Why do troofers make it so easy for the Evil Overlords?

Here’s a thought experiment for you. Just for one brief moment, try to imagine that you are a troofer. And you’re not just in it for the chemtrails—you believe the whole package.

You think that the world is controlled by a secret cabal of (take your choice) reptilians, Freemasons, Jews, the Illuminati.

Doesn’t matter what you call them, for in addition to ruling the world and keeping the little people such as yourself in metaphorical chains, these mysterious rulers have one over-riding feature: they are paedophiles who eat babies, drink their blood for ritual and/or recreational purposes, rape small children on an industrial scale, and control their minds so that they cannot talk about it.

Oh, and they are preternaturally tidy, as well. They do such a good job of cleaning up after themselves that no one is ever able to find any evidence of their nasty activities.

You believe (don’t worry, it’s just for a few more minutes) that these abominable creatures aren’t happy merely with controlling everything which happens in the world, but they have a nasty habit of sending their minions (and they have a LOT of minions) round to collect babies and children, which they use in their (literally) diabolical activities.

Not only do these horrible people (or reptiles, or whatever) control the world and steal babies and children, but they also keep a watchful eye on everyone.

And by “everyone” we mean you. They monitor your emails, they read your Facebook, they know the last time you went to the toilet, and what you had for supper last night.

Oh, and one last thing: you also believe that because of your own courageous actions in “outing” the evil Satanic paedophile baby-eating child-raping mind-destroying overlords, they have it in for you. They are constantly messing with your computer and cutting off your wifi just when you get to the important parts of your conversations, so you know they must be onto you.

Just keep pretending that you actually, seriously believe that all of this is true.

No, we take that back. You don’t just believe it, you know it in your bones, the way you know that up is up, down is down, and the sky is blue.

With us so far? Good.

All right, so now that you are bona fide, dyed-in-the-wool, fully believing troofer, can you explain something to us?

Why on earth do you keep putting pictures and videos of your children and families on the internet?

We are quite serious here.

We’ve been thinking about what it might mean to believe that some secret cabal of nasties was out to harm us or our families, and all of us agreed: if we really thought that was the case, we probably wouldn’t even have a Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube account, let alone post cute pics of little Oswald blowing bubbles, or baby Cressida’s first smile.

We certainly wouldn’t put up pictures of our entire families, no matter how adorable, handsome, or brilliant we thought they were. In fact, we probably wouldn’t even put up pictures of ourselves, because why give the powers-that-be a helping hand?

And yet…

Kristie S Costa confession 2016-06-18

Belinda wedding 2016-2Catriona Selvester 2018-07-16

So we are left to wonder: do these people actually believe what they claim to believe?

Because these are far from the only pictures of children and entire families we’ve encountered in our travels.

We don’t believe in the baby-eating Satanic paedophile cabal, but we do believe in protecting the privacy of people’s families, so we’ve done these people the courtesy of blanking out their kids’ and other family members’ faces.

But if these and other troofers really do believe that they and their families are under constant surveillance by people who plan to steal, rape, or murder them or their children, what in hell do they think they’re doing?Illuminati

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  1. Then you also have people such as Charlotte Ward who would look at these family photos on Facebook and think that this is a way for people to advertise their children to all of the high-powered paedophiles out there.

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      • EC : Can you please take a look at the likes list on The Real Fresh Start Foundation……. I think the evidence should be collected, then I’ll remove…………. stop. Clearly they do not want people to vote up the page, if they arn’t already scared, by the smears against me, emanating from Belindas types and Hopegirls flying monkees, other dubious networks, like opdeatheaters………… So they are trying to make it look that the only support is coming from weirdos and we know that this has probably emanated from a person with form …….


  2. On the other hand, there are various reasons why one might pretend to believe a conspiratorial world-view… to scam suckers for money; to provide an excuse to wallow in hatred and in fantasies of executing enemies; to make the world a more interesting place with oneself at the centre.

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  3. For what it’s worth, I trust you guys enough to show you a photo of my family. Just don’t don’t tell Mossad, ok:

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    • Looking at the forehead of the guy on the left, I would hazard a guess that he could well be Ant McPartlin of Ant and Dec fame.

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      • Actually, my frontal lobe is enormous – I hope you are not anti people with brains that would spill out of an ordinary sized skull were they so unfortunately constricted. I keep asking for a fringe to hide my big bonce but they say my cow’s lick gets in the way. Long live Ant & Dec!

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    • You’re a pussy. My family are proud to show their faces and have no need to disguise themsleves.

      Kris Costa: “As I listened to the children I cried, sobbed that they had gone through so much in their young lives”. Which is actually a lot more than the kids did as they gladly repeated a learned script that received much approval from their tormentor as they finally avoided the slaps over the head with a hot spoon.

      It doesn’t take Freud to undertand Costa seized upon this case as something that validated all the evil thoughts she already had deep within her. She may have wept at the beginning- tears of joy -as she finally found a cause. From then on she has excitedly promoted the case and taken huge obvious pleasure in the battle. She’s a fucking disgrace to humanity.

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  4. It’s not all about money.

    If you know any troofers you’ll notice they stand outside to look at ‘chemtrails’. Now if I thought I was being poisoned from the skies I just wouldn’t do that…..

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    • And Neelu’s so convinced that ruthless assassins are trying to murder her sister that she gives out her address three times a day.

