All in the eye of the observer: Dr Michael Salter

From time to time, we digress from watching the monkeys in the zoo…er, the Hoaxtead mobsters behind their keyboards and webcams, take a step back, and look at the broader picture. One aspect of the Hampstead “Satanic ritual abuse” hoax which we have been finding particularly disturbing is that it seems to be at the crest of a new wave of Satanic panic.

Some of us are old enough to recall the last time this happened, in the 1980s and early 1990s, and it wasn’t pretty. Gullible and/or unscrupulous and/or mentally ill therapists, police officers, and parents converged both here and in North America, creating and feeding off their own hysteria, which built up to a witch hunt of epic proportions.

In the bad old days of the last Satanic panic, the issue was seized upon by the “mass media” as it was then known—basically television, radio, and print media. These days, social media has almost completely replaced the older forms of communication, and one day’s speculation becomes the next day’s viral meme—why, hello, #Pizzagate!—and off we go into a spiral of hysterical delusions, amplified by Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Some of those who support this latest manifestation are veterans of the first Panic—people like Valerie Sinason and Joan Coleman of RAINS—but others (perhaps more disturbingly) are relatively young, seemingly progressive people who one would imagine might know better.

Then again, SRA promoters like Dr Michael Salter, a Criminology lecturer at Western Sydney University in Australia, weren’t around for the first Satanic panic…so what’s their excuse? HR commenter Justin Sanity has been making a bit of a project of examining and critiquing Dr Salter’s claims lately, and we think his insights are worth sharing.

Take it away, Justin!

My initial interest in this Dr Michael Salter, a Criminology lecturer at Western Sydney University, came from his being a friend, ally and apologist for some specific fraudulent “ritual abuse” claimants that I’d been “watching” for a long time. His apologetics were so over-the-top that I felt compelled to ridicule & mock them.

But as I’ve delved deeper & deeper into his subsequent career as an academic, supposedly conducting and publishing serious research, my bemusement has shifted into real concern.

Here’s why:

Salter uses something called “qualitative” methodology, based on soliciting a subject’s life history narrative. In other words, he records and then “analyzes” what they tell him about their life experiences and how those have affected them. He makes no effort to objectively verify anything they tell him. He takes them at face value and assumes that what they say is valid and true.

He claims to be researching “organized abuse”, defined as: “where multiple adults conspire to sexually abuse multiple children”, but the people he uses as his subjects are drawn exclusively from the ranks of patients being treated by “trauma” therapists, and are all either self-identified as Ritual Abuse victims or “diagnosed” to be by a therapist

Salter never solicits, as subjects, people whose CSA experiences as victims of such perpetrator conspiracies is validated & documented through the conviction of their abusers. Obviously, there is no lack of those in our society…there have been numerous pedophile & pederast rings prosecuted between say 1970 and 2000, in North America, the UK and Australia, so there could be hundreds of PROVEN “organized abuse” victims for him to interview if they were willing to participate.

But Salter isn’t interested in them, and doesn’t try to include them in his research. His subject pool is deliberately restricted to persons whose claimed childhood Ritual Abuse experiences are unproven and unprovable, and are similar in nature to those of persons whose RA claims have been proven to be fantasies saturated with demonstrable falsehoods.

Which would be neither here nor there to me if this was simply a personal hobby, but Salter is presuming to generate “a body of knowledge” about Organized Abuse crimes, their victims and their perpetrators, including suggestions about mental health treatment of future child victims, that is based on & derived from fantasists but will be applied to genuine, documented victims of conspiracies where multiple adults conspire to sexually abuse multiple children”, as well.

This is very serious fraudulence, in my opinion, with potentially disastrous, permanent corruption of our understanding of CSA, its causes, prevention, prosecution and treatment.

In a recent article on Reddit, Justin pointed out:

Another amazing resource, documenting historic organized child sexual exploitation-abuse in the UK (and elsewhere in the world, involving British citizens) with scans of actual news coverage from the time, is Spotlight on Abuse:

This is a very comprehensive database documenting cases all the way back to 1960’s.

Strangely, Dr Salter never mentions the existence of organized abuse cases prior to the 1980’s – most likely because allegations of satanic ritual abuse/ ritual abuse/ ritualistic abuse cannot be documented prior to the 1980’s.

Note that a few controversial cases of CSA allegations that might seem unrelated to well known SRA accusation cases, such as Leeds 1985-1990 and Cleveland 1987, actually share an important common trait.

In all of these cases, social workers and/ or physicians attempted to use intuitive deduction methods to identify sexually abused children who had not made direct verbal disclosures of abuse. The widespread use of intuitive deduction in the 1980’s was documented in Sandra Buck’s “The RAINS Network in the UK”, 2008, a history of the Ritual Abuse Information Network. “…there were [social] workers in Congleton, Rochdale and Essex, all dealing with children who were trying to communicate terrifying experiences. They did this as children do, through their behaviours, drawings and play”.

