Angela continues attack after her enemy has left the field

Presumably considering herself out of range of retaliation now, Angela Power-Disney has fired yet another shot at Stephen Keys, whom she has been harassing relentlessly for a few months now.

If you were following the battle, you’ll recall Angela published a video which she claimed had been made on her behalf by “Anon” (as though there is an entity out there called “Anon”, LOL). In it, she viciously slagged Steve and others who she claimed are “admins” on this blog.

One of her main contentions seemed to be that Steve was in charge of the blog, which he rightly denied. He has never done more than comment here, though his insights are always welcome.

As we noted when the video was first released, we received a flurry of emails from people wanting to know how they could protect themselves from Angela’s vile slurs. We guided them through the process of complaining to YouTube, and the video was banned in several jurisdictions on grounds of defamation.

Following this, Angela began lashing out at Steve, and eventually he retaliated with a series of frustrated DMs which, he admits, were profane and rude. Then released a video in which he laid out his position quite clearly:

He and Angela traded a few more barbs, but eventually Steve realised that trying to engage Angela in honest, adult dialogue is like trying to teach a brick to sing, so apparently he has now blocked her.

Did being blocked stop Angela? Did it fuck.

On Friday, knowing that Steve would neither see her post nor respond to it, she put this up on Facebook: Angela to Steve K 2018-07-07 1Angela to Steve K 2018-07-07 2

Let’s look at Angela’s points in order (all spelling and punctuation verbatim):


1. The fact that my address has been online before is NOT the same as posting ANGELA IS A SELF CONFESSED CHILD ABUSER LIVING AT THE FOLLOWING ADDRESS .Which not only is untrue but a clear INCITEMENT TO VIOLENCE

First, where did Steve, or in fact this blog, publish Angela’s address and a notice that she is a self-confessed child abuser?

We can’t answer for Steve, but we’ve never seen anything of the sort from him. If we had, we would have urged him to remove it.

Certainly we did show stills of a video she made in which she opened envelopes which she incorrectly claimed had come from this blog. And we have reported on her claim that she beat her children with T-squares and attacked her son for looking at pornography. However, we don’t know Angela’s address, and would never have published anything which could be interpreted as an incitement to violence. That’s just not how we play.

Unlike Angela, who has attempted to dox people from this blog on multiple occasions, and frequently refers to us as Satanists and paedophiles (as though those two were synonymous), we understand that that would be both morally wrong and illegal.

2. I never said I was hunted by aliens or reptilians, that was MILES JOHNSTON’S spin on my disclosure and he has since been credibly outed as a gatekeeper


Oh, sorry. She’s serious, isn’t she?

By “my disclosure”, Angela is referring to the story she concocted copied from various other adult “MK Ultra” claimants about how her dad took her down to the woods and allowed his fellow MK Ultra friends (or whatever) chase her through the forest and try to rape her. Shades of Becki Percy, Angela! Did your lot make you wear a camera on your head too?

As for Miles “being credibly outed as a gatekeeper”, we think it would be more accurate for Angela to say, “I have been putting it about that he is a sexual predator“. And not too surprisingly, Miles is deeply unhappy about this.

3. I NEVER claimed to be the source for the deeply researched and evidence backed ANON videos which outed you and others Stephen as Hoaxtead admins…anybody who knows me or my work knows they were done FOR me and other victims of satanic hoaxtead and I made that clear at all times

There she goes again—”deeply researched and evidence backed”? Just like your friend Lalita Noire’s “evidence-backed” claims that Ella Gareeva participated in making child sex abuse videos, Angie?

Let’s say this again, in little words and short sentences so Angela and her thick friends can understand:

  1. This blog is run by two people.
  2. EC and Scarlet are the only people who can post here.
  3. We have the password.
  4. No one else does.
  5. Since August 2015, EC has written almost all the posts.
  6. There are no other admins.
  7. There are only readers (like Angela), commenters, and people who send us things we might find useful.
  8. Got it yet?