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    • I’m hugely disappointed that they haven’t yet twigged to the fact the whole of London was Chem Trailed under the guise of the 100th RAF Anniversary fly past. And Her Maj (Chief Reptilian Baby Muncher) cheered them on. Remember- you read it here first.

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      • It’s actually condensation, but the coloured stream that comes from Red Arrows jets, is diesel with dye in it. These people that go on about chem trails poisoning us all don’t mind going on holiday though.

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          • You really shouldn’t joke. There is another whole level of conspiracy out there. It’s the Jet Fuel Hoax.

            Makes Hoaxgirl and QEG look quite sane. Sorry I’ll take that back. Nothing can make her look sane, but it’s a reminder that there is a whole world of stupid out there.

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    • In my experience they are extremely preoccupied with toxins and pollution and the idea that we are being scammed all the time by food companies feeding us poison, the air being polluted by chemtrails, there is so much invisible danger in their world.

      Troofers typically are neurotically fadish about diet and tend to proclaim they are involved in “clean eating”, an interesting choice of words for what is usually eating raw, vegan food.

      I have, for research purposes, accepted invitations to the homes / squats of some troofers and, well, let’s just say I wouldn’t use their toilets or accept food or drink from them.

      It is fascinating to me that a person who believes eating wholemeal bread is toxic will happily eat from a tub of humous that they dog just licked and use a toilet that makes the latrines at Glastonbury festival look sparklingly clean.

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      • Hasn’t it occurred to the chemtrail believers that the people who they believe are responsible for these poisonous chemtrails would also be exposed to the same toxins, nerve agents or whatever is supposed to be in them?

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      • We are really exposed to so many elements and man made preservatives, toxins etc I often think it’s what actually keeps me & others going.
        Having just come through a hugely successful 6 months of chemo I have an almost worshipful love affair with Big Pharma and especially with Zionist Rothschild Israeli drug manufacturers (while still hating some of the government policies) who have developed many of the drugs that cured me.
        There are even bizarre side effects: we’ve discovered the same drugs cured a bad case of toe fungus which has excited the doctors.

        I feel very sorry for Neelu’s sister but who knows how much of Neelu’s fanatsies that she projects onto her family members are taken note of. She does seem to be the driving force of the family. Poor things.

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  5. Money, money & money.

    They have zero respect for their families the way they post their pictures. I would challenge if they really love them indeed, that is not love that they are showing, it’s control.

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    • Yeah well..the fact they would post images of their children so those children could be associated with the filth they come out with on their social media accounts is reckless and irresponsible….factoring in their paranoiac claims of being constantly watched by an evil baby eating cabal of elite masonic devil worshippers under the employ of the British establishment, it’s all rather shocking… but it’s like you guys regularly say – none of these people have any self-awareness.

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      • Same here, I wouldn’t dream of it. It shows a complete lack of respect & privacy. As for posting photographs of their children/grandchildren or relatives, that is really a form of abuse because they are exposing those children to God knows who, the kind of people who follow them can have very questionable backgrounds.

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  6. Of course, in some cases the real danger to these children isn’t MI5, aliens or lizard people but something much closer to home.

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    • And nobody notices that this guy has mental health problems and because of it doesn’t always act rationally….

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    • If Arfur is really heading to the USA I’d be very surprised if he gets past Immigration. Last time I went to LA they went through me like a dose of salts and no-one comes across more respctable than me. I survived but I’m not sure he will. Just by looks alone- never should be that way- but he’s bound to be pulled aside and questioned. If he’s lied about his criminal past & he ramble son like he does on Facebook he’s finished. They’ll delve into his social media history. He’ll have numerous Lebanon stamps in his passport. He’ll be deported.
      Of course, the names he uses may not be his real name.

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        • So long as he doesn’t scream “Knock knock” at the flight attendant and ask if she’d like to hold his candle.

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  7. Thanks EC, that made me chuckle. But remembering how they disected innocent peoples facebook pages, friends and posted vile stuff and information, making vile insinuations and threats……… it is them, they that act that way, feeling completely justified.
    And you forgot to mention the Archons ! 🙂

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  8. Troofers use social media to go on about these powerful elites that control everything and who don’t want to be exposed by social media warriors.

    Oddly these powerful elites appear to control everything but social media owned by a handful of companies.

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    • They ramble on via Youtube and Facebook about Satanist One World Government advocates like Mark Zuckerberg ( a “secret Rockerfeller) and claim they are being silenced. Just weird.

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    • 1:41 – “No, that’s not acceptable to me. I require public service today.”

      1:59 – “No, she’s incompetent and so are you.”

      3:26 – “No, I make the rules, not you….No, I make the rules.”

      3:51 – “You’re unfit for public office.”

      5:57 – “You are trafficking in children.”

      And despite all that, this receptionist somehow manages to remain calm and polite throughout.

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      • Narrator’s voice: It wasn’t a breach of data protection to request register keeper details from the DVLA.

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    • It seems to me that Neelu is on one hell of a power trip and is very much in need of a dose of her own medicine. Incredibly, to me, the people forced to deal with her are so polite – professional, I suppose – I wonder how she’d get on with her abusive ways in another country.

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      • Yes, Neelu certainly was on a power trip during that phone call. She was so rude to the lady that was trying to help her. I don’t know how the woman kept her calm but she did remain very professional in the face of lunacy.

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      • All around the world, borderline-personality people — which is a polite clinical way of saying “waste-of-skin arsewipes and jerkwads” — saw the rise of Trump and decided that if they only redoubled their level of fraudulence and gobby arrogant entitlement, they too could be a success.

