Cops and SRA: When good police believe foolish things

In the past we discussed why some UK police officers, who one would expect to be sceptical and evidence-directed by both inclination and training, have fallen into the trap of believing in the myth of Satanic ritual abuse.

We suggested that when police and other professionals who deal with child abuse attend professional training seminars given by highly educated mental health professionals who push the SRA/dissociative identity disorder narrative, they are likely to come away believing that these are legitimate constructs—and applying this information in their own careers.

Some of our readers might be familiar with former DCI Clive Driscoll, noted for his involvement in the conviction of two of the killers of Stephen Lawrence in 2012, 19 years after the young man was murdered by at least five youths at a south-east London bus stop. After more than 30 years of service with the Metropolitan Police, DCI Driscoll was “forced” into retirement before the remainder of Mr Lawrence’s killers could be apprehended, much to the chagrin of the victim’s family. DCI Driscoll had a sterling reputation as a straight-talking officer of impeccable integrity, and we’ve found nothing at all which would call this assessment into question.

However, he does seem to be among the police officers who’ve fully adopted the SRA myth as doctrine. And it seems that he was persuaded to do so by Valerie Sinason, along with Dr Joan Coleman of RAINS, both of whom we’ve discussed here in the past.

Seconded to Sinason

In 2006, Private Eye #1166 reported:

When the headless and limbless body of a young African boy was found in the river Thames in September 2001, proponents of a belief in satanic ritual abuse (see Eyes passim) claimed this gruesome discovery was the first forensic physical evidence that finally proved it existed. 

The believers have steadfastly refused to accept the Department of Health-commissioned report which concluded definitively in 1994 – after the debacles of  false allegations in Rochdale, the Orkneys and elsewhere across the UK – that satanic ritual abuse in this country was a myth.

Initially key advocates tried to persuade the Metropolitan police investigating the murder of Adam – the name they gave the unidentified victim – that it was a case of ritual abuse. They hoped the case would vindicate their claims and restore their credibility.

Early in the police investigation into the case of Adam, one of the most active believers in satanic abuse, Valerie Sinason (see Eye 1158), a Harley Street psychotherapist and psychoanalyst, offered her expertise to the police.

Sinason, who claims to have treated 300 survivors of”ritual abuse”, has long tried to persuade the police that satanic abuse was a reality. In February 2000 the Metropolitan Police seconded Acting Detective Chief  Inspector Clive Driscoll to investigate her claims to have interviewed 76 children and adult victims who, she said, had made allegations of satanic sexual abuse and murder.  Although no forensic evidence was found to substantiate her allegations.

It’s now believed that “Adam”, far from being a victim of a child-murdering cult, might have been killed by a person or persons who believed that the boy was possessed by a devil. As we know, this is the exact opposite of SRA—rather, hyper-religious evangelical Christians (or sometimes Muslims) may come to believe that a child has been possessed by evil spirits, and attempt to exorcise the demons through beatings, burning, and other forms of physical torture.

However, said the Eye,

At least some officers must have been persuaded that satanic ritual abuse existed because in October 2004 the force sent 30 officers from the child abuse investigation command on a one-day course to help them identify the satanic ritual abuse of children. This was organised by a barrister called Lee Moore, the founder and former president of the Association of Child Abuse Lawyers (ACAL), who ran a consultancy service and training courses for professionals who work with “ritualistic crimes”.

The case of the baby-eating cannibal

We find further reference to DCI Driscoll’s connection with Dr Sinason in 2001, when Jeremy Laurance, health writer for The Independent, confessed, “I’ve been had”.

‘LET’S NOT beat about the bush. I’ve been had. A reporter in search of  a story has, not for the first time,fallen foul of an excess of enthusiasm, credulousness, and someone’s idea of a good joke.

Last week, a story by me appeared in The Independent, saying that police were trying to close down an internet site that carried pictures of a man eating a dismembered baby. There was a suggestion, which I reported, that this gave credence to claims of ritual or Satanic abuse, including human sacrifice, which have been the subject of fierce controversy for more than a decade.

It turns out, as several readers have brought to our attention with notable glee, that the pictures on the Californian website show, not human sacrifice, but a Chinese performance artist who has been shocking audiences in the Far East with his images of cannibalism. Distasteful as his pictures will seem to most people, they are not evidence of Satanic abuse.  So here I am eating humble pie. I apologise for misleading readers about the proper context of the pictures (which was unknown to me).

