Angela’s live-streams: Harassment, threats, and panic

Well! Wasn’t that fun?

Yesterday was a virtual roller-coaster for Hampstead SRA hoax watchers, what with the morning announcement that Angela Power-Disney had had four Gardaí come to her door, seize her and her sons’ tech and her phone (and, inexplicably, two cars?), and then invite her to Kells Barracks for a wee chat about harassment charges.

Angela, never one to turn down an opportunity to self-publicise, managed to squeeze in a live-streamed Facebook video before her ride arrived to take her to her interview.

In the video, she managed to fit in several jabs at RD, along with threats to whistle-blow about police corruption at the local level, and a few other juicy morsels.

Just in case, the ever-vigilant Office Tapir saved a copy of the video, which has already been sent to the officer in charge of Angela’s case. And of course, we took copious notes.

Just to let you know that four Gards, I think three detectives and a ban Garda, I’ll give you their names…DS Mark Looby, Sgt Alan Brown, somebody Davill, Garda Goldrick, and Detective Garda Flynn. One two three four five…

I was raided this morning about 10 am—not raided, they were very courteous. They took my mobile phone, I didn’t want to allow them access, I was trying to film them from inside the house. They were let in by my son and they assertively took my phone from me and denied the legal right to record in my own home. They were very specific, they just confiscated my phone, my PC, which my…whatever…a laptop. I use a PC, a laptop, and my phone. They also took my disabled son’s laptop, ancient laptop that he uses to go to college with. And they took his iPad.

They assured me that I was not going to be arrested, and that somebody would collect me at 12:30 for an interview at Kells Barracks. It’s now 1:15 and nobody has turned up to collect me, and they’re already looking at my phone, because I’m shown as active on Facebook.

This last statement is curious. We know of no way to tell when one is “shown as active on Facebook”. Can any tech boffins out there tell us how that might be accomplished?

So I’m not going to be arrested according to them. It was a very specified raid. You know, they didn’t trash the place, they just took my tech and my disabled son’s tech….I spoke to them at length.

Two of them I’m familiar with, which I suspect are good Gards. I’ll give you their names: Detective Mark Looby, I suspect him to be a good guy, and the ban Garda. I can’t remember her name, let’s see if I can remember it if I look at it…Goldrick, possibly is the good….

Well, imagine our relief. At least two of the local Gards are “good”.

Anyway, one of the Gards looked quite alarmed, as I started whistleblowing on the local situation. Which I will do at the highest level. And I have done in the past.

This sounds like a reference to Angela’s slagging of a genuine Garda whistle-blower, Sgt Maurice McCabe. Long-time readers will recall that we took Angela to task over this some time ago.

As I say, the ban Garda and the detective sergeant seemed to be genuine, although they were very…the detective sergeant was aggressive in taking my phone from me.

There is a warrant to search my house apparently, I haven’t read it, but there was not a warrant to break my door down if I didn’t consent to access.

The detective sergeant said, ‘Yes, we had a warrant to use reasonable force’, but the ban Garda said, “We would have gone and got a warrant”.

Keep this in mind: the police actually did have a warrant to search Angela’s house using “reasonable force”; if she had resisted, they would have gone and got a warrant to break the door down. There will be a quiz on this later.

So, you know, in an ideal world I would have spoken to them out the window.

Yes, and in an ideal world people wouldn’t run about making unsubstantiated and untrue public statements about people who have been declared innocent in a High Court. But hey, you can’t have everything. 

I have faith in the Irish Gardaí, that there are enough of them that are not corrupt that I was looking forward to going and whistle-blowing when they were due to collect me at 12:30 to go to Kells Barracks and make a statement, with an assurance that I was not about to be arrested.

Drinking game anyone? How about a drink for every time Angela states that she’s not going to be arrested?

I was informed that I was being raided on foot of a complaint by Ricky Dearman, of harassment. I was the last person standing regarding the Hampstead case, and it’s always Ricky Dearman that puts in the complaints. And he’s allowed to give remote video evidence for instance from America when he was there on a free holiday courtesy of eBay.

We confess we nearly fell over listening to this. It really does not strike us as wise to slag a person in a public Facebook video, when it seems that they may be responsible for pressing charges against you. Just a thought.

But Sabine McNeill was not allowed to give evidence by video when she was out of the country for her own safety. Sabine McNeill, 74-year-old disabled activist, is on remand in HMP Bronzefield…

Um, give me some thumbs up, guys, give me some feedback, just to let me know I’m live.

So my phone is gone, my PC is gone, my laptop’s gone, my disabled son’s laptop which he uses for college is gone, my disabled son’s iPad which I have no idea how to use is gone, as I say I think two of the four gards, maybe three, were decent and I was due to be collected to make a voluntary statement at 12:30 and it’s now 1:20.

Drinking game #2: one drink for every time she mentions how late they are to pick her up for her questioning.

So we’ve tried to make contact with Kells Gardaí, I think the decent ones amongst the four were mind-blown when I started whistle-blowing, including locally. At least one looked very uncomfortable with the information I was disseminating, and I suspect at this stage the last thing they want me to do is start speaking on video with audio, y’know, what I know. What I know locally, and what I know about Hampstead.

