Angela confesses ‘Ellagate’ might have been a lie

Ho hum, another month, another update from Angela Power-Disney:


Not a lot new this time, though she does provide a revisionist view of her Ellagate bollox, and urges Brian Harvey to let his Freeman on the land court supporters continue undermining him in court. Oh, and she speculates on the outcome of his case, but we won’t repeat that here.

Angela’s non-arrest, redux

In case anybody in the Western world is unaware that the Irish Gardaí raided Angela’s house and seized her tech two and a half weeks ago…yeah, that happened.

The first thing I want to cover, for any of you that don’t know, I think it was two weeks ago Friday just gone, so two weeks ago my house was raided on foot of the harassment allegation by Ricky Dearman, a UK citizen who allegedly or apparently flew to the Republic of Ireland and attempted to file harassment charges against me after outing himself on eBay. And the children.

And so approximately six weeks later, my computer and phone and laptops were taken. I was not arrested, technically, although I chose to go and make a voluntary rebuttal statement under caution, because anything I said could be used in evidence if it goes to court. …

I was also requested not to rush [my tech] back because the information could be useful not just regarding the original allegation, it could be useful for a lot of things.

Angela relates this last bit with a bit of a wink and a nod. Is it possible that she believes “useful for a lot of things” means that the Gardaí will somehow magically re-open and re-investigate the Hampstead SRA hoax? Can you say “dreaming in Technicolor”?

It seems much more probable that the police want to keep her tech in order to investigate any further charges which might be brought against her by others whom she might have harassed.

‘I’m not going to buy into the fear narrative’

In a strangely giggly and sometimes incoherent monologue, Angela compared her current legal situation to previous health scares she’d suffered: in two instances, she said, she’d been investigated for cancer, but had been given the all-clear. Somehow she seems to believe that this means that even though others have been arrested, charged, and convicted for harassing the people of Hampstead, she will be the exception:

I realised last night that getting allegations of harassment made by RD who has succeeded in the past in having people multiple arrested, incarcerated, and so on and so forth, on similar grounds, I was preparing for prison. I was preparing for corruption. I was preparing for injustice….

I think I came up with ‘whose report are you going to believe?’ No matter how much the evidence indicates that everybody who’s been prosecuted that has campaigned around the Hampstead case hasn’t turned out so well for them, but that’s not…that’s like saying everyone who’s been given a prognosis of end-stage ovarian cancer doesn’t turn out so well for everybody who’s told you’ve got leukaemia you know, and dah-de-dah, it doesn’t turn out so well for, but it’s an opportunity to grow my faith.

Because I’m a child of God, I’m not any more special than the next person, but if we all roll over and just say it’s inevitable for injustice to continue and…for the worst possible outcomes to happen, then we might as well quit. We might as well just, you know, put our hand out and get an RFID chip and ask where the FEMA camp is, or what work we’re going to be allocated, you know, in this new world order kind of thing.

So it was just a wakeup call to me last night. I’m not going to  buy into the fear narrative. I think fear is a huge part of it. It is designed to be stressful, it is designed to be intimidating, it is designed to silence, but we don’t need to, we just need to grow in our faith and trust God.

“Trust God and get a good solicitor” seems to us a wiser option, but that’s just us. We also believe in things like obeying the law and not harassing innocent people.

And just in case you thought she planned to stop incriminating herself…

Not a hope in hell. Instead, she tried to fling the blame around:

And the final subject I’m just going to cover briefly…Hampstead now is the final thing I’m going to cover, outline briefly, which is I realize there’s a lot of disinfo, I’ve been misquoted, maligned, slandered, libelled, and I’ve also made some mistakes along the way. I worked on that for three and a half years, not just as a coming-out-of-retirement journalist from the 80s or whatever, I’m a mother, I’m a well-educated woman, I’m also a survivor, you know, and I’m a citizen, so you don’t have to put one hat on to care about children. It should surely reflect your humanity. 

I want the police to know, the gards, I will come see you or make an appointment, but I need you to know that somebody on the…what should we call it to be diplomatic?…somebody on the counter-blog with a goal to shutting down any calls for a proper investigation of the Hampstead case and labelling it a hoax, somebody on there actually made incitements to followers to mass-phone Kells Gardaí. They gave out the phone number, they incited people, and there are screenshots of all this.

