Lies, smears, and retaliation

Yesterday we discussed the twists and turns in the Hampstead SRA hoax narrative, as described by Angela Power-Disney. We mentioned, but did not fully explore, her first about-face on Abe and Ella in March 2016.

The setting

It was a full year after the original internet feeding frenzy occasioned by the release of the videos of the children. To the disappointment of the Hoaxtead mob, Ella had not only failed to return to the UK for her August appeal to the family court for custody of the children, but a much-anticipated (and apparently fictional) “new court hearing” had failed to materialise in early February 2016.

In early March, Angela had decided to post a series of videos which she’d recorded approximately nine months earlier, in which she had interviewed Abe and Ella. These were accompanied by a video titled “Uncut with Abraham”, in which she and Abe had a knock-down, drag-out fight over the fact that she’d recorded the series of videos without his permission.

She received a great deal of criticism about this, mostly from her fellow Hoaxtead mobsters, who viewed this as a treasonous act.

On 15 March, she posted another video to YouTube, titled ANGIE, HAMPSTEAD, RED FLAGS & BOUNDARIES. (We haven’t embedded it here, as the cover image shows RD’s children.)

In it, she tried to justify her position, and expounded on her new, revised theory of Abe and Ella, who she now claimed were “involved in the cult”.

‘I am a speaker of the truth’

At 05:15, she began her rant:

With regard to one comment I got saying that I was a disgrace to journalism for publishing “Uncut with Abraham”, you know, did you pay to watch my video? Do you ever contribute to online journalists? You don’t pay me, I don’t owe you anything.
I am, first and foremost, a speaker of the truth with a heart of compassion for victims and survivors. That’s what I am.

I’m a journalist as well, I’m trained as a journalist, you don’t pay me, I don’t get paid. So if you don’t like it…I would never disclose something or publish something that would put children at risk or hurt them.

I sat on the Abraham and Ella recordings, first of all for the August (2015) hearing, which they didn’t attend, and they instructed their solicitor to walk out of, and not engage in. I still sat on them for the supposed February hearing which wasn’t a hearing at all, because the way we understood it from Ella, and I had this in writing, was the children were just committed indefinitely to social services care and she was getting no updates whatsoever, so there was no February hearing.

You know the rumour mills said that the committed care had extended and…but then there were sightings of [RD] with the children, unaccompanied. …

You know, so when I knew that nothing in publishing the videos…first of all, Abe and Ella, to my knowledge, have not come back to fight for the children; there was a rumour that Ella came back to the UK, but I think it was just a rumour. Secondly, there’s nothing to lose. If [RD] has unsupervised access to those children, every day counts.

Is it just us, or is there an undercurrent of resentment here that she is not being kept in the loop? Certainly she sounds disappointed that Ella and Abraham weren’t living up to their claims that they planned to fight for the children.

At about 21:00, she starts to go into more detail:

And with regard to Abraham and Ella, the reason I finally, 8, 9, 10 months later released what I had, was because I have a lot of concerns.

One: when we do in-depth research, and I’m not a detailed researcher, I get a whole picture and I have a photographic memory, but I…there’s some brilliant people that are so analytical, forensic, professional, analytical, you know evidence and so on and so on….

There’s too much common ground between Abraham and Ella and the cult. For instance, if you look on the latest DearmandoesHampstead, with the various front companies that [RD] ran, you know, “health now”, and nutrition, and Supreme Master Ching Hai or whatever pseudo-religion, Abe and Ella were doing that.

Like, you know, the children having pictures of this woman, it’s a cult! It’s also I believe a front for more sinister activity. It’s very suspect, but it concerns me that the children say in their tapes that you know, we have a picture of the Supreme Master at home, and…there’s too much common ground. There’s the nutrition thing, there’s the veganism thing, there’s the Supreme Master thing, there’s the children meditating from a young age, you know, they used to talk about being able to meditate for three and a half hours….

There were other things as well. Ella was very backwards in coming forward about that [RD] was her second cult partner, and that [her eldest son]…the disclosures…and I can understand as a mother you want to protect your children, but do you know what, there were people risking their lives, there were people arrested multiple times, there are people still due in court, there were people deported for fighting for your children.

