Paedophile hunters may not be what they seem

As yet another self-styled “paedophile hunter” finds himself convicted of falsely accusing a man to “groom” teenagers, things are beginning to look grim for the vigilante-style paedo-hunting industry.

Stephen Dure of Southampton, also known as “Stevie Trap”, was convicted Friday and will be sentenced Monday for accusing Paul Farhad of Eastleigh of being a “violent psychopath” and a “menace to society”. As a result of these false allegations, Farhad lost his job, had his door spray-painted, and had a brick heaved through his window, he told the court.

According to BBC News,

Alfred Underwood, defending, said Mr Dure accepted that Mr Farhad was not a paedophile, which was “nowhere suggested” in the Facebook message read out in court.

The victim then produced a screenshot of the post on his mobile phone.

It showed the words “grooming teenagers” had been deleted from the original published message at some stage.

Mr Dure then changed his plea to guilty.

Do paedophile hunters help children?

In April 2018, a BBC investigation found that evidence gathered by paedophile-hunter groups had been used to charge suspects in at least 150 cases in 2017—so on the surface of it, it certainly appears that when carried out responsibly, paedophile hunting can have a beneficial effect:

Each police force in England and Wales was asked by the BBC to say how many people had been charged after evidence was given by paedophile hunters, with 29 out of 43 able to give three years’ worth of figures.

The supplied data showed a greater than seven-fold rise in two years – from 20 in 2015 to 150 in 2017.

Of the police forces that responded, almost half (47%) of the cases of the crime of meeting a child following sexual grooming used evidence from so-called paedophile hunting groups in 2017.

The data only confirms that the evidence was used in some part. It does not suggest that the vigilantes’ actions were solely responsible for charges being brought.

Nevertheless, the National Police Chiefs Council has stated that paedophile hunting carries “significant risks”.

For example, when paedophile hunters confront an alleged paedophile (which they usually do with cameras live-streaming the “sting” to Facebook or other social media sites), they may unwittingly be interfering in longer-term undercover police investigations.

Such groups run other risks, such as harming the people they confront—stings are often done with groups of people swarming their prey, with the result that people have been injured or even killed.

Even in instances where alleged paedophiles are confronted,  police are called, and charges are laid, subsequent court cases may be fouled if it’s found that the defendant was entrapped, or evidence was not gathered appropriately.

What’s the attraction?

While British vigilante groups such as Dark Justice boast large numbers of supporters for their activities, some question the motivations of people who join and support paedophile-hunting groups.

According to the website South Wales News Service, members of the Wrexham group “Huntz 2 Exposure” failed to notice that their “head of security” was a convicted sex offender, Michael Terry. Terry had been described by a judge as a “dangerous sexual predator”, yet the group was unaware that they were harbouring the very sort of person they alleged to be hunting.

A woman named Gemma Cowell joined “Huntz 2 Exposure” thinking that with her experience as a trained child counsellor she could make a real difference in the lives of children. According to an article in the Daily Mail last June, Cowell discovered that the reality of paedophile hunting was quite different to what she expected:

When she signed up with the group Huntz 2 Exposure this year, after seeing footage of a ‘sting’ on Facebook, Gemma joined a growing army of amateur paedophile hunters whose operations stretch across the UK. …

Admitted to their private message groups, where around 20 of them ‘chatted’ using online aliases, she looked on in horror as they appeared to treat their activities as a sick game.

They mocked innocent people, sometimes obviously mentally ill, egged each other on and openly admitted they were desperate for a ‘result’.

Some fantasised about ‘slicing and dicing’ offenders, while another bragged she ‘wouldn’t stop until she saw blood’.

And instead of intercepting organised grooming gangs in the act, they seemed to be entrapping vulnerable men with premeditated, sexually-loaded questions Gemma wasn’t comfortable with.

The stings themselves seemed to do more harm than good.

‘Families are often attacked, children are bullied or their houses smashed up. They seemed to be putting children and families at risk rather than protecting them,’ she said.

Noting that the questions “decoys” were told to ask seemed extremely leading and provocative, Cowell said they seemed designed to entrap the target into giving an incriminating answer—which would give the group an excuse for a sting.

Gemma also noticed a pattern in the type of men who caught the attention of the hunters: fat, old, hairy ‘dodgy-looking’ men, non-native English speakers and those from overseas who wouldn’t be familiar with our culture.
‘To me they seemed to target those you might think “look” like a paedophile.
‘Younger-looking men were instantly dismissed. In some conversations, it wasn’t clear if there was a language barrier or the target had learning disabilities.
‘One guy I spoke to was clearly autistic. Some were not even capable of looking after themselves, let alone arranging to travel somewhere for sex with a child.’
As one ‘hunter’ complained: ‘I’ve got one who’s obsessed with tickling . . . another who’s been speaking to me for ages, but not in a sexual way. I think one of them is one sandwich short of a picnic — he keeps telling me he’s my best friend.’
Another griped she was talking to one ‘who just wants to be my big brother and take care of me. Doesn’t want to f*** me and it’s getting very frustrating.’

According to Professor Liz Yardley, a criminologist at Birmingham City University, hunters often have less than noble aims. In the Daily Mail article, she stated,

‘Child sexual exploitation is obviously a very serious crime but they would be better getting behind the legitimate campaigns of the NSPCC and others.

‘It is interesting to look at the kind of people involved in this. They are not high-achieving professionals with fulfilling family lives and careers.

‘They are people looking for opportunities to be “somebody” and become “something” and this defines them.’

These groups still seem to attract a wide online following, and their exploits are often treated as a kind of folk heroism.

However, with the warnings of police in mind, and an understanding that these groups are not only unregulated but operating outside the law, perhaps it’s time for a hard look at their legal status.

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  1. Excellent write-up, EC. Some very disturbing stuff there and I’m shocked to hear that people have been killed during paedo-hunter “stings”. I hadn’t heard that before, though I guess it was only a matter of time. Worryingly, I reckon there’s a good chance that at least some of those killed were innocent (not that killing them would have been justified if they’d been guilty).

    I also find the entrapment stuff is also very disturbing. It’s clear that a lot of these groups’ victims have been innocent, and in some cases vulnerable, mentally ill and/or learning-challenged and have been attacked just so these groups could get notches on their hunting belts.

    A very worrying trend indeed. Mob justice never ends well and groups of thugs acting as judge, jury and executioner is a recipe for disaster, especially when, like some of the ones you’ve highlighted above, they have such questionable motives.

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  2. A few months back someone sent me a link to a really nasty video of a group of these “paedophile hunters” banging the crap out of someone’s door, screaming abuse and threats at him as well as allegations of paedophilia, then knocking on all his neighbours’ doors and telling them they had a paedophile living in their street. Turned out that they didn’t think he was a paedophile at all – he was just some ex-friend they’d fallen out with and this was their way of getting back at him. Apparently this goes on a lot and some have even been known to do it to innocent people just to get back at them for criticising them or questioning their methods.

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  3. I remember that. There was someone politely questioning them on their live feed and the lead hunter’s reaction was to read out her comments, call her a paedophile and say “We’re coming for you next”. Utterly vile people.

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  4. Ogilvy and Cat are big supporters of these “paedo-hunter” people and Ogilvy often calls for the people they accuse to be hanged/shot/chopped up/stabbed/burnt alive/beaten to death. I got one of Cat’s paedo-hunter videos taken down from YouTube a few months back. It was a gang of these so-called hunters harassing an LGBT person (one of Cat’s pet hates) in a park and they seemed more pissed off about his sexual orientation that they were about any alleged crimes.