Yes, we daresay the police were a bit taken aback when the person whose tech equipment they have just seized starts wittering on about the very case for which she is being investigated, and throws in a few zingers about one of their former colleagues while she’s at it.

So it was the classic ‘you can’t just go calling paedophiles with no evidence’. They asked me if I had any evidence on Ricky Dearman, and regarding the Hampstead case, I said three-plus years’ worth of evidence and please feel free to find it on my PC that you’re confiscating.

Oh gosh, the old “you can’t make allegations of criminal behaviour with no evidence” thing. How very old-fashioned and quaint.

They confiscated our car, they confiscated another family member’s car…um, you know, I want to disclose to them in the barracks, at Kells, the extent of the targeting that’s gone on.

This one has us stumped: why would they have confiscated her car, for an investigation involving harassment? Is there some other outstanding charge which we don’t know about? Very odd.

….So I’m praying that Ireland which was purportedly neutral and independent, I’m praying that there are more good Gards than bad, and that they will find the courage to stand up to the corruption even if it goes as high as Gardaí commissioners and government, which it does.

Pro tip, Angie: When being investigated by the police, don’t go publicly accusing them of corruption at high levels. Just a thought.

I’ve put out a call to Ben Gilroy, I’m in touch with him, he’s fantastic, he knows his stuff. I’m not afraid, I’m actually really pleased that I made the video I made last night with Heather Brown.

Oh, fabulous. Is she hoping that Ben Gilroy, noted Freeman on the Land nutter who has been convicted of contempt of court for calling a judge a member of a Satanic cult, will assist her in an potential legal case she might have? Does she also put out fires by dousing them in petrol?

I would urge people to go to my YouTube channel, Angela Power-Disney, or my back-up channel, Angie Power-Disney, or my blog, And just check out the evidence. I don’t bandy around the word ‘paedophile’ without at least two witnesses coming forward, even if that includes me.

I don’t make serious allegations unless I have a plethora of evidence.

AHAHAHAHAHAHA….oh God, we think we might have choked on something there. Do carry on, Angela.

They asked me, did any serious evidence exist against Ricky Dearman, and I told them three and a half years’ worth. And I’d be happy to navigate them towards that evidence.

Yes, we’re sure she’d be happy to “navigate them” toward her “evidence”, which consists of her repeating other people’s lies, with a few of her own thrown in. Sadly, it looks as though the police are going to find that for themselves, though, because…

Apparently all my tech is going to be sent to Garda Headquarters, in Phoenix Park, The Garda detective sergeant assured me he’d try and get it back to me as soon as possible, but I would suggest we’re looking at at least six weeks. I’ll do my best to stay, you know, public.

Yes, that’s the important thing. Staying public.

I’m not into the drama. I actually have a love for Ireland, and I have a confidence that….I was very proud of somebody that said to them, ‘Shame on you for cooperating with the Brits’. You know, we were raised to identify as Irish republicans.

And it horrifies me that for instance, Enda Kenny cooperated with the British prime minister to keep an investigator into the Tuam babies scandal, when there were 800 remains of babies in Tuam found, somebody came from America and somebody else tried to come from Canada to investigate. And they were blocked from coming in by Immigration, and in cooperation with England they tried to extradite those people to the UK so they could be banged up.

Oh right, that time when Canadian scam artist and fraudulent SRA finder Kevin Annett tried to impose his ludicrous theories upon the Irish, and was quite sensibly kept out of the country.

You know, I’m a bit shaken. I was in my dressing gown, and as I say, you know, the detective sergeant literally—I wish I’d live-streamed. I didn’t think to live-stream. You know I’d just started recording. I wish I’d live-streamed, but he pretty much wrestled the phone from me. And as I say, of the four or five mostly detectives that turned up at my house, I think it’s no coincidence that they turned up after the broadcast I did on YouTube last night with Heather Brown.

It all of a sudden happened after that. If you look at the last two videos on my YouTube channel with Heather Brown, there’s a lot of serious intel dropped.

Or, as we like to say, a lot of harassment and death threats thrown out. Potay-to, potah-to.

The best thing you can do is share this, and I’m not alarmed. I’m trying not to get into the drama, because you know I’m straining at the bit to go and make a statement in Kells. And the intel I dropped just in my home—they stayed for about 45 minutes. Other than wrestling my phone off from me, they were very gracious.

I know two of them from trying to report my sister’s suspicious death. I know one of them from the inquest, I know one of them from trying to report my sister’s…what I believe was a murder. And so those two at least were gracious.

Right, and we’re sure they know exactly how credible Angela is. So that’s good then.

I may be wrong, the other two may be decent as well. The detective sergeant suggested that he wouldn’t look me in the eye because he was terrified [laughs].


I said, “Are you going to arrest me?” and they said “No, no, of course not, we just have a warrant to come in and search”, and they very specifically went and got the PC, laptop, my boy’s laptop, my other boy’s laptop, my boy’s iPad, and my phone.