I was contacted a fortnight ago by Valerie Sinason, a child psychotherapist who has, almost single-handedly, kept alive the notion that some children in Britain have been the victims of ritual or Satanic abuse for more than a decade. She has, she says, 51 adult patients who are survivors of child abuse and who, during therapy, have disclosed details suggesting that the abuse had ritual elements.

I was well aware of Ms Sinason’s controversial background and have myself been a skeptic about Satanic abuse since the first allegations were made in the late 1980s. I visited Rochdale in 1990, one of the alleged centres of the practice along with Nottingham and Orkney, and concluded in a piece I wrote for the Sunday Correspondent that the most likely explanation for the strange goings-on could be found on the horror shelves of the local video store.

However, I decided to take Ms Sinason’s evidence at face value and check it. I accessed the website and there, sure enough, was a man apparently eating a dead baby. I spoke to the police officer she put me in touch with – Detective Inspector Clive Driscoll – and he gave me some bloodcurdling quotes about murder and human sacrifice and said a senior forensic pathologist who had examined the pictures considered the dismembered baby to be real.

Eight years later, DCI Driscoll contacted the S.A.F.F. to set the record straight on the mythical baby-eater:

“The article within the independent is not accurate. I most certainly was attached for 18 months to Ms Sinneson (sic) clinic as an advisor. This was part of the MPS strategy to make sure we listened to victims at all levels. The male featured eating the young child is a behavioural (sic) artist from China, he admitted the child was real and the reason he had posed as eating parts of the child was for artistic purpose. I must confess this art is lost on me. The advice I gave to the journalist was until I know how the child died It was a Crime Scene. The journalist later apologised to me. I accepted that apology.”

Attachment, Trauma and Multiplicity, take 2

When Valerie Sinason published the second edition of her book Attachment, Trauma and Multiplicity in late 2010, she devoted an entire chapter to none other than DCI Driscoll.

He describes Dr Joan Coleman, founder of RAINS, noting that she was “adamant the type of ceremony that had been described to police was a religious ceremony that she knew well and that had been reported to her many times by many adults who gave information of events that took place when they were children”. And he talks a bit more about his secondment to the Tavistock Clinic to work with Dr Sinason:

Keep in mind that this took place in 2000, six years after Jean La Fontaine had written her government-commissioned report, The Extent and Nature of Organised and Ritual Abuse, which roundly debunked the existence of Satanic ritual abuse in the UK. Clearly the news had not seeped down to the police yet.

And lest we think that ex-DCI Driscoll’s linkages with Dr Sinason are a thing of the past, it seems he has now joined her on the seminar circuit:And what right-thinking police officer looking for a few extra CPD credits would not be drawn to a talk featuring a well-respected senior officer such as DCI Driscoll?

We rest our case.

This article was originally published on 13 February 2018.

122 thoughts on “Cops and SRA: When good police believe foolish things

  1. Someone with credentials like DCI Driscoll is dangerous when they breath life into the fanatsies of these fanatics. It’s especially odd because as an experienced policeman he foolishly advocated for crimes of which he had not a scintilla of evidence for. No bodies, no evidence, just gossip. Surely the opposite to good policing. Again you have to ask what drives these people?. Is it a desire that they wish it to be true as in Hampstead?. Is it, as we have seen, a fanatcial misguided “Christian” belief?. We see how upset they get and put their foot on the pedal when it’s conclusively proved there are no dead babies. Their upset is palpable. Order in a team of shrinks I say and examine the lot of them.

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    • Big Brother may not be watching me but Big Sister can’t keep her eyes off me. Ooh, somebody stop me!

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  2. How ironic that Sinason used to work at Tavistock. I wonder what the fruitloops who hold her up as a guru would make of the fact that she worked at the place they vehemently believe to be a hotbed of Satanism and MK Ultra mind control 😀

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      • They must have had a Merseyside clinic. We know if you play any of their songs backwards they say “I eat babies”.
        My ex-wife told me she was a GoGo Girl dancing in a cage for a brief moment when she was 18 and turned down a date with Paul but her friend went home with John. I must ask her if she was an MKUltra victim,
        Always thought this snap was odd.

