Angela gets back to basics

It can be morbidly fascinating to watch how Angela Power-Disney’s version of the Hampstead SRA hoax has morphed over time. Yesterday we touched on this: her most recent video, a YouTube live-stream on Jason Goodman’s “Crowdsource the Truth” channel, seems to represent a sudden return to orthodoxy.

However, ’twas not always thus.

An ever-twisting narrative

In early 2016, Angela began to claim (in a video with a person whose case is currently pending) that she believed Abraham Christie was “implicated”, as he seemed to know too much about Satanism.

Then, in September 2016, Angela called Jake Clarke, who was then in hospital, and claimed that she and Rupert Quaintance had been made privy to information which proved the existence of a very incriminating and disturbing video.

Angela: This is serious news so I just pray that your heart is all protected and so on. I met with some people that I completely trust like I trust you and I trust Rupert, and I’ve known for almost two years. And what I didn’t know, they were trying to arrange a meeting with me for quite a while, and I didn’t have the money to fly and meet them, and I didn’t know it was important, right?

But what I found out was that they were part of breaking up a paedophile ring in Belgium a few years ago. They’ve done everything that we’re trying to do in Hampstead in London, and they succeeded, but they…there was some death threats and it was a bit scary, like it is at the minute, but…

So they would only meet me face to face, and tell me what they had to tell me, and so that finally happened a couple of weeks ago, and we had to go away from wifi and all that stuff, it was all very James Bond, but I believe them. And they said that somebody known to them had been paid £3,000 to hack Ella’s and [RD’s] computers, and laptops, this was I think about a year ago, maybe nine months ago. And unfortunately, Ella’s involved.

Jake: Yeah…

Angela: They found—are you okay with hearing the details, or would you rather not?

Jake: Yeah, I would….

Angela: All right, they found a video of Ella masturbating a child to sleep. I can’t remember if it was [redacted] because I went into such shock, and I wasn’t allowed to take notes…I mean, I kind of on one level I suspected it, but when you hear it, black and white, and you know that person is telling the truth….The story they told me was that there was video evidence of Ella masturbating a very young [child], there was video and written evidence of Ella and [RD] cooperating on snuff movies, there was–the main part of the ring, we thought it was mainly a paedophile ring, it’s not, it’s a Russian mafia drug cartel.

Jake: Yeah.

Angela: Bringing in drugs to London from a place called Krokodil in Russia, which is next to Afghanistan, and Pakistan and Uzbekistan, it’s all where heroin comes from.

Jake: Yeah, there’s a drug known as krokodil, it’s sending people mad…

Angela: Oh! You’ve got to…right, I’ve got to do my research on that then, because they were bringing that to England, and this whole cartel was distributing drugs, child pornography, and snuff movies. And Ella and Abraham were both…not Abraham, Ella and [RD] were both involved, and then somebody got murdered, and [RD] ripped Ella off for £260,000. And so Ella, she got the children to testify against [RD]—I mean, the children are telling the truth, although they may have left out some little bits about Ella, but she got the children to testify against [RD] and left the country, to teach him a lesson for ripping her off.

So the new score was:

  1. RD: Bad.
  2. Ella: Just as bad.
  3. Abraham: Unwitting dupe.

Angela adds further detail, grasses up ‘informant’

Seven months later, in April 2017, Angela released the name of her alleged “impeccable informant” during a Skype conversation with Heather Brown:

Angela: Before we spoke, I was saying my prayers and I actually am ready to say who gave me, in September last year, the intelligence that Ella’s device had been hacked, for the modest price of £3,000, and that two videos in particular were found on her device—one of a woman masturbating (a male child) aged about 3, and although it wasn’t conclusive that it was Ella, it certainly indicated such, and the other video was of a disabled boy—this was a snuff movie which Ella was also alleged to have been complicit in distributing—it was a disabled boy being raped and sodomised and then set on fire by RD. Ugh, Jesus Christ. So I’ve taken the heat…

Heather: Did you see these alleged movies?

A: No, no, the person that gave me the intel last September, and had been trying to give it to me for at least six months, said that it had been reported to MI6, the evidence had been given to MI6, MI6 had said off the record that they would put surveillance on both Abe and…on both RD and Ella, and…

H: Why would MI6 be looking into this, because this is all in the UK? 

A: No, you see…no, you see…I know, but the thing is, it’s becoming more and more clear, somebody with Pizzagate, a supposed CIA insider, said that the reason the Americans were dragging their feet about fully exposing Pizzagate was because it could bring the British establishment down. I think it’s become very clear that Hampstead—

H: Well, who told you this? Tell us the name of the people.

A: Well I’m going to do, right? 

H: Yeah.

A: And this is not done flippantly. So I’ll just give you some background first: the person that gave me the intel is married to somebody who predominantly lives in Saudi Arabia. He’s the child of an Anglo-Iranian parentage. His father was in the Royal Air Force for a long time, and he was married to a woman from Iran, and his father was I think dishonourably discharged from the Royal Air Force after quite a lot of long-time service, and I don’t know if it was on espionage grounds, or I can’t remember grounds that his father was dishonourably discharged, but anyway, when his father was discharged from the Royal Air Force, he then became a spy. You know the way they’ll fire you, and then they’ll instantly re-recruit you—“Right, we know you’ve been fired, but we’ll give you 200 grand or whatever it is to now go underground and be one of our assets”. So this person, her father-in-law was alleged to have been—well he was definitely ex-Royal Air Force, he was definitely married to an Iranian woman, and he was alleged to have gone over after being dishonourably discharged, he was alleged to have then been recruited as a spy. The son, who’s probably 40, works mostly in Saudi Arabia, and I just pray in Jesus’ name that the offspring, the children are protected, but the son’s name is [redacted], and his wife’s name, who is my source, the intel that I was given, is [redacted]. She goes on Facebook by [redacted]. 

