‘No child could know that much’: False perception and the Hampstead hoax

Since the inception of the Hampstead SRA hoax, one of the refrains most often heard from the true believers is, “But those children know so much, so many details about sex! How is it possible for children that age to know that much, unless they’ve experienced it themselves?”

Many newcomers have taken the Hoaxtead mob at their word and accepted that the children were forced to learn and then parrot on video a slew of information about bizarre sexual practices…but a close examination of the videos Abe and Ella made en route from Morocco tell a very different story.

Please note: the following may be disturbing to anyone who has experienced sexual abuse. Please proceed with caution.

We have gone through the transcripts of the Morocco/UK videos, and have extracted every statement the children made which had to do with sex. We’ve sorted the children’s statements by video, and have included every mention of sex we could find.

Our findings might surprise you: with a very few exceptions, the children are exceptionally vague about the details, though they do use the word “sex” a lot.

1. Naming children & social services

Child P: This cult is, because when we, the first time, whenever we did done it.
Abraham: Did what?
Child P: First ever, we saw Papa kill a baby, and me and Q done and when they done sex to me and Q…when we first….
Abraham: Who did sex to you?

This is followed by questions about who is in the alleged cult, and P’s assertion that RD is the “boss” of it. Then:

Abraham: And what’s the, and what do they do, this cult?
Child P: They do sex, uh, they do babies….
Abraham: Sex to who?
P: Sex to children. They do it to each other.
Abraham: And what are the babies for? Where do you get the babies?

The rest of this video is taken up with discussion of how babies are obtained from social services.

2. Supply of babies

Abraham:  What do they do with these babies?

Child P: They eat it.  Do sex…first….
Abraham: Why do they eat the baby?

P: They.…
Abraham: Is the baby alive?

P: No, they inject it to make it go to sleep and.…
Abraham: And then?

P: And then after, papa tells us to hold the knife and then he puts his big hand on, he pushes it into the neck, cuts it and after, when it’s upside down, so he goes like that!

Abraham: How do get the baby so it’s upside down?

P: So you get a string, hang it up, and it’s upside down when it’s asleep. Well.…

Abraham: {inaudible]

P: Yes.

This is followed by a description of a nurse giving a baby an injection.

3. Sweets, schools

Ella: Who most hurt….what do they do to children
Child Q: They hurt them. They do sex to them. Then they pay sweeties for them.

Ella: What do you mean?  What did they do to you?

Abraham: Sweeties.…

Q: They pay sweeties, for sex, and bumper bags of sweets. And we have Mentos, we have Snickers, we have Mars. We have…M & Ms
Abraham: How did they know which ones were…don’t look at me, look at the camera….how did they know which ones are your favourite sweets?
Q: They know how…do you know how they know our favourite sweeties?  They…my sister’s P she is in Year 4 and…errrm…there’s a man, a teacher of her, called [Xxxxxxxx], and they were learning about sweets and then P talks to [Xxxxxxx], her best friend, and then…errrm…she speaks to…errrrm…she speaks to all her friends and then, all her best friends, about her favourite sweeties and then [Xxxxxxxx]…errm…goes near them and peeks what they love. Which sweet they like, and they, say my favourite sweet is…Mars…and my favourite chocolate is Oreo chocolate and then they…and then [Xxxxxxxx] hears and then the other classes start to talk about their chocolate and their favourite sweets because they were learning about sweets and chocolate. So other, so other classes start to talk about sweets…they were saying they were really lucky and…errrmmmm…. 

Q seems much more interested in the sweets than he does in describing sex acts.

The remainder of this video involves naming other schools allegedly involved in the “cult”.

4. Papa kills babies

Child Q: We decided to stop touching other children…

Child P and Child Q: …stop touching each other…

Q: …and stop touching ourselves.

P: …and face our urge.

Abraham: What else are you going to stop doing?

P & Q: We’re going to stop touching ourselves.

Abraham: What else are you going to stop?

Q: We’re going to stop killing babies.

P: Stop killing babies. And we’re going to face our fear and face our urge.

Abraham: You’re going to face your fear, because fear is what?

P: Fear is the mind killer.

This is followed by a list of people they are going to “catch”. Then…

Abraham: What did they do to you?

Child P: They do sex. They touch each other. They touch me and…
Child Q. They have plastic willies.

 And they stick it in our bottom.

Abraham: Who does? Who sticks it in your bottom?

Q: The social services. Everybody does.