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    • I remember that Maggie Oliver was there with others (including Maloney and Greek Trucker) to meet Jon Wedger in Manchester after his ‘walk’. I was really surprised that Oliver would have anything to do with this crowd and I hope it was because she doesn’t actually understand what they’re up to. If not then Poof! There goes the respect I had for her.

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      • Ah yes, I recall hearing of BattleTv on a recent Jon Wedger video. I wonder how many of his delightful mugs and t-shirts Wedger has sold so far?

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        • I hope accounts are going to be available, also I havn’t checked out the Ley Community but I did see a worrying comment about who is running it.

          There is are automatic problems when dealing with helping CSA survivors………, Firstly, yes many of us end up in trouble of some kind……not all and I remember back when Rashieda St Johns newsletter was sending out all information, available, without bias or comment………A book came out, written by other survivors which pointed out, very strongly that not all of us were unable to function, etc ………..Rashieda sent this monthly,..through the network of survivor, rape crisis and other groups working with victims………… I really don’t remember SRA being flagged up much and I’m sure I would have noticed, because at the time, I had a friend, thought she had been ritually abused…………. She, unable to find any help that was satisfactory, ended up going to many healers, psychics of many types, being wealthy.
          I went along for the ride, too at times, we ended up seeing a body worker in Islington, Bill something, he claimed to be a Shaman, I stopped going after he insisted that my mother had tried to abort me……………. I was furious………I sat straight up, and stood up too quickly and nearly fainted……… I had been in a very deep trance. After that, my therapist, whose husband was helped greatly, with epilepsy……..also stopped going. After 3 sessions, Bill had told he he’d been raped as a child…….. My therapist told me that she had had to break her rule and actually put him under, (she was a hypno therapist, with morals, I will add) & she had to take him back and help him really look, feel and see if any thing was there, she and he, were absolutely convinced that there was no basis whatsoever………………….. You see, I did recover some younger memories, during out work. I had always remembered being abused from age 9, conciously, hauntingly, leading my behaviour to be problematic…….. It took me months and months at least, to fully accept the memories, myself, I went into complete denial and she had watched this, taking back with ease to where and what I needed to go to, never leading me, except in creative healing visualisations……positive, messages, being implanted during trance, using NLP. So it is not the methods or tools, but the integrity of the therapist, I am so thankful that it was her that I finally rang, desperate to change.
          He ended up in court, I was a witness, my therapist refused to because she said she couldn’t given that her husband had been helped so well. I was not happy about that, but my friend actually stuck up for him and the judge beamed at her the whole time, another witness was a vicar who gave a glowing reference and said Bills only fault was that he would do too much for people. He was found not guilty. I and another friend, one that taught me alot, including assertiveness…. who also gave witness……..had different reactions, I was shocked, she was cynical…….. she had great experience of how victim, witnesses were treated and the woman in question had severe difficulties and a disablement that effected her obviously, one of the reasons that I believed her, my friend was a good counsellor, also non leading, and had spoken with her, before she asked me to be a witness. He had touched me inapproprately on the same day, he told that lie and insisted he was right………I was not welcome anymore, even though my friend asked me to go with her still, (way before the court case), he did not want me there and referred to me as ‘that woman’, when my therapist had mentioned me, with a very dismissal attitude.
          This is why, occasionally, I have tagged some of those networks of old, or messaged, called because they know my name, it featured in that quite a few times. That ‘researcher’, who hasn’t done much yet, that came asking me questions under the video clip, I published re: Jon Wedger, claiming that Chris Fay has been charged, which is why I’ve been trying to make sure that Brian Harvey finds out if this is true, if it is he needs to be helped to hold back, for now……… but what is happening is he’s being approached by people with an agenda ‘red pill phil’, who also pushes fmotl and UK Column, or has just soaked it all up and believes it, I dunno, but they could be using him, now to fck up the case, if it is true………. perhaps someone who knows how to can check………. I’ll be glad if it is and hope for more to come.
          It occurs to me, that it is probably made easier for scammers to contact victims & survivors, given their sites and email collecting and ‘selling’? going on…………. It dawned on me today, that if you believe all the crap they talk about and get a message or call, telling you that you pc has been infected or hacked…..they have primed those people to believe it….also more likely to be buying orgonite shungite bullshite, or other so called protectors or devices and gadgets sold that will give readings and or protections from anything………aliens, emf, GCHQ interference, etc etc etc……… Miles Johnston, Penny Pullen, Belinda McKenzie and there clear collusion to provide for many businesses………..
          Those tools were powerful, and with much practice have meant that I could put myself in trance and use it for healing etc. But for someone to then instil, insist and mock a person, reject them for not believing or buying in and as we know, nowadays there are many ways that they turn on people exposing them but they are also doing it to people who realise and go off script…………and possible lots and lots have been damaged and harmed……but it is clear that some, like Eddieisok has completely believed these things, perhaps learnt them at a church or gone along to trainings, read the right books………… he mentioned William Cooper in a video he made, which when I looked briefly, yes tons and tons of the SRA themes and theories……….. but I probably occasionally shared them, myself back in my earlier years, online.
          Like Rashieda, I kept nuetral, but I wouldn’t have flooded or allowed my group to be flooded with anything, which some groups tried………….
          Anyway, I hope this is helpful. Many of us are cynical of those in power, I certainly was not impressed when the House of Lords moved the goalpost because I would have won my case. It was dismissed only for that reason…a few weeks before my date after 2yrs of giving my evidence to my Solicitor, seeing experts, etc, also in therapy……. So Angela Power Disney, encouraging Heather Brown to mock me, thrown scorn and mockery and false accusations, assertions to make me feel humiliated but I don’t, because my therapist helped me to release that and realise it wasn’t my fault, very deeply, that took time, too…… Again with this lot and their types, …………I know that it will have been that some survivors have been convinced by them, they all seem to have had training in NLP….. with great power comes great responsiblity and of course Angie or Eddies answer, will probably be that they KNOW and work for the big G and it is me and us that I’m a decievers, when in fact it is them………some know and do it for profit or some other gain, some for their cause, beliefs, agenda, but they are good at pushing buttons and you can see that Heather and Angie really think that they have harmed me so that I will finally shut up…………. but instead, I made sure that networks viewed it, so could know to watch out for any clients going online.