H: Never heard of her. 

A: Well, she was interviewed along with myself by Melanie Abbott…

H: Never heard of her.

A: Well, this is Hampstead going back more than two years ago. She and I were both interviewed by Melanie Abbot of the BBC Radio 4, thinking that we were Hampstead residents, which we weren’t. She lives in [redacted], he lives and works in Saudi Arabia, his father is ex-Royal Air Force, married to an Iranian, and alleged by [redacted] to have been recruited by MI6 after his air force career ended. So the thing that gave me the courage to release her name was that Kristen Elizabeth, the one that said when she was blocked by Kris Costa, it synchronistically blocked her from Sheva Burton, she said to me that she had defended Kris Costa to the moon and back because she didn’t want Kris’ children targeted, and it’s the same with [redacted], she and [redacted] have a child who’s very adorable, but I’ve protected her since September, and my children have been targeted, and here’s me protecting her. Now she hung me out to dry. She gave me this intel, in September—

H: But how does she know this thing anyway? 

A: From her husband, and from the MI6 contact.

H: Well why would they tell her?

A: Because she is the wife of an agent!

H: Are they not supposed to keep everything secret?

A: Well, they’re not supposed to tell their wives, but isn’t it true that, you know, that’s how the most old-fashioned spying ever went on…

H: (inaudible)

A: Pillow talk. Exactly. But this is where it broke down because her husband gave her, you know…her husband didn’t like her being involved with researching Hampstead. So he allegedly paid somebody three grand to go and hack RD and Ella’s devices. The devices turned out that it was to do with drugs, it was to do with the Russian mafia, and that Ella had pimped the children from a young age, and that Ella was furious because RD stiffed her for £240,000. [I thought it was £260,000, but who’s counting?—Ed.]

H: Well where’s the £240,000 now, then?

A: Well apparently, RD was too greedy, and the Russian mafia were paying RD commission, but he was taking the commission, and then he would take more than the commission, and then he was pimping the children at school secretly, without Ella’s knowledge, and then she felt like she’d been stiffed of £240,000, and so she blew the whistle on him. So although…this is all allegedly…although I don’t think she was as complicit, I do think the Russian drug cartel side of things might have been her side of the business, and that she was definitely a co-director with RD, with, it was supposed to be health and nutrition websites, but they were porn and snuff distribution websites. But I just want you to say on camera what you thought you’d seen Abra—now, I must just say this first, let me just say this first, the intel [redacted], aka [redacted] gave me, was that ironically the innocent person in this whole drama was Abraham. 

H: No, I don’t believe…I wouldn’t think so.

A: Well she said, according to the MI6 investigation, MI5, MI6, whatever, was that RD was the most guilty, Ella was pretty dirty in the involvement, and Abraham was just the petty crook who got—he was going to be a patsy. Abraham was intended to be the patsy. He was just a small-time drug dealer, had some anger management issues, and then the part you told me off-camera last time, possibly a pimp.

Revised score:

  1. RD: Very, very bad
  2. Ella: Not quite as complicit
  3. Abe: Possibly a pimp or something, was intended to be the patsy

Angela continued to peddle this version of the story, more or less, for several months.

Flip forward to August 2018…

And then, the police raid and interview happened. Perhaps the shock of it erased some of Angela’s memories. or maybe her MK Ultra handlers implanted the idea that if she tried to tell the police that she had known of a potential child sex abuse/snuff film for the past two years, but that it had slipped her mind to let them know, things might not go well for her.

Whatever, this is what she said in her interview with Jason “Thicko” Goodman on his “Crowdsourcing the Truth” video on Tuesday:

Angela: It was a girl and a boy, a brother and sister, disclosed on video camera to their mother’s partner horrific Satanic ritual abuse in a school and a church and other locations in Hampstead…

And then when they went through all the proper steps, they went to a family police member and then to the police, and the children were taken off them, and five days later the children so say retracted with a police interview.

And since then, the Independent Police Complaints Commission upheld a complaint that the detective seemed to be leading the children in their retractions. And the little boy, although the little girl seemed to retract satisfactorily although it was agonising to watch, you know, it was night and day between the original disclosures and the retractions, But the little boy never fully retracted, he just couldn’t find it in him to fully—you know, he just didn’t have the cult distance to fully retract, no matter how much he was induced to.

So the mother fled the country with her partner, and in absentia she was framed in my opinion and none of the abusers were arrested, no crime scenes were sealed off, a consultant doctor confirmed that the children’s injuries both to…well, I’ll just say it, anal and vaginal injuries were consistent with the disclosures the children had made. …

As I say, none of the alleged crime sites were sealed, at that time the only person to have been interviewed amongst…I think there were 14, at least 14 abusers named, maybe much more, the only one that was spoken to was the father, by invitation without caution, about one incident.

Jason: What is an interview without caution?

Angela: He was just invited in for a chat. And he didn’t have his technology taken. Given the severity and the detail of the allegations, it warranted an absolutely high-level, incredibly thorough investigation. The other thing that was glaring was the children, a bit like Fiona Barnett, but they were only eight and nine, they drew drawings of their abusers and very distinguishing marks. Birthmarks, body piercings, tattoos…it was absolutely there for the investigating, and it in my opinion was swiftly covered up. The mother and the boyfriend were in my opinion framed for being…for having coached the children.

Now there’s 34 videos of the children, I think 19 of them were the original disclosures, and if you could coach the children to the level of disclosure that they made, which included not just being mass abused, but being given cocaine, given alcohol, given injections, witnessing Satanic rituals, witnessing murders, the detail was so intensive that it absolutely warranted crime scenes being sealed and all the alleged abusers having their tech taken and…

JG: Questioned.

APD: So then they had the fact-finding mission, they had the mother run out of the country, we had a very swift cover-up, and then since then, people have been campaigning worldwide. The videos were seen by about a hundred million people worldwide.