The assumption by such professionals, that they could correctly “decode” from children’s behaviour, drawings and play, abuse events in the child’s life was tragically proven to be false – many times.

So Dr Salter’s “qualitative research” subjects are never required to provide actual evidence that any of their claims are true—they are merely observed and “interpreted” as-is, with no attempt at objective verification. This seems a bit of an eerie echo of the early use of “intuitive deduction” by therapists who believed they, too, could interpret the behaviour of children who they believed to have been abused.

It’s not about what actually happened, as determined by verifiable evidence, reliable witnesses, or even convicted perpetrators; it’s really all in the eye of the observer.


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  1. Good work, EC.

    And speaking of “SRA promoters”, it seems Vunky the topless chicken-chucker’s planning on making a documentary with Ella:


    • Lisa wants to watch herself. Lurking around primary schools is known round these parts as “doing a Rupert” and she could find herself keeping Sabine company if she’s not careful.

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      • That’s why she left it to the last day. She’s all their with her cough drops is Lisa.


      • You can WALK ten miles in 3 1/2 hours! If she was staying in Hampstead I’m sure she wouldn’t have had to travel so far to find the church.

        Of course there wouldn’t be anything untowards to see when she actually got there. I think most of them keep away to avoid bursting their own bubble.


    • This is her previous shoddy effort:

      Go to 1:36:48 to hear Abe’s unsettling views on child-beating:

      “…In 1951…she was promoting the idea of not smacking your children…the idea of no corporal punishment…it was part of an established agenda to steal children from parents who dared to chastise their children in the hope of guiding them right. They used this social welfare charter of no corporal punishment to break up the family, because they developed these children’s homes…for children they considered to be delinquent…or beyond parental control. Now, how did these children…get to be beyond parental control? Because the parents had lost their right to discipline their children in the same way that most wild animals give their pups or their cubs a clip round the earhole to bring them back into line.”


      • Ignorant creep.
        My parents were stern disciplanarians but never laid a finger on me or my siblings. I once decided to investigate as both parents said they had never been physically disciplined. My four grandparents told the same story and a couple said, from memory, their parents had a likewise experience (we were back to the mid 1800s by now). They even said the notion of beating a child seemed quite alien not just with them but the circle of people they moved amongst.
        So I concluded that physical discipline was a learned activity that was often perpetuated from generation to generation with no discernible benefit.
        So Abe as usual speaks out of his arse (as we know he’s fixated on anal activities).

        Mind you Angela Power Disney would disagree and claim thrashing a child daily with a wooden T-Square does wonders for the child as well as providing great joy, if not ecstasy for the parent.


  2. And continuing the theme of creepy, ill informed SRA promoters, I see the key speaker at the next Fresh Fart roadshow is Brian Gerrish.

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  3. Thank you to CatChairInTheRye for the heads-up on this story

    Keep your eyes out for a character called Sarah Ruth Ashcraft. She sounds like a cross between Becki Percy and Fiona Barnett and she’s been going round hawking a story about how she was a Tom Hanks’s mind-controlled sex slave:

    Because hey, why report this to the police when you have Twitter? Right, Sarah?

    And it almost goes without saying that hoards of conspiraloons have jumped on the bandwagon without checking its veracity or questioning Sarah’s credibility. Here’s a typical piece of dot-joining hilarity in which the uploader manages to prise Satanism and Pizzagate into the narrative (quelle surprise), seems obsessed with the colour of Tom Hanks’s shoes, refers to Sarah as a “chick” and, without a hint of irony, repeatedly calls multi-millionaire and 4-time Oscar-winner Hanks a “loser”:

    Oh and of course, Cat Snot and her Aberdonian lapdog have been lapping it up too.

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    • I’ve been using the Sara Ruth Ashcraft’s initials angle for the past 3 days on You Tube to let the hoaxers know she’s playin’ them. Of course, their minds won’t let them think like that.

      As for the Toddlers and Tiaras skit Hanks was once in, they can’t see that it was simply exposing the ridiculousness of those types of pageants.

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      • Good spot, CatChair! Yeah, if I were a piss-taking prankster aiming to get one over on the conspiraloons with a juicy abuse story, I reckon a fake name with the initials SRA would definitely be a good start.


      • Congratulations, CatChair – you’ve just been accepted into the ‘Everyone is Spiny’ club 🙂

        Just watch your back down that clubhouse – the manager is an evil witch who likes to dress up as his own mother and burn people in wheelie bins. Nuff said?