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  5. Speaking of Ogilvy, can anyone help me translate these into English?

    And who’s Avid Mandor, btw? Is he anything to do with Avid Mador, who Steve openly admitted was him over a year ago?

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  6. The ‘hunters’ seem to want notoriety on social media more than anything, selling anything from mugs to sweatshirts with the particulars of the group on them.

    They are not trained in the correct manner to apprehend paedophiles, one ‘hunter’ while restraining a person had a bit of his little finger bitten off by the person he was trying to restrain.

    I know some on here follow/check a page or blog of a person who talks about these ‘hunters’ who has had death threats, stalking, continual harassment, I look in on it from time to time & it provides an excellent insight into the ‘hunters’.

    I wouldn’t like to name that person’s page/blog but will leave it up to the admins, I think they do stellar work exposing the workings of the ‘hunters’.

    Very interesting post EC & that lady’s view of them.

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  7. Yeah, there’s a lady that he, Praterson and Desperate Devine have been harassing for years and I suspect that it’s her. Devine’s posted the above video alongside another old one about her on his Farcebook page, apparently blissfully unaware that it’s banned in the UK 😄

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  8. Yeah, poor old Malk. Oh well, he has a subscription to XHamster, so plenty to keep himself occupied. I wonder if they have kissing cousin vids on there.

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  9. Very dangerous unconscious, ulterior motives these ‘paedophile hunters’ have. They should introduce legislation against such behaviour NOW. Excellent post, as usual, EC!

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  10. In my opinion half of the convicted groomers would never have broken the law if it had not been for the involvement of paedophile hunters and the process they use to catch their targets. There is a major difference between the process of a law enforcement official who sits there waiting and clearly from the start show they are underage, than a paedophile hunter who solicts people in conversation and then says they are underage at a later stage. The outcomes from these two processes can become different.

    It also says a lot about the state of British legal system that police, judge and politician is happy to outsource the protection of children and aspects of law enforcement to untrained unregulated vigilantes, of which a large number are right wing thugs. Justice on the cheap, except now the police, courts and social services have to deal with a greater number of clients in a situation of diminished resources thanks to paedophile hunters. There is a major difference between a lonely old man who has never been in trouble, who was never motivated to seek out children, was on an adult chat, and was persuaded to foolishly to talk sex and meet a paedophile hunter, than those that seek out kids by becoming scout leaders etc, it means resources have been eaten defending kids from people who were never much of a threat anyway.

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  11. So when she says:

    “It’s called treason to violate the oath to God to maintain the laws of God to serve and protect God’s Children…”

    …she doesn’t believe a word of it? That’s one steaming hypocrit we have here!

    Then again, maybe (and I think it’s worthy of a repost!) it’s all explained by:

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  12. Stinson Hunter is probably the best known of paedophile hunters. The paedophile hunter is motivated by getting a sense of power over those whose lives they destroy. Stinson Hunter for instance started out as an alleged online bully who made videos “griefing” children by destroying their minecraft creations and watching their hysterical reactions. In much the same way the paedophile hunters such as Stinson Hunter set up and then film the destruction of those they catch for what are serious but avoidable child protection crimes. The paedophile hunter will home in on the drama and emotion of an individual visibly breaking down as they describe to the groomer how their reputation, families, jobs, friends, homes and lives will be destroyed, how they will go to jail, with sadistic and self-righteous delight when they reduce the individual to a sobbing wreck as they are carted off by the police on camera. They get extra bonus points by turning up at the groomers workplace or home and film the encounter there. Paedophiles and paedophile hunters both move from the same need – a need for a sense of power and control through the domination of another.

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  13. Thanks, James.

    Some interesting points were made about paedo-hunters – and specifically Stinson and others – on this thread:

    Some sample comments:

    Ghost of Sam: “There was an infamous video floating around on Youtube ( must try and locate it) but he keeps getting it removed: the vigilante ‘pedo hunter’ Stinson Hunter who sets up those on-line stings. The one who was also jailed for 10 years for arson at a school.

    In it he mercilessly harasses a 14 year old boy as sets out and deliberately destroys the boys ‘village’ or whatever (no idea about this game). The lad is clearly quite distressed and Stinson laughs at him, finally telling him to calm down when he realises the boy really is badly upset.

    Why on earth would a grown man search out young teen boys to ‘play’ video games with on the net is a mystery to me.”

    Steved: “Not only do they [paedophile hunters] often screw up ongoing police investigations, but because they are so gungho about they way they ‘investigate’ that they often use entrapment techniques, which often makes any `evidence’ they have collected inadmissible in court and often the offender cant be charged at all

    And then of course if they are found innocent (even if they arent) because the courts ruled inadmissible evidence couldnt be used, then legally, they can go after the hunter- especially if they continue to have their utube movies up which of course is the main reason these `hunters’ exist, to satisfy their own self glory on utube”

    Ghost of Sam: “So there is a village involved. The poor lad was really distraught as Stinson seemed to take great joy in destroying his village. There was also a video made by Stinson or a pal, of 3 of them in a flat laughing at this poor kid.

    What joy would someone get out of that unless it’s an odd desire to have an emotional contact with a young boy?”

    Ghost of Sam: “I found a link to the story but I’ve seen the video so it does exist, or did. This story is on is on the infamous Tom O’Carrols website so you may wish to avoid. I’m not going to accuse Stinson of anything even if I ‘lawfully suspect’ it as I have no evidence or proof of anything apart from he did harass a young lad.

    But I think the psychology of fanatical ‘pedo’ hunters is a serious subject that needs a lot more investigation.

    SV: “Stinson Hunter is a twisted sadistic individual who gains similar personal satisfaction from destroying the creative work of a 14-year-old on Minecraft, to watching the life literally ripped apart of those he traps in his child grooming snares. Never think for one moment that Stinson Hunter does these things out of altruism, he enjoys hurting and destroying people.”

    This is from ITV’s ‘This Morning:

    This is rather worrying too:

    “He has confessed to serving 10 years in prison for arson against a school. He caused £250,000 of damage.”

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  14. I don’t know if this has been reported here before but Danny Wolstencroft of Shatter Boy’s UK is involved with a paedophile hunting group called Dark Justice. They endorse each other’s organisations via FaceBook

    I notice, with dismay, in this video


    that Danny is asking survivors to joint “peer support groups” as part of a new initiative called Survivors First

    In the video he says that Survivors First is an umbrella group for a number of local, rapidly growing survivors’ groups. He claims that due to the effects of lack of available services / austerity there are not enough support groups and that there are many survivors who have not yet come forward and disclosed. He says that these people need support and thus Survivors First is being established to meet that need.

    He bemoans the fact that many professionals are untrained and unable to deal with survivors’ disclosures of CSA and that there is a need for survivors to join together and make their voices heard through peer support.

    He says that the focus on the peer support groups will be to help survivors to report to the police, but before this can happen Survivors First will need to make contact with “trauma informed” police officers to whom the peer support groups can refer survivors with confidence.

    The Survivors First brand and associated logos are extremely interesting, check it out here:

    Can you see the Dark Justice (paedophile hunters) logo included in the image?