So there you have it: suddenly we’re back to square one.

New score:

  1. RD: very bad (as always)
  2. Ella: completely innocent, victimised by police and courts
  3. Abraham: Not really mentioned except in a minor supporting role

No Russian drug  cartels from a town called Krokodil which is next to Afghanistan, and Pakistan and Uzbekistan, it’s all where heroin comes from. 

No more talk of Ella participating in making a child sex abuse video. No more £240,000 (or £260,000, take your pick) rip-offs. All of that has been forgotten, despite its having come from an “impeccable informant” with a husband in MI6 (or possibly MI5, not quite sure there).

Granted, Angela still clings to some of the allegations from the September 2016 version of the story: she claimed as recently as Monday that RD is

an alleged paedophile, an alleged cult leader, an alleged Satanic ritual abuser, an alleged porn and snuff movie distributor, an alleged international drug distributor, ineffectively investigated in a different country, as backed up by the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

So it seems that despite her apparent return to Hampstead SRA hoax orthodoxy, she has incorporated elements of her various invented dramas, perhaps without remembering where they originated.

This is the problem with telling lies, Angela. Unless you have an excellent memory, you’re bound to trip over the inconsistencies sooner or later. angela-pondlife

98 thoughts on “Angela gets back to basics

  1. It sounded like Heather, for once, wasn’t believing Angela. What a tall tales coming from Angela, making it up as she went trying to make herself feel important, trying to impress Heather by talking about her ‘intel’. That’s laughable, the only Intel she has comes out of what she is sitting on.

    Yes the rule of law for liars is to remember what lies you have told before! Angela is a pathological liar.

    Great post EC, I love the book cover! 😂

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  2. EC. I dips me lid and taps me titfer to ya. This deserves much more than a basic Koala Award. This deserves a Caramelo Koala Award.

    You got the lying, conniving mare bang to rights!

    Won’t be long now surely, till this moment comes……( best said in a Jack Regan type voice)…..”Get yer teeth in Mrs, you’re nicked “.

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  3. Okay, let’s give Angie some pointers

    MI5 and MI6 are 2 branches of Military Intelligence, hence the initials. MI5 are domestic, MI6 Global. So UK citizens, in the UK would be investigated by MI5, not MI6. This is basic.

    Krokodil is a low rent synthetic Opioid based on Desomorphine and cooked up in nasty labs. It acquired the name as users go on to have skin complaints resembling crocodile hide. It isn’t a place in the south of Russia.

    There is no Russian ‘Mafia’. The Mafia is exclusively Sicilian, always has been, always will be. Russian criminals would not call themselves Mafia. Do I really need to explain this ?

    Seen by 100 Million people worldwide ? Where does she get this ? Any figures will be grossly exaggerated anyway as the idiots who watch them view them obsessively over and over again.

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    • They’re all “Stans” to Angie so who cares if one country doesn’t have a border next to Russia?. Yet another example of her superb University training in “research”.

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      • She showed just how stupid she was. She blended a concept of Russia bordering some countries that produce opium / morphine (the morphine is only turned into heroin outside the middle east, traffickers purchase a roughly extracted form of morphine in Afghanistan and ship it to labs in Europe) with the name of the ghetto drug used in Russian slums.

        Its obvious. She googled drugs in Russia and confused her simple worm ridden walnut of a brain and merged the crap into her story about hacking laptops and mi6 spies.

        I do hope she has the time to pop by and read my opinions on her stupidity, dishonesty and how hilarious I find her lame attempts to keep the Hampstead lies alive.

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      • Krockovshit might be the place. Yeah, I’m sure her story of Russian drug gangs is centred in krockivshit. Now I think about it is obviously krockovshit.

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  4. So in September 2016 apd reports a hacking of laptops ‘about 9 months ago’ so that’s January 2016. Where they remotely hacked, or did someone physically scan the hard drives ?

    These tales of I spoke to someone who knew someone are typically bullshit tall tales. So in summary. A criminal pair of drug dealers who import heroin from a non existent country for the Russian wing of cosa nostra had a falling out over £240 to £260,000 and settled this difference via a series of bizarre mobile phone videos of unconvincing claims of sexual abuse, child murder and everyone who every annoyed the woman implicated, from teachers and social workers to McDonalds and Starbucks. This comes to a head in Sept 2014 when the police intervene and social services step in to safeguard the children when evidence of cannabis use is medically secured from the children’s hair (no other drugs are reported) and physical abuse, ranging from being hit with spoons to being kicked in the groin is reported by the children against the mother’s boyfriend.

    Some 13 months later the children have settled back into normality with their father and the mother and boyfriend have absconded to Spain.

    Now. How was this information ‘hacked’ from the computers of people involved ? Please. Explain how 15 months after a family court / social services intervention some unnamed person pays $3,000 to have someone, also unnamed, hack computers of someone under a new name, court protected, in the UK and a runaway in Spain ? Please explain ? Was software installed remotely ? Did the hacker break in and clone the hard drives ? Does any real evidence confirm the, alleged, material came from the people’s computers ? Are MI6 really involved ?

    I suspect this story came during a lull in the attempts to perpetuate the Hampstead myth so was created in order to revitalise it with Russian drug dealers , snuff / abuse videos and a cool quarter million in cash.

    Why would someone with 250,000 cash and a new identity have an old laptop well over a year old full of incriminating videos ? How could a cool criminal who has amassed such wealth not have a secure firewall ?

    This story has more holes in it than a rifle range target made of Swiss cheese.