Again, this is followed by a list of alleged cult members.

5. Starbucks, Pizza Express

Child Q: We also have a church, a big church, and we use it for sex, eating babies, drinking baby’s blood. We kill…sacrifice the baby. We do sex to the babies. We throw…when we are dancing with the skulls when the babies are dead.

Abraham: What skulls?  What skulls?

This is followed by discussion of how they kill babies, and then a list of various local restaurants and swimming pools where abuse is alleged to have happen.

6. Social services and Cafcass

Ella: Wait, wait, wait. Slowly, don’t rush.

Child Q: And Xxxxxx, Social Service, he sticks a plastic willy right up my bottom. I can feel it on my belly.

Abraham: Who does this?

This is followed by discussion of who the alleged cult members are, how they know RD. Then…

Child Q: And they do sex to me in a building. Well, like a big office, and they asked me all kinds of personal questions. They asked me does your mum feed you well? And we say yes, and yes and yes. Everything yes.
Ella: They asked  you many times, didn’t they?

Q: Yes. To make me say  yes and no. They….

Abraham: They want you to say no, that your mother doesn’t feed you well.

Once again, this is followed by more discussion of who was supposedly involved and how RD might have known them.

7. Sex on Wednesdays

Abraham: Can you tell me what happens on a Wednesday please.

Child Q: Wednesday is the most busiest day of sex. And today it’s Wednesday and if I was right now on Wednesday in school, they would have done lots and lots of sex to me. And it, errm, and Wednesday is the most sex day and it’s the most busiest day.  And do…we do sex
Abraham: What else happens on a Wednesday?

Q: We do lots and lots of sex. They give out  lots of sweets. Really much of sweets and this is also the day when they give us, when they give us lots of sweets and money too.

Abraham: They give you money?

Q: Yeah. They have special days of money.

Abraham: Right.

Q: On Wednesday, it’s the day of money and they [inaudible] sex cause it’s the most busiest day.

This is followed by a claim that he is abused by 100 people each Wednesday.

Abraham: How do they do sex to you?  How do they abuse you?

Q: They stick their willies in my bottom. They touch my privates, sexually. They kick my privates. They…errrm…rub until the white stuff comes out.

Abraham: They rub your penis, they rub your willy, yeah?

Q: Yeah. Yes, until the white stuff comes out.

Abraham: Yeah, yeah.  Who does that?

There is a brief discussion of who does this and where it takes place.

Important note: Child Q at this time was eight years of age. It is physically impossible for a child who is pre-pubertal to ejaculate. Ejaculation only begins once the testes have matured, usually at around 12 years of age.

8. Distinguishing marks

Abraham: Okay. And what of these does she … [inaudible].

Child Q: She sticks a willy on my bottom. She touches my privates. She kicks my privates. She rubs until the white things come out. She rubs it really nice. She flicks it. Flicks it really hard and she also, like, do that.

Abraham: What does she do?

Q: Errm … she like pushes it.

A brief note here: whereas in the previous video Child Q referred to “white stuff”, he is now saying “white things”. Clearly he doesn’t really understand what ejaculate actually is. Later, in one of his police interviews, he will assert that he ejaculated approximately half a litre at one time, a physical impossibility even for a grown man.

Abraham: Who does that?  Xxxxxxxxxxx?
Q: Yes.  But really, really hard.

Abraham: And what willy does she stick in…she’s a lady. She doesn’t have a willy, does she?

Q: Yes, she does. A plastic willy.

Abraham: Oh, she has a plastic willy.

Q: Yes.

Abraham: And how does she attach it to herself?

Q: With a like, rubber band.

Abraham: Okay.
Q: Like a, like a trousers band.

A: Okay. Oh, right, like a belt?

Q: And then, and then, they like.  Do you know the shoes like this?  Sssh ssssh…

A: Oh!  Velcro?

Q: Yes. It’s like this … sssh ssshhh

Abraham: Like a Velcro belt. Well done. Anyone else  you can think of you would like to tell us about? Who have distinguishing marks?

There is further discussion of who is in the alleged cult and what marks they have. Then:

Abraham: How big is this wart?  I’ve heard you mention it before.

Child Q: It’s as big as a five pence piece because I measured it.

Abraham: You measured it?

Q: Yes.

Abraham: How did you get to measure it?

Q: When, errm, she told me to .. when I asked her to measure it after the sex.

Abraham: After what sex?

