Angela’s special gift for alienating friends

Here’s a piece of free advice for all you troofers and hoaxers out there: striking up a friendship with Angela Power-Disney can be dangerous to your health and welfare, not to mention your ability to stay out of prison.

If you’ve hung around HR for any length of time, you’ll have witnessed Angie’s astounding ability to form amazingly tight friendships with a wide variety of people…and then turn around and slag them off, sometimes within days. We’ve actually lost count of the number of friends she’s ploughed through but here’s a brief, off-the-top-of-the-head list:

…and a bunch of others we’ve forgotten.

But you get the idea. All started off as Angie’s latest besties, and wound up discarded, hurt, or betrayed in one way or another.

Every now and then, however, Angela meets a true kindred spirit, someone whose malice and narcissism are almost on a par with her own. When that happens, it’s hard to know who is using whom: the relationship can turn into an on-again, off-again war, with truces called and broken, confidences shared and betrayed, doors slammed shut and then re-opened, all with dizzying speed.

Such has been the case with Angela and Naima Dawn Feagin (aka Hope Moore, aka HopeGirl). Their relationship has had more ups and downs than a toilet seat, but we suspect that Angela’s most recent blunder could prove fatal to whatever friendship remains between them.

To whit: in her twisted narcissistic mind, Angela believes that sharing a hate post directed at Hoaxtead Research by a woman who scams the unsuspecting public by selling plans for an “energy generator” which defies the laws of physics (but apparently works if you close your eyes, wish really hard, and sprinkle the requisite amount of fairy dust on it) is an excellent way to exonerate herself from potential charges of harassment.

Quite aside from her delusional belief that the officers at Kells Barracks who seized her computer and invited her for an interview are fascinated by her and spend all their time reading her Facebook page (hell, we can barely be arsed half the time), we cannot imagine that Angela’s citing of her blog will delight HoaxGirl.

Because this is just what every fraudulent-product promoter needs: to have their existence, never mind their operation, outed to the authorities.

The page is full of ads for chemtrail dispersers, magic hockey pucks which make you sleep like a baby, a product which claims to “structure water” (whatever that means), and of course, links to the amazing QEG, which has never worked but might, some day. Perhaps on the day when pigs sprout wings and fly.

To our knowledge, people who make false claims for the products they sell online are generally not eager to have their operations scrutinised by cyber-crime units such as the one currently in possession of Angela’s PC, her laptop, and her phone. You see, one part of the Cyber-Crime Unit’s remit is to investigate online scams.

Even though the likelihood of repercussions may be small, it’s not really the sort of chance one likes to take, when one is, how shall we say, a scammer.

And having one’s on-again/off-again friend “blurt” this sort of thing in hopes of attracting the attention of the very people HoaxGirl et al would very much like to avoid…not cool, Angie. Not cool. bad friend

90 thoughts on “Angela’s special gift for alienating friends

  1. Jeez, gmta, I was just looking at the ‘hockey pucks’ wondering how they could help me sleep, stick one in my ear – too big, put it under my pillow – but then it’s not touching my skin to work, break my nose to put it up into my brains – I guess that would put me to sleep – permanently, the only way it would work I reckon!

    At this stage, I would advise Angela’s family to take charge, do a Dr. Phil style intervention, she is seriously in denial of having done anything wrong.

    WHO EXACTLY?”[sic]

    She goes on to post the link to her website.

    Mama Mia!

    What the hell is she doing now accusing the Gardaí of something other than doing their job? Of course, they are going to investigate if a crime has been reported to them, whether in the U.K. or any other country, without an ulterior motive!

    If she is so pally with so many top Gardaí why does she try to defend herself, actually what was her motive in saying she knew so & so in the Gardaí? Was she trying to say she could get this all swept under the carpet by any chance?

    Really, Angela’s kids, if any of you are reading this, get your Mum in somewhere for a good long time to get her head out of this mindset, it would stand for her if she is charged, a judge would be more likely to give a non custodial sentence if she/he saw that the defendant was trying to do something about their mistakes, not sure how I would personally feel if it had been me though that the disgusting lies had been told about.