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    • I had to re read the thing. She changes her mind so much between tellings. The husband of her source paid someone to hack the laptop of 2 Russian drug dealers so highly paid that one amassed 240-260,000 pounds more than the other and one, or both, had abuse videos and details of their drug dealing operations and accounts on laptops at least 15 months old, as it was that long since the Sept 2014 court case. They submitted written evidence to Angela which she heard in black and white ? She gives credence to her source with a diatribe about sacking pilots, but not sacking them, then hiring then back and giving them work as a spy. Since when do pilots become spies ? Spies require years of training and establishing themselves in government positions so they can operate. Usually they come from naval or military intelligence. Shall we even discuss the difference between intelligence agents and intelligence officers ? Angie obviously gets her ideas about spies from crap people say in the pub, or on park benches.

      So a fellow truther and paedo ringer uncoverer is married to a genuine spy who has laptops hacked for £3000.

      This hacking occurs over 15 months after the case. I’m not sure when the couple split but it was months before the court case. So at the time of a secret agent hired hacker accessing a laptop in the uk and another in Spain it could have been 2 years after they’d split. I doubt they’d ever have had all their drug dealing and finances on laptops, certainly 2 years old info. Most drug dealers ditch phones on a weekly or daily basis. Just watch the wire. The idea of a professions criminal carrying around over two years evidence of drugs, money and snuff films is laughable.

      Real life criminals avoid tech and phones. They hate apple and google products and regard phones with suspicion as they transmit location as well as audio visual info and can be hacked.

      No criminal who earns 250,000 or higher would have incriminating evidence with them for over two years.

      Okay. This didn’t happen. Angela concocted the whole bullshit thing either on purpose or because she drank 3 bottles of wine and fell asleep with crime documentaries on tv then woke up dazed thinking shed been to meet fletcher prouty in a car park.

      I haven’t the bandwidth or patience to view any more Angie tall stories but so far this ones a crock.

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  5. Only Angela could think Abraham was overqualified on the subject of Satanism. Anyone who’s spent 5 minutes leafing through a Dennis Wheatley or seen the trailer for rosemary’s baby knows as much as the spoon wielding nut.

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  6. So presumably APD delivered all this info to The Met?. Thought not. Still, she may soon have an opportunity to tell the Garda. Or perhaps she already has in her under caution interview?.
    Talk about weaving spells.
    Clearly not even Heather was very impressed by this tale as no offer to kneecap or headbutt any Russian crim was forthcoming.

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    • Seeing as we’re all gchq / mi5 / mi6 ourselves this all seems a bit odd doesn’t it ?

      One minute we’re covering up a cult leader, the next one of us is paying £3000 for hacking laptops and proving a wacky custody case was really a Russian mafia couple fighting over £240-260,000 cash. And we’re investigating ?

      One thing I can be pretty certain of. RD is not being investigated for his alleged theft of £240,000 drug money from his ex.

      RD. If you ever pop in here I’d suggest this. Once the idiots have been dealt with. Once the dust has settled and the wounds healed. Once there’s enough distance.

      You should approach someone about having the whole thing into a screenplay.

      Maybe a book, possibly a documentary but I think it has all the pieces for a movie of the week on tv, or a short series.

      It’s high Time the media told the human stories of innocent people being hounded because of liars on the internet.

      It’d make a great little movie. Just need to sort out an ending where all the evil liars go to jail. With it being ‘based on a true story’ we’ll just have to wait a year or so, but it looks like the police and courts will be busy.

      Anyone got any ideas for a title ?

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        • It would make s compelling documentary, possibly a 3 part series. Possibly a docu drama with actors playing key scenes inbetween interviews and insane youtube footage. If it followed a court case it could really shed light on the nightmarish shadow world of mentally ill stalkers harassing people with bogus claims of satanic abuse.

          It’d make a great final nail in the whole sordid affair.

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  7. Do any of you remember this guy?

    That was posted on the Whistleblowerkids blog in March 2015 and general consensus this side of the fence was that the guy wasn’t a credible source and that it was all billhooks. However, I do wonder whether he could have been Angie’s source for her (roundly debunked) allegations against Ella. Just throwing it out there. Answers on a postcard, please…

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    • Depends how you define torture. Imagine someone three times your size physically taking you abroad, kicking you inbetween the legs, feeding you cannabis, not letting you sleep, hitting you with spoons and insisting that you must speak on camera telling bizarre stories about your family doing things you barely understand.

      If this guy was party to some undisclosed morocco videos that weren’t released and show more coercion or direct threats, someone hitting the kids, for example, then I see it as legitimate he’d describe it as torture.

      Maybe there was video of Abe going too far, or giving the game away. If this guy got in early he may have footage that the hoaxers wouldn’t release. Possibly it was seen in court.

      I dunno. In my opinion the kids were tortured into making the videos and the videos of the kids soullessly repeating the accusations are in themselves a form of torture. Just put yourself in the position of a 9-10 year old.

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    • I remember that, UK Callum. Didn’t he also comment on the blog at that time too, when he read the post? I seem to remember that he didn’t know any more about the case than the rest of us.

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    • I had a brief exchange via e-mail with John Allman. I still have those e-mails and if memory serves he did seem quite credible. I can’t be sure of the content (without re-reading) but there was nothing that made me think he had access to any new information.

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      • Having re-read those e-mails, it would seem that Mr Allman is talking about the videos we have all seen. He received them from Sabine but at that time was not aware of their illegal status. Being a parliamentary candidate and standing on a particular platform of ‘Let every child have both parents’, he might have been on Sabine’s radar. My exchange with him was back in early April 2015.

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    • I do remember him, UKC. I think we wondered at the time where he was getting his information, and finally agreed that he was only concurring with Mrs Justice Pauffley’s remarks that the children had been subjected to what amounted to torture while they were in Ella and Abe’s care. To my knowledge there have never been any videos further to the ones which were originally illegally leaked.

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      • I also concluded he agreed with the judge and found the morocco videos in themselves torture. I’ve only seen a few of the cell phone Abe videos and only really studied the police videos
        the timecodes indicate they’re complete and unedited. Allman seems to have summed it all up nicely and he obviously considered the material in coming to his conclusion. That he’s not been heard of since would indicate he’s said all he had to say and he’s better things to do.

