All in the family: Mother-daughter tag-team scammers

Yesterday we introduced you to HoaxGirl’s mum, Valerie Robitaille, aka Val Robitai, aka Naicheval Robitai. When we last saw Valerie, she was writing long, fawning emails to an older lady in Canada who had foolishly decided to hand over a largish portion of her inheritance from her husband.

But Valerie is not, as they say in the grand old U.S. of A., a one-trick pony. No sirree Bob! In fact, she is an educated lady, possessing both a Master’s degree in Science and a PhD in Community Health Education and Promotion.

Well, not quite a PhD really…it’s a “PhD(c)”.

According to the Advances in Nursing Science blog, the little “c” indicates that

…the person has passed into ‘candidacy,’ meaning that the person has completed all coursework requirements, and (in a U.S. system of doctoral education) now only has to complete the dissertation to be awarded the degree. This is also known as the ‘ABD’ – ‘All But Dissertation!’

A bit of digging reveals that Valerie studied for her PhD-sans-dissertation at Walden University, an online university with links to Bill Clinton, which was put under review in 2016. Still, there is no evidence to suggest that Valerie’s academic claims are anything but real.


Most people with such grand qualifications might be expected to seek legitimate employment in the their chosen field, but not Valerie.

Instead, we find her, under the name “Naicheval Robitai”, fronting a series of Indiegogo campaigns starting in about 2013:

  • The QEG Rosetta Stone Project (US$946; 8% of $11,730 goal)
    • Later moved to GoFundMe QEGRosettaStone “due to Indiegogo’s non-payment policy”. On GoFundMe, it earned a slightly more respectable US$4,599, still less than half the $11,730 goal 
  •  The Peoples Fund Administrative Startup Revised for 2014 (US$1,009; 10% of $10,000 goal)
    • This fund is a collaborative effort intended to create the resources necessary to implement a strategy of selected projects that will change the paradigm
  • December Soft Launch Administrative Funding (US$1,055; 1% of $85,000 goal)
    • The Peoples Fund to Change the Planet. Soft Launch for Administrative set up
  •  Help the Doctor that can Help You Heal (US$191; 1% of $26,766 goal)
    • Fix The World and Jeremy Ayres unite to bring hope and true healing to The People.
  • Angels in Boston*HopeGirl & Fix the World Documentary (US$2,556; 102% of $2,500 goal)
    • As planned, the HopeGirl team will begin filming its first episodic documentary in Boston on May 4, 2013.
  • Home Quantum Energy Generator (US$18,064; 237% of $7,610 goal)
    • Quantum FREE ENERGY generator to power your home 

A quick scan through the campaigns reveals that Valerie and her daughter Naima Hope Feagin, aka HopeGirl (or as we affectionately refer to her, HoaxGirl) worked in tandem on several of these projects, but the most profitable of the lot by far was the last one: the pretend “Free Energy” generator.

Valchemy, Spagyrics, and other new age woo

Valerie really came into her own, though, when she discovered the seemingly insatiable public appetite for faux-scientific online health advice.

In an early blog titled Blessed Health 2013, we find PhD-level scientific observations such as:

“One can penetrate the ether through the plant—Rudolf Steiner”

Spagyrics is the term used for the practice of plant alchemy in the laboratory, whereby the healing substances of the plant are separated, purified (changed) and recombined into a stronger medicine than the original plant (as an infusion or decoction). Spagyrists attain this effect through several phases but basically the terms used are 1) separation, 2) purification and 3) cohobation (recombined product).

(Funnily enough, Rudolf Steiner’s anthroposophical beliefs have recently been coming under serious criticism: in Hemel Hempstead, a trouble-plagued Steiner Waldorf school was recently closed, and allegations have been made that adherents to Steiner’s beliefs behave in a cult-like manner.)

You name a recent health trend, and Valerie has it: raw foodism, gluten-as-poison, the evils of GMOs and vaccines, the paleo diet, “earthing” (aka walking around barefoot for a while)…it’s all there.

Git yer orgonite bed pods here!