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          • Obviously I’m not speaking for GOS, but I saw your question, did a google search and found this article. It doesn’t mention religious persuasion of Ringo’s ancestors:


            I know in Ireland I can identify by last name a person’s ancestral origins…not always, but often ….I’ll know which county they might have originated from, if their name is Viking, Norman, Irish, Welsh, English,Scottish, Huguenot, Jewish in origin….and possible religion.

            English surnames and place names are really interesting.

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          • Ringo’s stepfather (Harry Graves) was Jewish. His mother, Elsie Gleave Starkey was once rumoured to be of Jewish ancestry, though nothing definitive has ever been proven. I don’t know any further back though.

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          • If you start going back 3/4/5 generations of course the numbers become quite complex so the notion of having a Jewish ancestor or as my mother used to annoyingly say “shake a family tree and a Jew drops out” is increased.
            It depends I guess if you want to identify as a Jew or say like David Beckham does that you are just proud of the fact his Grandfather was but I doubt he identifies himself as one.
            I recall seeing an interview with Ringo some decades ago when he mentioned he had Polish Jewish ancestors but it could have been a Grt Grt Grandfather etc.
            I’m really refering to the antisemites (without mentioning any names like Angela Power-Disney) who think the entire planet is a vast Rothschild Jewish plot & they way they assign collective guilt so I’ve written to Baron Rothschild and said can I claim to be a distant Rothschild and perhaps have a tiny share in the family fortune. Nothing too grand. A keep sake. Some old Titian painting that may be lying around in a basement.

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        • That was a look they somehow always managed to pull off! Go to 8:55 on this video:


    • I have it on good authority that is a nest of Satanists including Mr MK Ultra himself Dr Michael Aquino who occasionally posts there. I admit I am a self-confessed Satanist and I eat jelly babies.

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    • The Tavistock has a long and inglorious history of employing mental health “professionals” who promote SRA conspiracy theories. The conspiracy theories about the Tavistock interest me as I had first hand experience of the fruitloopery than emanates from the Tavi. Whenever I attempted to express concerns about what was happening there I was dismissed as a conspiracy theorist.

      Like most organisations and institutions is is not all bad, there are some good and well meaning people working at the Tavistock, however the numbers of conspiratards, new age energy healers and other batshit crazies associated with the place is frightening and cause for extreme concern.

      Just for example, one POI is Professor Brett Kahr
      An associate of both Sinason and Camila Batmagheldjh, Kahr is a very interesting person indeed.

      According to the Confer (another SRA promoting organisation) website:

      Professor Brett Kahr – Academic Consultant to Confer

      Professor Brett Kahr has worked in the mental health profession for over 40 years. He is Senior Fellow at Tavistock Relationships at the Tavistock Institute of Medical Psychology in London, as well as Senior Clinical Research Fellow in Psychotherapy and Mental Health at the Centre for Child Mental Health and, also, a Consultant Psychotherapist at The Balint Consultancy. A Trustee of the Freud Museum London and of Freud Museum Publications, he is the author or editor of ten books on a range of topics, including D.W. Winnicott: A Biographical Portrait, which received the Gradiva Award for Biography, as well as Sex and the Psyche, the best-selling study of the traumatic origin of sexual fantasies. His most recent book, New Horizons in Forensic Psychotherapy: Exploring the Work of Estela V. Welldon, contains a chapter by Carine Minne. He has also served as Series Editor for over 50 books on forensic psychotherapy, on couple and family psychoanalysis, and on the history of psychoanalysis. Formerly the Resident Psychotherapist at B.B.C. Radio 2, he maintains a long-standing interest in the dissemination of psychological knowledge to the general public.

      Kahr also pops up occasionally on BBC TV and on Radio 4, especially You and Yours and Women’s Hour.

      According to the Tavistock Relationships website:

      [Kahr is a] Senior Clinical Research Fellow in Psychotherapy and Mental Health at the Centre for Child Mental Health in London, and Honorary Visiting Professor in the School of Arts at Roehampton University, in London

      Kahr was also a speaker at this fruit loop event in 2014 run by The Goldsmith Clinic in Ireland that features many quacks and conspirators who will be familiar to anyone who has researched the historical development of the satanic panic.