          I hope so, anyway.

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          • Sheva
            I read your comment a while back and re-read it a few times as I felt so alarmed at what you had written. I am struggling to understand whether I have gotten the wrong end of the stick regarding your therapist and the “shaman” and “body worker” Bill. Bill certainly sounds incredibly dodgy but I am failing to understand how you know that your therapist had anything to do with Bill. Maybe you don’t know this but a therapeutic relationship is not meant to include having contact with your therapist outside of regular therapy sessions.

            I am just feeling worried about you and wondering whether you have been abused or taken advantage of by your therapist?

            Also some of the things you describe about your therapist “putting someone under” and taking them back in time to examine whether or not they had been abused just sounds very alarming, as does the bit about your therapist “never leading me, except in creative healing visualisations……positive, messages, being implanted during trance, using NLP.”

            Please do not think I am having a go at you, I am just extremely concerned about what kind of therapy you have received as, from what you have written, it sounds very unprofessional and even dangerous.

            Please let me know if I have misunderstood anything.

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          • Apologies for the delay in replying. I’ve not been checking notifications. I’ll try and make some of it clearer, but therapy with her lasted a couple of years, so I could write chapters about it, all and will one of these days.

            Firstly she didn’t put me under ‘to examine whether I had been abused’. I already knew that I had been, instead she would put me into a trance or under with no leading, but that I should go wherever I needed, find what I needed for my benefit and healing. Once I had entered that realm or time, she would ask me to notice what I could see, hear or feel and the session would go from there. I’m probably not framing this well. But I can honestly say that for me, it was more about recovering feelings from those memories that had been stuck, suppressed and needed releasing and she helped me to do that.

            Also I know that NLP is sorely misused and that I only scratched the surface, probably. But from my experience of learning to visualise, say a waterfall and imagine cleansing away all the crap, pain or whatever, I put that to use and know that it helped me enormously when my spine was twisted during an assault and having to lie flat for very long periods for years, I am glad to have learnt to meditate and use those practices for my own benefit.

            I don’t think you are having a go. You are not wrong. We did end up meeting outside of therapy and the professional boundaries were broken, it ended badly……… However, I recovered and don’t regret it. Abused, by her? I wouldn’t say that, but yes some harm did happen that shouldn’t and needn’t have. It is 24 years now, since.

            I have heard from quite a few others that therapists have broken boundaries, I’m not talking about those who have abused their clients, but of those giving extra time or developing friendships which are not always dangerous and often much appreciated.

            Like all things regarding these issues, there are many shades and levels, Quite often in groups in discussions about therapy/ists or counselling people would complain about the professional attitudes that seemed distant, cold, indifferent and more concerned with time keeping and payment, when we were digging out our deepest hurts and laying them bare…. and then the labels and focusing by some on what was wrong with us, rather than that what had been done to us was wrong.

            Back then, it was so hard to find counsellors who would even take on a CSA abuse victim/survivor and we were all learning, some of us with very few choices or much money……

            I was at one time given an appointment at the Maudsley circa 86/7 during my first serious bout of agorophobia, but I just couldn’t/wouldn’t go…… I was terrified of psychiatrists and I’m afraid the few I met during my court case and since havn’t impressed me, at all.

            Bill, though was dodgy,…… very.


      • I was shocked as well Mrs O. when I saw Maggie Oliver with Jon Wedger as I had always thought she did a great job regarding the Rochdale grooming scandal. If she is going to get involved with people such as Wedger and Baloney then she can kiss her credibility goodbye. I did send her a tweet recently asking her if she knew about Bill Maloney’s reputation but unfortunately, she did not respond.

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        • She doesn’t know what she’s doing, I was in a messenger conversation with her the other day, on a massive child safeguarding issue that is slowly coming out just now, she doesn’t listen which is funny as she wasn’t listened to by her own police force, Wedger has a massive issue on his own door step, but nothing. Maloney only sticks to people who were once, or may be in the media spot light. I saw him stew Medomsley, I saw him get involved with Shirley Oaks because it was on telly, he only ever mentioned it once before, and that was on one of his shouty videos he did with Ken Livingston. Sorry but they all suck, and they don’t give a shit about anyone, except their own self importance.

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        • Same here, I’ve been ignored and she clearly either hasn’t been told; because given her recent meetups then she aligns with them, I wonder why ? I’ve been told that she doesn’t go along with SRA, so I’m mysified but then given their social media deluges, then I guess people think it must all be true ? I did think there was some but not at the levels they talk of or the amount of perps up on high, but yes, of course I think they exist…I’ve always thought that, but they screaming smoke screams and steering events make them look like the leaders, online…….. are others runing her accounts for her ? controlling ? I hope she sees and reads this.