And I think they deserve to know things that you strategically seem to be holding back.

Ah, there it is. Abe and Ella were not sharing everything they knew, and Angela felt annoyed at not being fully informed. Well, how very dare they. After all, for a person like Angela, whose stock in trade is gossip, “intel” is power.

(Never mind that in the original videos made en route from Morocco, as well as the Jean-Clement video which was quoted extensively in the judgment from the fact-finding hearing, much of this information had already been disclosed. It wasn’t withheld; Angela just wasn’t paying attention.)

The other concern I have. When I was interviewing Robbie Fraise [the alleged Satanist she interviewed for the Hampstead Research blog], who calls himself Pope Francis, the head of an international church, but he says all Satanists aren’t paedophiles, which I wanted to accept, but when I was interviewing him to get the inside track on what was this Satanic ritual abuse or Luciferian abuse or whatever, I was being fed, I was in a radio studio in London, I was being fed questions by Abraham, which were far too knowledgeable.

They were like inside info, like ‘ask if it’s the nine angels’ (sic) group of Satanists, ask if it’s the Frankists.

And then the other thing, the Jean-Clement recording, Now to my knowledge, they were given to the police, and then put in storage, hidden, and not shown to the judge, and you know, withholding of evidence, but very early on in my videos, [RD], in a sock account, was saying ‘Oh, ask to see the Jean-Clement recordings, oh, ask to see the recordings where he says blah blah blah’.

Now there’s two possibilities there. Either the bent cops in Barnet, there’s lots of the Metropolitan police, stop it you guys, you’re just…it’s not just the Met, it’s Yorkshire, several, most police forces. Freemasonry, Satanism, infiltrated, it may be up to a third of them, but it’s the same in Ireland. I’ve had police say that they would rather retire early than overwhelm or overcome the corruption in the Irish Gardai, because it goes right to the top….

So it’s either the case that the corrupt police in Barnet or Camden or wherever, told [RD] about the Jean Clement recordings and let him see them, that’s a possibility, or Abe’s in on it. And Ella’s in on it.

Angela. Listen carefully: the Jean-Clement audio recording was not suppressed. It was quoted extensively in the Pauffley judgment. Of course RD knew about it; everyone knew about it. It was never a secret.

There is a credible theory that Abraham and Ella were in the cult and making nice money….making two or three thousand a day, telling people about hemp, and I believe in hemp….I totally believe in some of what they’re doing. They have a commitment to nutrition and well-being. Abe’s done amazing research on the benefits of cannabis for medical treatment.

But there’s something doesn’t smell right. There’s something not right. And I don’t apologise. I have never lost faith in the children. I believe them.

But there’s something Abe and Ella aren’t saying. And there’s too much common ground. She did not disclose that [her ex-husband] was in the cult, that [her eldest son] had been violent, that the children had alleged [her eldest son] had been abusing, that then comes [RD] in the cult, that she was still receiving a thousand a month from the first husband for alimony, you know, she was still a joint director with [RD] on some of these nutritional companies and so on that only got ended…

I’m still willing to be wrong, but I’m just saying, I have enough red flags that I’ve sat on since last February, about Abraham and Ella, to say, ‘I don’t owe you anything’.

I owe those children, I mean I don’t owe them, but as a human being I, we all do. But I don’t owe you, Abraham and Ella, anything. This is March 2016, the children were taken in September 2014. I’ve waited for you to come back and lead us, into locating and freeing the children. You’re not here. Any of us that have been to the edge are still wrestling with harassment and persecution and, oh yeah, threats.

Apparently Angela was the only person who missed the memo that Ella had claimed from the outset that her ex-husband and eldest son were “in the cult”.

There’s a distinct sense of umbrage here: Angela is annoyed that instead of coming and leading her and the rest of the “30+” team of hoax promoters out of the wilderness, Abe and Ella fucked off to Spain and left them to fend for themselves.

However, instead of admitting that perhaps she’d made a grave error in judgement in throwing in her lot with the two criminal scammers, she took the petty route: publish the recording of her argument with Abe, and claim that Abe and Ella were members of the very cult they alleged to be fighting. That’ll show them!

