Angela & Heather videos target HR commenter with credible death threats

Regular readers are well aware that on Wednesday Angela released one of her most bizarre videos to date.

Reading from communication between herself and Heather Brown (aka Suzy Jones, aka Prudence Halliwell), who she claimed would “validate” her “testimony” by typing “yes” (or something), Angela made a record number of delusional, threatening, and/or just plain strange statements, including:

  • Heather admits to having stalked Steve Keys, his wife, and his parents;
  • Ghost of Sam, Grobnob, El Coyote, and Tinribs are all Steve Keys;
  • Scarlet Scoop is Steve Keys’ wife;
  • It’s been “forensically proven” by “anons” that Hoaxtead Research is run by (you guessed it!) Steve Keys (which apparently lets RD and Sheva off the hook, as it was “forensically proven” that they ran the blog on Angie’s last outing of this sort);
  • This blog has claimed responsibility for breaking Angela’s leg…via curses!;
  • Steve Keys’ wife stole Heather’s identity, and Heather and Angela plan to report her for identity theft;
  • Heather is going to get EC’s and Scarlet’s passwords, hack into this blog, and close it down, a feat she claims she could accomplish “with one click”;
  • Heather sent Steve Keys a private message threatening to burn down his elderly parents’ café;
  • Heather claims that the café runs some sort of dog-stealing operation.

And then there was a lot of gibberish about how HR and/or Steve Keys’ wife have been hacking Heather’s email and/or Facebook, and she can watch it happening in real time (and doesn’t think to turn her computer off) but that’s all right because she’s going to put a Trojan in someone else’s computer and we lost track after that because she was making no sense whatsoever.


‘But Brain…how will you get the Trojan into the computer?’

As we listened, we were torn between anger on behalf of Steve and his family, who have absolutely nothing to do with this blog other than Steve’s comments, and hysterical laughter at the stream of clangers issuing from Angela’s mouth.

Round 2: Let the death threats begin

Not content with having made a complete fool of herself, last night Angela released another video, this time consisting of a Skype conversation between herself and Heather.

While it lacked the Hilarity Quotient™ of Wednesday’s effort, this one featured Heather making credible death threats toward Steve Keys and his wife, who she believes have been hacking her email.

At about 19:00, she says,

They’ve been found in my email box, and they’ve been sending emails, and they’ve been stealing emails. Just a warning to the thief of those emails: you are in serious danger. We know who you are, and we sat and watched you do that.

And you stole emails about seriously dangerous actual gangsters who’ve been doing things for years, and they never spent a day in prison. So if you think they won’t do you, they know what you’ve got about them, and that you stole it.

Watch out. Because they will know. And how they will know is, because I will tell them. And I will show them exactly what you did. Because I wanted you to do it, because I watched you watching my email box for a long time. So I fitted you up and stitched you up like a pair of kippers.

Heather follows this with an apparent claim that she was involved in the 2005 killing of Jim Gray, a UDA brigadier, and combines this with another threat toward Steve and his wife:

If you don’t believe me, go and look at what happened to the last adversary, the last person who crossed me was a man called Jim Gray, who ran the UDA in East Belfast. You go and look at what happened to Jim Gray.

And you can phone the police and say, ‘Ooh, she said she did something to Jim Gray’ because the detective in charge of his murder inquiry spoke with me, and was laughing, and then said, ‘but we’re scuppered’.

The police know exactly what happened to Gray. And how. And who shit-stirred and caused it. Yeah, it was me.

So you can go to police. Because if you cross me again, you’ll end up just like Jim Gray, in an unmarked grave, and that’s a promise. A certified promise. 

Rather than do the sensible thing—put this video on ice and pretend it never happened—Angela weakly reprimands Heather, saying maybe they shouldn’t be making death threats.

Not because it’s a terrible thing to do to another person, mind you. No, she’s just afraid she’ll get her channel taken down. Go, Angie.

Heather takes this very seriously, and refrains from issuing death threats for…oh, at least another half hour. Possibly some sort of land record for her.

At 1:05:36, however, she forgets Angela’s admonition. At this point, Angie is reading from private messages between her and Steve:

Angela: Then he says, ‘Despite me telling my wife to block her, I’m glad my wife gave back as good as she got…’

Heather: No, I blocked Lynn Keys. She’s raging about it. Because she was on his page ranting about it. 

Angela: Right, then he says, ‘You and Angie since March try and target my parents’ business is shambolic—’ His English is crazy. ‘Now claiming that they are—’

Heather: It’s a Freudian slip, because if I get my way, it will be shambolic. It will be a shambles. Because they are active criminals, and I am out for them. And I am out to get them. Yes.

Heather follows this up by threatening Jimmy ‘Outlaw’ Jones, saying she knows where he lives, and challenging him to come to see her in Southeast London “and see what I will do to you”.

We sincerely hope that Steve will take Heather up on her invitation to report her to the police.

As for Angela, she ought to be ashamed of herself, publishing a video like this. She’s clearly fully aware that Heather is making death threats, since she half-heartedly asks her to stop; and surely she must be aware that in doing so, she makes herself an accessory to any charges which may be laid against Heather.

