Local police visited Angela Power-Disney an hour ago, seized her computer, and have invited her for an interview.

Her son Josh Power-Disney posted the news to his mother’s Facebook page, adding, “R.D. strikes again”.Angela arrest 2018-08-17It’s not clear from this whether Angela has actually been taken to the police station, or will attend at a later time.

We will follow this story closely and bring updates as they happen.

Update: 12:30 pm

Josh has posted a further message on his mother’s page, asking Ben Gilroy to meet Angela at Kells Barracks at 1:00 pm today: Angela Power-Disney arrest 2018-08-17 2

From this, it would appear that Angela is to be interviewed by police at 1:00 pm.

Angela is Facebook friends with a Ben Gilroy who lives in Navan. He does not appear to be a solicitor, but earlier this year he was involved in a legal case against sub-prime lender Start Mortgages.

Updates to follow.

2:45 pm

Angela has put up a live-streamed Facebook video outlining her version of events this morning. She states that the police came to her house and were let in by her son. At the time of the live-stream, she was awaiting the police, who were to take her to her interview at Kells Barracks.

We have altered the headline of this post to reflect this new information.


  1. Hey E.C. that’s mean, it’s not April 1st……

    Oh wait, its true????

    Excuse me a moment…

    (lots of woohooing and cheering)

    And happy to see a start of the (cuts out 2 or 3 lines of NSFW name calling) being brought to task for their despicable behaviour!!!

    Wonder if heather has heard yet????

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  2. I wonder how heather is feeling right about now?????
    She and APD have been besties for the last few days slagging off everyone in sight, so she’s probably well and truly on the polices radar too…..

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  3. Not sure why he thinks RD had something to do with it (although he has every human right after what he’s had to put up with). She lives in the Republic, doesn’t she?

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    • I see she’s got the support of her former adversary Eilish:

      As for her accusing RD of being a criminal, lest we forget that this was a woman who was arrested for assaulting a police officer.

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      • She really is pushing her luck, Tinribs. She says that all her broadcasting equipment has been seized, due to a complaint from RD and here she is on a borrowed phone reading out Eilish’s comment saying “RD is a criminal” after which, she announces “I agree!”, tells Police to look at her 3 years of Hampstead “evidence”, then requests people watch her latest YT video which has death threats in it!

        So I do hope the Police see that one.

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  4. Not being familiar with Irish law I had a look for grounds to issue a search warrant.

    “Search warrants are issued by District Court Judges or Peace Commissioners when a Garda makes a statement on oath that he/she knows or has reasonable cause for believing or suspecting that a crime has been or is being committed.”

    She says that this is a direct result of a complaint of harassment related to Hoaxtead. What should scare anyone involved in involved in this hoax is that the Garda/British police will now have access to all their private emails sent to APD. There may not be grounds to extradite her to the UK as harassment only has a 6 month maximum sentence, but any UK based hoaxers could find themselves rounded up very soon once her mobile and computer equipment has been analysed.

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    • With regard to her stating that the Gardai were seizing her property and wanting to question her on foot of a complaint by RD, I don’t think it’s true. If they are investigating her and her online activities they wouldn’t name the complainant until she is formally charged surely?

      And the shite she spouted about how it’s not properly “Irish” to cooperate with British authorities…give me a break!

      I meant to write on your previous blog post that Irish Police liaise with the UK police around sex offenders….at one time sex offenders from the UK would travel here to escape being on the sex register and vice versa with Irish sex offenders absconding to the UK. The two police forces now work together to share information on that matter.

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      • You are absolutely right. Assuming similar rules to the UK, she would have been given no further information other than the nature of the complaint and not the complainant. She may well glean more information if she is questioned under caution but given the dozens of people she has harassed over the years that would hardly narrow it down!

        Again, I am no expert on Irish law, but a quick look shows that they have far harder penalties for harassment than the UK. Summary punishment is up to 12 months and on indictment 7 years! Given that one factor in determining extradition is whether a crime would be a crime in the Republic, maybe there would be grounds!