      The Nature of Trauma and Dissociation – Online CPD module
      March 25, 2014/in Conferences, Events, Training /by Teresa Moorhead

      This online resource provides a unique package of lectures and presentations by international leaders in the field of treating psychological trauma and dissociation. All the materials have been commissioned by Confer and are unique. The video and audio presentations are supported by notes, captions and diagrams to complement the talks. Our own analysis of the subject is offered in the form of summaries covering history, epidemiology, aetiology, neuropsychology, diagnosis and treatment approaches. The literature has been researched to offer you links to helpful texts, papers and books.

      The work of 14 internationally known experts
      10 hours of videoed lectures
      Supporting notes, slides and references
      6 hours of audio recordings with captions, diagrams or images
      A selection of new papers summarising the theoretical history, aetiology, diagnosis and treatment of trauma and dissociation
      Links to selected papers and books
      [button color=”orange” link=””]Buy Now[/button]

      Speakers in this online module:

      Remy Aquarone – The assessment of dissociative disorders

      Dr Philip Bromberg – Shrinking the shadow of the tsunami: healing and growth as the interlocking rewards of a psychoanalytic relationship

      Dr Doris Brothers – A relational systems understanding of trauma and its treatments

      Dr Onno van der Hart – The treatment of complex trauma and dissociative disorders applying a theory of structural dissociation

      Professor Brett Kahr – The impact of childhood trauma on adult sexuality

      Dr Jean Knox – Before, beyond and beneath meaning: developmental neuroscientific and pragmatic perspectives on non-verbal aspects of intersubjectivity

      Dr Isha Mckenzie-Mavinga – Recognising ancestral baggage in the client’s history of trauma

      Dr Pat Ogden – Working somatically in the treatment of trauma and the process of Sensorimotor Psychotherapy

      Alexandra Richman – Distinguising complex childhood trauma from PTSD in the otherwise healthy adult

      Dr Allan Schore – Working with the right brain: a model of clinical expertise for treatment of attachment trauma

      Dr Daniel Siegel – How trauma impairs integration

      Dr Valerie Sinason – Psychoanalytic approaches to the treatment of trauma

      Dr Donnel Stern – Enactment and the formulation of dissociated experience

      Dr Felicity de Zulueta – PTSD, complex trauma and disorganised attachment

      CPD value: 18 hours
      Fee: Self-funded (single user) £180, or an Institutional account (4 or more) £80 per user.

      Astute readers will notice that this event offers CPD credits to professionals and herein lies the elephant in the room in my opinion.

      All over the UK and all over the world police and mental health professionals are awarded CPD credits for attending conferences where they are taught about “energy healing”, satanic ritual abuse and various quack theories. All over the world law enforcement officers, former and currently serving members of the military services who are traumatised and devastated after horrific experiences are being offered quack therapies that not only do not actually work but that induce hypnotic trances, leaving patients vulnerable to false memories and also to disclosing sensitive information to a bunch of people who are at best quacks and at worst well maybe I had better not say.

      It is fucking outrageous.

      How can it be that so much money is being spent on sending NHS staff to train them in quackery (not to mention the absolute fortunes being spend on mindfulness consultants and corporate re-brandings) when essential services are cut to the bone and hospitals cannot cope with every day challenges?

      How can it be that a fortune is spent training our law enforcement professionals in batshit crazy conspiracy theories and other fortunes are spent investigating non-existent historic satanic elite paedophile rings when services are cut to the bone and our county is descending into criminality?

      How can it be that well meaning, hard working police officers are not empowered to act in situations of appalling abuse like that shown here

      and yet they are able to squander mountains of money on chasing non-existent paedophile rings from decades ago?

      For the avoidance of doubt, I am not suggesting that the allegations against Edward Heath or those made by “Nick” should not have been investigated. I am suggesting that the senior officers involved should have treated the allegations as allegations rather than truths and realised fairly quickly that something was amiss by the nature of the allegations and the notorious conspiracy theorists who approached them claiming to possess inside information.

      It is almost as thought there is a conspiracy, not of satanic baby munchers but of forces attempting to destroy our country and our democracy with fake news and batshit crazy conspiracy theories involving said baby munching satanists.

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    • There’s the Tavistock Institute, and the Tavistock Clinic (a.k.a. the Tavistock & Portman NHS Trust)… not to mention the Tavistock Marital Relations crowd. Which one is the signifier for satanic mind control?

      I don’t remember Bowlby or R. D. Laing or Wilfred Bion writing much about “Our Master Lucifer”, though I haven’t read Bion’s entire oeuvre because that requires heavy medication just to understand what he’s saying. It may be that you have to read their books backwards to pick up the satanic messages.