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          • I really don’t think she gives one, they are all as bad as each other for different reasons. Just let them get on with it. They’ve all been up each other’s arses for years, coming out with crap and trying to build their own empires, then clinging on to someone else when it all falls down round their ears.

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          • I can’t. I am definitely a blocker. Finally getting through to alot more, newer on the scene. I’m happy to do that and expose as widely as they share their bullshite. I’ll stop when they do, shapeshifters that they are.


    • There are videos (on websites I would not wish to link to) of a radio show on BBC Home Counties hosted by Andy Collins with a discussion between Maggie Oliver Jon Wedger and alternative medicine promoting eurosceptic MP Sir Mike Penning

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    • Update

      Someone’s just pointed out to me that Tere’s show should start at 2:00 LA time, so it may be that it’s the LA time Arfur’s got wrong, not the UK time.

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  9. Maggie Oliver is the author of this, er, interesting defence of Mike Veale in the Mail


    Is it is perhaps unsurprising that she would turn up in the company of Wedger at a conspiracy focussed whistleblower event.

    Speaking of Wedger

    There are some fairly dubious people, eg.g John Wedger and Chris Tuck involved and presenting on video in the below cached link webpage


    The final video is of a “ritual abuse” survivor Pauline Sharp – no time to watch her video but she is a self proclaimed ritual abuse survivor who is crowdfunding for Chris Tuck’s Survivors of Abuse organisation, an organisation that is worthy of further scrutiny IMO

    They are organising educational events around the country, next one in Rochdale on 21st July

    What is very concerning is that they seem to be combining real survivors of genuine abuse alongside people like Wedger. Pauline Sharp is someone who I am unfamiliar with, I have no idea about the exact nature of the “ritual abuse” she claims to have endured.

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    • Very worrying. Thanks for that information. Chris Tuck is or was on the Survivors Panel for IICSA……tho, when I tried to warn her about Belinda McKenzie & co, Maloney etc before the Downing St, event, she promptly blocked me.

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    • By the Brighton & Hove VoicingCSA event, Phil Lafferty had only just, finally accepted that Wesley Hall should not be involved with them………. for ages, he had avoided the issue………… and then he invited me to go and maybe speak……. I wasn’t well enough, but they wouldn’t have liked what I would have said, had I gone……. I certainly would have challenged Wedger and was shocked that he even appeared there….. I don’t know why this is possible, but it to me shows a real lack of responsiblity, for a long time, I’ve thought they simply don’t know, don;t have time to monitor other peoples’ activity, but certainly with Wesley, how could anyone not know ? Phil has attracted some high profile ambassadors to his organisation, they also perhaps do not realise what has gone on with charlatans, bullies and creeps like Chris Fay, Maloney etc.

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      • Phil Lafferty 🙂
        Some time ago, on another blog’s comment section, I praised Mr. Lafferty for his courage. Being a gay man and publicly denouncing abusers “of standing” in your own community takes real cajones, but its important. Its important that we act responsibly with respect to abusers in “our own ranks” and not succumb to the impulse to protect ourselves from homophobic mis-representation by “just keeping quiet”.

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        • Yes, I also admire Phil greatly for what he HAS achieved, to have been able to influence the soaps for example, and that more famous people have spoken and shown support for survivors is really good. When he started out on the road, though I was immediately alarmed when I realised that he had Malcolm Blackman of aka Joe Public who often played tag team with Araya Soma and others if I ventured into any group, regarding events, featuring the usual speakers that appear again, and again…….. Phil may have been vulnerable to their bullying, which at times is subtle, hence why I didn’t notice it, as would have had me on alert before the rally, 2010, much sooner.
          It’s why I committed to raking out the fakes, and they are within or being platformed by some good groups, who will not allow any real discussion or posts about them being afraid of the backlash ………. They will phone that person and message and all sorts to make it really difficult to withstand and I know that I for long years, could not handle confrontation at all well or even at all, I think Phil might be self protecting a bit, retreating through fear………… I hope some strong people that he trusts can help, to unwind their tentacles around him and also others ?

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    • I watched the video of Pauline Sharp, she didn’t talk about the type of abuse she suffered, except to say she was raped many times and emotionally abused from age 3 – 19, but more about the impact, particularly on her physical self and how she continued the cycle of abuse herself from self-harming at age 8 to having a difficult relationship with food and alcohol causing her to become morbidly obese.

      Here’s her story in her own words:



      “It was in my 40s that everything fell apart. While on holiday, I caught sight of a man. Something familiar about the way he was dressed triggered an episode of PTSD from the sexual abuse. I was hospitalised for seven weeks. Even on the psychiatric ward I was self-harming and binge-eating. I would order pizzas and takeaway curries to my private room, with my sweets and chocolates stashed away, the same way I had stashed food as child.

      Finally, after several appointments with mental health professionals, I found a therapist who helped me open up about my childhood. It was through the therapy that I began to process what I’d been through. At this point, therapy was focused on keeping me alive and stable, rather than unpicking my harmful relationship with food.”

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      • Thanks for the link Issy.

        It seems to me that whatever has happened the situation is delicate and serious.