        • Relevent: someone close to the Cliff Richard camp says his lawyers are monitoring and recording all libels against him on social media. I think there may be a Lord McAlpine moment forthcoming. I wondered if this may be the case as most people, even celebrities would have walked away relieved after similar circumstances. Apparently Cliff is so aggreived that his remaining years will be blighted by this case he’s determined to get blood. He has so far with SYP & BBC but really the whole attack upon him was germinated by creeps on the internet beginning with the exaggertaed Elm Guest House lunacy and fantasists thinking he was fair game (step forward convicted con artist Chris Fay).
          # It’s why I’m surprised Bill Baloney has stuck his head above the parapet again.
          ## I would never mention any names of Sir Cliff false accusers who continue to libel him on the net although for some reason the words ‘Power’ ‘Angela’ and ‘Disney’ come to mind.

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    • Great Minds Think Alike, synchronicity etc.
      Just discovered her Tinribs (probably why you got the Koala Award and why I’m on the award’s committee !).
      Her twitter feed reveals a complete fanatic and another Certified Nutbag (c).

      She has a problem as Tom Hanks has long been considered the nice guy of Hollwood and is much loved by crews on the film sets etc. (I once worked in a lowly capacity on a film starring Kirk Douglas and he was similarly well liked). Hanks has been happily married for decades with no hints of affairs etc. Of course These Creeps use the fact his son has gone off the rails a bit as some sort of condemnation.

      When you get the often very down-to-earth, no nonsense film crew liking you it’s a quite a deal as they don’t take to prima donnas well.

      Sarah Ruth Ashcraft is almost a Barnett clone having been abused by her father, as she claims, then marketed out to..well not the creepy Man Next Door but only celebrities and Hollywood movies stars.
      Another Donald Trump cult fan (pushing the bizarre claim he’s having pedophile rings arrested left right and centre without a shred of evidence) which is the sign of a troubled mind. Not because of my personal dislike of Trump but because dills like Ashcraft haven’t a clue about his mostly disastrous policies (the ruinous trade tariffs or seperating immigrants from their kids) but a belief he has been Chosen By God to rule America.
      He may have been chosen by a god but which one?. If there is a Lucifer I reckon he’d be a Trump fan.

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      • Thank you, Sam. I still wear that award with pride. Tom can keep his Oscars – he can only dream of a Koala Award™.

        Thanks for the additional info’ on this. It sounds like you’ve been doing some digging on this story. (As a KA-holder, am I eligible to nominate you and CatChair for the award?)

        You’ve hit the nail on the head with your second paragraph, mate. Much of this kind of thing is to do with jealousy, I think. That would explain so much about people like Catriona Selvester, who’s currently working her way through the A-to-Z of male rock stars, and it may be one of the motivations behind bogroll-worthy publications like the debunked RAINS list.

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      • It’s ironic that “Cat’s Aberdonian lapdog” has jumped on the Tom Hanks bandwagon, as he’s always reminded me of Forrest Gump.

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    • I was Ken Dodd’s sex slave.

      I was sold for three Walnut Whips and an Eccles cake.

      I was kept in the Jam Butty mines for years and tortured by diddy men who made me eat loads of jelly babies.

      Video to come. 🙂

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  4. Gordon Friggin’ Bennett, I’ve heard it all now. How much can a Koala ( award winning ) bear??? Tom Hanks???? APD will be all over this like a seagull on a chip telling us how she knew all about this a while ago from her “secret sources ” in Hollywood!
    In line with the Tom Hanks connection may I say that “Hoaxers are like a box of chocolates, sometimes they’re all nuts! “

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    • Not only has she been all over it but she’s also kindly alerted us to something that occurs at the 15-minute mark in a 14-minute-57-seconds-long video:


  5. Tired of the poor audio quality in Neelu’s videos and being unable to hear what she’s saying? Don’t worry – you can still watch her wandering aimlessly around the back of the RCJ:


  6. Is this harassment?

    (Followed by the Twitter addresses of 108 MPs)


    • Didn’t they teach these folk about the Seperation of Powers in school?. I’ve got no idea what the Melanie Shaw matter is about but it’s a lawyer they need. MPs have no power to release anyone from prison or interfer with the courts.


  7. “What seems to be the case however – as the Hoaxstead [sic] Research wordpress has so eloquently explained – is that Dearmen [sic] is the one who had his children taken away from him when the vicious lie about a Satanic sex ring was conceived by the mother of the children and Dearmen’s [sic] ex partner Ella Draper and her new lover Abraham…

    …People like the Hoaxstead [sic] Research wordpress blog, as well as Brian Harvey and Red Pill Phil need to continue doing what they are doing in their quest for the truth of these issues because I assure you 100% that if they do continue, they will find out what is going on.