They were very very gracious, very courteous, they assured me I was not going to be arrested, and they assured me—they offered me the option, it’s like ‘we’ve got a complaint from Ricky Dearman of harassment, coincidentally after the two broadcasts I did regarding intel from Heather Brown in London, and then they said, ‘If you want to come in and make a statement and put your side of things, we’ll be happy to facilitate that’.

More puzzlement at this end. Why would a complaint from RD be acted upon the day after she published two videos in which his name was never mentioned?

Also, does she really think that police sit around all night watching videos and then scramble teams of relatively senior officers to rush out to make arrests? What an interesting inner life Angie must have.

So I’m just…I’m sure they’ll see this.

So she actually made this self-incriminatory video in the belief that the police would see it? Mind: boggled.

Ben Gilroy is somebody I trust in Ireland in terms of the law, but I’m not afraid, I’m not afraid of being arrested, which I’m not, of being invited in to make a statement, which I want to, but the intel I dropped on them, just in the 45 minutes they were here, two of them knew what I was talking about, and said, “Oh, yes, such-and-such, oh, yeah, she’s talking about such-and-such”.

They knew exactly what I was referring to. The other two looked like deer in headlights.

So…more questions. Does Angie believe that when people make complaints of harassment, they just kind of drop in, say, “Person X is harassing me” and then bugger off again without explaining the context or anything?

Of course the police knew what she was talking about: they would have had to build the case to the point of obtaining a search and seizure warrant, which aren’t just issued for shits and giggles.

So I’ve never been embarrassed to say before that I have some high-level contacts in the Gards. I’m not a Garda informant, but my family happened to marry into a Garda commissioner, and I happen to have a son in daycare with somebody who’s now a deputy superintendent of three counties, and I happen to go to church with a detective based in Dublin, and I happen to have a lot of contacts, and so you know, I just pray that what I believe, particularly in Ireland, is that they have more loyalty to the truth and protecting children than they do to cooperating with the UK.

ProTip #2: when faced with four or five police who’ve come to investigate your role in a case of serious harassment, don’t try to play the “I know a great many senior police officers” card. Generally, that sort of thing is not well-received.

p.s. It occurs to us: do you know what it’s called when a person is arrested but uses his or her connections to try and weasel out of it?

Can you say “corruption”, boys and girls?

Sure you can.

….It’s interesting I prayed over our tech, well there it goes off to Phoenix Park for investigation. … And I just would appeal to those I know that watch my work, which is high-level Gardaí including the bent ones, including the Freemasons, including the Knights of Malta, including the Columbus, including all the organisations that have been corrupt, I just say it’s a turning point, and it’s a time for the goats to be separated from the sheep, like it’s time…if you’re a decent Gard, if you’re a decent barrister, if you’re a decent judge, if you’re a decent counsellor, if you’re a decent solicitor, whatever, it’s time to step up and do the right thing.

Pro Tip #3: see Pro Tip #1. Repeat as necessary.

Ricky Dearman has finally managed to land a harassment charge allegation against me and I welcome the opportunity to re-present three, almost four years testimony in evidence…erm you know that case needs re-investigating, that case needs re opening. 

No, it really doesn’t.

[A commenter posts: ‘Ricky Dearman is a criminal’.] Angie says: ‘I agree.’

But she’s not harassing him. No, no.

Get this to anybody you know who knows we’re telling the truth and I’ve got a feeling that the intel I dropped both locally and on the Hampstead case and further afield I think the last thing they want is to bring me in to make a statement. The last thing they want because if I go in and make a statement and request audio and video and have a legal person with me then it’s like entering into court records.

It’s like saying, you know, discovery, so if I go into the barracks and say, ‘Right, I’d like to disclose about A, B, C, D, E, F, G”…if it’s the kind of information that can bring down governments, which it is, then the last thing they want is it entered into records.

Yes, and if she is found to have been lying during her police interview, she will find herself in a world of hot water. Also: “bring down governments”? Seriously?

I don’t think Ricky Dearman’s got a leg to stand on but look at Sabine McNeill, prosecuted by Ricky Dearman for Harassment you know, including being allowed to Skype from America because he was on a free holiday from eBay. Sabine’s on remand, more than six months at HMP Bronzefield.  Look at Jake Clarke, sectioned extensively.

Look at Rupert Quaintance prosecuted by complaints from Ricky Dearman and others from the alleged Hamsptead Cult.  Their case was thrown out. It was completely collapsed but the judge still saw fit to impose a restraining order on Sabine McNeill and Ved Chaudhari/Neelu Berry and then jail them for breaching the restraining order which is you’re gagged, you can never go on the internet again, you can never mention the Hampstead case again, you can never say these names again, you can’t even Skype anybody, you can’t go to a meeting by the Church of England to which you’re invited to talk about child abuse and institutional child abuse.

You can’t do any of that or we’ll bang you up and they bang them up, including a 74 year old disabled woman.  So Ricky Dearman you know, seems to be protected in very high places and seems to be able to remotely conduct his business including his business of silencing whistle-blowers and campaigners and survivors.

Nope, no harassment going on here, none at all.