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  8. BBC 4 journalist Melanie Abbott has been duly notified that her name may be being taken in vain. Her alleged disappointment in discovering Angie was not a Hampstead resident may be mollified as she finds there is indeed a story to be found in the current developments.

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  9. In this old (2016) video uploaded to the ‘Take That as Gospel’ channel yesterday, Angie implies that she’d reported the Ella videos to the police, or was about to:

    @1:47 – “The most important question to answer is, ‘Is Angela going to take what she knows about Ella to the police?’ Oh, gosh! Thank you for that! Of course I am! That is well in hand! Goodness me! Thank you for that.”

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    • Take what to the police ? A story about meeting someone who knows a hacker and was shown written evidence that someone saw a video.. ? That’s not evidence, that’s hearsay. As it shifts so much and Angie relates a non existent country as a central part of the narrative into the name of a drug they’re importing without barely a pause to acknowledge she was still doing research ? Why would she need to be researching a story someone she trusts told her ? Why would she need to meet away from WiFi (is there such a place outside of middle of the oceans n deserts ?) when surely you can avoid wi fi by not carrying any devices ? And why avoid WiFi to read some written evidence and speak to someone. Angie doesn’t understand tech, so its obvious she’s making up the story of meeting spies / hackers as it only makes sense to her concepts of avoiding attention. No source would meet the likes of Angela to share non existent Intel. She made the whole story up and thinks its accurate and detailed. It’s riddled with inconsistencies and outright childish world views. If it did happen it wasn’t a source she met, it was another bullshitter like herself.

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      • Angela’s story of the spies shows as much knowledge of real spy-craft as Abraham’s story of the Satanic rituals does of real Satanists. Both stories are childish speculation which only serve to highlight their tellers’ ignorance.

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      • The alleged source disappeared from Facebook right after Angela “outed” them. To be honest it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that what Angela reported was a joint effort between the two of them; the alleged source was a dedicated troofer with a rather tenuous grasp on reality.

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    • On her friend list ? Influential people ? Nah. Just a pack of lying idiots like herself all pretending to be something they’re not.

      This sagging sack of nicotine drenched offal is nothing but a workshy buffoon who attempts to pose as some aristocratic dame dabbling in journalism, but in reality she’s nothing but a parasitic attention seeking grifter who bitterly rages against anyone she can find. She’s no journalist, never has been, never could be. She lacks the intellect to research cohesively and check facts. She has no discipline whatsoever, her attention span is appalling, she simply cannot stay on topic and drifts all over the place. She doesn’t know the first thing about journalism.

      It’s laughable to see her attempts to portray herself as some kind of expert when she’s a bumbling idiot making it all up as she goes.

      I lasted about 15 seconds before I wanted to puke.

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        • I’ve always been told if you have nothing nice to say keep quiet. Having outlined her positive points I’ll leave the matter.

          Saying that I’ll be right on the next post slating the (I’ve been learning Gaelic) feckin eejit

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        • No need to apologise! She is a master at dodging questions she doesn’t wish to answer, and making herself sound far more noble than she is.


          • A wonderful eccentric, educated and cultured. Doesn’t know her arse from her elbow on legal matters and voluntarily attends a 45 minute interview under caution without a solicitor and babbles on for 3 hours. She brings a new meaning to absolute stupidity.

            I can just see a barrister making mincemeat of her when she claims 3 years of research on Hampstead and is a journalist. She’ll be cut to ribbons.

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          • Actually, making Angela appear more nobel than she is isn’t difficult; mainly because she often undercuts even the lowest levels of human decency we would think the worst imaginable person would have. The way she treats her “friends” is appalling.

            Are you reading this Angie? Are you going to accuse me of character assassination? Well what sort of person, when they receive a Skype call from a friend who is in tears because her pet monkey has died, would cut short the call in order to post video of the call on YouTube because they think that they can get attention and advertising revenue from ridiculing said friend? Not a very nice sort of person at all (someone who knew you called you that in court too). One who really doesn’t care a fig about anyone else’s feelings at all.

            I’m no saint, most people over a certain age have skeletons in their closets, but in the few years I’ve known of Angie’s existence I have regularly been astounded at how badly an adult woman can behave.

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    • So she sees her current plight as being evidence of corruption in the Garda ????

      How deluded can she be ?

      The fact she hasn’t spoken to a solicitor yet is disturbing. The fact she didn’t know that the UK crown prosecution service doesn’t oversee cases in republican Ireland shows how woefully naive she is. But the fact she seems to think she can endlessly accuse people of murder and organised child molestation and it somehow doesn’t consititute slander

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      • Or defamation. Nor does publicly posting information identifying people who’s identites are legally protected by court order, sharing their images, website details and requesting that hackers attack their business isn’t incitement to harass, harassment, plain nasty and highly likely to get her in hot water should she ever be dragged before a judge.

        Just posting the kids’ info was bad enough.

        Does she not realize she’s bullying a pair of kids 12-13 years old ???? Seriously, who in their right mind would breach a court order giving child victims anonymity by posting a photo of them on facebook and think it’s not going to end up with coppers at the door.

        The woman’s in a league of her own for absolute c***ishness of an unprecedented level.

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        • I don’t think she comprehends the risk she takes re: defamation. She hasn’t just defamed (and harassed) RD once- it’s been a persistent campaign for over 3 years.