    They just have to be very careful.”

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    • Hi there Wilfred. Thank you for sharing a link to this blog it is actually a blog I began a few months back trying to set the record straight about Bill Maloney and some of the stories surrounding him – one of which is this story about the Hampstead children.


      • You claim on your website that Ted Heath was a “known paedophile” yet Ted Heath has never been convicted of child abuse and Operation Conifer ended in farce and disgrace.

        Operation Whistle is ongoing but has been mired in controversy over false reports of child murders and finds of human remains at Haut de la Garenne. In fact the fragments of child’s skull were not human remains but were coconut shell.

        There is much about allegations of historic child abuse in Jersey that has yet to be reported in the media, but my understanding of some of that material is that, while it does not prove Heath’s innocence, it casts significant doubt on some of the allegations in relation Jersey children’s homes.

        I will be reporting on some of these issues soon and will be providing evidential links for people to read and reflect upon.

        I don’t understand why you have set up a blog especially to expose “the truth” about child sexual abuse in institutions when you seem unable to perform basic research.

        Granted, anyone can make an honest mistake, but your blog just seems to be your thoughts and ideas delivered in an uncritical manner, based on a rudimentary search of a few sources, many of which are now out of date.

        If you do have something relevant and important to contribute, please do so and I would be very interested to read it,

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        • I really appreciate your candid analysis of my blog posts, because that is all they are: blog posts about my thoughts and ideas delivered in a very uncritical manner. The subject matter which is being discussed here (the abuse of children) is something that deeply disturbs me and all I’m trying to do with this blog is get to the root of what the hell is going on with Maloney and the people surrounding him.

          As for Ted Heath, I personally believe that he is of the same ilk as Mr. Jimmy Savile and that he was another man in a high position of power doing dirty things and getting away with it – I have heard too many people personally say that they heard rumours of Mr. Heath’s exploits just as many people have since come out since Savile’s death saying they “heard rumours”. That alone is enough for me to at least warrant further investigation than what will come out in the media.

          So as I’ve said I’m just trying to get at these issues like any of the people on this blog, and I welcome all of your criticism – so thank you. This is a serious matter, and we all clearly have very strong opinions regarding it.

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    • Well that’s a weird website!. I can’t really grasp what angle the author is coming from. Seems to believe some things but not others (such as the Hampstead hoax but also publishes the kid’s interviews. He / she (?) links to various people who are really quite fanatical like Ian Pace. What’s Pace’s story?.

      Pace appears to be completely obsessed by pedophilia as so many of these people are and apart from thinking Geoffrey Dickens was kosher (despite Dicken’s endless claims and his waving of “dossiers” he never ever came up with the goods) he infers things that are not really there.
      Such as an attack on Peter Tatchell. Now I went off Tatchell because he refused to support the falsely accused Harvey Proctor because of Harvey’s 1980s right wing views. I found that abhorent ( as an old lefty) but I still think Tatchell is sincere in his endevours but Pace and the author of that website conclude Tatchell somehow promotes pedophila because of a disci=ussion he had which included saying he’s met people who had sex at 13 and they don’t claim to be traumatised.

      Well I’ve met similar people and while I wouldn’t have a clue if they were or not traumatised, discussing the matter does not condone or condemn anything ( as preciously mentioned I’m a late starter and quite prudish and my very first endevour- dropping my shorts at age 6 (or 8? can’t remember) on the promise some girls would do likewise resulted with them just laughinbg and running away ( and what were they pointing and they laughing at?..must have been some small in- joke between them).
      Perhaps I’m traumatised too.


      • Hi there. I appreciate your comments regarding the haphazardness of the blog I have set up here and while I agree on that note, there is a bigger picture I am trying to illustrate – one which still isn’t fully clear to me yet.

        Regarding Tatchell, he wrote in 1986 that we need to “re-examine our concept of childhood”. When you couple this with his comments regarding friends he has who have had sexual relations with children you cannot dispute it.

        In 1997 – 11 years later – he literally says “Several of my friends, gay and straight, male and female, had sex with adults from the ages of nine to 13. None feel they were abused.”

        Regardless of the trauma…. it is illegal to have sexual relations with a minor. Or is that okay in your book too?

        Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and responding.


      • Pace’s website is a curate’s egg in my opinion. He has actually published some good primary sources on some offenders but he ruins it by also publishing a load of SRA promoting, debunked nonsense.

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      • Just had a look at the via the internet archive

        extremely weird

        The author says:

        “I have made this blog to impart the knowledge I have gained regarding the topics Mr. Bill Maloney of Pie ‘N’ Mash Films talks about and is such an avid campaigner for: the rights of children and the abuse that has been and continues to take place in the world against our children.

