How the SRA myth infected Westminster

Back in 2002, The Telegraph published an interesting article, titled “The people who believe that Satanists might eat your baby”. The article’s author, Damian Thompson, wrote:

RITUAL satanic abuse is back. Yesterday, a private meeting at Westminster, chaired by Lord Alton, discussed assaults on children by hooded, chanting Satanists. “You may be aware,” the organisers said, “that, for several years, there have been reports of the ritual abuse of children and in some cases ritual murder. The rituals reportedly often involve the Black Mass and the wearing of robes. Adult survivors of ritual abuse are divulging important evidence regarding the large scale of this problem in the UK.”

One of the organisers, Wilfred Wong, an evangelical Christian, is campaigning for ritual abuse to be made a specific crime, so that the Satanists – responsible for “hundreds, if not thousands” of sexual assaults and murders – can be brought to justice. “But so far little has been done,” he says plaintively.

We’ve mentioned Mr Wong here, as the Parliamentary assistant to ex-MP Russell Brown, who co-ordinated another invitation-only meeting at Westminster in 2011, nine years after the one chaired by Lord Alton. While Robert Green, spokes-thingy for the Hollie Greig hoax, was a featured speaker at the 2011 event, the 2002 version featured none other than Dr Valerie Sinason as its main draw.

Writing of the 2002 meeting, John Freedom of the Sub-culture Alternatives Freedom Foundation (SAFF) said,

On Thursday March 21st (The day of the Spring Equinox) Lord David Alton will join forces with long-time Witch-Hunter Valerie Sinason to kick start another Satanic Panic in the U.K. They are hosting a meeting of ‘like-minds’ in the Jubilee Room at the Houses of Parliament about Satanic Ritual Abuse. Thirteen years after Sinason helped create the previous panic she is back again with her obsessive and persistent tales of Satanic Ritual Abuse. Why has David Alton given his support to this new push for medievalism? Because he is a Christian activist who is using his political position to further the interests of the Christian lobby at the expense of pluralism of the U.K.

Mr Freedom points out that Lord Alton “used to write a column for the Catholic Herald and the Catholic Universe. He gave up his seat in Parliament because of the conflict of his beliefs on abortion and that of his party. He was one of the founders of the Christian Movement for Democracy, launched try  to impose ‘Christian Values’ on politics. For a time there he was  seriously moving towards starting a Christian Democratic Party”.

Even earlier than Lord Alton, Russell Brown, Wilfred Wong, and those MPs and lords who attended their various SRA-promoting meetings, there was of course Geoffrey Dickens, who fanned the flames of the Satanic panic until his death in 1995.

SAFF has an entire page dedicated to Mr Dickens, carefully documenting his antics. Here’s a brief excerpt:

After his attack on suspected  child-abusers in Westminster, he turned to berating the Church of England for gay priestly abuse. As a bigoted Christian lay preacher Dickens, an unsophisticated man who saw all beliefs but Christianity as counterfeit, equated the New Age with Satanism. After the shock-value of these earlier campaigns  had  run out of steam he kept the impetus going by jumping on the Satanic Ritual Child Abuse bandwagon.

He turned inevitably, to fringe Christians who had invented the  idea of Satanic Ritual Abuse using horrific images conjured from their sick minds. Dickens was the prime political driver of this myth from 1988 until his death in 1995, and his  only political legacy is that those SRA lies caused this country very dear not only in having to fix his fantasies afterwards with obscenely expensive public enquiries but in social dissension, intolerance, and the victimisation of innocent  people  by the Child Scare Industry which rallied around Dickens to expand its own  remit. …

The Dickens SRA Dossier was just a collection of tittle-tattle unworthy of note. We can say that because we know the people who gave him his unsubstantiated rumours and know that their evidence was faulty. For months Dickens claimed to be sending this dossier to the Home Office. Each time he metaphorically waved it in the air the press would dutifully print that claim as though the evidence for SRA was so convincing it was beyond debate, just like they are doing today with the Westminster Dossier.

The SAFF wrote to the Home Office about this: Their official reply is clear:

“Firstly, as you point out, according to press reports, Mr Geoffrey Dickens MP has sent the Home Secretary a dossier of child abuse cases allegedly connected with witchcraft.  However, this has not been received and the Home Office has no other evidence that there is a problem of the kind Mr Dickens describes.”

Wilfred Wong and the conspiraloons

We heard from Mr Wong most recently in relation to last month’s “Satanic Ritual and Extreme Abuse” event in London, where he joined headline speakers Dr Rainer Kurz, Canadian “regression therapist” Sandra Fecht, and Anne Redelfs, “professional listener” and all-round space cadet.