So it was Rupert that first…well, it was other people have as well, but it was Rupert that said, ‘You know what? They may have wanted out. Abe and Ella may have wanted out’.

And you know, used the children’s disclosures as a way of escaping, you know. That’s a pretty safe way to escape the cult, isn’t it? You go public, with your own children, and then you run, and start pontificating from undisclosed locations about how you’re going to save the world with you know, hemp.

I mean you know, hemp is amazing, but for fuck’s sake, what…you threw the children under the bus like that so that you could escape the cult? I don’t know. I don’t know. I’m not saying that that’s true. I’m just saying I’ve got enough red flags that I’m no longer doing the politically correct ‘oh, oh, we mustn’t say anything against Ella and Abe, because that would detract from the allegations against [RD] and [redacted] and [redacted] and [redacted] and all the other 70 named alleged child-sodomising Satanic murdering blood-drinking cannibal demon-possessed “allegedly” accusers.

Finally, at nearly 38:00:

It’s pretty discouraging when people like Sabine, Belinda—that’s the other thing, finally. The thing that makes me most suspicious of Abe and Ella being in on some kind of controlled release of this traumatic information is because it’s never sat right with me that they trashed McKenzie friends, they trashed Brian Gerrish and UK Column, they trashed Bill Maloney, they trashed Jacqui Farmer.

It seemed to me that they were part of the agenda, they may have been innocently used in this but they may not. Part of the agenda was to put a grenade in the public arena of the children’s disclosures, which nobody with half a brain cell can dispute them until the police got to them, their original testimony, you’d have to be an idiot to say they were coached and lying.

But it’s too much coincidence that Abe and Ella kind of spearheaded a campaign of discrediting the most high-profile campaigners against child abuse that have given decades fighting it. It’s too slick. It’s too slick. There’s something not right with that.

Given what Angela revealed earlier this week about having worked as part of a group dedicated to spreading the Hampstead SRA hoax online, it’s interesting that the thing which makes her “most suspicious” of Abe and Ella is their trashing of that very group.

What she doesn’t say is that Abe and Ella had also trashed her, angry with her nasty habit of covertly recording their interviews. There’s little doubt that Abe and Ella were extremely paranoid and concerned about controlling the way in which their message was delivered online.

There’s also very little doubt that when anyone crosses Angela, whether by failing to give her the information she craves, or by balking at her high-handedness when it came to releasing the information she has, her first instinct is to smear them in any way she can. It’s hard to feel much sympathy for Abe and Ella, who had already damaged so many lives, but fascinating to watch Angela’s inevitable retaliation.

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103 thoughts on “Lies, smears, and retaliation

  1. Trained journalist ? She can barely string two coherent sentences together. She could only possibly exist in the shadowy world of satan hunters, people who exist on a purely emotional level with no critical thinking skills whatsoever.

    Roll on charges being pressed, arrest/s made, bail conditions laid out, possible remand (like the alleged but innocent till proven guilty Sabine) and the circus gets underway.

    I hope we have an Irish connection to report from the court proceedings in what promises to be a very unusual showdown.

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  2. It really is a fascinating, though troubling timeline of Angela’s involvement in everything. How I wonder or why did she get involved in all of it in the beginning, did she just happen across it on FB, we know she has no critical thinking skills, anyone with all pistons working would know that the whole story was suspicious & monumentally stupid and dismiss it immediately, but instead she latches on to the whole thing, gets in touch with shoe crap Abe & then feels pushed aside & gets into her childish moods & throws her toys out of the pram.

    You have hit the nail on the head with this one EC, the whole way along the line, she has been consistent with doing that.

    Her latest share from Tere Joyce is just so unbelievable, this from Tere Joyce who made a live from a public bathroom last week saying she was scared of a man who she had just been chatting up & gave him her number, then tried to get him in trouble, she’s so credible, yep! Rev. Pike’s email which she read out on the other hand had me laughing out loud, great entertainment about the Gardaí, they will have fun listening to it.

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    • She has no idea. She’s about to step into Sabine’s shoes.

      Her only hope is claiming the aliens who hunted her messed around with her mind for a diminished responsibility plea.