    Who are all these other brands, logos and survivor groups? In these days of astroturfing, where grass roots organisations and their agendas are appropriated by sinister forces we need to be extremely careful about the origin and agenda of such groups. All readers here will understand the harm to survivors that people like Bill Maloney and Belinda McKenzie can inflict. Survivors are extremely vulnerable and I am of the opinion that grass roots survivors groups are extremely vulnerable to being appropriated. What protections are in place at Survivors First to protect survivors from such individuals? We can warn people about Maloney and McKenzie but they are not alone. How many others like them are out there?

    I have also had first hand experience of encountering people who self-identify as survivors but who have been on the receiving end of quack psychotherapies and who are suffering from false memories. Some of these “survivors” appear tearful, distraught and extremely convincing until they start to report narratives involving SRA, aliens, MKUltra etc. I would be very interested to know how Danny and Survivors First are able to discern genuine survivors from those with false memories? Also the categories are not mutually exclusive, some genuine survivors are referred to quacks and end up with additional traumas from false memories. Some survivors join peer support groups and start to “remember” other kinds of abuses, as can happen by accident as described in the work of Elizabeth Loftus. The situation is extremely delicate and I wonder what strategies Danny has for dealing with this?

    I have other concerns, as follows:

    I am a survivor of sexual abuse by serial offenders, both as an adult and as a child (different offenders with decades between each offence and significant differences between the MOs).

    I understand how lonely and isolating it can feel to be a survivor and, in both instances, I experienced a very strong wish to meet other survivors. Once the police got involved they made it very clear that the very worst thing that I could do if I wanted to secure a conviction would be to meet with other survivors as this would contaminate evidence.

    I agree with Danny that there are insufficient services for survivors. The services that are there are not of high quality (there may be exceptions – I am speaking generally and from 1st hand experience) and waiting times can be very long.

    Even within the NHS, as has been reported in this very blog, there are significant numbers of “trauma informed” mental health professionals in possession of CDP credits re learning how to spot the signs of SRA and how to work with DID. In fact it seems to me that the SRA / DID promoters and body/mind “body psychotherapy” promoters pretty much have a monopoly on “trauma informed” trainings in the UK.

    When Danny says that he is establishing these peer groups now but wants to develop relationships with “trauma informed” police I am concerned on a number of levels.

    Firstly establishing a referral system with police is something that should happen before survivors meet each other. I cannot understand how police who deal with cases of historic CSA would recommend survivor peer support groups when the risk of contamination of evidence is so significant. Contamination of evidence is important. It can mean that serial child sexual abusers escape evidence.

    The other extremely serious problem with survivor peer support groups is the very real risk of false memories being generated. This can happen pretty much by accident, even when well meaning people set up peer support websites, chat rooms, forums or peer support groups where alleged perpetrators or institutions where abuse is alleged to have taken place are named.

    If anyone would like to take a look at exactly this phenomena taking place a good place to start is the “Places of Safety” page on the Outlaw Jimmy blog. In the blog page anonymous people can freely post the names of alleged abusers and schools and other institutions where they claim abuses occurred.

    People here should read this page very carefully from beginning to end. It is highly educational and demonstrates extremely clearly how false memories can occur in exactly the way that Elizabeth Loftus described:

    Secondly the words “trauma informed” alarm me as I am used to reading about them in relation to dodgy trainings about SRA, DID and various quack body psychotherapies and yoga “therapies” linked to cults. I would be interested to hear from Danny about exactly what he means by “trauma informed”. I am especially interested in what types of therapy and regarding what issues he feels constitute a “trauma informed” approach.

    I would also be interested in hearing from Danny about his relationship with the Dark Justice group of paedophile hunters. Specifically I am interested in whether he has any concerns or reservations about the group. How do you feel, for example, about this case?

    I hope that Danny will not experience this as an attack, I don’t mean it to be, I am simply genuinely alarmed at the potential for something as well intentioned as Survivors First to become something that hurts rather than helps survivors.

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  15. It seems to me that some of the paedophile hunters and people setting up “survivors” groups may be motivated by the same kind of “redemption narrative” that motivates some criminals to get involved with jihadist and terrorist groups.

    When your world and sense of self is eroded or even destroyed by abuse, or your sense of being a good person is compromised by shameful activities / crime, it can feel exhilarating to rise from the flames, like a phoenix, to become a different person with a new life. A quest for vengeance can feel like a quest for justice but the two paths are very different.

    It can be empowering to find a sense of meaning and life purpose in helping to stop evil people from abusing the vulnerable. However we have to check ourselves an make sure that we do not become the very thing we are fighting against. He who fights monsters…….

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  16. Also, if you search for “survivors first” on youtube you will find a load of videos hosted by a certain Red Pill Phil, which seems to validate my concerns.

    e.g. this video in which Alan Craig, who describes himself as “from UKIP” standing alongside Danny, both apparently endorsing each other.

    Alan Craig is an interesting person with widely reported Islamophibic and homophobic views.

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  17. “The truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth” in the same sentence as “Angela Power-Disney”? How does that work?

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  18. ‘bet he has a jim ill fix it medal’.
    What does that mean? Is he betting on the guy being a victim of Savile? In which case he’s ranting about a victim? I’ll never get my head round these people. They’re sick!

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  19. The line between Hero and Demon is wafer-thin. There is nothing more darker than a self-righteous individual with power.

    Many are those who come to the table with no sense of their personal power; their reasons are many why they feel powerless, and their strategies to feel empowered are also many. The paedophile seeks out a child to dominate physically, mentally, emotionally and sexually. A paedophile hunter likes to destroy groomers in a legal fashion, gaining power this way. Some like to make false allegations, others like to dress up as Batman and patrol their local community.

    Power of itself is nether good or bad, but a tool or process or experience. The measure of if power is used in a healthy or harmful way is if someone who is the target of this power is being harmed or empowered.

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  20. Funny he forgot to mention his mate Matt Taylor, who has recently admitted to having child porn on his computer. Must have slipped his mind.

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  21. One of the grass roots organisations marching alongside Survivors First, carrying a banner on their marches and whose logo appears on their publicity materials is an organisation called S.A.F.E

    SAFE was founded by a man called Dave Sharp whose twitter account is here

    He describes himself thus:
    Child abuse survivor and campaigner. Founder of S.A.F.E. Seek And Find Everyone abused in childhood. Scotland.

    His twitter account links to an interesting BBC article from 12th April 2018 titled:

    Child abuse survivors urged to come forward

    in which the following text appears

    “A victim of historical child abuse has urged other survivors to come forward and not “take their abuse to the grave.”
    Dave Sharp suffered years of physical and sexual abuse at St Ninian’s residential school in Fife.
    Mr Sharp helped found Safe, a group of child abuse survivors who are visiting Scottish cities to encourage others to share their stories.
    The group are spending Thursday and Friday in Dundee.
    As well as offering support to people in City Square, the group hosted a public event on Thursday evening at the Steeple Church.
    Mr Sharp said: “There’s an anger on the streets.
    “There’s a recognition that not enough is being done to look for and encourage survivors of historical sexual abuse to come forward.
    “The message of this campaign is come forward, be brave, don’t take your abuse to the grave.”

    Safe are working on the campaign with Wellbeing Scotland, a service offering counselling and support.”

    I cannot comment on Dave Sharp as I do not know him, have never met him and only discovered his organisation today.

    One thing that I would say to him is that I would advise anyone who has survived CSA/CSE to stay as far away from Janine Rennie and her various organisations, including Wellbeing Scotland, as is humanly possible.

    I find it interesting, but not at all surprising, that one of the organisations that falls under the Survivors First umbrella is working with a dubious organisation with significant connections to the Fresh Start Foundation whose staff have form form for bullying Danny of Shatter Boys.