We do seem to recall that someone put up the contact information for Kells Barracks, to enable anyone who had been harassed by Angela to make a report…hardly encouraging “mass-phoning”, though, which implies wasting police time.

There are also screenshots of fake profiles and I’ll get fake profiles historically in both my children’s names, and all three of them at one stage, and I’ve got proof of that.

Despite Angela’s constant allegations that we have harassed her children by making fake profiles of them, we can (yet again) categorically state that this is not the case.

Having made false claims against this blog, Angela dove straight into the self-incrimination:

I wonder will I go there in terms of details on Hampstead at this moment? I mean there was one outrageous inaccuracy posted as a comment in a group of mine by somebody I’d considered a friend in the past, and her paraphrase of what she understood and what had actually happened was shocking to me, in its inaccuracy, so maybe this isn’t the place to do the nuts and bolts details.

But I think I will just go to the most controversial part of my three years’ research and campaigning on behalf of the Hampstead children, the thing that had me isolated in my work, and I didn’t mind being isolated because it was hard to know who to trust, and you know I kind of like to work alone and just trust…I couldsay at the moment there’s probably three people I trust that I’m working with at the moment. Stretch it, maybe five.

But you know at one time on Hampstead I’d worked with about 30 close-knit researchers who were in it for the long haul, and other times I met and went to the homes of people, campaigners, other times I’ve been in secret groups and closed groups and all the rest of it, and they all get a little bit political and infiltrated and self-destructing, so sometimes it’s just easier to work alone, so I do understand that as well….

Was Ellagate a fantasy?

In a sudden switcheroo from a couple of weeks ago, Angela is now admitting that, well, the Ellagate story she’s plugged over the past two years might not be all it was cracked up to be:

But the most controversial part of my three-plus years’ research and investigation was that I was asked to meet with somebody that I had met on two or three occasions before, and who had been very much in the campaign to have the investigation reopened and done properly and truth pursued, and I had no reason to distrust this person, and I was invited to meet with that person, and I flew over from Lanzarote to London, travelled, stayed a day or two, to be dropped a bombshell on, which was that her father-in-law was likely intelligence services after 25 years in the military and her husband was poss—well, she didn’t say her husband was possibly intelligence, I think so, you know, and I ‘m not basing that just on conjecture, but she said, you know, my husband was kind of getting fed up with me spending every waking hour investigating the Hampstead case, and somebody was paid £3,000 to hack the mother’s phone, and evidence was found, two videos particularly, were referred to that was allegedly extremely disturbing.

Hang on, didn’t Angela originally give a long song and dance about how the husband was connected with MI6, and his father had been in the Air Force and had been dishonourably discharged but then immediately re-hired as a spy? So now she’s admitting all that was just conjecture on her part?

Oh, and wasn’t it Ella’s and RD’s computers which were hacked, not just Ella’s phone?

Okay, just so we have that straight. Do go on.

One described allegedly the mother masturbating the son when he was about three. The other described a snuff movie of a disabled boy, this didn’t involve the mother, but she was connected to it and I believe it was on her phone as well.

This was the information I was given. And it was a disabled boy being raped and then being burned alive. Burned to death. So I was told, you know, that it involved drugs, that it involved the Russian mafia, it involved the UK elites, it involved an international distribution of porn and snuff, it involved, the paedophilia was almost blackmail, just a sideshow for blackmail to keep everybody on board.

It was like something out of a movie, and I was told that she felt sure her husband would agree to see the dossier that they’d paid the £3,000 to have compiled. I suspect by MI6. And you know we made arrangements where she would fly out to Lanzarote and hand-deliver it because it wasn’t safe to send it over the internet, and I would be given annotations of the incriminating videos because it wasn’t legal to have possession of them and I wouldn’t watch them anyway, it would just send me…you know, if such exists!

An interesting turn-about, to be sure! “If such exists”? What happened to “all of this was true because some woman told me so and she was an impeccable source”?

Now with hindsight, I have to say that could have been a setup. That could have been a high-level infiltrated lie.

Gosh, do you really think so? How about a low-level non-infiltrated load of codswollop, fed like candy to a gullible fool with pretensions to be a “journalist”?

And what happened was, she never followed through on the evidence. My understanding is her husband was angry, he had only done the deep-dive to hopefully have her step back from the case, because I think his attitude was this is a much more complicated case than you realise, and you don’t know what you’re getting into, and here’s why I want you to step back. It’s not just a cut and dried case of an allegation against a father and an innocent mother. So I’ve never got to the bottom of that truth.