    Right, getting off me soapbox now. 😂 Probably lots of mistakes sorry, fingers too big for a wee phone.

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  2. Ange should be proactive and offer to help plod. Afterall she calls herself a “whistleblower” (not sure that’s the right term for someone who re-produces endless newspaper clippings of arrests and trial and even convictions claiming “something should be done !” when, errr it obviously has).

    Recall she claims she witnessed child porn films starring Ella Gavera and other such shocking things. She should willingly give all this info to the Garda.

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  3. Lol. It’ll be of great interest to tell the gardia that uk based military intelligence are running a website to report hoaxers who insist a hundred strong satanic cult is killing and eating babies they import vis fed ex and wearing their skulls in ceremonies and shoes made of their skin. Yeah, nothing could be more likely to gain the respect of law enforcement than a stack of absolute bollocks only a loony would give credence to. While you’re at it tell them Elvis is still alive and the royal family are extraterrestrial space lizards.


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  4. APD is in a whole world of trouble and she just doesn’t get it. I think this is much more serious than a complaint of harassment from RD. Why would he bother now? He is well on the road to getting back to a normal life with his kids. Plus, I think it is bollocks to think that the Police would have told her who had made any complaint against her at this stage. The Police are investigating something much more significant I think. I cannot wait for it all to come into public view. Quite a few others must be shopping for Adult Pampers as they are pooping blue coconuts waiting for a knock on the door. Many of them ( you know who they are ) have gone surprisingly quiet. This is an event that was a long time coming.

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    • It’s serious alright as a ds and a sergeant attended with either 2 or 3 regulars. The police only send a team like that on important cases.

      I think its likely that RD is the complainant as this comes after his, and his children’s, business, ebay and youtube videos where subject to a grotesque series of offensive posts both slandering people and calling for the business to be attacked. If I remember rightly a call went out for hackers to attack the ebay shop. When the ebay business in question is a labour of love for a supportive father encouraging his children to not only engage in business but also assist charities you can see how the authorities would take the matter seriously. Children barely in their teens will have been subject to a deluge of threats, profanity and the foulest of allegations in their inboxes and updates. Make no mistake, this is a traumatising and coordinated campaign of threats, intimidation and outright vile lies that has focused on 2 children the so called truthers are claiming to be protecting.

      Just imagine how the kids must have felt as their inboxes and alerts sprung into life like some exploding sewer of malice.

      That’s why it’s being taken so seriously. Did any of the clowns spreading facebook details or insisting the slime parties were a means to groom children (Wesley) not think that the children themselves would read the comments ?

      A coordinated cyber attack on a single parent family by a group of idiots who claim to be fighting child abuse.

      Yeah. It’s a very serious offence and the gardia will be going through the hard drives and internet history like a demented school nurse looking for nits. I’ll wager the English and Scottish police are also following up leads in what is probably going to be an international affair.

      This has all the makings of a test case in a large conspiracy to harass an innocent family by an international cabal of idiotic trolls.

      I’ll bet ringpieces are trembling all the way from Scotland to Spain.

      That knock on the door might be coming soon.

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  5. Hey coyote. Do you get any info on the locations and ip addresses of people who visit this blog ? I know youtube gives stats by country.

    I’d be interested to know if Ireland pops up more this week than previously.

    They’d find it so useful what with all the screenshots, links and timelines. Aside from the physical evidence in the laptop, the web providers records and everything that comes out of maggoty van Haggerty’s toothless mouth this is a veritable gold mine of Intel on all the hoaxtead creeps.

    If they hadn’t found HR by now then the hoaxgirl post will be a glow in the dark signpost.

    I can just imagine what joy it’ll bring to the usually depressed computer techs who normally wade through accountancy issues or sickeningly depressing abuse images to log on here and read the exploits of and reactions to their suspect (alleged, neither arrested or charged and innocent until proven guilty of course) on a daily basis.

