Joining the dots: from slime to ‘plastic willies’

It’s an example of dot-joining gone terribly, horribly, comically wrong.

Yesterday one of our readers pointed out a YouTube comment by this genius, who has pulled out his crayons and drawn a wobbly line between “RD and his children sell a product called slime” and “didn’t he used to make ‘plastic willies’ in his garden shed?”Plastic willies 2018-07-15 1“Seems like someone who knows a thing or two about plastics (polymers)”….which apparently the commenter does not.

What is slime, anyway?

Perhaps before inserting his foot in his mouth, Eric might have done better to go look up what “fluffy slime” is, and how it’s made. Let’s put it this way: knowledge of plastics / polymers really doesn’t enter into it.

A quick Google search revealed dozens of recipes for slime, which included ingredients like white school glue, shaving cream, liquid starch, cornstarch, washing-up liquid, food colouring, contact lens solution (no, we’re not kidding), and borax—though that last ingredient seems controversial amongst slime aficionados. Making slime

Nary a plastic or polymer in sight, Eric, sorry.

Brace yourselves: it’s time we talked about sex toys

The sensitive amongst you should probably avert your eyes. We are now going to discuss “plastic willies” and the manufacture thereof.

Eric mentions that during one of the police interviews, the officer asked Child Q about the plastic willies:Plastic willies 2018-07-15 2Child Q replied, “He buys them and he also makes them. He makes them in the shed. He melts the plastic and then makes them”.

Sorry, but this just doesn’t fly.

The problem of fumes

First, while it is definitely possible to melt plastic and pour it into moulds, melting plastic creates very nasty toxic fumes, and the amount of plastic which would be required to make a single solid plastic willy would probably create enough fumes to make anyone working with it quite ill.

Melting a large amount of plastic in an enclosed space such as a garden shed would be a recipe for disaster. Plus, even if the noxious fumes didn’t kill anyone, melting plastic has a very distinctive smell. Way to tip off the neighbours that you’re running a dildo factory out of your back shed!

Second, while some sex toys like cheap vibrators are encased in a hard plastic shell, actual cast-plastic would make a ridiculously heavy dildo. The resulting product would be cumbersome, and certainly wouldn’t work as intended when attached to a simple belt as Abe made the kids claim.

As for an element in a “crown of willies”, as Abraham and Ella had the children draw, we can imagine the willies clattering into one another in a most distracting way.

Plastic willies 2018-07-15 3

Imagine—each cast-plastic willy weighs about a pound, and you’ve got a bunch of them up there, clattering into each other and falling over. You’d be more likely to get a concussion than impress anyone with your extra-super-willy powers.

(As an aside, why do the middle person’s plastic willies all have little Viking hats on them? And why do the others look like they are wearing strap-on rolling pins?)

Maybe they meant silicone or latex?

Ah, but what if the children were confused, and the willies weren’t really made from plastic per se, but a more traditional dildo material such as silicone or latex? (Yes, we researched this. You’re welcome.)

Well, according to Alex Edwards in this fascinating article on how not to make silicone dildoes, creating anything, er, viable is a great deal more difficult than it seems. Frankly, the whole “he made them in the shed” claim is beginning to sound just a bit implausible.

And by the way, while we’re on this subject, the belts in that drawing look more like the sort of thing a cowboy would use to holster a gun, if the gun were shaped like a rolling pin, or a cucumber wearing a tiny Viking helmet, as the case may be. As willy-holders, they really don’t do the job at all…at least if the goal is to have the willy more or less perpendicular to the body.

This doesn’t really work at all, does it?

Why plastic willies in the first place?

And that brings us to another issue. In all the research we’ve done about paedophiles, we’ve yet to come across an instance where a person who is sexually abusing a child simply pokes them with an inanimate object and calls it a day. Wouldn’t a paedophile want to use, er, the real thing in order to achieve satisfaction?

So what made Abe and Ella decide to accuse the so-called cult members of using plastic willies in the first place?

Could it be, perhaps, because a great many of those they accused were women? Accusing them of using plastic willies to violate the children would have been a way to truly vilify the mothers and teachers whom Ella and Abe hated so much.

So…no, Eric, it doesn’t seem as though the false allegation that RD made plastic willies in his shed is even the tiniest bit relevant to the slime-making business he and his children have built together. Nice try, though, and thanks for the lulz.