In addition to his working relationships with people like Dr Valerie Sinason et al, Mr Wong has written for the English Churchman on the topic of SRA. In June 2016, he wrote:

Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA) exists in Britain and is a growing problem, harming and destroying the lives of an increasing number of children and vulnerable adults because the UK authorities are simply not taking this crime seriously, a conference in London of about 60 Christians heard on Saturday 21 May. The conference was organised by the Christian organisation, the Coalition Against Satanist Ritual Abuse (CASRA), which was founded in February 2014 to provide a permanent UK organisation that campaigns against SRA, conducts research on this issue and publicly exposes it.

The conference was entitled: “Satanist Ritual Abuse – The Battle for Justice”. …

The conference also heard from Robert Green regarding Scotland’s largest known, current SRA case, the Hollie Greig case. Hollie Greig, a young woman with Down’s Syndrome, has identified 23 alleged abusers who subjected her to SRA, including a senior police officer, 2 Head Teachers, 2 Social Workers and a Judge. Greig has described not only experiencing SRA but also witnessing the Satanists ritually sacrificing an adult male.

Attempts by the Scottish authorities to cover up this case have been very vigorous.

Robert Green, who is the leading campaigner in the Hollie Greig case, has been imprisoned in Scotland at least twice, in an attempt to silence him. In the meantime the alleged abusers named by Hollie Greig have never been thoroughly investigated by the Police. For his tireless attempts to obtain justice in the Hollie case, in 2014 Robert Green was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

In the same article, referring to himself in the third person, Mr Wong continued:

Wilfred Wong, who is the Chairman of CASRA and a Child Protection Campaigner with 23 years experience of working on SRA, emphasised at the conference that SRA had to be clearly, publicly and extensively identified in Britain as SRA, and not as anything else. He said that too many attempts were being made by people in Britain to dilute the name of the problem. Some of these attempts were well-intentioned but mistaken, while others had a more sinister objective to further conceal the reality of SRA from public knowledge.

Wilfred emphasised that effective and diligent law enforcement against SRA is crucial. The public have to know more about SRA so that they in turn strongly pressure the UK authorities to fulfil their duty to protect children and vulnerable adults from Satanist Ritual Abusers, by bringing such abusers to justice, instead of simply looking the other way, which is what happens in practice most of the time.

Wilfred Wong says, “There is plenty of evidence that SRA exists in the UK. For example, there are several SRA cases that have been successfully prosecuted in the British courts. Given the very high standards of proof and evidence required in Britain’s criminal courts in order to secure convictions, this is conclusive evidence of the existence of SRA. Unfortunately, for every SRA case that is successfully prosecuted in Britain, there are many, many more that are not because the police refuse to thoroughly investigate them or the prosecuting authorities refuse to prosecute the cases.

SRA not only exists but is an extensive problem because the authorities have allowed it to simply grow unchecked for decades. Jimmy Savile was a Satanist who did SRA and yet except for the Sunday Express, no other mainstream British newspapers have reported on this fact. As usual a combination of indifference and fear helps to protect the Satanist Ritual Abusers in Britain. We should be helping to protect children and vulnerable adults from SRA by clearly and extensively talking about this subject and by putting unrelenting, firm pressure on the UK Government to ensure that thorough and effective law enforcement against Satanist Ritual Abusers is undertaken.”

Mr Wong has also been featured on Brian Gerrish’s UK Column show, from whence he has not only promoted the Hollie Greig hoax, but has backed up Mr Gerrish’s allegations about the Hampstead SRA hoax. On  that show he claimed that some police officers “are known to have made reports to the Metropolitan Police’s Ritual Abuse Unit in the Hampstead case, and found themselves threatened by fellow officers”. Mr Wong stated,

Because of the sheer gravity of the allegations, the very least the police should do is thoroughly investigate them and not prejudge them, and neither should the media. We’re only asking the police to do their job.

Asked how the public can best respond to the alleged growing horror of SRA, Mr Wong recommended that the public must pressure MPs to have SRA exposed. An interesting statement, given Mr Wong’s long-standing association with some of those very MPs.

Probably the best way to describe the relationship between the fundamentalist Christian contingent at Westminster and the conspiraloons, insatiable for anything that might appear to validate their bizarre world-view is that the fundamentalists wind them up, and the conspiraloons do the dirty work.

Actually, now that we think of it, it’s not unlike the relationship between Belinda McKenzie and her minions. In both cases, the wind-up merchants are the ones who walk away unscathed, yet still filled with a comforting sense of moral superiority.