    Let’s all be sure to show our appreciation of the overworked gardia and make their visits here as fun as they are informative.

    If you get the time ec how about a timeline of all of Angela’s greatest hits ? All of her best quotes, the finest memes and most hilarious screen shots all in one riotously fun post. Maybe you could have people request their favourites for consideration.

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    • There is every chance this is a complicated case as the Irish government becomes pro-active after much criticism.
      Stalking and revenge porn to become criminal offenses
      New legislation will extend definition of harassment to include online activity

      and also this which could see social media outlets in the frame:
      Will Facebook ‘shame’ page case lead to slew of similar lawsuits?

      Not saying APD is guilty of anything but it’s just a matter of time before MPs are forced to get serious about harm caused to innocents via the net. There are children involved in the Hoaxtead matter who deserve peace and quiet and it’s not just RD’s but others in Hampstead who were named online,

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      • How this differs is that facebook details, email accounts and the ebay store were shared. Writing crap on facebook is one thing, but if the family ended up being contacted because of this, via email, messages or the emails/alerts youtube or ebay send then it’s malicious communications and a criminal matter and not just slander.

        Just a couple of messages from idiots who acted because they saw a facebook post about it and you have incitement and conspiracy.

        I’ll bet the police have been waiting for just such an opportunity.

        We’ll see how it turns out but I doubts its a murder enquiry. She might be a lot of things but I doubt apd has the nerve to kill, she’s just a bragging gobshite coward who lives in a fantasy..

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      • I would donate to a crowd funding if any people slandered wanted to bring a libel case and bankrupt the main players behind this vile attack on the school and people.

        The fact that the Mccanns are very litigeous with good reason is the reason these hoaxers have not targeted them.


        • Sadly the hoaxers have frequently targeted the McCanns and continue to do so. Cat and Malcolm never shut up about them. Ditto for quite a few others.


    • We only have the out-of-the-box WordPress statistics, but it does break down pageviews per country each day. You’re quite right: our average number of pageviews from Ireland is about 100, but on Friday it shot up to 359; Saturday it was 292; yesterday was 213 (Sunday is usually our slowest day overall).

      I daresay many of the views are coming from people in Meath, where Angela is not a popular figure, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the Kells Gardaí were keeping an eye open as well.

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      • Sounds like Angela is getting quite a fan club.
        Even a basic google search of her name leads to many a hr link so the site’s pretty well embedded with her and the other idiots.


  6. If it was RD who reported the matter I can only conclude that it’s genesis was here

    I’m feeling marvelously smug that I predicted possible legal problems if the business, ebay store and youtube videos were subject to coordinated attacks. Apd was clearly calling for anons to find a back door as well as being the main person making the video available to the usual gang of idiots.

    I’m no legal expert but it looks like some form of incitement or conspiracy to harass based on defamation.

    Just re read it and bear in mind the kind of material that would have headed towards the alerts and inboxes of children aged 12-13.

    I’m not 100% certain, just surmising on what material there is but I’m pretty sure if RD did complain 6 to 8 weeks ago and cited apd as the main, alleged and of course innocent until proved guilty, party in his kids being harassed then it would link perfectly with apd’s recent visit and the presence of senior officers ensuring her computers were taken for analysis.

    I can’t think of any other explanation for it. Time will tell but if it’s a conspiracy charge, or escalates to that as it’s investigated, then quite a few people will have questions to answer.

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  7. GtT. I just have a nagging doubt that it is RD who made a complaint. I have a sneaking suspicion this is about something more serious such as the “murder” of a certain Irish man, hence the DS and lesser troops. APD lay down with turds and wonders why she is covered in flies! Lucky Heather anyone?

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    • Well the authorities will be keeping quiet, RD won’t publicly comment as only morons discuss legal matters in ongoing investigations. So we can only go on what we’ve seen posted by the usual idiots and whatever apd says, as she discusses matters in an ongoing legal investigation.