Q: After sticking a willy in my bottom.  And also after…licking.
Abraham: Who stuck a willy up your bottom…after the licking!

Q: Too, yeah.

Abraham: Licking what?  What were you licking?

Q: The privates. The middles.

Abraham: Whose privates were you licking?

Q: Xxxxxxxx. I asked can I measure it and I measured it.

Abraham: And committed sex acts upon you as well.

Q: Yeah.
Abraham: What sex acts did she commit.

Q: She’d stick a willy in my bottom and also sometimes people, errm, stick, errm, balls too, of the willy in my bottom and then when they take it out it  bleeds more than when they stick a willy in. It bleeds more.

Abraham: OK. Thank you very much.  OK.

Does is strike anyone else as utterly absurd that a sexual abuser would, once they had finished their vile deeds, permit their victim to measure the diameter of their wart?

And that’s it, really

When people ooh and aah over the “amazing amount of detail” in the children’s descriptions in the videos made en route from Morocco, this is what they are referring to:

  1. They “do sex”.
  2. They touch each other.
  3. They have plastic willies stuck in their bottoms; they also stick balls in. (This causes their bottoms to bleed, though for some reason Ella never seemed to notice bloodstains on their underpants.)
  4. When they have plastic willies up their bottoms, Child Q says “I can feel it on my belly”. In fact, abdominal cramping and diarhoea are sometimes experienced after anal sex. “Feel(ing) it on” one’s belly is an odd way to describe these rather painful effects.
  5. They “touch privates sexually”.
  6. They kick privates.
  7. They rub Child Q’s penis until white stuff or white things come out (physically impossible).
  8. They force the children to lick their privates.

And that’s it.

When Hoaxtead believers claim they cannot believe that children that age would know this much about sex, this is what they are talking about.

In fact, when one listens to the videos, the vast majority of the time is spent attempting to stitch up RD and the people of Hampstead, than actually discussing sex acts. We should note that we aren’t including the descriptions of sex included in the police interview videos, but they are essentially similar.

The fact that the children are made to recite a very limited roster of “sex acts” doesn’t make the material any the less disturbing: forcing children of that age to memorise and repeat this sort of material is, we believe, a form of sexual abuse in itself. But when people say they “can’t believe” kids could be trained to memorise all that, we can now confidently call bullshit.

This article was first published on 7 June 2017.

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  1. Well said E.C., their ‘detailed facts’ are pretty scarce and often wrong, so much so that you could almost believe that some unscrupulous person had ‘coached’ them in what to say rather than them recounting actual events that had happened to them….

    Oh wait…

    Thats exactly what happened!

    Oh and you realise that you have disobeyed arfwit?? He said there would be no more posts on Hoaxtead, and here you are proving him wrong LOL

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    I must admit that’s not how I pictured him but there it is in black and white on the finest blog in Aberdeen, so who are we to argue?

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  4. i still can’t get my head round the notion of Christians doing death threats. Seriously, how does that work?

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  5. These Certified Nutbags (c) seem oblivious to the fact 1000s kids have trod the boards over the years, starred in movies and been able to sustain singing and dancing roles in West End and Broadway plays and musicals while remembering their lines. And they didn’t have the added incentive of having their lines drummed into them via threats of being buried in the hot Morrocan desert or a slap from a hot spoon by a Crazed Abe.
    Although of course they now claim Shirley Temple was a MKUltra victim of the Hollywood Elite Rothshchild Satanists ( don’t forget FreeMasons GOS).

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    • Lost all sympathy for Neelu over her eviction seeing she will benefit by receiving £600,000 plus after her house is sold seeing she only owes around £65,000 plus enforcement fees.
      She really is too much- posting detailed evidence that she happily particpated in her alleged corrupt banking system with the full knowledge she would need to pay a sum at the end of the mortgage (has to be explained to you by law) and then denying it even though the mortgage holder offered to assist her.

      # Although perhaps her actions are tempered by injury as she mentions a car accident and a neck injury (head injury and brain damage?) although it’s not clear if her sisiter also was in the accident.
      In the end Neelu is leech and has dragged all sorts of dumb fruitcakes into her shenanigans and will no doubt walyz of finto the sunset with a handful of cash. I guarantee with a bit of digging we will find Neelu owns other properties.