To claim that one person was responsible for the legal troubles of Sabine McNeill, Neelu Berry, and Rupert Quaintance is either unbelievably disingenuous or unbelievably stupid. As for Jake, did his hospitalisation really have anything to do with the Hampstead hoax?

And then she made another video…

…But don’t worry, it was much shorter. We promise.

In Round 2, a visibly shaken and exhausted-looking Angela reassured her followers that she had not been arrested…yet:

I made a voluntary three hour statement responding to an allegation by the person I mentioned in the last live-stream. An allegation made about 6 weeks ago of harassment, which is that old chestnut. I presume in response to my slime blog on my website in which I didn’t identify anybody….

And who knows how long it will take to go to CPS and be considered whether it’s worth prosecuting or not. I don’t know, three months? I don’t know how long it takes in Ireland.

“Harassment, which is that old chestnut”. Yes, it’s an “old chestnut” when she’s accused of doing it to others. Not so much when she believes it’s happened to her. Funny, that.

Oh, and they don’t have a “Crown Prosecution Service” (CPS) in Ireland. Prosecutions there are handled by the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions. That info might come in handy for Angela in future.

Incidentally, note that in contrast to Video #1, Angela is no longer mentioning a Certain Name. Has she received a caution, formal or otherwise?

But um yeah, that was it, a certain person flew to Dublin and made an allegation of harassment. So I’ve answered that very in-depth, and with evidence, and treated very decently, and um, we shall see what we shall see.

She was expecting maybe the rubber hose and bright spotlight?

I had been getting warnings in comments, random comments…the other thing I wanted to say is that I made reports of malicious communications going back almost two years, as far back as the poison pen letters campaign against me, which I have PULSE numbers on, so there’ll be lights shone on places unexpected.

So I made two police reports in the last two years of credible threats and cyber terrorism and the poison pen letter campaign, so that’s all part of my defence. And um…I wasn’t charged or anything, I wasn’t arrested, I wasn’t charged, so things work differently in Ireland. Thank God.

And yet, no action was ever taken on those complaints. Funny thing, that.

But yes, I have been getting little snidy comments like “ooh, eight days till you get arrested, ooh, three days till you get arrested” but they’re so common, I just ignore the, it’s like yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m not going to live in trembling fear, you’ve been saying I’m getting arrested for three years, you know? So I just learned not to take those things seriously.

That’s very strange, and we have to think that any “snidy comments” she might have received were random chance, as yesterday’s equipment seizure and interview came as a complete (but very welcome) surprise to us.

But this time I didn’t get arrested, but I had four detectives at the bloody door! Pretty insistent about their right to confiscate my tech, and I don’t think they had a warrant for entry, but I’m not going to split hairs because they really listened and they really were decent.

So remember we asked you to keep something in mind, something about warrants? Do you remember what it was? Amazing that it only took Angela a few hours to “forget” that she’d already stated that the Gards really did have a warrant for entry, search, and seizure.

So I’m a bit tired, I haven’t had breakfast yet, and I’m , like I said, somebody’s getting a phone to me, and like I said, life goes on and it could take three months to see if CPS even considers it. But you know, we’ll see.

We never know what people in what high places pull strings, and I know several of my colleagues have come off very badly in the face of harassment allegations from the same person. So let’s see if Ireland can come up trumps with some justice.

Justice. Yes, we like the sound of that.

150 thoughts on “Angela’s live-streams: Harassment, threats, and panic

  1. Was that the same police station that she picked up the nice police mans keys form some months ago and walked out with them?

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  2. This can’t be anything to do with her and Heather. This is a complaint from someone who’s really fed up of the harassment. Good on him!

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    • Assuming that’s the case, things could get even more interesting if Steve and his wife put in a complaint against her on top of that!

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      • Seeing as me, you and EC are Steve, and all bigamously married to Scarlett scoop, we’d need to log a joint complaint. God damn it, multiple personality disorder is a bitch. I’m just going to go in denial and not accept you other 4 people as being my alter egos. The marriage to Scarlett scoop still stands as long as she wears the pvc And doesn’t take too long on the bathroom. Otherwise I’ll have common law grand jury divorce papers drawn up for £7.

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    • It would be really awful if someone had sent a link to Angela’s video (in which she accuses an elderly, decorated, falsely accused war hero of being part of a human hunting party who then urinated on her) to the said war hero’s friends.

      Whistles nonchalantly while looking around all wide eyed and innocent like

      Angela you deserve all that’s coming to you and then some more.

      I have been living frugally of late but I cracked open a bottle of Prosecco last night.

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      • For the avoidance of doubt – I do not know the war hero or his friends, I just used wikipedia to find a charity that he had been involved with for a number of years and contacted their PR department. What effect is has I do not know but would like to think it was a modest contributory factor in the mess that this evil, ruthless, vicious piece of work now finds herself in.

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    • New laptop ? How about legal fees ? And if found guilty, of either civil or criminal court actions, might she have substantial damages to pay ? I dunno how it works in Ireland but she might just be on the road to losing everything if it’s a civil action she probably won’t get legal aid for. Word around the campfires is this is a major case months in the making and the authorities have been working on it for six weeks already. That they struck the day after threats and paramilitary leader assassinations where brought up would be an odd coincidence. This isn’t a minor case as apd seems to want to believe.