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        • How about the meath chronicle ? Is there another local paper in her area ? We need to keep our eyes open for when, if, this case gets reported. Once it hits even a local paper it’s the start of the roller coaster as Joe public will get to know about it.

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          • Nice. Anyone involved in contacting the media yet ? Prime them so they get a head start. Its a highly newsworthy story. Bags of human interest, the web/tech angle and massively emotive. It’s got volcanic potential and a huge mainstream media backlash against the trolls is needed to finish this foul debacle.
            Also, any comments from Belinda and mad deb on the latest development ? Or are they too busy going through their sent email files and crapping themselves over what they sent out over the last three years.

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          • Tom Lyons, Katherine Donnelly, Philip Ryan and Sarah-Jane Murphy are Irish journalists that are on-the-ball. Just sayin’.

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          • ^ In the interests of full disclosure, I am related to one of the above. I wouldn’t put much on that, mind, Irish families tend to be big and I’ve cousins I see maybe twice a decade, if even that.

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          • I’ve no doubt it will make the mainstream uk papers, but it should hit Ireland a few days before. I can realistically see it being a week long trial if it’s multiple counts and several witnesses. There’s a reason no charges are being placed just yet, they’re still deciding how many offences she, allegedly (innocent till proved guilty), committed in the last three years. It could be a long case if she pleads not guilty.

            Glad someone’s keeping an eye on the journos (real ones) as I’m nowhere near up on the case to start phoning press offices.

            Suspect if she pleads not guilty a trial would happen in 2019. Still we can hope for remand or bail conditions to silence her hate campaign till then.

            Finally this blog is in sight of it’s ultimate destiny, as the online library for law enforcement and journalists.

            Sterling work everybody. It’s going to pay dividends very soon.

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          • It’s too early to get in contact with press offices. It could be months – or years – before the case goes to trial. There are quite a lot of hurdles to jump through. I wouldn’t hold your breath, put it that way. The main hope is that APD will stop her activities in relation to the Hampstead false allegations.

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          • Its never to early to pass tips to roving reporters. Some stories are the results of months or years of work. The more notice journalists get the better prepared they are for when it breaks.


    • Ginger, I’m not sure exactly what motivated her original involvement, though she has mentioned a few times that she supported Ben Fellows (to the point of taking his advice and finding herself a bolthole in Lanzarote, where she incorrectly believed she could be safe from extradition). I believe there was a fair bit of overlap between the people supporting Ben and those supporting the Hampstead SRA hoax.

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  3. Well she’s well & truly busted me and I may as well confess- I’m a Vegan and have been for 20 years.
    Excuse me now as I’m off to cut a goat’s throat (not to eat !) as a sacrifice to Mr. Soros (future Ruler of Europe) in the hope he’ll increase my Luncheon Vouchers (shame that not even the local Vegetarian restaurant will accept them).
    Then I’m going to lie down and meditate for a few hours (ie: afternoon nap).

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    • What unclaimed English gentry roots ?
      She thinks she’s an aristocrat ? Bloody hell, takes more than a dad in the raf and horse riding as a kid to be gentry.

      On the topic of the RAF and poshness they actually do adopt a toff accent in the raf. It started happening immediately after world war two when David niven and co portrayed them as upper middle/upper class.
      In actuality prior to that they where a mixed bunch of everything and a few poles.
      But the idea stuck that to be in the RAF one had to speak received English, so everyone did.

      English gentry my backside. It’ll be an old family legend going back to a chambermaid being knocked up by a stableboy and a rumour it was the laird done it.

      She seems dead set on either making herself seem interesting or trying to excuse why she hasn’t achieved much in life for someone so glowingly aspirational and self regarding.

      I think her moment of fame is round the corner, reviled as Ireland’s resident hatemongering internet witch.

      Setting high standards for yourself is fine, as long as they’re positive human values – compassion, honesty, integrity et cetera. Labouring under the delusion you’re gentry condemned to the lower social echelons isn’t good. She’s set her self up to fail miserably in life.

      Pretty much hit the nail on the head as far as her motivations go, raising herself by belittling everyone she comes into contact with.

