Just like déjà vu all over again

For those of us who’ve been involved in fighting the Hampstead SRA hoax over the long haul, it can sometimes seem like the thing is on endless auto-repeat.

For instance: early last March, during the massive snowstorm which swept across Ireland, Angela Power-Disney saw fit to make a video in which she slagged off the carer who visits Angela’s elderly mother. In rather short order, she was visited by the local Gardaí, who told her to cease and desist, and take the video down.

Not a week later, Angie and her friend HoaxGirl pooled their massive brain-power (that’s a joke, son, yuck it up!) and made a couple of nasty, defamatory videos about the people they believed to be behind this blog: Angela defamatory video 2018-08-21

And now, that first week of March 2018 seems to be repeating itself, with a few minor modifications.

This time, when the Gardaí turned up at Angela’s door it was to seize her tech equipment and invite her for an interview under caution, not just to tell her to stop insulting her neighbours. And it wasn’t the local rozzers this time, it was the big boys from Kells Barracks.

And it wasn’t Angie and HoaxGirl who made the harassing/defaming videos, it was Cat Scot who used her stunning dot-joining skills to deduce that if A = B, then ducks = alligators.

Still, Cat had barely hit “publish” before Angela shared her blog post to her own Facebook page, so it seems fair to suggest that a bit of collusion, or at least foreknowledge, was happening there.

Funnily enough, Cat’s videos featured one of the people mentioned in the March effort. And hey, guess what? This time the process of reporting them to YouTube went much more smoothly; one has already been removed, and the other is pending removal. Practice makes perfect and all that.

So what set all this off?

We cannot tell a lie; it was this:

As long-time commenters here will know, Snake Logan is none other than EC. We’ve never made a secret of this, and in fact we announced it three years ago when EC took over writing duties from Scarlet.

But apparently it was Big News to Cat and Angie, who must have been standing behind the door when the hand-over took place.

And why did this video set off such a flurry of demented dot-joining?

As always, it comes down to silencing opposition.

EC/Snake delivered some home truths about why troofers aren’t really interested in the welfare of child victims or adult survivors of sexual abuse, as well as a bit of a rant about nonsensical fairy stories about the MK Ultra programme. And as expected, the Hoaxtead mob responded with a rather weak attempt at doxxing, their typical method of attempting to suppress dissenting voices.

We’d say it’s ironic, but in fact it’s completely predictable: for all their bluster and fury, truthers are the real sheeple, who cannot tolerate rational criticism or ideas which run counter to their own orthodoxy.

And so they resort to their usual tactics of bullying, attempted doxxing, and harassment. Same as it ever was.

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52 thoughts on “Just like déjà vu all over again

        • Your photo reminds of a man in the 70s who hung around Oxford Circus every day as I passed by. He had a similar sign but said so much more: ‘The End is Nigh” etc etc. Everyday he religiously arrived in the morning and stayed till about 5pm handing out leaflets with all manner of reasons we were all going to Hell in a Handcart.
          But as Fireman “FFS” Sam says, FFS his board had all the conspiracy claims we now see on the net- Freemasons, Rothschilds..you name it. He was ignored by everyone except people like me who felt sorry for him and always took one of his leaflets.
          But now the whole world preaches the same wackiness via the internet and while there are too many among the 1000s to mention (although the name Angela Power-Disney comes to mind) instead of shunning them as just another nutter some people take them seriously!.
          Colour me confused.

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          • The way it works is this. I a person hears the same lie off 2 or 3 different people it sticks, even when it’s obviously untrue. Captain pugwash have characters called seamen stains, master bate and roger the cabin boy – untrue. That a person once sython the waste tank of a recreational vehicle trying to steal petrol – untrue, the tank can’t be mistaken for a fuel tank, it only empties under the vehicle and drains once the cap is off so you couldn’t syphon anything.

            People desperately want to believe in alien 👽 life, in meeting dead relatives in paradise, in fairies, diets where you can eat chocolate, bacon and drink wine 🍷 every night. People want to believe in Santa Claus, the yeti and that an academically challenged under achiever who can’t even produce two coherent sentences in a row and is so pathetically ignorant of the legal system that she thinks the UK crown prosecution service has legal power in the republic of Ireland is an actual journalist.

            Barnum said there’s one born every minute, but I think the idiot birth rate has risen significantly.

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          • Grobnob the Troll
            22/08/2018 at 2:31 pm
            That a person once sython the waste tank of a recreational vehicle trying to steal petrol – untrue, the tank can’t be mistaken for a fuel tank, it only empties under the vehicle and drains once the cap is off so you couldn’t syphon anything.

            Actually Grobnob, it really has happened…

            (many buses have a ‘flush’ inlet so the tank can be flushed out with fresh water, it also acts as a pressure relief valve)

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  1. Cat might be having issues herself shortly after she doxed an innocent Canadian writer as being one of the ‘ebil satinists’ (affter all there could be only one Karen on facebook!!!) and her publisher is apparently less than impressed by Cats amazing defective… sorry detective abilities

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  2. Nothing sane is allowed to be said on any of Angela’s videos, she deletes them because she doesn’t want anyone to see them in case anyone would actually start questioning her rambling, she is a coward & will not let anyone question her or enter into conversation with anyone else that isn’t agreeing with her, Neelu is the same. They are bullies of the highest order & control freaks as seen in both of their videos.

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    • Nothing sane in the comments to match there being nothing sane in the content of the videos. At least she’s consistent.

      Consistently awful.

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  3. I agree Bluey. If APD is an investigative journalist then Spivey is a Pulitzer Prize winner. Just watched Neelus latest episode. At one point she said “I don’t want to bore anyone…” FFS, irony or what?
    C’mon DS Loobey, get the charge sheet out! The waiting is excruciating!