        I believe Mr. Bill Maloney is a sincere man whose work is essential viewing for anyone looking to expose the real criminals in our society.

        I just also believe that he is slightly misguided.”

        Slightly misguided? I call shenanigans on your use of the word “slightly”

        @ The truth…
        What is your experience of Bill Maloney other than what you have gleaned on the internet?
        If you have some personal experience of the man please do share

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        • Anybody who watches Bill Maloney’s videos knows something is not quite right – I’m just trying to dig deeper into that, that’s all.

          Not sure why you think that is “weird” at all.


          • Dig deeper? How do you propose to do that? By watching Bill Maloney’s risible videos? Are you serious?

            Bill Maloney is a manipulative, bullying, ruthless, opportunist bullshit merchant.

            He has has promoted himself as an award winning filmmaker when he is nothing of the sort.

            In his video Sun, Sea and Satan, which I incidentally once watched all the way through, Maloney prowls around Jersey ranting about satanist cults and pointing out things (for example a doll and some admittedly weird garden gnomes) that he claims prove that Jersey is a hotbed of satanism and child sexual abuse – they do nothing of the sort. The whole film is proof of nothing other that Maloney’s determination to prove what an absolute tool he is.

            There are videos on youtube that clearly show him bullying a vulnerable adult into making false allegations of sexual abuse. The man is a menace.

            There is something obscene about someone who, without any hesitation or need for evidence, accuses others of sexual offences against children. Bill Maloney has done it and seems to be attempting to make a career for himself from it and I find that deeply concerning.

            The sexual exploitation of children is a very serious and terrible thing and I question the motives of anyone who wants to use the issue to raise their online or media profile, especially if they approach the subject without the care, sensitivity and respect it deserves.

            Do you not understand how serious an issue child sexual abuse and exploitation is?

            Do you really think it is OK to claim that people are “known paedophiles” and then, as evidence link to news story that says nothing of the sort? How would you like it if someone did that to you?

            Do you really think it is OK to post up images / video of the two child victims of the Hampstead hoaxers? How would you like it if you were them? If your mother and her psychopathic boyfriend had tortured you into making false allegations about sexual abuse and the footage of those sexually explicit, false testimonies was all over the internet? How would you like it?

            I can’t work out whether you are genuinely clueless or a troll masquerading as a clueless person.

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          • @ Surreal Hustle … I agree with all of your comments regarding Bill Maloney 100% and if you read the posts on my blog regarding him you would see that.

            Of course I understand the severity of this issue and if you had read my previous comments you would gather that.

            I agree the way I’ve gone about this blog clearly might not be according to YOUR standards the best way to do so, but I’m only trying MY best considering the fact that I’m not a police officer, a high ranking official, a private investigator, or a college graduate with letters after my name.

            Why are you arguing with me over this when we should be trying to figure all of this out together?

            I am only trying to get to the truth. Why are you attacking me for that?
            Nothing I have done or said on that blog will seriously hurt anybody I’ve mentioned.


        • Bill Baloney has never revealed a single thing and is typical of these creeps who claim to be “child safety campaigners”. If anything- and Maloney is one- they actually work against genuine child abuse campaigners.

          The perfect example of this which is glaringly obvious and is ignored by his moronic followers is the “Tommy Robinson” case where 1000s of dickheads pour into the streets with some deluded notion that Robinson has exposed something. What for fuck’s sake?.

          But what he has done is deliberatly and maliciously almost cause the nixing of a trial which 100s of others worked on, police etc. and which may have resulted in real vicitms having to go through hell again or real perps walk free.

          # I would have thought Bill Maloney would have zipped his lips after being hauled in twice by Met cops and grilled mercilessly over his role in promoting “Nick” and others. There was real chance of Maloney being done for “conspiracy to pervert the course of justice” but as it’s the most difficult charge to pursue. Typical of the arrogant Baloney though..he lies low until he thinks the coast is clear is starts shouting, He should take a tip from the ghastly Chris Fay (noted for helping to steal pensioner’s life savings) who was similarly grilled and has since gone silent.

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  8. “The assumption by such professionals, that they could correctly “decode” from children’s behaviour, drawings and play, abuse events in the child’s life was tragically proven to be false – many times.”

    Are those methods used by professionals still as I thought they always were, by professionals I mean the real workers who do help victims not the cockamamie ones btw.

    Great synopsis E.C. & Justin. 👏

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    • There are still psychotherapists using these insane methods on adults even now. Valerie Sinason and Phil Mollon being the two that first come to mind.

      I know people who were taught and supervised by Mollon and he would deduce all kinds of batshit crazy stuff about memories of childhood abuse from, for example, a twitch that a person had in their little finger.