And in Valerie’s updated website, Holistic Health Online, we find that she’s piggy-backed on her daughter’s latest quack cure for what ails ya (even if what ails ya is entirely imaginary): orgonite.

To understand orgonite, one must first understand “orgone”, best described as a pseudo-scientific spiritual concept developed by Wilhelm Reich in the 1930s. It has been called an esoteric energy or hypothetical universal life force. It has also been called a load of tosh.

Orgonite, then, is meant to enhance or boost one’s pretend esoteric energy / life force, and combat…almost everything, with the possible exception of housemaid’s knee. Composed of resin, bits of metal, and quartz, orgonite can make a very attractive paperweight. orgonite paperweight

But that doesn’t stop Valerie (who for the purpose of her latest blog has shortened her name to the more accessible “Val Robitai”) from hawking it not as a gift for your Dad when he starts complaining that he already has too many ties and socks, but as an actual health product: Orgonite 2018-08-02 1

In true health scammer fashion, Val scares people silly with threats that they will be somehow poisoned by “5G EMF radiation”…and then she offers the remedy: orgonite!

Orgonited pendants, orgonite plates, orgonite pyramids, orgonite sleeping pods (disappointingly, “sleeping pods” were not giant egg-like beds made of orgonite, but rather prosaic-looking puck-shaped things which one puts on one’s pillow):orgonite 2018-08-02 2Funnily enough, Val’s links led straight to a series of videos produced by none other than HoaxGirl. Which brings us back to Valerie’s participation in the “Fix the World” fraudulent QEG promotion…

Is there some sort of saying about “the family that scams together”? Because if not, there probably ought to be.

Update: 21 November 2019

p.s. Hope Girl has been making snorting and snuffling noises recently about this blog having been hacked and all functionality shut down. Like this nice little porkie pie, for example:

Hope Girl scammer blackmailer QEG faker

So here’s me, unable to run the blog…funny, it seems to be working just fine, but maybe there’s some sooper-seekrit level of meta-hacking that I haven’t found yet. Then again, probably not.

Incidentally, Hopey, you might want to think a bit harder next time you decide to poke a hornet’s nest. You could get stung.


129 thoughts on “All in the family: Mother-daughter tag-team scammers

  1. Hope Girl should get that QEG contraption working, after half a decade, give it away for free, and live of the millions she could make as a guest speaker/guru. Then reinvest the excess in all the other World Peace ideas she has.

    Sadly, this really will not happen.

    This is a true story. I had a relative who went a bit wierd, a PhD, an academic. Would try to convince people he had invented a free energy machine that utilised gyroscopes. Completely deluded. Later he discovered he had two brain tumours in the frontal lobes. He was better after surgery and radiotherapy. He had a few more years of healthy life.

    That person was my father.

    He also made me calculate the square root of minus one at a ridiculously young age. Eight or something. I realised later in life he wanted me to go away so he could watch the Sunday Grand Prix on telly! I did it though so I thought I had the last laugh, imaginary numbers, until he asked me to write a proof the crafty bugger.

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    • I had a friend who said her uncle had invented a free energy machine. Apparently big business bought the patent to suppress it. I managed to get his name and do some research and the patent was for an energy conservation device and nothing to do with free energy. The friend now has a sensible husband and is quiet about her earlier claims. We all fib I suppose. Some of us just do it bigger and better than others and then have to live with it.

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      • Perhaps this shows the importance of having sane friends and family? Good to know that conspiraloonism can be cured or at least arrested.


        • Isn’t the name Rosetta Stone the name of books to learn different languages? I’m near sure it’s constantly on the advert channels


  2. I wonder if Valerie could tell me if I took the Phytoestrogen hormone out of Japanese Knotweed, could I inject it in to my Roses to have gigantic blooms!

    I reckon she could have fun with something like that instead of the QEG scam.

    6 scams eh, it’s a wonder Rosetta Stone company didn’t sue her for using the name.