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    • If she’s a journalist I’m evel kinevel. It’s high time these fake news idiots got ran out of town for the tedious gossips they are. No research, no concept of how to present, let alone speak coherently, no attention to legality, no due diligence, no impartiality or discipline. Face it, they’re just the crackpots who talk to themselves on the high street with webcams.

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  4. “For instance: early last March, during the massive snowstorm which swept across Ireland, Angela Power-Disney saw fit to make a video in which she slagged off the carer who visits Angela’s elderly mother. In rather short order, she was visited by the local Gardaí, who told her to cease and desist, and take the video down.”

    Unbelievable. The country practically shut down for a few days (like the UK, we don’t deal well with extremes of weather, but that’s just the pragmatic reality, we are not Canada) and APD thinks early March, when the emergency services were already under enough pressure, was the right time to make such a video. She’s lucky they didn’t charge her with wasting Garda time when they showed up

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  5. I remember McKeever, a self entitled failed business man who couldn’t didn’t want to face up to his responsibilities. I think after the initial furore, most of the country had forgotten about him & had his card marked, he wasn’t a bit believable when he ‘escaped’, from his self imposed kidnapping & it came out that his friends had not been worrying about him.

    Angela could do that, I’m sure there would be plenty of her followers who would help her fake a kidnapping, there were quite a few willing to help kidnap RD’s children!

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  6. Disney has posted that video on to Kaoutal’s Facebook page, asking him to share it. The title of that video implies a ‘first hand’ account of Disney’s MK Ultra experience. The reality is that it was just Disney waffling on. No ‘first hand’ account of anything, just the usual vague wandering avoidance in attempt to misdirect. Neelu uses the same tactic…
    Kaoutal seems to have disappeared! I noticed in that last video of his he said to his doctor that in order to get out he had just ‘played the game’, what a fool that man is.

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    • I’d say he’s definitely in the same psychiatric hospital being accessed- the same hospital the malicious APD encouraged others to harass as she did the staff at the clinic Jake was in.
      An example of how sick Arthur is, is the fact he must have forgotten it was he who reached out to that policeman while he was having a melt-down and that cop arranged for the doctors to see him.

      Without being a shrink, it seems to me his phoning the police to report his own video almost seems like another cry for help. Viewing his own video of the recent police visit, while Arthur objects he’s fairly mild, probably knowing he’s going to be carted off anyway.
      Maybe it’s all tied up with his Jesus delusion. Instead of crucifixion, he’s only going to get Valium.

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  7. Waiting for a knob head to be arrested and charged Is worse than Christmas. At least with Christmas you know exactly when the day comes and you can expect your gift from Santa and a huge celebration and joyous time.

    I’m on tenterhooks waiting for the update that’ll be our equivalent of Barak Obama announcing they got Osama bin laden.

    It’s almost too much to bear with the scintillating prize so close.

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  8. APD is still updating and posting defamatory videos and claims re Hampstead. This a now a case of persistent harassment of an innocent father and his children even after her experience with the Garda.
    She can have no excuse and she cannot be considered innocent as the evidence of her malicious and endless campaign is there for all the world to see. If charged she should be given the maximum sentence as she will be found guilty- she admits it.
    She deserves no mercy- she shows none to others who she chooses to harass while she exhorts others to do likewise and revels in the fact 1000s of people see her videos.
    # I hope someone is downloading her material- if she ever gets the sense to get a solicitor the first thing he would tell he is to belt up.

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  9. Let’s all get on Flo destroyer hangout and out these vile bullies and trolls. There done enough damage to survivors. And will keep on till we start outing the truth about them. Angela and heather brown are disgusting little liars that don’t care anything about survivors no empathy for other survivors there sick narcissist.

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  10. Hi Lee, hopefully the authorities in Ireland will now deal with Angela & this will have a ‘domino effect’ on her cohorts. Forensic examination of computer equipment can take a long time, but it’s better that than it being done sloppily. Rest assured Ireland do have a fantastic technical forensic team & I have full trust in them. I can feel your frustration & empathise fully though.

    As the saying goes, the wheels of justice turn slowly but grind exceedingly fine.

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    • It’ll take a while to sift through it all, they’ll be spoilt for choice and, most likely, laughing at how monumentally idiotic the alleged, innocent until proven guilty, suspect is.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re not speaking to police in London and Scotland as we speak. Quite a few of the mob will be under scrutiny now and i sure the emails and facebook messages between them will be far more useful to the police than just the public posts they must have based their initial investigation on following, we’re told. A person logging a complaint.

      Yeah it’ll be slow, no we won’t know anything for sure but the wheels are certainly in motion and the usual gang of idiots are digging their own mass grave at breakneck speed.

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      • Yes, this always happens after a major arrest. Mass panic leading to various smaller players implicating themselves times eleventy.

        I think it might come as a surprise to many that the long arm of the law stretches outside the UK.

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        • It comes as a surprise to them that they’re breaking the law. They seem to think it’s all fun and games calling vicars, teachers, police, judges and families child murdering sex cult perverts, but are aghast that they should be subject to scrutiny.

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    • The accounts for the Kenya Project will be scrutinised as well, along with the Go Fund me accounts of anyone who has had contact with Angela, sheet Angie, your troofer friends are going to love you……. NOT. 😶

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    • Hopefully if she’s penned in and shorn of her internet access she’ll not be fleecing anyone for donations. Baaaaaa humbug.

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  11. Just a thought, didn’t Angela say she has a different computer now because her other one had packed up or was that lies just so that someone would send her a few bob I wonder!


    • So Ogilvy used the same aggressive interviewing technique on his daughter that Maloney used on Andrew Ash? That’s just wrong on so many levels 😦


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