    What can it all mean?


  22. Dave Sharp’s FB page is here
    His “likes” include 2 highly dubious (to say the least) organisations linked to the Fresh Start Foundation; Open Secret and Wellbeing Scotland

    In fact his FB “likes are extremely interesting. They are

    Open Secret, Wellbeing Scotland, Steven Brown Art, Shatter Boy’s UK – Danny Wolstencroft, Dark Light, Red Pill Phil

    For the avoidance of doubt, I am not posting this to attack Dave Sharp. I am in no position to comment on his claims of historic CSA, other than to say I know personally men who were abused by the Christian Brothers as children and that if her went through even a fraction of what my friends went through then my heart goes out to him.

    I am extremely concerned that a vulnerable adult, as Dave Sharp clearly is, has had his narrative, photographs and personal “brand” appropriated by Janine Rennie and her dubious fake arsed organisations.

    These false CSA survivor organisations do so much damage. They generate collective hysteria about paedophile rings that will one day likely result in some poor innocent person getting murdered.

    They promote quack therapies that can induce false memories.

    They offer their services to genuine survivors of CSA and then use them to consolidate their brand and give their scammy organisations credibility.

    They put genuine survivors at risk of not being believed and of being further traumatised by offering them quack therapies that can generate false memories.

    They can turn vulnerable adults into “survivors” by manipulating their narratives and coercing them into providing false testimonies (as happened with Bill Maloney and Andrew Ash).

    They actually make money from the suffering of vulnerable people who were abused as children.

    Just disgusted.

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  23. There are a few of these hunters currently charged with harassment offences in Northern Ireland after an incident with a BBC reporter who was investigating them, one was interviewed on a radio show and described himself as god, and had an American accent, despite not being an American, turns out he was obsessed with American wrestling – he was their leader. What started as one group ended in about a dozen as they all fell out with each other. One of the men they confronted was employed by a supermarket under a scheme for people with learning difficulties, he had the mental capacity of a nine year old and they filmed him at the supermarket for 20 minutes screaming in his face while he never said a word. It was awful to watch, another involved a gay couple who were later beaten with baseball bats by loyalist paramilitaries and had to leave their home and another a 21 year old man who had been talking to a 17 year old online. Even if they do gather evidence of wrongdoing it would be so tainted the PPSwould be unlikely to run with it. The difference with the groups that are achieiving results is that they give the evidence to police and don’t make it public at the time so allowing a fair investigation. I find it weird that a grown man or woman would spend hours days and weeks looking for perverts and weirdos online and then have sexually explicit conversations with them, I think a lot of them have problems of their own and are getting off on it. It may be unkind but I always think the kind of people who do this for a living are the same kind of people who are addicted to online bingo!

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  24. Re, this comment from yesterday:




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  25. another link worth checking out

    Thompsons Solicitors Scotland appear to have significant links to Open Secret and Wellbeing Scotland, all of whom are involved in the Take Justice Campaign

    It would be interesting to learn how much revenue Thompsons Solicitors Scotland have generated from historic CSA cases via referrals from Janine Rennie’s various organisations.

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  26. Taxpayers money, significant amounts, going to Izzy’s Promise (£44,580) and Wellbeing Scotland (£40,182) for 2018-19

    One wonders just how bad things have to be before state funding is withdrawn from these shady projects

    I also wonder whether some of the other recipients of taxpayers’ money are worthy of further research?
    A 5 minute search – all I have time for right now – reveals that one of the recipients of funding is an organisation called Mind Mosaic

    Their facebook page is here:

    They are promoting lots of links to an organisation called Future Pathways, FB page here:

    Future Pathways have been mentioned on Hoaxtead Research before and have multiple network connections to Andy Peacher and the FSF.

    Curiouser and curiouser

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  27. RD must have been about 5 yrs old at the time. Perhaps it was her SRA friend who was the abuser. After all they’re such a weird lot and all seem to have pedo pals.


  28. This seems like a double act. Why does Patterson always speak through this Devine bloke?. It’s like he’s a ventriloquist. In fact, I found a snap someone tells me is the two of them. But which one is the dummy?.


  29. Speaking of Aliens, have you noticed that reports of people being kidnapped by Aliens and probed by them have plummeted since the SRA & MKUltra became fashionable?.
    ( Not Neelu of course- she’s the real thing).

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  30. It depends upon the fashion of the age: SRA/MKUltra today; before that it was UFO’s/aliens; then witches/devils; then Jews; then Vikings; then spirits and fairies. Amongst all this chaos Zeus and various other gods were abducting people to have their wicked way with. I doubt there are many these days who claim they have been bonked by a god.

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  31. Interesting video here of a Survivors First event

    At 4.33 a woman called Lorraine is introduced as someone who is a founder member of Survivors First and who set up a group called My Voice – No More Silence. Apparently Lorraine provides online and face to face support for survivors.

    This is very helpful as I was wondering who Survivors First were referring survivors to for support, especially given their links to organisations with which Janine Rennie is involved.

    6.27 Lorraine says “we started off 18 months ago – just watching a sting, that was it” she appears to be talking about a paedophile hunter’ “sting”. She then claims that her organisation has 861 survivors.

    Later in the video Lorraine states that she has been to prison in the past, which I find interesting. Not because I believe it makes her a bad person – I don’t. She describes herself and her daughter as “survivors” and I know that many people who were abused in childhood go on to live complicated lives and face difficulties with relationships and sometimes with drugs and thus the law. I do believe that people should be rehabilitated and given a second chance for most crimes, although I think that a minority of prisoners are so dangerous they should never be allowed freedom.

    I am interested in how Lorraine got involved in providing support to survivors and to what training and qualifications she has or whether her involvement arose entirely from her involvement with paedophile hunting vigilante groups.

    It seems very likely that Lorraine’s second name is Simcox.

    The Dark Light paedophile hunter group promote her FB page here

    and a Lorraine Simcox promoted Dark Light on another FB page here

    at the time of writing it is a closed group with 867 members

    back to the youtube video
    6.27 Lorraine says “we started off 18 months ago – just watching a sting, that was it” she appears to be talking about a paedophile hunter’ “sting”. She then claims that her organisation has 861 survivors.

    I did a little research on Lorraine Simcox and discovered a review of a TV documentary about Holloway prison in the Telegraph in March 2009

    TV Review: Holloway (ITV1)

    “Then there was Lorraine Simcox, 41, who was wearing a pinstripe suit when she was brought in on remand; she had no idea what to expect, she said, because she’d never been in trouble – until, that is, she ran someone over in her car “after a row”. (She was later convicted of GBH but is already out.) My first impression was that this was a respectable woman who had inexplicably lost it, but it soon became clear that Simcox is, shall we say, a feisty lady who had no problems bonding with the hardened old lags with whom she shared a cell.

    Being nosey, I wanted to find out more about the running-over incident; an internet search didn’t help, but it did take me to Simcox’s Facebook profile, on which her friends said how excited they were about her being on telly. There was a time when, if you were done for GBH, you wouldn’t want your mates to see you being banged up – but that was before Big Brother. There was something familiar about the way inmates hugged and kissed each other when one of them left Holloway – though there was no crowd to welcome them, just dirt-cheap heroin. Still, at least they were spared Davina McCall.”

    I also discovered these news items about a Ms Lorraine Simcox, although I have no idea if it is the same person.