      Be sure to have all the go fund me sites and social media accounts ready for the expected arrest and charges. That way the various sites can be alerted accordingly and, hopefully, shut down. Flagging posts and videos is all well and good but if you co ordinate a campaign to inform ebegging and funding sites they may freeze users accounts if not close them entirely. Can’t wait to see if this case goes forward to arrest and charges being made and then being reported in the proper media. I think it’s going to be a test case for harassment and set a precedent for future cases. It’s not just a bobby on the door giving her a heads up, it’s 5 officers meaning business. I think this is going to be the big one.

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    • Not a word from Cat Splat either. She’s been too busy designing ‘World’s Sexiest Man’ awards for Robert Green. No, seriously, she actually did that last night, along with a video pretty much declaring her love for him.

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      • Be great fun to see the reactions as the slow lumbering ultra slow motion car wreck unfolds and the various hoaxtead rats panic in the secure knowledge that a major legal case is underway. One thing’s for sure, they won’t be happy

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  3. Wow fair play for doing the transcript! I never listen to her whole videos because honestly, I fall asleep. 💤😪😴😫

    “I have faith in the Irish Gardaí, that there are enough of them that are not corrupt that I was looking forward to going and whistle-blowing when they were due to collect me at 12:30 to go to Kells Barracks and make a statement, with an assurance that I was not about to be arrested.”

    Wow, is that an insult or a back handed compliment.

    She is certainly one of the main players making allegations against R.D. & has continued to do so, I do hope that her & her fellow accusers are brought to justice at last.

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    • “I do hope that her & her fellow accusers are brought to justice at last.”

      Absolutely, Peg!

      Malcolm, John Taylor, Araya, Fabooka, Sarah Hemmingway (to name but a few)…now would be a good time to start cacking yourselves 🙂

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      • Nearly forgot…you asked

        “This last statement is curious. We know of no way to tell when one is “shown as active on Facebook”. Can any tech boffins out there tell us how that might be accomplished?”

        On Facebook, they have FB messenger, you can opt in to let people know you are available to talk or msg back and forth in real time….opting in shows you are online there and then. Her sons would be her FB friends and through their FB they would see her as online.

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      • El Coyote, speaking as a Paddy and one who attained a Grade B in Honours Irish Leaving Certificate (but that was a long time ago) your Irish spelling is better than mine, at least as of 2018!

        I am not surprised that APD is gaining new followers on Facebook following recent events. There are, unfortunately, serious issues with corruption and malpractice in AGS, as identified by brave whistleblower McCabe (and others), so there will be people who will think she is being unfairly treated or that she is the victim in all of this. But that doesn’t mean she is. I think she herself recorded that she was treated fairly by the AGS when they turned up to her property.

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        • Thanks, tdf! And yes, I think that Angie’s support is a kilometre wide and a millimetre deep. Most who “support” her are briefly confused by her superficial charm, but rapidly realise they’ve been had.


          • Honestly, the Gardai are marvelous in the main, there will always be bad seeds and always victims of misinformation. I’ve had good experiences and bad….one time I was subjected to a gard who was very obviously off his head on drugs, it’s no secret that some gards enjoy a bit of blow – they’re always getting arrested for it or investigated due to complaints from the public. It’s mostly not cool what the gards put you through.


          • If it wasn’t for superficial charm she wouldn’t have any charm at all. I think this whole truther fad is the internet equivalent of the blue skinned mongol women prints of the sixties. We all had em and looking back can’t understand why.

            I predict (my new catchprase) that with the fall of Alex Jones and nothing but limp imitators flooding the market and exhausting a very finite number of conspiracy theories that the fad is going to fade out to the same obscurity levels it had in the 70s when ufo sightings and moon landing fake exposers where the relegated loons on late night cable access shows. It’s been so over saturated and spread too thin by too many wannabees to sustain it’s own existence. It’ll fall like the roman empire did, its too broadly spread with no substance. Also there’s too much infighting and too many people chasing diminishing ad revenue. It can’t last

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    • We would have used Bean Garda (pronounced as Bjon as in Bjorn without the ‘r’) in our school days, our nuns spoke As Gaelige from 3 different counties. 😂

      Nowadays it is frowned upon to use the term as it is not P.C. anymore. Habits die hard though & I would still say it I’m afraid.

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    • @Issy T

      There’s an article on the web regarding two student gardai who clashed on a GAA pitch 20 years ago. Tbh, I wouldn’t put much on that one way or the other. GAA is big in Ireland, and sometimes things get a bit heated in GAA games, and when one is young and foolish, one does foolish things.


  4. OK I’ve misjudged Angie in the past-I now think she really is bonkers.

    This article (and Gawd- full marks for the transcript) is just bizarre.
    This is like the bank robber who says to the Plod..”oh I’ve also robbed 4 banks so let me give you all the evidence and take you to the buried loot so you can put me on charges that may get me 10 years in the clink” when they merely came to present him with a parking ticket. (No Angie- I’m not saying you robbed any banks).