          Defamation is one thing I am bit of an expert on (but I’m not a lawyer). I have sued a major UK newspaper for libel and won for a small article that was false (or rather they backed down within a few short weeks). The cost to them was astronomical and while the damages I & my partner received was enough for me to buy a new car (for the first time in my life) the legal costs for the tabloid were prohibitive and the only court appearance was for their barrister to issue an apology,

          But I’ve helped two others in the last 20 years by doing research work for them on cases which they won. One of my best pals is an expert defamation lawyer and it’s he who asks first off: does the other party own a house?.
          Why?. Because if they do they are very likely to lose their house if the plaintiff is successful because of costs. and if they do not have enough savings to cover any damages. And of course, there is little point in suing someone who is potless.
          I’ve even warned people who have persisted in making libelous statements in letters & on the net to be careful if they own a property.
          A solicitor for a plaintiff can easily put a lien on a home if they can convince the court the defendant’s maliciousness may extend to them trying to drive up costs by extending a case which they can’t possibly win or they may try to dispose of property to defeat any court-imposed penalties.
          But even if one of APD’s victims sued her for harassment or libel and it gets settled before it reaches court she can easily be hit for all the legal costs.

          I’m constantly amazed by these nutters and their malicious campaigns. It only needs one maligned person to take legal action and their house of cards could come tumbling down. I reckon APD is now in the frame for serious and costly endless legal hassles if she doesn’t get legal advice and I think the atrocious Fiona Barnett is skating on very thin ice (her husband should really be quaking now if their home is in joint names) as she seems to be ramping up her accusations.

          Most publications end up forking out a fortune for one defamatory paragraph. These fools could paper a courtroom with their libels.

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          • You could paper a wall with it and throw a dart. Wherever it lands is enough on its own to drop her in trouble. Together, with a few, alleged, co-defendants involved it could become a test case to make s precident for pack stalking and group harassment, defamation and slander / libel
            . It isn’t going to end nicely for the (innocent till proven guilty) gang of thugs.

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          • It will be interesting if a case is found against APD as her house is local authority housing & there are a number of restrictions on the sale of it.


            ( c) In the case of resale of the house—

            (i) the purchaser shall, in accordance with section 29(1) of the Act of 2014, give prior written notice to the housing authority at its principal office of his or her intention to sell and the housing authority may purchase the house for a sum equivalent to the value of the uncharged share in the house, which is calculated by reducing the market value of the house on the date of resale by the outstanding charged share in the house on that date,

            (ii) where the housing authority does not purchase the house, the authority may, in accordance with section 29(3) of the Act of 2014, refuse to consent to the sale to any person of the house where the authority is of the opinion that—

            (I) the proposed sale price is less than the market value,

            (II) the said person is or was engaged in anti-social behaviour (within the meaning of section 1 of theHousing (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1997 (“the Act of 1997”)), or the sale would not be in the interest of good estate management (within the meaning of the saidsection 1 ), or
            (III) the intended sale would, if completed, leave the vendor or any person who might reasonably be expected to reside with him or her without adequate housing,

            (iii) where the purchaser sells the house to a person other than the housing authority, the purchaser shall pay to the housing authority the value of the outstanding charged share in the house on the date of resale of the house, which amount is calculated by applying that share to the relevant market value of the house on that date and which amount shall be reduced to the extent necessary to avoid reducing the proceeds of the sale (disregarding solicitor and estate agent’s costs and fees) below the purchase money;


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    • Ooh, doesn’t she look tired.

      I expect you’ve seen me around more than usual. Don’t worry, I’m not fixated and being repetitive without good reason. I just want to make sure a certain village idiot gets the message. I think it might be sinking in by the look of her now. She’ll have months of this coming as she awaits the inevitable.

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  10. ” a CIA advisor said the reason they were dragging their feet with pizzagate is that it could being down the British government ”

    Can Angie name this CIA advisor ?
    Can Angie cite her source ?
    Can Angie prove a CIA advisor said this ?

    Come on Angie. Name the CIA advisor and cite your source.

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    • The British govt. is perfectly capable of bringing itself down without the assistance of a non-existent CIA Advisor or someone’s conspiracy-unveiling fantasy.

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    • @Grobnob, Angela has always been known to talk about her ‘intel/sources’, in other words her butt. I think the only ‘source’ she ever named was Heather, cue huge fallout at the time. 😂

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  11. Angela Power Disney, an open letter.

    Angela, when you make a father and his children feel unsafe, anxious and upset with an intense and constant daily stream of postings on the internet, where they are unable to enjoy a normal and safe life for fear you put them in danger of attack, or the children in an attempted abduction, a complaint to the police is going to be taken seriously. Police are reluctant to pursue a harrassment and stalking complaint, but when they do, you know things got serious.

    I have been the target of a harrassment complaint myself by Rupert Wilson Quaintance IV, and I know how it feels; I was able to fend that off because I had strong legal defences, and the content used against me was weak. I know what I am talking about when I say that the evidence is strong against you, and your defences are weak. It might take a year or two years, but you are facing a highly likely set of harrassment charges, trial, conviction and jail. You will have aggravating factors against you such as the length of your harrassment against RD and his children, and of your targetting of other people (myself included), and of your intensification of harrassment against RD and his children in recent days.

    You do yourself no favours by all the content you have been adding to the internet recently, it only gives your critics more ammunition, and very few of your fellow Satan Hunters support you, most of them are delighted you are now in deep legal shit.

    You live in a fantasy Disney world of your own hubris, you think you are untouchable, and for some reason you don’t think the examination of your technology equipment won’t result in anything. It will. Your wake up call, will be the harrassment charges that we all know is going to happen.

    In your arrogance you no doubt have been creating other victims, and you have been involved in illegal activity. Looking at your computers the police could uncover other things, for instance fraud in relation to benefits, undeclared income, charity fraud, collecting money for African orphans and not passing that on.

    There is the issue of child porn., You made confident statements of fact against Ella Draper and others relating to child porn, so you must have seen or had access to such content to be certain of your statements. The police can recover anything you downloaded using forensic software, even if deleted. Also, you have made a video stating that one of your sons is a porn addict, and you can only hope they have stayed legal in their downloading of porn. Any illegal content the police find suggesting child porn, and you and/or your sons are going to be in some seriously deep shit legally and in your community.