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  1. So what happened to the millions of plastic willies after the cult got busted? (Imagining creative ways they could be hidden in plain sight….stop me now!)


  2. Great post, EC. And thanks for the beginner’s guide. I knew that shed on my allotment would come in handy at some point.

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  3. Kudos to Eric – despite dildo manufacture being so complicated, he’s still managed to make a complete prick of himself.

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  4. From someone who’s been attacking, bullying, slandering, threatening and harassing Sheva – an abuse survivor – for years:

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    • As Malcolm knows (because he watches this blog 24/7), the reason we criticise Hope Girl is because she’s a scammer. She also tells massive lies about people here and she mercilessly trolled a guy’s friends within hours of him dying and threatened to have them killed “as well”. But hey, don’t object to any of that, because it makes you a c*nt. LOL

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      • Those are probably the very qualities that attract Malcolm to her (especially now that Catriona has spurned his advances).

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      • Is selling slime is a scam now? Is it fake slime or something?

        Malcolm clearly knows something the rest of us don’t and I assume he’s reported this alleged crime to the police.

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  5. Latest from the Land of Zog
    (By the way, I bet Neelu’s sister is delighted that she’s been giving out her address on the internet.)

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    • There is something pretty suspicious about Neelu and I’m wondering if she’s as batty as she’d like us to think.
      She and her family are always being hit for council tax, parking fines. mortgage arrears etc etc with cars being towed and so on but she always seems to come up with the cash to bail herself and family members out.
      Is this just a clever con to game the system?.

      I’m reminded of a holiday I once had in Puerto Rico and I happened to meet an extremely jovial American in a beach bar at Happy Hour. He invited me to dinner back in NY in Brooklyn- sent a car. We were joined by his brother shuffling in his pyjamas and dressing gown who was very personable. I didn’t ask why he was dressed that way as I noticed he was accompanied by 2 large chaps who sat nearby.
      A few days later I read in a newspaper he was actually the Mafia Don of the Genovese family.and had been conning the FBI for years pretending to be demented and a nutcase. Worked as well I think for quite a few years.

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      • I have wondered if there is something more sinister going on….. especially after I heard her talking about what she had learned from her ‘2 fathers;. I started to wonder if she didn’t just want to subvert our system, help break it and given her connections and the way that other fmotls waste the time of the authorities with endless phone calls…………. what Matt Taylor said to me about not caring if the hampstead case was untrue, he’d do anything to bring down the government, the harrassment that they have all participated in encouraged by the likes of Brian Garish, the events and tricks they’ve pulled, even getting away with collosal harrassment of the Police Commissioner, Sussex….. and yes, just as the money appeared for Sabines bail, I’m suspicious. Then there is Penny Pullen, who has money and has been very low key, but seems an integral player in it all……….

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  6. Have a look at enema kits to see where the plastic willies idea came from and the white sticky stuff will be lube.

    Plastic willies, white sticky stuff and Ella Draper giving the children enemas is no coincidence.

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    • Perhaps the plastic willies idea and promotion from Christie had a different origin.

      The whole demonization of the children’s father and the Hampstead community was never really planned out in fine detail. It grew as Christie seized upon anything the children said that he could twist into his own warped mind set. Of course later, in Morocco, when the children finally cottoned on to the type of answers Christie would accept they came up with dancing with skulls etc. ‘He only believes lies’, said the little girl innocently in the retraction video…

      The plastic willies theme was born in Hampstead before Morocco. Christie caught the children trying to take a snap of their private parts but refused to believe their explanation. A girl at school had shown them a photo of a dildo in her mother’s refrigerator, then said that if they showed her a photo of them touching one another she would give them a bag of sweets the next day at school. Let’s not forget how hungry and neglected those children were and an innocent childish snapshot is not exactly the crime of the century. They never did get the sweets promised.

      I believe Christie seized upon this and forced the whole plastic willies (a decisively childish term) narrative from that one incident.

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      • Normal children type stuff. A bunch of little girls challenged me whem I was 6 to drop my shorts and they would do the same. I accepted the challenge and obliged but they just broke out in laughter and ran away.