    That old Tuan canard again. Why, when I’m on the other side of the planet, can I know most of the details and someone within a short distance from the place be so ignorant?.

    “800 bodies” were not found and the researcher who wrote the original article never said such a thing and has been tearing her hair out ever since. What she said was that she found records of up to 800 poor kiddies who died in Catholic-run homes (in a time when sadly children’s deaths were occurring all over Ireland for a myriad of reasons- poverty, disease etc) and she speculated that many (most) may be buried in that former sewer. But the land wasn’t always a sewer and was, at a time when deaths from disease were common, also used as a sort of crypt to quickly dispose of the recently deceased.

    This is so damned common and not unlike the plot of land very near the Victoria & Albert Museum where they reckon possibly 1000s of bodies were tossed into a deep hole during the Black Plague but no-one’s ever going to dig them up which the residents of million pound homes over that spot are very grateful for. Can you imagine the number of bodies that actually lie beneath London?.
    I believe excavations are still ongoing at Tuam and some bones/skeletons have been recovered so far but it’s painstaking work as it’s being done by professional archaeological who are always mindful to the sensitivities about the dead and apparently the former crypts/sewer are fairly fragile.

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  5. Whistle blowing ? Evidence against RD ? Not being arrested ? The main reason they’re not arresting her is they know full well the more rope she has the tighter the noose she’ll make of it and save them the effort of working to get further charges. The woman is completely unaware what a moronic simpleton she is, how vile her threats and lies are and, hilariously, how much trouble she’s in. This is the opening move in a legal action that has been a long time over due. Not just for apd, not just for Hampstead but for the whole crackpot army of gobshites who think they have free license to smear, slander, abuse and threaten others over the internet under the guise of journalism or investigation. APD is an uncouth cowardly bully who has no regard for the people she’s attempting to harm on the scantest of evidence in coerced videos made by a jealous ex and her dopey boyfriend as a custody blackmail plot. I hope it goes all the way and, if the allegations are proven (innocent till etc) then I predict a judges summing up of epic proportions and worthy of being made into a million memes.

    Angela, if you’re reading this. You are getting the starter in a huge banquet that you truly deserve. Looking forward to seeing the case reported in the real media and your behaviour reaching a much broader audience than your amateurish broadcasts ever did. Gonna be pissing myself laughing about it. 😆

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    • CPS ? That’d be the CROWN 👑 prosecution service we have in the UK. It wouldn’t apply in the republic of Ireland for obvious reasons. I think this level of moronic naïveté of her own country’s legal system says everything you need to know about Angie’s grasp of the law. She hasn’t a clue.

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      • Wouldn’t apply. I can’t see the phone or hold it steady for tears streaming out and convulsions of laughter. Feel free to correct EC

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        • She lives in the republic and identifies as English and expects what ? There entire legal system to be changed to uk law just for her ? Can’t see that happening.

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          • Anglo-Irish



            relating to both Britain and Ireland (or specifically the Republic of Ireland).

            of English descent but born or resident in Ireland.

            “an impoverished though aristocratic Anglo-Irish family”

            Sigh, poor thing, just wasn’t treated with enough deference in little old Ireland so she had to go online to try to impress.

            As my dear mother would say, “notions, she has notions about herself”.


    • That’s so true Grobnob.

      Don’t you think that they must have cautioned her before proceeding with the interview too? They must have told her that everything she says will be taken as evidence against her. Someone else said that in her live video after the interview it looked like she’d been crying.

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  6. One copper on your door’s an informal warning, two, constables usually, is so they have a witness. Four or five including a ds and a sergeant with a specific warrant to seize items isn’t at all minor. I suggest she talks to a real solicitor as soon as she can, but I know full well she won’t. I can’t wait to see how this will affect the rest of the knobsters throughout conspiratardland.

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      • Well she wouldn’t be aided but the courts might, without your own lawyer it’ll be a court appointed legal aid solicitor going through the motions. If she pulls a neelu she’ll regret it.
        I suspect this is going to be the biggest thing in hoaxtead for 2018-2019 and will dwarf the upcoming macneill trial, alleged etc innocent till proven guilty of course, and could well see civil actions on top of criminal actions. Angela could lose everything and wind up penniless if this leads to a slander / defamation trial. She seems to have given several people strong cases against her and is in a very weak position to defend her actions or pay damages / legal fees. The silly mare might just be facing financial destruction. There’s more to this case than we’re privy to and I predict it’s much larger than we expect.

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        • Not sure what happens re Legal Aid if you own your home in Ireland. She needs to wise up and get a real solicitor ( come on Ange- you can’t beat a decent Irish lawyer) as just defending a matter can be financially ruinous even if found innocent if one is charged.
          My advice- not that anyone will ask or take it- admit the entire Hampstead matter is a dreadful hoax, apologize most sincerely to the father & his children and the other innocent residents and a judge may smile kindly upon you.
          Probably jumping the gun but best to think ahead as once the charabanc of the law roles into action it can be very lengthy and debilitating episode.

