RD’s children safe & well, but Wesley Hall ‘feels sick’

If you knew of two children who you believed had been terribly abused and had then disappeared from public view, but who unexpectedly reappeared a few years later, clearly healthy, smiling, and proud, how would you respond?

Most normal people would be relieved, delighted, happy, not only because the children had obviously survived their difficult past, but because they were now thriving and running a successful business.

However, that’s not how Wesley Hall sees it. Apparently the news that RD’s children are happy and enjoying life has upset him tremendously.

‘I feel sick…’

Yesterday, in response to the news that RD and his children are safe, well, and working together in a family business making “slime”, Wesley’s response was, “I feel sick…”

Wesley Hall 2018-06-27 1Wesley, who fled to Spain a few weeks ago to avoid pending charges of perverting the course of justice, now appears to believe that he can say what he wishes about the Hampstead case, without fear of legal repercussions.

That might be true…for now.

Over the past few months, we’ve heard unconfirmed rumblings that Ella dumped Abe last year when she realised he was no longer of use to her. This might have occurred during the wake of our asking the “awkward question” about the alleged cult tattoos, which clearly stumped the greasy homunculus and left him speechless for several weeks, until he stammered out a patently silly answer.

Since then nothing has been heard of Abe; given what Wesley told a few friends in Manchester, it seems he might be applying for Abe’s old job.

Spreading the illness

Wesley certainly seems determined to spread his “sickness” about the internet: in addition to sharing the post on his personal Facebook page to 43 fellow conspiraloons, he simultaneously placed it on at least three other Facebook pages, one of which he claims not to run!

Wesley laughed off the suggestion that he runs the “Free Sabine” Facebook page. How fascinating, then, to check the timestamp on that page…

Wesley Hall 2018-06-27 10-28 3…and then to compare it with the timestamp with the identical post on Wesley’s personal Facebook page: Wesley Hall 2018-06-27 10-28 2And funnily enough, within seconds, another identical post popped up on the “Ubuntu Planet UK” Facebook page (8,827 followers), which we suppose Wesley doesn’t run either: Wesley Hall 2015-06-27 10-28 1As Wesley and his troofer friends are wont to say, “There are no coincidences!”

Only one Facebook post did not quite fit the pattern: a page called “Manchester Angels”, with 29,000 followers, apparently “felt sick” exactly five hours earlier:

ManchesterAngels 2018-06-27 5-29

Funnily enough, three Twitter accounts came over queasy exactly five hours earlier than the Manchester Angels Facebook page: FreeSabine Twitter 2018-06-27 2-29Ubuntupartyuk 2018-06-27 2-29ukstreetangels 2018-06-27 2-29

Apparently the sickness spread even further: at 05:29, the same post was shared to: Noncewatch–Burnley and Pendle; PirateSec; The Voice of Treason; Theresa Mayhem; and Opdeatheaters. There may well be others we haven’t found yet.

How to explain this strangely timed cascading series of identical posts?

Our social media boffins inform us that there are a number of ways to do it, but the easiest is to use an applet such as “IFTTT” (If This, Then That). If the user does one action, the applet will automatically do another—so, for example, one post could be sent to three Twitter accounts at 2:29 a.m., then mirrored on one Facebook account five hours later, and on three others five hours after that. The idea is to catch as many readers in different time slots as possible.

Fascinating stuff, we’re sure you’ll agree.

In any case, it seems Wesley wanted to let the maximum possible number of people know that his tummy was upset because RD’s children are safe, well, and happy.

Wesley Hall FB 2018-06-27 comments.pngAnd even though he was feeling unwell, he took a few moments to reiterate Angela Power-Disney’s disgusting suggestion that someone illegally hack the children’s business website.

While he was at it, he threw in another completely unsubstantiated bit of harassment, accusing RD of “abusing children”. We hope that if he plans to come back to the UK, he’ll be prepared to defend his behaviour in court.

Clearly his dyspepsia was getting the better of him. We hope it clears up soon, but we fear that prolonged exposure to Ella Gareeva may only exacerbate his difficulties. Wesley Hall-homelessness Lancashire

99 thoughts on “RD’s children safe & well, but Wesley Hall ‘feels sick’

  1. Looks like slander/libel to me. Profiling and abusing ? Silly Muppet should know the internet never forgets.

    On another note I’m wading through all the Sept 14 interviews and various other stuff I snagged on a hdd. In one of the later fugitive videos Ella clearly states “we don’t know if they are alive” in one video. Well I hope she’s happy that they’re not just happy and healthy but involved in a growing business that does charity work bringing joy to sick children.
    Anyhoo, just absorbing tales of plastic willies manufactured in a garden shed. Bronze, silver and gold these willies are in all sizes. Abe and ella are twisted for forcing the kids to learn then repeat these lies.