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        • Wow! This could prove to be quite the test case? I must see if a precedent already exists.

          I really hope the gards throw the book at her. I can imagine her languishing in the Dochas center at Mountjoy…she could take over where the infamous Irish Black Widow left off.

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      • Highly unlikely they would reveal who the complainant was at this stage as it possibly involves internet harassment to reveal that name could mean even more harassment, intimidation etc.
        It may even be a matter entirely unrelated with anything we discuss.

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        • Chances are the person who made the complaint, unlike apd, won’t be making it public and will be keeping a low profile. I wouldn’t hazard a guess but the list of people she’s harassed and threatened isn’t exactly small. I think the matter is in hand and I’m more interest in what is happening rather than who actually started the complaint. Apd is properly asking for trouble now a case is open, as people might come forward now she’s officially subject to what seems to be an investigation into online harassment. We’ll know charges have been placed when, I predict, she goes offline should bail conditions require she stays away from the internet. This has been a long time coming and I think it’ll be a major chapter in the whole sorry saga.

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  5. Very good news. Even if no charges are issued i am glad they have confiscated some of her devices to cause her inconvenience. I would really like to see her be issued with a similar order to Belinda and Sabine. I don’t believe APD would be able to keep her mouth shut.

    I do feel slight sympathy for her family because it can’t be easy loving someone but at the same time have to watch them behave so terribly. Her son is not helping her by blaming RD. Maybe it’s time her family try a bit of tough love, or seek some professional help for her psychological well being, instead of blaming others.

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    • I think it’s beyond family help now, she may have to answer for a great many matters once a fully comprehensive search of her internet activity is underway. Obviously innocent until proven guilty but there’s no smoke without fire and she’s a one woman chimney.

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    • Dave, I used to sympathise with her kids but her eldest son and her daughter have enabled her, in my opinion. And Josh’s comment above about RD seals it for me.

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  6. Speaking of whingers, look who’s back.
    Sounds like yet more of her friends have cut her off. Can’t imagine why.

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  7. I wouldn’t be putting my trust in her Angels that she was praying to last night, they didn’t do much for her!

    Btw, she hasn’t been arrested, but invited for interview.

    Someone said to me, “a while in the ‘joy’ (Mountjoy prison) wouldn’t do her any harm.

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    ” The bureau also operates as the liaison for international cybercrime investigations in conjunction with partners including Europol, Interpol, the FBI and other law enforcement agencies. Bureau personnel maintains a representation at European level on a number of cybercrime expert groups and conduct training forums for local, national and international partners in conjunction with UCD, Europol and other agencies.”

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  9. They will also see how she has harassed a real whistleblower, Sgt. Maurice McCabe, whether or not that will be acted upon is another matter as he suffered a lot of harassment, allegedly, from within the force when he told all.

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    • But from yesterday’s messages from her, she will be well protected. After all she will be wearing the Helmet of Salvation; the Breastplate of Righteousness; girded her loins with the Belt of Truth; remembered to pick up the Shield of Faith and Sword of the Spirit before her acceptance of the invite and as she says: “I leave justice to God”.

      As a Catholic I will endorse that message, but I’ll also accept help from the Garda 🤣

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  10. All we need is for her side kick Heather brown now to be arrested and it’s bring out the champagne 🍾 I’m sure there find lots of incriminating stuff on her computer if they have seized it.

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    • I would but she “doesn’t trust any human promises of protection” 😀

      Here are his latest ramblings for anyone who missed them on the short-lived previous post:


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      • I wish someone musical out there would do a video playing the ukulele and doin’ Arfur’s voice singing ‘When I’m lickin’ winders’.

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  11. I feel like this is karma for the way she’s been treating Steve Keys and his family.