      We’ll have to patiently wait until an arrest or charges are made. After that it may go to court. It’s a painstakingly and excruciating process but that’s how it works.

      I re read the old slimegate post, comments and all, and several of us state it looks like incitement to harass, with the recipients being children 12/13 years old.
      Send a nasty email and you’re up for a caution over malicious communications. Write a post inciting people to attack the business of a young family you’ve been alleging are child abusers, mass murderers and leaders of a cult and it’s a far more serious matter.
      Once two or more people are engaged in something it has the potential for a conspiracy charge.

      I don’t know anything for certain but I can only surmise apd promoting the slime video and the onslaught of attention the family got, when all they want is to forget the nightmare they’ve suffered, because of apd is the root of her Garda visit.
      It just seems to fit neatly together.

      Only time will tell. It’ll not be quick.

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    • I concur. It was her naming *before* her interview that makes it suspicious. Not to say that she hasn’t made a lucky guess, but I’m beginning to think that the British Police have been doing work on Sabine’s upcoming trial and are looking around the internet for others who have posted equally criminal accusations.

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      • I dunno. You have to take anything a known Walter Mitty like apd says with a pinch of salt but if they asked about a specific post, say on facebook and how she explains it then it’d narrow it down. Let’s face it rd is the victim, along with the children and the slime video post does seem to constitute a direct incitement to have anons look for a back door. That she shared enough info to identify the victims of previous harassment and requests further info via private messages looks very suspicious. That other users acted upon her post with one alleging the

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        • Charity parties are for grooming and a youtuber publishing facebook accounts while someone emails contact details around and it’s all following Angela’s post then it’s not just unpleasant and sinister but has the potential, once the digital trail is confirmed, to be a serious criminal matter. It does seem to tie several people together in a conspiracy to directly attack people.

          It just smells of provable criminal intent.

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  8. Every time I begin to feel a tad sorry for those who come into conflict with the law, they tend to make you realize they deserve everything coming to them.

    RD was found in the UK High Court to be innocent of all the malicious claims made. His children were found to be victims of a nasty abusive bullying criminal. The perpetrators of the “satanic” hoax are on the run. Innocent families had their lives upended and their names and those of their children posted on the net leading to death threats.
    An idiot Yank was jailed after being convicted of carrying a knife near a London school after posting his own threats on the net- and recall evidence was given in court he had a list of those innocent residents on his computer. (an idiot woman was evicted for refusing to pay her mortgage after signing contracts agreeing to)
    The Irish Republic respects international law. Let the law be seen to be done.
    And when it is let civil cases for damages and REMEDY begin.

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    • Ireland cooperating ?
      Does the silly bint think residence in Ireland automatically grants everyone immunity ? They have courts and jails in Ireland just like everywhere else, and for just the same purpose. Little miss Anglo Irish wants to blame the Brits for her behaviour leading to the Garda visiting her ? Seeing as the duckwit thinks the crown prosecution service will oversee it (quick lesson Angie, the republic of Ireland is, well, a ‘ REPUBLIC ‘, look it up in a dictionary. The united Kingdom is a ‘ KINGDOM ‘, with a monarch. The monarch, be they king or queen wears a fancy gold hat called a ‘CROWN’. Now, have you ever noticed the pictures of crowns on, for instance, crown courts ? Or the crown prosecution service. Or the fancy unicorn and a lion pictures they have everywhere ? That’s not an odd coincidence. Now, assuming you’ve looked up republic, which is where you live, and kingdom, where you don’t live, can you stop thinking that the uk holds Legal sway over southern Ireland). Tune in tomorrow when I’ll patronisingly explain to Angela the existence of the toothbrush and how it’s used.

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    • Everytime I begin to feel one of then has hit rock bottom with their behaviour there’s always another sickening post. I’ve just seen the ella and r make snuff allegation. Jesus Christ, what is wrong with people who fabricate lies like that ? You have my permission to feel zero sympathy for anyone lying just to up their youtube views. This is a new low

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    • yes people get sucked in by these hoaxers and end up in jail, meanwhile the main players, Mckenzie, Christie, Everard, Baker etc are running around free spending all their tax avoided income on fine wine and bad sweets.