        Regular readers of this and other sceptical blogs will understand that there are countless people claiming to be survivors of ritual abuse. Some are attention seeking narcissists, some are scammers and some (probably the vast majority) are vulnerable people who have been manipulated by quacks to believe that terrible things happened to them, when in fact they did not happen.

        In the case of Pauline Sharp she may be a genuine survivor of child abuse. If so it is terrible that she is sharing a platform with Wedger and Tuck. It may be that she does not understand what the term “ritual abuse” usually means, rather like the recent poster who claimed to be a survivor of satanic ritual abuse by a (if my memory is correct) CofE priest. That poster claimed that all CSA was satanic by nature, a claim that is unhelpful in my opinion.

        It may be that Pauline Sharp is a survivor of real child abuse but that her contact with dubious characters such as Wedger and Tuck indicates that she has fallen in with deluded people who believe fantastical things and thus she believes that she survived ritual abuse.

        As I have said before many times, ritual abuses do happen and there are some truly nasty sexually and violently abusive cults out there. It is entirely possible that Ms Sharp has been abused in a ritualistic manner by someone in a cult. If this is true then Wedger, Tuck and their associates are the very last people that she should be seeking help and advice from.

        All I know is that she seems vulnerable and in the company of people who are unlikely to help her and who may in fact cause her and her family harm.

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        • Yes, I can see how not fully understanding certain terminology like “ritual abuse” could lead to confusion.

          I think I understand the term “systemic abuse” but I have previously read systemic as systematic and it is my habit to get terms and words totally mixed up anyway when writing or reading or even just talking – I can relate well to anyone else who does the same.

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          • There were definitely some rituals involved with my fathers abuse of me, which was exteme……….. but it was in the patterns, times and the way that I was punished……….. I lived in fear for most of my life, numb by the time I was in therapy…………it brought me alive which meant that it was more about recovering feelings, than memories although they came in together………….. by the time I went to the quack, I was very sure of my memories and on the road to healing, stumbling at times, still needing alot of support from the network I was in……….. It was only Bill who insisted it was the satanic and every thing that goes with that, he followed some guru, and when we’d arrive he would be chanting, chiming bells and incense was always on………..I do though know that all abuse and cruelty to children is evil………… there are many studies of the whys, the therapist involved in therapy with paedophiles have sometimes also sold the SRA narrative…………. Ray Wyre and Norma Howes are the two I know of, but there are more… it has really shocked me, to find what a collosal industry and narrative has been infecting the internet, and as CW Chanter says, it needs a flush….there are people working in their own other ways to wobble people off their perches………. the last party of Synthetic Rebellions live feed is very interesting………

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        • @surreal – thanks for your very grounded perspective, I think its helpful.
          I think my own concern about misuse of “ritual abuse” runs a lot deeper than yours however 🙂
          Pazder invented the term and it’s variants “SRA” and “ritualistic abuse”. His definition was complicated but also specific/ limiting in some ways. It’s also blatantly superstitious nonsense, which is the real reason why the term Ritual Abuse became more commonly used over time…to hide the ongoing superstitious beliefs involving satan under newly invented meanings.
          I would dispute your assertion that there IS a “usual” meaning for “ritual abuse”, after Pazder’s definition was abandoned, but rather that it can & does mean whatever th3e person using it wants it to mean. The same is, I believe true for “ritualistic”, rendering both terms practically meaningless.
          So, I think we should be focused on the reality that none of these terms are valid legal terminology for subdivisions of CSA – as “exploitation”, “assault”, or “rape” are. We should encourage people to stick to such terms and discourage use of invalid terms altogether.

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          • I think amongst professionals working with survivors ritual abuse is a common term, because many of us will describe behavious that are………… like other words, they have contaminated it.
            My father had a certain punishment that was long and drawn out, I would have to pulled down my pants, bend over and stay like that, while he went to choose a stick’, it would take ages…………… my father acted very like I have read from survivors of priests and within some institutions of all kinds, it is why I am welcome in their groups, because I let them know that though I never went into care, I suffered very similar levels of abuse and it’s true…….He was sadistic, that was one thing my therapist told me, I was amazed ! ……. I still was feeling like the bad one…..my behaviours at times had made me think that, and so on, another common theme as survivors get talking…… good groups disallow these types, many having experienced their danger, will boot them out or start again, closing the group and that is why the Medomsley case is now on track to produce justice. NOTHING WHATSOEVER TO DO WITH BILL MALONEY: They have achieved much, in spite of the harm he caused them. At this time they are focusing on the case and cannot speak, so Bill is bound to be holding himself as the hero, which is not on, thinking that he can get away with it is deplorable and just shows again, how callous they all really are towards us.


          • Justin

            I was using the term “ritual abuse” as understood in the “usual” way by people posting here, that is to say that it usually refers to false memories and fantastical narratives involving roasted babies, dark, hooded robes and the usual stuff.

            Personally I believe very strongly that the term “ritual abuse” needs to be thoroughly examined and possibly “reclaimed” to mean something other than the usual understanding I posted above.

            Whatever Pazder said or invented there are many types of ritual and ritualistic abuse and I am very opposed to the “policing” of language to exclude certain terms simply because some weirdo or scammer appropriated them and used them to describe something fantastical, especially when the terms so accurately describe the activities of various SRA promoting quacks and grifters.

            We live in interesting times and I cannot fail to notice that the people who are loudly screaming “oh look ritual abuse” are so very often themselves involved in cults that practice sexual rituals that violate vulnerable people.