No, but oddly, everybody else knows: it’s utter shite.

I think that a proper investigation should have those people that gave me that information subpoenaed, and demanded to produce evidence. And if it was connected to MI6, surely they can liaise if a proper investigation is reopened.

Given that so far as we’re aware, Angela never reported any of this to the police, it seems unlikely that an investigation is imminent. And given that the story has more holes in it than a Swiss cheese, we very much doubt that any police force would take it seriously. (Except possibly Mike Veale, and we believe he’s moved on.)

However, as we shall see, none of this was Angela’s fault:

I still maintain I could have been tricked by this lady that seemed so credible. But again I point back to the police and the judiciary, there needs to be a proper investigation and these kind of information leads need properly investigating, but even a journalist can’t properly investigate when somebody gives you such stunning information as that. Somebody changes their mind about handing over a dossier with annotations of incriminating videos, well, a policemen could say, excuse me, you don’t have a choice, I want that. And if it’s MI6 that have it, then somebody in charge of MI6 can say excuse me, hand that information over. It’s crucial.

So it’s not Angela’s fault that she bought a load of lies from an unreliable source and then spread it all across the internet as though it were the truth.

No, no, it was the fault of the police and the judiciary, who somehow ought to have known that the story needed investigating, even though Angela never reported it.

Go figure.

So there you have it: the Ellagate story has been watered down, downgraded from a probable Russian mafia drugs, paedophilia, commercial child sex abuse, and snuff movie deal gone wrong, and turned into an indictment of the police and courts who were unable to read Angela’s mind and follow up on a story which sounds like someone watched one too many American crime thrillers.

Just another day in the life of a serial fantasist and smear campaigner.

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83 thoughts on “Angela confesses ‘Ellagate’ might have been a lie

    • Never.

      I still recall the video in which she said that even if RD was innocent, the fact that he married a woman who would do such a horrific and vindictive thing meant that the Hampstead hoax was still his fault. She has very odd ideas about responsibility.

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      • Possibly, yes. It seems rather poor considering that she gleefully spread that story around as far and wide as possible for two full years, and the earlier, no less toxic story for a year and a half prior to that. What she hopes to achieve by back-pedalling on this one is unclear.

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  1. Alleged and all that, innocent yeah, until proven guilty. Whatever.

    Looks like the simple minded peasant thinks she can distance herself from the child porn/snuff/drugs from crocodile on the borders of russia/afghanistan/Pakistan / Sicilian run Russian mobsters / publishing information on the activities of people with court protected anonymity / being an absolute dickhead in general.

    Fraid it won’t wash Angie. It’s cheap and transparent as the plastic jewels in that ring she got out of a box of cornflakes in the 1980s.

    The Guardia are taking matters seriously, her videos and public posts prior to her visit will all have been assessed after the complaint. That they’ve taken her computer is merely a formality in securing definite proof of not just her public offerings but also, I assume based on the alleged nature of the matters, a possible conspiracy to harass as part of a group.

    It’s far too little, way too late. As I see it, and I’m not in the least bit legally savvy, just publicly sharing the identities of a court protected family is a no no, doing it as part of a post that seemed to be a call to arms for ‘anons’ to look for a ‘back door’ to website for a business run by two young children could be interpreted as incitement.

    If she thinks she can back down after 3 years of promoting this evil malignment of the innocent folk of Hampstead and the long suffering kids/father who just want peace and normality after the hell they were put through she may have a bit of a surprise.

    I wonder if there are any Juicy emails, possibly from a mailing list that are now under scrutiny as part of a widening joint Anglo Irish investigation ?

    We wait with bated breath for the slow moving wheels of justice to turn.

    Has there been any word from the leafy enclaves of North London on the matter ? Near to Karl Marx and Malcolm McLaren’s current abodes.

    As for this belief that mangy Angie has in the Irish Guardia not taking orders from the UK? They don’t, but coppers hate crime and if an Irish (or Anglo Irish) resident is being a knob head they’ll nab them. If they have a dislike of gobby self styled aristocratic journalists bothering young children (bet you they do) they’ll investigate accordingly and are well within their remit to pass on any Intel to the UK police regarding UK citizens, should they also be involved.

    A DS, a sergeant and two or three regulars is overkill on a lone suspect, but would be perfectly fitting as part of a larger case.

