More evidence that children were forced to lie on videos

A little more than a year ago, we revealed the one piece of information which conclusively demonstrated that RD’s children had been forced to lie in the videos their mother and her boyfriend made on their way back to the UK from Morocco.

Readers might recall that in June 2017 Ella blurted to interviewer Nathan Stolpman that on reflection, she now did not think that her first husband, his current wife, and her eldest son were involved with the “cult” at all. She claimed that she’d been under pressure when she had stated they were.

Unfortunately for Ella, Abraham, and those who’ve helped them promote their hoax, Ella’s change of heart directly contradicts her own claim that all three people were deeply involved:

Ella Draper-witness statement extract

(from the document Ella read onscreen, naming multiple alleged ‘cult’ members)

The admission from Ella also contradicts Abe’s statement during the Jean-Clement Yaohirou video.

This screenshot from Kris Costa’s “DDH” blog confirms it: Kris Costa blog re Draper 2 2017-06-02

And worst of all, Ella’s confession directly contradicts what she and Abraham forced the children to say on camera. Here’s an extract from the Jean-Clement video:

Child Q: Me, and my sister, and my brother don’t have tattoos. 
Jean-Clement: No tattoos? 
Q: No. If my mum was doing it, if my mum was touching me, I would have had a tattoo right now. 
JC: Why is that—
Abe: Tell him about your brother Xxxxx, tell him about your brother.
Q: Yeah, he doesn’t have it yet, no. 
Abe: But tell him what he does.
Q: He does…he touches us, he does, um, sex to us. 
Abe: Tell him about…listen to this. Her first husband, basically they picked her. They picked her. They selected her, the mother, they selected her. First husband, he’s one…(aside to child: Shush!)…he’s one, he’s an investment banker. He does, he has a baby with her, and the boy, he done sex with the boy, 17 years….Her first husband. She left him. Her first husband told the second guy, go and get her.

And another, from the videos made en route to London:

Ella: What is decided?
Child P: We decided that we shall stop killing babies and we shall stop doing sex. It’s just going to be pointless and it’s just going to have to be going to jail and go back.
Ella: So what are we going to do?  We are going to protect other babies and children, huh? And save all the children that are involved.
Child P: Yes. And [Xxxxx] was in it.
Child Q: When you face the fear you get less fear.

And now, more contradictions…

We are always amazed at the information that can be gleaned from going over old evidence. This time we were looking through the transcript of a video Angela Power-Disney released, of a conversation between herself and Sabine in April 2016.

Keep in mind that this was more than a year before Ella made her spectacularly contradictory gaffe.

Angie: Like, [Ella’s ex-husband] was in the cult, the children, the full Jean-Clement recordings, said that their stepbrother [named] had molested them, or Ella said this or somebody….

SabineNo, on that note, I asked—I met [Ella’s son], and I asked Ella whether she had asked him about it, and she said she couldn’t talk to him about it, but she was going to ask her mum to do that.

Let’s pause on that.

Sabine says that she asked Ella about whether she had asked her eldest child about having been in the “cult”.

Ella’s response: she couldn’t talk to him about it, but she was going to ask her own mother to do it for her.

Now, if you were the parent of a child, even an almost-grown one, and you believed that he might have been brutally sexually abused since early childhood, and then forced to sexually abuse others including his own half-siblings, would you hesitate even a nano-second before asking him about it and then immediately trying to ensure his safety? Would you shrug it off and get the child’s grandmother to do it?

Angie….. But I definitely heard, out of the mouth of [inaudible], that the children had said [her son] had molested them. [Break out the champagne, Angela has said something factually correct!—Ed.]


Angie: …and I’m 90% sure I’ve seen…unless they’re forged, I’ve seen police records documenting violence by [her son].

SabineI’m sorry Angie, [Child Q] said [her son] is in it, and I asked Ella is it your [son], and that’s why, and I met him…

AngieIt is her [son], it is her [son], that’s my sense of it. I’m useless at archiving, I’ll try and find what I’m referring to. I wouldn’t say that lightly, Sabine.

So first Sabine denies that the older boy was involved in the “cult”, and then she back-pedals and says that she questioned Ella about this (while they were still on speaking terms), and then met the son in person, to decide whether or not the allegation was true.

In other words, even Sabine wasn’t certain that the allegations against the elder son were correct. When asked, Ella seems to have waffled, saying she “couldn’t talk to him about it”.

And yet as far back as late 2014/early 2015 all parties were fully aware that the children and Abe had made allegations about the elder son. Everyone had seen the videos and knew what the children had said.

But amongst themselves, they were casting doubt on the children’s supposedly 100% true testimony.

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

Please note: Sabine McNeill is currently facing trial on charges of violation of a restraining order and harassment. While this post does not touch on either of those two issues, we’d like to remind our readers that any discussion of her case could not only prejudice her right to a fair trial, but could put this blog in danger of committing contempt of court. things that make you go hmm

83 thoughts on “More evidence that children were forced to lie on videos

  1. The real question is: is Abe malicious beyond all belief or stark raving mad?. As this was never meant to reach the stage it did with police involvement, was it a carefully crafted blackmail attempt by Abe?. Perhaps the first husband who appears to be wealthy was the real target.