            My own experience of CSA, which I do not want to describe in detail here although EC knows about it, includes abusive violations that followed a ritualistic pattern, nothing to do with religion, more to do with a pattern of a number of sequential steps that the abuse always followed.

            I believe that ritual elements are common in many sexual and violent abuses, including but not limited to, school bullying, hazing, human trafficking, the humiliation of vulnerable employees by some employers, lots more too.

            I think we can agree that the term “ritual abuse” is a loaded one because of its appropriation by Pazder SRA promoting quacks.

            Without doubt it is a loaded term that should be used with extreme care and, given current trends, not without a full exploration of the term’s history.

            I feel that ritualistic elements of criminal activity are important to research and to document, but no more so than other elements. Very often child abusers, sexual predators, traffickers and pimps use rituals (very often theistic, religious rituals) as part of their modus operandi. This is as important to notice, record and reflect upon as are other elements of the MO. There are certain trends in relation to this kind of abuse and these should be reported also, although with extreme care so as not to stigmatise religious minorities.

            So, for example, when I discovered that a therapist who was treating various clients for “ritual abuse” and who was also training therapy students in the use of touch on psychotherapy was jailed for sexually molesting her vulnerable clients in a ritualistic manner I reported my findings here. Let me tell you that Vanessa Clark is just the tip of the iceberg.

            I am deeply involved in researching this issue and am still reflecting upon how best to present my findings and in the middle of writing up a lot of material. I feel that people who are involved in accusing others of ritual abuse and are themselves involved in activities that would be understood by most reasonable people to constitute ritual abuse then I will not shy away from reporting the situation.

            One thing that seems pretty clear to me is that the most common methods of “ritual abuse” tend not to involve roasted infants and children being sewn inside dead animals etc. etc but involves predatory and criminal adults sexually violating children and vulnerable adults by claiming that the abuse is a form of healing, sacred ceremony or innovative body psychotherapy.


    • Re the Daily Mail article – she does have a point re the police but isn’t the problem with Mike Veale that he said things publicly that should have remained private?

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      • I’m not sure she has a valid point, actually. I can’t comment about her personal experience and investigation being “dropped” – without her superior’s side of things I can’t judge. But there is also false narrative here.
        I think that Barthnotes has pretty comprehensive coverage about Ted Heath investigation, so people can see for themselves…my memory is that criticism of Veale came primarily from people who knew Heath well enough to be valid witnesses to his life circumstances and personal traits…and were NOT being interviewed as such. They might be “persons of prominence” in some way, but NOT “the Establishment” as in people running the show politically or with oversight for policing. NOT May or her ministers.
        Richard Hoskins was inspired to speak out, but he certainly doesn’t qualify as “political interference”.

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  10. Lie, cry and deny, as Abe would say:

    Ooh, this is gonna be fun…

    – Calling someone by their name means you’re trying to dox them, does it? Or does it just mean you’re…er…calling them by their name?

    – Since you ask, though, it just so happens that your lapdog Malcolm Ogilvy went ballistic when we used your name.

    So perhaps you should take it up with him:

    – “You see, its only coward trolls like you that need to hide behind nameless, faceless socks.”

    Plus…Code 2222, Guidance 2222, Lou Lotus, Ved Chaudhari, Cannabis Cures Cancer, Allmoderncons, Butlincat, Jacqui Farmer, Video Man, Earthicastar, Super Earther, Oneperfectoutfit, CGI Pains, Biddy Baboon, Nemesis Green, Hermes Mercurius, Drifloud, Dicky Rearman, Hermes Mercurius Ella Starlight, Tiny Magical Creatures, FansFiltration, UnaRaza, Hampstead Case, Hampstead Research, Hampstead Coverup, Believe the Children, Pray for the Children, Eaten Lives Matter, Jeranism, Aangirfan, Dearman Does Hampstead… 😂

    – “Please feel free to produce evidence of my bullying & “spreading slander” etc.”



    You’re welcome 🙂

    – “I especially can’t wait to see exactly who & when I have ever threatened to ‘publish the addresses and phone numbers of anyone’.”

    Then wait no longer:

    – “Oh & considering you are trolling me, on someone elses youtube account, & YOU are the only one that has published anyones name.”

    But…but…you just said it’s fine to use your name. And stating facts is trolling now? I’m confused.

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      • Severe case of underestimation of us seasoned campaigners. This has come about, though because not enough help and recognition led to that happening, in fact the opposite has been my experience, many times, automatic attitudes, but not wilh all…….. we know that rings do exist and worked with in the system, which one, really is Jon Wedger and is it the christian thing with some people to blame all evil on Satan, enforcing forgiveness. I was shocked the other day when a guy told me that the first thing he says to survivors is ‘have you forgiven your abuser’ ………as he went into his pitch, I stopped him, I’m tired, and I know the script, I have often said that it is wrong to tell anyone what they have to do in that way and make them feel as if it is their fault if they don’t heal, if they don’t do as told…….Why should anyone forgive their tormentor and I know that being told that really triggers people, it certainly did, me………many times back decades, often said. I did though learn the value of letting go, for my sake, which felt good, for a change, to do something for me, it was very empowering to go that route and I did let go, in that the feelings are no longer in me, that led me to such dysfunction, oblivious though, because it wasn’t being challenged much.
        It has astonished me, though the difference between being deemed acceptable, financially ok, to the opposite, and then the way this lot have turned me and the rallies over……………………they really know what they are doing, it is purposeful, there are handlers, exerting influence behind the scenes. Hence my alerts to CEOP, IICSA, NCA, IWF because their reach goes everywhere.