Christian, Angie? Hardly. Angela Power-Disney & Heather Brown 2018-08-16 death threats

71 thoughts on “Angela & Heather videos target HR commenter with credible death threats

  1. I assume that the reference they are making is to Jim “Doris Day” Gray, not Jim Grey.

    He was notorious.

    Plenty of stuff about him on the net, from reputable sources.

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      • ^ Ah ok, yes probably for the best. We don’t want loonies running around trying to re-exhume graves of innocent parties called Jim Grey who died in 2003, just to see if APD’s claims stack up. Ireland, north and south, has enough problems as it is, frankly.

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  2. Jim Gray didn’t end up in an unmarked grave, but very few people attended his funeral. He was certainly a UDA commander of some type at some point, that much is true.

    He was a pederast, a drug addict and drug dealer, and a violent criminal, and at the time of his death, almost everyone thought ‘good riddance’. A rare moment of agreement between the Loyalist and Republican communities in NI.

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  3. Incidentally, Jim Gray died in 2005, not 2003. They can’t even get basic facts right, when they issue their weird threats.

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  4. This is one of the reasons why a lot of genuine, good people don’t try and help expose these hoaxers and liars because these people are dangerous and deranged.

    The despicable behaviour by these two witches who think their tough and strong while believing their denchers can seriously hurt anyone they sink their teeth into is hilarious . Oh puhlease!!!

    I hope these two idiots are reported to the police. Has Angela’s time finally come were she has to take accountability for her action? Karma is a bi*c*!

    Everyone stay safe!

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    • APD lives in Ireland (south of border) IIRC. Surprised she hasn’t been arrested, mind. There ought to be some co-operation between the police forces of England and the ROI.

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      • Exactly TDF I don’t understand why these conspiraloons along with Icke and Neelu get away with dangerous and damaging lies they spew.

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          • Have you read Jon Ronson’s book “Them: Adventures with Extremists”?

            He records finding no anti-Semitism in his dealings with Icke personally, but he did record over-hearing a comment from one of Icke’s followers along the lines of ‘we showed the fat Jews’.

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        • Mental illness doesn’t excuse bad behaviour. I think its all an act so they can hurt and harm people so when its time to face the music they say diminished responsibility. Thats just my opinion.

          These Truthers have done so much harm its shocking they are still allowed to lie. They shouldn’t be forgiven or let off so easily.

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      • @tdf, I don’t think she is important enough in the grand scheme of things. Mind you, her local Garda/Gardaí had a few words to her before for a live she did.

        Her constant claims of the ‘RA’ are bull, I reckon 75% of people living on the isle of Ireland know someone associated with paramilitary groups but would NEVER talk about that on live videos.

        • Agreed Peg Plunkett,

          I really doubt if she has ever had serious connections to the Provies.

          The Provies did dreadful things, but they weren’t stupid.

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        • Generally refusing to say anything is the behaviour of someone who knows either a little or a lot. Shooting off your mouth is the sign of someone who knows absolutely nothing.


    • Don’t forget, Alex Jones was recently wiped off the internet, and he didn’t make any death threats or murder claims. The time has never been better for flagging youtube videos.

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      • I bet Alex Jones blood pressure is stable now he doesn’t need to go on a volcanic rant were his face is so red it looks like he smacked himself silly and he is about to let one rip like in the nutty professor. LMFAO

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        • He’s only ever been in it for the money. He’ll be hurting at the loss of his monetized youtube channel.


  5. They are both a nasty pair of bitches, how dare they make videos like that! I do hope Mr. Keys that you go to the Police about it, they are really disgusting & think they are so funny!

    Comment from the FB page of the couple they were slagging off last night, for unknown reasons it seems.

    “The top one (Angela) looks like Peter Kay in a wig…..and the bottom one looks like she’s an inpatient in a mental hospital!)

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  6. There behavior is abhorrent cringe worthy and pathetic they are bullies and abusers. The sooner they are dealt with by legal entities the better. Keep up the great work it is empowering others.

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    • Yes agree Flo. However the legal entities seem to be dragging their feet. I hope the tide changes and these nasty, mean people who have no problem upseting and endangering innocent people, are brought to justice.

      Its heartbreaking.

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      • Thank you Scarlet Scoop the “sting” would not have been possible without the resources that have been made available on this blog and the support of others.

        I appreciate the sentiment however the quality of my work would not be to a standard i would feel comfortable being associated with you fine people due to my own lack of ability . I appreciate the offer greatly though and have been humbled by the response and am glad i am on the right path.

        Thank you for the kind words and treatment your work is highly respected and valued.

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      • Hey wifey, where did you hide those emails we stole ? I can’t find them anywhere.


    • I still have the recording of the 5am death threat woman, who got a visit from the police, telling me anons would turn up and slit my throat if I didn’t leave Angela Power Disney, Mel Ve and Hopegirl alone. The police visited the woman, she stopped.
      I left this comment, which will of course be hidden, lol….. I’ve reported twice, on others behalf mainly Stephen and his parents and of course for myself……

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  7. I have spent the last few years being pursued and threatened by a few online nutters, and some in the real world too …. but being threatened by a mad old bat, who also claims to have close links to South London ‘Gangsters’, is a first, even for me.