    County knifeman sentenced
    News | Published: May 26, 2007

    A Shropshire heroin addict, who was jilted by his girlfriend for a holiday romance, was today starting a jail sentence after stabbing her new lover to death in a jealous rage.

    Trevor Roberts, 31, of Worthington Street, Whitchurch stabbed Westlea Sykes, 29, during a fight in the early hours of August 20. Mr Sykes later died in hospital from his injuries.

    Roberts was also sentenced to 12 months to run concurrently for six drugs offences, which he also admitted.

    The fight that left Mr Sykes with fatal injuries came after Roberts and his long-term partner, Lorraine Simcox, went on holiday together to Faliraki, Greece, where they first met Mr Sykes.

    Mr Philip Parker QC said that just days into the holiday Mr Sykes told Miss Simcox he had seen her boyfriend Miss Simcox then spent the night with Mr Sykes but when Roberts found out he threw his girlfriend out of their holiday accommodation.

    Miss Simcox, also a heroin addict, spent the rest of the holiday with Mr Sykes in a whirlwind romance, before they returned to the home in Whitchurch that she had shared with Roberts.

    Miss Simcox and her new lover packed up Roberts’s belongings and he went to live in a neighbouring street.

    But weeks later the “uneasy tension” between the two men reached its peak when Miss Simcox bought heroin off her ex-partner after returning from the V-Festival.

    After supplying the class-A drugs, Roberts returned to his former home with his ex-girlfriend where the men started to fight.

    Miss Simcox said she saw the pair fighting as she left the room but did not see a weapon.

    Minutes later, Mr Sykes stumbled out onto the street pouring with blood. Roberts was also injured in the fight.

    The two men had already fought while they were in Greece and Roberts left threatening messages on the answerphones of Mr Sykes’s family.

    Mr Gordon Cole QC said his client had expressed remorse, the attack was not planned and he did not take the knife to the house.

    Roberts had previously been sentenced to three years in prison and two-and-a-half years in prison for separate violent attacks.

    Miss Simcox, of Worthington Street, Whitchurch, also appeared in court yesterday, when she admitted two charges of possessing cannabis and/or cannabis resin with intent to supply. The hearing was adjourned for a report, but the judge said he was keeping all sentencing options open.

    Aron Sandham, 23, of The Townsend, Ightfield, near Whitchurch; Daniel Nicholson, 22, of Old Woodhouses, near Whitchurch and Miranda Huxley, 24, of Queensway Flats, Whitchurch, also appeared in court after previously admitting perverting the course of public justice during the investigation.

    Sandham was given a six-month custodial sentence suspended for 18 months and ordered to carry out 200hours of paid community work and pay £722 costs.

    Nicholson was given a four-month custodial sentence suspended for 18 months and must do 150 hours of unpaid work and also pay £722 costs.

    Huxley was given a six month custodial sentence suspended for 18 months, an 18-month supervision order and a four month curfew.

    more here:

    I am unsure what to make of all of this, but i do feel extremely concerned that survivors are being referred to a, possibly well meaning, peer support group that may do more harm that good.

    It would be great to receive some clarification from the people involved in these groups as to what is actually going on and exactly what kind of support and services are being offered to survivors by Survivors First

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  32. It’s my group not Craig’s he is a guest just as everyone else is on there. I own that group myself it is small because i believe in quality over quantity if there is an issue with the group he should address me rather than use it to attack others because he is a bit butt hurt.

    Hopefully he enjoys his copyright strike.

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  33. That was hilarious, BUT…the Saint Thomas Christians in southern India may be legitimately almost 2000 years old:
    “According to tradition, Thomas the Apostle came to Muziris on the Kerala coast in 52 AD,[4] which is in present-day Pattanam, Kerala.
    The Cochin Jews are known to have existed in Kerala in the 1st century AD,[5][14] and it was possible for an Aramaic-speaking Jew, such as St. Thomas from Galilee, to make a trip to Kerala then.[15] The earliest known source connecting the Apostle to India is the Acts of Thomas, likely written in the early 3rd century, perhaps in Edessa”…

    And certainly represent some traditions that predate the formulation of Christian “orthodoxy” in the 3rd & 4th centuries A.D.

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  34. I think there are people who were committing acts of abuse before they were born. On the astral plane. 🙂


  35. I would have a lot more support for the paedophile hunters if they made absolutely sure that they worked within the law and never entrapped anyone and if they didn’t post up “stings”.

    The stings are the “money shot” of their activities, and the things that the paedo hunters use to build a brand, obtain followers and sometime to generate revenue from merchandising and gofundme and other platforms. They are also completely unnecessary for convictions and run the risk of suicides and generating violent attacks by vigilantes.

    Don’t get me wrong, some of the men caught in these stings are extremely twisted and predatory and if the paedo hunters simply collected evidence without entrapment and then handed it quietly to the police to action I would feel much more comfortable about supporting them.

    I do think it is a difficult situation simply because the police are massively under-resourced when it comes to dealing with online grooming and related CSA. The situation is not helped when police departments spend eye-watering amounts of money on investigating accusations of SRA and related accusations of historic elite paedophile rings against long-dead former prime ministers.

    My understanding is that the police do not need help identifying predators who use the internet to groom children, they already know that there is a vast ocean of that shit out there. They simply need the resources to deal with the stuff that they know exists.

    The online grooming gangs and predatory individuals that the police sometimes need help identifying possess considerable expertise on how to use the dark web and various tech to cover their tracks. They may have victims across the world and co-operation with other law enforcement agencies may need to be negotiated before investigations can proceed. All of this requires professional policing skills of a very high standard that the vigilante paedo-hunters do not possess.

    If these survivor identified groups are serious about wanting to help stop grooming and CSA / CSE they should, in my opinion, adopt the following strategy:
    1. campaign for more resources for the police so that they can do their job properly
    2. campaign for police to receive proper, evidence based training about CSA and not bonkers training in SRA from the Bowlby Centre. Police CPD credits should be given only for sane, rational evidence based training.
    3. stop filming stings and monetising their activities.

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  36. I know people in London who believe that aliens “walk among us”. They also believe in ancient aliens, SRA, batshit crazy CT’s about flat earth, chemtrails, free energy, NWO, the Illuminati, the PTB controlling the weather with secret machines, the usual bollocks. Very common views for David Icke followers, but my impression is that your perception may be correct because SRA CTs have been at the forefront recently because of Pizzagate, QAnon etc. I sense that the other insanity is still there but just lurking under the surface.

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  37. Hello again Surreal Hustle. Thank you for drawing attention to to both Danny Wolstencroft’s ‘links’ to Dark Light, and a page on my site, which lists institutions where ‘Allegations’ of abuse have taken place, most kind of you.

    In regard to Danny Wolstencroft, is he not one of the very few genuine CSA survivors, who is out there, day after day, on the streets and at various meetings up and down this country, most recently in Ireland, both supporting and advocating tirelessly on behalf of CSA survivors?

    How many people out there can say they are doing anything similar, and in the real world – can you?

    As for your concerns in regard to my ‘Places of Safety’ page.

    During the time it has been online, at least two people who have been named there, have since been tried and convicted of sexual crimes against children.

    One received a 16-year sentence, after a number of witnesses came forward after accessing the page.

    Do you think I should apologise for that?

    Should I remove the page?

    What should I do, say nothing, or offer a safe platform for CSA survivors who have been ignored, (in some cases for decades) to be – possibly for the first time?

    What should any of us do?

    I am all ears….