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    • The one thing that worries me is that this mob will make a resurgence in interest in the kids, I seriously had a hard time recognising them, and the last thing they need is some &^%%$ reposting those old ABE interviews, you could imagine the hurt that would cause them (esp being teenagers)

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      • I think you underestimate them, they’re resilient kids, long out of harms way and building positive lives for themselves and those around them. The hate you see manifest is all the hoaxters have. Not one of them has any heart, they’re just bitter bullying ****heads, ****s and all round ****ers. I think that shows the divide the pro hoax and anti hoax factions, that and an average I.Q. differential of at least 30 points in our favour.

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        • I think so too…

          It’s kinda crazy to sort of realise that there’s a possibilty that the awful spare that is Weassely is doing his damndest to attract Ella’s interest and be her new knight in shining armour..to replace Abe as an object of interest/affection – I feel so revolted.

          Well the stupid woman deserves all that crazy crappolla…..eeek!

          I would never normally entertain such negative thoughts..but oh well, feck it….she is such a horror!

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          • Ella had the potential to be a happy person once, great looking, her pick of men, as we know at least two brilliant kids. But she wasn’t happy. She heaped mess upon mess until she fled like a rat from a domestic life of relative calm to being a fugitive with no access to her own children. She completely blew it all and now clings on to her batshit crazy story of illegal kidnapping courts, entire schools and churches dedicated to sexual abuse, murder and cannibalism. What on earth was so bad about her ex seeing his own kids at weekends that she had to push and push till she lost them ? I dunno what Ella’s motivation is but narcissism and power seem to fit. I love how she includes everyone who defies her as being in the cult. I think Abe was just Igor to her Frankenstein in this matter. She pulled all the strings. Anyone seen her face yoga channel pre 2015 scandal ? Vain as hell. I remember Ian Brady being obsessive over his diet and food, long before his ‘hunger strike’. Control is what Ella seeks above all else. Exercise power over her and she has an underling attempt revenge. My money says she is fuming with bitterness at RD and the slime business. If Wes is her Igor now we’ll see him doing her bidding, while she tries to appear uninvolved.

            Has Deborah spoken out yet ? I wanna hear her explain a happy family.

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          • Yeah, Ella has great bone structure and if she actually smiled would be great looking. But her malice and bitterness dominate and show through. She’s one of those people just burning with hatred inside. That’s what you see in her. Shame really. She messed it all up. Who could ask for anything more that great kids and good health ? Seriously, she had all the riches you need, and greedily grasped them too hard and lost everything. Nice to see them doing well with the slime business. Beats the facetofa hempsoup lark.


      • Wesley Hall (and Angela Power Disney) are now committing criminal acts of harassment and in addition Hall is committing child abuse by targeting the children’s business which is obviously as one would expect. overseen by their adult father.
        This innocent family unit ( as the High Court agreed) have every right not to hide in the shadows and to pursue a livelihood which will ensure the children’s financial future.
        This pair are deliberately and encouraging others) to pursue a criminal case of nasty harassment. and prevent that from happening.
        It’s beyond wicked but they have now stepped over the line and are even urging others- in a conspiracy which is evidenced by Power-Disney asking others to join in the criminal hacking of a website.
        There are extradition treaties with Spain and Ireland.
        The pair must be pursued along with any others who join the conspiracy.

        #Remember: under law those who conspire to commit a crime do not have to actually reach the point of acting upon their conspiracy. The fact they conspire to break the law is the crime itself.
        Ella Gareva’s silence is puzzling. She seems to not care a jot that those she has associated with are now targeting her children’s successful business. She needs to read up on Karma. Her life can only get worse.

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  2. Something I can’t work out is why the police granted Weasel bail when he was pretty open about the fact that he was planning to abscond to Spain.

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      • I think they know full well he’ll be back and they’ll nab him at their leisure. Post brexit they’re probably laughing about it being important to ensure we keep exporting to Europe.

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        • Plus Spain has some serious ex pat Brits who will snap a little gobshite in two if he mouths off or causes aggro. It ain’t a place to misbehave, especially if you’re poor and have no mates. Out there you can find all the trouble you want.


  3. Hmm. Wesley claims that RD has been “abusing children”? So presumably he’s reported these extremely serious crimes to the police and handed over his evidence.

    Oh wait, no – he’s fucked off to Spain. My bad

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      • Pay as you go with a tenner package. I change phones once or twice a month. Nothing they can charge me with as I’ll toss the sim and never use or top it up again.


        • I sound well dodgy I know. I just prefer new numbers and never getting telesales knobends annoying me.


          • I did that, and ‘inherited’ a number that the previous user obviously used to sign up to every telemarketer in the world, I ended up getting another sim just to get some peace and quiet- 30-50 calls a DAY from them-ugggh

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  4. Perhaps Ella has already given Wesley some of her strange soup.

    It made her children’s stomachs feel funny too.