      In this video Kevin Felstead talks about his late sister Carol’s “treatment” by Valerie Sinason. Sinason interpreted a limp that carol had as evidence that she was fleeing from “them” [her family].

      There deluded people (Sinason, Mollon et al) should not be allowed out on their own in heavy traffic, let alone allowed to practice psychotherapy on vulnerable people.

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        • You are welcome Emerald Sunset.

          It is not just Sinason and Mollon either, this quackery is rampant especially among body psychotherapists, hypnotherapists, “energy therapists” “shamans” and various new age therapists.

          I know that the Felstead family would very much appreciate it if you could please share Kevin’s talk and help them to spread the word about what happened to their very much loved sister and child Carol. It really means a lot to them that people care about and understand what happened to Carol.


    • Agreed, Emerald Sunset, this is a great synopsis

      Also all of the articles going over old ground and reminding people about some of the fundamental elements of the hoax and the satanic panic are very well done and definitely worth revisiting.

      There is so much information in this blog that it is a lot for anyone to take in. It is important, I think, to go back to the basic, central themes and facts now and again, especially as the blog picks up new readers.



      Cool story Neelu but Facebook doesn’t block posts in that way.


    • The Committee has officially inducted Princess Neelu into our new Certified Nutbag (™) (c) category and if the Lord Krishna really did cause that incident to urge Neelu to “wake the world up” we may even have place for him as well. He might have just meant she should do something useful like be an alarm clock.


  9. Interesting video on Lisa Vunk’s youtube channel here

    She interviews someone called “Free Cannabis” (he changed his name by deed poll) who operates out of Glastonbury, UK

    Several times she berates him for speaking too quickly and at one point having admonished him for speaking too quickly she goes on a long, rambling, rapidly delivered rant all about herself and her ideas.

    At approx 41 minutes in Mr Cannabis attempts to interrupt her and asks whether we can get the conversation back to weed / cannabis at which point Vunk makes claims that she was abused by her mother as a child then berates parents who smack their children and says “that is no way to raise a child”

    Tell that to APD and Abraham Christie luv

    42.30 minutes in Mr Cannabis claimed to have been in the Territorial Army at 17 and then says that he experienced “basic army training made times in prison like a holiday camp”

    at 48.45 he says that he was a “raw food fascist” 2000 – 2008 and lived in Spain

    also, while I am here

    He has appeared in the national press and even the international press (RT)

    his website is here

    His real name is Geraint Christopher

    His youtube channel is here

    His only upload is here

    one of the comments underneath is from someone who knew him at school it reads

    6 years ago
    Robert Geraint Christopher – what the hell happened to you? You used to be a bright kid at school. What a waste…

    another comment that I found interesting and made me smile

    6 years ago
    I’m a big stoner myself man but this is bullshit, you’re a shyster

    according to this website

    “Free has been campaigning for 22 years and running his shop for 20. From 1997 to 2001 Free was arrested 5 times and imprisoned 3 times”

    The above link is from someone called Chloe Forfitt

    FB page here

    Her community page is her and has a photo of her shared by a FB ID called “Yoni Oracle Cards”

    Chloe Forfitt aka The Hemp Fairy writes books for children all about well, er, cannabis. Also she is involved in the organisation of the HempFest festival, the 2018 UK event is advertised here

    So, re Robert Geraint Christopher aka Mr Free Cannabis; we have raw food, the promotion of cannabis as a wonder cure for cannabis and other serious illnesses (and a very worrying dismissal of conventional cancer treatments as dangerous), he lived in Spain for 8 years, now lives in Glastonbury and has connections to a significant promoter of the Hampstead hoax, Lisa Dunk. He is also a naked activist and enjoys running around naked in hemp fields – photos of him naked in hemp fields can be found online, including one on his website.

    It seems to me that Robert Geraint Christopher aka Mr Free Cannabis may be worthy of further research in relation to the timeline of the development of the Hampstead hoax.

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    • 3:10 – “I founded the Cannabis & Hemp Information Club with the primary aim of erasing people’s awareness” 😂


    • 40:33 –

      Lisa: I wouldn’t get the new phone…I did not want the new iPhone because it has facial recognition. I don’t want facial recognition…
      Brett: Thing is, I have absolutely no fear of any of that.
      Lisa: Oh I don’t either. That’s what I’m saying.


    • He says they smoked cannabis 1500 years ago in Egypt until the fundamentalists stopped it. Wonder where he got that history from?. Past life?. Read it on the side of a Pyramid?.

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    • Interesting…. he’s also mates with one Araya Soma, real name Laurence Lavie, aka Ninon Dulac, a viciously stupid anti-Semite and promoter of Hoaxtead from day one. His name is now “Free Love Cannabis” and he is widely regarded in town as a harmless pillock.