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  3. I don’t know if Valerie would be able to help you with your roses but i do know that HopelessGirl can make your carrots grow bigger with the use of either Orgonite or Shungite. 🥕🥕🥕

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  4. Curiouser and curiouser! Thanks for this information, EC

    By the way Valerie’s a real sucker for being taken in by these dubious online ‘universities’. Doesn’t she know that the only truly credible route to a respectable PhD is the University of Araya in Glastonbury? Just ask that nice Dr. Christie

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  5. Oh ye of little faith! Don’t you know that orgnonite crystals can cure insomnia, preserve food, purify water, rid the sky of chemtrails, protect you from cellphone waves and make your carrots grow bigger? Everyone knows that!

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    • Numbers 14:9 is not something you want to hear people citing. “The L*RD says genocide is OK, because He wants us to have those other people’s land and possessions”.

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    • Her cats catch Camel Sipders?. In their dreams they do. Cats often lie and drag in some old dead mouse and claim they caught it. Mine reckons she doesn’t drink.

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    • The relevant word here is “intelligence” services which gives the clue they have no interest in Arfur.
      I think this mob might though:
      Adult Mental Health Inpatient Unit – Royal North Shore Hospital
      Anyone experiencing a mental health crisis that requires a period of intensive inpatient support to help stabilise their mental health.

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  6. For anyone following this, Alex Jones’s emergency restraining order hearing takes place today (9am in Travis County / 1:00pm BST).

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  7. Fix The World and Jeremy Ayres unite to bring hope and true healing to The People.

    Not-a-doctor Ayres is one of the nastiest, most contemptible little dirtballs to be found in the whole Alt-Med cavalcade of charlatans, and it is impossible to associate with him without being a scumbag con-man oneself.

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  8. So, you be wondering what a typical Satanist house looks like. Let me introduce you to an old associate known as Jason King. He is a magician and a lead Satanist from the days before Satanic Temple in the movement called Satanic International Network (SIN) before he quit to do his own thing a few years ago. He will take you on a tour of his house and you get to meet some of his family in this video:

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  9. A challenge to Hopegirl.

    Go to Metabunk and explain the science behind the QEG to them. Get your dad into a discussion with them about the actual science. If he knows something the rest of the world doesn’t he needs to put it out there. If he puts it out there all the geeks will begin to build the machine and the world will have free energy, and then you’ll have made a difference and go down in the history books. As it is, to sensible people you just don’t like right.

    This is worth watching:

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    • Go to Vimeo and watch: ‘SURGE. A Free Energy Documentary Featurette Film’ on Hope Moore’s channel.


      • That’s why it’s important they explain it. If they can’t explain it they should shut up.

        I’m friends with an inventor and he can talks for hours about how his machines work. He can explain every detail to anyone willing to listen. He knows how things work and it’s no secret.

        So go on Mr R with your QEG – if you want to change the world, explain on video how it works and debate the ins and outs with proper scientists. If you’re right about the QEG the world will be saved and you’ll be famous. You can’t lose…..unless it’s bullshit and you can’t explain anything in which case you’ll look a bit of dxxk. Your choice.

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    • The video in this story in the Sun is also interesting
      Brian Harvey arrested over malicious accusations on social media websites

      Can we please borrow the cops who arrested Brian Harvey and point them in the direction of a whole load of other people who spend all day long making threats and malicious accusations against innocent people without the police (for the most part) doing anything at all about it?

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    • I listened to Brian’s stream this morning and he seemed to be making some interesting allegations backed up by audio / video clips.

      Brian Harvey does appear to possess a significant amount of evidence in the form of video clips that demonstrate that Bill Maloney abused Andrew Ash and manipulated him into making false allegations of historic child sexual abuse against Kenneth Clark.

      In the video today Brian does come across as somewhat paranoid, but given that he has had his phone tapped and possibly made some powerful enemies this is unsurprising and does not necessarily indicate psychosis. I think he is vulnerable to being manipulated and has sussed out that Bill Maloney is dodgy and has manipulated him in the past.

      He says that he does not know who to trust, and I can understand how he feels that way and I think he is right to be extremely cautious about people. I am concerned about him putting his trust in various dubious persons such as APD. Unfortunately, due to his public profile, he will attract the attentions of all kinds of grifters and exploiters who want to hitch a ride on his coattails. This will not help his anxiety / paranoia one bit.

