To then have my daughter‘s life threatened by his coked-up friends, when I explain this bizarre occurrence on here, rather than remain isolated…

    I’m happy to say, with some help from an amazing friend, I’ve occupied my first foreign property, out of necessity…

    Across Spain, over 3.4 MILLION empty properties are left empty… The beauty of residential squatting here is, that it will take the bank about 3 years to get me out…

    It’s been un-used for several years and I have more of them in my sights… Built in a dizzying rush by developers to exploit cheap loans and favourable government regulations, these modern ruins now litter the landscape…

    However… The beautiful legal tool ‘adverse possession’ is our friend 😉

    Spain was one of the countries hardest hit by the European economic crisis… Due to a toxic combination of billions of euros worth of bad loans held by Spanish banks, and a real estate bubble that burst in spectacular style in 2007, Spain’s economy now faces multiple challenges…

    The property is off-grid – I’m bleaching it from top to bottom and have already started getting the garden ready for next year, fitted with irrigation, and solar panels…

    If anyone wants to help out with volunteering; furniture; soft furnishings; paint; building materials; growing equipment; soil; seeds; cuttings etc – Then please get in touch, we’re in need of seed company sponsors for this wild spontaneous positive-change-from-crisis project…

    To prove we don’t need over-paid so-called ‘doctors’ who hand out opiates like sweets, who don’t have a clue about cannabinoids…

    Thinking they can profit from people’s pain…

    By the time the eviction goes through, I’ll have several more properties… Bigger ones… And will keep doing this until I get the revenue/rent needed to setup the farm/retreat…

    Using all of them to heal and offer comfort to those in need of cannabinoids… So that they can relax in a place with fresh air; fresh food; sun and care…

    I’m gonna start opening these occupations up as ‘pods’ for medicinal cannabis treatments… Until we can afford to either buy/rent our own…

    So people can come and stay for FREE and allow their endocannabinoid system and mind/body/soul to heal…

    This one even has a pool! 😀

    The law is on our side.

    You just have to know how to use it to benefit the people, not the corporations…

    If the occupations are not noticed / challenged legally…

    We become the lawful owners on land registry 😉

    And our portfolio grows… Literally…”.


    • Yes Wesley, the law is on your side. Until you occupy the wrong property and your door gets kicked in at 3am by paid thugs tasked to seriously hurt you. You think some little druggie scrote from England is going to be allowed to pull that crap in Spain? You think all property owners are law abiding? Good luck.

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      • “the law is on your side”

        Not quite. Unlike the UK which moans about EU “immigrants” and says they can’t do anything to stop it, Spain enforces EU rules and gives other EU citizens 3 months before they have to register at the nearest Oficina de Extranjeros and show that they are self-supporting and have current health insurance.

        By my calculation he fled at the end of June, which must mean he is now overdue for deportation 🤣

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        • Your dear mother was a wise woman. Wesley is a special kind of cretin, has no shame in lying to a persons face even when he knows that person knows he’s lying. Thats a rare personality type.

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          • Thank you, yes she was I indeed pity I didn’t listen to her more! 😊

            Wesley is a typical layabout that wants everything for nothing. I highly doubt anything he tries to set up will be free, but he will expect everything for free, he’s already been offered seeds, he will milk his dream/scam.


          • LuccaMum would be wrong in this case, as all the evidence suggests that Wesley is too stupid for his own good.


    • The property is off-grid – I’m bleaching it from top to bottom and have already started getting the garden ready for next year, fitted with irrigation, and solar panels…
      If anyone wants to help out with volunteering; furniture; soft furnishings; paint; building materials; growing equipment; soil; seeds; cuttings etc – Then please get in touch, we’re in need of seed company sponsors for this wild spontaneous positive-change-from-crisis project…

      “This all sounds like hard work. Can someone else come and do it for me? Or just send money.”

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      • One of the principles of Highly Effective Scammers is that your dodgy “investment opportunity” should be presented as something slightly illegal. That way, the suckers feel privileged in their access to secret insider knowledge, and superior to all those other fools who play by the rules; also, it assuages the faint suspicion that ‘If this money-fountain was so easy, why isn’t everyone else doing it already?’

        So Wesley has learned that part of the business, at least. But to it properly requires far more effort than he will ever be prepared to put in.


    • Malcolm and his fellow hate campaigner Cat Scot have also been posting crap about one of the Hampstead parents and naming her children. I’d prefer not to link it, as I’m not a child abuser like that pair of arseholes.


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