This article was first published on 14 October 2017.Westminster

122 thoughts on “How the SRA myth infected Westminster

  1. It’s quite scary that people continue to believe in this crap. It seems to still be prevalent in a lot of posts on YouTube & FB.

    The ones on FB that are usually pushing it are, not all, but some parents that have had their children taken by social services along with ‘common law’.

    Of course there are the usual gang that we all know of and detest, but to see those parents repeating it is very disturbing.

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      • I reckon that’s Cat’s influence. She’s working her way through the A-to-Z of British male pop/rock stars and calling them out as child rapists one by one (without a jot or scintilla of evidence to back it up, naturally). George Harrison…Alvin Stardust…David Bowie… She’s currently on Tom Jones (er, so to speak). It might be fun to try and guess who’s next. How about Rod Stewart? She hasn’t done him yet.

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        • I remember the good ole days when Danielle La Verite thought Michele Obama was a man because of the length of her fingers. Bless. 🙂

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          • Haha, I remember that comment by DLV where she stated that Cliff Richard fertilises his vineyards with the crushed bones of murdered babies. Where do they get this crap from?

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      • Regarding Malkie calling RD a paedophile because of his hands makes me believe that he watched this video and totally misunderstood it.

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  2. If his family are starting to get dragged into his fantasies again, I dare say he will be back in care again very shortly

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    • Interesting. There’s another female voice in the background egging her on talking about “Article 6 rights”. Who is this (new) player? In any case, Neelu needs to go back on the vexatious litigants list.

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    • Don’t feel too sorry for the poor girl at the other end of this diatribe. She probably gets hundreds of calls from nutters every month and is obviously very well trained and responded magnificently to Neelus and Teds rants. No doubt this girl and her friends had a good laugh in the staff canteen later.
      Neelu is getting pushed further and further down the rabbit hole by Ted and I for one, could not be happier. Her videos and recordings are even better than the finest BBC comedy shows of yesteryear. She needs help to deal with her mental problems but refuses to acknowledge any, so deserves every thing that she gets and I believe she is going to get a whole lot more than she expects. It can only be a matter of time before someone sues her for libel or slander. Lets see how Ted advises her then.

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      • There’s a similar type chap in my building who has lost a court case over alimony and even lost an appeal in a higher court who I mistakenly tried to sympathise with who mistakenly now thinbks I am a legal expert.
        He keeps pestering me about “who do I go to have the court decision stopped?”…”back to court” is always my response and he keeps saying “no I don’t want to go through the courts as they are corrupt, who do I see about getting all this stopped?”.

        Does anyone have a contact number for Edward Ellis, Equity Lawyer?.

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      • I disagree. I feel extremely saddened to see Neelu’s decline and her inevitable descent into poverty and florid psychosis. She has lost everything including her home and the future does not look bright for her.

        Same with Arfur. The man is clearly extremely unwell.

        I have been checking out out the Brian Harvey videos too.

        One thing that is abundantly clear is that extremely vulnerable and mentally unwell individuals are being manipulated by psychopaths and criminals.

        It happens in cults, in terrorist organisations, in country lines drug trafficking enterprises, in psychic scams and new age grifts.

        I understand that many people will be angry with Neelu because of the misery caused by her false allegations and harassing phone calls but I think it is cruel to use her as a source of entertainment. Personally I am much more interested in the puppet masters than the puppets. Belinda McKenzie and Bill Maloney I am looking at you (and another person who must not be named for legal reasons).

        Also what does it say about the state of mental health and law enforcement services in the UK when so much in the way of resources is spent on training MH professionals and police in spotting the signs of SRA and pursuing clearly nonsensical claims of elite paedophile rings involving murders and SRA and yet there are no resources to care for people like Neelu and Brian Harvey?

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        • Fair point, SH.

          By the way, I know you were replying to a specific comment there but just to make a more general point, I don’t think we’ve been using Neelu as a source of entertainment during the eviction stuff. I’ve made a point of not posting any comments with my links and screenshots related to her eviction (apart from the occasional ‘sigh’ or similar).

          And I think the responses from people have been largely respectful too. Any humour has tended to be directed towards Edward Ellis (for which I for one feel no guilt – he deserves everything he gets, imo),

          That said, I think it’s worth bearing in mind the severity of what you correctly describe as “the misery caused by her false allegations”. Her behaviour at Christ Church in April 2015 (and for a long time afterwards) was jaw-dropping and the repercussions for the families she and others were attacking are still being felt today, with a number of them having been forced to move house themselves, due to ongoing harassment and death threats. So although I agree we should be respectful, I would understand people laughing at her antics after what she’s put them through.