      He is also reaching out to Seven aka Charles Seven and seems to be taking her allegations seriously. He appreciates that it is possible to know about crazy stuff and to be dismissed as delusional (I have been there myself) and appears to be taking her seriously as he can relate to this, which is actually quite sad. Brian, if you are reading this, some people appear to be delusional and actually are delusional.

      There are also a lot of issues he is talking about that I know nothing about, do not have the time to check out and cannot comment upon. These related his music career and the phone tapping.

      My interest in this video is in relation to disclosures about Bill Maloney, Jon Wedger and Andrew Ash.

      I have just listened to up to the 30 minute mark. I can do more later.

      Brian is live-streaming another video now saying that he has just been charged re malicious communications towards Ian Puddick who apparently provided him with the equipment to film the interrogation of Andrew Ash.

      Can we discuss the content of Brian Harvey’s videos here providing we don’t discuss the malicious communications?

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        • “Can we discuss the content of Brian Harvey’s videos here providing we don’t discuss the malicious communications?”

          I’d say, yes. This is an extract from the Secret Barrister’s write up on the Tommy Robinson case. The second paragraph seems the appropriate point:

          3. So nobody can report on criminal trials, is that what you’re saying?

          No, far from it. Anything can be reported that is not prejudicial (and which is not subject to reporting restrictions – see below). And if something prejudicial is reported in the course of fair and accurate reporting of an ongoing case, there is a specific statutory defence available to publishers (which includes newspapers, TV and social media users) who can show they were providing “a fair and accurate report of legal proceedings held in public, published contemporaneously and in good faith”.

          Similarly, publications can contribute in good faith to discussions of public affairs or matters of public interest if the risk of prejudice created is merely incidental to the discussion. So, to give a topical example, the media is allowed to discuss and debate the way in which we should deal with the rising incidence of acid attacks, even though there are many such trials ongoing across the country and there is arguably a risk of prejudice in ingraining hostile attitudes among potential jurors. No media outlet has been accused of contempt, and nor is anyone likely to be, for taking part in this general discussion.

          So we can see that the law gives considerable latitude to the press and ensures that the media do not shy away from accurate, factual reporting of criminal proceedings, or of discussing matters of public interest. The idea is to balance the importance of open justice with the centrality of ensuring a fair trial.

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      • ‘There are also a lot of issues he is talking about that I know nothing about, do not have the time to check out and cannot comment upon. These related his music career and the phone tapping.’

        I’ve read about this and listened to what he has to say. I think he’s probably been phone tapped and it’s possible the police have known and done nothing about the illegal tapping. Lots of people were phone tapped and some journalists etc have gone to prison for it. I’ve not heard Brian say that he’s made a complaint to the police about what happened to him. If he hasn’t done it, he needs to do this and also get legal advice about it.

        Brian seems to think he’s exposing some big issue re phone tapping but actually all this info is in the public domain already, and he’s just highlighting what happened to him personally. He’s also drawing some dodgy dots – thinking the phone tapping people and Maloney are connected. That doesn’t make any sense to me. As I understand it Brian had already fallen out with his solicitor, Mr Mallett, prior to Maloney reading the list of names. I couldn’t help but think Maloney added Mallett’s name in support of Brian. Brian would hear the name and think ‘No wonder he stitched me up! He’s one of them!’. (I could be wrong about this of course and my timeline could be off.) From there you get dragged down the conspiraloon rabbit hole and Maloney’s got himself a celebrity to promote his cause.

        I hope Brian gets sorted and it turns out good for him. He’s had a shit time of it and seems well intentioned. The last thing he needs is a load of conspiraloons getting into his head.

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      • ” […]Unfortunately, due to his public profile, he will attract the attentions of all kinds of grifters and exploiters who want to hitch a ride on his coattails. […]”

        They are like vultures!! But watching this happen to Brian Harvey makes me think this is exactly what must have occurred when the Hampstead case first came about. Horrible unscrupulous people crawling out from underneath their rocks for their bite of the cherry…so wrong and so disrespectful.