    Angie. High Time you spoke to a solicitor.

    UK based knobheads. High time you got a good solicitor’s phone number should the knock at the door come.

    Too early to tell but I’m sure this is just the start of a major legal campaign that’s long overdue.

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  2. Indeed she seems oblivious to the fact her PC may contain damning evidence of a conspiracy to harass even if it’s loony- bin escapee Neelu who says the judge in the case should be hanged for treason and for also allowing bailiffs to boot her out of her house and deny her REMEDY.

    And for an alleged “journalist” to be so oblivious to all notions of innocence and that those accused are allowed that quaint old thing called “innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law” except, in this particular case that has been declared so twice in the UK’s High Court.

    All of the above accepted but what makes me mad is her statement: “after outing himself on eBay. And the children. ” as though, after all the horror and harassment and death threats and exhortations from any number of keyboard warriors for others to murder this father (Olgivy- when is his number up?), the notion this little family should dare to enjoy a small moment of success in the spotlight with a positive event after so much ugly energy devoted to causing them misery and should dare to do something that is just so damned ordinary and positive that it too, must be turned into another moment of horror. It makes my blood boil! ( Could just be hypertension though)

    Earth to Power-Disney: If I were thou (praise The Lord I ain’t ) and were speaking to a solicitor (which I would have been 5 minutes after the Grada departed with equipment) I would mention to him:
    “should I be worried that after an American named Rupert Quaintance was convicted in a British court and jailed and my name was mentioned in vain that I had supplied a list of names of (innocent) Hampstead persons with their addresses for him to harass and punch-up as he mentioned he would do in his own videos”?.

    I know the response of course and I’m sure Mr. O’Flarrety, arch defender of the criminally accused would be more mindful that he has a client who is surely bound for a retreat at government expense at the Dochas Centre and would be diplomatically requesting of his new client that she deposit the deeds of her house with him as surety for the immense legal bill she is about to incur having already assessed she is not entitled to legal aid. And advising that she should re-ignite her friendship with one Tracey Morris who will send the word out to both the Republicans or Loyalists that Angie is off-limits no matter how much lip she gives to the serial killer in the cell two down.

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  3. “I’ve been misquoted, maligned, slandered, libelled”

    Aww, poor old Angie 😥

    Ne’er mind, Ange – this’ll cheer you up. It could have been written for you:

    “I get slandered, libelled
    I hear words I never heard in the Bible”

    One word of caution, though – run it by Cat first, just to make sure Messrs S & G aren’t on her patented pop star paedo-cannibal blacklist

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  4. “Despite Angela’s constant allegations that we have harassed her children by making fake profiles of them, we can (yet again) categorically state that this is not the case.”

    Yep. Well said, EC. And moreover, she still hasn’t posted links and screenshots to support this allegation, despite several promises to do so.

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  5. “I suspect by MI6. And you know we made arrangements where she would fly out to Lanzarote and hand-deliver it because it wasn’t safe to send it over the internet, and I would be given annotations of the incriminating videos because it wasn’t legal to have possession of them and I wouldn’t watch them anyway, it would just send me…you know, if such exists!”

    Yes, Angie. Because if MI6 discovered child porn on the dark web, the first thing they would do would be to share it with you and your creepy mates.

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  6. I nearly fell off my chair when Angie said the Garda might not even bother looking at her computer. She’s in such denial about how much trouble she’s in.

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  7. You only have to remember that after her equipment was seized, but before her interview, she went online with a defiant video. Immediately after the interview she doubled down and repeated her libels in full view of everyone. Over the next few weeks she began republishing her previous lies. These are public record videos that she put out there. No one forced her to do it. Hubris thy name is Power-Disney.

    It’s only recently that we had her about face, slinging her own faeces at anyone who she could implicate in the hopes that it will divert blame from her.

    It’s classic Kübler-Ross model: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. I think the penny has finally dropped. We have reached bargaining!

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  8. Give some thought to the puzzle pieces you have already. Start with those who are sufficiently interested in porn to keep accounts with sites that supply it. Is a “milf with young boy” scenario not something those sites promote? Although the boy is invariably a young man and no children are involved. Who trawls these things? What would they find? All it would take is for someone to find material containing a female who sufficiently resembled the woman in question for the touchpaper to be lit. Clue: they have had screenshots in circulation for some time, that’s no three-year-old, and it is questionable who the “Russian Mom” might be. But I wouldn’t doubt the some people have copies on their safely in custody “tech”.