    After her Heather interview last night, she posted this to attack his parents:

    (Posted with Steve’s permission)

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  12. She was fair rattled in that live stream! She does say that the children’s father brought the complaint, I’m glad of that. One would think she was going to her death…Intel that could bring down the government and stuff. The mysterious ‘Anons’ will be outed! .

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    • I’m really thinking it’s a false flag ! Donations; for new tech, Sympathy; drama; gives all the troofers a few scrappy bones to chew on as they try and relight the fire of the Hamphoax, holliehoax, wedgie scilly silly swim, harvey ????? wot ? fmotl, common law shite……. all pretending it’s for the children or for CSA Survivors and chatting shite………. like eddie not ok and the other new knobs………… what proof is there that her tech was taken, also anyone with a genuine reason to complain or report………..DO IT…………cos if we think it’s in hand, we might not bother…… just thinking aloud ……..


      • “…gives all the troofers a few scrappy bones to chew on”

        It’s not working, though. Andy Devine’s just live-streamed for over an hour and didn’t even mention it! Cat hasn’t exactly sprung into action either 😀


  13. I wouldn’t worry about there being no arrests or charges as yet, any number greater than two, or rank above constable of police/garda means it’s more than just a quiet word or police information notice/harassment warning. Getting her computer and phone seized probably means an official warrant was issued and the authorities intend to secure evidence for a full investigation. Assuming it was in relation to yesterdays hatathon with serious gangster information and claims of involvement in gunning down a notorious paramilitary leader the process has moved pretty quickly but isn’t being overly applied as a knee jerk reaction. I’d say the authorities are well aware of what’s going on and treating it accordingly. It’ll probably be a slow moving but efficient case ensuring everything is done properly while not exerting precious resources. Obviously ‘alleged’ and ‘innocent until proven guilty’ apply but it looks like matters are being seriously looked into and, hopefully, addressed in the cause of making the internet a safer place. Walter Mitty types who want to pose as king pins and issue death threats should be treated just as seriously as genuine dangerous loons, just like people who carry out robberies with replica guns. I hope justice is done and any wrong doer dealt with by the law. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer person.

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      • 4 officers with a warrant to seize computers and phones is no small matter. Bearing in mind she does it in public with her mug right in her webcam the fact they’ve seized her equipment, ooh err missus, would indicate they want as much evidence as they can get. As stated before anyone who’s emailed or messaged her will have their communications under scrutiny as we speak. I doubt this is a trifling matter and the officers are investigating not just apd but others also. Don’t expect to hear about it for a while but this could be the start of a massive action against quite a few individuals and probably be bigger than the upcoming Sabine trial. Alleged and innocent till proven guilty yada yada yada. Saying that, won’t hurt to put a couple of bottles of respectable poo aside for the good news.

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  14. What’s ‘slimegate’ & what ‘snide’ comments is she talking about, anyone know or is she just making that up?

    Good to know a certain someone flew to Dublin to make the complaint. 👏👏👏

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  15. One thing I can’t get my head round is why she’s saying this is for harassing RD in the same breath as saying it’s all because of last night’s video. Last night’s video wasn’t even about RD, lol.

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  16. It’s all about the desperate try to still make this fake false flag about child abuse work and put dollars or pounds in their bank and all the other benefits, whilst sabotaging the real inquiries, etc imho, atm


        • He shares Cat Scot with Angela Power Disney ……….. she considers that as research ?????? mind you, didn’t David Scott say that WildCat aka Catriona Selvester (director too of FSF) was their best researcher ??? on UK Column ? Penny Pullen, too with her pendulum, another director of FSF ? who decides guilt by her devination ?………….plants crystals everywhere to heal eveything and anything, so these are the people that are trying to steer the movement to improve protection of children…….. hmmmm Dramarama Disney creating more false shit, just like they did with the sagas previously with Ben Fellows, Holliehoax, they rely on new punters not knowing that history of fake dramatic kidnappings, burgularies, stolen tech, bla, bla, bla, de bla………………………bleurg……..

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