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      • Normally, I’d leave it out but it was she who posted it. She says she has a C4-C7 cervical injury. This is the spine just below the neck. It is consistent with whiplash. it is the basis for her ESA claim. I am not making any claims to diagnosis and she hasn’t posted what grade it is so it could have been serious, but statistics are that only 2% of cases result in permanent injury and it is highly unusual for treatment to not be effective over 10 years. Data from the US shows that most people recover within 3 months. She seems to be able to locomote freely up and down the RCJ steps in her own videos.

        As for other properties, I suspect not. She is using her sister’s address on court documents.

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        • Where have you seen her using her sister’s address on court documents? The ones I’ve seen all have her own address on. I’m intrigued if she’s now started using her sister’s address.


          • Look at her 50 mllion claim form she posted on Monday 23rd.. M Neelu Berry No Fixed Abode Care of .


    • Sam, I’ve taken the liberty of replacing your Little Rascals pic with a similar one that I think conveys the same message. Unfortunately yours was emblazoned with the logo of the notoriously litigious Getty Images.

      Hope that’s ok.

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      • Very wise of you. Don’t get me started on Getty Images. I’ve had a few photographer friends fall foul of them as they seem determined to monopolise the photo agency business. They really are quite ruthless but usually only send a nasty letter but better to be safe.
        # various mispellings are because of that slippery keyboard and in no way connected to Russian Standard Vodka ( so smoooth) which I never touch. I think the cat might though.

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    • Thigh groped?.
      Did I not say that the fragrant Angie received BBC compo for shocking abuse at the hands of Mr Savile?.
      The compensation for those abused by Mr Savile was set at £60,000 but the vast majority were much lower..around £5-10K. All you had to do was be able to show that you once attended the BBC at the time Savile did. Angie had proof of course with that photo but I reckon her payout was at the lowest end of the scale but still enough for a nice soujourn to a Spanish island.
      # Quite pissed off really as I once went to Broadcasting House on a musical mission and was warmly welcomed by Jimmy Savile with a firm handshake in the foyer and ushered into his studio. Should have been worth a few quid surely. I left intact.

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    • We did actually LISTEN to what the children had to say, yes, the WORDS that came out of their mouths!

      I say YOU, abedabun dawn, are a hate filled hoaxer and a fan of the real abusers, ABE and ELLA.

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      • Yes, in fact today’s post ought to be evidence that we listened very closely to what they had to say. The fact that it amounts to very little real description and a great deal of generalisation and obviously coached nonsense should tell people, even those of little brain, that this is a hoax.

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    • It’s ridiculous Sam, one person says something on twitter without any evidence, and the loons spread it all over YT in their ridiculous videos, lapping it all up.

      If they weren’t ruining people’s lives, it would laughable, the way they carry on.

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    • I believe that the Money-Seeking Music Monsters (or whatever) have had their channel taken down as well, at least in part due to videos they’d posted about Sir Cliff Richard. My guess is that these people are contacting their solicitors, who are able to force YouTube to take action.

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    • A message to Brian Harvey – I’ll say this ONCE…��Let me make this very clear… ��Intimidating; threatening; bullying and harassing survivors and whistleblowers of child sexual abuse will not be tolerated…