  10. according to this website

    Mr Cannabis is aka “Geraint the Bard”

    In fact the website for the Glastonbury Positive Living Group is extremely interesting to anyone researching cults there are some very concerning events run by new age grifters advertised there


    • The PLG is a haven for any nutter to turn up to a room full of people and talk shite for several hours to uncritical acclaim. I’ve been to a few, they’re usually pretty tedious affairs, the only high spot being the pub afterwards. My reward for good behaviour.


      • They have paperwork, but if it wasn’t personally written by the Lord Chancellor on vellum, embossed with a wax seal and silk tassels and then edged with 24 carat gold it doesn’t count.

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    • I’ve had a few hours spare so I wasted it looking up Neelu’s previous behaviour. I really cannot understand why she hasn’t been imprisoned at any point for persistent and continual breech of her 2004 restraining order related to the death of her niece. Yes, I understand that the parties involved have moved on, but it could have saved a lot of others from being baselessly accused on other matters.

      Forget fake polygraph tests. Here’s dowsing!


      • Penny Pullen’s understanding of deep, mysterious spiritual issues is profound as can be seen in this video

        Brandishing the well respected *irony* magazine Sedona Journal of Emergence replete with racist, stereotype image of a Native American person with lightning bolts issuing from his hands.

        Because nothing demonstrates that you know what you are talking about when it comes to spiritual issues more than waving around a journal of new age shite featuring an offensive culturally appropriated illustration on its cover.

        Penny is part of the Crystal Team a bunch of new age fuckwits who roam around the land burying crystals in the ground. Because that really does make a difference to the world. Sod donating money to genuine child abuse charities or other children’s charities. Oh no, instead pay lots of money for crystals, mined in some of the most environmentally destructive ways possible (but hey – it’s only planet earth right?) often using exploited workers from poor countries in dangerous conditions (but hey – it’s only brown people right?) and then engaging in the insane practice of burying the crystals in some other part of the planet.

        It really is heartening in these interesting times in which we live to know that Penny Pullen, Neelu et al have their priorities right.

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  11. The very same people who go on about this hoax and other related rubbish are the exact same people who will champion Katy Morgan-Davies while totally ignoring the fact she has been in a long term relationship with notorious convicted psaedophile and online menace Dr Nigel Leigh Oldfield..Her book CAGED BIRD (which she promoted all over UK press and TV to teary eyed interviewers) is even dedicated to him!.
    Then there is the fact she openly supports the vile blog Holocaust21 and posts on there… Has written too and even knitted TWO PAIRS OF SLIPPERS for Gary Glitter!! All this can be easily found online….

    And yet the trooferz!..are unable to use Google when it comes to such stuff…They always come back with some excuse like “im not clicking on that link its a virus!!! you are one of THEM!! im reporting you for STALKING MY TWITTER!!!!!”

    Anyway… to hell with such morons.

    Anyone who has suffered any form of child abuse does NOT need to exagerate it by adding some sort of satanic angle or whatever….. it is bad enough as it is.. I can assure you…

    I wish nothing but the worst for all of them.


    • To be fair to Katy Morgan-Davies the poor woman was born into a horrific cult, enslaved, abused and had a terrible start to live that most of us can only imagine.

      It is not unusual for people who have been abused to go on to be in abusive relationships. She must be an extremely vulnerable woman and if she has ended up in a relationship with a predator then I feel concerned for her welfare and wish for her to be well and be in a healthy relationship one day.

      I had a quick look at an archive of a blog run by Dr Nigel Leigh Oldfield and now I need brain bleach. If Ms Morgan Davies in in a relationship with him then I feel extremely concerned for her well being and hope that there is some support out there for for her.

      Sadly support for adult survivors of CSA and human trafficking is thin on the ground. It upsets me that the system has failed this women in this way.


  12. this is off topic but I think people should be aware:

    In the last day, a number of truthers on youtube have been making videos regarding SRA claims against actor Tom Hanks. These claims come from a spurious twitter account and yet this has not stopped a large number of Satan Hunters from putting out videos already.

    The twitter account in question is very suspect and raises immediate red flags to any genuine seeker of truth. For example, she posts tweets regarding Pizzagate/John Podesta and Chester Bennington, as well as beleiving in blatant hoaxes like the “Satanic Calendar” (a fraudulent list much loved by truthers, with dates plucked straight from SRA fraud books by Mike Warnke and crowd)

    These libelous videos may be the start of another witch hunt and it may be intersting to keep an eye and see if the usual suspects catch on to it.


  13. Utterly shameless word-twisting from an FSF director
    (No one has suggested that child rape is normal. That’s just in the sick heads of Cat and her cronies.)


  14. “I can tell you now that Sonya van Gelder and Sheva Burton and Kristie Costa is El Coyote from Hoaxtead.”