        A woman once advised my young self to be aware of other people’s agendas. “Everybody’s got an agenda” she said, “You need to figure out what it is and avoid being used.” Someone else might have said “Be true to yourself, be independent, maintain your autonomy etc.” but actually she was involved in criminal underworld stuff so that was the language she’d use..I don’t know if she knew she was instilling paranoid thinking in me…for weeks afterwards I was heeding people’s actions and words to figure out their personal agendas and how they might intend using and abusing me, I got over it fairly quickly though and returned to normal thinking.

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  10. More on the clown Jon Wedger who claims to be a “whistleblower” (what has he exposed? So annoying that these ratbags diminish the term).
    His products are for sale on a right wing merchandise website that has sold “free” Tommy Robinson t-shirts etc. What a goose and what a phony. Anyone who tries to profit from child abuse is a lowlife.

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    • He also appears being interviewed on a far right conspiraloon youtube channel called The Bases Project

      In this video he is giving props to Tommy Robinson within the first few minutes – I have not listened further – the interviewer is presenting Tommy Robinson and Wedger as whistleblowers against child Muslim controlled prostitution rings.

      the text beneath the video says

      “In part 1 of the Purple Summer interviews to highlight child abuse in the UK and the failure of the powers that be to deal with this, Caroline Stephens interviews retired Metropolitan Policeman Jon Wedger on his fight to highlight this subject, and how things are changing.

      This is also the key focus of the Bases Project’s existence and the logos it uses in the fight to alert pf the trans-humanisation agenda of those who control us from within. IVF treatment was created to make humans into a cyborg slave race, so called Greys and other cyborg hive controlled trans-humans. AL-499 as originally covered in Bases 1, over 20 years ago in 1994 by under ground video UK.”

      So a completely credible channel then. *irony*

      This combination of far-right, racist narratives and conspiracy theories involving aliens, satanists etc. are very prominent in the media. It is easy to think that sane, rational people will just ridicule these bizarre conspiracy theories but the election of Trump demonstrates that huge amounts of people buy into them.

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      • Bases Project is Angie’s favourite sparring partner Miles Johnston.

        I never really thought about him being far right before, though I dare say you’re right. He’s better known for his alien-hunting tendencies and his allegedly wandering eyes and hands (he’s been accused of making some women uncomfortable during interviews, most famously Sandy Bergen, whose bra he allegedly offered to unclip so he could check for Illuminati microchips).

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        • Everyone knows that to check for Illuminati microchips you just have to analyse gaseous farts. Sandy should have obliged him with one.

          (EC – did I go too far? I’ll sit on the naughty step.)

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    • Worth repeating the words of journalist David Arronovitch on “satanic ritual abuse” : “I’ve never met a Concenration Camp survivor (many who were children at the time) who has forgotten or suppressed a single second of the horrors”.

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      • I believe that dissociative amnesia can happen. Where I completely disagree with the quacks is that repressed memories or dissociative amnesia can be cured and memories “recovered”.

        There is a very powerful and extremely disturbing film that illustrates my perspective very well. It is called Mysterious Skin.

        The film demonstrates very elegantly how people can cling onto conspiracy theories and start to develop false memories when traumatic things happen that are difficult to keen in mind.

        I don’t want to give the plot away and I would very much suggest that people do not look for clips on youtube as the film is a very powerful and educative one. Not for children or sensitive persons. Survivors of CSA would be advised to watch it only when feeling strong and having support around.

        Trailer here

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        • Of course the one central issue re dissociative amnesia is that once a memory is repressed there is no way that the person who experienced the event can know that they have repressed a memory.

          If they really have repressed the memory they would have no idea that they had done so.

          People can claim to have recovered memories but such “memories” are not reliable.

          I have clear memories of events throughout my life that others who experienced the events (siblings) cannot remember. Sometimes it can be to do with trauma. It may also be true that an event that was traumatic for me and stuck in my mind was not traumatic for another and just didn’t get stored in the memory.