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    • To be quite honest, I’ve never gone in search of the material, for the simple reason that I have no wish to go looking for child sex abuse images. That said, it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that various people (who have already perhaps been cautioned by CEOP) might have copies of something of the sort.

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    • @Anon. Ah, so Angela has questionable screenshots on her PC which she thinks will bring the Gardai round to her way of thinking when they find them? have you seen these screenshots?

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      • That is your conclusion not mine karnevilnine. What I said was that particular screenshots have been passed around within certain circles and I voiced an opinion based on that. I would strongly advise anyone against accessing any type of pornography under any circumstances, what would be found here however are not by any means child sex abuse images. I only suggest that those who are known to access general pornography within that little claque are worthy of closer attention. And yes EC, those are people known to the authorities at various levels for various reasons.


    • Am I a bad person for hoping that APD will listen to these loons and try to conduct her own defence for the LOLZ?

      Our Mr Cant is perhaps confusing pro bono publico with Legal Aid. You can choose your solicitor on Legal Aid (subject to it being a practice that performs that kind of work). However, pro bono lawyers are just as professionally trained and experienced as any other lawyer.

      Where she may have a problem with engaging a solicitor is that they are officers of the court:
      Solicitors who allow their client to mislead the court or who do so themselves risk serious consequences. The courts have made it very clear that they regard this as “one of the most serious offences that an advocate or litigator can commit”. [Solicitors Regulation Authority]

      But I hear Edward William Ellis is between clients at this time, and is presumably already conversant with this case!

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  9. “I realised last night that getting allegations of harassment made by RD who has succeeded in the past in having people multiple arrested, incarcerated, and so on and so forth, on similar grounds, I was preparing for prison. I was preparing for corruption. I was preparing for injustice….”

    As far as I know, RD has actually been rather quiet, and had nothing to do with those cases at all

    “And the final subject I’m just going to cover briefly…Hampstead now is the final thing I’m going to cover, outline briefly, which is I realize there’s a lot of disinfo, I’ve been misquoted, maligned, slandered, libelled, and I’ve also made some mistakes along the way. I worked on that for three and a half years, not just as a coming-out-of-retirement journalist from the 80s or whatever, I’m a mother, I’m a well-educated woman, I’m also a survivor, you know, and I’m a citizen, so you don’t have to put one hat on to care about children. It should surely reflect your humanity. ”

    Angie, the problem isn’t that you have been misquoted etc etc, all of the HUNDREDS of vile things you said are actually QUOTES of your own posts, and now the police will have evidence that you did indeed write them.
    As for humanity, perhaps you should have some of your own, your behaviour has been sadly lacking in it…

    “The first thing I want to cover, for any of you that don’t know, I think it was two weeks ago Friday just gone, so two weeks ago my house was raided on foot of the harassment allegation by RD, a UK citizen who allegedly or apparently flew to the Republic of Ireland and attempted to file harassment charges against me after outing himself on eBay. And the children. ”

    He didn’t ‘out himself and the children’, but even if he did post a public image or video (and afaik, he wasn’t the one who actually posted the original video) he and the children DIDN’T INVITE THE FOLLOWING ONSLAUGHT OF VILE POSTS DIRECTED AT THEM!!!!! That angie is HARASSMENT- funnily enough what you and the others have been accused of……

    You aren’t the only one who started accusing them of the usual drivel you have been dribbling for the last three years (and no it’s NOT investigating’) but many of the usual suspects started posting lies again about them, and I am hoping that the police have noted those names and others are being investigated as well….

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  10. “There are also screenshots of fake profiles and I’ll get fake profiles historically in both my children’s names, and all three of them at one stage, and I’ve got proof of that.”

    If there are screenshots, she is pretty slow about showing them, highly unusual for her!

    She flew from Lanzorote & someone’s father-in-law was likely intelligence, (how the hell did she come up with that?) and her husband was poss[sic], maybe not her husband, someone was paid 3 grand to hack the mother’s phone (whose mother?).

    So to paraphrase, again, she flew to London, met a woman whose husband was not in intelligence & someone’s mother’s phone was hacked for £3,000 for information that, if someone’s husband had been in intelligence, would not in a million years have anything to do with intelligence on her phone!