    And Ella?. She comes across as inordinately stupid. I was pondering recently that there are 2 matters The Mob (™) have seized upon which they claim proves something when it proves nothing if they only thought about it for a minute.
    Ella’s interview with “former policeman” (?) Ray Savage and her supposed lie detector video.
    Ella claims to have not witnessed any signs of abuse. So when she tells Savage her tale and then takes a lie detector test she is telling her “truth” as she believes it. But she isn’t a witness to an of the claims she is making. Passing or failing what is claimed to be truth detection in either case is meaningless.
    To use legal jargon, in both cases Ella is simple repeating hearsay.
    But it’s meaningless hearsay.
    Which brings into question the supposed credentials of both Savage and the lie detector “specialist”. Every genuine police officer knows that even eye witness evidence can vary according to who is telling it.
    But they rarely take notice of hearsay although they may record it for future purposes.
    And the so-called lie detector operator blows his credibility by questioning a person on hearsay and allowing it to be presented as credible (I think his career is probably in the doldrums & he thought he may be on a winner).

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  2. Keep up, Paranoigilvy – we’d already done all our disrupting by phone and email. Pretty successfully I’m sure you’ll agree 😀

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  3. I also find it quite disturbing that not only has he covertly filmed two innocent adults but also two children, which he’s then uploaded to his Facebook page without even blurring their faces.

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  4. It’s the dogs I feel sorry for. Poor old R**** and F*** have been dragged into this even though they might well be completely innocent of any wrongdoing >:D

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  5. It’s very disturbing to see you harassing innocent members of the public and secretly filming their children, Malcolm. Your idol Robert Green would be so proud of you (if he knew who the fuck you were).

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  6. Debs on the “EU child protection directives” (funny, she’s never mentioned these before) and why she believes abuse victims and suspects shouldn’t have a right to anonymity (sigh):

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  7. Agreed it is. If I were a healthcare professional I’d be off to see the staff association to get their legal people busy.

    When her sister was in hospital the last occasion N vacillated between calling the staff murderers and the most caring and devoted team imaginable.

    There should be a sign on the end of the sisters bed – DNN – Do Not Neelu.

    Neelu is off to Snaresbrook Crown this week for an alleged benefit fraud. Now if only the prosecution don’t make their usual display of incompetence she might finally get a dose of reality.

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  8. It was a bit of a mistake to turn up with a pair of Rottweilers though. The theme from the Omen playing on his ipod really gave the game away.

    Must try harder.

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  9. She’s all over the place with this. One day the doctors and nurses are murderers, the next they won’t treat her sister. And when they do treat her Neelu clains they are poisoning her while she recommends any cancer sufferer (which she claims doesn’t exist anyway) can be cured by drinking 2 gallons of bleach or some other nonsense.

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  10. Mommy and Daddy No 3 think they’ll go with her wherever she goes do they…..Americans who think the world will welcome them and have never heard of residence visas. I hope they don’t come to the UK – we have enough far right nutjobs already.

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  11. “Mum, where did your dignity go?”
    “Oh it fucked off with my self-awareness decades ago and hasn’t been seen since.”

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  12. I wonder if by “family betrayal” she means the series of videos she did on how her mum is a narcissist? Or perhaps the one about how her dad is a murderer? Oh wait, maybe she’s talking about the various deeply embarrassing videos about her children? Or the one about how her sister should be horse whipped? Hard to choose, really.

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  13. Maybe Angie needs to get together with Peter Hofschröer; together they can write a book called “Keeping Mum: A Guide to Using Your Mother as a Pawn in Family Arguments”.

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  14. Place your bets now, lol. My money’s on the one where she tells her dad she’s “willing to wait until you an Mummy are both dead”.

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  15. Maybe Malcolm misses filming his own daughter and forcing her to tell lies on camera, so he needs to go out and stalk other people’s kids now. Scary

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  16. Team MKD have made an interesting point – what happened to Angie’s miracles when she was trying to raise money for her son’s eye operation?

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  17. I hope that Abe is just a fading bad memory for the two children now. His master-plan failed and no he can’t return home without fear of being arrested and jailed.

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  18. Neelu doesn’t operate under the same laws that we do. I imagine she treats restraining orders with the same respect she has for parking tickets.

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  19. Thanks for the info Liza, i will make sure to turn up early so I have enough time to bury some crystals outside the building

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  20. calamiTcat has to be her most apt name…….. calamitous, clumsy, clod whose actual bullying of genuine survivors of child abuse & anti abuse campaigners is documented, yet Jon Wedger believers her Wild Cat false allegations, as well as repeating the tosh about the RAINS list, that Robert Green spouts…… Does Jon Wedger approve of the QEG scam too ?

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  21. That’s right. Me neither. I just wanted to clarify that it wasn’t Cat who said it. She just regurgitated it like she usually does. She’s only ever had two original thoughts of her own – George Harrison was in the Rolling Stones and there’s no such thing as Lyme disease.

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  22. Don’t panic, mate – you’re Matt Q. Everyone is either Matt Q, Spiny or Maggs Shaw, according to the Ogilvy mantra. He read it in the stars, you know.

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  23. If Wendy and Ronald McAvene (dad/mom no.3) think they can come to UK and continue supporting harrassment against those Becki Percy makes false allegations against, then they will suffer the same fate as Rupert Wilson Quaintance IV.

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  24. Yes, he made noises about the police here being wimps because many aren’t “packing heat”. I seem to recall that his plan was to a) box their ears, and b) run really fast. Sadly for him, it didn’t quite play out that way.

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  25. They have got to keep that money rolling in. Wedger is all over the place at the moment, a serious cash drive is going on.

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  26. Rednecks such as Rupert and others think because majority of UK police carry no guns, they are weak, but if they hear he has a gun, their armed response units are fast to react, shoot to kill, and are in my opinion trigger happy.


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