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          • Fair point Berry British Coup

            Re-reading my post it looks like I am reprimanding other commenters but to be honest I am guilty of being entertained by Neelu’s antics and also in experiencing some gratification in relation to witnessing her obvious distress given the distress she has caused others, I was addressing myself as much as anyone else.

            I think that anyone could be forgiven for laughing at Neelu under the circumstances, it is just that, as people who are not psychotic, we possess the ability to reflect on our responses and move beyond them, something Neelu is unable to do and the actors manipulating her are unwilling to do.

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          • Neelu is different to the other’s featured on here. I was well aware of her antics way before I knew she was caught up in this horrible fraud. She is a fully signed up Freeman Of The Land idiot and her stupidity has been going on online far longer than Hoaxtead. She is more of an enabler than a victim.

            She was a frequent abuser on the Google Group in 2001 and I’d suggest that you don’t google for her tripod web site as it is quite disturbing. It’s clear that that was when she first started “going off the rails”, but I think people are too quick to jump on the “she’s mentally ill” bandwagon. I had a friend who was a qualified pharmacist. It’s a tough degree. Neelu is an intelligent woman. She has simply adopted a belief system that isn’t born out by the real world, doesn’t respond to rational argument and picked up a following of sycophantic hangers on how have reinforced her ever since. But that doesn’t mean she is mad. You could throw that accusation at me for being a Catholic if you went line by line through our catechism.

            But is is a fair point. I do try to post her FOTL/Swissindo nonsense on Quatloos but there is bound to be an element of cross-contamination. I’ll try to be more careful in future.

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          • Thank you for pulling me up A Berry British Coup 🙂

            On reflection I did sound a bit grandiose in my original comment and if you hadn’t commented on my comment I wouldn’t have given the issue the reflection it deserves and realised and admitted my own feelings towards Neelu, which I think like most people here, are complex and ambivalent.

            @ anowlcalledsage
            I think it very likely that you have much more data and knowledge about Neelu that I do. I came to Hoaxtead late in the day, my field of knowledge being much more to do with abuses by cults, including but not limited to: therapy cults, criminal cults, religious cults, multi-level marketing cults, new age cults, personality cults basically dysfunctional and abusive clusters of people in the virtual world and / or in the meat world.

            I had read a bit about Neelu on the Quatloos forums but not really paid her much attention until I started to lurk and then to post here.

            As you are probably aware there is a significant crossing over of categories between my interests and those of the posters on this blog. I have found the blog extremely valuable in my research and I hope I have contributed material that has been helpful to people here.

            I have seen some of Neelu’s early websites about her niece’s death, which was very sad and seems to have triggered an extremely paranoid and deluded response in Neelu. I am not aware of her websites prior to those.

            One thing that it is very important to understand though and that is that intelligence bears no relation to psychosis. Actually that is not quite right, I am fairly certain that very high intelligence that runs in families and is likely to have a genetic basis is also linked to a higher than average incidence of paranoid schizophrenia. So just because someone has a high IQ or is highly intelligent it does not mean that they will not succumb to paranoia and / or psychosis.

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          • Neelu thinks there’s a spaceship in the cloud over her house and that she communicates with Lord Ashtray. If that’s not psychotic I don’t know what is.
            She needs a good mental health worker, whether she wants one or not.


        • The difference i feel with Neelu is that she hasn’t so much got someone pulling her strings but she is instead the author of her own demise. She is more likely to be encouraging bad behaviour in others than having someone point her where to go and what to do.

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  3. I’m seriously concerned for Arthur’s mental health and he appears to be getting worse by the day.
    By the way, he’s added Saskia Whitfield to his hit list now:


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    • Not wishing to make light of Arthur’s wellbeing but I did chuckle at his allegation that Saskia has links with the intelligence services, as she does live in Cheltenham, where GCHQ is based.

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      • Liza, I’ve checked the personnel files and can confirm that Saskia’s definitely one of ours. According to her last performance review, she’s “our second best double agent after Anthony Pike”.

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          • Listening to his video, it seems that it makes him angry when someone blocks him and it makes him angry when someone UNblocks him. There’s just no pleasing someone who is so angry all the time!

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      • By the way, it seems Cheltenham is so secretive that even my spellchecker hasn’t heard of it. It thought I meant ‘chameleon’ 😀

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    • It’s interesting to hear that a DC Tony Atkin wanted Brian Harvey to give evidence against Jon Wedger. Evidence of what, I wonder?

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      • Probably to do with Baloney and the odious Chris Fay. Note how the names read out by Phony Maloney include the falsely accused Max Bygraves mentioned here recently but picked up by assorted loons. Max’s daughter is a life time friend of mine. He was devoted to his wife although he did have a long time mistress on the side who was in her 40s.