    On another note, I gave out the phone number for Kells Gardaí, let’s be clear on this Angela, that telephone number was for all the other people in UK or further afield who you have targeted with your lies & who may not have had the first idea who to ring in Ireland to report it to.

    The majority of people outside of Ireland would just think Dublin, but there would be no use them ringing a Garda station in Dublin because they would know nothing about the case. Now how would Angela know that there were 100’s of calls to the Garda station in Kells when I posted that number, does she think people really believe a Garda rang her up & said, “hey Missus Anglo Angela, jaysus what have ye been up ta, our switchboard is lighting up with calls about ya, dishturbing me tae! Will ya get away wit ya now till I get me sup”.

    Misspelling is deliberate btw 😁.

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    • LOL yes, I believe you’ve summed it up nicely.

      And I think we were quite clear that giving the number for the Kells Barracks was not an invitation to mass-dial them, but simply information for those who might not know who to contact. As far as I’m aware, the number is public.

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  11. Oh & btw Angela! You’re welcome! I reported a YouTube video of ‘Anon’ for harassing you & your daughter, in fact I reported it twice as it was not taken down the first time, I am not saying I got it taken down btw but I did the decent thing at least, the reason being that I detest harassment of any kind towards anyone & nobody deserved that type of harassment, not even you & certainly not your daughter who is a innocent bystander in all of this. Keep your children out of it.

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    • Don’t hold your breath on a thank-you from Angie, GR. I recall some of us sticking up for her against Aaron Dover a few years back, when he was threatening to chop her up and throw her in a skip. She has so little self-respect that she stuck up for him!

      Ditto when Heather Brown was threatening to have her kneecapped and beheaded after one of their many fallouts:

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      • True Tinribs, I would never expect her to acknowledge that on this blog we do not discriminate on standing up for people when they are being threatened & the ‘Anon video was stupidly threatening both of their lives.

        It shows the calibre of a person when they would stick up for someone who wanted to chop another human being up, I’m afraid there is no hope for her after hearing that, unless her children have her committed as a danger to herself & others.

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  12. Update on Becki Percy…
    Mum no.2 has been blogging about Becki, an insightful blog:

    Catherine is naive about Becki Percy who she has caught out as a liar many times.

    Becki is more darker, sinister and creepy character than I first thought. How weird that a 23-year-old woman wants to get in bed with their “parent” at night. When Becki comes back to the UK and is adopted by Angela Power Disney or Belinda McKenzie, I guess Becki will be sharing their bed with them as well.

    Catherine writes about some of the claims of Beck Percy that Percy never published in her final narrative, such as giving birth to a baby aged 11, which was put into a blender, blended, and drunk by the alleged cult.

    According to Catherine, Becki Percy contributed to Ron and Wendy McAvene getting a divorce.

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    • That is a very interesting blog SV. I’ve just had a long read of it, it’s troubling in some aspects, for instance where the lady states that she believes Becki’s father did sexually assault her & that her mother had knowledge of that. Does she not realise I wonder that any & every case of abuse, once reported has to be investigated, whether true or not. I don’t think her Dad was ever charged but correct me if I am wrong, therefore she should not be malinging him on her blog.

      I can relate to the heartbreak her family are feeling in one way, not the abuse accusations, but the fact that a family member, even though you know where they are, do not communicate or come back to the family. That happened in our family when I was growing up, I witnessed the terrible terrible heartbreak of my parents every single day, waiting for that letter that never came, (no internet), it is one of the saddest things I remember from my youth. Our family member did return years later, everyone welcomed them with open arms, there was talk of a dreadful marriage & they were too ashamed at the time to let anyone know, sadly the family member passed away 4 years ago.

      Having learned from that I would urge Becki to get in touch with her parents, get in touch with the lady writing the blog, parent No. 1 and right the wrongs she has done to them all, Ron McAvene also for contributing to the break up of his marriage, I am sure he is cursing the day they brought her into their home.

      Catherine is quite rightly angry, but I think all would be forgiven, not forgotten, if Becki would come out & tell the truth.

      Sorry for the long post!

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      • Becki Percy is digging a hole for herself. Becki needs to face reality and grow up. When she gets deported, she is likely to have no support system to keep her from ending up homeless. As Catherine says Becki has to start looking after her self and not expect others to keep treating her like a toddler, at the age of 23 she needs to start thinking about getting a job and/or further education.

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        • I agree she needs to think about her future, she will not get away with her blagging for ever & she certainly won’t get away with in the U.K.