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  5. I see Wesley’s still tagging Piazzagate in his posts but that’s died a death now, hasn’t it? Bit of a storm in a teacup, that one.

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  6. I’m getting in early here with a prediction (which doesn’t need an Einstein even if I do look like him). How long before The Nutcase Brigade latch onto this tale (which they previously have never heard of) and claim it’s a cover-up and the coins are real etc etc.

    “Devil coins found at Bath Abbey prove ‘prank of the century’ reached Britain
    Featuring the image of Satan and the words ‘Civitas Diaboli’, the coins are the result of a multinational practical joke masterminded by a mild-mannered art gallery clerk from Denmark ”

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    • Barnatt and APD- a match made in hell….
      (quite frankly they deserve each other)

      And I am quite sure that Nicole Kidman has better things to do than fly over to APD’s place to indulge in a bit of harassing of a nobody like APD…
      She is obviously spending way too much time with barnett, thats the crap she says all the time

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    • As Steved says : one of the top movie stars in the world doesn’t even know (I’m not speculating here as I know it’s true but won’t reveal how) that Barnett even exists let alone a complete nobody like APD. Her life is full of so many important career commitments Kidman doesn’t even read any reviews or any tabloid magazine, internet or other tales about herself. In fact the majority of big stars don’t read most things about themselves, they couldn’t afford to given the amount of mindless chatter that now dominates the airwaves.

      # That doesn’t mean they don’t have numerous relatives who are not in the spotlight who may come across this hideous stuff about one of their loved ones. As I have previously said on here: one of the vile Fiona Barnett’s false accusations about a deceased politician did result in one of his grandson’ being bullied at school by other boys who read the stuff on the net and his parents had to more him to another school.

      Barnett has accused living ex-PMs (along with various police and public servants) of murder and God’s knows what. One reason why she – and she blatantly lies about this- was refused a podium at the recent Royal Commission into child abuse in Oz was the Commissioners knew full well she intended to defame all manner of people from the witness box with the protection that carries.

      This all reminds me of an interview I read about 30 years ago where Jack Nicholson was interviewed. He said he got sick and tired off the phony paternity suits hurled at him and got sick of just paying people off as it was cheaper than taking legal action.
      # Since then with the advent of DNA testing it’s significant there hasn’t been a false paternity suit for at least 20 years (except a hopelessly failed attempt with Justin Bieber).

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      • And yet she is pushing (and with some success disappointingly) to get her case against her stepfather reopened- because she is telling the truth about that- honest abe!!- and wants it heard separated from all her other claims….

        So she is obviously aware of just batshit cra cra she really sounds with all the wild accusations against everyone under the sun who is famous (including those dead before she was even born…) and thousands of kids killed and 2000km plus long tunnels running half the length of Australia….

        And yet we should believe every word when it comes out of her mouth against certain family members…

        Sadly this is the issue when it comes to people like her- even if some form of abuse occurred, unless there is serious and credible evidence from others not related to barnett and her campaign in any way, there is simply no way anyone (including the family she has accused) should have to defend themselves, because nobody could tell if any evidence she gave is ‘the truth this time- for reals’ or just more of her made up bullshitte

        Which is why this current campaign to have her various ‘charges’ heard in separation is even more disingenuous

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      • Recently Fiona was urging her suporters to lobby for crime assistance funds when she was refused. She reports that she eventually got 10000 from them. Eventually motives exposed! Its all about the money!

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  7. Wesley Hall is sick because he knows the ebay video of RD and his children smacked a torpedo into their failing Hampstead hoax fiction. All these losers clutched to straws of being able to say horrible things had happened to the children, but here we see them happy, healthy, successful and enjoy life. Enoy your cannabis fix Wesley, you will get over it.

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  9. It is worse this is all getting if you ask me. What is wrong with them all? It is quite obvious the kids are MORE than happy and doing well and very happy with their Dad ” Who i may add is one goodlooking guy ” he too could have his pick of women never mind Ella having her pick of men. The lot of them are sick bastards ” Again, sorry for my language ” but this is getting beyond a bloody joke now. The all need to F**k O** and leave the man and his beautiful children continue doing what they are doing and get on with their lives. I really hope RD has met a nice woman and the kids now have a lovely step-mum showing them love along with their dad as they are well rid of the lunatic who gave birth to them. Take Care RD and children my prayers are with you against the evil that is attacking you.

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  10. I have to say I think RD was unwise to put himself and especially the kids so publicly out there. Of course I believe he should be able to do so, and should be able to expect nothing but decent responses, but he should know the type of people out there and that they are anything but decent.

    It’s an error to put basically an updated image of his children out there. I’m not aware of any other pictures of the children’s development before this being used by the mob. This will make it much harder to continue to rebuild their life’s.

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    • This was my initial concern too, Wes, and I’m still not convinced it’s wrong. I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see, but yes, it’s not a risk I’d have taken, in his place.

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