And yes, anyone who knows Angela will be very well aware that she couldn’t research her way out of a wet paper bag in a rainstorm. However, her “ANON” researcher seems to be almost as good at tracking down the truth as she is. Keep trying, luv.

4. Your parents were not targeted…it was simply suggested that as they partner with a project for autistic and vulnerable youth, they might want to help you with re education given your online activity of the past 3 years using multiple avatars including Postnein and Avid Mador but not at all limited to those two.
And yes as a good will gesture the location was edited out

Steve’s elderly parents should never have been mentioned at all, nor their business and its location identified. This was clearly done in order to exert leverage on Steve, who Angie and her team of geniuses had decided was in charge of this blog. It was a clumsy attempt to blackmail him to step down from running this blog (see note above).

It was also a nasty, malicious attack on two innocent people. End of.

5. Again anyone who knows my work knows I NEVER advocate violence so it was utterly paranoid to think anybody would call to your home etc 
Let God deal with you . I actually sometimes feel sorry for you.

No, Angela never advocates violence. Except when she does.

Here’s a small selection, in no particular order:

Angela to Steve K 2018-06-21 4Angela death threat 2018-07-07 1Angela death threat 2018-07-07 2Angela death threat 2018-07-07 3Angela death threat 2018-07-07 4‘Nuff said?

We thought so.Angela surrealistic

84 thoughts on “Angela continues attack after her enemy has left the field

  1. Not started my revell plastic mode boats yet, but I’ve assembled my tools and had a quick look at the instructions. I’ll do the Spanish galleon first, then Nelson’s ‘victory’, after that I fancy the bounty or a bigger scale galleon.

    Disney ? She’s a foul gobshite for whom the smell of stale cigarette smoke is a great mask for her grossly offensive body odour. A vile person.

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  2. Time she published all these death threats she reckons she receives. Perhaps she has got some but the way she accuses all and sundry of terrible crimes and then sits back and whinges claiming they come from this website is rediculous.
    Just off the top of my head I can think of how she viciously lashes out at new neighbours, an Irish police officer who has been exonerated of several accusations ( not by her though…accusation=guilt ) and a few others.
    Typical keyboard bully.

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        • I guess these supposed death threats are a bit like the QEG machine. You have to believe the QEG works or it won’t and you have to believe the death threats exist to be able to see them. I have checked on Angie’s Facebook and couldn’t find the threats so it must mean I didn’t have the right frame of mind which would allow me to see them.

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          • Why do they make these accusations when they know they’re not true? A simple search will show she’s lying. These people definitely have severe problems. I don’t understand why they’re allowed to be parents, surely their children are at risk of these mad rants

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  3. According to loving, caring Angie, those 9 people who died of listeriosis from eating infected frozen sweetcorn only have themselves to blame, because they didn’t say grace…

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    • Qualifications: delusion; allegation making; psychopathy; dishonesty.

      Sadly, Becky Percy could have set something like this up in the USA, and scam to her hearts content whilst ruining many lives. But, as the football fans would say, she is coming home, deported in the next 12 months when she loses her asylum appeal in California. In the UK we are blessed with extensive regulations, which would make it hard to set such a facility up here run by Becki Percy.

      I have sat through hours of video by Becki Percy (yes, someone had to) and one of the impressions I got from when Becki was staying with Catherine Moncada and her grandchildren, Becki had no rapport with those children.

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    • There’s a load of conspiracy websites at the moment, I don’t want to link to any of them but they are easily found, claiming that the novichok poisonings are false flags to divert from British elite paedophile rings.

      It just demonstrates how false accusations of SRA and CSA are strategies that propagandists use on a regular and mundane basis.

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    • Oh gawd, state run child porn fraud ? How’s her seriously ill sister btw ? She ceased mentioning her as soon as she had no excuse to slag off the nhs antibiotic assassination fraud. Odd woman that.