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  11. Tere & Arfur just starting:


    She’s spoken about him already but I don’t think he’s actually on until the second hour.

    By the way, if you’ve never been on the page before, you need to click on ‘Get Flash’. It doesn’t download anything, you’re just giving the site permission to run it.


  12. I have some points, just want to address the beginning of your article. Regarding a cabal that is seeking control over the whole world, buying their way into the royal families of europe, raping and abusing children, simply because they can and get away with it every time. Because evidence mysteriously disappears into a safe at scotland yard, never to be seen again, every single time. Royals that are best buds with highly prolific paedophiles, Epstein and Savile. Is it such a stretch that people like Harvey Proctor who literally did enjoy spanking young boys, Thatcher having Savile round for xmas dinner, Cyril Smith who literally fucked kids, Greville Janner, and the list of Sirs that have been convicted of abusing children, is it really fantastical to claim that a psychopathic cabal really does rule the western world? It seems to me you are totally disregarding the reality of it to mock and laugh at those who get sucked in by charlatan “troofers” and sucked into the disinfo sra rabbit hole. Im sensing an air of superiority about your article which stinks of ego as you throw the proverbial baby out with the bathwater. There is a troofer and then there is a truther.


    • Yes, Dave. I agree with most of what you say their. Real child molesters use whatever power is within their disposal, so the higher up they achieve, the stronger their ability to protect their kind and feed victims to them. I just happen to think it is going on, bigtime in the SRA charlatan types movement, mobilised, massively, online…… whereas real genuine people of each level are there too, speaking. Just not getting the help that is available to the viralisers of vile disinfo on such an important topic.


    • LOL, you remind me so much of that Truth-Seeking Music Makers loon. He comes out with stuff like that too. Next you’ll be telling us all to worship Chris Spivey.

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    • ‘Regarding a cabal that is seeking control over the whole world, buying their way into the royal families of europe, raping and abusing children, simply because they can and get away with it every time.
      Because evidence mysteriously disappears into a safe at scotland yard, never to be seen again, every single time.’
      Why do you believe this? I’m not being facetious, I really want to know where this information comes from.

      ‘Royals that are best buds with highly prolific paedophiles, Epstein and Savile.’
      How do you know this is true? I don’t know much about Epstein but it looks like Savile was a psychopath and it’s likely he manipulated all sorts of people into being ‘mates’. He certainly had his photo taken a lot with important people. But ‘best buds’ with the royals? He’s the wrong social class and the nobs don’t let working class oiks (no matter how rich they are) into their inner circle. Savile may have had invitations to the odd lunch or garden party but ‘best buds’? No way.

      ‘…is it really fantastical to claim that a psychopathic cabal really does rule the western world?’
      To my mind it’s more a case of psychopathic individuals being ruthless and working their way up to the top in Governments and business so you get a disproportionate number of them in positions of power. I struggle to see them all ‘getting on’ together in a cabal to rule the western world. They’re more likely to stab each other in the back because, as we know, psychopaths don’t do team work.

      p.s. It almost kills me to look like I’m defending the royals.

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    • Dave, I find your dot joining unconvincing and somewhat paranoid.

      I do not doubt that very wealthy people take advantage of less powerful people, sometimes including children. It happens all over the world in fact.

      Grifters are attracted to royalty and are motivated to befriend celebrities and people of influence because grifting is a business and any businesses benefits greatly from Royal approval and celebrity endorsement.

      Of course the most effective manner for criminals to gain associations with royalty and celebrities is via cults. This has always been true. Possibly the best known and most influential example being Grigori Rasputin and his influence on the Russian Imperial family and on the history of Russia and the world.

      More recently the catastrophic scandal that enveloped former President Park of South Korea demonstrates how a fake “shaman” can influence a political leader and a nation state


      I am no fan of Harvey Proctor or his political agenda but I no not believe that he should be accused of being a paedophile or murderer simply because he is a member of a sexual minority or because I dislike his politics.

      Whether or not wealthy, powerful individuals conspire to abuse children or vulnerable adults cannot be accurately discerned but he kind of paranoid dot joining you are engaging in. If anything it tends to make people sceptical or even cynical when they hear of of such conspiracies.

      When exploring hugely important issues like whether or not a certain person is a child abuser it is important to examine the evidence and not make assumptions based upon hunches and speculation about other elements to people’s lives that are nothing to do with child abuse. Obviously

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    • That was a lousy entrée into the American consciousness for Arturo. He failed dismally. I was hoping he’d proclaim himself as the second coming and bestow love on his audience but instead he disappointed with stories of his lacklustre attempt to mimic American gangsta rappers by forging a career as a big time drug dealer on the mean streets of Sydney…except he was only ever done for possession without intent to supply (just a user then?) and once he held a handgun in his hand, it was half-cocked.

      His multiple stays in mental hospitals began when a thirty day cocaine binge which cost 140,000 Australian $ ended….those 30 days also included him preaching to and attempting to recruit followers to his cause – a revolution of some sort for some reason – what a man!


  13. Am kind of jealous I would give anything to have a family kids grandkids she is so lucky and behaves like a total dick ?


    • Yes, in a way it’s very sad. She has a life many would envy, with grown children making their way in the world, beautiful grandchildren, what looks like a nice house…and yet she chooses to squander her energy in this way.


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