      YOU ruined your own career by being silly enough to have been taking drugs at a time when you should have been concentrating on being a great role model for the youth of the U.K. – Knowing your every move was monitored by the media, you should have not put yourself in a predicament where your integrity could and has been questioned… I’m not against all drugs (Although I hate what they do to people who become addicted), I just wouldn’t take them when thousands of children were looking up to me as an idol… ��So let’s push that to the side one moment, that’s not important… ��Instead of pursing your hacking matter by raising the funds or educating yourself with law, representing yourself in court, you chose to be selfish, you chose to attack people who’ve dedicated their life to protect children. I can not let you do this anymore Brian… ��So let’s speak about Mr Harvey…��This is a man who says he saw children locked up in cages with a ‘dodgy knee’ in a secret room in a nightclub in London and NEVER reported it to the police. Even today, he has still NOT REPORTED THIS to the police… ��He keeps promising that what he’s going to say “Is going to shock you” – So please, tell us Brian, what is this important information that you’re hiding from the nation; the independent inquiry into child sexual abuse and the police?��Why are you specifically suppressing key information about powerful people abusing children in prominent night clubs in London?��Are you proud of yourself? Are you happy that you’ve hidden abuse for all these years? Is the guilt eating you up inside? Or have you just fabricated the whole thing? If you haven’t, why haven’t you ever spoke of this before or reported it to the police when you realised you had seen it? ��Now I want to break this down, intellectually, to show people and expose every single one of your lies…. ��Bill Maloney is probably the most prominent activist the U.K. has ever seen in recent times with regards to child sexual abuse by using social media for social good. His documentaries have given us an insight in to the epidemic of institutionalised abuse here. An insight the mainstream media is hiding from us… ��So let’s start from the start…��Where you, Brian Harvey, went out of your way to make contact with Bill and offer media services – A typical infiltration mechanism used by paid agents of the state to ‘crash and burn’ activists projects. The exact same thing happened to me in Manchester when we squatted the stock exchange. I was lured in to a false sense of security by two men – Namely Nathan and Raymond, perpetrating to be members of groups they knew I supported. Offering, wait for it, media services! I was tired; physically & emotionally drained and they caught me off guard. The very next day the Sun newspaper’s wrote an article on me calling me a racist with a fabricated story. I was with a mixed raced girl at the time and she laughed it off, but I didn’t. It was a malicious lie, orchestrated by people in power to discredit me at a time when we were simply offering rough sleepers a place to stay during winter and the council didn’t like it because we were exposing their incompetence with regards to housing needs. Very similar to how Brian’s caught Bill off guard here. Bill didn’t need anyone else for his project. But sadly, he fell for Brian’s manipulative rapport building tactics – otherwise known as social engineering. And let’s be honest, it’s nice to have an extra set of hands take off some of the workload – BUT ACTIVISTS SHOULD TAKE THIS AS A LESSON AND ONLY WORK WITH PEOPLE THEY TRUST COMPLETELY – WORK WITH YOUR INNER CIRCLE ONLY – PEOPLE YOU’VE KNOWN FOR MANY YEARS AND WOULD TRUST WITH YOUR LIFE… DON’T TAKE NEW PEOPLE ON BOARD OFFERING HELP WITHOUT DOING YOUR HOMEWORK FIRST!!! THERE’S A LOT OF PEOPLE ‘POPPING UP FROM NOWHERE’ OFFERING THEIR SERVICES TO ACTIVISTS; SURVIVORS AND WHISTLEBLOWERS – SIMPLY TO DISCREDIT THEM AT A LATER DATE. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SIMPLE INFILTRATION TACTIC!!!!! ��So, let’s have a look at Brian’s YouTube channel to get a bit of background… ��Here we can see his profile’s only been active for a year. ONE YEAR. Not the 4 or 5 years he says he’s had to stay indoors because of Bill. Hold on a minute, when did Brian make contact with Bill? A year ago? So how could it be possible for Bill to have had a psychological impact on Brian’s deluded dreams about meeting Bill 4 or 5 years ago in the fabricated cloudy world of the East Dimension – 17 lightyears west? These same five years he’s supposedly been hiding in his house, but then became a walking contradiction – by uploading video’s proving he really has been out of his house. And he’s not shy when he does! LOL! Scooby doo’s less confusing than you. I won’t attack anyone’s mental health, because I’ve suffered myself, but Brian needs to really have a think about the claim’s he’s making, especially with all this editing he’s doing, surely he should be editing out his blatant lies too?!? The first video regarding C.S.A. is an attack on Andrew Ash – A man who’s been through so much. A man who’s constantly on edge. Wouldn’t harm a fly. This is a clear attempt to discredit a survivor who was abused by powerful people. Why are you doing this Brian? Who’s putting you up to this? Who’s paying you? It’s clear from your entire ‘channel’ that you have no interest in actually helping survivors… All you want to do is raise awareness about your ‘hacking scandal’… And show us your shitty grime tracks… That’s actually sick & twisted… Using child sexual abuse to raise awareness on your own case and ‘music’… Wow!!!��You need help… This is not normal… ��You’ve either sat at home, watching Bill’s video’s on YouTube and thought “This guy’s getting a lot of views about injustice, if I work with him, people will listen to me about my case” because you wan’t getting anywhere with your own content… Or someone has put you up to this and you’re being paid to discredit people during the independent inquiry into child sexual abuse… Something you don’t even mention… ��STRANGE THAT YOU UPLOADED THIS VIDEO AT EXACTLY THE SAME TIME PRINCE CHARLES WAS FIGHTING NOT TO GIVE EVIDENCE AT THE INDEPENDENT INQUIRY – HHHHMMMMMM… ��THIS LOOKS LIKE A DISTRACTION AT A SPECIFIC POINT IN TIME TO ME��Now I don’t particularly like Richie Allen after he said some nasty things about me, based on lies, but I respect his work. I don’t hate him or then make up lies about him. I just understand he was naive and believed the lies. The same goes for Lou Collin’s. I don’t particularly like some of her beliefs. But I respect all of the work she’s done with regards to child sexual abuse… ��Now let’s get back to Brian. What has he actually done for the survivors of child sexual abuse? How many peadophiles has he put behind bars? How many investigations has he worked on? How many documentaries has he done to raise awareness on child sexual abuse, despite all this expensive media equipment he’s ranting on about? He’s