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  38. Jimmy

    Thanks for your reply

    In answer to your question about whether I set up survivor groups and invite survivors to contact me, protest on the street with a megaphone, or get involved with paedophile hunters – the honest answer is no, I do not do any of those things.

    The reason I do not do them is because it is, in my opinion, counter-productive to do so and can run the risk of harming survivors, contaminating evidence and helping child abusers to evade justice. Sorry I thought I had explained that to you.

    Also, as a survivor of horrific CSA I still have a lot of complex and distressing feelings about what happened to me. I have worked with many survivors over the years in professional capacity and also met many survivors in various social and other settings. There was a time when I was very open about what happened to me. I have been on national TV and been interviewed in various newspapers and magazines about the abuse I endured, although many years ago.

    My concern about this type of “activism” (related to deeply personal disclosure) is that, in my experience, the survivor becomes very identifies with a “survivor” persona, as if that is all that defines them. This happened to me. There is a salacious interest in the experiences of the survivor (as reflected in the huge market in misery memoirs) however the “survivor” persona can be somewhat limiting and also leave a person more vulnerable than ever.

    Another concern I have, based on personal experience, is that all kinds of campaigning groups (some straightforward and some with sinister allegiances and agendas) attempted to appropriate my image, my narrative, my self, my survivorship and use it for their own agendas. For example, I was abused, at one point, by someone from a particular ethnic minority. Some organisations wanted to use my narrative and experiences to generate hatred and resentment against that ethnic minority – something that I wanted no part of.

    Someone who identifies strongly as a “survivor” can effectively become a screen upon which all kinds of groups and individuals project their own stuff. It is a position with much room to move – one one hand you can be a poor, suffering victim, on the other a powerful phoenix rising from the ashes. There is no complex human in either of those projections though. People who relinquish their right to privacy and anonymity can become built up into a minor celebrity by supporters, only to be dropped should they not play the game expected of them. I often found myself in situations where I had to decline invitations to be a figurehead or a mascot for some cause or another.

    I do work extremely hard trying to educate people about some of the problems associated with false memories, the satanic panic etc. and that is a piece of ongoing work. I do not seek fame or recognition and will likely never achieve it. I just want to make the situation better for survivors and people falsely accused.

    For the avoidance of doubt, I am not claiming that you invited survivors to contact you and make accusations on your blog out of any malicious motivation. Some sinister people are undoubtably collecting data from survivors however I have never accused either you or Danny of doing that. I am concerned that anyone inviting survivors to contact them and take part in peer support groups, no matter how well meaning, can run the risk of creating false memories.

    You say that:

    “During the time it has been online, at least two people who have been named there, have since been tried and convicted of sexual crimes against children.

    One received a 16-year sentence, after a number of witnesses came forward after accessing the page.

    Do you think I should apologise for that?

    Should I remove the page?”

    Firstly I do not think you should remove the page. It is a valuable educational resource in demonstrating just how wrong things can end up when people invite survivors to discuss memories with one another.

    One of the people who was convicted and who received a 16 year sentence after initial allegations on the page snowballed and more and more people started to “remember” abuse that they had not recalled prior to reading the other accounts. This is EXACTLY how false memories occur according to the work of Elizabeth Loftus.

    Subsequently other people posted on your page who were evidently very distressed that someone who they had known throughout their childhood and who they had been alone with and who had plenty of opportunities to abuse them had not done so ever and had only been good and kind to them. This man had been convicted of horrific crimes against children when there was no evidence at all other than a collection of testimonies from alleged survivors, some of whom had discussed their allegations on your blog.

    I have no idea who this man is, I have no idea whether or not he is guilty or innocent but from reading that page in your blog it is clear that:
    a) it is perfectly possible that an innocent man is serving a 16 year jail sentence for crimes he did not commit
    and that
    b) if he is guilty the comments on your blog could be used by a decent lawyer to get his conviction overturned.

    All I would like you to do is to educate yourself about how false memories occur and to think carefully about the best strategies for helping CSA survivors, the first issue being to make sure you “do no harm”.

    a video that may be helpful

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  39. Except is it a “safe platform”?

    Why should survivors trust you?
    You post some political material that is borderline / possibly inciting racial hatred. Why should people trust your agenda?

    Genuine question.

    I just wanted to share a post from 12th July on the Survivor’s Trust fb page.

    It reads as follows:

    “It has been brought to our attention that there are people contacting survivors/victims, who have commented on our page, to try and gain custom for their private businesses.
    We feel this is unacceptable behaviour and these people have no authority from us to be doing so.
    Whilst we are able to ban people from interacting with our page, we cannot ban people from seeing our page and thus those who interact with it.
    We apologise if you have received such a message and for any distress caused.”


    The Survivor’s Trust are a widely recommended survivor organisation whose reputation is compromised by their chief executive Faye Maxtead’s links to SRA promoters. E.g. she has co-edited a book with Valerie Sinason

    that gives credence to SRA

    and by its reputation as an SRA promoting organisation alongside the Bowlby Centre and the usual suspects

    Even though the organisation is dubious for its SRA promotion it is, quite bizarrely, held in high regard by many, presumably SRA naive, sources. It appears to be well funded and influential.

    So if a large, influential organisation like the Survivor’s Trust is having to alert its FB members that their FB IDs are being harvested and used for commercial purposes then is it not bleeding’ obvious that survivors’ data is valuable to unscrupulous people somewhere?

    Which brings me to your blog.

    I have never, to my knowledge, met you and the only impression that I have of you is from your blog.

    Your blog indicates that you certainly do appear to have some very strange ideas (you admit this yourself yes?) about blood groups conferring supernatural powers, about flat earth CTs and, most concerning to me, a lot of far-right beliefs.

    Yes, I agree that there are not enough proper support groups for CSA survivors, I also understand that there are lots of property qualified and accredited MH professionals offering quack therapies – the situation is an outrage.

    I can understand how a survivor would be motivated to help other survivors but sometimes attempts to help can actually harm all kinds of people.

    If I saw someone collapse in the street with a heart attack I might very much want to help them but performing open heart surgery with a plastic knife and fork in the street is probably not going to end well so I wouldn’t even try. I recognise that I lack the skills and tools to perform open heart surgery.

    Identifying as a survivor does not magically confer one with legal, medical or psychological skills necessary to help other survivors and to do no harm.

    There are many ways to help people but I just don’t think that identifying a web page on a blog as a “safe space” (it is not) for people to make accusations or share experiences is a good move. Well intentioned perhaps but ultimately possibly very harmful for all the reasons I have described.


  40. @Surreal Hustle

    Elizabeth Loftus received the following, amongst various other awards:

    “2016 Isaac Asimov Award from the American Humanist Association ”


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  41. Mea culpa. I stupidly confused Asimov with another sci fi writer (Arthur C. Clarke), who was accused of pederasty.


  42. IIRC, the accusations against Clarke were a shake-down attempt. Asimov was a gropy sleazebag, alas.


  43. This guy spews out hatred on a daily basis and exhortations (as does John Patterson) for people to be murdered. I just cannot understand why he isn’t arrested for harassment and threats to kill.

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  44. ‘Why should survivors trust you?
    You post some political material that is borderline / possibly inciting racial hatred. Why should people trust your agenda? ‘

    And what specific ‘Agenda’ are you alleging that I am promoting pray tell?

    As far as I am aware, I have no agenda other than covering as wide range of subject material that I find to be of interest to me personally, and inviting discussion of said subject matter.