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  9. Bloody hell.
    I’ve just encountered the Ella and Ricky make snuff for the Russian drug mafia who operate out of crocodile, which is near Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and Pakistan, which Is where the heroin herion comes from

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    • Allegations from apd. She glances up and to the left, a la becki Percy and numnuts, throughout. Why on earth shadowy hackers, who pulled these alleged videos off Ella and R’s laptops, didn’t anonymously post dvds to Scotland yard and instead told a well known idiot is beyond me. Is it because they’re figments in her imagination used to sex up the case so she can get views and adsense ? The woman is truly disgusting and needs to answer for this.

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      • She will answer mate. This is going to be the biggest kick up the arse for these idiots since Spivey got roasted over the Lee Rigby shite he wrote.

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        • Assuming it’s all about the activity directed at the maligned family and their ebay, business, youtube and facebook and a digital trail is forensically traced to someone inciting cyber attacks and malicious communications towards 12 and 13 year old children and their single parent father then it’s looking like a stronger case than the biscuit/knife post that saw Rupert off to gaol. Digital forensics are incredibly strong evidence, more so than fingerprints and eye witness testimony.
          Just imagine if it goes to trial how a jury will react to all the baby killer and paedo insults levied at the family. About the only possible defense would be diminished responsibity, which will be nigh on impossible to establish.

          I’ve got my fingers crossed that at least half a dozen people are going to be pulled in over this. We only see their public posts, imagine what they say to each other in private messages. You can never delete posts online, they’re always on the sites servers. Now someone’s laptop and phone are being forensically analysed we can be sure anything constituting criminal behaviour will be logged, filed and submitted to the dpp. Any leads that point to English or Scottish citizens breaking the law will be forwarded to their local police. Warrants and subpoenas issued to twitter, facebook and google for the internet histories of any suspects and the contents analysed. Any clown who thinks they just need to delete posts and messages and they’re gone forever probably isn’t aware the websites always keep a full copy of EVERYTHING!
          Chances are the case is already built and the taking of the laptop and phone was just to establish apd was using them, in case she tries the ‘someone borrowed it and posted that stuff’ defense. She hasn’t got a clue how much trouble she is, potentially. Innocent until proven guilty, in.

          This could be the break we’ve all prayed for. That the whole rancid pack of harassers, gossips and liars are going to face conspiracy charges.

          Post alexjonesgettingbootedgate the iron has never been hotter so we really wanna see those fingers pressing the flag buttons on youtube videos and facebook posts like never before.

          Fingers crossed we get a series of arrests, charges and bail conditions prohibiting going near internet devices for the mob.

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      • One thing which also disgusted me about that little incident is that she eventually “blurted” the name of her alleged source, a youngish woman with small children. The woman had been a strong hoax promoter, but I still felt sorry for her for having been taken in by APD; she was certainly gullible but her children didn’t deserve to suffer for it.


        • Anyone who goes round alleging named individuals making child porn and snuff videos on behalf of the Russian mafia (which doesn’t exist, the mafia is only ever Sicilian. Russian mobsters are not mafia run) in the fictional south Russian town of crocodile (Angie confused the drug crocodile in her moronic stupor for a place name) for no reason whatsoever. As for seeing ‘written evidence’ of child porn and snuff ? What exactly is that ? Some idiot wrote a lie down so Angela has to believe it ? I really think it looks like she’s crossed the Line and, assuming a ds did attend, will be subject to an investigation that she’ll find herself hard put to defend against.

          I’ll be looking to see if others are brought in as co defendants / conspirators as the case progresses.


          • Chris Everard distributes child porn and he is a mate of Bill Maloney and the other Hoaxers.