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      • Are the two linked or do they just happen to share a name? I’ve heard both of them mentioned before but never really thought about the differences and figured it was just people using different wording for the same thing. Thank you for clarifying


      • @ Smut Clyde

        They are all interrelated, although the relationships are complex. I have very serious concerns about the Tavi marital relations crowd also,].

        From the website of the dodgy Clinic for Dissociative Studies it seemed that the Tavistock Clinic played a central role in the formation of the CfDS:


        In 1992 the Department of Health funded a specialist project, conducted by Dr Robert Hale, Director of the Portman clinic, part of the Tavistock & Portman NHS Foundation Trust and Dr Valerie Sinason, Consultant Psychotherapist and Psychoanalyst with a long professional career in intellectual disability and complex trauma. The project related to alleged victims of historical abuse who had been unable to progress with giving evidence to the police and aimed to discover whether there were any common factors in these cases.

        The project’s clinical findings, submitted to the Department of Health, were:

        There appeared to be no mental health condition that precluded the research participants from giving a credible narrative;
        There were no presenting issues of so-called ‘recovered memory’;
        A significant minority of the research participants presented with dissociative disorders, including Dissociative Identity Disorder (D.I.D.).
        When the project ended in 1998, Dr Sinason founded the Clinic for Dissociative Studies to continue the work and the Tavistock and Portman Trust asked patients to transfer to the Clinic.

        Early years of the Clinic

        The first patrons of the Clinic were Professor Peter Fonagy OBE and Ms Pearl King, a former President of the British Psychoanalytic Society. A short while later, Sir Richard Bowlby also became a Patron.

        When Professor Fonagy ended his term of office after ten years, John Morton, Professor of memory research at UCL joined. John also undertook vital Clinic-based research into dissociative amnesia. Initial psychiatric consultation was provided by Dr Arnon Bentovim, a leading Consultant Psychiatrist in the child abuse field.

        Expansion and development

        The Clinic further developed with Professor Howard Steele from the Anna Freud Clinic providing attachment assessments. Whilst adhering to its original plan of providing psychotherapy for severely traumatised patients and becoming an independent provider to the NHS, the Clinic expanded and developed its remit to include further research, consultancy, training and specialist supervision over the next 20 years.

        As the Clinic has developed a robust management structure has been introduced to ensure quality of care standards are maintained and that appropriate clinical and organisational processes are observed. Dr Rachel Thomas, Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist joined the team as Lead Clinician in December 2013 and was appointed Director Elect in 2015.

        The Clinic today

        In 2016 the Clinic acquired premises in north London, formally opened by Sir Richard and Lady Xenia Bowlby. By December 17th 2016, when Dr Sinason retires as Clinic Director, the Clinic will have seen hundreds of children and adults with dissociative disorders, many treated in long-term, specialist psychotherapy in complex and unique treatment packages around each patient. It will also have provided consultation and supervision to professionals and organisations working with our severe and complex clinical group all over the UK.

        The Clinic and its staff have published six books and numerous papers on the subject of the dissociative disorders and staff regularly lecture nationally and internationally on the subject. We are currently an active member of the International Society for the Study of Trauma & Dissociation (the ISSTD) and the European Society (the ESTD). We are also participants in the ESTD’s UK training group and work closely alongside survivor organisations including First Person Plural, The Survivors Trust and NAPAC.

        also, the current Director of the Clinic for Dissociative Studies, a very concerning person and full on DRA believer, also has a history of working at the Tavistock Clinic.

        from the CfDS website

        On 9th January 2017 Dr Rachel Thomas, Consultant Clinical Psychologist & Consultant Adult Psychotherapist took over as Clinic Director, succeeding Dr Valerie Sinason, who retired from the post at the age of 70 years.

        Dr Thomas stated: ‘it is a challenge but a great privilege to be following in the footsteps of the Clinic’s founder and pioneer. I hope I can both do justice to her legacy and also take the Clinic forward into a new era of development in 2017. I am delighted that Dr Sinason’s expertise remains available to the Clinic in a senior consultative role going forward’.

        Dr Thomas was previously the Clinic’s lead clinician, following 20 years’ experience working in the NHS in complex mental health with traumatised patients.