          I do however think that her parents will accept her home as long as certain conditions that they lay out are met. Parental love in my world is unconditional, perhaps though not in everyone’s sadly.

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      • Reading that womans blog she seems to justify all the vile hatred she helped spread by saying God led her to it. What a cop out. Becky, Fiona Barnet and Sarah Ruth are full of hatred. Fionas tweets show a seriously demented woman spewing nothing but bile at people she’s never met. I would love to see her charged with an offence.

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        • Yes, unfortunately, she did try to justify so much with saying God had a hand in everything, I don’t hold with that as we are responsible for our own actions. I do however understand her feelings of hurt at being betrayed by Becki.
          My mother-in-law would be quite a religious person but she told me once when I was telling her about someone I had visited who had statues & Holy pictures in every room in the house, not even one or two but lots, that those people who were over religious were dangerous & had a screw loose. I was actually in shock because I thought she would condone it!

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      • It does sound like Becki’s parents would take her back and are desperate to get in touch with her. Becki on the other hand seems terrified of people from her former life engaging with her new one and bringing her fantasy crashing down.

        Catherine also says she knows the location of “The Woods” but doesn’t know what to do with the information. If she has the information she should inform the Police.


        • She knows she wouldn’t get away with her bs in Hull, she would be laughed out of it. The only ones who would actually latch on to it would be the likes of Belinda, Neelu, Angela, etc. who are nothing in the grand scheme of things.

          Catherine was probably told by Becki where the woods are, but she could name any woods in England & Catherine wouldn’t know any better. 😂


  13. Just when you thought Praterson and his lapdog Devine couldn’t get any sicker…


  14. One person mentioned on here in despatches has now been charged with perverting the course of justice (no not “Nick”). They shall remain nameless although I’ve been predicting it for about 3 years and mentioned previously they have been hauled in by The Met for a grilling twice.
    I’d say tabloids will be salivating once they appear in court. It will be an opportunity for them to repeat all the past sensations from a new angle.

    Without a doubt, their initial dabblings that led to this charge have had ongoing repercussions in creating an atmosphere that has led eventually to Hoaxtead and caused dills like APD to throw all caution to the wind.

    Really, over the past 3/4 years, it’s been quite an education to see how people are not just gullible but eager to put their liberty at risk by repeating vile libels and impossible scenarios (that can be so hurtful) and think there will be no repercussions. While I won’t mention any names (although for some reason the monikers “Angela”, “Bellend” and “Malcolm” come to mind) I’ve always known when fallacies are promoted ad infinitum, the worm eventually turns and comes back to bite with razor sharp teeth (editor: worms with teeth?)

    People who leap aboard a careering charabanc of confected child abuse (as opposed to the real thing) and start confusing the mix with MKUltra lunacy and Rothschild basements with Satanic orgies where the odd baby is consumed (has anyone else noticed now that poor disabled kids are the current vogue for sacrifices?) and begin sending coppers and that wild tiger called the media on wild goose chases when they turn (on sixpence) they demand scalps.

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  15. Unbelievable Angela was told not to rush her computer equipment back because there useful information on there really.? Angela said she was going to use common law to get it back why would you want it back if there’s evidence that could reopen the case obviously there’s no evidence. Only stuff they will find is you attacking innocent survivors and malicious mail you sent to survivors oh and your go fund me scams. So yes I can see why you would want to go down the common law road for it back as your going straight to jail we’re you so rightly belong.

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    • In fairness she did say in her video last night that she’s back-tracked and now doesn’t want to go down the common law route, but only because that would mean demanding her tech back when she wants the Garda to hang on to it so they can be swayed by her Hampstead evidence. She really is in her own little world on all this.

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      • Ah Bless, is she getting sense at last! No, probably because her call out to Been Gilroy was ignored, he is not daft enough to get involved in her SRA claims after getting a suspended sentence for calling a judge, a ‘satanic cult member’ on a video clip on social media, since removed. His one month sentence remains in place for 30 months from May 2018. She obviously didn’t read or didn’t care that her case could place him at risk of arrest. Typical Angela!

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    • So Adam Binks seeks kindred spirits and he lists a roll-call of charlatans and conmen in UK politics and journamalism. Perhaps it reveals more than he wants about the nature of the Hampstead imbroglio, when he takes for granted that it’s the kind of trough that will attract them.


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