    “Hoaxtead, Kristie Sue Costa, aka El Coyote, that’s it – your time is up. Come out with your hands up, sweetheart. I do not want to see another post in Hoaxtead. Understand? Good”

    Shit, EC – he’s on to you 😮

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  15. Steven Spielberg is the latest one for the You Tube idiots to slander, due to some complete loon called Isaac Kappy featured on a LtV video.

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  16. Sigh, look who’s back (with his creepy mates in tow) and posting on his “This page is now closed” page

    Check out Katy Devin’e’s last comment in particular. I hope RD sees that and reports her to the police


    • Predictably Ogilvy’s just applauded these death threats on his ‘blog’ but we are talking about someone who pretends to be his own mum on Facebook, so forgive me for not worrying too much about what he thinks.


      • One thing does cross my mind – if Katy, Kane, Manuela Costa (who thumbed up Katy’s comment) and Malcolm want to torch the whole of Hampstead to the ground (which of course is a perfectly sane and rational thing to say), then they presumably want to burn all the children of Hampstead alive too. Or maybe they think the kids will just magically float 500 feet in the air until the fire is over and then float back down to their burnt out houses and the charred corpses of their parents, which won’t upset them at all. Good to know these “anti-child abuse campaigners” have thought this one through.


        • That thought which crossed your mind, read like a very sad short story when I imagined it. 😦


    • Reading that capture feels like such a kick in the stomach, devastating.

      I feel for all of you who’ve spent so much time and energy exposing these horrible people….I know your efforts have been extremely fruitful in the main and I’ve benefited hugely in my personal life through gleaning knowledge and attitude from this blog. But these people are so relentless, when will it ever end?

      Maybe it’s just me who feels like it’s a process of one step forward and two steps back dealing with that lot.

      Has facebook changed it’s reporting facility? It seems like you can’t write a blurb of sorts explaining your reason for reporting and that there are less options/headings to report under


      • “Has Facebook changed it’s reporting facility? It seems like you can’t write a blurb of sorts explaining your reason for reporting and that there are less options/headings to report under”

        Sadly that facility has never been available, certainly not since I’ve been on there anyway. I’ve often thought that it would be really beneficial so that you can explain to Facebook why a post is inappropriate (e.g. a brief background to to the Hampstead case or a link to the court report). YouTube has such a facility but not Facebook.

        They have changed a few things in their reporting processes, though, none of which help:

        – You now have to go through two stages of reporting before you can submit it. The first is a general ‘feedback report’ and is probably just a data research exercise; the second is the actual report. And each stage has several steps.

        – If you report something for harassment, you now have another step after selecting who’s being harassed If you select individual person. You now have to then also specify ‘me’, ‘someone I know’ or ‘someone else’. This one came in about three months ago and to this day the ‘someone I know’ button still doesn’t work!

        – You can no longer report a profile as fake. You can report it as breaching Facebook’s community guidelines but there’s no longer an option to specify which guideline it breaches!

        Incidentally, despite all those changes, the big one (in my view) still hasn’t been addressed, despite me repeatedly telling them about it. And that’s the fact that if a post contains an image, it can’t be reported. This flaw has been there for some time and naturally the hoaxer trolls have been exploiting that by posting vile, abusive, slanderous content but then attaching some random picture to it so it can’t be reported. Angela, for instance, does this every time without fail.

        Another problem is that the same categories don’t come up every time and as a result the one you want isn’t always available!

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        • Oh….good information, cheers!

          Because I’m mostly inclined to be a lurker here, I simply follow pleas to report various posts, images and videos which are always invariably breaking the rules, flying in the face of the t&c’s of the hosting site…so I’ve reported tons of posts on multiple social media sites…hence my confusion re how different sites deal with’s all so convoluted!

          I’m thinking I ought to apply for a job as an FB moderator…..I’d have to travel to the north side of Dublin which would take me ages but I’ll do it if it means I could hone in on and deliver bans etc. on the hampstead hoaxers et al…I’d love that!

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    • Good gawd…I’m sure Charles Dickens must have written a characterisation of the sort of mealy mouthed simpering obsequious excuse for a human she is.

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    • Oh my God – wince, wince, cringe! How awful 😮

      I wonder if her arselicker-in-chief will give anything. We’ve already established that he can’t even be arsed to watch her videos, so whether he’ll spare her a few quid out of his fish-food-and-granny-clothes budget remains to be seen.

      By the way, I see that you’re still in the ‘Everyone is Spiny’ club, Jake:

      Well done – members have been known to get shunted over to the ‘Everyone is Maggs’ or ‘Everyone is Matt’ club after a few weeks but you’ve stayed strong and held your position 🙂


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