      She’s so obvious and transparent. Can’t wait till she gets what’s coming and dressed down in a world of grey, numbers for names, bland food and people who won’t take her bullshit.

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  4. “Freemasonry, Satanism, infiltrated, it may be up to a third of them, but it’s the same in Ireland.”

    Interesting to hear Angie ranting about Freemasons again, having just watched that video in which she admits she has loads of Freemasons on her friend list!

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  5. So if Angela is to be believed (no, don’t laugh), she’s continued to promote the Hampstead hoax and accuse RD of the most ghastly crimes, despite having known for some time that Abe and Ella were not to be trusted. Explain that one to the rozzers, Angie!

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    • She said Ella had video footage of rd raping a disabled boy then setting him alight and another of Ella masturbating a 3 year old child. This was written evidence she heard in black and white from a spy’s wife or someone who knew a Saudi member of mi6.

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  6. “You’d have to be an idiot to say they were coached and lying”

    ~ Angela Power-Disney, 15.03.16

    ~ Angela Power-Disney, 05.04.18

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    • Raw food contributes to de-programming?. This isn’t a result I have found but I’ve certainly dropped several kilos over the years. Perhaps “de-programming” is code for weight loss.
      Haven’t tried Cannabis (well not for 50 years) but I had some Hemp tracksuit pants once. Bloody itchy things.

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      • Yes, this was one of Abe’s ludicrous claims: he said that cannabis was the only cure for “state-sponsored traumatic mind control programming” or some damn thing. Hence, feeding the children cannabis and hemp soup, which they complained made their stomachs hurt.

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  7. Not saying Angela’s desperate but I see she’s been sharing Malcolm Ogilvy’s stuff on her Facebook page 🤣

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  8. I’ve just come across this guy, mostly like what he’s doing, saying, but he seems to think Guidance2222 is honourable……………. I havn’t told him yet that G2222 helped caused immense and intense harrassment to an innocent man, a whole community and also has helped for those childrens testimonies to still be available, which is child abuse.
    I did leave a link to this blog, under another video, because there he bigs up Jon Wedger, so, I’ve left some comments, but interms of his anti gang work and ideas, I really can agree with much of what he says.
    I’ve listened to a few, his Brian Harvey court yesterday, are funny and again, spot on. I noticed Shane Gibbs the TI there and a few other familiar faces.


  9. More RD harassment and slander from Angie, which I assume the Garda will have seen if they’re monitoring her page.

    Also, check out the highlighted bit. Angie appears to be implying that the hoax was planned by Ella:

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    • LOL so she’s gone back to Plan C, then? After “Abe and Ella might be complicit in the cult” but before “OMIGOD THE POLICE HAVE ALL MY COMPUTERS THEY WILL FIND EVERYTHING SHITSHITSHITSHITSHIT”.

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    • When I get my pc back. There’s optimism for you.
      She also appears to be backing away from the Intel she claims indicates snuff and abuse videos implicating people existed, even though she never saw them only written evidence about them when she met the wife of a an MI6 spy from Saudi Arabia. Bit late now, the Gardia have EVERYTHING already.

      How about showing leniency to Angie and publishing some helpful hints to assist her.

      How to spice up a bowl of porridge.
      Making a rope lighter from matchsticks.
      How to avoid being shivved.
      What not to say to guards and governors if you don’t want to annoy them.
      How to enjoy the scenery when it’s only seen through a small window with bars on it.
      How to keep your stupid mouth shut in the future.

      Innocent till proven guilty. Charges and arrest pending.

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      • Angie is chortling away on her FB page that Cat Scot is claiming EL is some Canadian mystery writer. Now I don’t care who in the hell EC is (I know he/she is not me but that’s about all) but how did they put 2 + 2 together to come up with 3 & this bit of madness and who actually cares anyway?.
        And why is it so funny?.
        They live in a world of their own, don’t they?
        Unfortunately for them, I think they’ve come back to our reality with a thudding crash fairly soon.

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        • They’re obsessed with who I am, as if that makes even an iota of difference in what I do. I’ve been watching with some amusement as they trot out various people who “might” be me–some poor woman even had her dead parents hauled up on a video as “evidence”. Not sure what it was meant to prove, but let them go ahead. Keeps them busy, and when they’re chasing their tails trying to find me, they’re not bothering RD and the other parents of Hampstead.