          • That’s been covered on here before, EofE, when Deb C also stated that Everard had distributed child porn. She was challenged to stump up some proof of that but was unable to do so; and her pathological obsession with him appeared to stem from some grudge she had against him as a result of some fallout they’d had when they were friends. Don’t get me wrong – I can’t stand the little fucker and he is on this blog’s perp list. He’s a Jew-hating hoax-promoter who threatened to dox us all (and failed dismally). However, we don’t do libel here; and just as we objected to Angie claiming that Ella had been sexually abusing her son, even though we don’t like Ella, we wouldn’t want to slander/libel Everard either. If you have evidence of Everard’s involvement with child porn, though, I’m all ears. That said, Everard is kinda old news and as far as I know he hasn’t mentioned Hoaxtead in nigh on three years, though I could be wrong.

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  10. @Fireman Sam, I don’t believe for a minute APD would know anything about a murder, if she did, she would not be able to stop herself from ‘blurting’.

    My ‘source’ though does think that it’s more than likely that this may be regarding the video she made about Sgt. Maurice McCabe & the accusations she made about his brothers & family.

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  11. Ginge/Bluey. Either way she’s in deep poop . She does know about a murder though. See her video with Heather. Just saying…….!

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    • I didn’t listen to that, thank you Fireman Sam & my apologies, I didn’t mean to cause you any offence. Deeply sorry if you think I did. I would leave an x at the end of my post but the crazy crew would find something to say about it, it’s there in thought though.

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  12. Breaking: the Researcher of the Year nominations are in. And it’s a strong field this year, with all three candidates deserving credit for their first-rate investigations into the Hampstead children…

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    • “Christ’s Church New Zealand”

      Well, we have a place called Christchurch. Good enough for government work?


      • Exactly. That’s what she’s confusing it with, though she seems blissfully unaware that that one’s one word, not two. Also, neither of them contain an apostrophe. Or an ‘s’. Plus Fiona isn’t “also from Australia”, which is where she seems to think New Zealand is. Plus Fiona is provably lying about all those named people. Plus G’s video wasn’t filmed in a therapist’s office. Plus what exactly does “forcibly raped” mean? Is that as opposed to raped by consent? Plus G wasn’t raped anyway. But other than that, Julie, spot on!

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        • Plus G’s video wasn’t filmed in a therapist’s office.

          Filming the sessions and broadcasting them is not really one of the services provided by legitimate therapists.

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  13. In other news, Arfur made a video of himself phoning up the authorities and effectively grassing himself up for terrorism and as a result (surprise surprise), he’s been hauled in for a mental health assessment by mental health professionals and police. He filmed part of the confrontation (kindly posted by Karnevilnine above). It’s now been taken down from YouTube but I managed to get a copy in time.

    Video 1 – Arfur Grasses Himself Up, 19.08.18:

    Video 2 – Arfur’s Brush with Mental Health Authorities, 20.08.18:

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    • Apologies to all – why the second video is still processing and not yet viewable I have no idea. I uploaded it over 7 hours ago, along with the ‘Grassing’ one, which is also still processing. I’ve re-uploaded them both but still seem to be having the same problem. Grrr 😡

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    • Oh well, you can watch this while you’re waiting. Unsurprisingly, Arfur’s enabler-cum-lover, has resorted to an epic (yest strangely mind-numbing) bullshitfest on his behalf. Drinking game suggestion – one sup every time Andy tells a porky about Hampstead:


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      • ……………………………………………………………………………………………….

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        • By the way, that’s the only thing Angie had to say about the news of Arfur’s possible re-sectioning. As you can tell, she’s utterly devastated.

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    • I actually feel sorry for him as he really needs help.
      He left a letter for the PM but what a day to do so. There was a leadership spill and although Turnbull narrowly one there wasn’t really a PM sitting today. Poor Arthur. No Luck.