        According to the Association of Child Psychotherapists (another organisation with plenty of SRA promoters working there) website

        Dr Rachel Thomas is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Adult Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist. She is clinical lead and Director of the Clinic for Dissociative Studies. She has worked in the NHS and as Clinical Services Co-ordinator of the Women’s Therapy Centre, London and Consultant Psychologist and Adult Psychotherapist at the Tavistock Clinic.

        As for Bion, I absolutely love his work and consider him to be very inspiring. Bion was someone who experienced 1st hand the most terrible trauma when he worked as a tank operator in the first world war and saw many of his friends burned alive inside tanks. I don’t imagine for one moment he would have had any time for Siason, Hale, Thomas and their batshit crazy associates.

        Also I know people who are genuinely passionate about mental health and evidence based medicine who work at the Tavi. These things are never black and white but the Tavistock Clinic and associated organisations do have seriously concerning histories regarding the promotion of SRA and MPD/DID. As you are probably aware it was at the Tavistock Clinic that Carol Felstead was “treated” for satanic ritual abuse, and her treatment was appalling and unethical.

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    • So true Debs, but he does answer the prayers of baldies. I’m beginning to thin out a bit on top. I might give it a whirl!

      Elisha left Jericho to go to Bethel, and on the way some boys came out of a town and made fun of him. “Get out of here, baldy!” they shouted.
      Elisha turned around, glared at them, and cursed them in the name of the Lord. Then two she-bears came out of the woods and tore forty-two of the boys to pieces.
      2 Kings 2:23-24

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    • According to Sheriff Sands (and several other fruitloops), the “Hampstead baby-eating cannibals” are “the same people who murdered Princess Diana”. And according to the vast majority of the hoaxcakes, “The Hampstead cover-up goes right to the top.” So by your own logic, Deborah, RD and Diana are inextricably linked. QED.

      By the way, why do people always talk about “the death of Princess Diana”? Surely, as she’d divorced Prince Charles several years earlier she was Lady Diana at that point (?).


      • I didn’t think this would ever be useful! I ended up having to research this after a disagreement with my Mum a few months back. After her divorce she was Diana, Princess of Wales. She lost the Her Royal Highness title.

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        • Oh that’s interesting. I didn’t know that. Thanks, Owly.

          PS: who won out of you and your mum?


          • Off Topic, but you did ask (and I did spend a lot of time on this!!!)

            We declared a score draw, She got Prince William’s surname right. He and his brother use the surname Wales rather than Windsor (although they are still Windsors). I was correct about the use of “Princess”. Convention is it’s direct heirs to the throne only, but it is actually a discretionary title within the gift of the Monarch down to the grand children level, hence Princess Eugenie and why Harry and Megan’s children won’t be, unless they hang on until Charles is King.

            If we followed historical precedence the Royal Family should be the House of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg (which is a Danish-Greek house, not German). However, Prince Phillip changed his name to Mountbatten before marriage so technically they are the Mountbatten-Windsors. The Queen, has absolute discretion and retained the name Windsor.

            It is unlikely that this will change until the next female heir. However, despite the change to the law on succession, this is unlikely to happen for the next three generations as the current line is Charles – William – George.

            Catholics are still banned from being monarch although they can now marry Catholics and still be monarch. Until 2013 Catholics were the only religion legally discriminated against in English and Scottish law, but even we think that it’s a fair rule that the Head of the Church of England should be a protestant!!

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    • Mind you, Cliff’s real surname begins with ‘W’, so she’s still going in the right direction 😀

      Mind you, that does of course mean she’s skipped T, U and V. So that’s Emma Thompson, Keith Urban and Vince Vaughn off the hook.

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    • The common thread seems to be that “Anyone more successful or better-known than me is fair game for defamatory fabricated allegations”. Which is to say, 99.9% of the world.

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  3. Scammer Update

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      • I’ve just purchased a portable solar panel as I have an extremly sunny balcony and the power generated is enough to run my large screen TV (after a 2 day electricy power loss a month ago).
        I read that in Brooklyn a new company has set up so that buildings without solar panels can link up with those that do (apparently there are heaps) and purchase power at about half the price (not sure how this works). Read an article about a man who brought a 1970s Rolls Royce and is converting it to all electric with his own solar panels set-up at his home for re-charging.
        What is the whole point of this QEG nachine? Even if it worked it’s already outdated

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    • The only question that matters: Why are you still bludging for donations when you have limitless free energy to sell?