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          • Well you do claim to be Canadian, are a mystery and write a blog. So you are a mysterious Canadian writer. With their evidence threshold that’s about as good as their research gets. Cat Scot is a vile creature, as idiotical as they come.


        • Angie’s been banging on about that round the clock, Sam, apparently blissfully apparently unaware that Cat’s claims actually contradict hers. EC is RD, Steve Keys, Sheva Burton, you, me AND now this Canadian writer. And it’s all been forensically proven and backed up by high level intel, you know.


        • Malcolm and Cat have been posting non-stop about it too but at least it gives the sad twats something to do, I suppose.

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        • If they can believe Hampstead is a satanic murder cult they’ll believe anything. Messing with a published author isn’t wise. They have solicitors as social friends usually, real research skills and access to resources in the police and judiciary few others have, especially mystery and crime writers. Not people you should cross.

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          • Angie found the not exactly hidden facebook profile, with only bitstrip memes for images, back in march. Mild fat snot has concluded that their can only be one Canadian person in the world called Karen Irving and has decided it’s the author. Ridiculous.

            On another note it’s quite common fir the Guardia to impound vehicles In a shit state or without insurance.

            Probably saw the rusty eyesore and has it towed to make the neighbourhood a little less Dingle looking. She’s previously begged for funds to get a car on the road so if it was knackered she may have let the instance slip. I dunno her address but if it wasn’t in a garage or drive and on the street a 4-5 strong team of Guardia would notice if it was dodgy.

            Now. If it’s impounded she’d have fees to pay. Possibly she signed it off and they’ll destroy it. She only mentions the cars once as far as I noticed, and I hardly go further than abridged highlights on here.

            Angie’s car and ‘a family member’s car’ both towed.

            EC, why not run a post on the disappearing disneymobiles, nice and light hearted with plenty of room for speculation.

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  10. I’ve always had reservations about this channel. It constantly posts videos with no supporting evidence to what the women say on them.


    • @Jake Blake.

      Basically this is the warmed up X files conspiracy theory. Dutroux and his accomplices were/are evil bastards. There are definitely questions to be asked re police incompetence in the cases around Dutroux, and why he wasn’t brought to justice before 1995. But the theory that Dutroux was a procurer for a wider network involving Belgian upper class and aristocracy is unproven. Probably because its false.

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      • Sorry, just to expand on my point. In recent years, we’ve had ISIS-linked terrorist activity in a certain district of Brussels, and media reportage reminding us that Belgian police operate on a divisional basis, with regional divisions often not sharing information and intelligence. I immediately thought of the Dutroux case and the conspiracy theories around it.

        Occam’s razor (“When presented with competing hypotheses to solve a problem, one should select the solution with the fewest assumptions.”) tells us that police inefficiency/incompetence/bureaucracy is more likely that a vast over-arching cover-up involving Belgian aristocracy, secret meetings, the Freemasons, etc, etc.

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        • I understand what you’re saying but they don’t say her story has anything to do with the Dutroux case.

          Oh.. and they need people’s money to keep their channel going.

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        • If they’re talking about an alleged abuse network involving Belgian aristocracy and other higher-ups, then I would be willing to bet it is a warmed up version of this theory:

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          • Incidentally, and on a lighter note, is the reason some Belgians believe in conspiracy theories about their establishment because it rains all the f******* time? Christ, their weather is worse than Ireland!

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          • Yes, I’m aware of the Dutroux case as Anneke Lucas would have been too. So do you think Anneke is telling the truth in her video or do you think she’s fabricated a story about being the victim of a Belgian paedophile ring and strapped to a butcher’s block which was stained with the blood of other victims?

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          • She could be lying, she could genuinely believe her claims but could be delusional. In my view, and again relying on Occam’s Razor, either are more probable than that her claims are true.

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  11. It a while since I looked at Angela’s blog, what a great laugh it is! 😂😂😂

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    Who is Angela Power Disney

    Introducing the amazing life of Angela Power-Disney

    Angela Power-Disney has a unique insider perspective of MK Ultra trauma-based mind control connected with the British Military and was recruited against her will as a super spy.