    I have never asked any survivor to ‘trust me,’ I have discovered through experience that trust has to be earned, and when I refer to my site being a ‘safe platform,’ I mean that many people feel that they will not be attacked, humiliated, ridiculed or threatened on my site, as I have seen on a number of others and all over social media.

    So in that respect, the Outlaw is as safe a platform as I can make it.

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  45. You are far more generous than I am.

    While I also believe everyone has a right to re-enter society as a “full member” after a stint in jail I’m highly suspect of those who latch onto something like this “survivor” business (it’s a business) and become “holier than thou”.
    From personal experience, I’ve found they can become quite fanatical on their crusades and their motives can be very suspect. And especially those who commit drug offenses as their immorality generally knows no bounds. They ignore the fact they participate in the biggest criminal enterprise on the planet in which 1000s of people are murdered every year so they can eventually have a hit of smack quite apart from the ones who die from overdoses.

    I know one highly “acclaimed” campaigner who receives huge government grants but was a former teen drug-addicted prostitute in her past. While one can take the view it’s a positive the person has re-habilitated I find- and I suspect many of these self-appointed campaigners jump on an easy & sometimes lucrative bandwagon that stirs up people’s emotions.

    My particular one is very good at giving a morality lectures (especially if it involves travel and at a 5-star hotel) to groups of people and has some lovely heart-rending brochures to hand out but in the end, no child is saved, no child among the million living below the poverty line in the UK alone receives a hand-up.

    In fact they can have very negative effects as they give the impression a problem is in hand and for the general public who only have a limited sympathy level can be made believe that by handing over donations they are somehow aiding the lessening of crimes against children when they are really helping to keep in motion a self-perpetuating machine that touches no real abused (in all forms) child but uses them as a crutch.

    The Hoaxteaders are a great example as we see the one time they weighed into a real case of abuse- the Musas- they took the side of the abusive parents.

    I believe the self-appointed “pedo hunters” are quite evil as they target mostly vulnerable men who may never in real life commit any crimes, but who are led down a garden path by a supposed teen ( once they have their fish on the hook do these vigilantes ever, in their setting up of a potential crime say to the “perp” ..”you mustn’t talk to me about sex, you want to commit a crime against me and I am underaged etc etc”, they use frail human emotions to string along a person who perhaps for the first time in their miserable life may be having what they believe is social contact with a person which may lead to sexual contact or the fulfilling of a fantasy they may have never in real life commit.

    And then there is all the cost involved of prosecuting the imagined crime that was never ever going to take place which means precious resources are diverted from real crime. The fact that more and more groups have been set up and more and more people arrested for a crime that never happened proves their uselessness.

    That the authorities sit by and allow this to happen is almost criminal.

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  46. It’s firms like this that have been a major reason why politicians slash legal aid. There are 1000s of solicitors and many legal firms (Slater & Gordon ?) who have milked the public purse for millions.


  47. Then there was the time I boarded the Austral plane by mistake and ended up in Sydney.


  48. From an early age (which is a long, long time ago) before the internet I read about and pondered on the notion there may have been highly advanced civilizations eons of years ago that came and went because our recorded history is so limited. I still think it’s possible. I don’t rule out anything.

    But then along came David Icke. One reason I despise him is that he has hoovered up beliefs that were around decades before him and which were written about by genuine believers and then presented them as his own but glossed them up with claptrap like the Moon is hollow, fake Moon landings etc and then jumped on endless bandwagons – the utterly false idea that he claimed he knew all about Jimmy Savile ( a lie repeated by the 100,000s of his gormless fans who just repeat any claim as though it’s gospel) which in turn fuels more nutcases to make silly claims and in the end we have the dead Ted Heath accused of impossible crimes and that’s another £3M down the drain investigating fantasy (yet again – today’s real live kids living in abusive situations always lose out).

    He’s a plagiarist and apparently a quite nasty & ruthless person behind the scenes (like many showmen).

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  49. Any derogatory mention of Arthur C.Clarke, a good friend of mine, deserves a response. The allegations against him were promoted by a right-wing “Christian” NGO (looking for a platform) and ignored for years until his imminent knighthood caused a UK gutter tabloid to take them up. It caused Arthur immense distress. He was a kindly and generous man who donated $Millions in book royalties to local Sri Lankan charities which basically had him being treated as a highly respected honorary citizen. That alone caused a lot of jealousy.

    The accusations arose out of the fact this NGO claimed there were children living in his “compound” ( a rather plain English style 3 bedroom house with 2 cottages. And there were.
    But they were the children of his second Sri Lankan partner who had save Arthur’s life once after an accident at home. This eventually became a sort of non-sexual life-long partnership ( Arthur’s great love was a Sri Lankan man who sadly died at age about 30 when Arthur was around 35 years old. Arthur is now buried with him in the rather elaborate grave he set up in his honor- he never got over his death).

    The new relationship wasn’t unusual by Sri Lankan standards and Clarke loved the idea that he was part of his new friend’s life as he married, had children and the whole mob came to live in the compound. They became Arthur’s extended family.
    What was never disclosed to the media and a tightly held secret, vanity I think, was that Arthur had been paralyzed from the waist down by polio by the time he was 40. He had basically no real physical life but he was a “cerebral” type person anyway.
    He left his considerable fortune to that family and it has enabled them, the parents and 5 grown up children to all buy very nice houses in Melbourne where they all now live.


  50. @ surreal hustle

    In your amazing (I think you’re a marvel in that regard) research, have you come across this site?

    The person behind it appears to have collated a vast amount of newspaper articles around both true and perhaps false allegations against various Catholic institutions in Ireland.

    P.S. My blood group is O neg. I’m so vain I think it’s great that being rhesus negative means I ain’t got no primate blood in me and that I’m an alien…….which reminds me I need to give blood. Why is a pelican the symbol of a dutiful blood donor?

    By the power of Google…here is my answer:

    The Legend of the Pelican

    The word donor comes from a Latin root, donare, to give. There is an ancient tale of a pelican who becomes the world’s first donor:

    There were hard times in the bird kingdom. After a fruitless search for food, a mother pelican returned hungry to the nest where five hatchlings awaited her. The famished baby birds made a racket, pecked at the mother’s plumage, beating their beaks against the mother’s breast. The bird didn’t feel pain, but was gripped by only one thought: how to get food for her offspring. With sharp pecks of her own beak, the mother scored her own breast and the rivulets of blood flowed into the mouths of the hungry offspring. Their lives were saved.

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  51. To counter your justifiable scepticism GoS, I’d like to introduce to this wonderful person:

    Lynn Ruane

    There’s a little more to her story than told above…her story is a story of struggle and the area of Dublin she comes from is the same area as my children’s father’s family where my daughter’s cousin has told her distressing stuff about living there including members of her husband’s family being shot and killed due to ‘turf wars’.

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  52. Jimmy

    You said
    “And what specific ‘Agenda’ are you alleging that I am promoting pray tell?

    As far as I am aware, I have no agenda other than covering as wide range of subject material that I find to be of interest to me personally, and inviting discussion of said subject matter.”

    Some time ago I expressed concern about some of the far-right Islamophobic material on your blog.

    You replied that you were open to discussion and happy to discuss absolutely anything.

    I asked you to state the news and other sources that informed your political views, yet to date, answer came there none.

    If you could please reply to this, as you said you would, I am still very interested to hear from you the news and other resources that inform your political views.