    You have been harrassing Stephen K. here and his family, and at least one significant police officer with serious allegations. This could also spin off into further harrassment charges if those individuals pursue legal complaints against you.

    In conclusion, you now need to shut up. Get yourself a proper lawyer, you will need one. And if you need to exercise your gob, buy yourself a gobstopper.

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    • Everything you said plus. . .
      Incitement and conspiracy to harass, this makes it a more serious offense. If only one idiot took off after seeing Angie’s post and harassed the family then it’s conspiracy. She definitely was requesting people attack the family through their business.
      2. The children’s identities are court protected. Refer to them as A and P if you must but either naming them or sharing their images or any other information and you’ll find yourself in trouble. There’s only one thing set to annoy a judge more than disobeying another judge’s orders, and that’s an idiot who disobeys court orders and tries to explain that their a victim of mkultra mind control, was chased by extraterrestrials as a child, is immune to prosecution in Ireland because there’s a sea inbetween her and the family she harassed and she’s a journalist who has done 3 years research on the case and established RD imported heroin from a crocodile who lives next to pakistan, Afghanistan and Uzbekistan. I can just see the judge flexing his shoulder to throw the book at her.

      Aside from her phone and laptop the internet provider will make everything available upon receipt of a warrant. All the social media sites keep records of everything so unless she was using a zeroed phone with its imei wiped and software installed to confuse it’s location teathered to a laptop with no hard drive running a non propriety os from a solid state usb pen drive on a simcard bought and topped up for cash from a newsagent with no cctv, either in a field or remote location, at midnight then you’re fucked.

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  12. it’s becoming more and more clear, somebody with Pizzagate, a supposed CIA insider, said that the reason the Americans were dragging their feet about fully exposing Pizzagate was because it could bring the British establishment down.

    So the whole QAnon / pizzagate narrative is that Trump is working with the Deep State to dismantle the corrupt US establishment. The story has it that tens of thousands of Sealed Indictments have been prepared, ready to round up the pedophile rings in a Night -of the Long Knives operation….
    but six months have passed, and nothing has happened, no indictments have been unsealed. If Angela is any guide, the true believers are scratching around for explanations for the delay, and the latest one is that the coup can’t take place for fear of causing instability in the UK. Because of course that would matter so much.

    What can I say? So many potential passengers, so few comets.

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    • All the UK needs for a shambling pack of idiots to run the country to ruin is . . . . A general election. We’ve always been run by idiots and on the brink of collapse. I think the goal is to so undermine the country that when it does collapse it’ll only fall a foot or so and we’ll not notice.

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  13. I think it says a lot for the rising academic standards in Ireland that are well recognised as among the highest in Europe, and probably in the upper percentiles globally.
    However there is a shocking downside to irelands high quality schools and dedicated teachers. Once a commonplace sight the local village idiot is fast becoming a thing of the past and approaching extinction. To counter what would be an excruciating loss of a nationally loved figure the Irish immigration service has been importing the most stupid idiots her neighbour, England, has to offer.

    Angela Power-Disney !

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    • If you can tidy up the grammar I’d appreciate it EC. This phone sucks and I can only ever see a postage stamp segment as I type and never get to review posts before sending them 😊😩

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  14. Can someone dig around and find out the name of the local paper for the area afflicted with apd’s unfortunate residence ? I think I may just invest in a copy should the case be reported. Look good framed I dare say. This could be the crowning glory of a long struggle and a lot of you guys doing some sterling work on the matter. Can you think of a better trophy ? Does the paper have a website ? If anyone finds out let me know.

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    • The meath chronicle looks like it could be the one. I’ll try and monitor it’s website/facebook for updates. As I’m flakey I’d suggest you lot dig around yourselves as I’ll frequently not log in for a week if my phones awol down the back of the sofa. We really wanna follow the local media in this case as it developes. I can see apd as being somewhat ‘known’ in her immediate community. What effect revelations of her, alleged innocent until proven guilty, behaviour will have on her relationship with her neighbours I can only guess at.

      Anyone with info on a more local paper, websites with local news please let me know. I’d love to see how they describe her, I’ll wager it’s more Anglo than Irish.

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    • @9:32 – “He is now in Maghaberry prison…Well, just to let you know that Cyprian…got such a beating in Maghaberry from the boys, ok. The boys in Maghaberry sorted him out and I believe he took a good beating. And I believe it’s only the first of many.”

      @11:51 – “Now, this Cyprian got a good hiding for at least 10 minutes by about 12 of them. Well deserved. Well done to the ones – God forgive me – who sorted him out. And this’ll not be not just the first time it’ll happen. It’ll happen more.”

      Sick cow 😦

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      • Why does it not surprise me she would have friends in every prison????

        No, it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest…..

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    • @1:23:25 – “I am gonna destroy every single last one o’ yous. Now, the very social worker who put a safeguarding contract in place – an unlawful one – I ended up in a lift with her at the courts the other week. She nearly froze to death in the lift and I just stared. I just stood and I stared and I stared right into her eyes and her face got redder and redder and you could see the sweat coming out of her. The biggest shock she got of her life when she stepped into that lift and I stepped into it behind her in them courts…[Inaudible]…She couldn’t get out of that lift quick enough. Right through the court. She couldn’t get away quick enough. But you know what, that was priceless, just to see your fat, ugly face squirm. OK? I’ll be seeing you soon, Missy. Coz I know where you are. I know where you’re based. I’ve been watching you from day one.”

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      • Probably because the social worker is all too aware of how dangerously unstable she is, and thus didn’t want to be trapped in an enclosed space with her…. her very comment shows the social worker was all too right to be concerned!