    Angela Power-Disney is an Anglo-Irish Mother and Grandmother, an MK Ultra and abuse survivor, activist, a vlogger, lobbyist, who has been living in rural Ireland on and off for 30 years, a world-traveller who’s moved around almost 50 homes including within seven countries and three continents.

    She comes from a story-telling tradition and she eloquently describes her background and how she came out to speak against her abuse and conditioning at the hands of her family and associates and opens up about the world of spies and the elite underworld.

    Angela is a survivor/overcomer of child sexual abuse, and has seen how corrupt the system is from the inside. She’s a vocal activist against child trafficking, illegal state enforced adoptions and is an expert child activist flying the flagship in support of the children of the infamous Hampstead Satanic Ritual Abuse and Infanticide and has scathing opinions of the elite paedophile stained families around the UK. Angela is frank about her trauma which has been off the charts particularly since she returned to work online and at protests vigils court cases etc in the field of ending child abuse and specifically in covering the Hampstead case.

    “I call myself a reluctant monarch and illuminati asset who has defected and is ongoingly disclosing ….I have had diagnosis along the way of borderline personality disorder, Dissociative identity disorder and ADHD. I am a publisher writer and journalist tho was on what I call extended maternity leave for 30 years raising my children mostly on my own. I am a radical non religious Christian and a scholar of eschatology or end times……I am a bit of a comedian seeing absurdity in life on many levels . I have worked extensively wifh children and vulnerable adolescents ….also working in high places so to speak such as cia funded merchant bank, social secretary and personal assistant work with politicians and aristocracy, ghost writing for royalty etc ….all info gathering roles though I was MK unaware at the time….

    I was one of the lead campaigners in the fight to expose the Hampstead Cover Up and somewhat the public face of the campaign and as such have been subjected to a vicious and sustained smear campaign by nefarious forces including the father and operatives centred at hoax stead.” she said.

    Survivors worldwide have been disclosing to Angela for years including some in America who were instrumental in getting MKUltra exposed over there ….they would tell her about being abused hunted etc by people like George Bush, Pat Robertson etc and back then her mind could not process it or even digest it as she was still programmed. De-programming escalated for Angela under anasthetic in 2 major surgeries in 2014 and also because her children were showing similar symptoms of suppressed trauma with memory gaps etc

    Angela volunteered and trained for several years with Werner Erhard aka Jack Rosenberg ‘s ‘human development movement EST then called THE FORUM now called LANDMARK INSTITUTE ….one course she was in also had ex Australian Prime Minister the late Bob Hawke’s daughter in it who she is on Angela’s friends list now though a silent observer mostly. Angela has done a lot of research into brain pathway diversions, artificially created genius and demonic attachments ….there are spiritual as well as practical solutions to these horrendous issues. Werner Erhard was part of the council of 9 fallen angel channeling fiasco and sadly was part of the infiltration as are many big Christian televangelists.

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      • Wonderful eccentric, cultured and educated.

        Bitter old harridan with no social skills, poorly educated with airs and graces above her station. Twisted and malicious she turns on her own family, repulses friends and savages all and sundry online. The sooner she publicly answers for her behaviour the better.

        Roll on newspapers, tv and online media reporting the depths of her delusions and malice.

        Hey Angela, if you read this for the good lord’s sake speak to a solicitor, if only so you will realise how much trouble you’re in.

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  12. the various front companies that [RD] ran, you know, “health now”, and nutrition, and Supreme Master Ching Hai or whatever pseudo-religion, Abe and Ella were doing that.

    Like, you know, the children having pictures of this woman, it’s a cult! It’s also I believe a front for more sinister activity. It’s very suspect, but it concerns me that the children say in their tapes that you know, we have a picture of the Supreme Master at home, and…there’s too much common ground. There’s the nutrition thing, there’s the veganism thing, there’s the Supreme Master thing, there’s the children meditating from a young age

    WTF is the garbage lady on about?

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    • Shocking to see him saying that like he doubts the story, yet believes both the Hampstead hoax and Hollie Greig hoax.

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