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        • I have seen another video featuring Bill Maloney, Chris Fay and Andrew A. In the video, it was so plain to see how Bill Maloney was forcing Andrew to say what Maloney wanted him to say. It was obvious that this Andrew fellow felt intimidated by Maloney and didn’t want to piss him off by giving the ‘wrong’ answer.

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          • I saw that video. Utterly vile.

            It does have value however. It is potentially very useful as material that could be used to train mental health and law enforcement professionals about the manipulation and abuse of vulnerable people by criminals and also about one of the ways in which false allegations of CSA can happen.

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    • She’s annoyed that the clerk said he had no power to overturn the judge’s decision and wouldn’t do anything to help her. What exactly did she expect him to do?

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    • -2:45/3:14 – “I’m homeless. I’m wearing the same clothes from Friday.”

      Really? So who dyed her top and cut the sleeves off, then?

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      • Find it difficult now to have any sympathy for the woman. All her actions & emotions are just not credible for someone who has been evicted from their home just as they weren’t as seen in the videos when it was happening.
        I guarantee we will eventually see she has other properties. No-one who has been booted out of a property could possibly get it together to go to court in the next couple of days. I thought she was ignoring all the threats of eviction but it seems fairly obvious she was expecting it any day and was prepared for it.

        Also illegally filming in the court precinct. A big no-no as she ignores other peoples right’s to privacy. Figures she would be accompanied by the antisemite Patterson who does likewise.

        As for Rupert Quaintance putting his oar in. No humility in the bloke as he snidely attacks the British judicial system rather than refer to his incarceration for threatening innocent British citzens and lurking outside a school with a knife. In his own country he could have been shot dead by police.


  4. Aww, bless – Debs has made another video about us.

    “We don’t go around spreading lies, slander and gossip”

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    • At 17:17 she says that we threatened to burn down her house (never happened) in the same breath as she says people shouldn’t tell lies. Hey ho

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      • I’d dearly love to know where the “burn down her house” thing came from. No one here would ever have said that, I’m positive of it.


    • 26:49 – “As far as I understand, the people of Hampstead are very annoyed and angry with Hoaxtead and are disgusted with your tactics.”

      Nope. Another blatant lie

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      • Blimey, it gets worse!

        27:42 – “The people of Hampstead have written an online statement to say that they disassociate themselves from Hoaxtead and are very actually disgusted that Hoaxtead is engaging in such evil tactics, apparently to defend them. From what? From what?”

        I’m not making that up. She really said that.

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    • What an insulting idiot she is. All these hoaxers have the one thing in common: they have zilch regard for the rights of others or their privacy and are happy to besmirch and continually accuse North London residents and one family in particular of the most hideous and vile crimes without a scintilla of proof and then scream to high heaven when they get a bit of flack.

      One shining example : you only have to type Deborah Mahmoudieh into Google and the first link that comes up says ” MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL & VIDEOS ARE HEAVILY TROLLED AND ‘DISLIKED’ BY CHILD ABUSERS AND THEIR SUPPORTERS”. In other words anyone who dares to unlike one of her screeching videos is falsely accused on no evidence. And she wonders why she gets flack.
      You don’t have compassion for anyone or any children Mahmoudieh. You use them as a crutch to rant over the internet.

      # I wonder how Ella Gareva / Draper really lives with all this. It’s sich an unusual case as usually these family disputes begin to die out as the years go on. Instead Gareva has ensured her own children are exposed continually on the internet as lunatics deny them any peace.

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    • God tells us the exact opposite.

      “There shall not be found among you anyone who burns his son or his daughter as an offering, anyone who practices divination or tells fortunes or interprets omens, or a sorcerer or a charmer or a medium or a necromancer or one who inquires of the dead, for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord.”
      Deuteronomy 18:10-12

      So APD is an abomination to the LORD. I think deep down we all knew that anyway!

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  5. Devine appears to be letting Praterson use his account to issue death threats. He must want to go down with him (so to speak):

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    • I absolutely love how they all say “Tick Tock” when it’s only ever them who get arrested or sectioned… or flung in prison.

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    • According to Team MKD: “Devine is actually issuing the threats himself now. He seems to think that he is untouchable in Greece.”

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      • Interesting. So as well as copying all of Praterson’s Facebook posts and doing everything he tells him to (such as harassing the BBC, even though Praterson can’t be arsed to call them himself), Devine is now copying his death threats too, right down to the woodchipper motif. Does he have no original thoughts of his own?

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