          Also there is a body of evidence that demonstrates that humans tend to remember things that portray us in a gratifying light. We are more likely to remember our heroic deeds than our cowardly ones.

          I have also experienced sharing something delicate about myself with a group of people who became verbally aggressive which had the effect of leaving me unable to remember what I had been talking about.

          Memory is a complex thing.

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  11. Lee Cant from the House of Cant sure can write a nifty letter, there must be a reason his surname is Cant, hint hint Lee!

    Lee CAN’T get a £933 trillion lien or the banks would go bust, try for a zillion Swindleindoo instead, Neelu will print them off for you.

    Btw, is Neelu on a ban I wonder on FB or could she be cooking up her next claim?

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    • I’ve been wondering that myself. It’s been over three days since she last posted on Facebook. I doubt it’s just a ban, as she’s been quiet on YouTube too. No news on Le Cunt’s page either. Strange as it sounds, I hope she’s ok. It’s also crossed my mind that she might be enjoying a free stay at her local cop shop, especially in light of her harassment of workers at her old house and her calls for people to break in on her behalf.

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      • Yes, very strange for Neelu not to do a live at least every few days or a quote from Eddie the liberator.

        It may be that she was harassing the workers at her old house every day, because it is harassment going round there no matter how friendly they are & calling people on FB to commit a crime for her.


      • Perhaps Neelu should take her own advice and get out of London. If her old house is auctioned off (correct me if I am wrong) she should get the surplus after her debts are repaid. Unless she has really enormous additional debts we don’t know about, she would probably have enough to buy quite a decent house anywhere outside the south east.


    • I’d like to propose a name for the act of claiming to have unlimited free energy whilst simultaneously complaining about your energy bills: leckipocracy 🙂

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  12. Yet another movie that, as someone here pointed out recently, is believed by troofers to be a documentary:

    “Adrenochrome was made popular by Johnny Depp in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. What does it have to do with the pedophile arrests, MK Ultra and the Children’s Non-Profit Organizations?”

    Oh and look which two psychos are promoting it as real:


    • How long before Angie’s inevitable Skype interview with Fiona? Place your bets now…


    • 6:21 – “Yes, I’m well aware that this is based on fiction, but fiction is usually based on truth.”

      I’m gonna take a punt that April wasn’t head of her debating club at school.


    • Sad to see this nasty cow calling Alefantis and the Podestas child rapists without even the courtesy of the word ‘allegedly’. In fact they haven’t even been alleged to be such by anyone credible anyway. I hope they sue the arse off this bleach blond bullshitter.

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      • It’s thanks to people like this spreading slander and stirring up hate that a psycho turned up at that pizza place armed with an assault rifle while families were there eating meals. And yet here they are, still trying to stir up shit. Shame on you, fruitloops

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    • A lecture on coherent writing from someone who can’t spell ‘coherent’. You couldn’t make it up.


  13. The QEG Rosetta Stone Project (US$946; 8% of $11,730 goal)

    “Please give me lots of money so that I can translate my daughter’s scam into non-English languages so she can broaden the pool of people she can target with that scam and broaden her income stream.”

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    • “I’m sorry if I’m making smoking on YouTube trendy.”

      Yes Angela, you are a well known fashion guru and right now hordes of teenagers are rushing out to their local newsagents for 20 Rothmans just so they can be like you.

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    • Angie logic: Jon Wedger runs marathons for charity. And so did Jimmy Savile. Ergo, Wedger is probably a paedophile too. Sigh

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      • When she says those things about Wedger at the end, I feel that’s her doing her best to pander to Brian Harvey.

        He said in a comment to her, he wouldn’t do an interview with her until she researched his story. So I can imagine she’s trawling through his videos daily at the moment trying to learn it all.

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  14. Another nonsensical homophobic rant from Cat Scot:

    Oh and she’s declared that more or less the entire cast of Eastenders are paedophiles. Yup

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    • LOL, if you reply to Malcolm’s comment, you might ask him why, if he hates Hoaxtead Research so much and we’re such trolls, he’s named his own blog after us 🙂


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