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      • I do though think that Ella’s enemas were given in Morocco to instil body memories that they could then believably describe, again, not forgetting that the police were not meant to question them, but for their own video purposes had they carried out their plan to retreat back to Morocco and carry on using the children in whatever way worked in order to keep the money rolling in ?

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        • Probably part of her wacky raw vegan yoga extreme fads. The woman was demented about crackpot nutrition schemes and enemas do appeal to certain crackpots. The film road to wellville has that sort of thing in it.

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          • I sense that Grobnob is right re this issue. Ella was extremely controlling towards the children, specifically regarding what went in and came out of their bodies.

            The new age cultural milieu she inhabits promotes many narratives regarding the need to clear blockages, whether via dietary fads, intimate massage or colonic irrigation. Just know that you are foul and dirty inside and you need your various passages unblocked one way or another.

            Humanity in all its messiness and nuanced complexity is not acceptable to Ella and those who cherish her deluded beliefs.

            Everything is black or white, there is no grey. It is all about finding the badness and the pollution and, if it is inside expelling it, and if it is outside killing it with fire. If fire in unavailable, lynching, castration or wood-chippers are acceptable alternatives.

            The one place they never look for any badness, pollution or evil is in their own hearts and minds, which is a terrible shame because it is to be found there aplenty.

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          • Yeah, but when she talked about the regularity of them, I looked it up and even those who promote them advise that adults shouldn’t have them more than once or twice a year. I’ve met people who believe in them, I never have, but each to their own, but to inflict so many on the children during their ‘holiday’ in Morocco ?….. gave me reason to really think it was part of the engineering of the hoax. Certainly the reaction, each time I wrote that on YouTube threads, videos and threads were taken down and re started, made me think I was probably right.

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      • I’m confused by the dildo in a refrigerator – though I suppose in this weather people will try just about anything to cool down.

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    • That’s what I’ve always thought, whenever I highlighted it on any posts or videos……….the backlash was incredible, but I know, it woke alot of people up, too……… hence their increased attacks on me. The hoax pushers, never talk about this… I think it was all part of the plan, which is such an ugly thought, but true, I think.

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  7. Help, what was that post after I’d noticed a comment including HATJ ? This is really amazing, a man who knew nothing about OPPT and all that jazz….. went to the trial: There will be a fuller interview with Doazic, soon……….

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  8. I’ve been busy reading about Nelson’s boat the victory and watching documentaries about the video nasty moral panic of the 80s.

    Highlights include rains listed Michael winner getting Mary Whitehouse annoyed. Kids lying about watching horror films, even when they’re fed the titles of movies that don’t exist. Mp graham bright insisting he’d seen genuine snuff scenes in south American made horror film and that the material would be proven to affect not just children but dogs too. A government advisory group disposing of an oxford academics research when it disagreed with them and lying that forty percent of children from the age of 6 upwards had seen video nasties. Despite nowhere near forty percent of households having videos in the early 80s (when they cost well over £500 a go) and the films didn’t get distributed to get anywhere near the figures required to be seen by 40 percent of family households. It was an absolute scam.

    Reminds me of the donkies pushing the SRA claptrap wagon insisting they’re protecting the children.

    As for plastic willies ? I’ll tell you where abe can go stick em . . . . . .

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    • Current Facebook suspensions:

      Andy Devine
      Angela Power-Disney
      Sarah Hemingway (back-up account)
      Arthur Kaoutal (3 accounts)
      Tracey Morris
      Malcolm Ogilvy (both accounts)
      John Taylor

      The silence is deafening 🙂

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    • I was not aware that a Twitter complaint was made against me until Common Porpoise told me. My account is still active,and Twitter has not mentioned anything to me. Shame Oglivy did not post the tweet he was complaining about.

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  9. I have heard it all now with the Youtube comment! As for the rest of them i am beginning to wonder why they are all wrapped up in Satanic Ritual Abuse and paedophiles? What is their facination with it all? They are all sick if you ask me. Don’t get me wrong i do not agree with the sexual abuse of children but these peoples lives seem to be completely wrapped up in it and bringing RD and his children down? Makes me wonder, it really do. There is a world of children who need help, why don’t they come down off of Social Media and spend their time helping in childrens homes, donating to poor families, helping loan parents and children who ACTUALLY need help, not trying to destroy others lives. I rest my case…

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