  14. “To: hampsteadgroup (
    Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2018 17:20:30 +0530
    Institute of Alternative Dentistry & Holistic Health
    St Anthony – curing disease naturally without drugs, scalpels or doctors

    Thanks, Arthur, for all the info on your case. Yes, its very sad that when you get put in the nut house you automatically become a registered mental patient for life. In other words, no psycho Mengele doc is suddenly going to change their mind and say I made a mistake, poor ole Arthur is a perfectly normal Aussie – no siree, never!! Also, the dope they keep giving you by injection is the real deal as the psych docs know that a lot of patients can simply flush their tabs down the loo, so the injection, normally in the butt, is there to ensure you can’t escape the effects of their mind-bending drugs which over the course of time turn you into an overweight mindless psychopathic vegetable. Anyway, the docs basically say Arthur is a bipolar schizophrenic psychopath who is a danger to society and must be kept in check throughout his life. Now, the only way to get out of this mess is to ESCAPE into the bush with the aborigines or, as you say, back to safety in Lebanon. Remember, if you in any way try to resist your treatment they’ll either double dose you or blow your brains out like they did with Jack Nicholson in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest at Remember, all doctors and dentists serve their master, Lucifer, and Lucifer demands large quantities of human sacrifice, especially babies through abortion, children through SRCA and humans through blood sacrifice in hospitals and, of course, in wars. So, all in all, Lucifer controls everything that happens on planet earth – unless we decide to RISE UP and stop him NOW!!
    Yours in the battle for planet earth,
    Rev Dr Anthony G. Pike (UK)
    Cosmic Research Foundation

    From: arthur kaoutal
    Subject: Re: Arthur Kaoutal Update
    Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2018 01:41:30 +1000

    Good man, Rev, here’s my new vid…it has everyone petrified. Tell Charlie to relax and don’t fear me and tell her to come close to me if she wants to be successful in her fight. I’ll get her true justice and fairness, freedom and vengeance too for all the pain and suffering she’s been through after the loss of her mother and father. Rev, I loved that you used my family photo, that would most definitely soften up my image as I was raised by maternal women, well played. As for my perceived mental health illness, I’m on a community treatment order where I have to see a case manager every 2 wks and the psych doc once a mth. I’m on clopixol injection once a mth and lithium tabs at night. I have to supply random urine samples and blood tests also and I get reviewed every 6 mths by the mental health tribunal. Its sh~t, but its the sacrifice we make for the greater good of humanity that counts. I’ve been locked up 7 times in hospital and prison in my fight – big sacrifice. As for my vids, I have most of them saved, but I have no idea how to transfer them to that link you shared with me. I can’t even get them out of my iPhoto on my MacBook Pro laptop to YouTube! I’m f~cked with computers and once I get my revolution I’ll chuck my iPhone and MacBook in the Parramatta River and become a goat herder in the northern mountains of Bane, Lebanon living off the land. Cheerio, Rev, and much love to the king of hearts and his martyr angel Razan al’Najjar too. Arthur”

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  15. Le Dingue as well? Christ, how many different people does Angie think runs this blog now?
    Still, it’s good to see her effectively calling Heather Brown (aka Pru Halliwell, aka Suzy Jones) a liar 🙂

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    • Hahahaha! Another one who believes Hope Girl’s hilarious ramblings.
      It’s a good job Tim has no credibility to lose 😂


  16. EC, re. your list of people Angela’s fallen out with, a few more notable names are:

    Eilish de Avalon
    Hope Girl
    Wesley Hall
    Beth Jockney Rebel
    Belinda Mckenzie
    Jim McMenamin
    Stephanie Oostveen

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  17. Posted on Cat Splat’s page, lol:

    By the way, Angie’s page has always been on public view, as Blunderful’s diligent screenshotting and Tapir’s tireless screenshotting has shown. Seriously, does Heather ever actually tell the truth about anything?

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    • Heather’s been bombarding our inbox all weekend with her crap, using a variety of pseudonyms, including Mr Fines, Ellis Graves James Murray, Laura Crossan, Ms Moneypenny and Peter Sweetman. Most of it has been pretty rambling and incomprehensible, though, and there was one really racist one about there being too many blacks up North or something. To be honest, I suspect she’s drinking again.

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