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    • And there you are, bang on cue. Thanks for helping me promote it. You guys at Hoaxtead don’t realize it, but your stalking tabloid obsession with me has actually brought me a lot of customers because you’ve helped me rank my own content in search engines. It has to do with the algorithms used by Google. Funny how that works eh? So by all means, thanks for the free advertising and keep those blog posts and comments coming! The more, the better! As far as I am concerned… you guys all work for me now.


      • And there you are, bang on cue. Thanks for helping us promote this blog. You guys at QEG Scams Ltd. don’t realise it but your stalking tabloid obsession with us has actually brought us a lot of visitors because you’ve helped us rank our own content in search engines. It has to do with the algorithms used by Google. Funny how that works, eh? So by all means, thanks for the free advertising and keep those blog posts and videos coming! The more, the better! As far as I am concerned you and Tivon work for us now.

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          • I think Naima is a bit confused about how the Google search algorithms work. She seems not to realise that they are customised to show users either material which they have searched before, or material which Google in its nearly infinite wisdom has decided the user wants to see…based on what they’ve searched for in the past. So from her computer, a Google search will look quite different than it would from, say, a computer belonging to a farmer/ex-cop in Sussex.

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        • In response to this comment from El Coyote

          El Coyote 30/07/2018 at 3:54 pm
          “I think Naima is a bit confused about how the Google search algorithms work. She seems not to realise that they are customised to show users either material which they have searched before, or material which Google in its nearly infinite wisdom has decided the user wants to see…based on what they’ve searched for in the past. So from her computer, a Google search will look quite different than it would from, say, a computer belonging to a farmer/ex-cop in Sussex.”

          When you post anything about me, Google also shows the user my content. Plus on videos it makes my videos come up in the recommended lists. Bottom line, your posts drive traffic to my websites, which turn into conversions. Maybe all this marketing speak is a bit over you head? You run a free anonymous blog with a bunch of sock puppets. I run several longstanding fully equip eCommerce websites. So who do we think knows more about SEO? Hmmm…..


          • Yeah, I know what you mean about fake names, Naima. I came across two appalling grief trolls recently called ‘Tribal Diva’ and ‘Hope Girl’ and when I questioned the former’s behaviour, she shat herself, took down all her videos and replaced them with two kitten vids that she’d nicked off other people’s channels and passed off as her own. And the funniest part is that apparently she’s renowned for reporting any videos she doesn’t like, on copyright grounds! Couldn’t make it up, could you?

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          • Naima, you have a track record of threatening to have people killed if you don’t like what they say and you’ve also made extremely slanderous videos telling lies about named individuals trolling special needs kids and disabled people. So in response to your request to know my real name, I refer you to the answer given in the case of Arkell v Pressdram (1971). You’re welcome.

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          • Sock puppets? I cannot speak for the rest of the commentariat but we at Riddled are professionals.

            EC will vouch for the accuracy of the depiction of Smut.

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      • Naima, have you registered your QEG and orgonite company with the Moroccan authorities for tax purposes? Or have you ‘done a Mel’ and not bothered?

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      • Gosh, for someone who so deeply appreciates our efforts to help you promote your fraudulent products, you seem rather ungrateful. I’ve lost track of the number of times you’ve gloated about having flagged and removed videos or posts, which you (most often incorrectly) attribute to this blog. That’s okay, it’s nice that you think we’re that powerful, but I must admit that I find your behaviour a bit confusing.

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    • Her video about Metabunk is jaw-dropping. She’s seriously claiming to know more about engineering than Mick West and she pushes every conspiracy going, from chemtrails to vaccines to 9/11:

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      • Yes, this is a common tactic of Hope Girl. She points out fingers at others to draw attention away from her lies and scams. I was one such victim, having been levied with some of the most outrageous lies and falsities, including having my entire family labelled as satanists, after I began to question the validity of her project. Whilst working with Hopeless Girl on CCN, we did a show together called NO HOLDING BACK, in which Hopeless Girl would regularly use my network as a platform to attack those who were attacking her. In the end, I had to pull away from her, but of course, Hopeless Girl will always claim that it was she who pulled away from CCN. (Again, I have the correspondence in Skype conversations and emails to prove all this.) Armed with poorly constructed power point presentations, Hopeless Girl attacked anybody who called out her QEG scam. She is such a hater, that she even writes entire books dedicated to hating on people she has worked with, whom she feels has wronged her. She is such a vexatious bitch, that she wastes money paying lawyers to go after people she considers to be trolls, when all they are doing is speaking the truth about her scams. This is one nasty woman who obsesses over those who have outed her, following their activity on social media with malicious envy. This sick psychotic state got so bad at one point that even her own mother had to ban her from spying on her enemies due to how negatively it affected Hope’s mental state.
        Hope has been caught out red handed trying to get outside parties, including myself, to participate in taking down the You Tube channels to ‘rivals’ such as Lisa M Harrison, by trying to manipulate people into issuing said rival with You Tube strikes. I have entire Skype conversations regarding this on record.
        Hope has run a number of trolling websites which she set up herself under the aegis of anonymity, specifically for the purpose of hating on those she considers to be her enemy….
        Simple fact is: Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been donated to Hope Girl’s QEG scam, and more than 5 years later, and there is still no working free energy device to show for all that money she extorted from people to fund endless feasting on Moroccan Seafood Platters, holiday apartments, international travel, luxury living spaces etc. No matter what Hopeless Girl says about anybody else in order to draw attention away from herself, the facts remain… for all that money and for all the multiple funding campaigns Hopeless Girl has launched, there is still no working QEG… and I would not hold your breathe ‘hoping’ it will ever come to fruition. As for her organisation “Fix the World”… well you can’t fix anything or anybody, until you fix yourself. With sever obesity and clear psychological issues, one would Hopeless Girl would start working on herself instead of attacking others for doing nothing other than pointing out the obvious.

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        • A touch of revisionism going on there, Mel. Are you forgetting that you supported Naima’s QEG scam for some time and afforded her a platform to promote it? But then, I suppose when someone’s paying you to allow them to broadcast on your free YouTube channel and for the privilege of having to stop their show every 15 minutes to run free adverts for your company, it’s hard to say no.

          And I’ll assume you’ve forgotten the show where you and her got drunk, went on together and spent the entire show slagging off and slandering the people of Hampstead whilst giggling inanely. The lowlight was the tarot reading you did to “prove” their guilt.

          But hey, you were against her from the start, right?


          • Like many people, I fell for Hope Girl’s scam, but working with her closely got me enough of my own evidence regarding her unscrupulous actions, to make up my own mind as to just what a manipulative scammer she really is. My only crime here is trust and naivety…and uh…Got drunk? Are you talking about yourself? I am actually not a drinker, particularly when I am working. I usually do my shows with a mug of Rooibos tea, nothing else. I have never been drunk on air and barely ever “get drunk”, as alcohol is acid forming in the body and I have a clean, alkaline diet. Glad to see just how you guys love to make stuff up.


          • No I am not talking about myself, as I am teetotal. Nice cheap shot, though. I had a feeling you’d deny making that video. I’d post the link but you took it down the next day when you’d sobered up.

            And no, we do not make stuff up, despite your frequent rants that we do (which interestingly you’ve never been able to back up with any proof). Maybe if we made videos about how the World is secretly run by dragons that live under the ground and how black people should be made to queue separately from whites in post office queues (and be grateful for the “privilege”), we could up our credibility rating.


    • Sigh. No matter how many times the police say the photo-fits of “two men” were actually 2 different descriptions of ONE man they persist.
      Which just examples the fact the police cannot really rely on eye-witnesses.

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  4. Actually Angie I suspect that Leon Brittan is just one of many things Mr. Harvey would disagree with you on.

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  5. Angie on the “satanic element of occult magic & power vampirism”. Try to contain your excitement

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  6. Interesting. It seems particularly dangerous when officials start believing in the lies of SRA promoters. I recall with the Kidwelly case they suggested that the Eye of Horus symbol may point towards Satanism – a ridiculous suggestion obviously taken from a Satan Hunter who knows nothing about Egypt.

    There’s a good article as well on the SAFF website about the police wasting time on the “Satanic Calendar” and so called St Winebalds Day. There of course is no such calendar in existence and yet somehow, the police were momentarily taken in by SRA pundits who often peddle this fraudulent list of dates.

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      • Little boxes on Facebook
        Little boxes made of ticky-tacky
        Little boxes on Facebook
        Little Boxes all the same

        There’s a threatening one and a hoax one
        And a nasty one and a putrid one
        And they’re all made out of ticky-tacky
        And are reported just the same. 🙂

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