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      • Wasn’t the old USSR that used to run a child pornography racket? Getting western diplomats blind drunk then photographing them in bed with children for blackmail purposes.

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        • Check out an old Orson Welles interview for the old underage honeytrap gag, played by someone acting on w r Hearst’s behalf. A police officer tipped him off that s girl had been placed on his hotel room with photographers ready. They say patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel. The last resort of the scoundrel is accusing their enemies of sexual depravitude.

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        • I think that the racket was, and probably is, fairly widespread in the murky world of espionage and the harvesting of compromising data.

          One truly horrific example was the well documented use of enslaved families and their children by the disgusting oxygen thief General Pinochet to collect compromising photographs of (sometimes drugged and incapacitated) victims, usually political dissidents, at the notorious Colonia Dignidad.

          Extremely disturbing but highly relevant documentary here

          Viewer discretion advised

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  4. Kudos to Steve for staying calm and dignified in the face of these ongoing attacks from both Arsy Angie and Bitchy Babs

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  5. I’m glad EC posted that evidence that shows Angie does indeed advocate violence. Here’s some more:

    ‘APD – Another Death Threat, 23.08.16’

    ‘Arthur’s Death Threats (Encouraged by Tracey & Angela)’ – Go to 4:15 and 5:04

    ‘Angie Squirms Over Death Threat Question [09.08.16]’ – Go to 5:44

    ‘Death Threats to Dearman [09.04.16]’

    ‘I Put A Spell On You [05.08.16]’ – Go to 5:50, 7:26, 8:59 and 16:26

    ‘Angie Threatens to Horsewhip Her Sister, 05.09.14’

    And that’s without even mentioning the way she’s frequently egged on Heather Brown (aka Pru Halliwell, aka Suzy Jones) in her violent threats, not least her vow to go round to Beth Jockney Rebel’s house and give her a ‘Glasgow kiss’, which Angie thought was a great suggestion, as I recall.

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  6. You all know what Ms Disney is like and how she operates. I won’t engage with her or call her names. The best defense is to ignore her.

    This woman has done much to harass innocent people in Hampstead. She needs to be arrested and prosecuted. If you insult her you give her a defense (although it didn`t work for Rupert) and she can shout `look what they`ve done to me!`.

    The truth of course isn’t that she has body odour or is a ‘horror’. The truth is that she’s ordinary. Nothing special at all. I daresay she falls right in the middle of average.

    I note that this blog saves her posts which can aid future prosecutions which I would think are forthcoming. I’m sure by now she’s on the police radar and it’s only a matter of time. Report all harassment to the police and don’t engage in any behaviour which can be construed as harassment yourselves. That’s the way to solve this problem.

    I`m glad Ms Disney believes in miracles. She`s going to need one in the future.

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    • Angie and her fruitloop friends are so obsessed with trying to find out peoples addresses and then use that info as a threat. She is a nasty piece of work.

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  7. Angela’s modus operandi is the same as 419 scammers. Start your spiel with assorted biblical quotes before moving in for the jugular and grabbing the cash. She really is appalling.

    If Angela Power Disney, Abraham Christie, Belinda McKenzie and various other morality free scamming hoaxers could be combined into one character it would be the notorious Harry Powell from the original masterpiece The Night of the Hunter.

    The movie in its entirety can be seen on youtube and if anyone here has not seen it yet, then I would suggest that rather than watch the below clip, you simply watch the entire movie, you are in for a terrifying treat.

    In the movie 2 little children are pursued by Harry Powell, an evil false preacher, a wolf in sheeps clothing, who has no problem hurting them providing he can get his hands on the wad of cash the children are hiding in a doll.

    If this blog and all who contribute to it was a character in the film it would be that of Rachel Cooper. I don’t want to spoil the film for anyone who hasn’t seen it so I’ll say no more, other than to recommend the film and to say that, if it is examined and reflected upon there are many themes in it that are relevant to the Hoaxtead hoax and to the satanic panic generally.