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    • @1:24:32 – “And the senior – you know who you are – [Inaudible] – tut tut tut tut tut tut – oh dear – by the time I’m done with you – nah – doesn’t bear thinking about. Let’s just say I pray for yous every night, because I’m a good person and I pray for yous, because here, there’ll be no one at the pearly gates of Heaven waiting for yous, coz it’s all downhill for yous. Downhill! See where the paedos go? Yous’ll be joining them. That’s where yous’ll go. See, when they meet their maker, that’s where yous’ll be going when yous meet yours.”

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    • @1:25:17 – “So I’m gonna finish off, guys, to just to let you know, that was a nice wee message sent from the prisons. And this is from the prisons all over Northern Ireland. This isn’t just from Maghaberry, This is from the prisons all over Northern Ireland, Southern Ireland. They’ve had enough. THEY HAVE HAD ENOUGH. And they are waiting for the ‘paedos’ to come in. They are no holds barred. They are going to rip. They’ve had enough. There’s no escaping. There’s nobody in there that’ll save you and God love yous. I’ll pray for yous. I’ll pray for yous, coz yous are gonna need it. And as I said, this [inaudible] who come in there lately, he got kicked about like a football. He got kicked up and down. A good 10 minutes he got a beating for. Up and down. So thanks to the lads in there, who are gonna continue to make sure that these sick fucks don’t get it cushy.”

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    • @1:26:50 – “Anybody with any more information concerning the paedophiles in this area and who they are, and the nonces, keep bringing the names forward. If they haven’t been charged with anything, if it’s been trough lack of evidence that they can’t get them, it’s ok – just let us know who they are…Our communities are drowning, drowning in these dirty stinking bastards, and all I’m saying to you, people, is we need to stop it. We need to put a stop to it, because the police aren’t allowed. The police’s hands are tied.”

      And there you have it. Tracey Morris – judge, jury and executioner.

      And lest we forget her campaign against Ricky Dearman, an innocent man. How many more innocent people has she had beaten up (assuming she’s not all mouth, which she probably is)?

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  15. Has she become one of those paedo-hunters now? I can see how that would be right up her alley.

    As for her supposed contacts in every prison in Ireland….probably a bunch of thieves…burglars, shoplifters, joyriders. Apparently, there is no honour amongst thieves.

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  16. And to remind people in other countries, that we have beautiful, amazing and shiney people, here in the UK. Many people who were abused, already grew out of victimhood, and many too, found creativity and expression. Once, able and permitted, which we oft need from outside, because we learnt to stifle and suck back our pain, once able, it can come out like a torrent, engulfing us and everyone around, because we didn’t dare be able to experience our natural responses to the deepest violation, when we were unable to comprehend it on any level. Not physically, we went numb, not mentally, we went dazed, not emotionally, numb and we also had to go dumb…………….. So the longer, later that it comes out, the worse it is……like a pressure cooker……………………. So, prevention is best, protection is a must…… Somehow we have to create safe spaces and ways for those who are only still, now, disclosing to do so……………….but we also need then to be able to embrace people around us, in pain, showing signs of distress, rather than shunning, judging them. Anyway, often if we find ways to explore and express then our beauty, hidden beneath that pain………….well this is the kind of thing………..many artists, poets and dancers…………etc could put on a right good show.

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  17. As usual Tracey is all mouth & no trousers imho. Notice how she goes on & on, then pauses as if to say, ‘what can I say next’ and looks around at times, more lies spout out then as her mouth opens again. Her hampster impression drives me crazy. 😁

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  18. Oh dear, she is lying yet again.

    She seems to infer that RD, a man declared innocent and a victim of a shocking and extremely nasty hoax should not be allowed peace & quiet, rather he is to be the plaything of all & sundry who should be free to defame and harass him forever and a day.

    She claims Hoaxtead identified the children (after they outrageously appeared with their father celebrating what should be a joyous and positive episode in their very short lives to date) when she clearly claimed credit for uncovering the video on YT.
    Is she mad, bad or just malicious?

    Earth to APD :
    Rupert Quaintance was convicted of a very serious crime.
    Christine Ann Sands was deported for harassing parishioners trying to practice their faith and for screeching at the top of her lungs foul language and abusing Hampstead residents going about their business.
    Neelu Berry was hauled in for the very same thing but escaped conviction which demonstrates British law is unequivocally unbiased & will only convict on definitive proof.
    Sabine McNeill?. The jury is still out.
    You on the other hand: God help you.

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  19. Children having their picture taken for an awards events, or at a friend’s party, or in a school picture or just being seen in public does not mean they have waived their right to anonymity, any fool would know that, she continues to breach those children’s right to a private life, and seems unappologetic about it, even without saying their names she is jigsaw identifying them , she should be in prison.

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  20. As for TM apart from her name being Tracey none of what she says is true, sex offenders in prison whether remanded or sentenced are kept on a landing with other sex offenders or in extreme cases in the SSU in isolation, this is not something daytime true movie where they are being shanked by ‘Big B’. I often wonder why child abusers are the people who make the most noise publicly about other child abusers. As for an inquest it will happen as standard in a case of sudden death, she as the girl’s mother and I assume next of kin will have a legal aid representitive at the proceedings, it will establish cause of death, that’s all. It’s not a trial, and in this case that is tragically suicide of a young women who because of her poor excuse for a mother lived a life so awful most of us would struggle to imagine. Social workers are still very much involved in TMs family, as unpleasant a person as she is to deal with they have to be because their job is to protect the safety of minors from a woman with a very long history of child neglect and abandonment. She’s been reported to police several more times in recent weeks by other people not linked to the hostel for online abuse, she seems to be pretty out of control, it’ll not end well.

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    • WOW…
      I just sat through the entire hour and a half (well I listened while I was playing AOE)
      She is SERIOUSLY disturbed, and I can see why people who have to deal with her in person are worried to be round her, she needs serious help and right now before she ends up in jail herself, the sheer number of threats she made against so many people should be enough to get her locked up, but where she needs to be is in care, because she is seriously round the bend…

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