allowed the raping of children in cages to continue in London to this very day by not lodging a witness statement. Instead of making ludicrous demands to meet Jon, he should be screaming over the internet asking Daniella to come forward and lodge a witness statement too if he’s so confident. Where’s the video’s of him and her on the sofa detailing everything they say in this dodgy secret red passageway? Where are the video’s of him screaming outside the police station about this? ��It all seems a bit suspicious to me. ��Now listen here Mr Harvey… ��YOU don’t get to dictate terms. YOU don’t get to make demands. You are not important. Jon has more supporters than any amount of records your band has sold. ��There’s a great book by guardian journalists called ‘Undercover’ regarding agents of the state and their acts of discourse towards activists deemed a threat to the establishment. Read it. Also read Snowden’s revelations regarding G.C.H.Q.’s very own cyber magicians J.T.R.I.G. – The joint threat research intelligence group. Their online agents who spread lies in order to discredit key activists. ��At a time when the national independent inquiry into child sexual abuse is ongoing and Prince Charles himself has been reluctant to give evidence on Peter Ball’s abuse and his relationship with him and Savile, it all seems like a bit of a distraction to me. ��Why hasn’t Brian mentioned the inquiry? Why hasn’t Brian uploaded the phone call of him reporting these caged children to IICSA? Why hasn’t Brian engaged with the inquiry since inception? Why hasn’t Brian ever investigated child sexual abuse, yet wants to discredit every key alternative news journalist who’s done extensive work in the U.K. to make sure that the public know about this? Why is Brian using other people’s name’s in a sick twisted attempt to raise awareness on his own injustice? Granted, he’s been ‘stitched up’, but he’s clinging on to the hope that he’ll get some compensation simply for being exposed for taking coke. Whether he was stitched up or not is irrelevant, he was still taking coke at a time when he was in the media, influencing a nation of naive children. You got CAUGHT is what you mean and your own actions ruined your career. Now you’re angry, I get that. You want justice. But you’re not going to discredit survivors and whistleblowers of child sexual abuse in the process. That I guarantee. ��Jon hasn’t threatened you whatsoever. There’s not a threatening bone in his body, he’s a man of the church. He spent his career honouring his oath to protect the public and has had nothing but persecution for it. And how do you repay this man? You bully; threaten; harass and attempt to discredit a man you know is suffering with P.T.S.D. – This stops today. What you are doing is a crime. If you continue to mention Jon Wedger in your video’s, in an attempt to harass him, then it won’t be a civil legal proceeding you’ll be attending, no pal, it will be a police station, then a criminal court. I will report you for harassment and make sure that you face the consequences, as will the thousands of other supporters Jon has. You have been warned. Try me… 😉 ��You’re nothing but a sad lonely individual. You’re either being paid or you’re just a self-obsessed creature who wants to see the world burn. You’re not harming Jon anymore. We’re on to you. Your attack’s on survivors and whistleblowers of child sexual abuse will not be tolerated anymore. Why does your ego even think that you can demand that someone come’s and sit’s next to you, so that you can attempt to manipulate them, after you have publicly attacked them all over the internet. You need help. You’re deluded. You really think that anyone wants to come and sit on your sofa with you? Lulz. Now you’re backtracking, clinging on to the hope that your attacks on Jon will somehow force him in to meeting with you so that you can perpetuate this nonsense and cause a divide between survivors and police whistleblowers at a time when this nation has an ongoing independent inquiry in to institutionalised child sexual abuse. That’s not going to happen Mr Harvey… I hope you understand how serious I am about this… ��Change the record. Or better still, instead of smashing your worthless records on a bin, do that with your head and give it a wobble afterwards… ��Get a new angle… ��Go and harass the people oppressing you. Target them!!! Take all your anger out on them! Not Jon!!! He’s received commendations for the work he did on the Baby P case; defied senior officers trying to ‘shut him up’ and you want to target him with your vile accusations and messed up life? ��YOU WILL NOT TARGET ANY SURVIVORS AND WHISTLEBLOWERS OF CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ��Now what’s really triggered my response is not even all your attacks, it’s something else you mentioned…��Whilst attempting to discredit basically everyone who’s prominent in the alternative news, you chose to mention Hampstead. That bothered me. You will not discredit those two children. Ever. We believe the children. We believe the evidence from the paediatrician who’s worked in her field for over 30 years and don’t doubt her professional analysis. We believe the fact that the police investigation was closed after just nine days is suspicious. We believe that the IPCC has upheld the mothers complaint and is also questioning the authenticity of the police investigation, purposely not taking certain line’s of inquiries like questioning the teacher involved, where the children have specifically described tattoo’s. I noticed that you have mentioned these tattoo’s in a title of one of your video’s with Lou Collin’s and it’a apparent that you’re attempting to discredit her and the fact these children have been abused. With random assumptions that “they’re all connected” just because they’re all speaking out about child sexual abuse in Hampstead… ��Why aren’t you mentioning the epidemic of institutionalised child sexual abuse, hidden by legal loopholes that allow predators to live and prey on our canal networks? Where THOUSANDS OF YOUNG MALE’S BODIES ARE BEING FOUND… All you seem to want to focus on is discrediting people who ARE doing something about abuse; recording phone call’s and conversations without asking survivor’s if they’re comfortable with that first in an attempt to later discredit them; using random names / cases thrown in with a tiny bit of truth to confuse people. You’re a shill. A blatant one. ��Whether you’re doing this for money, or for your own twisted games. It stops. Today. Stop targeting Jon. Any further video’s aimed towards him will also be considered harassment and an intention to harm a man who’s fragile, suffering with P.T.S.D. ��Leave him alone you fucking bully! Come and sit with me if you want to talk… I have MANY more questions for you… ��Come and target me, if you dare 😉 ��Muhahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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  6. Oh for Christ’s sake…