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      • Much as I love Cape Fear (the original of course) my double bill would include another of my favourite films, again on the theme of children imperilled by a psychopath who presents as their saviour, the very wonderful
        A Room For Romeo Brass, which can be watched in its entirety here

        My favourite scene is the one where Morell gives a rambling account of his battle with an invisible evil entity.

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  8. Angela Power Disney obsesses over eye candy that she cannot have, its the only reason she chases after various men. No man would look at her and think I want to bed this chick. Angela is old, hoary with multiple old lady problems. She had to drug Rupert Quaintance in order to experience something denied to her for decades.

    Sorry to say Stephen, Angela fancies you, she is your number one fan. Angela probably has an entire room dedicated as a shrine to you with pictures of you plastered all over the walls. You made the mistake of giving the old maid some attention, even if its is your contempt, to this lonely sexually unsatisfied OAP it is closest to love she will ever obtain from a man. The best thing you can do is report the elderly lady to the police and ignore her.

    Any man will look upon the wobbly facial disfigurement, the desperate look of an unsatisfied elderly female, the twitching fingers hungry for male flesh, and they are running, sprinting to get away from that horror.

    Stephen, you have caught the attention of a sexually frustrated mentally disturbed old woman. Ignore Angela Power Disney, any attention she gets is equivalent or male love vibes, such male attention indulges her sexual fantasies for men she can never have.

    Angela is in failing health, no love prospects, a failure, living on the memories of regret. Males who give her attention allows her the fantasy that she is healthy, beautiful and attractive, when she is none of these things. Angie is a few steps short of being wheeled into a nursing home suffering the usual old lady problems such as false teeth, incontinence and memory loss. Don’t let deranged sexually obsessed old women such as Angela Power Disney cast a shadow over your life, her life is coming to an end, time beckons the old dear to her coffin as it does all old people.


  9. Going back to Michelle Reid, who was recently seen harassing RD and his children on those slime videos as well as threatening to sue this blog for mentioning her, I’d forgotten about this comment from June 2016:

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    • This is one of the most terrifying and disturbing aspects of the hoaxers’ campaigns of hatred and false allegations. They spend so much of their time advocating violence towards people (usually falsely) accused of horrific crimes.

      These kind of vigilante attacks on innocent people happen every day in poor communities all over the world.

      There is a horrifying first hand account of what it is like to be falsely accused (in this instance of theft), beaten and burned alive by a baying mob here:

      The narratives of satanic ritual abuse and elite paedophile rings are being used to influence elections and may at some point in the future, if the hoaxes continue along the same trajectory, may be used as an excuse to start a war.

      The subject of the murder of babies has been repeatedly used to justify wars and violent acts against communities, the best known example being the blood libel in its various form through history and perhaps the most recent well known example being the Nayirah Testimony (a false testimony of babies ripped from incubators in Kuwati hospitals and left to die on the floor) that was used to justify American involvement in the Iraq war.

      We need to work hard to analyse and expose these hoaxes for all kinds of reasons, not only because of the potential for them to cause untold harm to innocents falsely accused of crimes against children but als, even more seriously, the potential for harm caused to innocents considered collateral in unnecessary and unjust wars.

      I have Iraqi Kurdish friends whose families suffered terribly because of the Gulf war and the obscene rush of corporations to exploit the instability came after it.

      Just because the hoaxers and conspiraloons rant on about “false flags” does not mean that false flags don’t happen. They definitely do and are a mundane aspect of PR and propaganda. We should be vigilant and also aware that one day it could be our turn to suffer.

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    And Listen to This Very Carefully, Also. The VENGENCE I Strike Down Upon You With Only Multiplies & Intensifies Each & Everytime You Mention ANGELA’s Name & Now Multiple All That Anger Double If I Ever Hear You Mention ANGELA’s Daughter Name Again.

    Make It Vividly Clear to All At Hoax>£NOTNOTI>>🤬


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