    Also I would be very interested to know about the sources that you would recommend to people to help them understand your perspectives on blood groups conferring supernatural powers, conspiracy theories, flat earth, etc.

    Awaiting your reply with interest.



  53. Issy
    I are you being ironic about rhesus negative blood groups indicating alien ancestry?

    Only asking as it is a strange idea that Outlaw Jimmy seems to share.

    While people are of course legally entitled to believe whatever insane thing they like, I am always interested in such ideas when they form part of a cluster of beliefs as happens with many hoaxers and David Icke followers.

    No I have not seen that website but will check it out later, thanks for the link. 🙂

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  54. I had no idea about allegations against Asimov or Arthur C Clarke. GoS thanks for the clarification about Arthur C Clarke. I loved reading his stories as a teen and it is always upsetting when innocent people are falsely accused.

    I do understand that many people held in high regard back in days of yore do not look good when examined using a modern perspective.

    I was recently reading about how many highly regarded people were supporters of the eugenic movement in the early 20th century, including , for example, H.G. Wells and many prominent suffragettes.

    People were inspired by Darwin, understandably, but then went off on a terrifying tangent in relation to “racial hygiene”.

    It is one of the many examples of how apparently heroic individuals can so easily walk down a monstrous path and do great harm to innocent people. It is also an example of how an inspiring scientific discovery can twisted and manipulated into a sinister ideology.


  55. GoS
    I think I might have met the “campaigner” of whom you speak. Are her initials CO by any chance?

    I do feel that former criminals and gang members can play a very useful role in terms of educating people about the consequences of crime. I am also aware of situation where allegedly reformed criminals who worked for charities were not nearly as reformed as they claimed to be – one such person was working for Kids Company at the time of its collapse.

    I have also met many people whose life went down the toilet because of their antisocial behaviour, drug abuse and general criminality who went on to recover memories of CSA that they did not have prior to entering 12 Step recovery groups. One told me that his sponsor had asked him “what on earth happened to you as a child for you to have become such a person?” and a light bulb went off in his mind and he realised that a relative had molested him as a child.

    I have also encountered people who did appalling things re neglecting their own children and who, in seeking to understand how they could have done it “recovered” memories of SRA.

    Of course once they identify as a survivor they use that identity to deflect any critical analysis of their actions or lack thereof.

    If you tell them that you do not believe that their parents were in a multi-generational baby munching satanic sect then the inevitable accusation that you are a paedophile is always the rebuttal.

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  56. My only interest in my blood type is around genealogy, it’s a rare blood group but O type blood is prevalent amongst Irish people. The fact I am rhesus negative only matters with regard to my health…

    Of course, I have great fun entertaining thoughts of my being a superior being with special qualities of hyper-intelligence and other fabulous things. I can get carried away with the hype to the extent it often surprises me when people don’t genuflect before me.

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  57. It is really difficult to sort out who is who and who is doing things with the right motivation. It is all evolving. Had us CSA Survivors been listened to, sooner or had cases and investigations been carried through more successfully, in decades past, there could have been less victims by now……….. But here we are trying to do our best.
    Part of the problem has been, that in what seemed an arid desert of ignorance and denial, some charlatans seemed like an oasis and I and others have wrongly promoted wronguns in the past……. Jimmy, I know like me, you are attempting to correct any mistakes we’ve found ouselves making and also informing others making those same mistakes……. Danny has unfortunately fallen for a few now.

    We have to be more cautious about who we are allowing to claim a strong presence at anti CSA events, because they gain undeserved credibility and it leaves vulnerable or gullible people open to be abused, used, groomed or scammed.

    And look at the amount of vile abuse we have been subjected to, for informing people of the wronguns as we find them.

    I certainly had no idea of the strong hold and misguidance from the SRA promoters and the influence they have had in professsional circles……. What a disgusting waste of resources they have caused, at the cost of so many still unable to find effective help.


  58. The Survivors First brand and logo have been removed from Danny’s FB page and replaced by a new brand “Survivors Matter”

    The same logo as appeared in Survivors First, including controversial paedophile hunter group Dark Light are all there just as before.

    In his official Shatterboy fb page Danny has shared an event organised by Anthony Wood
    FB page here:

    event details:
    Telford NAGAH Open Day
    8 September from 11:00-14:00 UTC+01

    We are holding an open day for our group Telford NAGAH. This will be a chance for the community to come together and raise any concerns or issues about CSE or CSA with our team.

    This will also be a chance to find out exactly what we are about and hope to achieve. Members of our management team will be speaking and we will also have guests from around the UK including Billy from PAG UK and Dan from Shatterboy UK

    Hope to see you there

    event link

    Anthony Wood’s FB likes are interesting, lots of paedophile hunter groups plus links to various far-right / alt-right pages e.g. Breitbart, UK Freedom Movement

    As I mentioned in a previous post, many years ago I very publicly identified as a “survivor” and various racist, far-right groups attempted to use my survivorship as an endorsement of their agendas.

    I am extremely concerned that this may be happening all over again and that various “survivors” and “anti-grooming” organisations are vulnerable to astroturfing – either being established by sinister forces or being infiltrated by them.

    This is an incredibly serious issue and the proliferation of these groups is cause for extreme concern.

    Open message to Danny:

    I do not know you personally, but I do not think that simply changing the name and hashtag of your group from Survivors First to Survivors Matter changes anything very much especially as you are promoting a far-right agenda and the activities of paedophile hunters who may damage rather then assist police efforts to prevent child abuse and bring perpetrators to justice.

    The paedophile hunting group with which your organisation is most closely associated, Dark Light, has received an official letter from the police asking the organiser/s to stop their activities as they are hindering the work of the police to protect children.

    You claim to be working hard to protect children and give a voice to survivors, however you are associated with a vigilante group whose activities, according to the police letter, have a detrimental effect on the work of the police to protect children and bring perpetrators to justice.

    You also have allowed your cause to be appropriated by racist and Islamophobes with whom you happily share a platform.

    This resonates with the situation in Northern Ireland where paedophile hunter groups are being investigated by law enforcement for their links to loyalist paramilitary organisations (thanks to Sheva for this link)

    If you really care about giving a voice to survivors how on earth can you allow your organisation to be appropriated by far-right groups?

    If you really care about protecting children from predators how can you continue to boast of an alliance with Dark Light?

    What gives?


  59. Another of the logos on your Survivors First / Survivors Matter ident is an organisation called Voicing CSA – on the surface an organisation to give CSA/CSE survivors a voice.

    In this video of a Voicing CSA event a speaker called Lee Williams addresses the audience

    He introduced himself as someone involved in an organisation called the DFLA that has attracted many accusation of being a far-right group. He claims that the DFLA is not far-right at all

    It seems that many other people would beg to differ, this webpage provides details of criminal convictions of DFLA members, mostly for violent crimes, and also contains an interesting video

    Another speaker is Dr Donna Peach, you can see her addressing the audience here

    When addressing the audience she refers to them as “hunters”, which I think it interesting. I feel confused about the extent to which Voicing Survivors is a survivor support group and the extent to which it is a paedophile hunter group.

    She also makes the point that members of the audience may wish to find an alternative name for themselves other than “paedophile hunters”. Presumably because it delivers an impression of a gang of violent vigilantes?

    Regardless the next speakers in the video series are “Kong and Katie – Paedophile Hunters”

    I feel extremely uncomfortable about the links between far-right groups, paedophile hunter groups and “survivor” groups. This is an issue that need to be given urgent attention.


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