    One for the memoirs I think 😉

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      • I get gout. A fellow sufferer told me that he wouldn’t wish it on his worst enemy. I politely declined to agree. I have a short list of people I would wish it on. APD would make a fine addition!

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        • I’m sorry to hear that, I can only imagine, but it looks really painful, to me. I don’t like to wish harm even on these horrible lot of scammers, liars and accusers, but am mightly glad that justice seems to be catching up and don’t feel sorry for any thing that they’ve brought on themselves……

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          • It is excruciating. However, the pain and agony can be treated. What is more painful is the old gouty port drinker reputation, as in “it’s self-inflicted”. It’s true that too much alcohol can reduce the body’s capacity to remove excess uric acid, but it doesn’t cause gout. Gout can be caused by failing kidneys, poor diet, too much of a good diet (shellfish etc), dehydration. high blood pressure, diabetes etc. Men produce more uric acid naturally anyway. It can be caused by drinking too much orange juice! There is no one cause and can occur in almost any joint in the body.

            Top tip. If you are caught off guard, the recommended dosage levels of Ibuprofen can be doubled for short periods (always befriend a pharmacist, unless it’s a super qualified one).

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  8. What a pair of actual knobheads. Do they think anyone believes their Walter Mitty bollocks that they can have people killed ? Angie can’t even afford a reconditioned pc and has to to ebeg to raise the required £100 or so.

    As for me, I’m neither Steve keys nor married to scarlet scoop.

    I’m so glad you publish these posts, saves me having to hold my lunch down trying to watch the crap myself.

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    • Seems Heather is threating to team up with John Patterson & the Sarf London Mob. I’ve put the word around the manor that they’re to be given the cold shoulder. We don’t put up with interlopers and trespassers on our patch.
      In the meantime can I interest you a new range of plus 50 size gorgeous frocks that have come into my possession recently?. Meet me at the lock-up.

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      • Oh yeah, south London gangsters have si much free time inbetween doing blags, running knocking shops and banging out Charlie to yuppies that they just love defending butt hurt youtubers who get their knickers in a twist. Mad frankie fraiser was often in the dock for slapping people who left contentious comments on facebook. Not.

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  9. Jeez. Finally two super dingbats in one session. I thought APD was a looney but this other harridan surpasses even APD in the fruitloop bowl. I would pay good money to see these two and the Lebanese Looney “mass debating ” each other in a frenzy!! What a gob fest that would be.

    Seriously though, this pair of twats don’t even realise how hilariously funny they are.

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    • Whoa! So Abe and Ella are in Spain? So there isn’t an arrest warrant anymore?

      Has Guidance changed on Hampstead? I am confused?

      These conspiraloons ain’t loyal. LOL

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      • Abe & Ella have been in Spain for about three years and the arrest warrants are still in place as far as I know.

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        • Is the Spanish police refusing to get involved and arrest them? I can’t believe it or are they hiding out?

          Someone call Dog the Bounty Hunter!

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    • Check out this comment from Guidance. I had a feeling this was gonna happen – Eddieisok is not happy about the conversation being covertly recorded and posted:

      The full transcript: watch?v=RUb0dlsFJIk&lc=UgwjzZDgHR-JI5CjuQ94AaABAg

      It’s a long transcript but this bit looks interesting:

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  10. Check this out. Angela, you really are the lowest of the fucki*g low.


  11. Angie says: “God loves me the way I am”. I’ll be having a word with him tonight after supper as I believe standards have dropped lately.

    I have no idea who Mr. Keys is but he has my sympathy. These two harridans really are the pits. They simply cannot accept that in the Hampstead matter there is 100s if not 1000s of locals infuriated and alarmed over the whole ghastly affair. These are innocent residents, families, and relatives caught up in the maelstrom and endless cycle of false accusations and internet gossip while just trying to get on with their lives. There just has to be a legal reckoning at some stage.
    # Publishing my latest passport snap so there can be no mistaking as to my identity. People say I have a familiar face but you can see I couldn’t really be mistaken for someone else.

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  12. I work in mental health. The GP/ local CMHT of Heather needs to be informed about her as she is becoming seriously unwell. Risk to others needs to be considered. Heather is showing marked paranoia and is delusional. Unresolved grief of the son she lost but could not mourn will be a factor to consider when it comes to her treatment in the long term..Right now she could benefit from appropriate medication…legal measures may need to be taken to protect Steven keys and his family. He seems to have taken more than his fare share of the fall out from this case, first code 2222, and now this. If someone could write a letter to Heather’s GP or the CMHT lead in her area f heather providing video evidence of death threats and stalking, harassment, etc. Proper assessment of the risk she poses needd to be carried out. Steve should also call adult safeguarding or social services in heather’s health authority and discuss his family’s safety and what support they can offer as the woman is at the very least causing a lot of stress to him and his family. The police can also alert GP and CMHT/CPE to MH issues re any person, of course.

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    • I hope your advise helps Mark. Heather seems really serious and unhinged.

      I am glad the people being threatened can get help and support too and that they are not alone.

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