          Or flee the country in disguise to the other side of the world into the sanctity of the ample arms an Australian/Lebanese who says he is the New Messiah. Maybe even to the USA. Rupert?

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    • @Grobnob

      Yes that would be my understanding. I am a former Money Laundering Reporting Officer, and if a DS got involved in a case, you knew it was serious. In one case that I have awareness of involving prosecuting a former government minister for tax evasion, an inspector and two DS’s were involved, but as the former government minister is still alive I’ll save the details for the memoirs.

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      • That a ds was on site on their first contact should tell you everything you need to know. It’s not like they have nothing better to do and manpower to spare. This is a serious matter from what I see. Apd just got promoted above Belinda and Sabine to being the biggest ****wit in the Hampstead drama and in, allegedly etc innocent till proven guilty whatever, very serious trouble.

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  7. Minds are interesting things. Very interesting things. When a mind develops an obsession, it becomes obsessive. It can lead to a pattern of thought.

    Here’s an interesting article about a certain mind, obsession and mindset.

    Here’s the bit i find interesting “She also revealed that the e-mail in question was deliberately planted on her computer in order to come up with an excuse to harass her. Halliwell also told that the e-mail was never deleted from her computer, and was still there even after it was returned by BCC following a London court order where she filed a complaint against the BCC.”

    So, an email was deliberately planted on her computer she says. An excuse to harass her.

    Here is another point. I believe in her video with Angie she spoke about being part of an animal liberation group, with boxcutters or similar.

    So the mindset, obsession. It seems someone has had something happen to them, now obsesses that it is still happening or perhaps that is just her opinion that it happened. The point about the animal liberation group, seems this mind think my parents cafe are “Auctioning dogs” having been part of some animal liberation group. So are these accusations she makes of people purely based on a mindset, paranoia and obsession ?

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    • Never mind mindsets or obsession, what about me, ec and tinribs all being the same person and all 4 of us being married to scarlet scoop ? I’m not being accused of bigamy, anyone got the Garda number so I can report apd

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    • Interesting article Stephen. I wouldn’t know how to analyse her motivations or machinations. I think she’s incapable of grasping the gravity of the situations she gets herself into, she cackles like the fool she is.

      Near the end of the article the author writes:

      “Halliwell says she also contacted BBC News to ask why they had not contacted her for confirmation of the BCC’s claims while they reported the story of the raid at her house under the Belfast court’s injunction. According to her, BBC News promised to interview her soon and record her side of the story. However, she said the BBC News had still not contacted her.”

      It suggests to me that instead of feeling awful about the bother caused she reveled in the fuss, enjoying her moment in the spotlight.

      The stuff she came out with in the letter APD read and subsequent youtube chat with APD was just crazy – I hope the police called to her yesterday too.

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  8. “This last statement is curious. We know of no way to tell when one is ‘shown as active on Facebook’. Can any tech boffins out there tell us how that might be accomplished?”

    Only if they’re on your friend list, as far as I know, if you click on the ‘Chat’ tab at the bottom right of the screen. You can see not just who’s active but for anyone who’s not, it tells you how recently they were on. But as I say, that’s only for people on your friends list and I doubt that Angie’s on the Garda’s!

    Phenomenal work by the way, EC!

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  9. Wow – colour me impressed, EC!

    Sam, can His Howlness have a Koala Stamp of Excellence for this?

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  10. “We confess we nearly fell over listening to this. It really does not strike us as wise to slag a person in a public Facebook video, when it seems that they may be responsible for pressing charges against you. Just a thought.”

    Indeedaroony! Who the funk comes straight from being questioned by the rozzers over harassing someone on the internet and makes two public videos harassing him further? Seriously, who does that? 😮

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  11. By the way, I don’t want to disappoint Angela (ok I do, but let’s not be pedantic), but her desperate calls for the troofer community and all her “friends” to spring into action on her behalf, à la Sabine’s Army™. have been met with deafening indifference. D’oh!

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    • Yes, despite the comment streams on the two videos, I have seen little action. Possibly some people are pondering exactly what the Gardaí might find on her PC, and thinking that discretion is the better part of valour.

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      • “Possibly some people are pondering exactly what the Gardaí might find on her PC, and thinking that discretion is the better part of valour.”

        That is sensible of them, given a current case in England.

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  12. Good luck with that, Mary. Let’s hope the “Giardia” don’t find out about your psysendeums 😂

    (Thanks to Special Agent J for this screenshot)

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    • Or it could be 10 months as it took that long for Brian Harvey to get his back. He has a few he wants getting rid of now though because he doesn’t trust that the Police, I presume, didn’t put something on them. There you go Angela, don’t say you never get good news from this site!

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  13. LOL, even I knew Sheva was only joking about the “false flag” thing.
    Still, good to know Angie’s been reading the blog she never rarely sometimes visits 😉

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      • “Head for the Hills”.

        Sshh! The Masada location of the Jewish-Freemasonic-Vatican special operations summer school is still meant to be secret.