    Source: Fiona Barnett, regurgitated by Cathy Fox, then blindly re-spewed on Hollie Greig Justice by that weird bloke who likes to dress up as his mother



  7. Another slice of Pikey ‘reality’, this time corresponding with that other well grounded individual Nina Valentine…

    To: cosmicrf@hotmail.com
    Subject: Re: Neelu Berry Evicted!
    Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2018 09:27:30 +0100

    This is terrible, any updates welcomed Neelu or Anthony. Stay strong in this exhausting war trying to stamp us out of life. Behave or be bullied to silence is pretty much the message. They did this to Neelu because they wanted it all over YouTube to try and keep other people quiet or rather behaving well without free thought or well enough schooled brains to use keeping people hypnotised to the beat of their drum and theirs alone. Horrors they are the lot of them. Yes, just doing their jobs, but time for them to wake themselves from the deep slumber they operating from. So sorry your going through this, Neelu. Love and prayers, Nina x

    Re: Neelu Berry Evicted!
    From: Rev Dr Anthony G. Pike (cosmicrf@hotmail.com)
    To: hampsteadgroup (cosmicrf@hotmail.com)
    Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2018 20:49:30 +0530
    Attachment: agpfamily.jpg (59.7 KB)

    Theocratic Parliament of Britain

    ‘It only takes 20 people to steal a house’ Neelu Berry, Ilford 20th July 2018

    Thanks, Nina, yes, the way a capitalist society works has got nothing to do with human decency or common sense, but everything to do with the MONEY honey. In fact, I, like Neelu, lost everything after bringing my Indian wife and kids to UK, after which she nicked all my money, house and kids and even my inheritance with the full support of the UK Govt and my family who also wasted large sums of money which I’d left in their custody which they then decided to do as they pleased with regardless of instructions from me resulting in my Russian wife, [NAME REDACTED], 35, in Severomorsk not being able to join me in India and both me in India and my wife in Russia being thrown in jail on trumped up charges. O well, as they say in old Chinatown, c’est la vie, that’s life!!

    Yours in the battle for planet earth,

    Rev Dr Anthony G. Pike (UK)
    Cosmic Research Foundation
    Markapur, A.P. 523316, India
    E-Mail cosmicrf@hotmail.com
    Tel 91-8596-224312/9959-684635


    • “I, like Neelu, lost everything after bringing my Indian wife and kids to UK”

      Wait – Neelu has an Indian wife too?


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