        P.S. Don’t tell him about:

        Copyright and Rights in Performances (Quotation and Parody) Regulations 2014
        Section 30A
        (1) Fair dealing with a work for the purposes of caricature, parody or pastiche does not infringe copyright in the work.

        He might get upset!

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          • That’s not strictly true, I keep on top of this because I’ve been publishing a satirical magazine for 26 years and have had people try to sue (and fail)!

            The Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 (CDPA 1988) Section 107 does have criminal sanctions, but they are all related to commercial exploitation (e.g. Piracy). Re-editing a You Tube video for the purposes of ridicule would not fall foul of criminal liability.

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          • Yes, I should have mentioned that music/literature/movie (etc.) piracy is a criminal offence. Thanks for clarifying

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    • Let me guess . . . Is he a market trader who sell’s fruit’s and veg ? Thats the only place I of ever scene so much improper use of the apostophe’s


    • He has offered to meet us ANY TIME and ANY PLACE . . . . . . .

      How about any day he chooses in 1952, on the peak of Everest.

      Any time.
      Any place.

      I won’t even bother turning up. I’ll simply look it up in my history of mountaineering book and find out her deliberately avoided the meeting.


  14. Really, Angie’s videos about her visit from Plod reminds me of one of Australia’s former Prime Ministers Paul Keating whose insults are legendary (needless to say- is also accused by the fruit loop Fiona Barnett of some malfeasance – murder I think). This one is apt where he taunts an Opposition Leader as.. “a salmon that jumps on the hook”.

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      • Hello Comrade Patterson.
        Several of my NKVD officers will be hand to warmly welcome you to Stalingrad. We have nice basement in Daccha for your stay. You may need warm blanket.
        I suggest Comrade John you may want to pen farewell letter to friends etc as your stay may be lengthy.
        Yours in Revolution !
        Comrade Lav.

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          • Liza, I’m only going on what my Polish friends in Ireland told me and they were repeating what their grandparents had told them of their experience. Please don’t take offense GOS but the way it was related to me during the second world war Russian soldiers behaved like animals and simply stole what they wanted from Polish citizens whereas the German soldiers asked politely if they could have that chicken roaming round the yard for dinner etc.

            Polish people will give Germans their due – they are polite – Russians, not so.

            I worked with a Russian and two Polish guys…I liked the Russian because I could tell he had a mischievous sense of humour but the two Polish lads allowed him to wind them up massively….one day the Russian came to work with a map of all the countries Russia had invaded and boasted about how great Russian people are and the two Polish guys went mental… times!

            But truthfully, I’m clueless about it all.


          • Russia liberated Poland in WW2, didn’t they?

            First the Russian army helped Hitler to liberate Poland from independence, Even the Germans were shocked when they discovered the scale of the mass murders committed in the Russian-occupied part of Poland .

            Then the Stalin / Hitler collaboration went pear-shaped. The Russian army invaded Poland again, killed as many as possible of the Polish partisans who’d been fighting German occupation, and occupied the country themselves. I don’t think the Poles thought of themselves as “liberated”.

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            • I visited Poland some time ago, and the Poles I met had nothing good to say about Russia. Many had had their entire families shipped off to Siberia, never to be seen again.

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  15. Angie’s followers must have lost interest in this pretty quickly. Her first live stream got 9,300 viewers…and her second one got just 510 😁

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  16. OK, grab the popcorn, folks. I’ve got some top notch Saturday night pagga action for you:

    In the blue corner, we have Stephanie ‘Spank the Monkey’ Oostveen…and in the red corner we have Arthur ‘Jesus’ Kaoutal and Andy ‘Desperate’ Devine.

    Sample quotes:


    “Let’s go down memory lane mother fucker! Remember the girlfriend you beat up?”

    “Abuser! Abuser! Abuser!!!! Woman beater!!!!!”

    “If my husband met you in person he would knock the shit out of you!”

    “You could die for all I care!!!!!”

    “That man beats women! You condom that?”

    “One should never act in anger but your a woman your allowed to make mistake !!”

    Enjoy 🙂

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    • The Irish presidency is largely a ceremonial role, isn’t it (like our Queen?). Or does s/he have any actual power as Rebecca implies?

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      • Liza, yes it’s basically a ceremonial role. Similar to the British head of state, albeit elected. The powers associated with the office are quite limited. The president does have the power to refer proposed legislation to a panel called the Council of State (a body which is more or less similar to the Privy Council) , if he/she believes that a government is attempting to bring in unconstitutional legislation. Ehm, that’s about it in terms of constitutional powers.

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        • We did well with McAleese and Robinson, I had higher hopes of Michael D. Higgins, our current president who is running for a second term but there’s a fella called Kevin Sharkey trying to get nominated on the divisive ticket of anti-immigration…APD’s conspiracy theorist chums are promoting Kevin online through youtube namely, an arse called Grand Torino who thinks Q Anon is God and Trump is the Messiah.

          Bleurghhhhhh…it’s all so nauseous. I hate it.

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    • As if DS Mark Looby could give a shite….hehehe. That is beyond ridiculous. Hopelessgirl is a halfwit…good of APD to draw attention to Naima Dawn Feagin though!

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